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Title: The Last Doughnut
Author: Marsabi
Summary: When Damian disinherits Luke, can he survive in the “real world”? Will he drive Reid crazy in the process? Pairings: Reid/Luke, Maddie/Casey, Henry/Vienna, Lily/Damian, Lucinda/John
Warning: None
Rating: PG – NC-17 (depends on chapter)
This is a companion to Camp Queer.

Part Two - Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

“Hey, what are you doing? Writing?” Reid asked as he appeared in the waiting room, still in his scrubs. Reid had been working for at least an hour, while Luke had been waiting to resume their date.

“Good deduction, Sherlock.” Luke teased, glancing up from his notebook.

“Thanks, Hemingway.” Reid sat down next to him. “I meant, what are you writing?”

Luke shifted in his chair, crossing his leg over his knee. “Just notes and ideas.”
Luke carried his notebook everywhere now. He had grabbed it from the car, while he had been waiting for Reid. Truthfully, he had been writing a story about the most gorgeous man in the world cooking for his date. That was the creative part, since Reid did not cook at all, unless Luke counted the horrible , runny eggs Reid had given him once. But he had been faithfully trying to capture all the sweet, fluttering feelings of being on a new date.

“When are you going to admit this is what you want?” Reid asked him, tapping at the notebook, “Maybe send something out there?”

“I’ve one semester left of college,” Luke answered shortly, “in marketing.” Damian and Lily had made him give up his writing long ago because it was too “artsy,” which for them had meant too queer. They had insisted on a business degree and Luke was destined, they said, to take over Grimaldi shipping one day. It was too late, in Luke’s mind, to change his major with graduation looming, and he had no idea what Damian would do or say when he came home and faced his now openly gay son. He could only imagine an awful scene.

Reid just looked at him, not fooled at all by Luke’s quick dismissal of his writing. “I have to go back in the ER for about another twenty minutes,” he told Luke, “I just came out to tell you that I’d understand if you don’t want to wait? We can have our big first date another time…”

“No,” Luke assured him, “ I’ll wait. Go ahead.”

“Okay,” Reid smiled and Luke smiled back. Neither of them noticed Chris Hughes observing them together. Their shoulders brushed. Eyes flirted. Then Reid gave Luke a pat on his shoe and stood up.

As Reid went back to work, Luke could not help glancing in appreciation of Reid’s body in his blue scrubs. A happy expression lit up Luke’s whole face.

“Luke?” Chris asked.

Luke jumped. “Oh, Chris. I didn’t see you there.”

“Obviously.” Chris sat down in the seat just occupied by Reid. “Are you seeing Oliver?” Chris asked incredulously.

Luke frowned a little. His family and Chris’s family were friendly, but he did not really know Chris too well.

“I’m not judging you,” Chris hurried to say, seeing Luke’s face. “Or your preferences. Just… Be careful where Reid Oliver is concerned.”


Chris looked at Luke with an earnest, self-righteous expression, “We went to medical school together. Did he mention that?”

Luke shook his head.

“Well, of course not,” Chris said almost angrily, “Reid doesn’t even remember. Anyhow, he was quite player then, if you know what I mean.”

“No, I don’t follow you.”

Chris gave a deep sigh, as if it pained him to tell Luke. “He was out and dating all kinds of guys, one night stands, that sort of thing. “ Chris watched as Luke’s eyes wavered. “And once he had them, well, everybody joked about how Reid never was interested again in them. “

Truthfully, Chris did believe in those rumors he had heard about Reid at medical school. But more importantly, it irked him that Reid did not even recall his presence there. Chris thought that Reid Oliver was such an arrogant, prima donna. He had just charged into the ER now, taking over a patient that Chris was working to help, pushing Chris out of the way. It wasn’t his fault that the patient nearly died on his table. But he could practically hear Reid thinking he was a moron. Worst of all, Bob was falling all over Reid these days. It made Chris furious, but there was nothing he could do.

“Oliver only does casual sex and one-nighters,” Chris said now to Luke. He liked Luke and figured he was doing him a big favor. The sooner he saw the real Reid Oliver, the better.

“It- it’s not like that with us,” Luke said defensively, but doubt colored his voice.
Luke twisted his hands in his lap. He took in a sharp breath.

“Of course not, “Chris smiled. “Still, I’d hate for him to be letting you down gently with pity or something."

“He’s not.”

Chris nodded. “I’ll see you.” He walked off.

Luke closed his notebook. His stomach was queasy. The desire to write gone. He couldn’t help thinking again about the fact that Reid had not touched him in nearly two weeks. Could this just be sympathy ? His happy expression disappeared. Luke waited now for Reid, anxious and deflated. Reid was beautiful, brilliant, confident, sexy…Why would he want somebody as lost as Luke was?


“Okay,” Reid said as Luke drove down the road, the humid air blowing into the window, the night now dark , except for a round, full moon, “I’m sorry it was so long. But will you at least talk to me?“

Luke said nothing, his hands gripped tightly on the wheel.

“I’m a doctor, Luke. I’m not going to apologize for it,” Reid said flatly.

“Fine,” Luke replied, his mouth twisted as if he had a sour taste in it.

“Where are you going? Old Town is the opposite way.”

“I don’t know; I was just driving.” Luke turned suddenly. “I guess I’m going home.”

“You want to go to the farm?” Reid asked, confused. “I thought you wanted a first real date and dinner out.” Reid stomach was rumbling. He could go for some of Emma’s home cooking, but he was surprised at Luke. “Not that I don’t like being there with you. I have great hopes of catching you in farm clothes and bare feet, milking the cows, “ Reid joked.

Luke didn’t answer.

“I had to work.” Reid said again. Then he sighed. “Are we going to the farm or not?”

“No, I don’t know, ‘Luke turned again, “I don’t really want to see my dad or grandma right now.“

He stopped the car suddenly.

Reid peered out into the darkness, “Are we at the pond?” He asked.

Luke didn’t answer. He opened the car and slammed the door.

Raising one eyebrow cautiously, Reid followed him.

The heavy air warmed every part of Reid’s flesh, and he could just make out the gentle movement of the pond water.

Luke was at the water’s edge, throwing in some small stones. In the moonlight, Reid could see his expression was both angry and sad at the same time.

“What’s going on?” He asked.

“You tell me, Reid,” Luke answered hostilely. “You tell me! Is this just a – a pity date or something?”


Luke began to kick off his shoes and socks. “Cause I don’t need that. Forget that! “

“I don’t know-“

“Was I so bad?” Luke said quickly, turning to look at Reid. All of his insecurities flooding him. “So bad you no longer want to kiss me or anything? “ Luke sniffed loudly and brushed a hand at his eyes. “I was a virgin, you know. I will get better. “ Even as he said it, his cheeks reddened with humiliation. Luke wished he had not said a word. Why couldn’t he be the silent type? Now Reid could see what a fool he was.

Reid was flabbergasted. He tried to logically run the night’s events over in his mind and see where Luke was coming up with all this drama.

Luke let anger overtake him suddenly. Anger was what he needed. He drew on his rage like air. “Was I a one-night stand, huh?” He said in a confrontational tone. “An inconvenience now for the brilliant doctor? Stupid Luke, you don’t know how to get rid of him?”

Luke peeled off his shirt angrily and threw it down.

“What? Why are you- what are you talking about? And why are you getting undressed? “ Reid demanded.

“I’m going for a swim,” Luke snapped wildly. “I’m hot .”

He turned and started down to the water.

“It’s night!” Reid protested.

“So what? I can take care of myself,” Luke said hoarsely. “I can! I’ve been swimming here my whole life. And I’ll tell you something else,” Luke shouted out, startling Reid. “You may not want me anymore,” he unsnapped his pants and tossed them aside. “But there are plenty of guys who will! Plenty of guys will want me,” Luke declared and gestured to himself. He stood there in nothing but tight, white briefs. The moonlight shone down on his luminous skin. His face was full of angry passion.

Reid’s mouth went dry. His whole body clenched in reaction.

“Wait,” He said to Luke, his words barely forming.

Luke ignored him and dove into the water below.


Reid cursed and then awkwardly stripped off his own clothes down to his drawers. He stumbled a bit on the rocks, and then followed Luke into the warm, pond water.

“Luke! Listen!”

“No,” Luke shouted and swam away. He was a stronger swimmer than Reid, who was struggling to catch him.

“Do you really want me to drown?” Reid called. He knew that would make Luke feel guilty.

"Maybe!" Luke said in a bitchy tone, but he swam in his direction.

He stopped a few feet from Reid. They were both breathing hard now and treading water.

“What?” Luke demanded petulantly, flipping his hair out of his face.

In the moonlight, Reid tried to scrutinize Luke’s features, but he couldn’t see him too much. Reid made a large splash in the water as he went closer to Luke.

“I’m only saying this once, idiot, so listen up.” Reid’s voice was brusque. “ That night was good. Very good.”

“Really?” Luke’s eyes widened with uncertainty.

“Oh for God’s sake, yes! “ Reid practically shouted. “The next morning, my feet never touched the ground. I think I flew to work. It was that good, bonehead.” He reached for Luke both for balance and to reassure him.

Luke pulled Reid against his body, their legs still kicking in the water.

“Can we go back to the shore?” Reid asked.

“One sec-“ Luke ran a tentative hand up and down Reid’s spine. “You’re being honest? Not just pity?”

Reid shook his head impatiently, “When have you ever known me to offer anybody pity?” He said.

Luke’s face suddenly glowed, “Never!” He declared happily. “Not once.” He nuzzled Reid’s neck.

“Exactly,” Reid said. “So why all this craziness?”

Luke treaded the water and was silent a moment. He thought about telling Reid about Chris, but decided it would only cause Reid trouble at work. “I guess, I wondered why you hadn’t tried to be with me since that night?”

“I was – you were- you just came out of the closet, got kicked out of your house, and –“ Reid rolled his eyes with sudden embarrassment.

“You were-“ Luke searched his face, “trying to be nice?”

When Reid refused to answer, Luke laughed, “I thought you didn’t do nice?”

Reid half-shrugged, “For you, I made an exception.”

They leaned into each other at the same moment. Their lips eager to taste. Wet bodies merged, limbs wrapping around each other. They sank under the water as they shared a deep kiss. Then they pushed back up, bodies still entwined.

“Let’s go back to the grass,” Reid murmured, “and continue this.”

“Wait,” Luke said. At Reid’s puzzlement, Luke shyly smiled, “I have been wanting to share the pond with you anyhow and a swim in the moonlight” He shrugged, “…it’s romantic.”

“Cornball,” Reid taunted, splashing Luke playfully.

Splashing back, Luke dodged Reid as he grinned.

“Hey!” Reid sputtered. The water soaked Reid full in the face.

“You started it!” Luke teased .

“And I’m going to finish it,” Reid vowed. He grabbed for Luke’s foot.

They wrestled happily for a moment.

Then Luke turned and floated on his back. Reid watched Luke moving through the water, his arms and legs spread. His eyes closed. Reid’s gaze became like a silent caress, as it moved over every beautiful inch of Luke’s body. Finally, unable to watch a moment longer without dissolving into whimpering need, Reid willed himself to relax.

Soon Reid was floating too. Luke opened his eyes and glided over to Reid. They both gazed up at the night sky, full of gleaming stars, and they linked their hands together. There were no sounds but the quiet hum of insects and the gently lapping of the water against their skin. They floated some more, heads moving side by side now, just enjoying the humid night.

Reid released Luke’s hand and ran his palm over Luke’s skin from chest to thigh. Then the hand traveled back up its path. Reid stopped floating and treaded water, his body now over Luke’s. Luke’s heart was banging so loudly that he was certain Reid could hear it.

Reid lowered his head down to the wet, exposed skin of Luke’s stomach and let his tongue gently lick at the water there. He circled around Luke, and lowered his head again, this time to Luke’s mouth, tasting those tender, slightly salty lips.

Luke jerked upright in the water and tangled his limbs around Reid’s waist. He stared into Reid’s eyes and smiled hopefully, tilting his head. Reid’s fingers reached out and tightened on his back. Luke opened his mouth and waited. His entire body was throbbing. They kissed again. Time just stopped. Their mouths locked on each other’s.

If anyone was looking, they would see two men embracing in the dark water, their desire for each other burning brightly in the night.

Finally, Reid groaned, and put an end to their kiss. “I am getting exhausted with all this swimming. If we’re going to continue this, I need to get out of here. “
Laughing, Luke led Reid out of the water and helped him to the bank, and then they rested on the grassy hill overlooking the pond.

Reid studied Luke with an intense expression.

“What?” Luke asked. “You look like I’m a science project.”

Reid just shook his head in wonder. “This has to be the strangest date I’ve ever been on,” Reid told him.

“Well,“ Luke answered, “it’s the only date I’ve ever been on.”

They glanced at each other and began to laugh. Reid folded his arms above his head and Luke rested on his shoulder. Reid ran a careless hand through Luke’s damp hair and massaged his scalp lightly with affection.

Their laughter drifted over the pond, filling the night with sound.


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