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Title: The Last Doughnut
Author: Marsabi
Summary: When Damian disinherits Luke, can he survive in the “real” world? Will he drive Reid crazy in the process?
Disclaimer: Owned by ATWT
Rating: PG- NC-17 (depends on chapter)
Warning: None
A companion to Camp Queer
Thanks traciamc for the read
Previous chapters:

Part 5 Over Easy

A few days later, Luke and Reid were walking to Al’s, when Luke spotted a dejected Maddie sitting on a nearby bench. Luke nudged Reid.

“Go over with me, “ he said. “Let’s talk to her a moment.”

“I don’t know,” Reid hesitated, “She looks all depressed.”


“So?” Reid’s mouth curled up and he gave a mock shudder,” She might need a hug or something. “

Luke laughed, “Fine. Run away into Al’s. But I’m going to talk with Maddie.”

“You are an excellent boyfriend,” Reid declared and gave Luke a fast kiss, before he could change his mind. Reid didn’t want to wait and have Luke guilt him into going over to Maddie to make small talk with her. He need not have worried, his words and that kiss thrilled Luke to his toes.

Maddie was watching them by now. She gave them a small wave. Reid nodded at her and then left.Luke went and sat down next to her.

Maddie smiled, “Why can’t life be like an old movie?” she asked him.

“What do you mean? ” Luke said. “Black and White?’

“Simple,” she sighed. She looked at him and said “Casey’s back.” Seeing Luke’s excited face , she quickly added, “And he wants nothing to do with me. If this were a movie, he’d rush into my arms and call me his girl again,” she frowned, “ the way he used to.“

“Well,” Luke offered, “it must be a lot for him, to be out of jail and have to readjust. Maybe give him time?”

Maddie shook her head impatiently, “Time? “ she complained, “I gave him time. I waited for him. No,” she scowled, “ I should just grab him by his stupid red hair and drag him to Lookout Point.”

Luke laughed. He thought a moment about Look Out Point. When he’d been in high school, all his friends had taken their dates there. But Luke never went. He had always imagined going with somebody special.

“I’ll take Reid too,” he told Maddie impulsively, “We could double-date.”

Luke glanced wistfully toward Al’s. Never in a million years could he see Reid agreeing to go and make out at some high school hangout.

Maddie giggled. “That would be a sight.” Her eyes turned back to being sad, “Not that Casey would go anywhere with me right now.”

Luke gave her a sympathetic look and squeezed her hand.

Maybe it didn’t matter if he missed out on all those past times; if he had never fit in. He had Reid now. They had a future.

“Do you want me to talk to Casey?” he asked Maddie. “Try and get him to open up?”

Maddie shrugged. “Maybe. I don’t know. “ She rested her head on Luke’s shoulder. “Just promise that you’ll be my friend.”

Luke wrapped his arm around her tightly. “Always,” he assured Maddie. “I’m here for you.”

“Me too, Luke,” Maddie vowed, “I’m here for you too.” They smiled at each other.


Inside of Al’s, Reid and Henry were going at it.

“You think you’re so smart, “ Henry was saying, aiming his spatula at Reid’s chest, “ just because your some –“

“ - Genius?” Reid supplied.

“No! Some- “

“Harvard educated doctor?”

“No-“ Henry sputtered. “So arrogant! But you’ll get yours.”

Reid took the spatula out of Henry’s hand, “It won’t be you, Hank. You just can’t get the best of me. Not in this lifetime. Not a snowball’s chance in hell.”

“Ha!” Henry bragged, “little do you know how devious I can be.”

“Really?” Reid drawled.

“ I can fool you anytime , Oliver. I’ve been a priest, a chambermaid, and a talk show host. Fooling you is nothing.”

“I’ll call you in if a patient of mine needs last rites- oh wait,” Reid smacked his head with his hand. “None of them ever do.” He smiled at Henry, “But your maid skills, hmmm…- do you change bedpans?”

Henry grabbed back his spatula, “One of these days- “ he threatened again.

Reid grinned, “Care to bet on that?”

“Henry!” Vienna ordered, looking up from her fashion magazine, “No gambling.”

Henry smiled at her, “Of course not, my angel.” He narrowed his eyes at Reid and whispered, “You’re on.”

“Looking forward to collecting soon, “ Reid laughed. Then he took the spatula from Henry once more, twirled it like a baton, and threw it into the nearby sink.

Reid looked at Vienna. “Tell Luke I’ll be right back.” He whistled on his way up the stairs to his room. It was always a good day when he could drive Henry insane.


Casey stood at the doors of Memorial, inwardly sighing as he caught sight of his Uncle Chris. Chris hurried over.

“I have a golf game in an hour,” he told Casey. “I only have time for a quick tour.”

“Fine,” Casey shrugged, “whatever.”

“Casey,” Chris scolded, “if you’re going to work here as an orderly, you should be at least upbeat. No one wants a gloomy face.”

Casey forced a smile. Man, his uncle was a douche. This was painful, having to act grateful .

Chris toured him around. “Here are the keys to the doctors’ offices. “ he told him, “You will be responsible for mopping them up and keeping them all clean.” Casey nodded,” Which one is Dr. Oliver’s?” He asked Chris in a casual tone.

“Him?” Chris’s mouth looked sour. “Over there, that one. But feel free to keep his a mess,” Chris laughed. “I hate that guy.”

Casey looked at Chris, "Really? Why?”

Chris just shrugged, “He has a God complex around here.”

Casey nodded and said nothing. He pocketed the keys. Chris hated Reid, huh? That might be useful.


Outside of Al’s, Maddie tapped Luke’s hand, “So. Let’s stop talking about Casey. How is your love life?”

Luke looked down at the ground, blushing.

Maddie poked him in the side, “That good? “ She laughed. “Although, I still have trouble seeing you with Dr. Oliver. He’s so ...” Maddie shrugged at him, not wanting to offend Luke.

“I know,” Luke half-smiled, “He ‘s rude. A lot, “ Luke added, his eyes dancing. “He’s rude all the time.”

Maddie’s mouth fell open, “It turns you on!”


“His snark. You like it.”

“M-Maybe. “ Luke flushed. He gazed away a moment, and then turned back to Maddie. “I just like how he tells it like it is- no bullshit. And underneath it all, he can,” Luke turned scarlet now, “ be sweet. “

“Uh-oh” Maddie said.

“Uh-Oh what? “ Luke asked.

“You’re already head-over-heels .”

Luke started to deny it, but couldn’t.

Maddie studied Luke, “Protect yourself,” she advised her friend, “ I speak from experience.” But she knew it was too late for Luke. He was so open. She sighed again. She had been like that with Casey once.

“Just don’t use the L word with him” she warned.

Luke caught his lip between his teeth. It had crossed his mind to tell Reid he loved him; he’d almost told him just the day before. But he trusted Maddie’s opinions.

“Why not?” He asked hesitantly.

Maddie shook her head sadly, “Men like Reid don’t like to hear that kind of thing. “

Reluctantly, Luke nodded in agreement. “He does hate the touchy-feely stuff,” Luke admitted.

“Casey did too.”

They were silent, both thinking of their men.

“So…What else is new?” Maddie asked finally.

“Well, “ Luke said, “I’m poor.”

“What?” Maddie gasped.

Luke filled her in about Damian.

“What you need,” she told him,” is to stand up on your own. A job.”

“Yeah,” Luke agreed, “but what can I do? I’ve never really worked before and-“

Maddie’s eyes suddenly gleamed. She took him by the hand,” Come with me,” she said, pulling
Luke into Al’s, “this is one problem I can fix”


Reid left his apartment and headed back into the diner. His eyes swept over the place until he saw Luke. Luke was talking to Henry and Maddie. But when he saw Reid, he left them and practically ran over. Luke threw himself into Reid’s arms and gave him a huge hug. He literally squeezed the breath out of Reid and then stepped back. His whole face was beaming with joy.

“What happened?” Reid asked. “Did you just win the lottery?”

“Better!” Luke replied enthusiastically, “I got a job!”

“A job?”

“Yeah, right here at Al’s! I’m going to wait tables.”

Reid stared at Luke in shock. Luke gave him another big hug.

Henry walked over, a grin on his face.

“Yeah- now Luke can be here 24/7, “ Henry smirked. “Always here.”

Reid narrowed his eyes at Henry, who batted his own eyes at Reid.

“I mean, I will take my last class for college and finish, “ Luke was saying, “Henry agreed to work around that. And I know this is just temporary, but I’ll be earning my own paycheck. My own way!” He smiled at Reid, waiting for Reid’s approval. Luke was practically doing a little happy dance in front of him.

And how could Reid not give his approval to Luke? Just days ago, Luke had been so devastated and so determined to not cry. Now he was so happy. Reid glared at Henry a second. Then he smiled gently at Luke and said, “Congrats. Maybe now I’ll get a decent cup of coffee in this rat trap of a diner.”

Luke shot him one of his stunning, earth-shattering smiles. Reid swallowed hard, feeling his heart flip over. He suddenly wanted to get Luke alone.

“Come on, Luke,” Maddie smiled, “I’ll show you the kitchen.”

“I can’t wait!” Luke said. He dashed off.

“Me either,” Reid grumbled.

“Guess Luke will be able to keep you on your best behavior, Oliver.” Henry said. “He’ll be here watching you.”

“Kind of like the leash Vienna has you on?” Reid suggested sweetly.

Henry shrugged, “I’m a trained man and proud of it. But you? “ He laughed at Reid, “Mr. Obnoxious? How do you feel about a chain?”

Vienna came over to them. “What are you two fighting about now?”

“Nothing, my flower. “ Henry assured her. “Just chatting about the weather.” He looked out the window. “Guess it ‘s cold outside,” Henry said smugly, his eyes on Reid.

“Cold?” Vienna laughed, “It’s nearly August. “

“Yes,” Henry openly grinned now, “But hell has just frozen over.”

He rubbed his palms together like he was about to collect some money and, laughing even more, Henry went back into the kitchen.

Vienna looked at Reid, puzzled. “Really, sometimes I have no idea what Henry is talking about. “ She shrugged and went back to her magazine.

Reid just rolled his eyes. He glanced toward the kitchen and sighed.


“Hey,” Luke said, standing outside of Reid’s apartment above Al’s.

“Hey,” Reid answered, “I wasn’t sure you were still here.”
"Yeah,” Luke stepped into the room, “It took longer than I thought to go over everything.
There’s a lot to know." He looked around Reid’s place. “Anyhow, thank you,” he told Reid. He had not been inside in a long time.

“For what?” Reid asked.

Luke shrugged, “For earlier. Listening to me the other day about Damian. Just being there for me.”

“Oh,” Reid smiled, “that.”

Luke walked over to his coffee table and began to nervously stack Reid’s magazines. “Yeah that. I want you to know…” He kept his gaze down.”I would return the favor any time. If you ever need to talk?” He looked up at Reid. He wished Reid would tell him something, anything important to him. He tried again, “Or if anything is ever bothering you at work or here, I can listen?”

“Nothing bothers me,” Reid dismissed quickly, “ It all bounces off. I’m like rubber.”

“Bendable? “Luke laughed.

“Hey,” Reid chuckled, “pretty funny, Luke,” Reid grinned widely at him.

“I try,” Luke smiled. “ But I bow to the master.”

“As you should,” Reid answered. “And I’m restraining myself here at your word choice.”

They exchanged a flirtatious look.

Then Luke sobered a moment. “Seriously, if you want to talk , I –“

“Shh,” Reid pressed a finger to his lips. Reid’s mind flashed briefly on the Grimaldi grant and his worry over the loss of it, but as he met Luke’s eager gaze, he just couldn’t bring himself to burden Luke with it. “I’m good,” he shrugged.

“Oh.” Luke nodded. He guessed Maddie was right about discussing their feelings. He clearly did not want to have a talk of any kind. Reid certainly would not want to hear how much Luke loved him.

Luke turned and rubbed his cheek against Reid’s palm like a cat seeking affection. Reid stroked his cheek and jaw a moment in response. Luke would just have to express himself and his love in the only way he knew Reid would accept.

Luke slid his hands over Reid’s pants and massaged his firm backside. Then he grabbed Reid’s belt and slowly slid it off of its loops.

Reid watched him intently. Their gaze held as Luke dropped on his knees.


Luke was lifted at his hips, his neck arched back, his feet swung over Reid’s shoulders. Reid pushed inside of him, his blue eyes looking down at Luke’s flushed skin. He lowered his mouth to Luke’s and kissed him hungrily, swallowing up Luke’s moans. At the same time, Reid hammered in and out, his pounding into Luke’s body insatiable. They were both caught in a thick haze of desire. The pressure between them building and building, until it exploded in an intense, all-consuming release.

Afterwards, they were side by side in Reid’s bed.

Luke played with Reid’s fingers, and then raised his hand to his lips. Reid smiled in the darkness.

“Stay?” He asked Luke softly.

“Okay,” Luke replied neutrally, but his pulse raced with delight.

When they woke up in the morning, their hands were still clasped, their bodies still tangled together, and their eyes were instantly on each other.

They both couldn’t imagine a better way to begin the day.


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