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Title: The Last Doughnut
Author: Marsabi
Summary: When Damian disinherits Luke, can he survive in the “real” world? Will he drive Reid crazy in the process?
Disclaimer: Owned by ATWT
Rating: PG- NC-17 (depends on chapter)
Warning: ANGST
A companion to Camp Queer
Thanks traciamc for the read

Part 9 Secrets , Sex, and Gambling

Reid had said he loved him.

Luke had let his words wash over him, filling his soul like the sweetest medicine in the world. He’d felt light-headed and desperately happy. His expression had become ecstatic and his eyes were moist.

But Reid didn’t let him answer. When Luke tried to tell Reid that he loved him too, Reid had covered his mouth gently and hushed him.

“Don’t say it,” Reid had urged him.

“Why not?” Luke’s heart was bursting to say the words.

“Because then you’d just be saying it back, or just to be kind- “ He shook his head, “Promise me you’ll wait and think about it. Be sure.”

Luke had scowled at him. For a genius, his boyfriend could be just so stupid. He was sure. He had been sure forever. But Reid clearly wasn’t ready to accept it. He’d looked worn out, wrecked. So Luke had nodded.

“Stay with me?” He had asked instead, giving Reid a break.

With a relieved sigh, Reid had climbed into the hospital bed with him ,and Luke had rested on his shoulder. Despite his brave words to Reid, Luke was glad he was there. He broke out into a cold sweat just thinking about what had happened to him, but Luke was determined to keep that his secret. He nuzzled Reid some more and pushed his fears away.

“I guess they’ll kick you out of here eventually, but this is nice,” Luke had murmured.

“Nobody is kicking me anywhere,” Reid huffed, the old arrogance back in his voice. “Let them try. “

“I can’t see Ali or Gretchen even daring to attempt it,” he’d agreed.

Reid had kissed the top of his head, “Even if Bob walks in here, I’m staying with you. “

And he had stayed the whole night. It was like heaven. Luke was sore and couldn’t sleep much , but he’d watched Reid instead, touching him gently. He’d run his hands over Reid’s skin. Nuzzled his neck. Held him. Watched him breathe. Luke felt so lucky to have found Reid from the very first. He could have fallen in love with a man who treated him poorly, or was passive-aggressive, or small-minded, or terrible at sex. Instead, he’d found Reid. That was a miracle. Nobody in his life had ever made him feel so loved. Luke gently traced his hand up and down Reid’s body.

Softly, Luke had whispered, “I love you,” to him over and over again. Even though Reid didn’t wake up, Luke felt like a part of Reid’s subconscious understood his words. Soon, Luke had vowed, he will hear the words out loud. Nothing will stop Luke from saying them next time, not even Reid.


In the morning, Luke slowly woke up to see Reid standing over his bed.

“Did I wake you? “ He asked, “Sorry, I have rounds.”

“S’Okay,” Luke muttered sleepily. He started to rub his eyes, then remembered his bruises. He watched Reid clean up in the nearby bathroom sink.

“Do you need me to help you-?” Reid gestured to the bathroom.


Reid laughed, ”It’s nothing I haven’t seen.”

“In a romantic way, maybe,” Luke said hotly, “not in a nurse kind of way.”

Reid came over and sat on his bed. “Might be fun to be your nurse,” he teased.

“I wish I were still rich!” Luke exclaimed suddenly.


“Cause I’d pay anything to see you in a tight, skimpy nurse’s outfit right now.” Luke gave him a dazzling smile, and then groaned at the pain of smiling too much.

Reid shook his head at him. “Brat.” Then he sighed in regret, “ I have really got to start my rounds and I think Lucinda is coming to see you this morning anyway,” he told Luke, “After she visits Margo.”

“Yeah,” Luke laughed, “She won’t let these guys slip through any cracks in the law. She’s tough!”

Reid gave Luke a considering look. “You’re pretty tough yourself,”’ he said.

“Really?” Luke answered, surprised.

Reid nodded. “You got knocked around, faced a lot of crap, but you’re not letting any of it keep you down.”

“You know what?” Luke said, delighted, “Nobody in my whole life has ever called me tough.”

Reid laughed at his pleased expression and ruffled Luke’s hair, “I guess they just don’t know the inner Luke, “ he said.

“But you do,” Luke agreed happily. They smiled at each other.

“C’mere,” Luke motioned.

Reid hesitated, “There’s nowhere on your face to kiss you.”

“So kiss me somewhere else,” Luke grinned . His eyes met Reid’s and desire pulsed between them.

Reid didn’t need any more encouragement, he pulled Luke closer and inhaled great gulps of him. He sucked at the skin of Luke’s neck until he whimpered.

“I can’t wait until you’re better,” Reid said roughly, “I’m going to devour you.”

“I-I-“ Luke couldn’t form a clear word as he felt Reid’s mouth moving down the slope of his shoulder. His hot tongue pressing into the tender skin. Reid’s hand held his lower back and moved rhythmically up and down his spine. Luke placed his own hands on Reid’s waist.

Then Reid pulled back, “We shouldn’t.”

“Probably not,” Luke agreed hoarsely. Then he ran his thumb up and down Reid’s thigh.

“We need to stop,” Reid said again, right before he nibbled at the corner of Luke’s ear.

Luke moaned softly. “God, that’s good,” he said. Reid took the ear into his mouth fully and suckled it.

“You can’t ,” Reid broke it off again.

“But you can,” Luke teased and let his fingers drift down to Reid’s hard arousal. He gave a squeeze through his pants.

“Did I say you were tough? ” Reid groaned. “I meant cruel. You’re a cruel, cruel ahh-“

He twisted against Luke’s stroking hand.

“I want to devour you too,” Luke whispered, still stroking him, “I want to put my mouth on you and – “

“Stop!” But Reid was smiling. “This time I mean it!”

Luke stopped reluctantly. Reid sighed and gently held Luke a minute.

“I’ll miss you,” Luke told him, longing to say more. He watched Reid head to the door.

Reid looked back at him. His eyes were tender. “ Of course you will, “ he agreed.

Luke rolled his eyes. “And I forgive you,” he added teasingly.

Reid frowned suddenly, “For what?”

For not letting me say I love you, Luke thought.

“For not even getting me flowers or balloons or something. Remember when I came out ? You brought me those rainbow-colored balloons back then. But here I am in a hospital bed and you don’t even blow me up one,” he mockingly-complained.

Reid lifted his eyebrows a moment. “That’s cause I ‘m thinking about blowing something else,” he said finally, giving a killer grin.

Luke threw his pillow at him, “Always have to be obnoxious!” Luke laughed in delight.

“It’s part of my endless charm,” Reid shrugged as he caught the pillow in one hand.

Then Reid walked back, lifted Luke’s head up and cradled it in his palm. Reid gently put the pillow back and lowered Luke’s head.

Reid leaned down and touched Luke’s mouth carefully with just the tip of his tongue. Luke parted his lips and sought the kiss eagerly. They did not touch mouths; they let their tongues seek each other in a sweet circling motion. They both had their eyes open. Their breath mingled.

“Get some rest,” Reid told him gruffly, and headed out.

Luke gazed at the door after him for a long time. His mind drifted back to the day he’d moved out of Lily and Damian’s. Reid really had greeted him with balloons and Lady Gaga and a stunningly intimate embrace. He had been waiting for him, and had given him such amazing comfort and support. If he was tough now, it was only because Reid had taught him how to find his own inner strength.

Luke smiled. He could do the same for Reid now. Surprise him. Delight him. Tell him he loved him in a big, big way…


“Knock knock?” A voice called a little later, opening Luke’s door, “Up for visitors yet?”

Luke was stunned for a second.

“Casey!” Luke waved him in.

Casey entered with a mop and pail. He stared a moment at Luke’s battered face, and then he forced a smile.

“How do you feel?”

“You’re working here?” Luke said at the same time.

“Yeah,” Casey groaned, “not too many jobs out there for an ex-con.”

He came over and sat on Luke’s bed. “I meant to call you when I got out, but things have been crazy and –“ Casey couldn’t stop looking at Luke’s face. His guts twisted.

“Well, you’re here now.” Luke tried to smile at him through his hurt lip. “I guess it’s no secret now why I’m in here,” Luke said softly.

“Yeah,” Casey met his eyes again, “I kind of heard you were playing for the other team.”

Seeing Luke’s waiting face, Casey added, “It’s cool with me. I mean, maybe no details, man,” He joked weakly.

“So it doesn’t bother you?” Luke asked, ready to be defensive if it did.

Casey shook his head, “Not as much as hearing you were dating Maddie!”

They both laughed at that.

“You should call her,“ Luke urged.

“Naw,” Casey shook his head.

Just then, as if on cue, Maddie walked in to the room.

She and Casey avoided each other, as Maddie came over and gently kissed Luke.

“I brought some videos for us to watch,” she told Luke, “it must be boring here.”

“A little.”

Casey stood up to go, “I’ll come back,” he promised Luke. He was feeling sick anyhow at Luke’s beaten face, at seeing Maddie. She was staring at him, making his whole body clench in response.

He hurried out the door.

Maddie and Luke looked at each other.

“Go,” Luke told her.

She went.


“Casey!” She yelled.

He glanced at her and then moved on, pushing his bucket and mop .

“Wait!” Maddie chased him.

“What?” He turned abruptly.

“What?” Maddie mimicked, suddenly furious. “Why did you rush out just now?” She
demanded. “Why haven’t you returned any of my calls or-? “ She leaned near him. “And you smell like smoke,” she complained, “Why are you smoking?”

Casey inhaled Maddie’s scent. She smelled fantastic. “Why are you always asking why?” He said suddenly, and he pushed Maddie up against the storage closet.

“Sometimes I hate you! “ She cried out. Her hands rubbing up and down on his chest.

“Sometimes I hate me too,“ Casey answered, kissing the curve of her neck.

Maddie’s hand fumbled for the closet doorknob and they tumbled into the dark room.

They were all over each other, hands and lips seeking each other’s skin . Tongues tasting. The closet was too dark to see, and there was something so hot and forbidden about kissing in the dark. Groping and panting, their fingers found buttons and pulled at zippers.

Finally, their flesh was naked and greedy for each other. They knocked against the supplies and things crashed down around them. Neither cared. Maddie tangled her hands in his hair. She kissed his lips passionately. Casey cupped Maddie’s buttocks and lifted her up…

The make-up sex was rough and hungry and quick.

But afterwards, Casey seemed to regret it. He threw on his clothes.

“Wait,” Maddie said, in a tiny, sad voice. “We should talk.”

Casey sighed. “We will talk,” he promised. “ but not now.” He peeked out of the closet door.

“Why?”Maddie asked . “What trouble are you in now?”

“There you go asking why again,” he said.

“Casey!” Maddie pleaded. “what’s going on?”

Casey turned and smiled at her bitterly. ”You know me pretty well,” he admitted. He searched
Maddie’s troubled eyes. “I’ll call you. Later.”

She could only watch helplessly as he left her. Again.


Once he was safely away from Maddie, Casey made the phone call he’d been dreading.

“Just tell me if you did this,” he insisted angrily. Not backing down for once.

“I would never hurt, Luciano,” Damian Grimaldi replied. “You know it’s Reid Oliver that we’re after. Never call and question me again, if you want to stay out of jail!”

He’d hung up on Casey, and Casey was left not certain what to do or what to believe. Even if Damian was not behind the attack, he was still doing horrible things. Casey put a hand over his eyes, and he was doing horrible things too.

He wasn’t worthy of Maddie. He wasn’t worthy of Luke’s friendship. It had to stop. He had to fix it. But how?


“Hey,” Maddie said, startling Luke, “what are you writing?”

She had cleaned herself up, after a good long cry in the ladies room, and now wanted to see Luke. She still owed him a real visit. She had no idea what to expect from Casey anyhow. She just didn’t want to think about him because it hurt too deeply.

Luke looked up from his notebook. “Just about what happened and how I felt,” he told her. “I’m getting out a lot of things on paper.” Luke was sensitive enough not to ask her how it had gone with Casey. He could see the answer in her red-rimmed eyes and tense smile.

“That’s good,” Maddie smiled and pulled up a chair near to his bed. “You should do that. You were always a great writer.”

“Think so?” Luke said, flushing.

Maddie nodded, “I know so. You were the only one getting better grades in English than I did,” she laughed.

“So competitive,” Luke teased her, “You had to be the best.”

“But your writing,” Maddie told him smiling, “it blew me away in school.”She glanced at his notebook. “Can I see?”

Luke nodded and handed it to her. Maddie read it. Soon tears coursed down her cheeks and she wiped them with her hand.

“Luke, this is….amazing!”


“Yes!” Maddie looked at him, “You should send it somewhere. Try and publish it.”

“I guess,” Luke murmured, “I’ve been afraid of trying, of rejection.”

Maddie nodded. “Sometimes trying can be painful, “ she agreed, her mind wandering to Casey.

“But maybe I’m ready now, “ Luke said softly.

Maddie smiled, “Well then, let’s go over it again.”

“Right now?"

“Got someplace to go?” She asked , gazing around the hospital room.

“Good point,” Luke laughed.

They bent over his writing once more and studied it.


A little while later, the door to his room opened and Henry came in.

“I snuck out of the diner, “ he grinned at them, “thought Luke might be bored.”

“Henry,” Maddie said, “we’re working on something.”

Henry glanced at the notebook. “Looks dull,” he said, “ I have a much better idea to pass the time. “

“What?” Luke asked.

Henry held up a deck of cards, “Poker anyone?”

“Gambling? “ Lucinda said, entering the room, “Darling, I’m so in!”


“What the hell is going on in here?” Reid demanded , as he angrily took in the situation.

They were all gathered around Luke’s bed, cards spread out, money in careless piles.

Luke beamed at him,” Hey, Reid. Wanna play?”

“No,” Reid scowled, “And I told you to rest.”

“Did you expect him to just sit around all day?”Henry complained.

“No, Hank,” Reid answered,” I was hoping you’d come by to play dress up and braid Luke’s hair.”

“Now, now, boys,” Lucinda said. Then she waved at Reid. “Come on Darling,” Lucinda called,” be on my team.”

She saluted him with a tiny flask and chugged it back.

“Don’t be stupid,” Henry said mockingly, “Oliver would only make you lose more.” Henry shot Reid a look, “He only plays lofty games like chess.”

“Somebody needs to beat you, Henry,” Maddie complained as Henry took her money from her.

“Won’t be you, Sis,” he laughed and shuffled the cards.

Reid opened his mouth to kick them all out, when Luke gave him a melting smile.

“Play with us,” he urged him, “please?”

Cursing Luke’s beautiful eyes and full mouth, not to mention the guilt Reid still felt looking at his battered face, Reid realized he had no choice. Sighing, he took off his white coat, threw down his stethoscope and pulled up another chair.

“Deal me in,” Reid sighed. Luke clapped his hands in excitement.

Henry gave him a toothy smile, “It will be my pleasure to take your money,” he told Reid confidently.

Henry started dealing. He missed the sudden gleam in Reid’s eyes as he picked up his cards.


“Reid,” Luke exclaimed, “You won again!”

“Okay,” Henry accused him, “Oliver must be cheating.”

“I don’t cheat,” Reid said smugly. “I count cards.” Seeing Henry’s surprised face, Reid just shrugged as if bored, “It’s simple math.” Then he gave Henry a light smack on his head. “Oh right, Hank, I keep forgetting your 5th grade education.”

“My dear,” Lucinda patted Reid’s knee, “we are so going to Vegas.”

“Not without me!” Luke pouted.

“My jet- Vegas, “ Lucinda amended, “as soon as Luke is well enough.”

“Whatever,” Reid shrugged, “I can win there too.”

“So cocky,” Henry complained.

Luke giggled, “Isn’t he?” His eyes swept over Reid’s body.

Henry pretended not to hear him. Lucinda nearly choked on her drink. Maddie pounded on Lucinda’s back and shook her head at Luke.

“He has definitely rubbed off on you,” Maddie told him.

Luke and Reid looked at each other.

“Don’t say it-“ Luke managed, before dissolving into laughter.

“One more game,” Henry said, ignoring Luke, Reid and all the double-entrendes. He was determined to win back his money. Otherwise, he’s have some explaining to Vienna to do.

They all picked up their cards .


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