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Title: The Last Doughnut
Author: Marsabi
Summary: When Damian disinherits Luke, can he survive in the “real world”? Will he drive Reid crazy in the process? Pairings: Reid/Luke, Maddie/Casey, Henry/Vienna, Lily/Damian, Lucinda/John
Warning: None
Rating: PG – NC-17 (depends on chapter)
A/N: Okay, some of you guessed this might happen last week. But you were just a chapter too early- LOL. Hope you enjoy it.

Part 13 When they see me

“One more time!”

“You have to go.”

“Really?” Luke wiggled his ass at Reid’s crotch. “Are you sure?”

“Luke!” Reid protested and then groaned. Luke rotated against him in seductive circles.

“They won’t be back for hours yet,” he whispered. “I want you. Make me sore,” Luke pleaded. “ Make me remember you inside of me. “ Luke kissed Reid’s lips persuasively, his tongue sliding across Reid’s mouth.

Reid cursed. “I’d forgotten how bossy you can be.”

“You taught me,” Luke laughed. He bent down and licked the curve of Reid’s shoulder. Luke ground his hips insistently.

“Why was I such a great teacher?” Reid mockingly-complained. He nipped at the tender skin of Luke’s full lips and then pushed into his mouth. The kiss was rough. Reid sucked Luke’s tongue punishingly.

Luke moaned in response. He ran one hand along the tough stubble of Reid’s jaw. His other hand urgently closed over Reid’s hard cock.

“Dirty boy,” Reid said, making it sound like an endearment. He gave Luke another gut-wrenching kiss.

Reid placed Luke onto his stomach. He would have liked to take it slowly and savor each moment. But he could tell that Luke was in a different mood.

He rimmed Luke fiercely. Luke couldn’t help clenching up a little, and he yelped when Reid spread him open with his hands and jammed his tongue inside. Reid closed his mouth completely over Luke’s hole. Reid’s hands anchored Luke’s body. His tongue was like a hot, piercing arrow.

Luke felt an intense rush of pleasure. “Lick me, lick me,” he chanted. Reid’s fingers stretched his hole wider. He could feel Reid’s tongue swirling in small circles. Reid bit down at the tender flesh, mercilessly sucking now. Luke’s cock was leaking, aching. Reid reached his hand around and caressed him. He worked his tongue and fingers at the same time.

Luke screamed out as he came all over Reid’s hand.

Reid raised his head up and gave Luke a pleased grin. Luke panted in answer, his body trembling.

For a moment, Reid just listened to Luke’s heavy breath. Then Reid coated his fingers with the cum. “Now put this inside you. Do it,” he ordered Luke.

Eagerly, Luke flipped onto his back and raised his knees up.

He took Reid’s lean finger and guided it into his ass, excited by the thought of his own cum acting as the lube. Reid fumbled with a condom, rolling it on his giant erection. Luke whimpered at the sight.

They kissed, their tongues full of the taste of sex. Then Reid was on top of Luke again, positioned his already slick entrance.

“Don’t be gentle,” Luke reminded him. “I want it rough. I want to feel everything.”

Reid just smiled. He took Luke’s legs, pushing them back towards Luke’s own body and folded them away. Luke had never felt so vulnerable in his life. His knees were at his chest, crossed Indian style and unable to move, his butt exposed to Reid’s watchful eyes.

Startled, Luke gazed up at Reid.

“Trust me, you’ll be sore,” Reid promised with a slightly, rough laugh. He thrust into him in one expert move. The penetration was deep; Reid’s cock was at the very center of his body. Luke’s legs were helplessly trapped. He bucked up, but he was at Reid’s mercy. Reid knew just where to thrust and hammer in to find Luke’s most sensitive spot. Luke was completely aroused again. Luke dug his fingers into the sheets as Reid continued to grind into his body relentlessly.

The friction of Reid’s body against him, the hard thrusting movements, the vulnerable position- it was all too much. Luke could feel his climax building to an unbearable pitch. His entire frame began to shudder with need.

“Yes!” Reid exclaimed, sensing Luke’s release. “Let go for me,” Reid urged him.
Luke exploded just as Reid pounded his body toward the headboard, banging against the wall. Luke let out animal moans of satisfaction. Reid was kissing him then. Moments later, Luke felt Reid’s body convulse.

For a moment, neither one moved. Then Reid slowly let Luke uncross his knees and lower his legs. Reid withdrew and let Luke roll to his stomach.

He gave Luke’s ass a friendly pat, “Worked out enough?”

“Shut up!”

Reid laughed and gave Luke’s butt an affectionate kiss. “You asked me for it , I’m just –“

“Oliver!” A voice called suddenly, knocking on the door. “I know you’re in there!”

“Shit!” Luke squealed and dove under the covers.

The doorknob jiggled a moment, and then the door swung open.

“Hey, that was locked!” Reid growled.

“I have a key for emergencies.” Henry took in Reid and the obvious body in bed with him. “And I could hear you !”

“Listening with a glass pressed up to my wall again?”Reid taunted.

“I hope you’re happy,” Henry fumed. “So this is why poor Luke ran back home. He caught you cheating! I knew it!”

“Get out!” Reid shouted at him, “You’ve no right to be here.”

“I just wanted to confirm with my own eyes what I suspected. You’re a no good cheating jerk.” Henry threw up his hands in disgust. “I want you to move out of here.”

“Fine,” Reid said. “Can’t wait to live in a real apartment and not this dump.”

“Good luck finding one.“

Reid felt Luke trying to come up then, and pushed at his head to stay down. But listening to them, Luke couldn’t let Henry throw Reid out of his own place. He stubbornly peeked his blond head out of the covers.

“Hey Henry, Reid’s not cheating on me. See?” He gave Henry a big smile.

Henry was shocked. Then he smiled back, “Luke, wow! Nice to see you. How are you?”

“Good um…You?”

“Do you two need a private moment?” Reid drawled.

“Very funny,” Henry scowled at him.

“Look Hank, unless you want to check out my amazing cock too, I suggest you get out .” Reid raised an eyebrow at him. “Unless that’s why you came in?” Reid leered at Henry . “ Hoping to see what you’re missing?”

“Reid” Luke scolded and pushed at his chest . ”Be quiet!”

To Henry’s amusement, Reid listened, merely rolling his eyes at Luke.

“A bit whipped, huh Oliver?” Henry taunted him.

Reid opened his mouth to reply, but Luke held his hand up. “ Give us five minutes, please, Henry. Then we can tell you what’s been going on.”

Henry nodded. “Okay, I’ll go make some coffee and come back.”

“Thanks,” Luke smiled with his usual sweetness.

Henry laughed to himself at this turn of events and left.

“I think Henry really was trying to see your ass,” Reid grumbled.

“Oh, please. Stop. You guys are like 2 year olds.” Luke shot him a look . ” You’re less mature than my brother Ethan.”

They got up and headed to the bathroom for a very fast shower. Reid turned on the water, still sulking a little.

He knew Henry would just torture him over this.

“Okay,” Reid said, turning on shower water, “ but I don’t like it. “

“What do you mean?.” Luke asked as he began to soap them both up.

“ Come on” Reid said. “ This is our team? Casey might sell us out for a case of beer and now Henry will know our plan? We’re not exactly confiding in Oakdale’s finest minds.”

Luke gave him a sloppy, reassuring kiss. “That’s why we have you!” he exclaimed.”Aren’t you always telling me how brilliant you are?” Luke wrapped his arms around Reid with affection.

Reid tipped his head back, letting the water wash over him.

“I think my brain cells decrease each time I fuck you” he complained.

Luke laughed, “Well then, your patients are in trouble. You’re going to end up a very stupid, stupid man.”

They quickly finished cleaning up and dried off. They grabbed some clothes and waited for Henry to return.


“Here’s the way we see it,” Luke told Henry over the coffee. “The night that Damian’s letter came and he disinherited me, I told Reid all kinds of stories about him. About my kidnappings, being sent to the camp, and about working with Damian.”

“He told me how Damian kept two sets of books- one for IRS and one with the real numbers.”

“Yeah,” Luke shook his head sadly, “ I tried to forget about it for years. But I knew. He liked me to know. He has the real book in his office. It’s locked up in the Grimaldi safe. “ Luke sighed. “Basically, he thinks the law shouldn’t apply to him. He hates taxes and all that. He finds loopholes ,and when he has no loophole…He has the fake accounts. “

“Wow,” Henry said slowly. “So year after year, Damian’s been giving false information to the IRS?”

“Aren’t parents just wonderful?” Reid said sarcastically, but he held Luke’s hand a second.

“Anyhow, all I need to do now is find the right time to get into the safe and copy the information. Instant blackmail. I mean,” Luke glanced at Reid and chewed on his lip, “We aren’t planning to really send my father to prison…” He drew in a painful breath. “We just want him to back off of Casey and Reid- for good.”

Reid glanced at the clock, “Speaking of your folks.” He nodded to the time.

“I know.” Luke smiled weakly. “I should leave.”

Henry stood up. “Sorry you’re going through all this,” he told Luke sincerely.


Reid and Luke also got to their feet. They all walked near the door.

“Well, “ Luke said after a long silence, “See ya.”

Luke looked at Reid with his whole heart in his eyes.

“Yeah,” Reid stared at him.

Henry glanced from Luke to Reid, “Uh- I’ll just make sure nobody is out there.”

Neither one even heard. The second Henry was gone, they hungrily kissed.

With a sigh Reid broke away from Luke and sat back down on the bed.

“This time you really do need to go. Be careful okay?”

“Why? “ Luke suddenly said, his voice had an unusual edge to it. “ I won’t get caught. When they look at me, they never see me.”

There was a pause. Luke crossed his arms over his chest.

“I see you,” Reid said quietly.

Luke just nodded. His throat felt tight.

Reid patted the space on the bed next to him. Luke ignored that. He walked over to Reid and climbed right up onto his lap instead. He felt Reid circle his waist as he toyed with the buttons on Reid’s shirt.

Reid tilted Luke’s face up to him and waited.

Luke let out a painful sigh. “I hate that house. I hate knowing that their love comes with conditions.” He shuddered. “ Mostly, I hate myself there –for expecting them to suddenly change. Every single time, I keep hoping… “ he drew in a sharp breath, “Hoping for stupid miracles.”

Luke dropped his head and sank into Reid’s body, seeking shelter in the warmth of his lover’s skin. He buried his face on Reid’s shoulder. “I’m so ridiculous.”

Reid rubbed Luke’s silky hair. “Why? “ Reid said finally. “ Cause you want acceptance ? Love? That’s totally normal. “ He stroked Luke’s hair a moment more. Reid held him tightly now, almost cuddling Luke. “We all want our family to be like that.” They were both silent awhile. Then Reid let out a long breath. “Do you want to stop?” He asked Luke. “ We can end this plan and just find another way?”

Reid lifted up the corners of his mouth in an encouraging smile.

Luke’s troubled expression softened. He shook his head. “I don’t want Damian to keep hurting Casey and you, Besides, their view of me has nothing to do with the plan. It was always like this. I used to just blame myself, force myself to be what they wanted. Remember? When I met you? I was the big ‘ex-gay’.”

“Yeah,” Reid drawled, “your whole - I’m straight thing- while you kissed me was kind of hot.”

Luke gave a shaky laugh. Reid could always make him laugh. “Thanks,” he said dryly.

Luke got off of Reid’s lap and walked to the door. Reid followed him. His blue eyes were bright with concern. He held out his hand and Luke grasped at his fingers. Reid drank in his every feature quietly.

Luke pulled Reid into a warm hug, squeezing him tightly. After a second, Reid squeezed him back.

Henry knocked on the door ,”All clear.”

“Gotta go,” Luke voice was thick.

“I meant what I said before,” Reid said firmly, “don’t take big chances.”


“If you need to get out of there- just leave.”


“We can stop at any point.”

“You betcha.” Luke gave him a lopsided smile.

“Luke,” Reid murmured softly.

He cupped the side of Luke’s face.

“Remember, “ Reid instructed him trying to be stern in his tone, but sounding emotional instead, “don’t be an idiot.”

“Aww,” Luke wrinkled up his nose at him.” I love you too. “

They shared a fast embrace, holding each other just one more second.


Reid stood at his apartment door, with Henry near him, and watched until Luke was out of sight.

Henry took in the pain etched on Reid’s face. He tapped Reid on the shoulder . “Come on, let’s go downstairs and eat some of Vienna’s apple turnovers .”

Shrugging, Reid followed Henry into Al’s and took a plate from him.

“This isn’t bad,” Reid sighed, not really eating the apple turnover as much as moving his fork around. Then he glanced at Henry, “But I’m getting a locksmith out here today, you noisy bastard.”

“That’s fine,” Henry said, watching the way Reid barely ate. “I’ll add his bill to your rent.”

Reid took a small bite of the dessert. “And the next time you do drag night with Vienna, I’m posting it on you tube. “

“I have you and Luke on my hidden cameras, “ Henry returned. “Your whole night was just filmed.”

“Probably faulty equipment,” Reid shrugged. He looked pointedly at Henry, “You’d know all about that.”

He gave Henry a wicked grin.

“My cameras work fine,” Henry retorted, “you’re about to be seen across the globe.”

“Doing what? Luke and I were just playing tag,” Reid replied innocently.

Henry could no longer disguise his smile. He gave Reid some more dessert and was pleased to see his friend finally start to really eat.

“Well, I’m just happy you’re treating him right. Luke is the best,” Henry said. “He’s the tops.”

“See now, most people guess that Luke’s a bottom, yet -“

“Ahh!” Henry cut Reid off and covered his ears. “I can’t hear you!” He shook his head and
kept his hands at his ears. “No, no, no!”

Reid enthusiastically took a big bite of his pastry. He chewed it with a smile.

“Don’t have a heart attack or anything,” Reid advised Henry. “I don’t do cardio.”

“I don’t trust you,” Henry said, still holding his ears.

“Oh, lower your hands, Hank.” Reid laughed. “ I don’t plan to share the details with you. “

Slowly, Henry dropped his fingers from his ears.

“I don’t really kiss and tell.” Reid’s eyes moved to the front door. He sighed. “I’m not that kind of guy.”


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