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The Last Doughnut Part 15
Title: The Last Doughnut
Author: Marsabi
Summary: When Damian disinherits Luke, can he survive in the real world?
Warning: SEXUAL CONTENT, Angst, Horse Riding –
Rating: NC 17
A big thanks to traciamc and shadownyc

Part 15 Saddle Up

Reid clung to Luke, his face at the curve of his neck, torn between his fury and his fear. One moment he was yelling at Luke and the next he was on a horse and they were galloping away. He had little choice now but to wrap his arms around Luke’s torso and hold on. Reid tensed his body as Luke made the horse go faster. The jolting motion of the horse forced Reid lips to press into Luke’s salty, musky skin, and Reid couldn’t help inhaling deep breathes of Luke. Thank God Luke was alright. He was going to kick his beautiful ass, if he ever got off this damn horse.


For his part, Luke was beginning to calm down. Riding always relaxed him, and he could feel his troubled thoughts emptying out of his mind a little. Luke was grateful that Reid was behind him though, and he couldn’t see the last of the hot tears that were running down his cheeks. He refused to stop riding until the tears were completely gone, otherwise, Luke knew he’d just come apart in Reid’s arms. Adrenaline filled him suddenly and he clicked his heels in to make the horse really soar. They passed an open field and the sunlight glittered.

Luke slowly became aware of Reid bouncing into his body, his breath at Luke’s neck.


The horse stumbled for a split second and Reid gasped, clutching harder at Luke’s warm body. The horse’s motions were forcing him again and again to fall against Luke’s backside. Riding a horse was terrible, awful, ridiculous – and it was making his cock throb.


Luke heard Reid deeply exhale, his fingers flexed at Luke’s waist. Reid’s chest was firmly at his back, his face was near his hair, his breath a little ragged sounding. Luke slowed the horse down, suddenly realizing that Reid probably wasn’t enjoying this ride at all. The horse jerked against the reins a little and it pushed Reid into his body. Luke felt Reid’s erection then, and the muscles of his butt clenched in immediate response.

Smiling slightly, he took the horse into a quick cantor. Reid’s hands grabbed at him, his body thrusting forward. Luke could feel Reid’s hot skin near his own. Luke eased the horse into another gallop, and he could hear Reid’s curses in his ears.


Reid swore loudly now, but he refused to ask Luke to stop. He assumed the ride was coming to an end when Luke had slowed down for a moment, but for some reason, Luke had the animal galloping again. Reid tried to twist his body to the left, so that it wasn’t pushing so hard against Luke, but it was impossible. With each motion of the horse, his pelvis thrust forward.

Reid’s arousal bumped Luke in all the different parts of his ass, and Reid was certain that
Luke must know . Reid cursed again; he didn’t want a hard-on right now. He wanted to hold onto his anger. He wanted to get off this horse and yell at Luke for putting himself at risk.

The horse climbed up a very small hill suddenly, making Luke’s body slide back at him. Reid gave a small moan and then swore again. He was so damn horny he couldn’t think.


Luke tipped his head back a bit and listened to Reid’s soft moan. Luke loved that Reid was hard. He took the horse into a cantor, forcing their bodies into a steady, rhythmic pace. Luke sensed the building tension in Reid. His own cock twitched in response. He couldn’t help panting a little in excitement.

He’d have to stop riding soon. The horse was getting tired and if he kept going both he and Reid might climax in their pants. Luke wanted Reid warm and naked and in his arms when he climaxed. But he wasn’t a fool. He knew that Reid was still angry at him.

So Luke decided to ride for just a little longer.


Reid heard Luke panting and couldn’t help it – his whole body reacted. He made a low sound in the back of his throat and he was now rock-hard and leaking. Reid strained forward again – damn horse- and could smell Luke’s hair and taste the skin at his ear.

He tightened his grip on Luke’s body. His mouth went slack with desire. The horse thrust him into Luke once more and Reid surrendered . His orgasm ripped through his body, forcing him to come in his underwear in a hot, rushing mess.


Luke stopped the horse. Reid practically fell off, but Luke managed to help him down. He walked over to a tree and tied up the reigns, while Reid sank into the grass. Luke took a carrot out of his pocket and fed it to the horse and gave Reid a moment to himself.
Reid, however, didn’t have any way to really clean himself up. He stood up awkwardly, sticky and unsure.

“Well,” Luke smiled at him, “If just riding with me does that, you can’t be too mad, right?“ His smile turned hopeful.

“If you think we can just forget about it, you’re underestimating my anger,“ Reid replied.

Luke smile slipped. He watched as Reid approached him.

“You promised me,” Reid continued in a steely voice, “You promised that you’d be smart. That we’d work together the whole way.“ His eyes flashed heatedly, “Damian could have done anything! But you acted all alone. You didn’t wait for me!”

“I’m sorry.”

“I don’t accept your apology!” Reid stormed. “You’re always sorry. Well, I don’t care!”

“Then I’m not sorry!” Luke yelled back. “You have no idea what it was like! None. “ He grabbed at Reid suddenly and pushed at his chest . Then he pulled him to his lips. He took advantage of Reid’s stunned face, and invaded Reid’s mouth with his tongue.

“Stop!” Reid shoved him away.

“You want me,” Luke insisted. He came at Reid again and roughly grabbed his face. He ground his body against Reid’s and gave him another draining kiss. His fingers raked at Reid’s skin. His hands desperately pulled at Reid’s hair. Luke didn’t know what else to do.

Reid shoved him back again. “This doesn’t make me less mad!”

Luke backed away. He crossed his arms over his chest. His face was already raw with need and regret.

Reid sniffed and pinched the bridge of his nose. He shook his head as if to throw off something.

“Maybe you were right before. We shouldn’t do this now. “ Reid’s voice was as cold as frigid water. He began to walk away.

“Reid-“ Luke said.

“No,” Reid said, “You really don’t want to hear what’s going on in my head right now.”

Reid walked into the woods. He didn’t look back.


Luke sank down to his knees. He hugged his body in tight misery. He knew Reid was right -- about everything. He’d gone crazy at his house. He’d broken his promise to Reid. He’d blown Reid off and come to the farm, another betrayal. Now he’d practically assaulted Reid with that kiss.

Luke shuddered. Reid wasn’t going to forgive him. And he didn’t deserve forgiveness.
Luke rested his head down on his knees. What could he do to make it up to him? Reid made it clear his apology wasn’t worth much. He could try their friends – ask them for advice. But Reid would hate that. He could romance him back. God, another stupid idea.

There was nothing, nothing to do. Luke raised his face up to the sun, as if looking to the heavens for answers. His expression was wrecked, his eyes devastated. Without Reid-
Luke’s body shook at the thought. Without him, there was only an emptiness inside, a never-ending pain.

“I can’t figure out how to get out of these stupid woods!”

Luke jumped and turned. His heart beat furiously at the sight of Reid. Reid angrily came over to him. He looked ready to spit.

“How do I get the fuck out of here?”

“I can ride you back,” Luke offered. “Or walk you back. “ Luke hated the quiver he could hear in his own voice. “I could draw you a map?”

Tension emanated between them.

“A map” Reid said finally.

He sat down a good distance away from Luke.

Luke slid a glance at Reid’s stern profile.

“I can’t believe it,” Luke said, trying to joke.

“What?” Reid asked petulantly.

“The great Doctor Oliver has no sense of direction.”

Reid didn’t crack a smile.

Luke trembled. Maybe this really was the end.

“Well,” Luke said and he felt as if his voice belonged to somebody else, “I can at least help you with that. Finally something you don’t do better than me. I can get you out of the woods.”

Luke was twisting his hands over and over again in his lap. Reid stared at him.

A long moment passed.

Luke began to sob quietly. He tried to make no noise. He tried to hold it back. He suddenly wished Reid would just go away, rather than stare at him as he was humiliated. Luke wiped his eyes with the back of his shirt.

“You do lots of things better than I do,” Reid said. “You write better, you ride horses better, you have a better heart.”

Luke’s body jerked in surprise, his mouth falling open.

“I’m still furious,” Reid added quickly. “Let’s be clear about that.”

Nodding his head wordlessly, Luke didn’t attempt to speak. He crawled on his knees to where Reid sat.

“I know I messed up so much,” Luke said in an agonized voice, licking his moist lips. “And I know you don’t want my apology again. But if you can’t –if you can’t forgive me then –“ Luke broke off. He looked deeply into Reid’s eyes. “Then I can’t – “

“You can’t what?”

Luke said nothing. His eyes filled.

“Open your mouth,” Reid said.

Afraid almost, Luke hesitated a second. Then he forced his body to relax and he opened his mouth. Reid’s lips hovered over his own . He watched as they slowly came down.

The kiss was earth- shattering. Luke cried out and met Reid’s tongue eagerly. He turned his head and let Reid’s lips gorge on his. Reid rocked his body slightly, as he tugged at Luke’s mouth. Reid’s taste mixed with Luke’s own as their mouths took slow drags of each other. Without mercy, they sucked the sweetness, their jaws working furiously, their mouths cleaving to each other, their breath joined.

When they parted, Reid traced the line of Luke’s lips with his finger.

“Do you forgive me then?” Luke asked.

“Nope,” Reid answered. “It will take at least 3 more porno horse rides before I forgive you.”

A fleeting smile shot across Luke’s face. He rested his head on Reid’s shoulder and took a long, shaky breath. He could feel Reid tense and then awkwardly pat his back a few times.

“I have a better idea than another horse ride, “ Luke whispered.

Then with Reid’s watchful eyes on him, Luke got to his feet and began to remove his clothes. He stripped silently. Luke raised his shirt over his head and tossed it aside. He slowly moved his hands down his own chest and stomach. He rested his fingers on his belt buckle a moment, and then pulled it loose. Luke kicked off his shoes and wiggled out of his jeans. His skin was flushed, turning a delicate pink. Luke lowered his briefs. Then he stood before Reid, his flesh shining in the light. He stood proudly. The only sounds were some birds. The only movement was the gentle swaying of the trees in the warm wind.

Reid gazed at Luke’s translucent skin, his muscles, his ass. His semi-erect cock.

“Now there’s an apology,” Reid drawled and stood up slowly.

He went to Luke and ran his hands over Luke’s warm flesh. He bent his head and they shared another kiss.

Luke drew back and looked at him with tenderness that made Reid catch his breath. “I know you’ve every right to still be mad. And we can talk all night. But I need to know that I still have you. “ Luke’s lips quivered. “My parents made it clear that they’ll never forgive me. Please tell me that you do, that you won’t really leave me?”

Luke waited, his body naked and heart vulnerable.

“Don’t be an idiot, “ Reid said, circling Luke protectively into his arms, “I’m not going anywhere. “

Luke saw only honesty in Reid’s gaze.

“Reid.” His name was a caress. “I don’t want anything to separate us ever again.”


They began to make love slowly. Luke undressed Reid, placing kisses on each part of his body. Luke’s hand held Reid’s cock in his palms and stroked it. He took Reid into his mouth, his eyes locked on Reid’s the entire time. He worshipped Reid’s shaft with his tongue. Luke’s full lips smacked against Reid’s head and he made small sounds of pleasure as he sucked on him.

Groaning, Reid gently held him off. “I don’t want to come again anywhere but inside of you.”
He turned Luke on his stomach and licked at his crack in sweet, tiny motions. He nibbled at Luke’s thigh and the back of his knee, until Luke was weak with longing. He climbed back up Luke’s body and tasted his ear and neck.

“I’ll get my wallet,” Reid said at one point, “I have-“

“No,” Luke stopped him, ”I told you . I want nothing to separate us.”


“You’re healthy and are tested all the time. And I,” Luke blushed. “You’re my only lover, now and always. “ He held his hand out to Reid’s . “Please, “ he begged,

Reid moved back down his body in answer. He spread Luke open and got him ready with his tongue.


Luke was on his back now. Reid towered over him. He held Luke’s face a moment and then kissed his full lips.

Luke smiled and nodded. He was more than ready.

Reid gently put Luke’s legs around his shoulders. He entered him. His skin felt hot going inside of Luke. Luke whimpered and writhed with desire. He bucked his body up. Reid’s shaft sank further inside. Luke had his wish- there was nothing between them.

“Oh God,” Reid shouted. His eyes met Luke’s. “You feel so good,” he told Luke thickly.
Reid began to thrust in and out.


Afterwards, they talked. Luke told him about Damian and getting the book, now that he was safe in Reid’s arms.

“I told them it was over.“ Luke chewed his lip. Then he grinned suddenly, “ I told them off.
You’d have been proud! I told them I like men. I like to suck cock, lick ass. “ Luke’s smile widened.

“Liar!” Reid laughed, tickling his ribs.

Luke squirmed and giggled. “What?” He looked up and batted his eyes at Reid. “I don’t like to suck cock? I think I just more than demonstrated that I do.”

“Liar about your parents.”

“How do you know?" Luke pouted.

Reid nudged him. “Cause I know you. You can barely say the word cock to me sometimes.”

“Okay, fine, “ Luke laughed. “I didn’t say it- but I wanted to.”

“Tell me the real stuff,’ Reid said softly.

So Luke told him in detail what had happened. He revealed all the horrible moments with Lily and Damian.

Reid was quiet a long time. He propped himself up on his elbow to look down at Luke. “You went through all that and then I come along and yell at you,” Reid’s said regretfully.

“No, you had every right. I was wrong!”

Luke rested on Reid’s bare chest a moment. Luke said. “I want never to see them again. But this is Oakdale.” He sighed deeply. “ I’ll run into my parents at every turn.”

Reid kissed the top of his head. “We don’t have to stay here.”

Luke looked at him in surprise.

“What? There are other places to live.”

“I know.”

“But if you want stay –we can. I mean your grandmother is here and Holden and – “

“What about you? Do you want to stay?”

Reid shrugged. “Bob wasn’t exactly supportive during my problems at work.” Luke heard the tiny note of hurt in his voice that Reid tried to disguise. He grabbed for Reid’s fingers a moment.

Luke raised them to his lips and kissed each one.

“How long have you wanted to leave Oakdale?”

“How long have I been here?”

Luke gave him a playful shove.

Reid touched him gently. “But we can stay. If you want.”

Luke shook his head. “I don’t. “ He smiled at Reid, his eyes moist. “I’d go anywhere with you!”

Reaching for each other, they kissed passionately.

“Where would we move?”

“I don’t know.”

“What do we want?”

Reid shrugged.

“I just want to be in a place where everybody is accepted.“ Luke’s face went soft.

“And no snow -I’d like that,“ Reid added dryly.

“And I’m not the only gay boy in the town,” Luke grinned.

“And I can have you blow me in public,” Reid mused. “That’d be a bonus.”

“Where’s that town!”

“Hey, I thought this was our fantasy place,” Reid flashed him a quick smile.

Luke laughed so hard he clutched at his stomach. He looked up at Reid’s amused eyes. Then his face turned serious a moment.

“No, this is my fantasy place, “ he told Reid, “right here.” Luke leaned in and kissed him sweetly.


“Ready to go?” Luke asked him a little later.

“No.” Reid smiled. “I like it here. I like looking at you in the open air . I like you naked.
Maybe this really is our fantasy place.”

“Uh-huh. You just don’t want to get back on that horse,” Luke laughed.

“That too,” Reid said ruefully.

“Well,” Luke smiled, “what shall we do to pass the time?”

“Too bad we have no chess board,” Reid complained mockingly.

Luke ran a finger down his torso. “I have another game in mind.“ Luke stared at Reid, “And guess who is on the top?”


They rode back to the farm slowly. Their bodies pressed close together. The sun was starting to set.

Reid groaned suddenly.


“My ass is sore.”

“Me too, “ Luke laughed.

“I’m not used to bottoming without a - – you know.”

Luke nodded. “But it was -“

“Luke- if you even ask me if it was good.” Reid said in an irritated tone.

Luke laughed .“I was going to say it was special. “

Reid wrapped his arms around him just a little tighter.

“That’s true. “

Luke leaned back a little. He could almost feel Reid’s heart beating.

“Maybe we won’t move to just one place,” Luke said. “Maybe we can move around and do it in every State.”

“Good plan.”

They laughed.

“I love you.” Reid’s voice was at his ear.

Happiness flooded every part of Luke’s body. He turned a second and gave Reid a fast kiss.

“I love you too.”

As he took Reid to the farm, Luke thought that his past already felt like it had no flavor. He’d lost the bitterness for it. It was fading . He didn’t think it would return.

There was only the future now, with Reid, and where it all would lead them.


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