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Title: Hit and Run
Author: Marsabi
Summary: Natalie was a victim of a hit and run.
Disclaimer: Owned by ATWT
Warning: Sexual Content
Rating : NC-17

Part 10

A week after the secret meeting with his family, Luke went shopping in old town. He’d been trying to put his plan to woo Reid into action for days now, but Reid was always at the hospital.

Casey bumped into Luke there on the street .

“I heard that Natalie is doing better?” Casey hopped around as he talked to fight off the cold day.

“Yeah,” Luke beamed. “Her therapist has her up on her feet. A little bit. And yesterday, she said a word here or there. Mostly she still is writing, but we’re really hopeful.”

“Great, man,” Casey replied. “You’re shopping too?”

“Yeah,” Luke nodded. He was dressed for the colder weather in an expensive jacket and leather gloves. “I am getting a surprise for Reid. “

“What? A new Mercedes? A Rolex?” Casey teased.

Luke laughed. “Maybe. Jealous?”

“Considering all Ali can afford to get me is a kit of hot coco or maybe a used Nintendo game…Yep.”

“Well come over my house soon and we can play some Wii.”

“Okay, but if you’re propositioning me Snyder – I don’t put out that easily.”

“Sure you do.”

They grinned at each other.

“So what are you getting Dr. O?” Casey asked.

“Something he will never expect,” Luke laughed, and then sighed, “If he ever comes home from
the hospital.”

“I know what you mean,” Casey nodded. “Ali’s been working all these late night shifts too. “


“Yeah,” Casey sighed, “That is why I’m here shopping early for Christmas. We’ve been fighting about her hours and …” His glance slid away.”Other things.”

“Sorry to hear it,” Luke said sympathetically.

“She just is pressing me and acting…I don’t know, “ Casey shrugged. “And when I suggested yesterday that it might be PMS – she went a little crazy .”

Luke winced. He had never dated women, but even he knew not to suggest they were hormonal.

“Anyway,” Casey said, “I’m here to buy some jewelry.”

“Can’t go wrong there,” Luke smiled. “Do you want to talk about it?”

Casey searched Luke’s eyes. He wanted to spill his guts to him, but shook his head instead.
He had promised Ali his silence.

“Just girlfriend stuff,” he smiled. “Let’s catch up later, okay?”

“Sure,” Luke shrugged. He still needed to shop for Reid anyhow.

The two friends went their separate ways, each lost in his own thoughts.


Across town at Memorial , Margo was just leaving Natalie’s hospital room. Reid stood waiting outside.

Margo shrugged, “You’re right- no memory of it.”

Reid just nodded. “And Carly?”

“Released. Not enough evidence to hold her; the car was clean.”

“Luke will be glad,” Reid said, “Carly in jail would have made for a hard Snyder Christmas.”

Margo nodded, “But now we are back to square one. Let me know if she recalls even the
smallest thing.”

Reid watched her leave. Then he went into see Natalie. He was overdue to go home, it was late, and he missed dinner with Luke again. He had told Luke he’d be home, but there was always one more problem to fix at work.

As he opened the door, Reid saw that Alison Stuart was there, taking Natalie’s latest blood sample, or trying to take it. Poor Natalie was wincing, her face all scrunched up , as Ali tried to find her vein once again.

“Sorry!” Ali cried out, “Once more.”

Reid stood by and watched her do it wrong . “Sorry!” Ali cried out again. Natalie nodded and chewed on her lower lip.

“Oh for God’s sake!” Dr. Oliver said angrily. “Where did you go to nursing school? “

He grabbed the needle from Ali’s hand and stuck Natalie in once fast motion. Natalie sighed with relief and sat back on her pillows.

“It’s just that I know her,” Ali said to Reid. “I know her and what happened to her, “ Ali gulped, “is so awful.”

“Just pick up those vials and go,” Dr. Oliver told her. “And you need to be more professional or God knows what other mistakes you’ll make tonight.”

Natalie felt her cheeks turning crimson as she listened. She felt embarrassed for Ali who was clearly a pretty bad nurse. Natalie had the stick marks to prove it.
Ali apologized again and left quickly. Natalie held her arm. There would be bruises forming now. Dr Oliver glanced at her rubbing it.

“Up for some company?” He asked Natalie.

She smiled. Dr. Oliver came in every single day and sometimes at night too. He seemed to get that it was hard to actually sleep in the hospital. Even with all of her stuffed animals and her own pillow from home, the sounds of machines and lights flickering in the hallway and just the aching in her body often kept her awake.

Dr. Oliver picked up the chess board. He had played with her a few nights ago, gently reminding her of how the pieces all moved. Natalie understood that this was not a doctor and patient visit. He was off for the night. Another time, he had brought her some snacks from vending machines, and they had munched on chips and watched a late night movie.

“Rematch?” Dr. Oliver asked her now. He put the board on her bed and set up the pieces. Natalie watched him. Then she inhaled and practiced speaking calmly, the way the therapist told her.

“BBB-oorr –rruuing,” She told Dr. Oliver and then beamed at her success.

“Fantastic!”He got excited to. “That was really clear, Natalie and – “

He broke off and frowned. “Wait, did you just call chess boring?”

Natalie giggled. Dr. Oliver pursued his lips at her.

“Chess is a great game. It helps your mind develop logical thinking and – “ He stopped and watched as Natalie rolled her eyes. Dr. Oliver paused.

“I suppose you’d prefer I make up a dance with them or something?” His tone was a bit sarcastic.

Natalie nodded in challenge to him.

To Natalie’s extreme surprise, Dr. Oliver picked up a queen and twirled in around in his fingers. Then he picked up the king and made it bow to her. Natalie picked up another queen. Soon they had the pieces dancing together. The banged them around the chess board in a kind of square dance. The silliness of it made Natalie squeal in delight.

After awhile, Dr. Oliver stopped and pointed a finger at her, “Okay, Miss Snyder, this dance stays between us. Understand? “ He winked at her. “Your brother would torture me too much.
We play chess seriously in our house, not dance them around. “
Natalie picked up her pad , What makes you think Luke likes chess either?”

Dr. Oliver’s mouth fell open. “Like I said, we play all the time and-“ He studied
Natalie. “Are you busting my chops?”

She shrugged. She honestly had no idea if Luke liked chess. She had just wanted to see his reaction.

“Well done, kid,” he said and laughed.

Her mother would be horrified at her bad manners. Yet Natalie felt like making Dr. Oliver laugh was some kind of strange accomplishment.

He was still chuckling now and gave her cheek a small pat.

Then he stood up. “I’ll come and check on you in the morning, okay?”

“Bbbye,” she smiled softly.

That night, Natalie stopped thinking of him as Dr. Oliver and started to think of him as simply Reid.


It was very late. Reid opened the door to his bedroom as quietly as possible, trying not to wake Luke. He had just raided the fridge downstairs, where Luke had thoughtfully left him a bowl of spaghetti. Reid had devoured it right over the sink, chewing and twirling the spaghetti. He had not even cared that it was cold. Then he had come upstairs.
Luke was sleeping with the covers half-off, wearing an old pair of Reid’s Harvard sweats. His mouth was open and his body deeply breathing. Reid sat carefully down on the bed.

“Luke,” he said quietly.

“Hmm?” Luke did not open his eyes.

Reid leaned down. “Do you like playing chess?” He asked.

Luke breathed out and moved a little in his sleep. “Sometimes,” he said , still asleep.

Sometimes? Reid’s mind flashed to all the endless games of chess they had played, and all of the times he had made Luke go over his opening moves. Luke had always acted enthusiastic and good-natured about it. He had even given Luke a chess instruction guide a few months ago. Luke had said he loved it. Reid’s mouth quirked as he mulled over this new information.
Reid smoothed the hair off of Luke’s face. “I love you,” he whispered to him.
Luke moved again in sleep. “Kay. “ Then he gave a little smile and exhaled, “Reid.”

Reid quickly stripped off his clothes and climbed into their bed. He nuzzled Luke’s neck, and ran his fingers along the waistband of the sweats.

Luke slept on. Reid reached over to the nightstand and warmed the lube on his fingers. He rolled on a condom. Then he pushed the sweats down and thrust a finger in and out. He tongued Luke’s ear , his mouth hot and hungry.

“Oh,” Luke said suddenly, his eyes still shut. He thought he was having a great dream .
Reid lowered his head and skimmed lips and teeth over Luke’s flesh. His hand brushed against Luke’s rib cage. Another hand slid into Luke’s pants and flicked at his tip. He gave it a gentle squeeze. Luke hardened like iron in Reid’s capable hand. Reid pulled the pants all the way off. Holding his erection firmly now, he watched as Luke’s body vibrated. Reid spread open Luke’s ass. He could not wait a second longer.

Reid drove into him. At the same time, Luke jumped to full consciousness.

He gasped.

“It’s me,” Reid murmured to him, caressing his stunned body.

“Reid?” Luke said, dazed. “Are you really here?”

“Don’t I feel real?” Reid half-laughed, and plunged harder into Luke.

A moan escaped Luke’s lips and his body undulated in pleasure.

Luke turned his head to let Reid kiss him, and they rolled together. Reid was on top now,
still fully buried inside of Luke. Together, they pulled off Luke’s shirt. Their chests connected and nipples rubbed. Luke arched his body like a bow. Reid hammered down into him. Luke raised up his legs for more, more, more -

They exploded in a final burst.


After a quiet moment, Luke stirred.

“What?” Reid asked.

“Just thirsty,” Luke said.

Reid stroked his back,” Don’t move. I’ll get you some water.”


Completely naked, Reid climbed out of bed, thinking how funny Luke was with being so polite, when he connected with something soft under his left foot.

“What the hell ?” Reid exclaimed!

He jumped into the air and away.

Luke sat up in their bed, the covers sliding off of him.

“Surprise!” Luke smiled, his eyes dancing.


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