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Title: Without Borders
Author: Marsabi
Summary: Luke meets Reid in Miami
Warning: None
Rting: NC-17

Chapter Eleven

Reid took forever to answer his door. Luke tapped his foot impatiently. He had decided the best way to prepare Reid to meet with Damian was with a little gentle coaching.

They still had the afternoon to get it right. Luke raised his hand to give another firm rap, when the door swung open.

“Hey,” Reid said. He had a slightly sweaty look to him and was dressed in scrubs.

“Operating in here?” Luke joked.

“Exercising,” Reid gestured for him to come inside.

“I should have called- “Luke began to say.

“Oh, just get your butt in here.”

Luke followed Reid curiously. He could hear the television on. There was a green exercise mat on the floor, and a plate near it with a giant turkey sandwich oozing with mustard and mayo.

Luke glanced at the television and saw it was a Marlins game.

“What kind of exercise?”

“Yoga,” Reid answered, sitting back down on his mat and stretching out.

“You do yoga while eating sandwiches and watching baseball? “ Luke asked. “Isn’t that kind of against all the yoga rules?”

“Rules are meant to be broken,” Reid took a bite of his sandwich and chewed. “Besides, I don’t go in for all that Zen crap.”

“Then why do yoga?”

Reid shrugged. He began to go into a perfect plank position. “I started it in Moldova. There were no fancy gyms there, and even running outside the camp could be dangerous. With yoga, you only need a small space.”

Reid sat up a second and reached out to toss Luke the remote. “Here. Watch whatever you like and I’ll finish up.”

“Baseball’s fine.”

Luke pretended for a moment to watch the Marlins. He snuck a look at Reid.

Reid’s ass was now high up in the air, his palms down on the mat in a downward dog pose.
Then Reid glided his body forward, smoothly transitioning to an up dog. He stretched his neck back, his chest thrust forward.

Luke swallowed hard.

Reid changed again into a pose Luke didn’t recognize. He tucked one foot in front of his body, the other leg behind him.

“What’s that?” Luke asked, intrigued. He gave up all pretense of watching the baseball game.

Reid bowed his head low over his front knee. “A Swan,” he mumbled.

“I never knew you were so,” Luke felt a heat building up in his lower stomach, Reid was in downward dog again, “so flexible.”

“Years of practice,” Reid had humor in his voice. He looked up at Luke, “Care to get on the floor and join me?”

Luke walked over. “I’m not sure I know what to do,” Luke admitted.

“Take my mat and face me,” Reid instructed. “We’ll begin with sun salutations.”

Luke faced Reid and tried to mirror his moves. He stretched his arms over his head and then bent down slowly at the waist. He smoothly sank to the ground into a plank. Luke followed. He could hear a batter strike out on TV. He could feel Reid near him, moving into another salutation.

“Luke, don’t giggle,” Reid ordered. “Hold your plank.”


Reid looked at Luke’s pose.

“Get that ass down,” Reid told him. He broke his own plank off and squatted by Luke. He pushed gently at his backside.

Reid demonstrated the next part- he went into a low lunge and held his hands up as if to the sun. He arched his back and closed his eyes. Luke stared at him, taking in the firm thigh muscle and the sight of Reid’s Adam’s apple exposed nicely.

Luke imitated him the best he could. His own legs wobbled a bit as he attempted to look up and still balance.

“Shoot,” Luke said, “this is harder than it appears.”

Reid sighed. “Forget salutations. Try a simple pose.”


“How about a three legged dog,” he said.

“Sounds painful.” Luke grimaced.

“Watch.” Reid did it easily. His leg aimed high in the air, his crotch open for Luke’s glance of approval. Luke fantasized briefly, imagining seeing Reid in this pose completely naked. He would grab him and squeeze his –

“Now you.”

Luke jolted out of the fantasy. His own cock was getting hard. Embarrassed, Luke got onto the floor and tried to get into three-legged dog. Reid was just above him, watching.

“Raise your leg.”

Luke dangled it in the air. “Other leg- no.” Reid tried to correct his pose. He came up behind Luke and jerked his leg higher.

As soon as Reid let go, Luke fell down with a thud.

“Whoops,” Luke laughed. He beamed up at Reid with a wide grin.

“Guess I’m just not that bendy,” he complained good-naturedly.

Reid cocked his eyebrow, “Really? “

Luke fought a blush.

“I seem to remember you quite bendable in my bedroom before.”

Reid sat down next to him and wrapped his arms at Luke’s hips. He gave him a long kiss.

Luke lifted Reid’s shirt up and slid a finger at his stomach. “Guess I know how you keep these abs,” He said admiring the muscles there. He lowered his mouth to Reid’s stomach and licked at his navel.

They kissed again, their tongues dancing around each other in playful thrusts. Luke was between Reid’s legs now. He deepened the kiss, savoring the taste.

“At least I’m a good kisser, “ Luke said with a smile, his lips still close to Reid’s.

“Who says?” Reid teased and then kissed him some more.

Luke broke it off reluctantly. “I did come here with a goal,” he said.

“No kidding,“ Reid replied.

“What?” Luke asked, perplexed. “You knew that?”

“This isn’t the first day we’ve met,” Reid said dryly. “You usually have your stubborn mind on something.”

Luke smiled. “We need to go over dinner with my father.”

“Why do we need to do that?” Reid wiped at his forehead with a small towel.

“Because, you don’t know Damian Grimaldi. And this dinner is all about you.”

Reid rolled his eyes. “Terrific. “ He stood up and then held out a hand to help Luke.

“I’ll tell you what,” Luke offered. “Let’s take a walk on the beach and then I’ll treat you to some dessert.”

“Ice cream?”

“Yeah.” Luke watched Reid roll up his mat. “Whatever you want.”


“Can we go into the ice cream shop now?”

“One sec,” Luke said dreamily, as he held Reid’s hand and walked along the ocean. The breeze blew Luke’s hair back, he could taste salt on his lips. It was heavenly. He heard Reid say something more , but the sudden roar of a wave made Luke miss it. Luke smiled at some kids playing in the surf. Then, at his ear, he heard Reid whisper:

“I’m a cheap date and I give great rim,” Reid said clearly in his ear, “for some ice cream.”

Luke’s head whipped around to look at him. Reid gave a small, innocent smirk.

“I’m ready to leave, “ Luke said breathlessly.

“Good idea. I need some mint chocolate chip with hot fudge, caramel sauce and strawberries.”

“Seriously?” Luke laughed, “that sounds bit gross.”

“No ice cream is gross. What are you- plain vanilla? Cookies and cream? What are you doing now?” Reid asked as Luke didn’t answer him, and began to suddenly run a big circle around him, pumping his fist in the air.

“I’m celebrating. I know two more ways to your heart,” Luke grinned and did a little Rocky move around Reid, “weird ice cream and yoga.”

“And you’re certifiable,” Reid laughed and hooked an arm around his shoulders. He rubbed at Luke’s head affectionately. “Now feed me.”

They sat at an outside table, under a crooked umbrella and ate ice cream. They spent their time, eating from each other’s spoons and doing a great deal of kissing. Luke felt light and happy. He even liked the taste of Reid’s ice cream concoction –at least on Reid’s lips.

Luke gave a long sigh. Reid looked so handsome right then, with the sun at his face. Luke watched him suck on the ice cream spoon, his tongue darting out around it. He watched him brush off his sticky hands, and then Reid joined their hands palm to palm. And with those small gestures, Luke could feel his heart opening up and finding a tiny seed of light inside of it.

“Uh, Luke,” Reid said suddenly.

“Hmmm?” Luke felt like he could just drift into the sky right then. He wanted Reid, badly. He wanted him always. He couldn’t deny it anymore; he was madly in love with him.

“Your ice cream is melting all over.”

“Oops,” Luke said and turned away for a napkin.

“We’d better head back. “ Reid said.

“Yeah,” Luke bit his lip hard a moment. “Dinner is coming up in a few more hours.”


It wasn’t until the drive back to Reid’s place, that Luke told him everything he needed to know about Damian.

Reid listened in silence and then, as he opened up his front door, he grimaced. “You’re making your father sound like he needs to audition for Godfather Part Four.” A muscle jumped in Reid’s cheek.

“No, no,” Luke protested, “he’s not that bad.” Luke studied him. “Are you getting nervous?” he asked.

“No,” Reid denied. Then he sighed loudly. “Or if I am it’s because you’re grilling me about his past blackmailing and kidnapping schemes.” Then he pinched the bridge of his nose. “Besides, this is a weird experience for me. I’m about to meet your father and have to make nice. I’ll have to chat or something with him. I don’t meet parents of my boyfriends.” Reid shuddered. “ I feel like I’m going to a prom or something.”

“Aww, do you want romance?” Luke teased. “Should I come back tonight with roses?”

“God no,” Red looked pained. “See that’s just what I’m talking about! Roses and candy are romantic? I don’t get that - I don’t get romance, it makes no sense. That’s why I skipped my real prom and all other formal affairs. Birthdays, weddings- I don’t like them. I never know what to do and I always put my foot in it.“

Luke stared at him a second, his mouth hanging open.

“Now you’re babbling,” Luke said amused. He’d never seen this side of Reid.

“I’m just having teenage nerd flashbacks or something. “ He ran a hand through his hair. “I know things need to go well tonight for the neuro wing and,” He paused a moment and swept his gaze over Luke, “for other reasons.”

“Just be yourself,” Luke advised. He touched the side of Reid’s cheek.

Reid gave him a pointed look.

“Okay, maybe not quite yourself.” Luke smiled. He watched Reid toss down his wallet and keys, finding a disconcerted Reid absolutely adorable. He could eat Reid up. Luke had a strong desire to suddenly keep Reid off kilter. He clearly had no clue how edible he was.

Luke smiled again, wanting to keep Reid going. “So you’ve told me what romance is not.“ He tilted his head at him, ”What do you think romance is then?”

“No idea.” Reid shrugged and locked his door. “ The opposite of roses, though . That’s generic. It’s definitely not spouting some ambivalent poetry or making vague declarations. It should be clear-“

“Like cutting into a brain?” Luke suggested, smothering a laugh .

“Yes,” the corner of Reid’s mouth lifted. “Exactly. Like a good surgery.”

“ I have to be honest with you. As far as your view on romance, I completely disagree.”

“Of course you do,” Reid sighed.

“True romance is something that can never die.”

“Like Disco.” Reid nodded.

“Like the spirit of it –I gotta believe it’s not planned like an operation. “ Luke wrinkled up his nose.

“Okay fine,” Reid groaned, “tell me how you see it. Let’s get it over with.”

Reid plopped down on his couch and put his feet on his coffee table.

Luke grinned. “I think romance is like a good movie- an escape. Or maybe a rush - like riding a giant wave.”

“Until the movie ends or you crash on the sand.”

Luke shook his head, laughing openly now, and grabbed at Reid’s feet as he moved around him. He collapsed next to Reid on the couch.

“How cynical,” Luke scolded Reid.

Inside, his heart was thudding happily. Why did everything Reid did suddenly make Luke feel lit up? He gave Reid a ridiculously big smile and rested his head even closer to him.

“What?” Reid was saying. “It’s not cynical. No, it’s practical. You see romance is required in a relationship, apply it a little bit and boom –done. A healthy solution.”

“Sounds like you’re applying leeches to cure a disease.”

“Don’t knock leeches, “ Reid answered. “It was a sound medical practice at the time. “

Reid poked Luke in the ribs lightly.

“Practical romance?” Luke frowned, “ An oxymoron.” Luke waved a hand in the air for emphasis, ”No it’s got to be spontaneous, not practical at all, not planned and canned.” Luke warmed to his own topic. “It’s got to make your heart pound, knees go weak, and then it has to go beyond that. Romance is fun and thrilling and makes you want to just grab the person and say ‘Go with me’ and you do.”

Luke looked at Reid right into his eyes a second.

“So,” Reid drawled, “all this talk of romance. Do you have a point?”

“What do you mean?”

“Are you asking me to,“ Reid made a face, “court you or something?”

“No.” Luke stared at him. “You don’t need to do anything romantic.”

“I don’t?” Reid stared back.

Luke knew he should be quiet, shut up, just stop all the emotions from bubbling out. But he also knew he was lost. He wanted to give Reid everything. He just hoped Reid might give something back. Luke shrugged. He knew love was a risk. He knew that better than anybody.

Luke looked into Reid’s piercing eyes. He smelled the hint of his after shave - a warm, citrusy scent. His heart was not his own anymore. It was as simple as that.

“Listen,“ Luke said gruffly. “I don’t need romance, okay?” He stood up and jammed his hands into his pockets. Luke paced a moment in front of Reid. “You have me. You already have me.”

Luke stopped directly in front of Reid, all the emotions inside of him flooding to the surface.

“And since you hate sappy poetry and flowers –I’ll just say it.“ Luke looked at Reid. “I love you. I do - I love you – so - blah, blah , blah. Deal with it!” Luke’s voice rose up with each syllable. He sounded almost angry, but he was mostly afraid. He looked away.

God, had he just told Reid he loved him with a blah, blah, blah?

Luke flinched. He dared to look at Reid again.

Reid looked startled. He actually flushed and his eyes were bright with emotion.


He walked over to where Luke nervously stood. Gingerly, Reid touched him on the arm.

It was all the permission Luke needed.

Luke came at him wildly, pressing his mouth on Reid’s, pushing him all the way back to his bedroom, and up against his bedroom wall. He stripped off Reid’s clothes frantically, still keeping him at the wall. Reid attempted to turn around and face him, but Luke pushed him roughly again. He pulled Reid’s hair so that his neck went back and then tongued the delicate shell of his earlobe. He nibbled and sucked a path down the slope of Reid’s neck and over his shoulders.

Reid turned to him and looked like he might speak.

“Don’t look at me,” Luke said fiercely, “Just let me do this. Let me show you. Let me love you.” He removed his own clothes and went to Reid’s dresser for a condom and then lubed up his fingers.

Then he came back over to Reid, who hadn’t moved.

“Luke-“ Reid tried again.

“Shh,” Luke urged him.

Luke wrapped an arm around Reid’s chest and began to kiss his upper back. Reid moaned and bucked a little as Luke’s mouth trailed downward. Luke gave his ass a firm spank. He loved it. He loved Reid’s backside. He loved every part of his body. He wanted to be inside him so much he could burst into flames. Luke banged Reid against the wall with his body, pushing his erection near the fleshy part of Reid’s ass again and again. He teased him, rubbing his cock at Reid’s crack.

Then Luke moved lower, kneeling down now, his arm now holding Reid at his lower stomach. Reid clawed at the wall and moaned.

Luke kissed and nibbled at Reid’s inner thighs and then bent down to his dick. He began to lick it aggressively, his tongue moving over the velvety skin. Luke let his warm breath caress it. Reid thrashed against the wall. Luke opened his legs up more and took him in his mouth. Then Luke squatted under Reid’s body . Reid was still facing the wall, when Luke took him all the way into his eager mouth.

With a shout, Reid began to slide to his knees, and Luke also went down. He flipped onto his back and was on the floor. As Reid slid, Luke grabbed his cock and kept sucking him off, Luke’s face between Reid’s legs. Reid was sinking down into Luke’s waiting mouth, deeper and deeper. Luke could hear Reid shouting out and then groaning his name. Luke’s hand went back to Reid’s ass. Without warning, Luke inserted a finger in. Reid cried out and trembled at the invasion. He pushed back at Luke’s finger, and Luke thrust another one inside of him, twisting it until he found the right spot.

Reid came violently into Luke’s mouth, his cock all the way down Luke’s throat. Luke sucked the final milky drop and then pushed Reid off. Reid rested on the floor a second, panting. Luke rolled on the condom. Reid looked at him then, his eyes dazed.

Luke bent to him and kissed his mouth fiercely, possessively.

Luke raised him up to his feet and placed him spread eagle at the wall. He pounded into Reid, finding his hole so tight and perfect, Luke nearly came right then. But he took deep gulps of air and hammered in and out. Reid had his upper body slightly lowered at the wall, his legs were quaking with each thrust. Luke held him up with a firm arm. He bit down at Reid’s sweaty shoulder,and then licked at the salt of his skin.

Luke gave one more urgent thrust and then convulsed. He could feel Reid’s ass squeezing him with his muscles, helping Luke to come even harder. Luke let out what sounded like an animal howl. He and Reid sank down to the floor together.

Without words, they got up and stumbled over to the bed. There they collapsed in a tangled heap.


A long time passed. They might have slept awhile, Luke wasn’t certain. He slowly became aware of the condom still on him, and Reid still wrapped up in his arms. Reid’s arm lay protectively across his chest, and Luke could still feel the slight burn of his stubble at his skin.

Luke quickly pulled away and cleaned up. He went briefly to the bathroom and then came back to Reid, who remained motionless. Luke glanced at him and slipped under the covers. He listened to Reid’s breath a moment.

Luke covered his eyes with his hands. “I’m sorry.”

“For?” He could hear Reid now getting out of the bed.

“Getting a little crazy.”

“I’m not,” Reid said.

His voice held a note of something true and deep. It made Luke lower his arms to look at Reid.

“You’re okay with it??” Luke asked.

“Well, I don’t usually let just any guy bang me up against my bedroom wall. “ Reid shrugged, “But then again, you’re not just any guy.”

Reid’s eyes held a strong emotion Luke was almost afraid to name. Luke sat up in the bed.
Reid stood there squarely, proudly naked.

Even though they’d just had crazy, wild sex, the sight of him still made Luke ‘s heart skip. Luke’s gaze devoured him.

“So,” Luke said softly, “ How about the rest? Are you sorry you know I love you?”

There was a beat of silence.

Reid frowned. “I need some water.”


He headed for the kitchen. Luke got up, also still naked, and followed him, dogging his heels.

“Feel free to tell me how you feel,” Luke said. He wanted his voice to be light, but it came out strained instead.

“Want some water?” Reid got out two glasses.

“Thanks.” Luke said politely. Luke waited while Reid poured the water in. “But back to the banging thing-“

“ Just- it was nothing,” Reid busied himself with his glass.

“So you have nothing to say?” Luke felt his heart drop. He took the glass out of his hands.
Had he misjudged it all? Had he gambled on love and it was about to blow up in his face? But looking into Reid’s eyes, Luke just couldn’t regret it. Not loving him. Not for a second.

Luke felt his eyes grow misty.

“I’m thirsty,” Reid said, gazing at him. He drank the water down.

“It’s okay, “ Luke told him, almost gently.

“No,” Reid shook his head, “it’s not.” Reid refilled his glass of water.

“I can accept it if you don’t- “

“That’s not it,” Reid said quickly.

Luke stared at him. He smiled suddenly and flashed his dimples. ‘It’s not?”

Reid grunted.

“I’d never hurt you. “ Luke persisted. “I don’t think you’d hurt me?”

“No,” Reid said, ”I wouldn’t hurt you.”

Luke set the water on the counter. Reid set his water down too.

He took Luke by the shoulders.

“It’s just - if I say it- I mean it, Luke. And I’ll want it all from you. I won’t get all wishy-washy or go back and forth. It will be for good. Understand?”

Luke nodded vigorously. He squeezed Reid’s hand with encouragement. A feverish hope started inside of him.

“You don’t know how perfect that sounds to me,” Luke said.

They examined each other.

“Okay,” Reid rolled his eyes. “In that case,“ Reid drew in a sharp breath, “I love you,
too. “ He reached out and took back his water off the counter. “And blah, blah, blah,” he added.

He took a long swallow.

Joy made Luke dizzy. He felt like he might levitate.

“It doesn’t make any sense,” Reid went on, shaking his head. “I don’t fall in love. Not ever. I’m the last person anybody would think would fall in love. And we don’t fit at all. We shouldn’t work. And yet,” Reid turned to Luke, “I find my formerly sensible and rational self here with you and I’m gone, absolutely ridiculously utterly gone and fallen in love with you anyhow.” Reid shot Luke a look, “And I’m not too happy about it.”

“Well,” Luke replied slowly. “First of all, you’re babbling again.”

Reid lowered his eyes and nodded. “It seems I’ve been doing that all day.”

“Second of all, “ Luke continued, “I’m not so happy either. I just finally pulled myself out of an abusive, humiliating, ass-kicking mess of a first love and I have spent the last two years recovering. I swore I’d never allow myself to feel anything like love again but here I am- and loving you is ten times bigger, more frightening, and more immense than anything I ever had before.”

Reid placed a warm hand on Luke’s arm.

They stood in the kitchen together, both naked and silent.

“So,” Reid nodded, “we’re in love.”

“Looks like it,” Luke agreed.

“It’s better than the alternative,” Reid said with a shrug.



“Ahh,” Luke couldn’t help laughing at that.

Reid smiled slowly in return.


“So when did you know you first loved me?” Luke asked happily.

Reid ignored him over the shower water. He carefully squirted out some shampoo on his hands.

“We need to get ready to meet your father.”

“When did you first know it was love? “ Luke persisted.

“Tip your head back,” Reid said and began to shampoo Luke’s hair.

“I think I loved you from the moment I saw you rocking those babies,” Luke told him, closing his eyes and enjoying the feeling of Reid’s fingers.

“Yeah, well, I’m not knocking you up.”

Reid continued to massage his scalp lightly, lathering the shampoo.

“And the first time I saw you – when you opened the door - “ Luke sighed. “How about you? Were you attracted right away to me?”

“Can’t we go back to blah, blah, blah?” Reid asked. He ran his hands down the nape of Luke’s neck.

“Oh God! I can’t believe I even said that!”

“Pretty slick, Mr. PR, “ Reid agreed.

Luke opened his eyes. “That was temporary insanity or something. I’m a word guy. I like words. I like talk.”

Reid washed the shampoo out of Luke’s hair.



“Tell me one thing, just one thing you’re thinking.”

Reid sighed. “I’m thinking you have a very grabbable ass.”

“Be serious.”

Reid grunted. He let the water pour over him a moment.

“I’m thinking I don’t really know how to do this.” He said morosely.

“You know how.” Luke’s voice was bright with affection.

Luke took the shampoo and began to rub Reid’s head.

Reid gave a soft sound of pleasure as Luke began to wash the shampoo in his hair.

“Don’t give me any ‘I don’t do relationships well’ crap,” Luke told him cheerfully. “I know you better now.”

Reid smiled suddenly, “If you know me so well, then we don’t need to talk anymore, right?”

“I guess,” Luke agreed letting his hands trail down Reid’s back and rest on his hips. “You’re off the hook.”

Reid suddenly faced him. He kissed him hard, his mouth insistent on Luke’s own, and his slick body pulling him close.

Reid kept on kissing him, until Luke lost track of anything else. Luke clung to him, returning the kiss for all he was worth.

Reid released him.

Luke felt starry-eyed . He put a hand to his chest and rested against the shower wall.

“Maybe I don’t want to be...” Reid said, his eyes soft.

“Be what?” Luke asked stupidly, still recovering.

“Off the hook,“ Reid answered simply. He moved to Luke and put both hands beside him on the
wall. He began to kiss him again, his mouth lingering.

Luke groaned. “We have to meet my father soon.”

Reid didn’t reply. He flipped Luke abruptly around, so that he was now facing the wall.

“What’re you doing?” Luke protested.

“I think you know.”

Reid was pressing his erection at Luke now. “You had me at the wall before. Isn’t reciprocity what a good relationship’s built on?”

“See? You do get it,” Luke laughed.

Then he flailed around as Reid’s wet, capable fingers slid between his cheeks.

Luke moaned deeply. He opened his legs wider. He was going to have to call Damian and explain to his father why he was about to be very late to dinner. Then Luke gasped. His body writhed in pleasure. Reid’s fingers were forcefully and rhythmically inside of him now. All coherent thoughts left his mind.

Pushing him firmly against the wall of the shower, with the water pounding all around them, Reid began to love him one more time.


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