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Title: Without Borders 14/14
Author: Marsabi
Summary: Noah remains blind, and he abandons Oakdale and Luke. Luke is left feeling guilty and lost, so he decides to focus on the foundation and PR work. Luke moves the foundation to Rome and avoids America. However, two years later, his family in Oakdale has been pressuring him to visit, and when an old friend calls him with a problem with her medical organization’s image, Luke agrees to fly to Miami. But can he turn their best doctor into a media star? As the cameras roll, Luke soon finds himself in a “pretend” relationship with Dr. Oliver …
Warning: none
Rating: PG- NC-17
First of all, a big shout of thanks to the amazing rhiannonhero! Thanks also to lovely traciamc

Chapter 14

Luke rushed there. He flew out of his car and down the wooden walkway. He prayed Reid would be where he asked him to meet. Luke glanced at his watch and practically ran.
Reid was there.

The sun was setting behind him and he was looking down at some ducks swimming in the green algae of the swamp. Luke’s pulse pounded as he started toward Reid. At that same second, Reid seemed to sense Luke’s approach and turned. They walked to each other, drawn closer and closer. They were in the middle of the Fakahatchee Wildlife Preserve. The wooden walkway stretched out for over 3 miles.

They stopped inches from each other. Luke wanted to press his lips on every part of Reid; he wanted to taste the curve of his neck and then move over his chest and shoulders. He wanted to inhale him as he made his way down. He wanted to just hold him forever and always. Luke looked away a second. Then back.

“Alligators,” Luke said suddenly.

Reid glanced at the water. “Where?”

“By that small bush area. See it?” Luke pointed. “Looks like a rock in the water, but see the nostrils? The snout?”

Reid followed his hand. “Oh, I do see it.” He nodded. “Look at that.”

“Sorry I was late,” Luke said.

Reid nodded again. Luke’s journal was near his feet, sticking out of Reid’s medical bag.

Luke cleared his throat, “It’s strange, isn’t it? Here we stand in a marshy wonderland, but shopping malls and houses are just outside of here. Go figure.”

“Yeah, I think a group of early bird diners just power walked past me,” Reid said.

They were quiet a second and listened to the sounds of the swamp.

Luke took a breath. “Here’s the thing,” he said to Reid, who was now watching him, “I want to stay in Miami. I like it here and – I want to stay. I told my father that I want to try to start my own PR firm. I told him it was time to move on.” Luke exhaled a moment. “I want to do that with you.“

There was a pause. Luke tilted his head to try and get a better look at Reid’s face. “You can say something back here. ”

Reid rubbed the back of his neck. “Yeah, I might have been a little impatient last night, waiting for you to tell Damian yourself.”

“Been impatient?” Luke said, but with a smile. “You were obnoxious.”

Reid held up his hand to indicate an inch, “Only by this much.”

Luke spread his hands wider.

Their eyes met and held.

“Maybe waiting isn’t my best event,” Reid conceded. He glanced away.

“I know,” Luke said. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Reid said dismissively. Reid’s eyes were soft, vulnerable. His hands were nervously tapping at his side.

Luke nodded. He felt paralyzed by feeling, unable to speak.

Reid appeared to be having the same problem. He seemed to be taking in large gulps of air. His gaze remained fixed on Luke.

They circled each other a minute.

Then Reid rolled his eyes at him, ”Are we done with this apology stuff? All better?”


Reid blew out a quick breath. “ Good.”

“Although, technically, you didn’t do any apologizing,” Luke pointed out.

“Oh,” Reid looked at him warily.

“Hmm,” Luke answered. Watching Reid squirm a minute, he couldn’t help giving Reid a grin. Luke had already heard the contrition in Reid’s voice and had seen it on his face.

Reid came closer to him. He reached one finger out to touch Luke’s smiling lips.
Luke stared at him. They both exhaled the same moment, and Luke felt their breath mingle in the humid air. He swallowed hard. He began to reach out for Reid.

“Luke, I’m-“

“Scuse me,” said a voice to Luke’s left.

They paused, dropping their hands, waiting as a man lugging a giant camera went by them. A few others with cameras scurried to a nearby spot to capture a picture of some turtles. They looked at each other, forced to wait some more.

“Nature lovers,” Reid said in an annoyed voice, as they all finally left. “Why can’t they go elsewhere?”

“We are standing at a preserve,” Luke wasn’t really concerned with the people passing by them. Luke’s gaze had fallen on the journal.

Reid saw him look at it.

“You read it?”

Reid nodded. “I did.“

Luke’s eyes darted all over the place, looking anywhere but at Reid.

“Hey,” Reid said, waiting until Luke reluctantly turned.

“What?” Luke folded his arms at his chest.

“Did that bonehead really not sleep with you for two years?”

“That would be the part you’d focus on,” Luke shook his head at him, a small smile on his face. ‘Five hundred and fourteen days, actually’, Luke recalled, ‘of pure misery’.

“Well, I focused on the other stuff too.” Reid said, also with twitching lips. “But nearly two years? He was damaged way before his accident. I want to touch you every hour of the day.”

They gazed at each other. A bird flew over their head. Reid looked up, “Blue Heron,” he said, impressed by the bird.

Luke stared only at Reid. When Reid glanced back at him, Luke had lifted up his shirt.
He lifted it and pulled his shorts down slightly, revealing the scars.

“Why are you doing that?” Reid asked, his voice low now. A muscle jumped in Reid’s cheek.

“These have healed.” Some more people walked past them, but Luke just ignored them and their curious looks. He focused on Reid.

Reid was listening for him to go on, his face directly on Luke. Luke almost smiled at that. Reid didn’t think waiting was his best event, but Luke knew better. When it really mattered, Reid would wait. Luke licked his lips and paused, gathering his words slowly.

“My scars on my body have healed, “ he repeated, “but the one in here?” Luke tapped his heart. “Not as much as I thought. I hid out in Europe, and behind my father, and I thought it was all better. It wasn’t. I let this wound fester for a long time. See? Noah wasn’t the only damaged one.”

Luke lowered his shirt back. “I love you,” he told Reid softly, looking right at his eyes. “Can you deal with me and my messed up heart?”

Luke held his breath. Reid stepped to him. He put his hand on Luke’s chest, fingers splayed out.

“The heart’s just a muscle, Luke,” Reid whispered. “And you don’t need it to be fixed.”

Luke threw his arms around Reid and pulled him close. He buried his face in the warmth of Reid’s neck and clung to him.

Another bird soared over their heads. As Luke began to kiss Reid, the bird landed in the mottled nest of a nearby tree. Luke closed his eyes and saw nothing else. He kissed Reid on and on, no longer aware of time, holding him possessively, his hands stroking Reid’s face. Reid wrapped his arms at Luke’s waist.

Finally, Luke pulled away. He took the journal from Reid.

With Reid watching, Luke ripped up the first page and threw it down into the marshy water.

“I’m going to do this until it’s all gone, “ he smiled at Reid.

“Ah,” Reid put a cautionary hand on Luke’s arm, “not the best gator food.”

“Oh no!” Luke jumped back with dismay. “Oh, I wasn’t thinking. Do you really think eating paper hurts them?” Luke looked down at the still visible paper in the water.

Reid patted him reassuringly, “Maybe not one piece.”

Luke sighed. “I guess I can’t do it in some great, dramatic way. “ He walked over to the nearby trash. He smiled at Reid, and then just chucked the whole journal away.

“Done,” he told Reid.


Luke nodded. Reid came over to him. He cocked his head at Luke.

“So you’re done writing? No more journaling? No more putting pen to paper to get out your thoughts?”


“Too bad.” He touched Luke’s face with affection.

“What? Aren’t you glad I’m not going to focus on my past anymore?”

“Yeah, but what about everything else? You won’t be tempted to write about it all? About us?”

Luke flushed. Reid knew him so well.

“I might be a little,” Luke said.

“Here.” Reid thrust something quickly at him. “Just don’t tell anybody I was encouraging you with this.” He looked around.

“What’s this?” Luke laughed, delighted. He held a small, leather notebook in his hands.

“A new start.” Reid’s eyes gleamed.

“Oh,” Luke exclaimed, “that’s so sweet.”

“Sweet?“ Reid looked pained, “No. It’s not sweet. I just,” He pinched the bridge of his nose a second and then he took Luke’s hand. “After I read the other journal, I felt even worse about last night so… “ Reid cleared his throat suddenly. “Besides, our story should get equal time, after all.”

“More time” Luke said laughing. “Our story will fill up a 100 notebooks.“

“Let’s go back to my place,” Reid suggested, “and I’ll give you something to write about.”

They kissed hungrily.


Banging open Reid’s door, they began to tear each other’s clothes off. Luke eagerly lifted off Reid’s shirt. He pressed a kiss at Reid’s collarbone. Reid returned the favor, his nimble fingers opening up the buttons of Luke’s shirt. The second the shirt was pulled off, Reid gazed at Luke’s skin, looked at it with such longing and intensity that Luke could feel his entire body just sway towards Reid. Reid leaned forward and caressed Luke’s flat nipples with his tongue. Then he murmured his name in appreciation. Luke grasped Reid’s head, pulling him closer. Luke’s hands stole their way around to the nape of Reid’s neck.

Reid yanked at Luke’s shorts, taking his underwear off too, and he threw them across the room. Their lips kissed frantically. Reid walked Luke backwards to his bedroom, not breaking the contact.

“I love you,” Luke managed to pant.

“Me too,” Reid said. “I love you.” He was kissing a hot path down Luke’s chest.

“You’re so beautiful. I just want to be with you,” Luke could no longer resist gushing to him. “I love you. I do. Everything about you.”

He waited for Reid to speak. He nudged him and felt Reid sigh.

“I love you so much,” Luke prompted. “You make me so happy.”

He waited for Reid to answer. Reid stopped kissing him and lifted his head.

“I want to hold you each night and wake up with you. I want to know each part of you,” Reid murmured back.

Luke felt his heart jump. Then he came to his senses.

“Reid!” He smacked at him. “Wait a minute – that was from my journal!”

Reid held off Luke’s slaps. “I needed to say something,” he laughed.

“Terrific,” Luke’s lip jutted out, “I want you to say your own thoughts.”

“Naw, you don’t.” Reid said, totally unapologetic for remembering lines from an entry. Luke recalled it was a passage where he was lonely and wishing to just find somebody. He felt some of his annoyance fade at that.

“You don’t want my thoughts, “ Reid told him, “because I’m no poet, Luke. I think things like, ‘maybe we can eat after this’. ‘Wonder where the chips are?’”

Luke let out a small laugh, despite himself.

Reid flashed him a smile.

“And you wrote some nice things in that journal. Really nice.”

Luke shook his head at him. “You and that photographic memory. Okay, fine. Steal my lines. But that’s it! You’re not reading my new journal. “

Reid laughed. “Okay, I won’t read it unless you offer it to me. “


“I’ll just tell you what to say.” Reid pretended to think this over. “I can see the first line based on your life with me. It will start out with this line, ‘Every morning, Reid wakes me with the most amazing, fantastic, explosive blowjobs of my life.’”

“I dunno. Can you live up to that? That’s a lot of adjectives?” Luke said, suddenly grinning madly.

“Please,“ Reid scoffed. He ran a finger down Luke’s body, and Luke couldn’t help the shudder he released. “I’m thinking whole chapters should be dedicated to my fingers and tongue. “

Luke laughed fully now. Reid was stroking his arousal and watching him.

“Ahh,” Luke said, “how can I be so hard and find you so funny all at the same time? “

“See? You’ll turn us into a bestselling memoir. He makes me laugh and then he fucks me senseless.”

“Eloquent. New York Times look out!” Luke giggled.

Reid dropped to his knees.

“I guess you’re more an action person than a –“ Luke’s thoughts crumpled.

Reid began to take him down his throat.

Luke’s laughter faded as he felt the wet heat of Reid’s mouth. He arched his head back. His arms went up to cover his eyes. The pressure of Reid’s tongue pushed down on his head. It glided along the underside of Luke’s erection. Luke could feel his jaw muscles working. He felt Reid’s hands holding him up higher, taking Luke more firmly in. Then Reid sucked him and Luke felt like his whole body could get sucked up in that mouth. He felt Reid’s teeth teasingly graze the sensitive flesh and then another, demanding suck.

Then those magical fingers were kneading Luke’s ass, massaging him. Luke’s breathing became labored, his body straining with urgency. His lips parted and a cry was torn from Luke’s throat. Reid’s mouth was still on him, ardently tasting and then devouring his cock.

“Oh please,” Luke choked out. His body moved instinctively for more. Reid had him all the way inside now. Luke’s face flushed. His body felt a wave of heat.

Reid’s mouth held the weight of his cock, pumping and pumping it, never letting it go.

Luke surrendered, fully and joyously. He let his body convulse, felt Reid drinking him in. He was in a thick fog of delight.

Reid went back up Luke’s trembling body. He was the only reason Luke had not fallen to the rug. Reid took Luke’s hands away from his face, then Reid’s lips came crashing down on his own. As Luke opened his mouth, a few drops of cum that Reid had held released down into Luke’s throat. Luke swallowed his own taste.

Luke’s eyes widened in shock. “You could have told me you were planning to do that.”

Reid didn’t answer. He began to suck and nibble at Luke’s neck.

Luke felt like his entire body was humming. For a moment longer, Luke just floated in a state of bliss.

Then Luke looked at Reid. He stopped his kisses a moment and took his head in his hands. Reid met his eyes.

“If I get woken up with blowjobs –“ Luke’s voice was heavy.

“Amazing, fantastic, explosive ones,” Reid corrected.

“Does that mean I wake up here with you daily?” Luke continued. He ran a hand over Reid’s face and then held him by the back of his head, threading his fingers in his hair.

“I told you earlier,“ Reid said, “I want to touch you 24 hours a day. “

Luke beamed at him.

They walked the few steps to the bed and Luke pushed Reid on to it first. He climbed on top of him. Luke took off the rest of Reid’s clothes and then rested his head a second on Reid’s bare stomach. He looked up at him and offered a giant smile.

“Or we could buy our own place?” Luke asked and Reid just nodded. Luke didn’t think he could smile any wider, but he felt his lips keep stretching open.

“Okay,” Reid was saying a small smile on his own face now, “but I need more than a place. I need a castle by the sea.”

Luke laughed and raised himself up to Reid. “That was the worst imitation of my father’s accent I’ve ever heard.”

He kissed Reid soundly, their mouths making happy noises together. He let his tongue circle Reid’s lower and then upper lip. He tasted him again.

Then Luke shimmied down his body, his hands touching Reid as he went. Soon he was all the way down, Reid’s foot in his hand.

“I will make love to you now,” Luke said, easily mimicking Damian’s voice, “ and kiss every place on your body.”

Luke kissed the arch of Reid’s foot, and then suckled Reid’s toes. Reid made a surprised groan and bucked up. Luke kissed his leg gently. “And then we can discuss castles by the sea.”

Luke began to hold and caress him, their silliness giving way to more.

Luke kissed on every part of Reid’s body, his movements slow and deliberate. Luke spent long moments just gazing openly at Reid’s limbs, his stomach, his cock. He’d look at him and then carefully begin to savor him. With each steady touch, Luke could feel Reid’s barriers dissolving. Luke loved the way Reid could no longer be guarded here, not in the bedroom. His mouth was open, eyes closed, and face vulnerable. He let his palm circle Reid’s cock. At the same time, Luke lubed and guided Reid’s fingers to him, until he felt slick and ready. Then Luke rolled a condom on him. He lowered his body down on Reid’s, joining them, taking Reid inside of him.

“Look at me,” Luke whispered, “let me see you.”

Reid grasped Luke’s hips and pushed Luke even harder down, making Luke gasp. Then Reid’s eyes opened and they stared at each other for a second. Luke gasped again, but this time it was because of Reid’s face – he felt like Reid’s heart was right there in his eyes.

Their bodies now moved together, writhing and aching for it. Luke drove himself up and down on Reid’s cock, his flesh yearning for connection with him. It was never going to be enough, he wanted so much. Luke was giddy with pleasure, with happiness. He bent his head down to Reid’s shoulder and gave it a slow, tantalizing lick. He smiled as he nibbled his neck, and Reid arched his head back for more. Reid’s whole body felt open to him then. Luke ran his palms up and down in a gentle touch. Half-dreaming, Luke pressed his lips again to Reid’s lips, and rode him in loving strokes. Everything he held inside, he was now giving to Reid, turning his soul over to him, trusting him to love it forever.

“Luke-Luke-Luke-Luke,” Reid shouted out in a dazed chant. His pelvis thrust upwards, pushing himself in deeper, grinding his body closer. Reid’s fingers dug desperately into Luke’s buttocks. His head began to thrash back and forth on the pillow.

Reid quickened the rhythm, moving Luke’s body, urging Luke to ride him faster. He moaned. Luke moaned too. They kissed each other fiercely, and then there was a rush of intense pleasure.

Luke collapsed onto Reid, a sweaty, satisfied mess. Reid held him to his body, still inside of Luke, and gently rubbed at the small of Luke’s back.

They remained connected and gave each other lazy smiles. Their nude bodies glistened; their hands were linked. Their eyes were open with love.


Three weeks later, Luke had sent for all of his belongings in Rome. He and Reid were still living in Reid’s condo, but Luke was actively looking for a small house near the beach. WMB was still his first priority for PR, but Luke had already picked up a few potential clients who’d heard about his success at WMB. They’d also seen the full magazine article that Newsweek had done on Reid, leaving out the boyfriend part and focusing (as they should) on Reid’s work and the organization. He’d clipped it out and framed it, insisting a grumbling Reid put it in his office. Luke was happily fixing up that space, adding plants and pictures and letting Reid have office sex with him on his desk to convince him. He could only imagine all the sex he’d have to give Reid during the time he would want to decorate their house.

Damian and Jessica were still corresponding. Damian had plans to visit them all in a few weeks. Luke, meanwhile, promised his mother a week’s stay in Oakdale. He’d already bought two tickets for the week of July 4th. Reid had merely shrugged, accepting the large sandwich Luke had made him, and agreed to go to Oakdale with him. It amused Luke to see Reid so innocently chewing his sandwich; he had no clue about what awaited him in Oakdale. The thought of his family no longer filled Luke with dread. He was ready to go back to visit and to show off Reid.

The weeks had just flown by, and Luke couldn’t believe that he’d yet to write a word in his new journal. He had it with him now. He and Reid were at the condo’s pool. Luke had chatted with some neighbors there, and was planning a small party with them. He wanted to invite Claudia and Jessica too. Maybe even Long John.

Luke could see Reid swimming laps in the small pool. Reid’s body was sure and strong. Luke smiled and adjusted his sunglasses. He loved it here. He loved his man. He loved his life. He let out a deeply, contented sigh.

Then he opened up the small notebook, grabbed a pen and began:

Every morning, Reid wakes me with the most amazing, fantastic, explosive blowjobs of my life .

The End

A/N: Hope you guys liked the ending! Thanks so much for the beautiful comments!


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