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Title: Anywhere USA
Author: Marsabi
Summary: This is a two part story with multiple chapters.
Part One: Abandoned as a teen, Reid is forced to live on the Snyder farm as a foster kid for a few months, before he heads off on his own, but will a certain child worm his way into Reid’s heart?
Part Two: Reid returns to Oakdale as a favor for Bob, something he planned never to do, and he can’t wait to leave town, until his past slams into him in the form of Luke Snyder and damn if Luke isn’t all grown up.
Warning: Sexual Content in some parts
Rating: PG-NC-17
Thanks to the following friends for their support of this story: shadownyc, traciamc, and Rhiannonhero
Author’s notes: This was bid on by Rhiannon Hero for the Japanese auction. Because I know Rhiannonhero loathes short chapters, these chapters will be long.

Chapter 11

Less than two hours later, Reid was back at the Lakeview. Ameera was lucid and all of her tests were excellent. Reid had updated a tired-looking Bob at record speed, left strict orders with the nurses, and hurried back to Luke.

He felt a little ridiculous, he'd never rushed out of work before to get back to somebody, and part of him felt a stab of anxiety forming in his belly, but a bigger part of him was just missing Luke. He tried to call him on the drive back, but Luke didn’t answer his phone. Reid had to remind himself not to speed as he pulled up to the valet and dashed into the Lakeview. When he opened his suite, the room appeared empty and for a second, Reid felt a sense of dread, until he saw Luke’s laptop open on the bed and his stuff scattered around the room. Reid tossed his keys down and called Luke’s name.

“In here,” Luke called.

Following his voice, Reid headed for the bathroom, and pushed open the door. Steam greeted his eyes.

“Good to see you no longer hate these,” Reid drawled, looking at him hungrily.

“Hate what?” Luke said, sounding a bit drowsy, his eyes closed.

“Baths,” Reid replied. “You weren’t a big fan as a kid.”

Seeing Luke in the tub, bubbles up to his chest, his arm thrown back behind his head, desire and a strong wave of affection overwhelmed Reid. He swallowed hard and crossed his arms at his chest.

Luke opened his eyes and grinned, “In classic romance novel form, my dislike has turned to love now. I love baths. If I ever buy a place of my own, I’ll have a Roman tub.”

“I approve, of both your Roman tub and improved hygiene.” Reid sat on the tub’s edge. “Turn around. I’ll wash your back.”

Luke did so happily. Reid picked up the washcloth and began to move it along Luke’s spine.

“Ahh,” Luke said. “S’nice.”

Reid rubbed in lazy circles, moving the washcloth over Luke’s shoulders and then back down to his hip. Reid could just see the curve of his ass through the bubbles.

“Ameera’s good?”

“Thanks to my brilliance, yes.”

“So modest,” Luke laughed and splashed some water at him.

“Hey,” Reid protested. “Watch the shirt.”

Luke’s eyes danced with mirth. “Then take your clothes off and they won’t get wet,” he suggested, grinning.

Reid stripped and got into the tub, sloshing the water over the edge. Reid sank farther down into the tubful of warm, suds and maneuvered his body to fit alongside Luke’s.

Luke turned and took the soap; he ran the bar in a line from Reid’s nipples to his abdomen, before scooping up some water in his hand and letting it drip down Reid’s chest.

Luke smiled suddenly. “By the way, I got some work done. While you were gone, I got the ball rolling on the family wing for Memorial.”

Reid nodded. “I knew you would, but this fast? That’s great. “

Luke’s face beamed at his words. “Thanks,” Luke said.

“Welcome.” Reid wrapped his arms at Luke’s hips and pulled him in for a kiss.

Luke came alive in his arms, squirming and rolling his wet body at Reid’s. Luke’s fingers grabbed Reid’s back, and his desire triggered a response inside of Reid and soon he was pushing Luke down into the water, climbing on him, still kissing his full lips. Lust tightened around him, both curled and waiting for more and pushing him along, as Reid forced his tongue deeper into Luke’s mouth, craving him. Luke groaned, almost under the soapy water completely, except for his face, his hands on the sides of Reid’s cheeks, his legs restlessly tangling up with Reid’s own.

“Let’s get to the bed,” Reid panted out, the kiss ending. He let Luke up a little. “I might drown you in here.”

As he said it, Reid absently let his fingers caress Luke’s wet skin, his palms gliding over Luke’s torso and then circling his back. Reid’s hand slid around, stopping at the slightly raised tissue of Luke’s scar, and Reid pressed at it curiously, but gently. He probed it with his finger, more doctor-like than lover-like, examining it and thinking that Luke’s surgeon could have done a better job.

Luke looked at him, and covered Reid’s hand with his own, both of their hands now over the scar.

Long moments ticked away.

“You didn’t get this from milking a cow,” Reid said finally.

Luke sucked his lips in, and then bit at the lower one. He yanked his hand off of Reid’s, who still held his fingers on the scar. Luke rubbed his palms up and down his thighs, and Reid imagined he’d like to jam those hands into some pockets right now. Luke sucked at his lips another moment, his body tense.

“I made a lot of mistakes over the years.” Luke pushed Reid’s hand away from his scar.

Luke didn’t continue. He fell stubbornly silent, his eyes down toward the tub’s drain. “I can’t,” Luke finally said. “You’ll hate what I’ve done.”

“Okay.” Reid let his hands drop into the warm water; he massaged Luke’s thighs. “I don’t think anything you say will shock me, but it’s up to you. “ Reid caressed him back and forth. “You know what I do hate though?”

Luke exhaled with a nervous laugh and wrinkled up his nose. “I’m sure there’s a list.”

“True,” Reid smiled slightly at that. “Weepy nurses, empty refrigerators, and towns in Illinois are at the top. “ Reid cocked his head to one side. “You haven’t raided my stash of snacks while I’ve been gone? “ Luke shook his head at him. “You didn’t invite the nurses over for a surprise intervention?”

Luke let out a sound like a half-laugh and half-sigh. “Stop being cute,” Luke gave him a push with the heel of his hand. “I’m really upset. “ Luke gave a small smile. “And I was about to bare my soul. “

“You just named the top of my hate list.” Reid made a sour face. “Soul baring.”

Another bubble of laughter came out of Luke’s mouth and Reid smiled at him.

“Can’t you just bare something else for me? “ Reid said. He looked at Luke suggestively, eyeing the glimpses of his skin just below the soapy water. “I can think of lots of other parts of you I’d like to see bare.”

“Enough,” Luke said. “Stop being funny.” He swished some water at him.

“I’ll stop,” Reid said straight-faced. “Because I know that this is Oakdale, and if I refuse to let you bare your soul, then a swarm of angry townspeople with picks and axes might burst through my hotel door. “

“A lot of them have reasons to be mad at me,” Luke said suddenly, his smile fading slightly. He ducked his head away.

This was the thing about Luke, Reid thought, he never stopped being truly concerned about other people. Normally, it was a quality that Reid secretly admired about him, but sometimes it got in the way of Luke’s common sense.

Reid glided his hand from Luke’s legs up to his chest. He grabbed at some hairs and tugged.

“Ouch,” Luke said.

“Toughen up.” Reid replied.

“Trying,” Luke answered. He nibbled at his lower lip. His eyes turned serious. “I just wish I could go back, and change all the times I hurt people, you know?“ A flicker of remorse touched his face.

“You can’t.“ Reid shrugged, bluntly.

Luke snorted at that. “I know that, Reid.” Luke moved his hands back and forth in the bathwater, a slight touch of heat at his cheeks. “But I still regret it. “ He tilted his head and looked at him. “I guess you have nothing in your personal life you regret?”

“I choose not to regret it. There’s the difference. And who says I have a personal life?”

Reid soothed the chest hairs that he’d just pulled. “Whatever is in your past, use it. Let it make you stronger. And as for telling me, it doesn’t matter, okay? Share it or don’t.“ Reid rubbed his hand in a circle at Luke’s chest, warming the wet skin there.

They gazed at each other. Reid felt that strong sense of recognition that he always felt with Luke.

Luke caught his breathe a moment. He stiffened his entire body, like he was bracing himself for a sudden blow.

“I cheated in a college election,“ Luke said in a low voice, his words rushing out. ”So, I got kicked out of school. The other guy was this homophobic jerk and I just - I wanted him to lose so much.”


“And I also drank. I’m an alcoholic. It started out because I wanted to feel normal, you know? So I drank. But things only got harder and then I drank more to feel nothing. I kept trying to give it up, but by then I…couldn’t. The more I tried to stop it, the more I thought about it, the more I wanted it. I hurt everybody around me and still I didn’t stop; that’s how much I wanted to drink. Then I had to get a new kidney and -” Luke seemed incapable of going on. Luke flushed. “I know. It’s bad, right? I’m sorry-“

Reid cut him off. “Stop it. It’s a mistake to cheat, but it seems to me you’ve paid for it plenty. And everything you’re doing now? The foundation? Doesn’t that count?”

Luke made a frustrated motion, like he was about to argue, and the water swirled around. “Don’t be so nice to me.“

“Alcoholism is a disease.” Reid kept his voice matter of fact. “I’m never nice, you know that. I’m just telling you the truth. “

Luke hung his head down. “I screwed up a lot and –“

Reid rolled his eyes. “Just stop that. Self loathing is not an attractive quality on you.” He put his hand under Luke’s chin and forced their eyes to meet. “How long have you been sober?”

“Two years and five months.”

“So you’re managing your problem, taking care of it. “

Luke gulped, his throat moving convulsively, but no words came out. He could only nod.

“So then? That’s a long time.” Reid released his chin.

Luke kept his head lifted, his eyes on Reid’s. “It has been a long time. You’re right.” Luke gave him a smile and lifted his chin up even higher. Reid thought he looked heartbreakingly determined. “And I go day by day. I make no promises. “

Reid listened and nodded. He waited for Luke to get out whatever he needed to say.

“I only know that right now, today, I don’t want a drink. I want to focus on what’s good.”

Luke exhaled. Lightly, he touched Reid’s arm. “I’m glad that I told you. “ Luke smiled wobbled a little. “But I don’t think I want to say more.”

“You don’t have to.“ Reid lifted a hand to Luke’s cheek. “I’m proud of you.”

A startled sound escaped Luke’s lips, and he buried his head on Reid’s shoulder and grabbed the nape of Reid’s neck; he folded Reid into his arms and squeezed.

“Hey I said I was proud of you, “ Reid protested. “ I didn’t say to hug me.” Reid gave a pretend shudder. “You know I’m not a hugger.”

“Then toughen up,” Luke joked, throwing Reid’s words back in his face. Luke’s voice was thick, and he just hugged him harder. “Not only do I plan to hug you a lot, I might even force you to admit that you’re human once in awhile. “

“Don’t get carried away. “ Reid made a face at him.

In answer, Luke grabbed Reid’s head with his hands and planted a hard kiss on him, mashing their lips together. Luke thrust his tongue inside Reid’s mouth, desperately. He wriggled closer to Reid in the water, wrapping his legs around Reid’s waist and he deepened the kiss. Reid kissed him back, touching Luke’s back lightly and then threading his fingers into Luke’s hair. They rocked together, the water lapping at them, their mouths grasping hungrily for more contact. Reid felt like he was starving for Luke; his body demanding more.

Reid pulled back and climbed out of the tub, holding out a towel for Luke. They fumbled out of the bathroom, kissing again, and fell onto the edge of the bed. Luke knotted his legs at Reid’s hips and lifted his ass up toward Reid’s arousal. He grinded his body against Reid’s.

“Wait,” Reid rasped out, pulling back.

“What?” Luke asked.

“If memory serves, you were going to try something new.”

“Oh,” Luke’s eyes widened. He seemed suddenly paralyzed.

Reid touched him on the arm.

“You’ve asked for it and I’ve agreed. You’ve got me here.” Reid flashed him a smile. “What are you going to do to me now?”

In answer, Luke tore off Reid’s towel and threw it across the bed. With the towel gone, the cold air sent a shiver up Reid’s backside. He climbed farther up onto the bed, and Luke did too, gesturing for Reid to lean against the bed’s headboard, his arms spread, his head resting at the wall. Luke wriggled his body underneath Reid, so that his face was just under him, and Reid was straddling Luke’s chest, his erection at Luke’s eager lips. Luke clamped his mouth down on Reid’s dick, and Reid’s fingers dug into the headboard, which banged at the wall. From this angle, Luke deep-throated him, his mouth hot and wet, taking Reid almost down to the base of his cock, and giving him fierce, noisy sucks. Reid made a startled noise, a shudder ripping through his body.

“My God, Luke,“ he rasped.

Luke sucked harder, his hands kneading the flesh of Reid’s ass, one finger giving little touches at Reid’s hole. The finger pressed and teased, and Luke’s lips slid up and down on Reid’s wet dick. Reid groaned and pushed himself down, sinking into Luke’s mouth. His hands held the headboard and his body began to spasm, until Reid cried out, coming strongly into Luke’s mouth, and Luke was gulping and almost mewling with pleasure. Small quakes rocked Reid’s frame; he felt helpless to stop them. Reid folded in against the headboard, and he felt Luke moving underneath him.

Luke pulled him down and turned him around, kissing Reid’s mouth, tasting like Reid’s cum.

Reid wrapped his arms at Luke’s waist, getting closer to him, feeling Luke’s own erection at his stomach. Reid captured Luke’s tongue, suckling it deeply into his own mouth, as he let his fingers wander down to Luke’s hardness and close over it, jerking at him roughly. Luke moaned and bucked at the invasion, and Reid could feel his cock had twitched back to life in response. Luke buried his hands in Reid’s hair, sliding to the nape of his neck. He kissed Reid again, and they sank down into the mattress, rolling this way and that, kissing more.

Luke pushed him to his stomach, and Reid quickly spread his legs, raising his ass up. Luke paused and Reid glanced back to look at him. Luke rested a trembling hand on Reid’s ass and he gazed at Reid hungrily. Reid half-growled in answer, raising himself up more, opening his legs up, holding the bed for support, encouraging Luke to go on.

Luke trembled against him, hugging him from behind. Then he grabbed Reid’s butt tightly. He nibbled at Reid’s firm cheeks, and then finally parted his mounds and licked directly at his hole. Luke made greedy noises of pleasure as he sucked it, his mouth hot and clinging.

Reid wondered how he was still breathing, his fingers clutching the bed, a loud moan coming out from deep inside of him. Reid looked back, seeing Luke’s nose and mouth buried at his crack, and Luke’s hands firmly pulling his ass cheeks apart. Luke was making deep, approving grunts, appearing to find Reid’s taste rich and decadent on his tongue. Reid could feel Luke shaking with desire as he licked and kissed him there. Reid turned away, facing the bed again; the sight of Luke at his ass enough to make his dick leak.

Luke sucked harder, pushing his tongue all the way in to Reid’s tight hole, causing Reid to fall down onto the bed, shaking. Luke climbed after him, making his way up, hugging Reid’s back, his body sweat-soaked. Luke kissed his way back down to Reid’s ass, and Reid felt Luke’s breathe at his puckered flesh, and then Luke gave another, agonizing lick. Luke’s tongue made a ring-shaped movement, circling the very outside of Reid’s hole. Luke licked again, gliding up and down this time, teasingly.

“It’s so sweet and dirty,” Luke whispered, wonder coloring his voice. Reid’s body jolted at his words, and he opened his mouth to answer, but only panting sounds came out. Luke tongued him again, pushing in more, his teeth nipping a little, and then he began to rim Reid in earnest. Luke’s entire mouth was at his asshole, Luke’s nose in his crack, he licked, bite, and thrust. Both of them were moaning. Luke was holding Reid’s hips, his mouth kissing his hole now, those amazing lips of Luke’s clamped down on him. Reid’s moans were more desperate, he jerked and pulled right and left; the pressure of Luke’s mouth on him almost too much, too intense.

“Fuck me already!” Reid shouted out. He grabbed his own dick in his hands and yanked it desperately.

Luke drew in a quick breath, and Reid heard him fumble for the condom; it took his too damn long to roll it on, and Reid growled with impatience, jerking his own cock again, making some pre-cum start. Luke, meanwhile, had found the lube and was smearing it along Reid’s hole. Reid buried his face in a pillow and tried to have patience. He almost snapped at Luke that he was wet enough from his mouth, but he swallowed it back, trying to let Luke lead.

Luke mounted him slowly, his fingers still moving in and out of Reid’s lubed hole. They were both breathing heavily, and Reid felt Luke’s cock hard and ready, waiting for entrance. Reid willed himself to relax. He could feel Luke hesitating, and Reid reached around to reassure him with a gentle touch on Luke’s hip. He reached back more and stroked Luke’s arousal. Luke gasped, allowing Reid to play with him, flicking Luke’s cock back and forth at Reid’s opening, making them both shudder. Reid let go of him and bent his body lower in invitation. Luke wrapped an arm around his waist. He was positioning himself and then plunging in. Reid inhaled quickly, because Luke has come inside a little too fast and there was a slow burning now.

“Sorry.” Reid could feel that Luke was about to withdraw, and he squeezed his muscles together, holding Luke to him.

“Go,” Reid said, his voice hoarse. ”Please,” he added. He needed Luke inside of him.

Luke pushed in another inch, then another, until he was all the way. Luke made a noise at his success, and trembled slightly.

Reid knew he would be tight and Luke’s cock was completely overwhelming to him, filling him. Reid squeezed hard with his ass muscles again. He turned back to Luke and smiled at him. Luke looked dazed, but a ready smile formed quickly enough. Excitement shone in Luke’s eyes, turning Reid on even more. Reid nodded at him, and Luke started to really move.

Luke thrust hard into him, his chest smacking at Reid’s back. Reid’s knees and wrists were throbbing now, Reid pushed back at Luke with his body, causing Luke to go in deeper. Luke grunted, putting his hand at Reid’s lower back, and rutting into Reid’s hole. Reid inhaled sharply, like he’d been stuck with a pin, and he bit down on his lips. Luke pumped excitedly, thrilled with the response, his slick cock moving in and out.

Reid could feel his body giving more, opening for Luke. Luke gave a high sounding moan, and rode him wildly, changing the leverage and finding the exact right spot. Now it was Reid who cried out. He fell forward a little, and Luke pulled him back, grabbing his hair and yanking his head, fucking him deeper, and it was better than Reid ever had known. He twisted under Luke’s assault, his ass slammed back and forth with the force of Luke’s thrusts, and his cock twitching helplessly, his body a sweaty mess of need. Pumping crazily now, Luke rutted his whole body, grinding his hips and pushing in a way that built pressure. Reid couldn’t help the small noises escaping his lips, as he took it. A wave of heat flooded Reid’s entire body. He wanted to hold off, Luke wasn’t done ramming in and out of him, but then Reid felt Luke reach around and grasp his cock, milking it with his fist.

Reid fell over the edge of the most intense orgasm of his life, and he came in several breathtaking shots, coating his own stomach and chest with his sticky seed.

Luke rocked into him, murmuring words in a sweet voice, over and over in a chant, and then he convulsed too, releasing into Reid in a mix of passion and heat.

Luke collapsed on top of him, breathing heavily. He was sweaty and heavy and felt wonderful.
They lay there a long time, just lingering together.

Luke kissed the side of Reid's face again, and caressed the nape of his neck. Then he pulled out and rolled off of him and they smiled at each other.

“See?” Luke said sweetly, tracing a lone finger down the side of Reid’s face. “It is okay to be human.”

Reid’s smile faded. He stared into Luke’s soft eyes. Being with Luke, Reid felt more than human. He felt exposed.

Luke snuggled into him, eyes closed, completely at peace. Reid’s own heart started to speed up. He cared about Luke. He couldn’t keep denying it. Reid’s hand trembled slightly as he pinched the bridge of his nose, and a trickle of sweat ran down his face. Things were getting way out of control. He didn’t want this. He didn’t want to care. He shouldn’t be here, doing this. He’d thought he could keep a lid on his own feelings, keep in control of it all, but his desire for Luke was spinning away from him, and Reid never had feelings like this. Reid gazed at Luke, looking at his sweet smile and shuddered.

Reid crossed his arms over his chest. Luke was snoring those cute snores. He still had the condom on his now flaccid dick. The smell of sex permeated the air. A muscle jumped in Reid’s cheek. He’d always been in control of his life, the greater the control the less likely the pain. He was a fool; he was kidding himself. He’d been an idiot to imagine he could keep this simple and clear and that they could just be fuck- buddies or whatever. Reid didn’t know much about human relationships, but he did know that whatever he felt for Luke, it was starting to feel anything but temporary.

Reid sat up gingerly, and slipped out of the covers. He headed into the bathroom to clean himself up; his cum was dried on his chest and stomach. He inhaled deeply, gazing at his own shocked face in the mirror. This was a mess - a complicated, painful mess. But for once in his life, Reid didn’t want to return to neat and orderly. Neat and orderly suddenly sounded lonely as hell. Reid exhaled slowly. He could hide that small piece of his heart being affected by Luke. Luke would never have to know, and when Luke was ready to move on, then he could, and Reid would walk away without protest. Reid gave his reflection a determined nod. It might hurt, but he was an adult; he could handle it.

He climbed back into the bed with Luke. Resting his head on his elbow, Reid watched him sleep. Luke deserved somebody who would put it all out there, risk it all for him, and know how to love him. Reid let his thumb graze Luke’s lower lip a moment. He wasn’t that person, but he could have just a little longer with him, and Reid would enjoy it until he had to go. He’d give Luke a beautiful time to remember. He gently bent down and kissed Luke’s cheek.

Reid lay back on his own pillow and tried to sleep, trying to ignore that he still felt uneasy.

Two weeks passed in a haze of Reid’s favorite non-medical things: Luke and food. They fell into a pattern. Reid worked at Memorial during the day, finishing up the Mayer case and handling a few other neuro-incidents that arose, and spent every other moment with Luke.

Ameera would be discharged soon and Reid was merely checking on her now. He only saw Noah by her bedside once, and the look of longing in the poor girls’ eyes made Reid want to throttle him. It seemed like Noah needed people to adore him, and didn’t think much beyond that. Other than that, Reid didn’t bother dwelling on him. Noah had been the biggest fool on the planet not to appreciate Luke’s sweetness, so it didn’t surprise him that Noah didn’t appreciate his wife either.

Reid was concerned for Ameera, though, and her plans once she was released. He made a note to check into really good rehabilitation facilities for her - one far away from Oakdale.

As she recovered, Reid contacted his boss at The Mayo Clinic, who had fumed at him over the phone, threatening to replace him, but he really had no choice but to accept Reid’s request for some personal time, and his official vacation started the following week. When he told Luke about it, Reid tried to downplay it all. “Rome, Paris, or Oakdale,” he’d joked, pretending to juggle his vacation options in the air. Luke’s eyes had widened and he’d just leaped on Reid, peppering him with kisses. Reid was still getting use to the idea of being at leisure soon.

Luke, meanwhile, began to focus on organizing his plans for a family wing. In the evenings, they’d meet, and Reid always felt a bubble of delirious pleasure when Luke came over. He usually brought Reid food, take out from various places around town, or little treats he’d cooked for him. They’d eat and talk, sometimes for hours. Reid talked more to Luke than he’d ever talked to anybody in his life, and Luke listened to every word. Reid told him about medical school and his residency and the different places he’d lived. He shared his ideas for the perfect neurological facility.

Luke, in turn, talked about his family, all his siblings, and his love for them. He told Reid about the magazine he dreamed of starting and editing, something like The Advocate, and his hopes for doing good work with the foundation.

After eating, sometimes feeding each other, they’d begin to have sex. The positions varied every night; Luke was willing to go wherever Reid would lead him. Reid might be on top, standing over Luke as he lay on the bed, his legs encircled at Reid’s waist, or Reid might mount him from behind, and pound into him on and on, until they were both spent.

Other nights, Luke topped, entering Reid slowly, making sure to give Reid foreplay like sucking Reid’s neck, or massaging his balls, and Luke’s earnest attention to his body always sent Reid into a paroxysm of pleasure. They would roll around, changing it, switching it up. Some nights, they jerked each other off, or sucked fervently on each other, tasting the salty cum in their mouths.

They spent every moment outside of work in each other’s company. A few times, they drove out to the farm and ate with Emma. She didn’t seem to bat an eye at their new relationship. She just fed them, and let them go. They walked around the farm, hand in hand, the leaves crunching under their feet, the air crisp and pungent, completely comfortable with each other.

On the days Emma was out, Reid made good on a few of his fantasies, taking Luke roughly in the hayloft, mouth-fucking him first, impaling Luke’s eager face at his dick, and then wrestling Luke backwards, entering him with the smell of earth and sweat and hay all around them, as Reid pounded into Luke furiously.

They did it near the pond too. Luke just played along the water at first, rolling up his pants and wading up to his knees. Reid waded in too, surprising himself, and their feet groped along the rocks and mud. They held onto each other, the water enveloping their legs, grasping each other’s arms for support, until Reid threatened that the chilly water might make his balls shrivel up, and Luke gasped in mock alarm.

“Good golly, we can’t have that!” He pressed his hand to his heart, making Reid grin.

They stumbled back to the grass, laughing, and Luke leaned against Reid for warmth, nuzzling his neck and resting his head on him. Luke had brought a blanket and some music, and they kissed for hours, before and after, just aching for the taste of each other’s lips. Reid sucked Luke to hardness slowly, savoring Luke’s dick in his mouth, forcing Luke to just lie back and take it. Reid wanted nothing more than to pleasure Luke, doing everything he liked. Reid made his way from Luke’s arousal to his ass, taking his time rimming him, while Luke helplessly twisted, his fingers pulling out clumps of grass. Reid’s hand found Luke’s erection, sliding a thumb over the slit, and his mouth ate at Luke’s musk, licking him endlessly. Crying out, Luke exploded, and Reid let his tongue taste that too, sucking up the sticky cum from his hand and Luke’s stomach, and then kissing Luke some more. They did it slowly, a cold breeze on their skin, their bodies so engaged in their primal dance, their drumming rhythm, matching each other perfectly, that the heat between them blocked the chill.

If other people knew about them, Reid wasn’t confronted about it at the hospital. He did feel nurses looking at him sometimes, twittering to each other likes birds, but they’d scatter the moment he looked their way. And other than his immediate family, Reid didn’t think Luke saw anybody as he worked steadily on the foundation all day long. Their bubble of togetherness remained untouched, and Reid wasn't eager for it to be broken, dreading the end of his vacation, and his return to a lonely, Luke-less life in Minnesota.

Luke was affectionate too, making good on his promise to hug Reid frequently, but every hug still surprised Reid and made his heart buck wildly. He learned to accept it, even return them, but it still surprised him. He’d been hugged more in the past two weeks than in his entire life. When Luke wasn’t hugging him, he was letting his eyes just linger on Reid, a secretive smile on his face. Reid found himself touching Luke’s cheek or grazing his arm, or holding Luke’s hand, making excuses to himself for all these casual touches. Reid allowed their bodies to be pressed close without any space between them. At those moments, Reid would stare at Luke intently, and there were no words to describe how connected he felt, and Luke would stare right back, almost imploringly, never taking his eyes away from Reid’s, and it made Reid want to plummet deep inside of Luke’s body so much that Reid would have to turn away.

Luke also loved to cuddle, which was expected. He liked to kiss Reid all over, small kisses, and then simply rest his head at Reid’s collarbone or nuzzle his neck. Reid was becoming used to that too. It began to feel natural to hold Luke all night, pressing their bodies close, sharing warmth. Cuddling him, Reid began to notice tiny parts of Luke, like the curve of his earlobe, the shape of his chin, and sometimes he would stay up late and just watch Luke sleep, appreciating every piece of him.

Other nights, he’d watch him just to hear him breathing steadily, and Reid would have to curl his hands into fists to stop himself from touching him, because on those nights he felt like waking Luke and asking him questions about their relationship – what they were to each other, and where this was going -- and Reid never did that sort of thing; he'd never even wanted to. Besides, it wasn’t going anywhere. They both knew that. It was a few weeks of pleasure and companionship, nothing more. But Luke seemed to feel Reid's longing, even in sleep, and he would inevitably nestle his body closer, and Reid would feel reassured in some unspoken way.

Date: 2011-06-29 10:38 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
These two need to leave their sea of denial and finally admit... THEY'RE IN LOVE!!! ;)

Great chapter.

Date: 2011-06-29 02:12 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thanks! I really did want this chapter to be about love and falling for each other...Yay!


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