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Here is the rest of 9 (sorry for this!)

Chapter 9 continued

Luke paused at Reid’s navel, thrusting his tongue at it and then just resting his head there, rubbing his face at Reid’s stomach.

“Reid,” he whispered, “I want to taste you all over.“

Reid’s heart jumped furiously. He could only nod and make a murmur of agreement as Luke slid back up his body and began to lick his nipples, making noises deep in his throat. Luke bit down hard and unexpectedly on the nipple, making Reid gasp out loud and causing a surge of adrenaline to rush through his body. Luke licked the spot he’d just bitten, kissing all around it, leaving some dots of salvia at Reid’s chest. They both threw off the rest of their clothes in a hurry, and then Luke returned to kissing Reid. Luke went lower, his hands at Reid’s hips. Near Reid’s abdomen, Luke stopped to take in some frantic little gulps of air. His mouth returned to Reid’s skin, sucking slightly at Reid’s flesh. Luke’s hands were under Reid’s ass now, kneading and pressing as Reid’s body shook and responded instinctively, making automatic adjustments, raising up, offering Luke a better leverage. Luke’s face hovered just above his dick and the anticipation had Reid’s toes curling, his hands fisting into the sheets. Luke moved to the left, teasing him, nibbling his inner thighs, kissing Reid’s hipbone lightly.

Finally, Luke bent down and gave his cock a hard suck, and Reid bucked into his mouth. His entire body burned, making Reid grab at Luke’s head and push at it. Reid’s heart pounded like it might burst or fly out of his chest. Luke sucked harder, and the pressure was sweet torture building and building. Reid grunted loudly, as his dick swelled, and he was going to shoot any second.

Cursing and moaning, Reid pulled back, not wanting to come anywhere but inside of Luke. Luke moved up Reid’s body, reached his arms out and circled them at Reid’s neck, and they kissed fiercely. Luke twisted his body against Reid’s, his eyes pleading. Reid shoved against him hard, so that their dicks mashed together. He dug his hands into Luke’s ass, and bit Luke’s ear. Luke whimpered and rolled his hips up at him.

Reid cradled Luke in his arms a second, and then his pushed back Luke’s thighs, and it was his turn to go down on Luke. He worshipped Luke’s body with his tongue, teeth and hands, until Luke was a quivering uncontrollably.

Finally, when Luke was panting and his hands were curled into balls, Reid flipped him around, turning his attention to Luke’s ass, spreading Luke’s cheeks in one quick move. Reid rubbed his scratchy face over Luke’s skin, back and forth, back and forth. Reid could see small, red scratches where his face touched. He gently licked them with his tongue, and then let his stubble scratch Luke’s ass again.

Luke cried out, trying to pull away and then, groaning, he would back up for more. Reid ate him hard, sucking and biting, while Luke squirmed, kicked his feet, and pulled a pillow to his mouth to muffle his groans.

Releasing him, Reid grabbed at his wallet and ripped open the foil package with his teeth. Luke was holding his stomach, breathing hard, his cock dripping, his eyes on Reid’s hands as he positioned the condom.

“Climb on me,” Reid demanded, and he rolled the condom on, “I want you to ride me.”

Luke visibly shook at his words, but when Reid flopped down on his back, Luke quickly straddled Reid.

Neither of them held back too long. Luke’s erection bounced near Reid’s stomach, smearing pre-come across both of their bellies, and Reid took it roughly in his hand. His other hand gripped Luke’s hip as Luke rode him faster, harder, slamming up and down on his cock with a desperate rhythm, and Reid tensed, the strength of the pleasure lifting his ass up off the bed as Reid felt the orgasm rocket through his body. Luke moaned, said his name, and rode him even harder, as Reid convulsed inside of him. Reid’s fingers tightened on Luke as the orgasm drew out almost unbearably long, and they both moaned in unison, the sound hot and desperate. A second later, Reid’s eyes still rolled up in his head, he felt Luke come in his fist, and Reid forced his eyes to open so that he could look up at Luke’s face and watch him explode.

Panting, the whole room spinning, they slowly recovered. Luke remained on top with Reid buried inside of him, and Reid ached when Luke smiled with lazy satisfaction at him, making Reid suck in a breath at his sheer beauty. Luke ran a loving hand over Reid’s body, and then reaching down behind himself to touch where they were still joined, rubbing there a moment, an expression of wonder on his face.

Absently stroking him, Luke’s fingers grazed down over Reid’s balls toward Reid’s hole. Reid gasped suddenly, he jerked to one side as Luke’s fingers touched again just behind his balls. His nerve endings were raw. Reid laughed helplessly. Luke probed the spot again, delighted. Reid thrashed his head.

“Stop!” He cursed and tried to dislodge Luke, but all those years riding horses made Luke tough to shake. Reid’s spent cock throbbed again in Luke’s tight hole, as Luke clamped his thighs against Reid’s and grinned wickedly.

“Dr. Oliver?” Luke said mockingly, “Are you perhaps ticklish there?”

“No!” Reid said, trying to get some dignity back, only to have Luke attack him again with his hands. “I’m not ticklish,” Reid groaned, “I’ve never been ticklish in my life.”

But Luke had found some power and was without mercy. He returned to Reid’s anus, trailing teasing fingers around it and sure enough, Reid’s body reacted again.

Reid nearly choked on his laughter. Everywhere suddenly felt ticklish. He tried to escape Luke’s fingers, but it was no use. Luke relentless teased his thighs, his ass, his stomach. Every part of Reid was suddenly sensitive, his nerves humming, his aching cock jerking with almost painful aftershocks where it was still lodged in Luke’s ass.

“I hate you,” Reid managed, writhing around, snorting out another laugh.

“I hate you, too,” Luke laughed as he played with Reid’s balls again.

Reid grabbed at Luke’s hand to stop him. They wrestled a moment. Then Luke relented, bending down to kiss Reid’s lips gently, before climbing off of him.

Reid let out a long breathe and covered his hand over his eyes. His whole body still felt fired up still. Reid really had never been tickled in bed before; he’d no idea he’d react so much to an after-sex teasing. Most of his other lovers hadn’t stayed the night, much less wanted to touch him right after sex. Reid got up and headed to the bathroom to toss the condom and clean up. A few spurts of Luke’s cum had gotten past his hand and were now drying on his chest. When he returned to the bed, Luke was just resting on his stomach, his hands pillowed at his face. Reid slipped back into the bed and ran a gentle hand up Luke’s ass and over his back, and then Reid rested too. Luke turned to him and snuggled close.

Resting his elbows on Reid’s bare chest, Luke cupped his face in his hands and gazed at him.
Reid touched Luke’s mouth gently, reverently. They curled up, side-by side, hands loosely at each other’s waists. Luke’s face was soft, his eyes gleaming with happiness, and he ran his fingers up and down Reid’s body. Reid’s eyes stayed glued on Luke’s and he felt lost in Luke’s shy smile. Reid gripped Luke’s body tighter to him, and slowly he smiled back.

Awhile later, after giving Reid some kisses and sighing deeply, Luke had reluctantly gotten up and showered, going down to clean up the kitchen before they left. Reid took a bit more time. He’d lingered in the bed awhile, not wanting to move yet, feeling lazy and satisfied, before heading to take his own shower.

Reid whistled absently, water running down his body. Every part of him felt sated. He’d eaten an amazing lunch, had amazing sex three times in the last day - and when was the last time that had happened? – and he had good company in Luke. His mind strayed to Luke’s mouth, and his throat, the way his skin tasted, and how eager he was in bed, the way his body seemed to fit with Reid’s so well, and it made him smirk to remember Luke’s breathless, wordless cries when he came. It always felt like an accomplishment to make any man come like that, but somehow it filled him with even more pride that it was Luke.

He scrubbed his hair and whistled louder, reaching for some soap. It had been some day all right. Reid let the soap glide over his chest and abs and relaxed cock. It had been a day like no other.

The shower door flung open.

“What?” Reid startled, he looked at Luke. “Not again! I’ve created a monster. I hate to disappoint you, but I think my dick is down for the count. At least for a few hours.”

He really wasn’t sure he could give Luke shower sex right now, but Reid felt a stab of ego at Luke’s boundless desire for him. Luke was such an avid pupil. It crossed Reid’s mind that Luke might graduate from him to somebody younger, some dumb twink who could fuck all night.

“On second thought, why don’t you come on in?” Reid said.

His cock would get hard by humping up and down on Luke’s slick body, Reid would make sure of it. He was tired, but he wasn’t dead, and Luke didn’t need anybody but him. Eventually, once he left town, Luke would move on and that would be the way it should go. Reid frowned and shifted his weight. But he damn well wasn’t going anywhere right now, and Reid tugged at Luke’s arm to bring him into the shower, clothes and all.

Luke shook his head, a huge, dopey grin on his face. “Just wanted to do this,” he said, grabbing Reid’s face, pulling him to the shower door, and kissing him passionately.

Luke’s dimples flashed, and he patted Reid’s wet cheek. “Go ahead back to your shower.”

Luke’s eyes were shining, and he still had the strangest expression on his face, but before Reid could press him further, he closed the shower door. “See you downstairs,” he said, disappearing as quickly as he’d come.

Reid narrowed his eyes. He had no idea what possessed Luke to do that.

Shrugging, Reid tipped his head back and let the water wash away his shampoo. It was only as he began to whistle again that Reid froze. He was whistling “Mr. Sandman,” the song he’d sang to Luke every time he’d had a nightmare.

Reid shook his head. It didn’t mean anything; Reid was hardly the sentimental type, but clearly, Luke was feeling all mushy inside now, overhearing the song. Reid could tell him that the brain often had memories triggered by familiar surroundings, and being back at the farm had probably done just that, bringing the song into his mind again, explain it away with science. Stepping out of the shower, Reid smiled ruefully. He doubted Luke would want to accept that explanation.

Well, it couldn’t hurt to let Luke think that he was being romantic. It might even get Reid another round of sex tonight. Maybe he could whistle the song as Luke gratefully sucked him off.

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