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Title: Sticks and Stones
Author: Marsabi
Summary: Halloween fic
Warnings: Kink, Sexual, Hurt and Comfort
Rating: Nc-17

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Author: Marsabi
Title: Sticks and Stones
Pairing: Luke and Reid
Summary: Halloween
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Angst, Explicit Sex, Kink, Hurt/Comfort
A/N: This fic was written for [ profile] lure_prompts
It was loosely inspired by Hawthorne’s story “The Birthmark,” and the song “Somebody’s Watching Me.” All the smut is a belated birthday gift for[ profile] rhiannonhero Thanks to [ profile] _alicesprings for the beta read!

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Title: The Best Revenge – One Shot Story
Author: Marsabi
Summary: Luke is really furious and decides to do something about it…
Warning: A and P (angst and porn)
Rating: NC-17

On a frigid January day, when he was supposed to be flying out to Dallas, Luke Snyder was running late and needed to return to his home and grab a forgotten suitcase. Opening up his bedroom door, he found what he first thought was just his boyfriend, Noah, asleep in their bed. But even after Luke turned on the light, it took him a full moment of being stunned to realize that there were two bodies sprawled out on the mattress. Noah was on the left side, open-mouthed and drooling as usual, but on the right side, Luke’s side, was Mason. At first, Luke’s brain simply could not compute the sight of the two men, and then, when he finally overcame his immense shock, he groped with one hand to the bathroom, where he promptly became ill. Inside the bathroom, he saw further evidence. Noah and Mason’s clothes were carelessly thrown all over the floor, a used condom was in the trash. For weeks now, Noah had denied it, making Luke think it was all in his head – that he was the crazy one. But now, here was the proof of betrayal and it stung so deeply.

His head whirling, Luke left the bathroom, passed the two sleeping men, and blindly grabbed his suitcase from the closet. He legs nearly gave way for a moment, as he looked once more at them. He considered waking up Mason and pounding on his tanned stomach and pulling at his bleached hair until the man screamed. He considered waking Noah and dragging his head over to the toilet and drowning him in it. Any love Luke felt for his boyfriend, and their rocky relationship, was now done. A single instant had killed it like a dog struck in the road. So Luke didn’t bother to wake either man. He simply left. All he had now was his rage. As he flew down the stairs, the computer with Noah and Mason’s film on the screen caught his eye. Luke took a step over to it, deleted the files, and deliberately pocketed the flash drive. In the dirty snow, Luke smashed the flash drive with his heel. He kicked the snow on the top of it, ignoring the bite of the bitter wind, and left.


Arriving at his hotel in Dallas, Luke found a man waiting outside of his door. He was dressed in doctor’s scrubs and scowling.

“Yes?” Luke asked, trying to be polite.

“Luke Snyder?” The man demanded.

Luke gave a curt nod.

“Dr. Reid Oliver. I wanted to talk to you about this grant proposal from your foundation.”

Luke sighed and opened the door to his room. Dr. Oliver followed. Luke turned.

“I’m hearing from all the doctors tomorrow morning.”

“No,” Dr. Oliver told him, “You need to hear from me now! I don’t have time to waste on these,” He gestured to some papers in his hand, “useless ideas.”

Luke glanced at the papers. “Those are my useless ideas,” He said angrily, he was easy to anger today, “and why is patient care useless?”

“I’m not here to hold a family member’s hand,” Dr. Oliver said in disgust. “Let them cry somewhere else. We don’t need a family wing, we need equipment. You know, “ he tapped Luke on the side of the head, “to actually fix a brain?”

Luke shoved him away.

“You’re an ass!” Luke said hotly.

“Yeah,” Reid Oliver snorted, “it’s my mantra. “

He shoved Luke back. “And you’re a naive idiot.”

Their bodies were close together, their mouths pinched and furious with each other. Dr. Oliver still had his hand on Luke’s arm. His fingers instinctively tightened as a sexual heat suddenly swept over him.

The heat exploded for Luke too, and he welcomed it. He had been tempted to drink during his whole day. He had denied his craving. But now, another longing filled his body and this time he did not have to ignore it.

He shoved at Dr. Oliver and then grabbed his hair. They were looking at each other closely, eye level and eager with anticipation. Their lips met in greedy hunger.


“I like it quick,” the doctor said. And he pushed Luke over to the bed. In a matter of seconds, they had both stripped off their clothes. Their limbs tangled and mouths kissed punishingly, and Luke spit and thrust one finger into Reid’s hole. Luke palmed the firm ass with one hand and used his finger with the other. Then he released a panting Reid.

“I like it loud,” Luke demanded and Reid soon moaned in agreement. Luke forced Reid’s body back and took his erection into his mouth. Every time Dr. Oliver shouted, Luke sucked harder. Reid’s hands fisted around as Luke tongued the sensitive ridges. He shoved Reid’s thighs apart forcefully. Just as the tension built to a feverish pitch, Luke stopped and pulled away as the doctor came in a shuddering climax all over the sheets.

Luke smiled, baring his teeth.

“I like to tease,” Luke said. And swiped a finger into the sticky cum. He ran that finger over the doctor’s open mouth. Reid began to taste himself off of Luke’s finger.

“I like it dirty,” Reid answered, and maneuvered Luke down on his stomach. He spread Luke open and entered Luke with his tongue.

Now it was Luke doing the shouting and whimpering as that pushing tongue made its way into him. His muscles were quaking, his body was slick with sweat.


“I’m going to top,” Luke ordered later . He had never topped before and suddenly wanted to be inside of somebody, buried deep. He flipped Reid over and pulled at his legs.

Reid rolled the condom onto Luke’s throbbing, leaking member. They were both breathing heavily. Luke pressed his tip at Reid’s crack. He rubbed it up and down.

Pausing a moment, Luke found his eyes locking onto the doctor’s blue gaze. To Luke’s complete surprise, there was a half-smile on Reid Oliver’s lips.

“So fuck me already,” he said to Luke, and raised his legs up over Luke’s shoulders.


Never had it been so good, so good, so good….


Their bodies collapsed, bruised and battered like survivors of a storm.

Luke felt strangely light. His limbs humming with satisfaction. He turned his head to Doctor Oliver.

Without thinking about it, Luke reached out his hand and tentatively touched the doctor on his cheek.

“I’m not going to call you,” Reid told him.

“I’m not calling you either,” Luke replied.

They both smiled at the same time, and it was like daylight coming in after the dark.


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