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Title: After The Rattle
Author: Marsabi
Summary: Here is what happens after Reid and Luke roll over that rattle at Katie's house. It fixes the Chris problem and other things.
Disclaimer: The characters are from ATWT; I own nothing
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: none

After The Rattle
Chapter Two:

Reid was thinking that Noah must have been even more of an idiot than he had ever realized. He had to be to not want to savor every part of Luke Snyder. Reid couldn't wait to fix this damn mess with Doogie Hughes and get back to having Luke in his shower again, or his bed, or anywhere, He sneaked a glance at Luke as they drove to the hospital. He was just so beautiful. Not that Reid would ever say that. But Luke was like a beautiful light. Reid felt his heart clench.

Luke glanced over, "Do you really think you can help Chris get that other heart?" He asked.
Reid grinned, "Am I not the best doctor around?"
Luke rolled his eyes. But secretly he was still alive with the memory of their lovemaking.

 Reid Oliver was the best period. Not that Luke planned to tell him that!

After seeing the misery of the whole Hughes clan  and the misery on Katie's face, Reid decided to drive to Bay City and get the damn heart himself. Luke, of course, had tried to insist on coming too. Reid had turned him down, but then, at the last moment, he had impulsively turned to Luke.

"I love you," he'd said to him for the first time, "There- I said it." 

Then Reid gently gave his face a little tap. Luke's eyes had lighted up. He had told Reid, by accident, that he had loved him, and had been hoping and waiting for Reid to say the words back, especially now since they had made love just hours ago.

"That's it," Luke had said, opening the car door.

"What? Your coming? " Reid scowled, "I can do this alone. I'm not a child."

Luke ignored Reid and got into the car.

"You need me, " he told Reid with a smug grin, "You love me," he added. "I'm coming."

"I guess I can't stop you, " Reid grumbled, but he was smiling.

They drove off towards Bay City.

Luke had to laugh as he listened to Reid yell at the Bay City doctor on his cell phone. He could be so arrogant. That heart should belong to Chris just cause Reid demanded it. Luke knew Reid's arrogance should not turn him on so much, but it did. He felt like he'd grown up surrounded by unsure people. He had never quite met a force like Reid Oliver before. It was changing Luke too - Reid was rubbing off on him. The old Luke would have whined and cajoled, but never insisted on coming with his lover. But with Reid, Luke insisted and Reid agreed. Luke had never felt like such an equal partner before.

A train track sign was ahead. The lights had started to blink, and Luke realized that Reid was not slowing down.


"I can make this," Reid said, " we need to hurry."

"We can stop for ten seconds," Luke put a restraining hand on Reid's thigh, "idiot."

Reid glanced at Luke and rolled his eyes. He stopped an they both watched as the train went by.

"You know, " Reid said dryly, "if you weren't here I would have gone for it. Is this going to be how it is now? We slept together and so now you boss me around?"

"I bossed you around before we ever slept together, " Luke teased. "You love it."

"I love you anyway," Reid said softly and he leaned in and kissed Luke. Luke's whole body tingled. Reid had again said he loved him. Again. He said it in that matter-of-fact manner that Reid had. He said it easily. He had said it freely.

"Love you too," Luke replied. He touched Reid's thigh again. He could feel Reid's firm muscles under his pants.

Reid shook his head at Luke as he put the car back into drive.

"What?" Luke asked as they safely crossed the train tracks and headed on to Bay City.

"You. Just you,  Mr. Synder."
Luke laughed. Reid scowled. Luke was glowing, really glowing. I have truly lost my heart now, Reid thought. My heart belongs  to Luke.

"Here," Reid handed Luke a big cooler.

Luke grabbed it and then made a face, "The heart is here? Yuck!"

"I have one more thing to do here in this brainless hospital and we are back to Chris."

"I still don't get how you got that doctor-"

"This place is even more full of silly, sappy doctors than Oakdale is," Reid shrugged, "I just put my foot down on them all."

Luke watched as Reid sauntered away. He looked down at the cooler and half-shrugged. You can't argue with results.

"Excuse me," a pretty nurse interrupted Luke's thoughts, "are you with Doctor Oliver?"


"Tell him that Dr. Pratt will see him next week as promised in the free clinic. We are so excited that Dr.
Oliver is going to give us all of those free hours!" She beamed at Luke and walked off.

"Okay," Reid said a few moments later, "Let's go and give Chris this heart."

"I'm on to you," Luke whispered later, as they drove back to Memorial.

Reid raised hs eyebrows and frowned at him. "About what?"

"The free clinic and you...Put your foot down did you? Liar!" Luke grinned at Reid. "You are a softie, no , a hero - you know that?"

Reid scowled at Luke. "Don't ever say something so stupid. Listen, I did what anybody would. Maybe Bob will hand me that job now. Chris, that bonehead, will lose out.. I'm not soft. " Reid looked as if her tasted something awful. "Not a hero. Please."

They pulled up to the hospital. Luke still smiling. "Aww. Poor Reid. Everybody will know you are not a hard case, after all..."

Reid actually became flustered.  "Just grab that heart, will you?" He let Luke out right in front of the hospital.
"I'll park and meet you in a second."


Luke stood there with the cooler in his hand. He had been teasing Reid, of course, and he loved to tease him. But, as he waited, Luke also had to admit how he was feeling. Part of him had not been kidding. Part of him did look up to Reid. Now that Luke had gotten past the snark and the rude behavior, he could see Reid clearly. The snark was kind of fun sometimes, but he really loved that soft part of Reid that most people never got to see. ..

"Watch out!
Luke felt somebody crash into him, knock him sideways. He had been lost in thought. He had not seen the ambulance approaching.  Luke now saw the ambulance had almost hit him. He saw it all at once, in some kind of horrible slow motion. 

He saw the heart in the cooler flying out of his hands. He saw Reid. Reid, who had just protected him from the ambulance. Reid, who had shoved him out of the way, was now catching the cooler and then hitting the ground. He had the cooler protectively in one hand, but Luke could see that Reid's other side had landed badly. Then everything sped up again.

"Reid!" Luke screamed and raced over to Reid. His hand and shoulder were stiff. His lip was bleeding. Luke cradled Reid's head.

"Luke, the heart. Take."

"Let me look at you first," Luke pleaded.

Reid sat up slowly. The ambulance driver was out and swearing and apologizing.

"I turned off the siren too early, Oh man. So Sorry!"

 Doctors and nurses rushed out to help.

Reid shook Luke off, "I'm okay," He insisted, "Take the heart."

Luke wanted to say forget the heart and that foolish Chris Hughes and just grab Reid and hold him.

He took the cooler instead. Then Reid stopped him a second. "You're okay, right?"

"Thanks to you, " Luke answered. Then he glanced down. "Reid, your hand."

Reid grimaced. "I- it will be fine. The heart. Luke. Now."

Luke nodded and started into the hospital. He looked back at Reid, struggling to his feet, shrugging off the other doctor's help, even though he clearly was in pain. Now he truly was a hero. He saved Luke and now Chris.

Luke raced the heart to John Dixon. He thought about earlier, being in Reid's arms, making love, incredible love. He just prayed thatReid would be okay.

Chapter Three: 

"Chris Hughes is an idiot."

Reid looked up from his hospital bed and grinned at Luke. "What?"

Luke was scowling. He even had his arms crossed. "An idot," he repeated. " He is recovering from his transplant, thanks to you, and now he doesn't want the job. Doesn't want the job that made him lie and cover up his illness and cause all this in the first place!"

Reid whistled in delight. "Wow. Luke Snyder not liking somebody  say it ain't so."

"Be quiet," Luke said, but he grinned back. "I dislike lots of people."

"Like Who?"

"You . Not so long ago!"

"Please tell me that doesn't mean you will now fall in love with Chris too."

"Ugh," Luke shook his head, "Katie can have him."

"I wish she wouldn't, " Reid groaned, "I have to live there too."

Luke laughed and sat down on Reid's hospital bed.

"Maybe not, " he said to Reid.

"What do you mean."

Luke peeked down at Reid through his puppy-dog eyes. "I'm working on a surprise for you. "

Reid scowled. "Yeah...surprises... not sure I like them."

"It involves food."

"Food? Other than hospital food."

Luke laughed. "Yes. It also involves me."

"You and food," Reid said thoughtfully. "What else does a guy need?"

Luke was so happy that Reid was smiling. After he had saved Chris his heart and saved Luke from a near ambulance crash, Reid had been admitted to the hospital for his dislocated shoulder, bruised ribs, and , most alarmingly, hand damage. The other things were now healing, but Reid faced a long road of physical therapy for his hand to prevent any permanent damage. He had been less than happy that first day in the hospital. Poor Nurse Gretchen had to be his nurse, and she had run off in tears. Bob and Kim had thanked him for saving Chris, and later Lily and Holden had stopped by to thank him for saving Luke. Reid had hated every moment of being thanked.  Reid had insulted all of them and ordered everybody out of his room. Not that Bob and Kim and Lily and Holden now did not see Reid for the sweet person he was- underneath all that obnoxious behavior. But Reid chased them all away.  Luke knew he did it more out of embarrassment than anything else. Reid did not know what to do with all the appreciation coming his way. 

He had tried to throw Luke out too. But Luke insisted. And when Luke insisted on something, looking at Reid in his eyes and giving Reid his best pouty look, Reid usually gave in to Luke.  However, Reid had not been too pleased with Luke at first.

"It is my fault, "  Luke had told him, licking his lips and hanging his head down in shame. "I was daydreaming, not looking. I didn't see that ambulance..."

"Stop it."

Luke went on, blushing. "I was thinking about you and me and - God, I even had the cooler in my hand. I'm so sorry. I - and now your hand might be damaged -I'm so sorry- "

"Luke," Reid interrupted firmly, " say you are sorry once more and I will slap you! This was not your fault, you bonehead. This was that ambulance driver's fault for not paying attention and for turning off his siren . Believe me, he will pay. This is not your fault, got it? "

Luke had looked up and met Reid's blue eyes, "Got it," he had said softly.

"Good," Reid had nodded. "Now sneak me in a real sandwich, rich boy. I can't stand the food here." Luke had half- smiled. Reid reached out , with his good hand, and touched Luke gently on the cheek.

"I'm so glad you are okay," Luke had whispered.

Now, here was Reid, joking and teasing, ready to be released today. Luke had a great plan to take care of him. He was a little nervous that Reid would  not let him in -  not let him give him TLC. He half expected Reid to reject his care the way that Noah always had rejected him. But Reid was laughing.

"If I am not to go to Katie's place, and I really hope you don't plan to take me back to your mommy's house," Reid rolled his eyes, " I am confused.  Where are you taking me?"

Luke leaned into Reid and whispered, "Have you ever met my grandmother Lucinda yet?"

Reid's eyes grew wide. "I'm staying at her mansion?"

"Better- her pool house. " Then Luke kissed Reid on the cheek, "With me."

A few hours later, the two of them arrived.

"Darlings, make yourselves at home," Lucinda gestured to the pool house. "It is all yours, my dears, I am jetting off to Europe . You can even use the big house."

"No thanks, grandmother, " Luke smiled, "I like the size of the guest house fine. "

Lucinda shrugged at Reid, "He is so modest. Doesn't get that from me." She threw back her head and laughed.  Then Lucinda checked  Reid up and down. "I approve, " she winked at Luke.

"Grandmother,' Luke groaned.

"What? I'm old, hon, not dead." 

With that,  Lucinda left the two of them to unpack.

"She a bit- " Luke shrugged, half-apologizing.

Reid grinned, "I like her. Even better- I like her cook."

Luke laughed and threw the suitcases on the bed. "Do you want to watch some television? Play some chess?"

Reid shrugged. "Sure. Either. " He started to struggle to get out of his jacket.

Luke rushed over, ""Let me help."

"I'm not an invalid,"Reid snapped. "I will get better! My hand will be fine."

"With lots of therapy," Luke said. He refused to back away. "You need me. Let me help."

Reid met Luke's eyes. "Maybe I need you a little." He let Luke help him with the jacket.

Luke smiled.

"Great," Reid said, rolling his eyes, "you glow when I am helpless."

"No, " Luke took his good hand. "I am smiling cause you let me in. I can't tell you how much I want to be the one to care for you. "

Luke blushed. He looked up at Reid. "I love you."

Reid stared at Luke, his eyes suddenly hungry.

"That day at Katie's place- it seems so far away now. Did we really, finally, make love, or was it just a dream?"

Luke leaned in and kissed Reid's neck. "If it was a dream,' he told Reid, "it was the best damn dream I ever had!"

Reid stroked Luke's hair, "Care to repeat it?'

"Are you up for that? " Luke whispered. "I mean, we just got here."

Reid moved Luke's hand downwards and held it against his erection. "I am so ready for that. Any time. With you." Reid grabbed Luke by the neck and pulled him in for a kiss. Their lips met- hot.
Luke felt his whole body catch fire. It felt so good . Kissing Reid felt so good.

"I like this place, " Reid murmured, "no babies, no parents..."

And Reid's scent - the smell of him. Luke breathed it in and moaned.

Reid kissed Luke again. His lips became more demanding.

"Wait," Luke pulled back. "I don't want to hurt you. Your ribs are bruised, hand damaged..I mean that ambulance hit you two days ago..."

"Grazed me. Barely. I'm fine. I'm on pain killers- so I'm fine." Reid gave Luke a slow grin, "just be gentle with me, Mr. Synder."

Luke smiled back. Then he gently stroked Reid's face. They gazed into each other's eyes. Luke began to undress Reid. He placed little kisses on Reid's chest, nipples, the flat curve of his stomach. 

"Reid, I want to -"
Luke flushed.

"What?" Reid asked hoarsely. 

Luke shook his head. "There is so much I want to do to you, " he said. "I'm afraid to ask."

Reid caressed Luke's face. "Don;t you know that you can do anything to me?" He softly said.

"Noah never let me do -"

"Hold it. That name is not allowed between us anymore. Right? "

Luke blushed and nodded.

"I told you. Do anything to me. " Reid smiled, "Except force me to wear some of your hair products," he teased and ran a finger in Luke's blond locks. 

"You wish you had hair like mine," Luke retorted. Reid laughed. He was glad to see self-conscious Luke was gone again. He liked Luke happy and sure of himself.

They reached for each other at the same time.  Luke continued to undress Reid. He pulled off Reid's tight black jeans and boxers, and then pushed him gently down to the bed. 

Reid watched as Luke shrugged out of his own clothes. His skin was beautiful. His body - perfect . 

Luke climbed on the bed, next to Reid , and they stroked each other.

They rubbed against each other, cock pressed to cock, and Luke was careful to keep his weight off of Reid.  He pulled Reid up and over his knees, until Reid was lying across Luke. Then Luke pinched and grabbed Reid by the ass. He licked a finger. Stuck one inside of Reid. Luke loved to make the great Dr. Oliver tremble and moan. He loved having Reid lose control. Then Luke did something he had never done to anyone before. He leaned down and let his tongue follow his finger. He tasted and plunged his tongue into Reid.

"Luke! " Reid nearly jumped off the bed, his body arched up, his hips thrashed wildly.

"Are you okay?" Luke asked.

"No, and for God sakes, don't stop! " Reid commanded.

Luke lowered his tongue again. His hands wrapped around Reid's cock.

When Reid could not stand another moment, he rolled off of Luke and urgently pulled Luke next to him. They exchanged deep, long kisses.

Then Reid's mouth found Luke's cock. He tasted ansd teased and sucked. He held Luke  in his good hand. He took Luke all the way into his mouth.

Now it was Luke's turn to plead and moan and shiver.

They gave and took from each other. They made it last a long time. 

Finally, Reid pushed Luke down into the pillows. He parted his legs. Luke silently opened the dresser drawer. He had prepared the lube and some condoms. Reid grinned at that and then his smile faded as he stared at Luke. 

"I love you, " he told Luke gruffly. 

"Show me,' Luke smirked. 

Reid did. He parted Luke's legs. Then he used his finger - in and out. Reid put in another finger and moved it some more. - holding Luke firmly in place. Reid loved the taste and feel of Luke. He licked the tip of Luke's erection. He loved hearing Luke practically sobbing in delight. Only then did Reid enter him. He pushed slowly inside. "You are so tight," Reid murmured to Luke. He reached around and cupped Luke in his hands. Then Reid pushed inside more.  He thrust into Luke over and over, pounding his ass hard. Reid stroked  too and then his other hand gripped Luke's clawing fingers. He held Luke's hands over his head.  Their hands joined together. Their bodies became one. Luke shouted as he came. Reid's hand still holding and touching him. Reid held out a little longer. He focused , his brows knitted together with intense concentration. He took more and more of Luke, each thrust deeper than the last one. Luke was screaming his name. Only then did Reid let go.

They both collapsed on the bed, exhausted. Sweat covered their skin. Smiles remained on their lips. 

"Welcome to the pool house," Luke said, running his fingers in Reid's hair. 

"Maybe later we can go for a swim,' Reid said. "Or do you not want to mess up your pretty hair?"

"It's already messed up. Thanks to you. "

"Hey," Reid sat up suddenly. "Didn't you promise me TLC? Food?"

"Do you ever stop thinking about food?" Luke joked. 

"Never," Reid answered, smiling back. Then he touched Luke's face. "Well, maybe I think about something else...on occasion."

Luke kissed Reid's lips softly. "I love you too." He vowed softly.

Just as Reid went to reach for him again, Luke bounded off the bed.  "Hold on. I have a surprise still coming."

" I'm going to cook for you!"

Reid gulped. "Really? Doesn't Lucinda have a whole staff at our service?"

But Luke was already dressing. "Wait until you taste it! " He said happily.

Reid smiled painfully back, "Can't wait."  


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