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Title: The Last Doughnut
Author: Marsabi
Summary: When Damian disinherits Luke, can he survive in the “real” world? Will he drive Reid crazy in the process?
Disclaimer: Owned by ATWT
Rating: PG- NC-17 (depends on chapter)
Warning: none
A companion to Camp Queer
Thanks traciamc for the read

Part 11 Games

Casey signaled Reid and Luke with a wave of his phone.

“Okay, I made the call. He’s on his way here. With Lily. They’re maybe ten minutes away.”

”Great,” Reid said, glancing at the hospital elevator. “Be out of sight. Damian can’t know you’re around.”

“Got it.”

Casey dashed down the hallway and found a place to watch without being seen.

Reid looked at Luke, “You ready for this?”

“What? The inquisition?” Luke joked, “Bring it on.”

But Luke’s eyes were pools of sadness. His skin seemed pale to Reid, his features pinched.

“If you’ve changed your mind-”

“No,” Luke’s lip jutted out with determination. “I can do it. “ He shot Reid a rueful look, “I’ve been acting for these two for most of my life. “


Last night, they’d planned it out carefully. Luke had listened and nodded, laying his arms across Reid’s lap and putting his head on the center of Reid’s chest. Luke looked up at him, his eyes round and wide, like a little boy’s .

“I’m really going to miss you,” he’d said, his tone subdued.

Reid found that he couldn’t speak. He could say nothing at all.

Luckily, a nurse’s aid had flung open the door then to deliver Luke’s meal.

“My last supper,” Luke had joked, opening up some jello.

“What?” he’d asked, seeing Reid’s startled expression.

“Look at you trying to be all clever,” Reid said with teasing approval, “You sound like me.”

“Oh God, no!” Luke laughed. “Not that!” Then he’d inspected his food more, wrinkling up his nose in distaste. “Yuck! I can’t eat this.”

“Hey, I have to eat here daily,” Reid had joked, “and you got my favorite beef surprise served on an orange tray. Let’s just hope the botulism holds off 24 hours.”

Reid had watched as Luke tentatively ate the food. He picked up a pen from his lab coat and his prescription pad and began to absently doodle.

“Earth to Reid,” Luke said impatiently.

“What?” Reid looked up with a bemused expression.

“I was talking to you.” Luke had glanced at his drawing, “What’re you doing ?”

Reid flushed, “Nothing, I sometimes need to keep my hands busy.”

“Are you drawing a brain?” Luke had said, then he poked Reid gently in the rib, “You geek.”

“Drawing brains relaxes me,” Reid had defended himself. “Did you expect me to be drawing hearts and writing you love poems?”

“Nope,” Luke had answered, snatching the pad from him, “nerdy sketches of brains is what I’d expect from you.” He studied it. “Geez, Reid, do you have to everything so well? “ The sketch was like a piece of abstract art with each part of the brain in its complex pattern.

Luke admired it a moment longer. Then Luke had ripped off the page with Reid’s drawing and folded it carefully.

“Why’d you take that?” Reid said.

“I’m keeping it,” Luke had replied, his voice indicating the question was foolish. Reid watched him put the drawing into his wallet.

“Now, whatever else is going on,” Luke had smiled, “you know I have this with me, and I’m thinking of you.” He’d said nothing more, merely gazing up at the ceiling, lost in his thoughts.

“Do you want to back out?” Reid had asked him softly.

Luke took such a long time to answer, that Reid was afraid he was upset. But when Luke finally met his eyes, his expression was clear and calm.

“No, you?” Luke had asked.


Luke nodded and gave Reid his hand.

"I haven't been...completetly honest, Reid. All this has been a lot harder to bounce back from then I hoped. But I'm working on it."

"I know."

"You know?"


Overcome with feeling, they simply touched, their fingers holding on tightly, a warmth radiating between their palms.


Now, the elevator light flashed its arrival. Luke’s back was to it, making it look like he was clueless about his parents . Reid wished he could stop what was about to happen. He drank in the sight of Luke’s lovely face, wishing he could trace the line of Luke’s full mouth once more, wishing he could touch all that fresh skin.

Luke titled his head questioningly.

Reid gave him a barely perceptible nod. The time had come.

“Just what is your problem now, Luke? “ Reid asked him, sounding irritated.

“Look at me!” Luke shouted, just as the elevators opened. “My face! Look at what being with you has done! I tell you, it’s over! It’s so over!”

“Are you breaking things off?” Reid’s tone became incredulous. “Going back in the closet?”

“I’m getting my life back!” Luke answered, shoving at him, “the one you stole! “

“Good luck with that, “ Reid replied, in the coldest voice he’d ever spoken to Luke in.

They glared at each other. Then Luke pushed him again.

“I hate you,” Luke cried out,” I really hate you!” He nearly spat the words at Reid.

Reid’s anger was palpable on his face, “I hate you too,” he snarled in a low tone. “You’re nothing but a stupid little boy who –“

The sound of a harsh slap echoed through the hallway. The side of Reid’s face was red.

“Shut up! “ Luke screamed at him. “Just shut up! You did this to me! I was fine before you.”

Luke pushed at Reid, almost knocking him to the floor, “You messed me up!” He yelled .

Luke went at Reid as if to attack him some more. Lily cried out . Damian grabbed his son. “Luciano, it’s alright,” he said, “come with us.”

He had to force Luke away from Reid, as Luke tried to kick out at him with his feet.

“Let me go! Let me fight him. He ruined my life!”

“Oh, baby!” Lily said, her voice thick with emotion,” That’s not true! We’ll take you back.”

“Really?” Luke looked at Lily with his bruised face. “Even though I’ve caused so much trouble?”

She opened her arms. Luke turned and buried his head in his mother’s shoulder.

“I’m so sorry,” Luke said.

“We forgive you,” Lily soothed. “But we will need to set some rules.”

“I understand,” Luke’s voice was muffled against her shirt, and he sniffed loudly.

As she led her son to the elevator, Lily couldn’t help giving Reid a small, victorious smile.

“Go home to mommy, “ Reid sneered at them. “I could care less!”

Lily held the elevator door for Damian. Luke didn’t bother to look up from her shoulder.
“Come on,” Lily called to her husband. She didn’t want to chance another moment between Luke and Reid. She wanted Luke safely home with her.

“In a moment, Cara,” Damian said. He came closer to Reid. His eyes were chilly. “Just make sure you stay away from my son,” he said in a soft, menacing voice.

Reid shrugged insolently, “I have no reason not to,” he answered.

Reid watched as Damian joined his family in the elevator and pressed the down button. The door closed and Luke was gone.


Casey came out of his hiding place. He put a comforting hand on Reid’s shoulder.

“That was intense , man,” he whispered. “I don’t envy the conversation that Luke will probably have to suffer though with those two,” he shuddered.

Reid drew in a ragged breath. He pinched the bridge of his nose and closed his eyes. An ache for Luke welled up inside of him. He tried to speak to Casey and then just shook his head. For the first time since he had come to Oakdale, Reid felt his aloneness pulsing inside of his body. He had forgotten how isolated he’d always felt from the world – before Luke. Reid used to feel that, aside from his work, he mattered to no one. He could break apart or disappear and no one would grieve for him. He’d felt like a shadow in his own life.

Then he had come to this town. He had met Luke, who was like warmth seeping into his veins. The darkness inside him had just vanished. It had unsettled him at first, Luke’s fierce ability to love. But now he craved it all the time, and Reid was dreading the separation from him.

He drew in a painful breath. Reid reminded himself why they were putting on this charade. This was for Luke. To give Luke a future without his parents keeping him like an animal in a golden cage. How could they be like that? How could they not see that he needed to be free? How could anybody want to cut Luke down into tiny pieces of insecurity and doubt?

God, he wanted to see Luke’s face already, hear his laugh, see his eyes sparkle. How could he miss him already? Reid wanted to hold him, joke with him, comfort him. Reid wanted to know that this person he trusted most in the world was in his arms, where he belonged. He swallowed his own sadness and tried to focus on what he needed to do.

“Let’s just hope Luke convinces Damian to take him back at Grimaldi Shipping, “ He finally said to Casey, “ And we can put an end to this mess quickly. “


Two weeks passed. The only one to still see Luke was Casey. Damian trusted him to watch over Luke’s every move. Henry and Vienna had tried to see him. Lucinda had tried too. They were all shut out. During his first week at home, Holden had managed to get a letter to him. Luke kept it in his wallet, next to Reid’s sketch.

The letter read:

Dear Luke,
For the life of me, I don’t know why this is happening again. Maybe breaking up with Reid has made you spiral out of control? I only know that I want your happiness. I see that you left some things here in your old room. I hope that means you might return? Know that your things will be waiting for you. No questions asked.

Luke pressed his hands into his suit pocket and felt the comforting presence of the wallet, knowing what was inside. He followed Damian into Memorial. It was the board member’s quarterly meeting. But Luke knew it was also a test. Damian wanted to watch him with Reid.

They stepped into the elevator. They both had on dark, expensive Italian suits. Luke’s hair was slicked away from his face just like Damian’s hair. Neither one smiled as they went to Bob’s office. It wasn’t until they headed for the board room that Luke saw him. His step faltered a minute, before he regained control. His pulse pounded. Luke took one quick look at Reid, feeling a deep shock of recognition flood his entire body, and then looked away. He made sure his face was an inscrutable mask.

He didn’t dare look at Reid again. All the doctors sat on one side of the table and the board members on another. Luke listened to Bob speak and then Damian. He appeared to be listening, but in reality he didn’t hear a word. He could feel Reid. The weight of Reid’s body sitting just across from him was like a magnet pulling at his skin. It was as if there were no others in the room, only them. Luke could sense Reid’s presence, his proximity.

Luke reminded himself that he was doing this for Reid, so that his family could no longer hurt him. If he followed their plan, he would be able to force Damian to leave Reid alone for good. Luke swallowed the bitterness in his mouth.

The meeting ended. Damian was shaking hands and pushing Luke forward. He shook hands and smiled, tasks he could do in his sleep. He knew the second that Reid left, although he did not hesitate or glance at him.

They walked with Bob back to the elevator. Damian was deep in conversation about some new money for Chris Hughes and a pediatric unit. The doors to the elevator opened.


Damian’s gaze sharpened on Luke. He walked into the elevator and forced himself to turn away from Reid’s blue eyes. Luke clenched his jaw. He jammed his hands in his pockets, feeling for the wallet.

“Damian?” Bob prompted his father back to their conversation. They resumed their talk.

Reid was directly behind him. He could feel Reid’s breath at the nape of his neck.
Luke tilted his head slightly back, wanting to fall toward Reid’s body, but not daring. Luke’s chest tightened. His heart beat so loudly and frantically that he was certain Damian must know. But when Luke looked at Damian, his father appeared indifferent.

They stopped at the floor for neurology. Luke moved to one side and looked blankly at the elevator buttons. When Reid left, it hit him like a physical blow.

The elevator reached the bottom floor. Bob and Damian stepped out. Luke went with them, and they all shook hands again. Then the limo pulled up.

Luke turned to the car and climbed into the darkness.
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Title: Hit and Run
Author: Marsabi
Summary: Luke and Reid are happily engaged, when Natalie is a victim of a hit and run. Reid and Luke fought about Reid operating on her, causing them to break up for a time. They are now back together, but still not engaged again.
Disclaimer: Owned by ATWT
Warning: Sexually Explicit
Rating : NC-17

Part 14

At the station, they found the whole Hughes clan. Kim was crying and shaking her head. She had a worried arm around Chris, who was trying to comfort his distraught mother. Tom and Margo were in her office with Bob. And Casey was being comforted by a very pale and quiet Alison.

The Snyders did not know what to say to the Hughes family. They’d all been friends for years and years, but now they were all awkward and distant with each other.
Luke gave Casey a nod. He returned a weak smile.

Then the door to Margo’s office opened. Margo and Jack came out, grim-faced.

“He’s given a statement.”

“Who?” Holden asked.

“Bob,” Jack answered as Margo became visibly upset.

“Bob?” Lily repeated, stunned.

Margo swallowed hard and nodded. “Apparently, his medicine for his dementia is not working. He doesn’t exactly remember it, but he is convinced that he must have been the one to hit Natalie.”

Kim started to cry and Chris rocked her in his arms. Casey also began to cry.

Casey tried to reach out for Alison.

“No,” Ali shook her head. She ran to the restroom to be sick.

Margo wiped her own tears and looked at her devastated family. “The question is…Who else has known about this and who has tried to cover it up?”

Luke sat down in a chair, shocked. Reid came up behind Luke and silently rubbed his shoulders.

“No one helped him, “Chris was saying ,” We all noticed Dad was off…but none of us suspected this.”

“The car was in the shop,” Kim was crying, “ Everybody in the whole family uses it. Mostly Casey and Ali. Not just Bob! Besides, it just had a small fender issue.”

“Even if he did it, Grandpa is sick, “ Casey whispered, “Chris, tell them.”

Chris just stood there.

Just then, Bob came out of the office, looking haggard and worn. He was leaning heavily on Tom.

Bob saw a stunned Lily and Holden and held out his hands pleadingly, “I’m sorry, “ he told them. “I didn’t even know at the time, but now – “ Bob buried his face in Tom’s side.

“This doesn’t make sense,” Reid murmured, but nobody was listening to him.

“Not another word, Dad,” Tom said firmly . Tom’s eyes looked at the others. “Not a word, anybody.”

Margo stood up and read Bob his rights.


“It doesn’t add up,” Reid said again later. They had taken Natalie’s things and drove them out to the farm; Reid had agreed that she was well enough to spend Christmas evening with Ethan and Faith and Emma out there. Lily had even decided to stay at the farm and be with her children, much to the displeasure of Molly. But Luke was pleased to see his mother actually happy, and his siblings all together. Holden had told Molly she would just have to be a grown up about it. Holden had sounded a lot like Reid there, and it had made Luke smile. Nobody had felt like a long Christmas dinner, but for the little kids’ sake, they had all gone through the motions. Luke had hugged Natalie tightly as they said goodbye to her for the night. They planned to pick her up in the morning. If her recovery continued to progress,
Reid told the family she’d be back at Lily’s house full time by New Year’s.

This was the first real chance they had to discuss what had happened at the police station.

Luke wasn’t listening too much. He pulled off his shirt and headed to their bathroom. He came out a few moments later.

“I mean, Bob was fine the day Natalie came in…His problems started later, I remember- “

“Please, “ he cut Reid off, “this whole thing is making me sick. “ Luke’s mouth curled up in
distaste. “The Hughes car was fixed up to hide it. Bob left my sister, my baby sister, on the side of the road covered in blood. And Casey is part of this, I feel it. “

Reid was frowning. “That’s the other thing, Luke. Bob would never just leave a bleeding girl –I don’t care if he did have a return of the dementia- he wouldn’t.”

Luke sighed. “Look I know you respect Bob.”


"But I expect you to support my family.”

“What? Without question?” Reid’s expression soured.

Luke threw up his hands, “Yeah, maybe. I mean Bob confessed.”

“I know that, but-“

“Why would he do that, if he’s innocent?” Luke shook his head.

“Well-“Reid started to give some reasons.

Luke put a hand out to stop him.

“I just can’t debate this right now. “ Anger glittered in Luke’s eyes. “ I’m too upset. Let’s just go to bed, okay?”

Reid hesitated. “Fine.”

They both got into their bed.

“But I will add,” Reid said, “that I wouldn’t put all your faith into the Oakdale Police. You do a crime in this town and you are usually the one person not arrested.”


“I’m surprised they don’t have the real criminals on their Christmas mailing lists. Margo must have been a drug doing flower child in her past because her brain is like spaghetti; Jack’s office must have wall to wall mirrors so he can watch himself arresting people and collecting his self-righteous medals, and –“

“Stop!” Luke pushed at him, his face flushed and irritated. “I asked you to drop it. I told you to stop. Why do you do that?”


“Never know when to shut up?”Luke replied exasperated. “ You just keep being obnoxious, cause you’re always convinced you’re right.”

“I am right,” Reid said softly.

“Whatever,’ Luke snapped. He turned away from Reid, rolling to the edge of their bed. “Just be right and be quiet, okay?”

Reid’s face took on a hurt expression. He curled up against his pillow.

They slept.


Waking up a few hours later, Reid reached out to touch Luke gently. He felt sorry about their fight.

Reid’s fingers touched an empty space.

Panicked, Reid immediately got up and peeked out the window, looking down at their front driveway.

Luke’s car was gone.

Reid stood there, stunned. Then he moved slowly away from the window, walking like an old man. Reid Jr. appeared suddenly and meowed at him, circling his legs. Reid scooped up the cat and held it. Reid’s stomach turned uneasily. He put his head into the soft fur of the cat.

Then Reid heard a car and a door opening. Reid cautiously let the cat go and went down the stairs.

He saw the kitchen light on.

Luke was there, a carton of ice cream in his hand, and a bag of sundae toppings on the counter. He glanced over at Reid.

“You couldn’t sleep either? I’ve been tossing and turning,” Luke smiled ruefully, “I need something sweet.”

Luke opened up the carton. Then he turned to Reid, who Luke just realized was eerily silent.

“What?” Luke asked.

Reid swallowed convulsively and couldn’t answer. His blue eyes were darker than normal and his face was pale.

“I- you- didn’t ,” Reid stammered. “You’re here.”

“What do you mean? “ Luke asked, perplexed. Then it all clicked in his mind. “You thought I walked out? Cause we were fighting ?”

Reid shrugged and wouldn’t look at Luke.

“Oh, Reid,” Luke said compassionately. He went over and slid a comforting hand underneath Reid’s shirt and gently rubbed his back.

The pressure that had been building up inside of Reid since he had found himself alone suddenly broke. He buried his face in Luke’s neck and clung to him.

Reid mumbled, “I guess I overreacted. “

“Yeah, you sure did.” Luke continued to massage his back and shoulders. “But maybe it’s good we talk about it. “

“No, talk. Let’s just get naked and forget it.” Reid sniffed, his face still buried. He was now red with embarrassment.

Luke laughed, “That is so your solution to every problem, but sorry. Talk is needed here. Or, I’ll talk, you listen. “ Luke paused a moment. He knew he had to find the exact words to help Reid.

Luke tenderly touched Reid’s cheek. “ I may fight with you, I’m sure we will. And I may turn into a shrew, be dramatic, whatever. I may even throw things at you, or even try to kick you in your rude ass.”

He felt Reid shake with a sudden laugh, and it made Luke smile.

“But I promise you, “ Luke added, “I won’t leave.”

He felt Reid nodding.

Luke exhaled deeply, “And I’m sorry,” he told Reid.

“For what?” Reid finally lifted his head up and stared at Luke. “ I’m the one all freaked out,” Reid said, “and over nothing .”

Luke stroked Reid’s damp cheek and then gave him a kiss. ”I promised I would be understanding and I’ve been...” he thought of all his silly plotting to win Reid back to a wedding ,“ stupid, “ Luke laughed. He held Reid’s face in his hands and looked at him so lovingly it made Reid suck in his breath.

“You, doctor, have got me. Forever. Right here. And until you really get that through your thick skull- well,” Luke shrugged, “I’m going to just give you as much time as you need, and for as long as you need it.”

There was a moment of silence, while Reid absorbed Luke’s words fully.

“Luke?” Reid said in a serious voice.

“Yes?” Luke answered anxiously.

“Can I have some of your ice cream?” Reid said finally and gave Luke a small smile.

Pursing his lips together to keep from laughing, Luke shook his head in wonder. “You’re really asking me about my snack right now?”

Reid shrugged, “It looks good.” He tried to peek into the bag of topping and Luke playfully batted at his hands.

“Tell you what, I’ll make you one,” Luke said, “I’ll even give you the bigger bowl.”

“Really?” Reid’s eyes twinkled with delight, “You are a good boyfriend.”

“I’m the best,” Luke agreed.

“Did you buy whipped cream ?” Reid inquired.


“Chocolate syrup?”

“The works,” Luke replied, “and I don’t mind sharing.”

Then Luke started to make him the biggest ice cream sundae that he could. He added tons of whipped cream, syrup and sprinkles then handed the bowl to Reid. He watched with a smile as Reid dug into the treat with his usual vigor.

“You know,” Luke said, “I’m glad we had a fight.”

“Why? “ Reid asked, “So you can watch me have a nervous breakdown over your sugar run?”

“No,” Luke laughed, “but you are kind of cute when you panic. “ He stepped closer to
Reid. “No, I’m glad we fought, so you can see that I’m not going anywhere. “ Luke smiled.

Reid licked some whipped cream off of his fingers and considered him. “ I’m glad we fought too, “ he said suddenly. “Cause now I have a reason for makeup sex and for getting you upstairs and naked.”

“Oh, that can be arranged. “ Luke grinned wickedly, “But only if you bring some of that whipped cream.” Luke moved over to Reid and took his fingers. He licked each one with his tongue. Reid closed his eyes in pleasure.

After that, Luke just held his hand a moment and Reid opened his eyes to see that Luke was staring at him. He offered Luke an almost bashful smile. Luke inhaled sharply. He suddenly wanted Reid so much it was a physical ache. A sudden rush of heat and energy passed between them.

“Or, Dr. Oliver,” Luke finally whispered, “ I could just cover you in that cream right now, and then make love to you tonight until you can’t walk.”

Reid’s breathing sped up instantly. “Good thing Natalie is at the farm, “ he managed to say weakly, before Luke’s insistent lips covered his.

Luke put his whole being into the kiss; he wanted Reid to taste how much they belonged together. That they were meant to be- completely and without any doubts, whether they were married or not.

Luke branded him with his tongue, starving for the possession of Reid’s mouth. Luke’s fingers fumbled with the waistband of Reid’s briefs. He yanked them down. He picked up the can of whipped cream. He let it spray Reid in the most intimate of places. Luke dropped down.

His lips sucking on Reid determinedly, Luke licked his whip creamed cock back and forth, and then took it into his mouth. Luke’s lips were soft and full and fantastic. He deep-throated him all the way back and sucked harder.

“Luke-“ Reid whispered, trembling , as Luke released him. “Please!” Reid said, but it wasn’t in a begging voice at all. Reid said it like a command.

Only, he wasn’t sure what he was asking for exactly. For Luke to take him in his mouth again? For Luke to let him do the tasting now? For Luke to just not ever stop?

“Please,” Reid said again. He placed his hands on Luke’s chest.

“Hush,” Luke answered. He kissed Reid suddenly, and Reid could taste the cream.

“Love you so much,” Luke said simply. He leaned into Reid’s ear and gave it a small lick. Then Luke added softly, ”Love you always, always , always, “ and Reid knew that this was what he had been asking to hear. This was what Luke instinctively knew to tell him.

Reid sighed deeply.

Then Luke turned Reid around. “Not done. “

“But I –“ Reid wanted to say something important back to Luke, but all over his words began to jumble up.

“Would you please bend over?” Luke asked in that polite way of his.

Reid rested his hands on the counter and obeyed. His mind just mush now.

“Spread your legs.”

Luke sprayed more whipped cream.

Then he dropped to his knees again and began to use his tongue on Reid’s hole in stunning, giving ways that had Reid panting and thrusting in agony. The sounds of Reid’s painful groans filled the kitchen.

Luke now fully penetrated Reid with his tongue, pushing it in and out without mercy.
He tasted every drop of whipped cream, until Reid’s knees gave way and he fell to the floor in a heap of swooning desire.

Only then did Luke gather Reid back into his arms, lead him up the stairs, and make good on his other promise.

Luke pressed his body against him, and closed one hand possessively around his hardness, making Reid’s entire frame jerk. Luke raised up his legs with a gentle insistence, the broad tip of his cock poised at Reid’s opening. Luke teased him a moment, letting his head slid in and then pull back out. He kissed away Reid’s moans.

He entered Reid slowly, staring into his magnetic blue eyes.

Reid looked up at Luke, towering above him. He was the most beautiful man that Reid could imagine and he belonged to him. The thought was staggering. Reid opened his mouth to tell Luke, but Luke bent down and sucked on his open mouth. He began to rock his body into Reid’s .

Eyes closed, Reid lifted up his hips higher. Soon, he was lost in a world of sensation, as Luke began to find an amazing rhythm. He rode him endlessly, keeping his word about making love all night long.


The next morning, Reid could barely walk.

It took Reid extra time to move around and get ready for work. Luke slept peacefully, while he dressed in his scrubs and grabbed his things. Reid stomach rumbled, but there was no time for breakfast. With Bob arrested, he could only imagine the chaos going on at Memorial.

Despite running late, Reid paused for a moment to just gaze at Luke. Then he smiled widely, without his usual guarded expression, and left.

Memorial was packed with the sick and injured. The holiday season seemed to always bring about more and more patients. Hurrying to grab a Twix bar before his rounds started, Reid quickly headed for the break room. He wondered if Bob had made bail yet, and considered going later to the police station. He didn’t want to argue any more with Luke about it, but Reid instincts all screamed that Bob did not hit Natalie. He had been aware and lucid at her operation. No, there was hidden something here. A part that just made no sense. Reid pursued his lips together . It was a puzzle and he liked to solve puzzles. He also wanted to have this end for Luke. It was taking too much out of him. Luke was just so sensitive-- -

Reid pushed open the break room door and found Chris leaning into a smitten Alison. He had a strand of Ali’s blond hair twirled in his fingers. She was giggling and had her head tilted to him. Their bodies were intimately entwined together.

Reid took two steps backwards. Then he reached for his cell phone and snapped a picture of them.

They quickly broke apart.

“What the hell-“ Chris shouted.

Alison covered up her face with mortification.

“We go way back, “ Chris said , “That’s all. We go way back.”

“Back, forward ,and probably horizontal too,” Reid quipped.

“Please, we’re in love, “ Ali said in an agonized whisper.

“Yeah, if I were you I’d get that love tested for STDs, “ Reid said sarcastically, “the clinic is just down the hall.”

Chris met Reid’s eyes. That bastard Doogie was incapable of love. Reid knew that from Katie. Doogie only did things that helped Doogie. So what then?

Reid’s brain quickly assimilated all the facts.

“Now this,” Reid said smugly, “makes sense.”

Without taking his intelligent eyes off either one of them, Reid dialed Jack’s number at the police station.
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Title: Hit and Run
Author: Marsabi
Summary: Natalie is hit by a car. Luke asked Reid to operate and he refused. It was a conflict of interest.
Warning: none
Rating: PG

Part 6

“Calm down, Nancy Drew.”

“If you could have seen Carly,” Luke insisted. Then he winced as Reid dabbed at his cut.

“Just cause she’s drunk doesn’t mean she’s the driver who hit Natalie,” Reid argued logically. “There are lots of drivers out there drinking. ‘Tis the season.”

Reid smoothly got ready for the stitches near Luke’s forehead.

“I guess, “Luke muttered. “But I still need to talk to the police .”

“And you should,” Reid agreed as he prepared. “But don’t jump to conclusions, okay? Think it through first. No wonder you suck at chess.”

“You told me my game was improving,” Luke protested, trying not to watch the needle.

Reid was firmly holding his head. But now he paused a moment and shot Luke a grin, ”Of course, I’d say that. But I wanted to see you naked, “ He added wolfishly.

Was Reid just flirting with him? Luke wondered, and his mouth went dry.

Their eyes connected hotly. Then Reid looked away. He busied himself with the needle.


Casey had left quickly, after pouring out the whole Chris story to Reid. Luke knew he had been just trying to help fix the tension, but he wished Casey had not told Reid all the details. He was feeling foolish.

At first, Reid’s eyes had gleamed as he listened to the whole story, but then he had scolded Luke.

“I appreciate your kicking Doogie’s ass on my behalf –“ Reid had started to say.

“Well, I don’t know if I did that,” Luke had grumbled, “Since I’m the one at the hospital.”

“I don’t know, if that glass hadn’t shattered down on you,” Reid had made two fists and pretended to dodge at Luke, “You might have made me think I was dating Mike Tyson.”

Reid had snuck a few glances at Luke then, listening to Luke’s short laugh.

Then Reid had waved a finger at him more seriously.

“But don’t do it again, okay?” Reid had pursued his lips. “Let me handle Chris.”

Reid’s cold expression had made Luke uneasy.

“Don’t go and mess up your hands on Chris,” Luke had said.

Reid had smiled. Luke was so impulsive. “I’m not going to go and hit him,” Reid had told him calmly, “But I will get him back… when the time is right.”

“How?” Luke had asked suspiciously.

Reid had just taken a moist cloth to wipe up the blood on Luke’s face. Reid had stared at the blood a second, and his face had hardened. “I’ll think on it.”

After years of chess, Reid understood how to patiently wait for an opportunity to attack.


Luke hadn’t meant to bring up his suspicions about Carly to Reid. But it was troubling Luke. And it distracted Luke from the conversation he needed to have with Reid – the one that had his stomach in knots.

“You really don’t understand Oakdale, do you?” Luke said now, as Reid got ready to stitch him up. “I mean most people would be telling me not to run to the cops yet. Talk to Carly. Talk to Jack. Maybe keep things secret. Not you, you’re such a straight person.”

At the word straight, Reid gave Luke a look.

“Okay, not straight,” Luke laughed, then flinched as his cut stung. “But logical or whatever. You may think I’m jumping the gun, but this is my town. Let me tell you. Oakdale has no circumstances or strangers- everybody and everything is always connected.”

“I know this is practically an impossibility for you,” Reid replied as he loomed over Luke’s wound, “but can you stop talking even a minute? I don’t want to mar your beautiful skin. Or do I need to tape your mouth shut?”

“Ha ha,” Luke said stupidly. He couldn’t think of a snappy retort. Did Reid just say his skin was beautiful?

Luke’s heart beat faster.

He watched as Reid concentrated on stitching his cut. Reid’s eyes were focused now, and Luke let own gaze wander over his beloved’s features. Reid’s chin had a small start of stubble, his hair could use a cut, and Luke wondered briefly if he had ever really studied the deep, red color of Reid’s lips. They were perfect lips. Reid’s every feature was perfect. His high cheekbones and strong jaw and what was just underneath those scrubs. Jesus. The thumping in Luke’s heart turned painful now. He missed him. Luke’s breath caught. He missed Reid so much. The ache of it might never go away. Luke barely felt the needle at work.

Reid smoothed back Luke’s hair and applied the last stitch. Then he caught the longing in Luke’s face. Reid did not want to respond to it, but his fingers took on a life of their own, gently pulling on the soft, blond strands. The procedure was finished, yet Reid could not seem to stop his hand from lingering .

Luke was still gazing up at him with his doe-colored eyes. Reid’s hand rested at his hair. Then, like a force of gravity driving him in, Reid planted a sweet kiss on Luke’s head.

“All better,” he said huskily.

Reid’s eyes dropped to Luke’s generous mouth. Luke saw and his lower lip jutted out.

Reid leaned down to kiss him.

“No,” Luke said and got away from him. He shook his head.

Reid’s face turned hurt and Luke hurried to explain.

“I want to, so badly. But I can’t .” Luke turned from Reid. “ It would kill me to hear you say again how I don’t matter to you now. How this is just - nothing!”

Luke grabbed blindly at the door handle.

“Luke,” Reid called, “Wait!”

But Luke didn’t wait. He fled. He ran down the hall and to the elevator nearby. Reid called again. Luke pushed the elevator button and prayed for a quick escape. He pushed at it impatiently, until the doors finally opened.

Luke stumbled into the elevator; Reid was quickly at his heels. Reid pushed open the elevator door right before it closed on him.

“Listen,” Reid said.


Reid swore under his breath and then he hit the stop button. The elevator groaned to a halt.

“You just stopped the elevator, “ Luke said, rubbing his eyes with the back of his hand.


“So, you’re afraid of elevators.”

“Hey, I’m not afraid!” Reid said indignantly, but his eyes had already darted nervously around the small space.

Luke didn’t answer.

“Look, about before,” Reid fumbled over his words. “I might have been exaggerating a little bit. “

“Exaggerating?” Luke folded his arms across his chest.

“A little bit.” Reid tried to tug Luke’s arms open.

They studied each other. As Luke searched Reid’s face, he could feel some of his hurt start to fade.

“Sex with me is not meaningless?” Luke asked, but his tone had softened

Reid groaned. He looked all around the elevator, trying to determine how to avoid any more talk. “Are you really going to make me say this?”

“I think so, yes,” Luke replied. He came closer to Reid. Their eyes flirted.

Reid slowly looked Luke up and down.

Their eyes met again. Luke gave him a tiny smile. Reid cupped the side of Luke’s face and ran a thumb down Luke’s cheek to chin.

“Every single time I have ever touched you,” Reid said finally, “has been full of meaning.”

Luke raised his hand and held Reid’s palm against his face.

Lips hungrily tasted each other. Reid’s hand caressed the base of Luke’s spine and he pressed him close.

“See what you do to me?” Reid sighed against Luke’s mouth.

“It was sweet. I liked it,” Luke smiled.

“That’s cause you’re a sap who probably has secret stock in Hallmark,” Reid mumbled, and worried briefly about the way the ceiling of the elevator suddenly looked lower to him. Tighter. He tried to focus on Luke.

Reid kissed Luke’s lips again, his neck. He lifted up Luke’s hand and kissed that too.

All the teasing suddenly stopped for Luke. He needed more. He gave a half-strangled cry and launched himself at Reid. He knocked them both to the ground.

Luke practically crawled onto Reid’s lap. He frantically kissed him over and over.

“I want to come home,” Luke cried out.

Reid opened his mouth to receive another kiss. As their lips merged, a small part of Reid couldn’t help but notice how close the walls were getting. Sweat began to form on his brow.

Luke was playing with the top of his scrubs; clearly about to take things to the next level. Reid grabbed his hands and stopped him.

“What?” Luke said, his voice trembling with sudden emotion. Reid wasn’t changing his mind? Had Luke just made a fool out of himself again?

“Didn’t you say you want to go home?”

Luke nodded and bit his lip hopefully.

Reid swallowed hard.

“An excellent idea. Let’s go. “

Luke beamed.

Reid gave Luke a nervous smile, “Just get me out of this damn elevator,” he growled.

Understanding now, Luke kissed him again, while his hand reached up and hit the button.

The elevator went down.

a/n: This isn’t a fade out; this scene continues into part 7, but I wanted to split it up. No sense rushing good make-up sex LOL
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Title: Hit and Run
Author: Marsabi
Summary: Reid and Luke are happily engaged and living together, when a sudden event causes Luke to break it off with Reid. This is also my story for Natalie. I read a lot with Ethan and Faith, but not many stories have her in them. I always loved her for hugging Luke at the end of ATWT.
Disclaimer: Owned by ATWT
Rating: PG
Warning: bottoms up ?
a/n: The operation day. Also, some unexpected support for Reid! This scene was a blast to imagine- I wish Reid had gotten scenes with these two people on the show!

Part 4

Dr. Alexa Jones was a tiny woman. She barely came up to most people’s shoulders. But she had a quick mind, skillful hands and a dirty mouth. Jet lagged and running of caffeine, she hurried over to Memorial hospital. Reid had not exaggerated – the place was a dump. But they must have done something right to attract a surgeon as gifted as Reid.

“Oliver!” She shouted at him. He looked awful, pale and withdrawn. She gave him a hug, which he endured with an eye roll. Well, at least that seemed like the old Reid.
He handed her the Snyder chart and they began to discuss the case.

“She’s so young, “ Alexa sighed. “I usually deal with the older patients.”

“You’d be good with Peds, “ Reid answered, “most of them are about your size.”

Alexa punched him lightly. “And you’d be good with the old people, most of them are too far gone to see how obnoxious you are.”

Reid was about to answer, when the elevator doors opened and a whole group of distraught people poured into the hallway.

The family had arrived.

A good-looking man rushed over . “How is she? Are you operating now? Can I go and see her?”

“Take it easy, Holden. “ Reid cleared his throat. He was eyeing a gorgeous blond man who had followed in the other man’s footsteps. The blond was looking at Reid too.

“This is Natalie’s surgeon – Dr. Jones.”

Alexa shook hands with Holden Snyder, and then she was thrown back by a sobbing woman with wild hair.

“Please help her! My baby!”

Alexa gently pushed the mother off of her. “I will do my best,” she assured the woman. Holden took her hand. Another woman came up. She had short, dark hair and a tight smile. “Lily,” she said. She grabbed Holden Snyder’s other hand.

“Molly,” Lily sniffed. Holden looked uneasily between the two women.

“We hope to operate in less than an hour,” Reid said, going back to Holden’s question, “so you really can’t see Natalie right now. She is being prepped. But you can go in right before the surgery for a moment.”

Holden nodded, his face upset.

A sullen teenage joined the group. “I want to see her now!”

“Come here,” said the dark-haired woman to the teen.

“I can take care of my daughter,” snapped the mother.

“Where were you when Natalie was out?” The dark-haired one replied.

Holden tried to calm the bickering women. He pushed them aside to talk to them.

Alexa raised an eyebrow at Reid. He shrugged.

Then he looked uncomfortable. The gorgeous blond had come closer to them.

The blond man licked his lips. “Can I talk to you,” he asked Reid, “just a minute?”

Reid shook his head. “Nothing to discuss. “

He nodded to Alexa.

“Alexa Jones, my- er - Luke Snyder.”

“Oh, you’re the fiancée.” Alexa looked him up and down, and then winked at Reid, “I see we still have the same taste in men.” Boy, the blond was yummy!

Luke frowned in confusion. He didn’t know what she was talking about and didn’t care. He wished that Reid would look at him.

“I just want to talk to you one minute,” Luke repeated.

Emma and Ethan ran up at that moment. Ethan grabbed at Luke around his knees. Luke automatically picked him up and hugged him. Reid took advantage of that and slipped away.

Alexa Jones smiled at Luke curiously, and followed Reid. They went into the lab and poured over Natalie’s scans.

Reid stared at the tests. “Can I observe?” He asked Alexa. “I’d like to be in the room.”

Alexa shrugged, “Of course. As long as you remember who is in charge.”

But truthfully, she’d welcome Reid’s presence. This was a very complex case.

They both washed up and put on scrubs.

Bob Hughes came in, “She’s prepped. All set?”

Dr. Jones frowned. “Well, I could use some extra hands. “

“Hmm,” Bob frowned, “unfortunately, we are a little short staffed right now,” he thought about Chris being suspended. “But I have a few eager interns.”

Alexa sighed. “Okay, I guess.” Interns? Crap, she thought. Then she sighed. “Bring them.”

Just moments later, Natalie was wheeled into the OR. Dr. Jones began the procedure, using a tiny laser the size of a thumb to neatly open up the skull. The brain was exposed, like the slicing of an orange. The sound of suction and machines could be heard just underneath the whispering voices of the nurses and interns. The incision was made. Reid watched from behind her. She was good. Her hands capable and focused.

But a few hours into the operation, it became difficult.

“Damn!” Alexa mumbled . “These blood vessels, so tiny.” A nurse mopped her face and pulled down her mask to give her a quick sip of water.

“I can’t see,” Alexa moved around. “Give me more light here,” she ordered the nurse.

“Help dissect this part,” she ordered the intern.

“Right!” The intern was almost giddy as he grabbed the scalpel.

“Look at this tissue damage,” Dr. Jones said.

Reid could see it over her left shoulder. It was bad.

The intern began to cut.

“No!” Alexa ordered, “not there.” She gestured with her head, her arms busy stitching another part of Natalie’s brain. “There. See?”

“No,” the intern said, wide-eyed now.

“There! “ Alexa said again, nodding. Trying to show him. She couldn’t help until her own part was done.

The intern blindly went to make the cut.

“Out of the way, moron,” Reid said suddenly , pushing the nervous intern aside. He could not stand it another moment. This bonehead would not touch Natalie.

Reid could see the tissue, the cut, the bleeding. It was like looking at a puzzle and just knowing where all the pieces fit. His mind clicked on it, and Reid felt a sense of calm. A sense of purpose. Luke had been right about one thing - in the OR, Reid could push aside everything else and just perform. He was that good.

Together now, he and Alexa cut and stitched and worked. They moved as one, picking up each other’s cues.


The operation lasted for hours. In the waiting room, Luke and the family sat helplessly. They had bickered, they had paced, they had eaten , they had slept. They had stared at the clock. They had watched bad television. They had bickered some more. And they waited.

At one point, Holden had taken Luke aside. “Are you okay?” He had asked.

“Well, nobody here is,” Luke had smiled.

Holden had searched his son’s eyes. “I know that. But I feel like there is more with you going on. You’re so silent- and just not like you.”

“I’m fine,” Luke said. At Holden’s look, Luke frowned. “I had a fight with Reid,” he admitted. He did not want to burden Holden with just how bad the fight had been. “But it’s no big thing.”

“Okay,” Holden patted Luke, “I’m sure you guys will work it out soon. “ Luke nodded. Holden’s glance went to Lily, sitting with Lucinda and Faith. “But don’t let it go on too long. Don’t let it fester. “

“I won’t,” Luke promised. Holden gave him a firm hug.
Then they’d gone back to waiting. The family played cards. The little ones grew tired and snuggled into the laps of the big ones, like nesting dolls.

The family huddled together. They drank coffee. They watched more bad television. They waited, waited and waited.

Finally, Dr. Jones came out from the OR.

The whole family rushed up.

She gave them a tired smile. “It went well. Natalie is in recovery.”

Everybody sighed with relief at once.

Dr. Jones continued, “We won’t know how she’ll be yet, but it looked good. Dr. Oliver and I managed to remove the damaged tissue.”

“What? “ Luke asked, “Reid operated with you?”

Dr. Jones nodded. “He was amazing, “she said simply. Then she laughed, “But don’t tell him I said it!”

Luke said nothing; he was rooted in place with shock.

“And Natalie will wake up when?” Lily was asking.

“Well, we want her body to rest, so we put her to sleep for the next day or so. Then we’ll wake her.” The doctor smiled. “I’m afraid I have to fly back to Boston tonight. More operations to do. But Dr. Oliver has her post-operative care planned out.”

“Is he coming out?” Luke asked.

“Should be.”

Luke gave her a big smile. “Thank you so much.”

She smiled back at him. He really was yummy, Alexa thought, Oliver always was a lucky bastard.

Dr. Jones turned to the family once more. “Natalie is strong and we’re hopeful. Take care now.”

“Thank you,” they all murmured.

Dr. Jones went down the hall. She took out her cell phone and began to book her return flight.

Meanwhile, Reid appeared from the OR.

The family embraced him, all except for a troubled Luke. He jammed his hands in his pockets and fought back tears. He wanted to work it out, but not with his entire family there.

After another quick briefing about Natalie, Reid excused himself. He was exhausted beyond imagination. He had been focused and energized in the operation, but now his emotions felt raw.

Luke followed him down the hallway.

“Wait! Reid!”

Impatiently, Reid turned. Luke smacked into him. He pushed Luke off quickly.
They looked at each other.

"Thank you,” Luke said softly, his eyes devouring Reid.

Reid shrugged. “If this wasn’t such a small hospital filled with idiotic interns- “ he shrugged again.

“We need to talk, okay?”

Reid said nothing.

“I’m sorry. I am! Can we please talk ?“ Luke suddenly pleaded.

Reid’s mouth drew into a hard line. “I don’t think so.”


“I should just forget it, huh? Now that Luke Snyder had it come out his way?”
Luke shook his head, “No,” he said. “Reid it isn’t like that.”

“That’s exactly what this is- I did what you wanted and helped operate, so now you think a sorry will fix it all. You got what you wanted, right?” Reid sneered.

“No!” Luke took his elbow and held it. “ I was coming to talk, trying to talk before the surgery, but-“

“You know what?” Reid said, shaking off Luke’s arm. “I just don’t care right now. “


He walked away.

Luke leaned heavily against the wall and banged his head against it.

Reid stayed in his small office for hours, going over every aspect of Natalie’s case. She would be awake soon and then they would know how successful it had been. Reid rubbed his eyes. He was drained, but the thought of going back to an empty house depressed him. He was no longer obligated to stay , but he stayed just the same. He opened up another file. It was late at night, the family was still taking shifts to watch over Natalie. Reid had checked her a few times, deliberately making sure it was not Luke’s shift. He sighed. The hospital was so quiet at this hour. Too silent.

The door of his office flung open suddenly, and Reid braced himself. He just could not deal with Luke right now. But it wasn’t him. Part of Reid felt relief and another part felt disappointed. He shook both feelings away.

Emma and Lucinda entered; they were hauling large bags.

“Hi,” Reid rose to his feet in confusion. He’s thought they’d left the hospital hours ago.

“Hello sweetheart,” Emma came over and gave Reid a warm hug. She put a bag down on his desk.

“What’s this?” Reid asked, perplexed.

“Really darling, you need some better lightening in here,” Lucinda was saying, making a face at Reid’s tiny desk lamp. “Bob Hughes can afford to give his top surgeon a bigger office too. I’m going to fax that man a memo. “

Emma dug into the bag and started bringing out foods: thick pieces of fried chicken, sweet potatoes in honey, apple pie.

“You need to eat, “ Emma scolded Reid gently. “Have you eaten at all today?” Emma gently touched Reid on the head and smoothed back his hair.

“I um-“ Reid stammered, embarrassed.

Emma clucked her tongue, “Skin and bones. No wonder Luke was concerned.”

“Luke?” Reid’s heart skipped a beat at his name.

“He sent us here, darling, “ Lucinda said, flopping into Reid’s chair, spinning around. “He’s concerned about you. “

Reid was silent. As far as he knew the family did not know they had split up. He wasn’t sure what to say or do.

“He asked us to take care of you and visit. I guess he had some things to do for Holden and
for Lily,” Emma added as she scooped Reid out a huge plate of food.

“You know what would be nice in this office? “ Lucinda mused, “a flat screen television. You could relax between operations. Why not! “ Lucinda gave Reid a wide grin, “Who deserves it more than the man saving our Natalie?”

“Look,” Reid said laughing at her, “Don’t get involved with your guns blazing or anything.” Reid pulled up another chair and sat down . ” I don’t need Bob accusing me of nepotism. That’s what I accuse him and Chris of.” Reid slowly picked up a fork and began to eat.

Emma beamed at him with approval. Reid shoveled in more food.

Damn! He was hungry.

“Fine, fine. Refuse my help with Bob. “ Lucinda reached into her bag. “Stubborn. Like me. “

She pulled out a bottle of Wild Turkey. “But you can’t refuse a shot.” Lucinda took out two glasses and poured .

“Luke did not give you that!” Reid exclaimed.

Lucinda grinned wickedly, “This is from my limo- I keep it fully stocked, darling.”

“I’m at the hospital,” Reid protested.

“You’re not on call. You’re just here. Waiting and watching. But you told us yourself, you put Natalie in a deep sleep for at least 48 hours, right?”
Reid nodded.

“So drink up, Oliver! Don’t make this old gal drink alone!”

Reid took the glass.

“What the hell?” he muttered. He’d been through enough; a drink did not sound bad.

“Cheers, old lady.”

“Down the hatch.”

The whiskey burned as it hit his throat.

“Emma?” Lucinda asked. “There is one more glass?”

“Oh, no ,no. Gracious me!” Emma shook her head.

Reid and Lucinda finished the shot.

“Oh and here,” Lucinda reached into the final bag. “Luke asked me to stop at your house and pick this up.”

She pulled out Reid’s toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving kit and comb.

“Luke..went home? “ Reid felt his heart slamming against his chest.

Lucinda shook her head. “Gave me the key. Here,” She tossed it to him. “But he wanted to make sure you had your stuff. He said you’d stubbornly be here all night.”

Reid felt a dull ache in the pit of his stomach. He picked up his toothbrush. This was the Luke he usually knew. Thoughtful ,sweet… Reid shook his head. No. It shouldn’t be so easy for Luke.

Reid did another shot with Lucinda, and ate more pie.

Watching them, Emma clucked her tongue.

“Oh, come on Emma!” Lucinda ordered, “Whiskey up.”


"Why not? Holden and Molly have the kids, and we have the limo to drive you home. What’s stopping you?”

Emma paused. “Oh, well… maybe just a nip.”

Reid’s mouth fell open.

“Don’t just sit there like a dummy, “ cackled Lucinda, “pour the lady a drink.”

They drank. The bottle was soon half-empty.

Emma told them stories about Mr. Harvey Snyder, her husband, and the way he rode a stallion.

Lucinda shared tales of John Dixon. “A little bit of blackmail, darlings, leads to a lot of good sex. “ And then she shared the details of her one night stand with Craig Montgomery. Her story made even Reid blush.

Reid offered his argument that a real man kept his “number” of conquests to himself. The ladies both agreed with him. But the conversation made Reid restless- it made him think of Luke.

They talked long into the night.


After a while, Reid looked at his two “grandmas” and smiled.

“Thanks,” he told them. “Both of you.”

“Oh come on,” Emma gave his shoulders a quick rub. “We should thank you.”

“Well,” Reid sighed. “We still don’t know how she will be.”

They were all silent a moment.

“Then we’ll pray,” Emma said simply and bowed her head.

Lucinda and Reid glanced at her and then at each other.

“What the hell?” Lucinda shrugged. “I believe in the man upstairs.”

She bowed her head. Emma took Lucinda’s hand.

Reid swallowed the lump in his throat. He’s always been an agnostic and was still doubtful. But for Natalie---- for this family he loved ----

Reid offered a hand to each woman.

The three of them formed a tight little circle and prayed.
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Title: After The Rattle
Author: Marsabi
Summary: This story takes place after Reid and Luke roll on the baby rattle at Katie's. It fixes the Chris problem and other things...
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: These characters are from ATWT...  
Warning: none

 Chapter Four :

"Oh," Reid said, stuffing more chocolate cake into his mouth, "wow."

"Reid," Luke advised, "take a breath."

Reid ignored him and shoveled in more food. "Luke, wow. You can really cook." Reid patted his belly and sighed.

"Why are you so surprised."

"Well, between mommy and your fat bank account, I figured you never learned to bother."

"I'll have you know that I spent many days out at the farm with Grandma Emma cooking."

"Obviously," Reid sighed contentedly. "She must have been a great teacher."

"Wow! All these compliments. That's a first!"

Reid grinned. "Yeah, well...I'm hoping this won't be the last time you cook for me."

"It won't - if you do something for me too."

Reid raised an eyebrow. "What?"

"Go to physical therapy in the morning. Work on your hand exercises."

"I didn't say I wasn't going, " Reid frowned, "I just said the therapist was a moron.  Most likely got his degree online at some quack institute. "

"Reid-" Luke went over to him. "I can fly somebody in - "

"Forget it. "


"Well, for one thing, I can take care of my own problems. Besides, you'll probably fall in love with that doctor too."

"Ha ha," Luke half-smiled. But his heart was full of worry. He knew that Reid was troubled by the tingling in his hand. He knew how important being a surgeon was for Reid. It meant everything. Yet Reid was acting all brave about it; he would not admit it at all. 

They had fought about it already. The day of the accident, after hearing Chris was going to be fine, Luke had tried to get Reid to discuss it.

"Why don't you just tell me how scared you are?" Luke had demanded. 

Reid had become angry then. "Cause I don't just go around spilling my guts out."  And that had been that. 

"I can have grandmother make some calls. I can help- like in Texas."

Reid ate another bite of Luke's delicious chocolate cake and tried to avoid Luke's big brown eyes. Reid felt all twisted up inside. He wanted to drop it. To pretend his hand did not feel numb, but he knew Luke. Luke was one of the most stubborn people on the planet. He would be like a dog with a bone. He would relentlessly bother Reid about his hand. Might as well give into Luke right now.

"I can call somebody myself." Reid told him. " I know a good physical therapist. He actually owes me a favor."

"Why does he owe you?" Luke asked as he cleaned up the dishes. Reid tried to get up and help, but Luke shooed him away.

"Well, I brilliantly operated on a few of his patients. I gave him, his name's James, a ride to the airport once, even though it was a bad storm that day.. I covered for him his nitwit boss more than once.."

"Okay, okay. Call him. As long as you didn't date him or anything," Luke teased.

"No, " Reid said, "James is not gay. " Reid glanced away suddenly.

Luke went over to him. He took Reid's chin in his hand and forced his face up. "But? "

Reid shook his head.


"Well, okay...I might have dated his gay brother for a time," Reid admitted sheepishly.

"Terrific, " Luke said, releasing Reid's chin.

"Hey," Reid touched Luke gently. Luke crossed his arms. Reid pushed Luke's arms back open and slid his body against Luke's. They pushed each other back and forth for a moment, before Luke sighed and let Reid into his arms.

"Don't man handle me," Luke said.

"You love it," Reid told him.

Luke twisted his lips into a reluctant smile.

Reid pulled Luke even closer.

"It was nothing." Reid said. " Besides, it is James I need. I'm not calling Alec. I need James to help with this damn hand."

"I still don't like it."

"Trust me."

Luke just pouted.

"Don't overeact."

"Don't tell me I'm overeacting - you always say that!"

"Oh, forget it. " Reid said. " It was a dumb idea. I'll just stick with Oakdale's idiot therapist."

There was a long silence.

Luke sighed. "It was really nothing?"

Reid kissed his lips. "Really, really...Now how about some more cake?"

Later, as they got ready for bed, Luke saw Reid flexing his hand- open and close, open and close.  Reid
winced. He turned and caught Luke watching.

"It'll be fine, " Reid said gruffly and went into the bathroom.

Luke turned down the sheets.

Reid came out, dressed only in a tight pair of black briefs. He gave Luke a small smile.

Luke smiled back with all of his feeling for this man. Reid swallowed hard for a moment, and then he came over to Luke. They got into the bed together silently.

Luke softly stroked Reid's back.  Reid turned over, so that they were face to face. He stared into Luke's warm eyes. Then Reid rested his head on Luke's shoulder.

"I guess I can admit that I am a know."

"Scared," Luke whispered.

"No, not scared," Reid started to deny. Luke stroked his curly hair and waited.

"Terrified, petrified - " Reid snuggled into Luke. "I'm really trying not to be."

"I know." Luke kissed Reid soflty. "It will be okay."

"Ahh, that Synder optimism," Reid joked, but he pulled Luke even closer. He held Luke for a long, long time.  

In the morning, Reid made the call.


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