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Title: Hit and Run
Author: Marsabi
Summary: Natalie was a victim of a hit and run.
Disclaimer: Owned by ATWT
Warning: Sexual Content
Rating : NC-17

Part 10

A week after the secret meeting with his family, Luke went shopping in old town. He’d been trying to put his plan to woo Reid into action for days now, but Reid was always at the hospital.

Casey bumped into Luke there on the street .

“I heard that Natalie is doing better?” Casey hopped around as he talked to fight off the cold day.

“Yeah,” Luke beamed. “Her therapist has her up on her feet. A little bit. And yesterday, she said a word here or there. Mostly she still is writing, but we’re really hopeful.”

“Great, man,” Casey replied. “You’re shopping too?”

“Yeah,” Luke nodded. He was dressed for the colder weather in an expensive jacket and leather gloves. “I am getting a surprise for Reid. “

“What? A new Mercedes? A Rolex?” Casey teased.

Luke laughed. “Maybe. Jealous?”

“Considering all Ali can afford to get me is a kit of hot coco or maybe a used Nintendo game…Yep.”

“Well come over my house soon and we can play some Wii.”

“Okay, but if you’re propositioning me Snyder – I don’t put out that easily.”

“Sure you do.”

They grinned at each other.

“So what are you getting Dr. O?” Casey asked.

“Something he will never expect,” Luke laughed, and then sighed, “If he ever comes home from
the hospital.”

“I know what you mean,” Casey nodded. “Ali’s been working all these late night shifts too. “


“Yeah,” Casey sighed, “That is why I’m here shopping early for Christmas. We’ve been fighting about her hours and …” His glance slid away.”Other things.”

“Sorry to hear it,” Luke said sympathetically.

“She just is pressing me and acting…I don’t know, “ Casey shrugged. “And when I suggested yesterday that it might be PMS – she went a little crazy .”

Luke winced. He had never dated women, but even he knew not to suggest they were hormonal.

“Anyway,” Casey said, “I’m here to buy some jewelry.”

“Can’t go wrong there,” Luke smiled. “Do you want to talk about it?”

Casey searched Luke’s eyes. He wanted to spill his guts to him, but shook his head instead.
He had promised Ali his silence.

“Just girlfriend stuff,” he smiled. “Let’s catch up later, okay?”

“Sure,” Luke shrugged. He still needed to shop for Reid anyhow.

The two friends went their separate ways, each lost in his own thoughts.


Across town at Memorial , Margo was just leaving Natalie’s hospital room. Reid stood waiting outside.

Margo shrugged, “You’re right- no memory of it.”

Reid just nodded. “And Carly?”

“Released. Not enough evidence to hold her; the car was clean.”

“Luke will be glad,” Reid said, “Carly in jail would have made for a hard Snyder Christmas.”

Margo nodded, “But now we are back to square one. Let me know if she recalls even the
smallest thing.”

Reid watched her leave. Then he went into see Natalie. He was overdue to go home, it was late, and he missed dinner with Luke again. He had told Luke he’d be home, but there was always one more problem to fix at work.

As he opened the door, Reid saw that Alison Stuart was there, taking Natalie’s latest blood sample, or trying to take it. Poor Natalie was wincing, her face all scrunched up , as Ali tried to find her vein once again.

“Sorry!” Ali cried out, “Once more.”

Reid stood by and watched her do it wrong . “Sorry!” Ali cried out again. Natalie nodded and chewed on her lower lip.

“Oh for God’s sake!” Dr. Oliver said angrily. “Where did you go to nursing school? “

He grabbed the needle from Ali’s hand and stuck Natalie in once fast motion. Natalie sighed with relief and sat back on her pillows.

“It’s just that I know her,” Ali said to Reid. “I know her and what happened to her, “ Ali gulped, “is so awful.”

“Just pick up those vials and go,” Dr. Oliver told her. “And you need to be more professional or God knows what other mistakes you’ll make tonight.”

Natalie felt her cheeks turning crimson as she listened. She felt embarrassed for Ali who was clearly a pretty bad nurse. Natalie had the stick marks to prove it.
Ali apologized again and left quickly. Natalie held her arm. There would be bruises forming now. Dr Oliver glanced at her rubbing it.

“Up for some company?” He asked Natalie.

She smiled. Dr. Oliver came in every single day and sometimes at night too. He seemed to get that it was hard to actually sleep in the hospital. Even with all of her stuffed animals and her own pillow from home, the sounds of machines and lights flickering in the hallway and just the aching in her body often kept her awake.

Dr. Oliver picked up the chess board. He had played with her a few nights ago, gently reminding her of how the pieces all moved. Natalie understood that this was not a doctor and patient visit. He was off for the night. Another time, he had brought her some snacks from vending machines, and they had munched on chips and watched a late night movie.

“Rematch?” Dr. Oliver asked her now. He put the board on her bed and set up the pieces. Natalie watched him. Then she inhaled and practiced speaking calmly, the way the therapist told her.

“BBB-oorr –rruuing,” She told Dr. Oliver and then beamed at her success.

“Fantastic!”He got excited to. “That was really clear, Natalie and – “

He broke off and frowned. “Wait, did you just call chess boring?”

Natalie giggled. Dr. Oliver pursued his lips at her.

“Chess is a great game. It helps your mind develop logical thinking and – “ He stopped and watched as Natalie rolled her eyes. Dr. Oliver paused.

“I suppose you’d prefer I make up a dance with them or something?” His tone was a bit sarcastic.

Natalie nodded in challenge to him.

To Natalie’s extreme surprise, Dr. Oliver picked up a queen and twirled in around in his fingers. Then he picked up the king and made it bow to her. Natalie picked up another queen. Soon they had the pieces dancing together. The banged them around the chess board in a kind of square dance. The silliness of it made Natalie squeal in delight.

After awhile, Dr. Oliver stopped and pointed a finger at her, “Okay, Miss Snyder, this dance stays between us. Understand? “ He winked at her. “Your brother would torture me too much.
We play chess seriously in our house, not dance them around. “
Natalie picked up her pad , What makes you think Luke likes chess either?”

Dr. Oliver’s mouth fell open. “Like I said, we play all the time and-“ He studied
Natalie. “Are you busting my chops?”

She shrugged. She honestly had no idea if Luke liked chess. She had just wanted to see his reaction.

“Well done, kid,” he said and laughed.

Her mother would be horrified at her bad manners. Yet Natalie felt like making Dr. Oliver laugh was some kind of strange accomplishment.

He was still chuckling now and gave her cheek a small pat.

Then he stood up. “I’ll come and check on you in the morning, okay?”

“Bbbye,” she smiled softly.

That night, Natalie stopped thinking of him as Dr. Oliver and started to think of him as simply Reid.


It was very late. Reid opened the door to his bedroom as quietly as possible, trying not to wake Luke. He had just raided the fridge downstairs, where Luke had thoughtfully left him a bowl of spaghetti. Reid had devoured it right over the sink, chewing and twirling the spaghetti. He had not even cared that it was cold. Then he had come upstairs.
Luke was sleeping with the covers half-off, wearing an old pair of Reid’s Harvard sweats. His mouth was open and his body deeply breathing. Reid sat carefully down on the bed.

“Luke,” he said quietly.

“Hmm?” Luke did not open his eyes.

Reid leaned down. “Do you like playing chess?” He asked.

Luke breathed out and moved a little in his sleep. “Sometimes,” he said , still asleep.

Sometimes? Reid’s mind flashed to all the endless games of chess they had played, and all of the times he had made Luke go over his opening moves. Luke had always acted enthusiastic and good-natured about it. He had even given Luke a chess instruction guide a few months ago. Luke had said he loved it. Reid’s mouth quirked as he mulled over this new information.
Reid smoothed the hair off of Luke’s face. “I love you,” he whispered to him.
Luke moved again in sleep. “Kay. “ Then he gave a little smile and exhaled, “Reid.”

Reid quickly stripped off his clothes and climbed into their bed. He nuzzled Luke’s neck, and ran his fingers along the waistband of the sweats.

Luke slept on. Reid reached over to the nightstand and warmed the lube on his fingers. He rolled on a condom. Then he pushed the sweats down and thrust a finger in and out. He tongued Luke’s ear , his mouth hot and hungry.

“Oh,” Luke said suddenly, his eyes still shut. He thought he was having a great dream .
Reid lowered his head and skimmed lips and teeth over Luke’s flesh. His hand brushed against Luke’s rib cage. Another hand slid into Luke’s pants and flicked at his tip. He gave it a gentle squeeze. Luke hardened like iron in Reid’s capable hand. Reid pulled the pants all the way off. Holding his erection firmly now, he watched as Luke’s body vibrated. Reid spread open Luke’s ass. He could not wait a second longer.

Reid drove into him. At the same time, Luke jumped to full consciousness.

He gasped.

“It’s me,” Reid murmured to him, caressing his stunned body.

“Reid?” Luke said, dazed. “Are you really here?”

“Don’t I feel real?” Reid half-laughed, and plunged harder into Luke.

A moan escaped Luke’s lips and his body undulated in pleasure.

Luke turned his head to let Reid kiss him, and they rolled together. Reid was on top now,
still fully buried inside of Luke. Together, they pulled off Luke’s shirt. Their chests connected and nipples rubbed. Luke arched his body like a bow. Reid hammered down into him. Luke raised up his legs for more, more, more -

They exploded in a final burst.


After a quiet moment, Luke stirred.

“What?” Reid asked.

“Just thirsty,” Luke said.

Reid stroked his back,” Don’t move. I’ll get you some water.”


Completely naked, Reid climbed out of bed, thinking how funny Luke was with being so polite, when he connected with something soft under his left foot.

“What the hell ?” Reid exclaimed!

He jumped into the air and away.

Luke sat up in their bed, the covers sliding off of him.

“Surprise!” Luke smiled, his eyes dancing.
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Title: Hit and Run 20 (LAST)
Author: Marsabi
Summary: After Natalie is a victim of a hit- and-run, Reid and Luke’s relationship is tested
Disclaimer: Owned by ATWT
Rating: PG
Warning: Fluffy and some strong language

a/n: This is it! Thanks so much for all the comments; it really kept me going. I appreciated every comment. Here is the end…

Part 20

Reid was dressed like a prince. He wore a fancy red and blue vest and shirt. He had a crest of gold decorated on his chest. His legs were in blue tights. Nervous sweat was starting to pool at Reid’s eyebrow, and he carelessly wiped it with a puffy prince arm.

“Do you see me?” Reid demanded.

“Oh God, “ Luke said.

“I’m ridiculous!”Reid moaned, throwing up his hands in despair. “And I don’t even know how this happened to me. One moment, I was seeing Natalie off and the next your family descended on me with crap about your mouse fetish and Valentine’s Day and –“

“My what?”

“And then I tried to tell you how you look and how I felt, but I end up shoveling cat shit, and then the next thing I know, Natalie has me getting out my credit card at a costume shop and – Look at me!”

Luke did. He tried to fight it, but a huge wave of laughter hit him. He gave a small pinch at his own arm to try and stop it.

“You’re bratty sister even gave me these cards, “ Reid babbled on nervously, oblivious to
Luke’s shaking shoulders and twisting mouth. “She was afraid I couldn’t remember. I mean, I told her I have a photographic memory!” Reid’s voice trembled with indignation, “ But she didn’t listen. “ He took an index card out from his pocket, “She wrote down word for word romantic things I was supposed to say.”

Luke was desperately biting the inside of his cheek now.

Reid read from the card in a robotic voice, “You’re my handsome prince and I’m going to be your prince too, “ He looked up at Luke with an incredulous, pained expression.

Luke couldn’t help a burst of laughter that escaped his lips.

“I don’t know how she got me to go this far, “ Reid was mumbling, “Your sister is ruthless. She’d be a great chess player.” Reid read another line, “We can be together and make our own beautiful castle of love.”

Luke held his side and tried to stop. It was no use. A great belly ache of laughter escaped.

“Oh shut up!” Reid said suddenly seeing Luke’s face, “quit it.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” Luke held up a protesting hand, even as he roared with more laughter. “But your costume? Those- those words from your mouth,” He had to lean against a wall as he laughed.

Reid balled up the index card and threw it at him, “I hate you!” He said.

Luke only laughed harder, a partly nervous laugh, and a snort came out of his nose.

“I’m glad you’re enjoying this,” Reid said, but his lips twitched. “It is pretty awful, huh?”

“Terrible,” Luke agreed.

Suddenly, both of them were laughing. The sound filled the room.

Luke walked over to Reid and pulled on his puffy sleeve.

“Should I call you Charming from now on?”

Reid flipped him the bird.

They laughed harder.

“ Okay, not Charming, not at all,” Luke said, through his giggles.

“None of this would have happened, if you could just stay awake after sex,” Reid accused.

Luke cupped Reid’s disgruntled face. “Sorry.” He let his hand slide down Reid’s cheek gently.

Their laughter died in that moment of physical contact. Reid looked deeply into Luke’s eyes.

“No, I’m sorry. That I left tonight. But your family. The bridal suite, the speech, this outfit- I just panicked, you know?” Reid said.

Luke tensed up a little. He swallowed the lump in his throat and just nodded.

Reid took Luke’s hand from his face and just held it a second.

“I didn’t mean to leave; I just went into breakdown mode,” Reid admitted. “It was all too much.”

“So you came here,” Luke whispered seriously now, and understanding at last, “Where you feel safe.”

“Yeah,” Reid said. “And where we got so off track.”

Luke licked his lips. His eyes filled with mixed emotions.

He had no clue what Reid would do next. Now that he had laughed at him, Luke suddenly wanted to cry. He looked away and pulled nervously at his ear. “So…?” He said softly.

Luke looked to Reid then, as if to discover some part of Reid that had been eluding him.

“So,” Reid gazed around the exam room. Then he sighed. He looked at Luke’s hopeful face. “So. I hope Natalie and you will forgive me. But I gotta do this like me.”

“Are you,” Luke stammered, “doing it?”

“I’m wearing a fucking prince suit, aren’t I? I am doing this alright.”

“Okay,” Luke gave him a tremulous smile. Then he wiped more tears from his eyes. “And you, you trust me again?”

“It was never really you I didn’t trust!” Reid said quickly. “Did you think that?”
Luke wouldn’t answer.

“I’m sorry.” Reid glanced at him, “Is that why the cat and the skating and the rest? You were proving yourself?”

“Did it work?” Luke asked shyly. “Was it the public sex? I know you liked that part. Was it Reid Jr.?”

“It wasn’t the sex! And not the damn cat!” Reid laughed.

“Then what?”

Reid shook his head. He thought about the way Luke punched Chris, defended him to Lily, comforted him after they’d fought. He looked at Luke and wanted to tell him that it was everything about him. It was his very essence that Reid loved so much.

“I don’t know.” He smiled.

Luke smiled at him too. “You’re not mad about all that crazy stuff I did?”

“Well,” Reid drawled and rolled his eyes, “We may have to talk later about your family and boundaries…”

“Oh geez,” Luke said. “Let’s put that talk on hold.”

“Agreed,” Reid answered. Then he snuck a shy peek at Luke. “It was never you I didn’t trust –it was the rest.”

“The rest?” Luke looked puzzled.

“Our house, our love, our – life.” Reid looked down with embarrassment. “Look…I don’t usually end up with things like this or someone like you. I’m the guy who works all day and night and then comes home to a frozen dinner and an empty apartment.” He touched Luke reverently . “And then I met you. You turned all my expectations upside down. That’s what it took me awhile to believe in again – that I could really have a life with you that would last.”

“It will last,” Luke gave him a reassuring smile, ”Cause I love you. ” Luke leaned his forehead against Reid’s, and circled an arm at his waist.

“Me too,” Reid said thickly.

Then he tilted his head at Luke, “So why didn’t you just come out and talk to me about all this? Tell me how worried you were about the engagement ?”

Luke was quiet a long moment. “ I know I should have just been honest. But I knew I’d let you down before.” He struggled over his words, filled with raw emotion. “ And I was just too afraid of your answer.”

“And why did you take the rings off?” Reid persisted gently.

Luke buried his face in Reid’s neck and hugged him tightly.

“I think I know the answer, “ Reid said. He absently stroked Luke’s hair. “You were trying to do what you thought I needed. So you put the rings away. Even though you didn’t want to, right?” He could feel Luke shudder in response.

Reid wrapped his arms around Luke protectively. He even rocked him a moment. “Are you ready for your proposal?” Reid whispered in Luke’s ear.

A sob racked Luke’s body, “You, you don’t have to. I’m happy to be together. I-“

“Shut up,” Reid told him cheerfully. “Stop babbling. “

“Me? You’re the babbling one,” Luke replied . He was about to add more, when Reid held Luke away from his body and gently hushed him.

“Now-“ Reid said. “Don’t interrupt, okay?” Reid’s voice trembled with the true depth of his feelings.

Luke bobbed his head up and down. His fists clenched. He tried to freeze like a statue.

Reid squeezed Luke’s hand, and then he dropped down on one knee.

“ I’d rather be doing brain surgery in here right now, “Reid groaned.

Then he gazed up at Luke’s loving expression. Luke’s cheeks were pink, and he had a sweet, tentative smile of encouragement on his face. “Or maybe not,” Reid said softly.

He could feel Luke’s hand shaking in his own. Tears were starting again in Luke’s eyes.

“Watch the water works,” Reid advised dryly, “This costume is a rental.”

Then when Luke remained silent and waiting, Reid exhaled deeply .

“I love you,” he told Luke simply. “And I want you to be my husband and plan our wedding again and…” Reid paused nervously. “Will you please marry me? I really love you. More than junk food, more than brains, more than anything or anybody. Okay? That’s it, I guess. “ Reid shrugged self-consciously. “I said it… So will you?”

With a shout of undisguised joy, Luke hauled Reid up to his feet and hugged him tightly. “Yes! “ He said. “Yes, yes, yes!” Luke’s face flushed with happiness and he flashed
Reid his high-voltage smile.

Their lips met.

“Can I tell you a secret, Snyder?’ Reid said suddenly.

“You’d better tell me all your secrets, Dr. Oliver,” Luke teased in a choked voice and kissed Reid softly.

“ Earlier this evening? When I told you my number? You know, that was just my sex number. “

Luke sniffed. He wiped some stray tears away. “What do you mean?”

“My real number? My love number?” Reid smiled. “ It’s one, Luke, only one.”

With that, Reid slid the frog ring off of his finger and carefully placed it on Luke’s.

Luke’s whole face lit up with joy.

“The truth is- there’s nothing I want more in this wide world than to be your husband, “ Reid admitted.

They kissed again slowly and deeply. Their lips smacking as they parted.

“I’m sorry this wasn’t good like your proposal, “ Reid said suddenly, breaking it off with a guilty face. “That we’re in the hospital, of all stupid places.” He gave Luke a sheepish look. “ I wanted to romance you, I really did. I worked it all out with Natalie and it’s all waiting there. But-”

“Reid,” Luke put a finger to his lips, stopping his words. “You’re standing here, telling me you love me, wanting to get engaged again, wanting to become my husband .” Luke gave an elated laugh. Then Luke’s voice cracked with love, “ This – here and just like this - is the most romantic thing in my life, you big idiot. “

“Really?’ Reid exclaimed.”I did a good job?” Reid’s entire face was suddenly open and excited like a little boy’s, making Luke suck in his breath.

“A really good job,” Luke told him. “Just the way you did it.”

Reid grinned happily, and Luke sweetly kissed him.

“Although, I do have to thank Natalie for one thing.” Luke added.

“What’s that?”

“You look damn good in these tights. “ Luke laughed and ran his hand down Reid’s leg suggestively.

A moment later, Reid pulled back and sighed. “Well, everybody’s waiting to congratulate us at Lucinda’s party. We should go. They all expect me to be proposing right now at the bridal suite. “

“That’s nice,” Luke murmured, pulling him in for another kiss.

“Yeah, your family is excited. They must have called me a hundred times. So should we go?“

“Nope,” Luke nibbled the line of Reid’s jaw.

“No?” Reid said in confusion. “It’s almost midnight.”

“We’ll go and see them all and wish them a happy New Year,” Luke said gruffly, “ but much, much later. I want to spend a little time with you and me first. “ He nuzzled Reid’s neck and then sucked on the sensitive skin there.

“Just you and me,” Luke repeated.

Luke looked at Reid and gave him a melting smile full of promise.

“Just you and me,” Reid agreed.

He no longer felt silly standing in front of Luke in his prince outfit. Reid knew in that moment that he would love this man until the day he died, and that their love would last for always.

Just like a fairytale, they were meant for happily ever after .

The End
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Title: Hit and Run
Author: Marsabi
Summary: After Natalie is a victim of a hit-and-run, Luke and Reid’s relationship is tested
Disclaimer: Owned by ATWT
Warning: Some strong language
Rating: PG

Part 19

It was New Year’s Eve.

Reid was rushing Luke along, and trying to remind himself to breathe. He hated to acknowledge it, but he was extremely nervous. He had not eaten all day. His stomach was in knots and the thought of food actually made it hurt. Besides, he had slept poorly last night. He had gotten up feeling drained. Now they were only an hour away from the party - only an hour.

Reid picked up the clock again for the fourth time, “Would you move along?” He said to Luke.

It didn’t help that Luke was walking around in just his briefs, looking like an angel in an underwear ad, not helping his nerves one bit.

His scheduled proposal time was almost here. Reid felt dizzy from just the thought and sat down on their bed. The lack of sleep and sustenance was getting to him. And Natalie had made him go shopping all day. Shopping! In and out of every frilly, prissy store imaginable.

“Why do you care so much if we’re on time?” Luke complained. “ You hate parties.”

Could Luke’s underwear be any tighter? Could he be any more perfect? Reid studied the clock again.

“I don’t hate parties, besides its Lucinda. Now stop asking me so many questions,” Reid said anxiously, “and get your butt in the shower.”

“You had my butt in the shower last night,” Luke said laughing, “however, I might be persuaded to do it again – “ Luke and his hot, skimpily-clad body started over to him. He offered Reid one of his killer smiles.

“No,” Reid held out his hand to stop him. “ I want you to actually get clean. “

“ Spoilsport.” Luke stuck out his pink tongue. Reid felt like somebody just cut him off at the knees. Part of him just wanted to drag Luke back to bed and keep him there.

Luke wouldn’t get his romantic proposal then. Natalie would kick his ass.

“I’m not spoiling things,” Reid said with irritation. “ I just know how long it takes you to do your pretty hair.”

“Hey,” Luke pushed at him, “just for that remark , I won’t go and get ready until you tell me something…revealing.”

“Oh, come on!”Reid put a hand to his head- none of this was going easily for him. He could feel his mind turning into quivering mush. Is this what love did to you? He was beginning to have not one coherent thought. He just wanted to go and get it over with, and here was Luke goofing around, wanting to play. Didn’t he know how hard this was for Reid? Well, okay, he didn’t know, but still…

“Let’s see. Before I shower for the party, I need you to tell me…” Luke chewed his finger in thought. “The number.” He shot Reid a triumphant grin.

“The number?” Reid parroted. “ Fuck Luke! You want to tease me about the number of men right now?”

It was an ongoing fight they’d always both enjoyed. Luke constantly asking for details of Reid’s sexual history, and Reid’s carefully avoiding it. It always had bothered Luke that Reid knew all about Noah and Luke’s history together, but much of Reid’s past love life was a mystery to him.

“Tell me,” Luke said now, his eyes dancing.

“If I tell you the number of men I’ve been with, will you hurry?” Reid snapped. He really had more important matters on his mind. He’s promised Natalie he would not screw it up; he did not want to screw this up. And now they were already running late.

Luke was stunned, “Yes,” he agreed eagerly. He couldn’t believe Reid was about to finally reveal the number of men he had slept with. Luke braced himself, suddenly wondering if he really did want to know.

“Okay, then. ” Reid rolled his eyes.”Five. Happy now?”

“Five?” Luke’s mouth dropped” Just five?”

“Look, I never said I was some kind of Casanova, you just got in your mind.” Reid grinned suddenly, “Probably cause I’m such a master in the bedroom. “

“Five?” Luke said again.

“Hey,” Reid said a little defensively, ” I was busy becoming a world class neurosurgeon. And before that a chess champion and Harvard medical school student and –“

“Before that a high school science geek?” Luke offered, laughing.

Then Luke’s face glowed wickedly. “So five, huh? Hmm. You mean if I go and sleep with just a few more men, I could tie you?” he teased.

“You’re not sleeping with anybody but me,” Reid said hotly.

“I don’t know,” Luke mused.“Five only? “Luke laughed again, delighted.

“They were five extremely satisfied men,” Reid said.

“I’m sure.”

“Just go and shower , smart ass. I answered the question.”

Giggling, Luke headed for the shower.

Reid rushed over to their closet. He glanced down a moment at the texts from the family urging him to hurry. Then Reid took out the outfit he’d hidden behind his tux. He took a deep, terrified breath and grabbed it.

Reid gazed at his appearance in the mirror and winced. He looked ridiculous. He must be out of his mind. How could he listen to Natalie? She was eleven years old! He shook his head and glanced at the bathroom door. Luke was still in the shower, no doubt conditioning his hair or whatever.

Reid studied himself again. If they were still alive, his rational, cold-hearted parents would be shocked by his idiotic behavior. No one in his family ever foolishly acted from emotions. If his Uncle Angus could see him, there would be vicious taunting and ridicule. Reid examined his reflection again. No, not like this. He just couldn’t. It was all too risky. He didn’t know anything about declarations of love. Panic consumed him. He had to get away. He had to think this over. Just for a little bit of time. He grabbed his winter coat and quickly covered up the outfit.

Then Reid walked out the door.

When Luke opened up the bathroom, showered and shaved, and looking more lovely than a man should be allowed to look in his tux, he found himself all alone.

“Reid?” He called. The room was deserted. Luke looked around in confusion . He went down the stairs and wandered from one dark room to another. A pang of loneliness hit Luke. The house was empty.

Then his phone buzzed. Luke went and picked it up.

Meet me at the hospital the text read, I’m in exam room one.


The hospital was eerily quiet. Soon there would be New Year’s Eve accidents and drunks pouring into Memorial’s doors, but right now it was early. Luke was surprised that an emergency had called Reid away. At least, that was what he guessed. He was baffled why Reid wanted him to come to the hospital, and not just meet him later at the party.
Luke walked to the exam room and opened the door.

Reid stood in his long white doctor’s coat and scrub pants, but there was nobody else there.

“Hey,” Luke said, suddenly feeling unsure.” What’s going on? I thought you must have had an emergency.”

“I did,” Reid said grimly. “of nerves.”


Reid slowly looked Luke over from head to foot. He was wearing his formal black tuxedo. It outlined the shape of his body snugly. His hair was combed back and spiked a little. His beautiful skin looked illuminated, even under the harsh hospital lights.

“You look amazing,” Reid told him honestly.

“For a guy you just stood up?” Luke asked, a little hurt and irritated now that he could see no emergency in sight.

Reid ignored that.

“Do you know,” Reid said, moving around the exam room and fiddling with one of the machines. “That this is the room they brought Natalie into.”

Luke glanced around. “It is? I guess it is. That day was so crazy.”

“Yeah,” Reid said. “I remember coming in here and seeing her for the first time. “ Reid paused and cleared his throat. “And do you know, my hands shook when I touched her.” He frowned with puzzlement as if the shock of that day was still with him. “ That never happens to me.” Reid’s eyes flitted all about room. “ I never, ever shake. “
Luke’s heart was hammering in his chest with confusion. “ Your hands?” He repeated. “ Shook?”

“Yeah, I didn’t tell you.” Reid drew his eyebrows together. He had just assumed Luke would somehow know his fear. He realized now that had not been fair. “I’m sorry,” he told Luke.

Feeling awkward, Luke grabbed at the edge of the metal table. “Sorry? About your hands?”

With a muffled oath, Reid began to babble:

“No, I’m sorry I’m screwing up! You deserve this to go as planned. You deserve it all to be perfect! Natalie told me how to be romantic and she had me reserve the bridal suite of the hotel. It’s supposed to be like in the Nutcracker, I think. She has music on and ready and there are flowers there, even rose petals in the tub, and balloons and sparkling cider and – but Luke, “ Reid turned away with a rueful smile, “I just couldn’t go there. “

He gestured around wildly. “ I couldn’t do it!” Reid took a step back from Luke. “ All that isn’t me. I’m not that guy – I couldn’t.“

Luke inhaled a sharp breath. He tried to get closer to Reid.

“Do what? Couldn’t do what?” Luke asked desperately now. He felt the shock of the situation hitting his stomach.

“Wear my heart on my sleeve and be all sappy,” Reid answered, backing away from him. “ All I thought about is will Luke think this is good enough? Is this romantic enough? And what will happen in that hotel room, when he sees everything? I panicked. “

Reid turned away.

Frantically, Luke tried to answer. “ It doesn’t matter,” Luke stumbled over his words, “Do you hear me?” I don’t care about music or flowers or a bridal suite- I just need you to – I don’t – just please –“ Luke’s voice broke.

But Reid didn’t hear Luke’s plea. He was clammy with sweat by then, and in his own world of agony.

“Look,” Reid declared suddenly, “See what an idiot I am.” And with that, Reid began to take off his lab coat and scrubs in order to reveal to Luke just what was underneath.

a/n: Okay, don’t throw tomatoes at me for the cliffhanger… the rest is being posted later today; it was just getting too long here
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Title: Hit and Run
Author: Marsabi
Summary: When Natalie is a victim of a hit and run, Luke and Reid have their relationship tested.
Disclaimer: Owned by ATWT
Warning: Sexually Explicit and Strong Language
Rating: NC-17

a/n: This is almost the end to the story, but I couldn’t resist teasing Reid a little more and having one more NC-17 moment …Hope you guys like

Part 18

When the door opened a little while later, Reid nearly jumped out of his skin. Luke carried some office papers. He smiled at Reid distractedly.

“I’ve had a bad afternoon, “ Luke told him. He shrugged out of his coat and then walked to the kitchen. “Lucinda kept asking me to pick up more stuff. And I’ve neglected so much foundation business, “ he sighed. “Good thing I’m the boss or I’d be fired. “

Reid followed him, examining Luke’s every move. His eyes studying him like a science problem.

Luke unwrapped something in foil from their fridge and sniffed. He wrinkled up his nose and put it back .

“I don’t know how we ever fed Natalie here,” Luke said.

Reid reached into the fridge and absently opened up the foil . He nibbled the contents.

Luke gave him a look. “I’m pretty sure that’s not edible.”

“I have a strong stomach,” Reid replied. He poked at the food some more with a fork.

Luke took a glass down and filled it with water. He drank some noisily.

“Well, I better finish this work,” Luke said.

“What? You’re going? You didn’t eat.” He wanted Luke to stay. Reid started rummaging around the fridge. “Look here’s pizza from the other day, a hamburger and hey – a taco . Now that’s good food!”

“Eat this,” Reid ordered. He handed Luke a hamburger, and frowned when Luke handed it back.

Luke shook his head and then began to wash out his glass. “Sometimes, I can’t believe you’re a doctor. I think you must have skipped basic nutrition class.”

Reid picked up the soggy taco. “How ‘bout this? Last chance? We can go halves?”

“Bon appetite,” Luke grinned at Reid as he left the kitchen.

How can I bring up weddings, when he keeps leaving the room? And why am I trying to get him to eat old Taco Bell? I should have bought lobster or something. Damn!

Reid quickly tossed the leftovers in the trash and followed Luke. Luke headed up the stairs with his papers in his hand.

“Luke!”Reid called and when Luke stopped, Reid crashed right into him.

“What?” Luke asked. He put a hand on Reid to steady him.

Reid glanced down at Luke’s hand on his arm.

“I just –“Reid hesitated, “I want you to know that you can ask me anything. Whatever’s on your mind, you can ask me.”

Reid stood back and waited expectantly.


“Yes.” Reid stood and waited for Luke to bring up love and relationships and feelings. God, he hoped they wouldn’t have to talk about feelings too much!

“Okay,” Luke shrugged. “I really could use some help today, while I finish my work. Would you mind cleaning out R.J’s litter box? It’s a mess.”

“You’re asking me to…” Reid’s face twisted up in disgust, “clean out the cat’s crappy box?”

“Didn’t you just say I could ask you a favor?” Luke demanded.

“No! Yes! “ Reid huffed, “I don’t think that’s what I just said. I didn’t mean –“ He ran hand through his hair. “Okay, whatever.”

“Great. Thanks!,” Luke said and continued up the stairs.

“Terrific,” Reid muttered as he grabbed a bag of fresh kitty litter and the scooper. This was going well.

He thought Luke would have picked right up on his verbal cues by now and be kissing him with happiness, not having him shovel cat shit.


Reid finished and then went slowly up the steps. He peeked into their bedroom at Luke.

Luke was busy working at their desk.

Reid watched. He noticed the missing engagement bands and flinched. When Had Luke taken those off? More importantly, why had Luke taken the rings off? Reid flashed back to the day he told Luke he would not put on the ring. He had just needed some time, not forever. Of course, he still wanted to marry Luke. But had he told him any of that? What exactly did he say to him? Reid could not recall it.

After a moment, Luke looked up. “All done?” He smiled.

Reid nodded.”Yep.”

“Hey, we need to get our suits ready for grandmother’s New Year’s party. Don’t let me forget.”


Reid had imagined Luke would just propose again, after a time, and he’d say yes again. Clean. Easy.

He eyed Luke’s naked finger. Okay, so Luke was insecure now or something. He’d have to let him know that he still wanted to be his husband. He just needed to reassure Luke that he was ready and loved him and -

Luke looked over at him. “You’re being a little weird. You okay?”

“I- I’m- “ Reid sucked in a sudden breath. Reid’s eyes darted around.

Try. Reassure him!

“Do you know that the brain has three main neurotransmitters to activate love? Adrenaline, dopamine, and serotonin,“ Reid babbled suddenly.


“Then feelings of great attachment form and you have oxytocin and vasopressin too, all those chemicals. Pretty soon you have the brain’s mix for love. And once these chemicals are there, they can stay forever, you know, forever? “ Reid voice went up a notch, “Do you get what I’m saying.”

Come on, Luke. Understand me

Luke had been reading over one of his papers. He looked up a second, “Um, are you writing an article for a medical journal?” He asked politely.

“No!” Reid snapped.

“Sorry,” Luke gave him an annoyed look. “Don’t jump down my throat.”

Great, Oliver, now he is pissed at you.

Luke went back to sorting his things. “I’m almost done with this.”

Stop talking science, bonehead. Try what Luke likes. Try poetry or something.

Circling around him like a shark, Reid spoke again.
“Okay, forget brains. They’re not important. Luke, um, did you know that I…I like your eyes. “


“Your eyes,” Reid nodded vigorously.

“My eyes?” Luke said.

“Yeah, there um, like a puppy’s.” Reid rushed on. “ I mean in a good cute way- not a drooling , begging way,” Reid broke off clumsily.“And your hair is- like- like a great shiny “ Reid searched his giant intellect for words, “–field of –…corn.”

“Corn?”Luke repeated.

“Yeah,” Reid pinched the bridge of his nose. “ I like corn. It’s good. On the cob. Or I like it cut up and creamed .”

There was a pause.Reid swore under his breath.

Luke just shook his head. “What’s wrong with you?”

Reid sighed.

“You know, I am feeling a bit off.” He gestured to his head and made a sound like an explosion was going off in there. “Must be your family here. Chattering on and on. “

“About what?”

“Nothing. Stupid things. I think I have a migraine. I’m going in the shower and er– be back.”

Luke just looked at him, as Reid turned and fled. Reid closed the bathroom door and started up the water. He banged his head against the wall. He took several gulping breaths.

That was a huge disaster. Good job, idiot. Way to be romantic!

What the hell was he going to do now?

“I know what you’re doing!” Luke suddenly tapped on the door, startling him.

“You do?” Reid said in shock.

“Yeah,” Luke entered the bathroom. “And it won’t work.”

“It won’t?”

Luke shook his head. “Nope. We are going to that party tomorrow night. It’s as much a celebration of Natalie’s recovery as it is a New Year’s party. Being nice to me won’t get you out of it.”

“Oh,” Reid sat down on the edge of the tub. “That.”

He looked up at Luke. “Okay, you got me.”

What did anybody expect from him anyhow?

Luke nodded, “I knew you were being all nice to get out of it. Face it Reid, you can’t fool me.”

“I can’t?” He nodded sagely. “ You always know what I’m thinking.”

“I do,” Luke returned, somewhat smugly.

“It’s like you read my mind,” Reid said sarcastically.

He sincerely hoped he never would have to romance Luke ever again. His original strategy of being rude as possible to Luke as he had fawned all over that douche Noah had been a million times easier than this. What had he done back then? Just been a total jerk and then kissed him and then… Wait a minute…That was it, sex.

Sex he could do.

Reid stood up and then reached into the shower to feel the water temperature. “Like right now. Can you guess what’s on my mind?” He gave Luke a lascivious grin.

“Well, you were fed not long ago,” Luke drawled, “so I’ll guess me?”

“So smart,” Reid marveled. Then he opened up the glass door to the shower. “Mr. Snyder, step
right this way.”

I’ll give Luke the best sex of his life. I’ll get him to be all happy and glowy- the way
I like Luke anyhow - and then I’ll ask him.

Reid grinned at him.

They quickly stripped. Together, they entered the shower.


It wasn’t long before Reid had Luke by the hips, his hard cock pressing against Luke firmly. His hand on Luke’s tip, brushing it back and forth against his knuckles and then stroking it with his fingers.

Groaning, Luke’s hips rocked forward .

Reid dropped to his knees worshipfully. He began to taste him intimately with his tongue. He slid one thumb over Luke’s slit, and then used his mouth again.

“Ohh,” Luke’s body convulsed. “Please. “

“Tell me what you want,” Reid said softly, “and I’ll do it. Tell me.”

Luke could only make incomprehensible sounds as his cock got rock-hard.

Luke’s wet hands slid up and down the shower wall.

“God! “ Luke shouted in sweet agony. “I just want you!” Luke eyes darkened. His lips were slightly parted.

He was lovely.

“You got me,” Reid said in answer. He wrapped his tongue around Luke’s head, and then took
Luke fully into his mouth. Luke pumped his cock in and out of Reid’s mouth.
Luke pulled frantically at Reid’s hair, holding the back of his neck. His cock knocking at the back of Reid’s throat.

And then Luke was there, his hot, milky explosion filling Reid’s hungry mouth.

Luke nearly collapsed; he panted and shook. Reid released him and then caressed his body gently. He ran his hands up and down Luke’s spine. Luke glanced down at Reid’s enormous erection pressing into him, and his eyes widened. Reid turned him around and kissed his neck and shoulders.

“Bend over,” Reid commanded in a husky voice.

“I –“


Luke bent down, and Reid palmed his ass. “Beautiful,” Reid murmured. Then he took down the shower nozzle and let the water pulse over Luke’s exposed hole, washing the sweet flesh.

“Ahhh,” Luke moaned. The water was like little shocks of wet heat. Reid added his finger, thrusting it in and out of Luke. He was already getting hard again.
Reid pushed another of his fingers inside and rotated it.

Grabbing the wall for support, Luke helplessly groaned. “No, no , no.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Reid laughed. “I’m going to lick you now,” Reid told him.

Then he put down the shower head and removed his fingers and found Luke with his tongue.
Meanwhile, Reid’s hands glided all over Luke’s slick body.


Reid toweled Luke off gently and then started to the bed. Luke tripped and slid down to their rug.

“I. God that was – Wow.” He moaned. Reid sank down beside him.

“What makes you think we’re done?” He whispered, still focused on giving Luke every bit of pleasure he could. He was still determining the right moment to ask him. Besides, they were both hard now.

Reid pushed Luke down on the carpet. He turned so that his mouth hovered just over Luke’s cock. Luke had a full view of Reid’s sculpted butt. Luke couldn’t help reaching up and trailing a finger down the cheeks and flicking at Reid’s crack.

“69 with me,” Reid demanded. He knew how much Luke loved the mutual pleasure of that move.

Sure enough, Luke shook with anticipation. He slid Reid’s dick into his mouth. Luke’s hands massaged Reid’s ass. Reid pushed apart Luke’s thighs. Reid took Luke between his lips. They both sucked.


“Fuck me already!” Luke sobbed, his whole body twisting.


“I can’t take this, I can’t take it!”

“You’re taking it, “ Reid ordered, lowering down his mouth.

Sobs of need racked Luke’s whole body,” Please, Reid, please.”

“Soon,” Reid soothed. “Soon.”


Reid let out an animal groan of pleasure.

They had made it to the bed, finally. Luke was underneath him, his legs on Reid’s shoulders.

“You’re so incredible,” Reid moaned.

He thrust deeper. Luke clenched his muscles around Reid’s hard shaft. He loved the way Luke quivered with need then.

Reid made an indeterminable noise of satisfaction. Luke was so fucking tight.
Reid began to move rhythmically inside of him. He captured Luke’s erection with his hand and stroked him up and down. He pounded into Luke’s ass.

“I guess those brain chemicals of ours are on fire right now,” Luke suddenly laughed and then panted.

Reid paused and looked down at him, “You heard all that? I didn’t think you were really listening. “

Reid thrust into him again. Luke’s head thrashed back and forth with pleasure.

“I always listen to you,” he replied, his whole body shaking.

Suddenly, Reid had no desire to keep pulling out every sex trick he knew. He stared down at
Luke’s lovely face, flushed with passion.


Suddenly he just wanted to kiss Luke and never stop.


Luke’s eyes flew open. “What?” he asked.

“This-“ Reid answered and bent down to Luke’s lips.

He kissed him with all the sweetness he felt inside. Their tongue touched gently. Luke weaved his fingers into Reid’s hair.

Reid began to move inside of Luke again, slowly now. He rocked in and out.

“You’re, “ Reid moaned as Luke lifted up his hips to meet him, “You’re everything,” he said to Luke, “everything.”

Luke sucked in a sharp breath at his words. His face went soft.

“For me too.” Luke managed to say. “ You’re everything too,” he told Reid thickly.

They kissed again. The kiss lingered, a warm, sweet pressure.

Being inside of Luke was perfect, like knowing where to belong. They moved again, eyes open, watching each other, giving each other coded messages that lovers silently speak. The thrust of their bodies matched the rapid rhythm of their hearts.
Then Reid closed his eyes. He felt a tingling ache inside. He pulled Luke up higher, chest to chest, mouth on mouth, his hands digging underneath Luke’s firm buttocks, lifting up.

Moving. Soaring.

“Mine!” Reid shouted out as he finally climaxed.

“Mine ,” Luke answered, groaning and spilling his semen, creamy and plentiful. Reid didn’t mind. He liked the hot rush of Luke against his skin. He liked knowing they were both lost in pleasure.

Their bodies were woven as one, limbs tight. The air full of the musky scent of love.
Reid rolled over, taking Luke with him, still holding him. They rested . Their breath slowly calming. Reid finally pulled out. Luke collapsed next to him. He wrapped his hands at Luke’s waist and rested his head on Luke’s shoulder.


Reid practiced the words for a moment in his head. Then he frowned and practiced them again. This was a lot more difficult than he’d imagined. He absently made lazy circles on Luke’s stomach. He liked just resting in the warmth of Luke’s body. Sometimes it seemed like Luke had a light burning inside of him; the way he would radiate heat and the way his whole face could suddenly brighten. Reid was eager to see that high voltage smile now as he asked Luke to be his. He took a huge breathe and spoke.

“Luke. I was thinking,” Reid voice came out, actually trembling, “We’re doing pretty well with this whole love thing so…What do you think about getting engaged again?”

Reid was elated. He’d said it! He looked up hopefully at Luke.
Luke was asleep. His hands were curled and resting sweetly by his head. His mouth was innocent and open and slightly bruised from their kisses. His still wet hair was at his forehead in messy strands.

Of course, too damn late.

Reid gently stroked his thumb over Luke’s lips.

Luke deserved better than a post-sex proposal anyhow. Reid held Luke in his arms and tried to think.

An hour later, Reid’s mind was still blank. He carefully got up, not waking Luke from his sleep. He would just have to surrender. Reid grabbed his phone with a deep sigh.
Reid shook his head and began to text: Okay, Natalie. You win. Please give me your idea. I need help! You’re completely clueless, soon to be brother-in-law

Across town, Natalie smiled at the text from Reid. Step Four: Get Luke a fantastic, romantic proposal. She texted Reid back detailed instructions of just what to do. Natalie smiled contently. She couldn’t wait for the ceremony.
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Title:Hit and Run
Author: Marsabi
Summary: Natalie is a victim of a hit and run
Rating: PG

Part 17

It was the day before New Year’s Eve, and Natalie was packing up her things to move back to her own home. Luke was there helping her get everything organized.

“Going to miss you!” He told her. He carefully closed her suitcase up.

Natalie held a bear that Luke had bought her in the hospital in one hand, and her notepad in the other.

“Me too,” Natalie smiled at him.

Luke picked up the suitcase and moved it near the door. “The family is coming by today at what time?”

“Oh at four?”Luke frowned. “I promised Grandmother I’d go and pick up some party supplies for her big New Year’s Eve bash. Do you mind if I am not here?”

Natalie shrugged with a look of sweet innocent. “SSay bye now.”

She gently embraced her brother.

He wrapped his arms around her and hugged her close.

“Everything is ggonna bbbe ffine,” Natalie told him with serious eyes.

Luke gave her a puzzled smile. “As long as you still visit me plenty, it sure will. “ Luke cleared his throat emotionally. Then he said, “I’ll go tell Reid to watch out for Mom and the others arriving and everything, okay?”

Natalie just nodded. She watched Luke hurry down the stairs.

Step one: Get Luke out of the way.


“So, I’m just going to the party store and then to my office,” Luke told Reid a few minutes later. He picked up his wallet and his keys. Natalie had come downstairs and was turning on the television.

“Do we need to go to this?” Reid grumbled.

“Of course,” Luke said automatically. But he had no passion in his voice. Reid looked at him curiously. Luke had been moody the last few days.

“Worried about the trial?” Reid asked him now.

Luke shrugged, “No. They’ll be found guilty.”

“Yeah, I think so too. They confessed and turned on each other, so…”

“You’re okay to see Nat off?” Luke asked, sparing a glance at Natalie.

“Sure. Whose picking her up again?” Reid asked.

Luke shrugged, “Not sure. Mom. Maybe Faith. I don’t know.”

Reid waited for Luke to add a “Be nice,” but he didn’t.

Confused with Luke’s passive attitude, Reid stepped closer to him.

“I know you’ll miss having Natalie here,” Reid offered, questioningly.

He searched Luke’s eyes.

“I will,” Luke agreed, but he gazed out the window. “It hasn’t been the best of times for her.”

“She’s getting better.”

He nodded absently. “I’ll see you,” he told Reid with a quick, distracted kiss.

Luke then gave Natalie a wave and walked out.


Natalie and Reid looked at each other as the door closed.

“Do you think Luke is…acting off?” Reid asked her hesitantly.

Natalie shut off the television and nodded.

“I think I know why. “ Reid shot her a smile. “You’re leaving.”

Natalie sighed at him and shook her head, “N-no. Not that.”

She came over to Reid.

“No?” Reid frowned.


“I got it,” he said suddenly. “ New Years, right?” Reid made a face. Luke- like all alcoholics- dreaded New Years Eve. Reid could understand if the coming of the holiday was making him upset. He didn’t want to go out to some crappy party anyhow ; he’d rather cuddle with Luke and just be together. Maybe he should bring up the idea of skipping it again.


Natalie smacked him with her notepad.

“ Hey? What’s that for? Stop it!” Reid held an arm up to protect his head.

“Gget a clue!” Natalie told him furiously.

Reid tried to duck her blows as she wacked him again and again.

“Ow! Natalie!” He rubbed his head gingerly. “What the hell? ”

Natalie grabbed her pad and wrote Luke thought he’d be married by this coming year, dummy!

She gave her pad to Reid.

Step Two: Wake Reid up!

“But?” Reid’s mouth fell open. “We agreed to just wait… and with all the stuff going on with you and –“ He gave Natalie an irritated look. “You must be wrong. Luke hasn’t even brought up getting engaged again. Neither of us has been thinking of all that.”

Natalie folded her skinny arms over her chest and just shook her head at him. He was hopeless. It was a good thing she had made a plan.

Just then, the doorbell chimed.

Reid frowned at Natalie and went to answer. She must be wrong. Luke had not once mentioned the engagement in weeks and weeks. Reid stumbled over his own feet. Luke had not once mentioned it? That was, well, so not like Luke. A little worried now, Reid opened the door.

The Snyder clan piled inside. Luke’s siblings and grandmas and mother all nodded at Reid, and then greeted Natalie.

“I thought you were with Luke?” Reid said to Lucinda.

“Natalie called and I came,” Lucinda answered laughing, “Bigger fish to fry.”

“Luke can get the supplies alone,” Lily added, “but we’re needed here.”

She looked at her daughter, and Natalie smiled widely.

“Where’s Holden?” Reid said.

“Oh, we females came instead,” Emma smiled as she looked around the house.

“I’m not a female!”Ethan piped up and then ran to play with Reid Jr., who was desperately trying to escape the little boy’s grasp.

Emma cleaned up some stray cups.

Faith plopped down on the couch and was busy texting .

“Assk them about Luke,” Natalie told him pointedly.


“Ask,” She pouted.

“Fine,” Reid groaned. “When did you become such a bully?”

Natalie smiled.

Reid turned to the family and asked hesitantly, “Did Luke –er- mention our engagement to you guys at all? I mean, he didn’t right? “ He looked at them, seriously lost.

“And I thought you were a genius,” Lily said to him.

“If it had been a kitten,” Ethan rolled his eyes in his small face, “Like I told him – you’d be his husband by now.”

“Darling,” Lucinda patted Reid’s arm, “ the poor boy wants to carry you off in my jet to Vegas.”

“What?” Reid backed a few steps away. The color began to drain out of his face.

“What about the sex plan? “Faith suddenly said, looking up from her phone. “Did my prude brother wimp out on my idea?” Faith asked.

“Sex idea?” Reid parroted, wondering if he could just rewind this whole conversation.

“Did he take you skating?” Emma smiled, as she cleaned up some more. “The pond is really a magical place.”

“Wait!“ Reid demanded, flabbergasted. “Has he been discussing everything we do with all of you?” The idea made Reid’s stomach flip.

“We’re his family,” Lily replied. She went over to Faith and made a point of taking her phone away. “You and I are having a talk later,” Lily told her.

“What is wrong with Luke?” Reid asked, still whirling from the fact that they all seemed to know about all his latest adventures with his boyfriend.

Emma put down the cups and put her hands on her ample hips. “No, what’s wrong with you?” She scolded Reid. “What are you making our poor Luke suffer for?”

“I-I “ Reid stammered.

“Careful, darling, “ Lucinda warned, “she may never bake you another pie.”

“But it is a good question. Just why aren’t you marrying my son?” Lily asked.

“What? I’m not. I mean, I will. I- I just –“ He looked around at all the accusing eyes on him and started to sweat. “I figured Luke would bring it up again at some time and we’d go from there.”

Reid gazed down at his frog ring and began to twist it around on his finger.

Meanwhile, Natalie and her grandmother made quick eye contact.

“Of course,” Lucinda said shrugging at Reid, “It might just be too late. I don’t know if he’d have you anymore, even if you asked.”

Reid bristled, “Hell, yeah, he’ll have me!” But a slightly nervous look entered his eyes.

Lucinda noted the muscle leap in Reid’s jaw and had to stifle the urge to laugh.

“Language,” Lily said, gesturing toward an oblivious Ethan. He was trying to dress up Reid. Jr. in a leftover Santa hat. The poor one-eyed cat meowed pathetically.

Reid gazed around helplessly.

Natalie almost felt bad for Reid. Perspiration dotted his forehead. He looked vaguely sick. But the plan was working.

Step Three: Turn the family on Reid to knock some sense into him

Natalie gazed at his flushed and panicked face; he would be Luke’s husband in no time now.

Lucinda stepped up for another swipe at him. She was enjoying this immensely.

“Not going to Vegas?…Hawaii then? Mexico?” Lucinda offered. “Or Disney World. “ She turned to Lily. “Remember that time when Luke was six and in love with Mickey Mouse?”

“I think it was Pluto.”

“How about whisking Luke away in a Cinderella carriage?” Lucinda drawled.

“I’m not going to Disneyland,” Reid said with a look of sheer terror.

“Oh you’d love it darling. There are giant crowds of people, screaming toddlers, and parades.”

“Luke’s favorite ride was A Small World, “added Emma. “You go down in a tiny boat in the dark and puppets sing to you.”

“Sounds like a level of hell,” Reid shuddered.

Natalie moved a step nearer her mother and gave her a small nod.

“Oh by the way,” Lily said suddenly, “Guess who I heard might be in town by Valentine’s Day? “

“WWho?” Natalie asked.

“Noah,” Lily said with a smirk. “He called me from L.A. just yesterday. He misses Oakdale and was thinking about a visit.”

“HHe is coming on VValentine’s Day?” Natalie said, her eyes twinkling.

Lily nodded, glancing at a stony-faced Reid, “Poor thing is lonely to see…well, everybody.”

Reid began to pace the room.

Natalie exchanged a quick wink with her mother.

“I heard he is making a very romantic film that he wants to show in town .”Lily added. “ I
know Luke will be excited for him.”

“Luke doesn’t need to see any of his films,” Reid grumbled. “He caught the live show and it sucked.”

“Reid!” Lily said and pointed again at Ethan. The boy had the cat on its back and was rubbing his face in the belly fur.

“Sorry,” Reid muttered.

“You don’t still have a problem with him, do you?” Lily asked smoothly.

Reid’s answer came swiftly, “I don’t care about him at all.”

“Good cause Noah was thinking of asking Luke to help him at the film’s premiere; they always made a good team, both of them so creative and all.”

“TThey always wrote each other cute ccards for Valentine’s dday,” Natalie added. She owed her mom a lot for thinking of this Noah part. Reid was starting to swallow continuously as he listened. His fists were all balled up.

“I wonder if Luke still has any of them?” Lily mused. “I kept all my old love letters. Of course, I always fall in love with my first love again and again. “

“Luke is a lot like you Mom,” Natalie replied sweetly. “I-I bet hhhe has the ccards.”

“Ever write Luke any love poems?” Emma inquired.

“I write to Luke all the time,” Reid snapped, “not that it is anybody’s concern.”

Reid’s mind raced desperately back to the last time he’d left Luke a note. What had he wrote the other day? Going to Memorial early. See you later. Can you pick up some milk? Something like that. Reid winced at the memory of it now.

He jumped on the defensive, throwing up his hands and turning to them.“Luke doesn’t want to see Noah. He wants to spend Valentine’s with me damn it. He wants to marry me,” Reid
argued. “And soon.”

Didn’t he? Why had Luke not just asked him again?

“Are you sure?” Lucinda pushed, “maybe wait until his birthday.”

“We could help with the proposal,” Emma beamed with sudden excitement.

“I’ve been married more than once,” Lily added, “ I have some ideas.”

“No!” Reid practically snarled at them.

Reid’s head was pounding. He put a hand to his temples.

“ Reid’s right.“ Faith spoke suddenly. “ You guys would only offer him boring, traditional proposals. Listen to me,” Faith offered and she went over to Reid and ran a finger down his shirt, “ You start with some dirty pictures of yourself – “

“No, no and no!” Reid snapped , moving away from Faith and the rest of the group. “Thank you, but no.”Reid took a deep breath to calm down. He faced them and willed himself to remain rational.

“ Luke and I will just sit down and discuss it logically like two adults and. ..” He trailed off . The entire family was scowling at him now.

“That’s your plan?”

“Talking? Logical discussion?”

“You have met Luke, right? ”

“Let us help!”

Reid’s jaw clenched. “I will figure it out. On my own. “ He took in their doubtful expressions. “Fine. “ Reid shrugged. “I’ll be romantic. “

They stared at him.

“I can be romantic!” Reid said hotly.

“If you say so, dear,” Emma patted his arm.

“Good luck with that,” Faith snorted.

Lily and Natalie just shook their heads at him.

Natalie walked over to him and said with a sympathetic smile, “CCall me when you need some ideas.”

Natalie knew it was only a matter of time before she would put into action Step Four.

“Sure,” Reid said absently. He was certain he could handle it all alone. He was a brain surgeon after all. He could figure out how to do a simple proposal. Really, it was not a big deal.

So why was his head about to explode?

“Well,” Lucinda said, “we will leave you to it then.” Then she leaned over him. “If you change your mind, darling, you need to book Cinderella’s carriage months in advance. But I can fly you to Vegas and get you to a drive thru- wedding chapel in less than in 24 hours.”

“I’ll keep it in mind.”

Then they gathered up Natalie’s things. Reid gave Natalie a warm hug. He would really miss the kid. But he was relieved when the rest finally left.

“See you at the party!” They all called out as they went.

Reid closed the door firmly after them. Good riddance!

He looked around the room. How could have missed it? Luke’s crazy antics? His undertones of sadness sometimes? How could it not have occurred to him that Luke was secretly worrying about their stalled engagement?

And now…romance.

Reid collapsed down on the couch. He buried his hands in his hair.

Romance? Had he really promised romance?

Reid was really, really happy that Ethan had left – cause he cursed loud and long.

Then he anxiously waited for Luke .
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Title: Hit and Run
Author: Marsabi
Disclaimer: Owned by ATWT
Summary: When Natalie is a victim of a hit and run, Luke and Reid’s relationship is tested.
Warning: None
Rating: R

By the time Luke arrived home from Al’s, he found Reid on the couch, buried in paper work.
He had a chili stain on his shirt and a pencil stuck behind his left ear.

Luke thought he looked adorable.

Reid looked over at him and smiled. “Hey.”

“Hey yourself.”Luke flopped down on the couch. “What’s all this?” He gestured to the files surrounding them.

Reid grimaced. “I’m helping Bob with some cases. He’s lost track , so-“

Luke nodded. He teasingly pulled the pencil out from behind Reid’s ear.

Reid shifted in his seat. “Actually, I need to talk to you about this.”

“Oh?” Luke cuddled against Reid’s shoulder .

“Here’s the thing. Bob asked me if I’d consider becoming Chief again.”

Luke just nodded, not surprised. “What did you say?”

“That I needed to talk it over with you first. “ Reid answered simply.

Luke gave a melting smile and looked at him.“Really?”

“Of course,” Reid kissed his lips and then picked up another file. “This impacts you too. I’ll have even longer hours. I don’t know. A year ago, I really wanted it…”

“Not now?”

“I don’t know. I’m not sure I want to slave away at Memorial to push papers. Besides, I still am lousy at the people thing.”

Luke laughed, “Who’d you make cry today?”

Reid gave him an insulted look, then he sighed. “Maybe a nurse or two.”

Luke patted Reid’s chest. “Yeah, your people skills are pretty awful,” he agreed.

“Thanks. “ Reid said dryly.

“ But so what? You have other talents. “ Luke said, becoming serious. He looked into Reid’s eyes. “You’re brilliant, of course. But also you work damn hard there and you’re fair. “ Luke fingered Reid’s collar on his shirt. “I think you’d be a fantastic Chief- whether you have people skills or not.”

There was a beat of silence, then Reid threw the file in his hand down across the table.

“Why did you just do that?” Luke asked, laughing again.

“I’m done working.” Reid replied and turned to kiss him sweetly.

Luke snuggled against Reid.

“This has been a really odd day,” he sighed.

“Yeah, sure has,” Reid agreed.

Luke snuggled some more until he was practically on Reid’s lap.

“It’s good to be here,” he added, and kissed his boyfriend one more time.

“Nowhere else I’d rather be,” Reid murmured to him.

Suddenly, Luke straddled Reid’s lap and gave him a longer kiss. He sucked on the delicate skin of Reid’s ear and moved his hands to the belt buckle of Reid’s jeans. Luke quickly loosened it and then slid his hands inside, feeling the cotton of Reid’s briefs and rubbing there in fast circles. Reid’s body responded by bucking forward . Luke squeezed harder.

In just another moment, Luke pictured Reid’s proud cock springing free. In just another moment, he would kiss it with his lips and slurp it into his mouth greedily. He would take Reid to the back of his throat and taste his creamed goodness.

“Wait,” Reid pulled back. He pushed Luke’s hands and buckled his belt.

“What?”Luke said with surprise and a trace of hurt in his voice.

“Holden dropped off Natalie; she’s in the kitchen,” Red whispered hoarsely.

Luke glanced that way and climbed off of Reid’s lap. “Oh.”

“Yeah,” Reid said regretfully.

“You should have said something sooner,” Luke accused.

“Hey, I was working nicely, when you came home. You climbed on me!” Reid shot him a stern look, “Don’t think I still fall for your innocent routine, Snyder, we all know it’s you always doing the stalking. Waiting for the opportunity to wiggle all around me. Just like that time in Dallas. “

“I don’t wiggle,” Luke said with great dignity. “And if I remember, you kissed me!”

But Luke’s cheeks flushed with pink. He very well remembered following Reid around his hotel room, touching his shoulders, invading his space, moving as close as possible.

“See?” Reid pointed at Luke’s face, “guilty.”

Luke made a clucking sound with his tongue, “I was just trying to help you.”


“And maybe get you to see me a little bit,” Luke conceded, his cheeks crimson now.

Reid leaned into him. “And?”

“Okay, fine! I wanted you to kiss me. Happy?”

“Very,” Reid laughed.

Luke wrinkled up his nose at him, “You suck.”

“I would love to, “ Reid quipped, “but your sister is here.”

They smiled at each other.

“I’m going to miss her when she goes home for good in a few days,” Luke said, “ but there are a few things, like the lack of privacy, that I won’t miss.”

“Me too.”

Luke sighed,” Did Dad tell her about Ali and Chris?”

Reid hesitated, ”I’m not sure.”

“How do you explain something like that,” Luke wondered,” to a sweet kid like Natalie?”

He reached out and took Reid’s hand.

Reid kissed his fingers gently, “Kids are tough. They survive all kinds of things.”

Luke searched Reid’s eyes, contemplating if Reid was thinking of his own childhood just then, which Luke knew held a lot of pain.

“I’m a good listener,” he offered and tapped Reid on his sneaker with the pencil.

“But I’m not a talker,” Reid replied with a small smile, grabbing the pencil and putting it down .

A standoff.

The door to the kitchen opened just then, and Natalie came out with Reid Jr. meowing at her heels.

She smiled at Luke.

“PParty soon!” She reminded him.

“Yeah!” Luke grinned. Lucinda was planning a New Year’s Eve bash.

Standing up from the couch, Luke went over to the nearby radio.

“Grandmother only throws amazing parties too. So we’d better practice our dance moves.” He turned on some rock music. “ I can’t believe she thinks you’re old enough to stay up to midnight!” Luke teased.

The New Year’s party was also to celebrate Natalie’s recovery, and they all knew it.

The music blared and Luke began to dance around their living room .

“Come on!” Luke gestured to Reid, swaying his hips and spinning around.

Reid rolled his eyes at him.

“You’re a complete dork,” He told Luke.

But actually, Reid thought he looked adorable.

“Fine! “ Luke wriggled past Reid in an exaggerated disco move. He went to his sister. “ How about it, Nat?”

She giggled, and then slowly went to him. Just a few days ago, she might have not tried to dance, but every day in her therapy, Natalie was getting stronger.

Luke carefully slowed down and took her by the hand.

Reid watched as they danced together. Natalie was the more graceful, even after being hurt, she had the natural style of a dancer. One day, Natalie might really be able to return to her ballet lessons, and then who knew how far she would go?

Luke, on the other hand, danced with sloppy enthusiasm.

Watching Natalie move, Reid suddenly thought that he did not want to be Chief of Staff. He wanted to cut deep into the brains of trauma victims, like Natalie, or people with terrible tumors. He wanted to operate and fix them and watch them recover.

Then he wanted to come home to Luke.

“Whoo-hoo,” Luke was saying now, spinning Natalie around lovingly.

Natalie’s whole face lit up. The cat meowed at her, and she broke away from Luke to pick up Reid Jr., and with careful steps, Natalie danced on.

“Aww,” Luke cried out, “replaced by a cat!”

He pouted to Reid in protest and held out a hand.

“I don’t dance,” Reid replied, but Luke just yanked him off of the couch.

They danced.


“It figures,” Luke complained a moment later.


“You. You do too dance! “ Luke eyed Reid’s graceful sway. “Just like you do everything else.

Reid laughed, “Yeah, it’s a curse.”

Luke wrapped a hand around Reid’s neck. Their bodies moved closer.

“Will you dance with me at the New Year’s party too?” Luke sighed with longing.

Reid raised one eyebrow. “Depends. Natalie will go home with Lily?” Reid asked.

Luke shrugged. “Yes.”

“Then I might be persuaded to dance with you, if you do something later for me.”


“Recreate that night in Dallas, only we don’t stop at a kiss.”

Luke grinned and Reid gave him a sudden dip. Luke squealed in surprised delight.

Natalie and the cat dipped too.

They danced the night away.


At bedtime, they both tucked in an exhausted Natalie. Luke chatted about the party and how Lucinda was sparing no expense. They had the entire ballroom at Metro for the night, a live band would be there, and the most expensive caviar and champagne was being ordered.

“No cheeseburgers or fries, sorry,” Luke called from the bathroom, laughing. He was just finishing brushing his teeth. He carefully put his toothbrush next to Reid’s, which hung on the left next to Reid’s dental floss. When they had first moved in together, it had amused Luke to occasionally switch things around, just to see Reid go crazy and put it all back. But now, he was used to his slot for his toothbrush, his side of the bed, and his part of the dresser. It now just all felt right.

“Did you hear me about the fries? “ Luke walked into their bedroom.
Reid was already asleep. Curled up on his stomach with ass slightly in the air – that was how Reid always slept. He had a routine, even for dreaming. His head was turned and Luke could see his face looking open and relaxed. Luke walked over and gently covered him. Then he got into the bed on his side, and spooned his body into Reid’s.

Inhaling the scent of him, Luke snuggled closer. He could smell the citrus-flavored soap Reid used and the smell of clean skin. Luke trailed one finger down Reid’s hip and over that inviting ass. Reid stirred, but did not awaken. Luke sat up on his elbow and just looked at him. He played with a bit of the curly hair at Reid’s nape.

Then Luke kissed Reid’s shoulder softly. He held him all night long.

The next day, Luke stood in his bedroom and sighed. Casey was right; he was lucky. End of story.

Leaving early for work, Reid had been careful not to wake him. He did leave a note by his pillow telling Luke goodbye. Most people would be surprised to know that Reid was usually thoughtful about small things like that. He often left Luke notes. They were never mushy, almost always factual, but they made Luke feel good because it was clear that Reid had him on his mind. For a man as busy as Reid, that mattered.

Now, after reading the small note, Luke sat on his bed. He held out his hand and studied the two engagement bands on his finger. Then he slid them off carefully and put them in a box .

Maybe someday .

It hurt, but felt like the best thing to do. He stared a moment at the glittering bands. Then Luke closed the box.Luke put it into his dresser drawer. He did not see his little sister, standing quietly at the entrance to his bedroom, watching him.

Natalie frowned as Luke took off his rings. He had sad eyes. She silently backed out of the doorway and down the hall, a determined tilt to her chin.

Looking like a mini-Luke, Natalie smiled suddenly, flashing her dimples.

She knew just what to do.
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Title: Hit and Run
Summary : When Natalie becomes a victim of a hit and run, Luke and Reid must fight for their relationship.
Disclaimer: Owned by ATWT
Warning: some angst, some Cake, some answers
Rating: PG
Part 15

It took about ten minutes for Alison to break down and confess the whole sordid event.

“Chris and I have been seeing each other,” she began, peeking a minute at a white-faced Casey.

“We’re in love!” She added defensively.

“Ali, quiet!” Chris ordered.

Alison shook her head adamantly. “I can’t do this anymore.”

“So you two were together, “ Reid said prodding her on, “the day of the accident.”

Ali bit her lip. She swallowed hard and didn’t dare look at all the Snyders. The Hughes family was also standing all around her. She couldn’t look at their faces either. “Yes. We were coming back from some …alone time. Chris was hung over, so I was driving the family car. I looked at Chris to just – just for a second – I swear! She came out of nowhere!”

“Why didn’t you stop, Ali? Why?” Luke’s voice was thick with hurt.

“We did!” Ali shot back. “We did. But I couldn’t have everybody find us, not together. I wanted to be with Casey – I thought it wasn’t love, not then…” She turned to Casey. “I couldn’t hurt you, not like I did before with Mick and ”

“Gee thanks, you bitch,” Casey growled.

Ali recoiled from him.

“Go on,” Jack said.

“Tell us,” Reid added.

Ali let out a shuddering breath. “I was trying to end it with Chris and still marry Casey, but I – I couldn’t resist him. “ She glanced at a sullen Chris, then continued, “ We did stop for Natalie, but…Chris looked at her. But he said we needed to ditch the car; he promised he’d head right back once he got his own car. He’d go back and examine her. We just had to –
“ Ali stopped talking.

“Get rid of the evidence?” Jack said in a chilly tone. Tom began to pace around the room, while Margo seemed frozen.

“It really wasn’t a hit and run. We stopped! We planned to help her soon. Chris went to his car and headed back to help her.”

Everybody looked at Chris.

His face was expressionless. “I don’t know what she is talking about,” he said.

“Chris did not do this!” Kim added, “You did it Ali and now you are blaming him. You are just like Susan!”

“Shut up!” Ali yelled back. She had actually just called her mother and Emily to hurry over.

“What did you do next, Ali?” Reid asked calmly. He was so logical and focused; he would have made a great Sherlock Holmes in another life.

Ali’s voice trembled now, ” I called Casey and told him- “ she stopped and cried some more.
They all looked at Casey. His face was pale and set.

“She called me and told me she’d had a bad fender bender- hit a dog or something. I saw the blood, but I thought, I swear, that it was a stray that had since run off.”

Ali nodded, “I told him that. Chris told me to tell him that.” She looked at Chris pleadingly. He ignored her.

Casey gulped hard and began to rush his words out:“I took the car, smoking and messed up, to the mechanic. Took Ali to change and go to the hospital…it was only then- “ Casey stared at Luke. “I – I didn’t know about Chris-“ Pain colored his words and he looked sick. “ I –I became suspicious, but everybody kept telling me I was being paranoid. That it had been a dog . Chris. Ali. Even you, Dad.”

“Casey, just be quiet,” Tom said. He stopped pacing and gave his son a look.

“What does he mean?” Margo asked her husband.

“The perfect son,” Chris jeered at Tom.

“Shut up , Chris. I covered up this mess to protect Dad. You told me it was Dad!”

There was a stunned silence. Tom Hughes had covered up a crime. He would be disbarred, maybe worse.

“So how does Bob tie into this?” Asked Holden suddenly, confused. Molly took his hand and held it. Holden refused to allow himself to cry. He repeated his question in a firm voice.

Reid’s mouth twisted up. “Don’t you see? Chris sent Casey on a fool’s errand with the car and then he began to change Bob’s medication as the fall guy. Might as well blame your own father, right?” Reid looked at Chris with disgust. “In your mind, Bob had already betrayed you by suspending you and never giving you the Chief job.”

“No,” Kim moaned, “no, no, no.”

“We are bringing Bob up from his cell right now,” Jack told them.

“I examined him there,” Reid said. “He is better now; I put him back on his real medication.”

“This is too much,” Lily whispered. She looked at Chris and Ali. “You have been in our home countless times. You’ve cared for Natalie at the hospital. How could you-“ She broke off and began to sob.

Luke put a protective arm around his mother. She clung to him. Reid walked over and patted Lily a little on her back. Lily looked up startled and then gave Reid a small smile of thanks.

The door opened and Bob came in. He had eyes for nobody but his son.

“Where did I go wrong with you, Chris?” Bob said sadly.

Chris exploded with anger. “Where did you go wrong? That’s right, I’m always the screw up. Tom is perfect; you’re perfect. I hate being in this family. “ He looked around wildly. “I should have been Chief! It was so easy to convince you, Dad, that you hit Natalie. You kept getting more and more confused. And your precious Ali?” He sneered at Casey, “Just a tramp as always.”

Ali sobbed, finally understanding that Chris had used her as much as the rest of them.

“I wasn’t going down for her.” Chris was raging. “ I woke up at the impact and saw what Ali had done. She and I had been drinking all night; we were tired and at fault. I wasn’t - I had her ditch the car, yes. But I did head back. “ He spared a quick glance at Lily. “I’m not a monster- I wanted to go back. But Margo was there- the police. The ambulance was coming, so…” He shrugged.

“You bastard,” Luke suddenly shouted, startling his family with his language. “Every minute for Natalie mattered.” He went up to Chris. “When I think of my sister struggling to speak a full sentence! Trying to get up from her hospital bed!” Luke screamed hoarsely. “ In therapy ever day, and you think it’s okay cause you were going back for her? “ Tears of helpless rage poured down Luke’s face.

“Easy,” Reid said to Luke, and he took Luke away from them all for a moment.

“Calm down,” Reid said softly.

“Don’t tell me I’m overreacting,” Luke replied heatedly.

“I’m not! Are you kidding? I want to scream a few profanities at him too.”

Luke sniffed, “Really?”

“Absolutely.” Reid gently cupped Luke’s face. “But listen. All yelling will accomplish is getting you thrown out of here, see? Take a breath,” Reid advised. He still held Luke’s face in his palm. He studied Luke, seeing that he was getting it together.

Luke turned his lips into Reid’s palm and sweetly kissed it. “Okay,” Luke said.

“Good,” Reid replied. “I don’t want you arrested right now for disorderly conduct or something. I love you, but I hate the thought of having to visit you in jail. The cells are too small, beds all narrow, and I’d have to fight for your honor with some guy named Bubba.”
Reid shook his head in mock horror, making Luke smile.

Reid smiled back, “There’s the Luke I like to see. “ He patted his cheek.

Together, they went back to the others.

“So Doogie,” Reid drawled ,” You were telling us all about your good deeds?”

Chris ignored Reid. He turned to Margo. “I went back. It was really all just an accident. “

“You father’s medication?”Reid pushed suddenly, “They just accidentally got switched too? You …What? Suddenly couldn’t read pill bottles? Became spontaneously dyslexic? “

Chris’s face went hard. His boyish good looks not disguising his ugliness now.

“Shut up, Oliver! None of this is your business!”

“We’re his family and this is his business ,”Holden said. “And I am wondering how any son could do a thing like that?”

“Chris,” Margo added in a sad voice, “To try and get a job is one thing, but to actually blame him for a crime?”

“ Look,” Chris searched his mind for a good spin on it. “…I didn’t plan to involve him at first. I only switched his medication to persuade Dad about Memorial. He was letting Oliver here take over everything! He didn’t see me! I just wanted to have some influence on him again. To have him make me Chief.”

Bob just sat in complete shock. It was Lily who actually got up and comforted him. Bob could not look at his son.

“I didn’t plan to do all this,” Chris defended his actions again. “Not at first.”

“Man’s a boy scout,” Reid muttered.

“So why involve Bob in the rest? “ Margo was demanding. “Why frame him?”

He shrugged. “ Carly would have been fine as my scapegoat. But it didn’t happen that way.”
Jack started at Chris, and he backed away. Margo held up a hand at Jack.

“But when Carly didn’t work out due to a lack of evidence, you decided to use Bob,” Reid said, he kept the interrogation moving as much as the cops. He wanted Chris to confess it all.

Chris glared at Reid. “I knew it was only a matter of time before the car might be found. Margo kept on digging.”

“And you went along with it,” Casey spoke suddenly to Alison.”You had me convinced my granddad was sick and that I was being silly about the car and all this time- it was you .”

Ali had been rocking back and forth in misery, crying. Now she looked at Casey, wiping away her black-streaked eye liner.

“I- I’m not a bad person,” She cried out. “I – Chris said if we let Bob take the blame that no court in the country would convict a confused old man, and I really did think his dementia had gotten worse. I didn’t know Chris had changed his medication.” She pulled guiltily at her hair, twisting it around. “ Plus, by then, I thought Chris and I were in love and it was more than a fling now… I – he told me what to do!”

Casey turned away from her.

“It seems the only one knowing all the information here was Chris,” Holden said. “He convinced Bob that he was guilty and then made Tom believe it too.”

Reid nodded, “Yep. Doogie is the definition of an opportunist. He used Casey and Tom to cover things up and let Ali think they had a future to keep her going along with it all. He could cover up the crime and be Chief.”

Holden and Reid nodded at each other – a good team.

There was a moment of silence as everybody took in the crime.

“Where did we fail?” Bob asked Kim sadly.

Kim shrugged away from him. “Chris, my Chris, is ill.” She told Bob in a pleading voice. “ He needs help!” She would never abandon Chris. She’d just have to make Bob see that he was sick and not to blame.

“I want a lawyer,” Chris said, not even looking at his crying parents. “And not Tom!”

“I wouldn’t represent you ever, “ Tom snarled.

“How could you be sucked into this?” Margo asked Tom sadly. “Even out of love for Bob? “

Tom had no answer. He was basically a weak man.

Margo wrapped a protective arm around Casey.

“I want a lawyer too!” Ali said. She tried to reach out for Casey, who shrank away and let Margo hug him tightly.

“You are all going to pay for what you did,” Lily vowed.

“For once, we agree,” Holden told her. Molly shot Lily a jealous look that everybody else ignored.

Meanwhile, Luke felt like he’d been punched in the guts. He leaned into Reid.

“You were right about Bob,” Luke whispered. “ I should have listened.”

“Doesn’t matter,” Reid whispered back and kissed Luke’s head.

“I’ll get out of this,” Chris was saying, “It was Ali driving, not me!”

Nobody even answered him. Bob was comforted by a compassionate Lily and Holden, while Kim dialed lawyers and cried. Susan and Emily arrived and hugged Ali. Jack checked in with Carly at their home.

Casey broke off Margo’s hug and slowly approached Luke.

“I’m sorry. I was such a fool to believe all the lies. I should have known . Listened to my gut. ”

Luke held out a hand, “It’s your family and your girlfriend…I -I’m sorry for you!”

The two friends embraced with great emotion.

Then they stepped back and watched as Ali and Chris were finally led to their cells.

Outside the station, Luke watched as Reid and Bob shook hands . Reid had offered to go to the hospital for Bob, but Bob wanted to go too. It was the only place left that still made sense to him. He and Reid agreed to go together. Their handshake went on for a long time, both men not wanting it to end. Luke was glad Bob would have Reid to help him. He waved goodbye and watched the car until it disappeared from sight.

“He was very good in there,” Lily commented, coming up behind Luke.


“Reid,” she said, “he’d be a good cop.”

“He’d enjoy the doughnuts anyhow,” Luke laughed, “And he is pretty much good at everything.”

Lily almost smiled at that. She reached out a hand and rested it on Luke’s shoulder.

“You really love him, huh?”

Luke shrugged.

“Don’t worry, I finally am seeing that. I guess, it’s been so hard, you don’t know.”


“Losing you.”

Luke looked at her in surprise. “Mom, you don’t have to lose me- “

“But I do. It’s right that I do. You have your own life, and that’s what really hurt me.
Seeing you move so far from me and be with Reid.”

“I’ve had other boyfriends,” Luke replied, puzzled.

Lily shook her head, “Noah was more like another son. He followed my rules. He never took you far away from me. But with Reid, it’s adult. “

Luke was silent a second. “I guess, that’s true. I mean with Reid I am trying to build a whole partnership –a life.”

Lily nodded. “And that is what’s hard for me- to let you go. Really let go. I see now that I was blaming Reid, and I’m sorry.” Lily wiped away a stray tear. “ It’s just I have no husband- my house is empty. I don’t know how to be without a man,” Lily admitted quietly. “And without all my kids too. Faith hates me most of the time, Ethan always wants to be at the farm . Natalie went to you.” Lily dabbed at her eyes.

“Mom, Natalie is just with us for this week. Reid told you she can move back to your house by New Year’s.”

“I know, but she is my baby,” Lily smiled. “It’s still hard. I guess I need to work on being okay when I’m alone.” Lily took a deep breath.

Luke smiled and hugged his mother. “You’re not alone. I am always a phone call away, alright?”

Lily hugged her son with all of her strength, “Thank you. My sweetheart. I love you.”

“I love you.”

“Good thing Reid’s not here,” Lily added.

Luke stiffened, “Why?” he asked cautiously.

“Cause, “ Lily laughed and made a face, “he made it pretty clear to me- no more drama. “

“Yeah,” Luke laughed too, “that sounds like him.”

She took her son’s hand, “He and I are very different people, but I am going to try a lot more with him. Okay?”

Tears formed in Luke’s eyes, “Mom,’ he said, “That means a whole lot.”


The next day, Reid and Luke attempted to meet and pick up some dinner from Al’s; Reid had worked round the clock at the hospital again, trying to help an emotional Bob focus. This was Luke and Reid’s only time together. But as soon as they entered Al’s, they saw Casey sitting there, not touching his giant cheeseburger and fries, and looking lost. Luke and Reid exchanged glances and slowly approached him.

“I just can’t go home,” Casey said to them in greeting.

“Sorry,” Luke said to him.

Casey shrugged. “Love sucks.”

“You’ll find another girl someday,” Luke said softly, “ You’ll love again.”

“I don’t know," Casey said. “I might be done.”

“No,“ Reid said, “Luke’s right. Just get back out there, there are lots of other cheating lying girls in Oakdale.” He ate one of Casey’s fries.

“Reid!”Luke scolded.

But Casey gave a laugh and then laughed so hard he held his sides, “Yeah, I’ve already dated some of those too. Emily? Vienna? Ali? Oakdale ladies all. ”

Then to all their surprise, Casey grabbed Reid and squeezed him. “Thanks. I don’t know the last time anybody made me laugh.”

“Um,” Reid actually blushed, “I’m going to go and get our take out order.”

Luke smiled in amusement. He winked at Casey. Then he followed Reid up to the counter.

“Listen, I know we made plans at home to eat, but –“ Luke gestured to Casey.

“No, okay,” Reid said in understanding, “go and do what you need to do.”

“You don’t mind?”

“Well, I’ll miss you,” Reid grinned, “but I have some nourishment so- “

“You’ll survive on chili and corn bread,” Luke added with a returning smile.

They kissed goodbye. Luke let his eyes admire Reid in his jeans as he left.

Luke went back to Casey and they sat together eating awhile in silence.

Casey finally spoke. “I know Ali did the crime too and God I hate her, but Chris- he just messed with everybody in the family. All of us,” Casey’s voice roughened.

Luke did not answer. He had nothing good to say about Ali or Chris.

“I thought Ali changed, after Mick Dante. I thought she really changed, “ Casey added.

Luke sighed. “I used to think things like that- not anymore. People don’t change really.”

“What do you mean?”

“I used to think like that with Noah. That if I just worked harder at it, if I were just was a little better a boyfriend –“

“Luke, you were a great boyfriend to that loser.”

Luke grinned. “But he never made me feel like I was…I just kept thinking if I worked more at it, he’d change. He’s stop judging me so harshly or appreciate me more- he never really did. You know? “

They fell into another silence.

“Well,’ Casey said, “my parents have been great. Dad is admitting what he did and facing the consequences and Mom has been awesome to me.”


“But things are so screwed up. You’re so lucky, Luke, “Casey said suddenly.

“What? Why?”

Casey took a bite of his burger. He shrugged. “You family is pretty solid right now and you’re with a guy who really loves you.”

“Yeah-“ Luke said, although he felt a little sad at the word guy and not fiancée.

“What?” Casey asked, seeing his friend’s look.

“It’s nothing, stupid.”

“Spill. I want to hear something other than Poor Casey right now.”

“I just wanted to get married in this coming year to Reid and now…Cause we fought and you know-“

“Over Natalie, right? God, that is on my family too.”

Luke waved his hand away, ”No, that’s on me. I messed up with him. Anyhow, I don’t think marriage is coming this year or any time soon.”

Casey chewed a moment. “Let me ask you a question.”


“Can you see Dr. O ever running around town cheating on you? Lying about things and sneaking around?”

Luke shook his head. “No.”

“Yeah, me either.” Casey smiled. “That guy has it so bad for you ,Snyder. So what does a piece of paper really matter right now?”

“I guess,” Luke said slowly and he did feel better listening to Casey. “It’s just, hard to explain, but it is something I really, really want with him. That’s all.”

“That’s cause ever since we were kids you’ve been just a girly-girl at heart,” Casey tossed a fry at Luke.

Luke caught it and popped it in his mouth. “More man than you are, Hughes. I can still whoop your ass on the basketball court.”

“In your dreams.”

“We’ll see when the snow is gone. “

“It’s a bet,” Casey told him.

Luke smiled at his oldest friend, “I love you, Case, “ he told him. He hated to see Casey
hurting so deeply.

“See?” Casey made a face, “You’re a total girl. “ Then he reached out and punched Luke lightly on the arm in thanks.

Casey sighed. “I probably do need to date outside of this town. “ Casey looked at Luke a moment, “Dr. O doesn’t have like some smoking hot sister, hidden away some place does he?”

Luke laughed. “Not that I know of.”

“Too bad, man, too bad.”
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Title: Hit and Run
Author: Marsabi
Summary: Luke and Reid are happily engaged, when Natalie is a victim of a hit and run. Reid and Luke fought about Reid operating on her, causing them to break up for a time. They are now back together, but still not engaged again.
Disclaimer: Owned by ATWT
Warning: Sexually Explicit
Rating : NC-17

Part 14

At the station, they found the whole Hughes clan. Kim was crying and shaking her head. She had a worried arm around Chris, who was trying to comfort his distraught mother. Tom and Margo were in her office with Bob. And Casey was being comforted by a very pale and quiet Alison.

The Snyders did not know what to say to the Hughes family. They’d all been friends for years and years, but now they were all awkward and distant with each other.
Luke gave Casey a nod. He returned a weak smile.

Then the door to Margo’s office opened. Margo and Jack came out, grim-faced.

“He’s given a statement.”

“Who?” Holden asked.

“Bob,” Jack answered as Margo became visibly upset.

“Bob?” Lily repeated, stunned.

Margo swallowed hard and nodded. “Apparently, his medicine for his dementia is not working. He doesn’t exactly remember it, but he is convinced that he must have been the one to hit Natalie.”

Kim started to cry and Chris rocked her in his arms. Casey also began to cry.

Casey tried to reach out for Alison.

“No,” Ali shook her head. She ran to the restroom to be sick.

Margo wiped her own tears and looked at her devastated family. “The question is…Who else has known about this and who has tried to cover it up?”

Luke sat down in a chair, shocked. Reid came up behind Luke and silently rubbed his shoulders.

“No one helped him, “Chris was saying ,” We all noticed Dad was off…but none of us suspected this.”

“The car was in the shop,” Kim was crying, “ Everybody in the whole family uses it. Mostly Casey and Ali. Not just Bob! Besides, it just had a small fender issue.”

“Even if he did it, Grandpa is sick, “ Casey whispered, “Chris, tell them.”

Chris just stood there.

Just then, Bob came out of the office, looking haggard and worn. He was leaning heavily on Tom.

Bob saw a stunned Lily and Holden and held out his hands pleadingly, “I’m sorry, “ he told them. “I didn’t even know at the time, but now – “ Bob buried his face in Tom’s side.

“This doesn’t make sense,” Reid murmured, but nobody was listening to him.

“Not another word, Dad,” Tom said firmly . Tom’s eyes looked at the others. “Not a word, anybody.”

Margo stood up and read Bob his rights.


“It doesn’t add up,” Reid said again later. They had taken Natalie’s things and drove them out to the farm; Reid had agreed that she was well enough to spend Christmas evening with Ethan and Faith and Emma out there. Lily had even decided to stay at the farm and be with her children, much to the displeasure of Molly. But Luke was pleased to see his mother actually happy, and his siblings all together. Holden had told Molly she would just have to be a grown up about it. Holden had sounded a lot like Reid there, and it had made Luke smile. Nobody had felt like a long Christmas dinner, but for the little kids’ sake, they had all gone through the motions. Luke had hugged Natalie tightly as they said goodbye to her for the night. They planned to pick her up in the morning. If her recovery continued to progress,
Reid told the family she’d be back at Lily’s house full time by New Year’s.

This was the first real chance they had to discuss what had happened at the police station.

Luke wasn’t listening too much. He pulled off his shirt and headed to their bathroom. He came out a few moments later.

“I mean, Bob was fine the day Natalie came in…His problems started later, I remember- “

“Please, “ he cut Reid off, “this whole thing is making me sick. “ Luke’s mouth curled up in
distaste. “The Hughes car was fixed up to hide it. Bob left my sister, my baby sister, on the side of the road covered in blood. And Casey is part of this, I feel it. “

Reid was frowning. “That’s the other thing, Luke. Bob would never just leave a bleeding girl –I don’t care if he did have a return of the dementia- he wouldn’t.”

Luke sighed. “Look I know you respect Bob.”


"But I expect you to support my family.”

“What? Without question?” Reid’s expression soured.

Luke threw up his hands, “Yeah, maybe. I mean Bob confessed.”

“I know that, but-“

“Why would he do that, if he’s innocent?” Luke shook his head.

“Well-“Reid started to give some reasons.

Luke put a hand out to stop him.

“I just can’t debate this right now. “ Anger glittered in Luke’s eyes. “ I’m too upset. Let’s just go to bed, okay?”

Reid hesitated. “Fine.”

They both got into their bed.

“But I will add,” Reid said, “that I wouldn’t put all your faith into the Oakdale Police. You do a crime in this town and you are usually the one person not arrested.”


“I’m surprised they don’t have the real criminals on their Christmas mailing lists. Margo must have been a drug doing flower child in her past because her brain is like spaghetti; Jack’s office must have wall to wall mirrors so he can watch himself arresting people and collecting his self-righteous medals, and –“

“Stop!” Luke pushed at him, his face flushed and irritated. “I asked you to drop it. I told you to stop. Why do you do that?”


“Never know when to shut up?”Luke replied exasperated. “ You just keep being obnoxious, cause you’re always convinced you’re right.”

“I am right,” Reid said softly.

“Whatever,’ Luke snapped. He turned away from Reid, rolling to the edge of their bed. “Just be right and be quiet, okay?”

Reid’s face took on a hurt expression. He curled up against his pillow.

They slept.


Waking up a few hours later, Reid reached out to touch Luke gently. He felt sorry about their fight.

Reid’s fingers touched an empty space.

Panicked, Reid immediately got up and peeked out the window, looking down at their front driveway.

Luke’s car was gone.

Reid stood there, stunned. Then he moved slowly away from the window, walking like an old man. Reid Jr. appeared suddenly and meowed at him, circling his legs. Reid scooped up the cat and held it. Reid’s stomach turned uneasily. He put his head into the soft fur of the cat.

Then Reid heard a car and a door opening. Reid cautiously let the cat go and went down the stairs.

He saw the kitchen light on.

Luke was there, a carton of ice cream in his hand, and a bag of sundae toppings on the counter. He glanced over at Reid.

“You couldn’t sleep either? I’ve been tossing and turning,” Luke smiled ruefully, “I need something sweet.”

Luke opened up the carton. Then he turned to Reid, who Luke just realized was eerily silent.

“What?” Luke asked.

Reid swallowed convulsively and couldn’t answer. His blue eyes were darker than normal and his face was pale.

“I- you- didn’t ,” Reid stammered. “You’re here.”

“What do you mean? “ Luke asked, perplexed. Then it all clicked in his mind. “You thought I walked out? Cause we were fighting ?”

Reid shrugged and wouldn’t look at Luke.

“Oh, Reid,” Luke said compassionately. He went over and slid a comforting hand underneath Reid’s shirt and gently rubbed his back.

The pressure that had been building up inside of Reid since he had found himself alone suddenly broke. He buried his face in Luke’s neck and clung to him.

Reid mumbled, “I guess I overreacted. “

“Yeah, you sure did.” Luke continued to massage his back and shoulders. “But maybe it’s good we talk about it. “

“No, talk. Let’s just get naked and forget it.” Reid sniffed, his face still buried. He was now red with embarrassment.

Luke laughed, “That is so your solution to every problem, but sorry. Talk is needed here. Or, I’ll talk, you listen. “ Luke paused a moment. He knew he had to find the exact words to help Reid.

Luke tenderly touched Reid’s cheek. “ I may fight with you, I’m sure we will. And I may turn into a shrew, be dramatic, whatever. I may even throw things at you, or even try to kick you in your rude ass.”

He felt Reid shake with a sudden laugh, and it made Luke smile.

“But I promise you, “ Luke added, “I won’t leave.”

He felt Reid nodding.

Luke exhaled deeply, “And I’m sorry,” he told Reid.

“For what?” Reid finally lifted his head up and stared at Luke. “ I’m the one all freaked out,” Reid said, “and over nothing .”

Luke stroked Reid’s damp cheek and then gave him a kiss. ”I promised I would be understanding and I’ve been...” he thought of all his silly plotting to win Reid back to a wedding ,“ stupid, “ Luke laughed. He held Reid’s face in his hands and looked at him so lovingly it made Reid suck in his breath.

“You, doctor, have got me. Forever. Right here. And until you really get that through your thick skull- well,” Luke shrugged, “I’m going to just give you as much time as you need, and for as long as you need it.”

There was a moment of silence, while Reid absorbed Luke’s words fully.

“Luke?” Reid said in a serious voice.

“Yes?” Luke answered anxiously.

“Can I have some of your ice cream?” Reid said finally and gave Luke a small smile.

Pursing his lips together to keep from laughing, Luke shook his head in wonder. “You’re really asking me about my snack right now?”

Reid shrugged, “It looks good.” He tried to peek into the bag of topping and Luke playfully batted at his hands.

“Tell you what, I’ll make you one,” Luke said, “I’ll even give you the bigger bowl.”

“Really?” Reid’s eyes twinkled with delight, “You are a good boyfriend.”

“I’m the best,” Luke agreed.

“Did you buy whipped cream ?” Reid inquired.


“Chocolate syrup?”

“The works,” Luke replied, “and I don’t mind sharing.”

Then Luke started to make him the biggest ice cream sundae that he could. He added tons of whipped cream, syrup and sprinkles then handed the bowl to Reid. He watched with a smile as Reid dug into the treat with his usual vigor.

“You know,” Luke said, “I’m glad we had a fight.”

“Why? “ Reid asked, “So you can watch me have a nervous breakdown over your sugar run?”

“No,” Luke laughed, “but you are kind of cute when you panic. “ He stepped closer to
Reid. “No, I’m glad we fought, so you can see that I’m not going anywhere. “ Luke smiled.

Reid licked some whipped cream off of his fingers and considered him. “ I’m glad we fought too, “ he said suddenly. “Cause now I have a reason for makeup sex and for getting you upstairs and naked.”

“Oh, that can be arranged. “ Luke grinned wickedly, “But only if you bring some of that whipped cream.” Luke moved over to Reid and took his fingers. He licked each one with his tongue. Reid closed his eyes in pleasure.

After that, Luke just held his hand a moment and Reid opened his eyes to see that Luke was staring at him. He offered Luke an almost bashful smile. Luke inhaled sharply. He suddenly wanted Reid so much it was a physical ache. A sudden rush of heat and energy passed between them.

“Or, Dr. Oliver,” Luke finally whispered, “ I could just cover you in that cream right now, and then make love to you tonight until you can’t walk.”

Reid’s breathing sped up instantly. “Good thing Natalie is at the farm, “ he managed to say weakly, before Luke’s insistent lips covered his.

Luke put his whole being into the kiss; he wanted Reid to taste how much they belonged together. That they were meant to be- completely and without any doubts, whether they were married or not.

Luke branded him with his tongue, starving for the possession of Reid’s mouth. Luke’s fingers fumbled with the waistband of Reid’s briefs. He yanked them down. He picked up the can of whipped cream. He let it spray Reid in the most intimate of places. Luke dropped down.

His lips sucking on Reid determinedly, Luke licked his whip creamed cock back and forth, and then took it into his mouth. Luke’s lips were soft and full and fantastic. He deep-throated him all the way back and sucked harder.

“Luke-“ Reid whispered, trembling , as Luke released him. “Please!” Reid said, but it wasn’t in a begging voice at all. Reid said it like a command.

Only, he wasn’t sure what he was asking for exactly. For Luke to take him in his mouth again? For Luke to let him do the tasting now? For Luke to just not ever stop?

“Please,” Reid said again. He placed his hands on Luke’s chest.

“Hush,” Luke answered. He kissed Reid suddenly, and Reid could taste the cream.

“Love you so much,” Luke said simply. He leaned into Reid’s ear and gave it a small lick. Then Luke added softly, ”Love you always, always , always, “ and Reid knew that this was what he had been asking to hear. This was what Luke instinctively knew to tell him.

Reid sighed deeply.

Then Luke turned Reid around. “Not done. “

“But I –“ Reid wanted to say something important back to Luke, but all over his words began to jumble up.

“Would you please bend over?” Luke asked in that polite way of his.

Reid rested his hands on the counter and obeyed. His mind just mush now.

“Spread your legs.”

Luke sprayed more whipped cream.

Then he dropped to his knees again and began to use his tongue on Reid’s hole in stunning, giving ways that had Reid panting and thrusting in agony. The sounds of Reid’s painful groans filled the kitchen.

Luke now fully penetrated Reid with his tongue, pushing it in and out without mercy.
He tasted every drop of whipped cream, until Reid’s knees gave way and he fell to the floor in a heap of swooning desire.

Only then did Luke gather Reid back into his arms, lead him up the stairs, and make good on his other promise.

Luke pressed his body against him, and closed one hand possessively around his hardness, making Reid’s entire frame jerk. Luke raised up his legs with a gentle insistence, the broad tip of his cock poised at Reid’s opening. Luke teased him a moment, letting his head slid in and then pull back out. He kissed away Reid’s moans.

He entered Reid slowly, staring into his magnetic blue eyes.

Reid looked up at Luke, towering above him. He was the most beautiful man that Reid could imagine and he belonged to him. The thought was staggering. Reid opened his mouth to tell Luke, but Luke bent down and sucked on his open mouth. He began to rock his body into Reid’s .

Eyes closed, Reid lifted up his hips higher. Soon, he was lost in a world of sensation, as Luke began to find an amazing rhythm. He rode him endlessly, keeping his word about making love all night long.


The next morning, Reid could barely walk.

It took Reid extra time to move around and get ready for work. Luke slept peacefully, while he dressed in his scrubs and grabbed his things. Reid stomach rumbled, but there was no time for breakfast. With Bob arrested, he could only imagine the chaos going on at Memorial.

Despite running late, Reid paused for a moment to just gaze at Luke. Then he smiled widely, without his usual guarded expression, and left.

Memorial was packed with the sick and injured. The holiday season seemed to always bring about more and more patients. Hurrying to grab a Twix bar before his rounds started, Reid quickly headed for the break room. He wondered if Bob had made bail yet, and considered going later to the police station. He didn’t want to argue any more with Luke about it, but Reid instincts all screamed that Bob did not hit Natalie. He had been aware and lucid at her operation. No, there was hidden something here. A part that just made no sense. Reid pursued his lips together . It was a puzzle and he liked to solve puzzles. He also wanted to have this end for Luke. It was taking too much out of him. Luke was just so sensitive-- -

Reid pushed open the break room door and found Chris leaning into a smitten Alison. He had a strand of Ali’s blond hair twirled in his fingers. She was giggling and had her head tilted to him. Their bodies were intimately entwined together.

Reid took two steps backwards. Then he reached for his cell phone and snapped a picture of them.

They quickly broke apart.

“What the hell-“ Chris shouted.

Alison covered up her face with mortification.

“We go way back, “ Chris said , “That’s all. We go way back.”

“Back, forward ,and probably horizontal too,” Reid quipped.

“Please, we’re in love, “ Ali said in an agonized whisper.

“Yeah, if I were you I’d get that love tested for STDs, “ Reid said sarcastically, “the clinic is just down the hall.”

Chris met Reid’s eyes. That bastard Doogie was incapable of love. Reid knew that from Katie. Doogie only did things that helped Doogie. So what then?

Reid’s brain quickly assimilated all the facts.

“Now this,” Reid said smugly, “makes sense.”

Without taking his intelligent eyes off either one of them, Reid dialed Jack’s number at the police station.
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Title: Hit and Run
Author: Marsabi
Summary: Reid and Luke are happily engaged, when Natalie is a victim of a hit and run. They fight about Reid’s operating on Natalie and break up for a time. At this point, Luke and Reid are back together, but not engaged.
Disclaimer: Owned by ATWT
Warning: Christmas, fluff and Lily
Rating: NC-17




“She’s downstairs!”

“We’ll be quiet.”

“Sure. You’ve had sex with me before, right? When am I ever quiet?”

A hand placed another hand on throbbing, leaking erection

“I’ll settle for just me then.”

“Selfish bastard.”




Luke began to use his hand, “Merry Christmas.”

Reid couldn’t answer. He was too busy biting down on his pillow to muffle his moans of pleasure.


Natalie was sitting at the Christmas Tree .She was still in her Rudolph pajamas, Reid Jr. was curled up in her lap. The cat had fallen in love with Natalie, since she’d moved in temporarily with Luke and Reid. The feline slept with her and meowed for her, and even begged up on its hind legs for her at the stairs. Cats don’t beg, but Reid Jr. did. Maybe it was because Natalie was secretly feeding him all the time. She was equally in love with the one-eyed cat .

“Happy holidays! “ Luke shouted down at her now. Reid was following. Natalie grinned up at them and gestured to all the presents under the tree.

“Ccrazy,” she laughed. Her hair was starting to grow in places and the blond fuzz was starting to stick out of her bandage.

“I agree,” Reid drawled as he looked at the tree, “I think Luke bought you an entire Toys R US.”

“I just got excited. That’s all,” Luke said, and broke off a candy cane from the tree to eat.
He smiled at Reid. “And some of these presents are for you.”

“Pays to have a rich boyfriend,” Reid replied. Then he sat down next to Natalie under the tree.

“Go ahead,” Reid told her, not quite able to mask the excitement coloring his voice, “Open a few.”

The truth was Reid had been more excited at the toy store than Luke. He had been the one to pick out the biggest gift of all for Natalie- a new bike and helmet. They’d also filled their cart with stuffed animals, music boxes, and Hannah Montana CDs. Reid had practically danced in the aisle as he threw in toy after toy.

Ripping open a present or two now, Natalie had a wide smile. In a few hours, they’d all be going to Emma’s to join the rest of the family at the farm. But at this time, the three of them created a cozy little circle of happiness.

“Want some breakfast?” Luke asked his sister.

Natalie started to write it down on her pad, when Reid stopped her.

“Use your words,” he told her firmly.

She stuck out her tongue at him.

“And you’re manners, brat!” Reid added, but he was amused. Reid and Natalie had formed a true sister and brother relationship in just a short time. It made Luke’s heart just ache with joy to see them.

“EEEgggs?” Natalie stammered out.

“Eggs?” Luke repeated. “Sure.”

“One of the few things Luke can actually cook,” Reid laughed.

“Hey, I don’t see you in the kitchen, except to eat!”

Natalie held up a hand to stop Luke from leaving, “FFFirst, Reid’s ggifffts?”

Luke grinned. He and Natalie had lots of presents for Reid under the tree, but two of them were special gifts.

“You go,” he told his sister. They all watched Natalie’s careful steps as she walked. She was improving physically every day.

Natalie smiled shyly and handed Reid a card.

To my other big brother she’d written. Inside the box was a new robe.

“Natalie picked it out online herself, “ Luke told him, grinning widely. The robe was red and white and extra fluffy; it had Santa’s face all over it.

Reid busied himself with the robe and pretended his eyes were not wet.

“Thanks,” he told her gruffly and kissed her cheek.

“PPPutt it onnn!” Demanded Natalie.

“Er-, right,” Reid nodded and then shot Luke a murderous glare as he silently laughed. Reid then wrapped his lean frame in the huge robe.

“You know, Nat,” Reid said suddenly. “It would be even more perfect if Luke here had one of these.”

“No, that’s okay,” Luke said swiftly, “I have a robe.”

“But it doesn’t match mine,” Reid gave him a slanted smile.

Yes! That is good! Natalie wrote down in excitement, If I ever had a boyfriend, we’d wear matching outfits too! If she ever did get a boyfriend, she’d walk the malls in cute matching clothes, Natalie’s face turned dreamy at the thought, and he’d be a lot like Reid.

She gave Luke an imploring look.

Luke sighed. “Great,” he nodded at his sister, “I’ll order one more in my size.”

Luke looked at Reid. “Happy?”

“Ecstatic,” Reid answered and leaned in to bite off some of Luke’s candy cane.

Luke laughed . Then he flopped down next to Reid and rested his head on Reid’s shoulder.

“It is a soft robe,” he commented.

Reid patted his knee.

“Now, for my big gift,” Luke said. He had lots of little, expensive things for Reid under the tree, but he knew material things really meant very little to him. He was really hoping that this gift would be a success with Reid.

“I thought you gave me a present already?” Reid smiled suggestively and Luke knew exactly the “gift” he meant and blushed.

Reid took the slim envelope that Luke held out to him, and looked at it curiously.

He opened the card and then said nothing.

Luke became nervous. “ ‘Member the day you sent me to the foundation and told me to work?”

Reid nodded.

“Well, this is what I thought of.” Luke swallowed. “I know how Doctors without Borders is a charity you respect and…If it’s too much, I have not mailed in the official check yet; I can
still stop it.”

Reid lifted an eyebrow, “Only a million dollars in my name to them? “ He looked at Luke fully now, “Why so little? Why not two or three?” Then Reid cleared his throat.

Luke laughed, “It is the foundation paying, but don’t think Doctors Without Borders won’t have your name on their new mailing lists.”

Reid reached over and hugged Luke.

“You really like it?” Luke was pleased. For once, none of his family had been involved with his offering. Just Luke.

Reid nodded vigorously and started to say something else, when the doorbell chimed.

Reid stood up. “And now, my gift” he smiled.

Luke looked perplexed.

“If you don’t like this,” Reid told him dryly, “all I have for you are some crummy ties from Sears.”

They both went over to the door. Reid opened it and Lily stood there holding a poinsettia. A stiff smile was on her face.

“What are you doing here?” Luke said hotly.

“I was invited,” Lily told him.

“Come in,” Reid held the door open wider. Natalie saw her mother and waved at her happily.

Lily’s smile turned warm then and she hurried over to greet her daughter.

Luke took a step toward his mother.

“Hold on,” Reid took his arm, “Let’s talk about it.”

“You know I told you my mom and I had a falling out,” Luke said in a whisper; he didn’t want to upset Natalie.

“Yes, and I know why too.” Reid gestured to the porch and Luke followed him outside.

“Look, I know you were standing up for me, okay? And it was – “ Amazing. Incredible.
Reid searched for a word, “Nice. But not needed.”

“Reid –“

Reid placed a finger over Luke’s protesting lips.


Reid had gone over to Lily’s and confronted her. She had poured out all of her resentment at him, and he had just patiently waited her out. He let her talk on and on, until she finally was quiet.

Then he had simply asked her if her “drama” was done? He had sat down and bluntly warned her that she could lose Luke. But that he did not want that for Luke. So he offered to help her make up with her son. “We don’t have to like each other,” he told Lily, “We just have to not hate each other.”

Lily had fallen silent and then shrugged. “I can try, “she had said. Then they had made arrangements for her visit.


Now Reid hushed Luke.

“Do you remember once telling me that nobody in this crappy town would ever want to have a drink with me?”

“That was a long time ago – “ Luke said, upset.

“No, but listen. You were right. Nobody but Katie liked me back then. And now.” Reid gave a half-laugh. “Now everybody in this crappy town wants me. Even your grandmothers do shots with
me in my office.”

“What?” Luke laughed, puzzled. “They do not! That’s never happened.”

“Hmm,” Reid decided better not to give away Emma and Lucinda any more than needed. “The point is that it doesn’t bother me to be disliked. I’m okay with your mother not being a fan. “

“But I want her to like you and respect you! She can’t just come here and be rude –“

“Hey, I’m okay with rude. I understand rude. Rude is actually refreshing.” Reid made a face. “ Too many people liking me makes me want to flee in terror.” He gave a mock shudder.

Luke shook his head. “Reid, I want- “

“I know,” Reid smiled and stroked Luke’s face. “You want her to love me and be nice and we all join hands at the dinner table and sing Kumbaya.”

Luke’s mouth gave a reluctant twitch. “I’m not that naive.”

The hand on Luke’s face pushed the hair out of his big brown eyes.

“You’re just sweet, “ Reid said to him. “But you can’t argue with the man in the Santa robe,” Reid said firmly.

They kissed.

“Beside,” Reid said, playing his trump card. “Look how happy she makes Natalie. “

Luke blew out a long breath. “Are you sure?”

Reid nodded.

“Okay,” Luke agreed. “I’ll try with her. But if she is mean or whatever to you, Reid, I will fight her again.”

Luke took Reid’s hand and held it.

“Luke,” Reid said softly,” I appreciate it. But I don’t want to be the reason you have a falling out with your family. Not even your emotional mama, “ he laughed. “ Understand?”

“I love you,” Luke said.

Reid rolled his eyes, “How could you not? I’m a brilliant catch,” He boasted, “ Even if Lily doesn’t think I’m good enough for her son.” Then he gave Luke a soft kiss. “Well, I guess I can’t blame her there - you are pretty close to perfect. “

They smiled at each other.

“Love you too,” Reid added shyly.

Luke looked over at the door and inside at where Natalie and Lily were playing together with the presents.

“I’m ready to go in,” He told Reid. “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome, “ Reid smiled. “Let’s go have a happy holiday.”


After a little while, they all arrived at the Snyder farm. But as soon as they got out of the car and Emma took Natalie inside the house, Holden came out with a big frown.

“What it is?” Luke asked.

“Jack just called,” Holden replied grimly. “Apparently, they just found the car that hit
Natalie. It had traces of her DNA.”

“But that’s great,” Luke said.

“It is and it isn’t. “ Holden took a deep, troubled breath,” The car. It belongs to the Hughes’. Somebody in that family hit Natalie.”

“Oh my God!” Lily said.

Luke paled.

They all looked at where Natalie and Emma had gone into the house.

“I’m headed to the station now,” Holden told them.

“We’ll all go,” said Luke. He looked to Reid, who nodded.

Lily took Holden’s arm, “I just can’t believe this, ‘she said.

“Maybe it is a mistake,” Luke offered, “Like with Carly.”

“We’ll soon know,” Holden answered, and they all headed down to the police headquarters.
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Title: Hit and Run
Author: Marsabi
Summary: Natalie is a victim of a hit and run
Warning: Sexual Content – Light Bondage and Hot Tubs
Rating: NC-17

Looking at the picture of Luke leaping in the air, legs spread, dopey smile on his face, Reid couldn’t help laughing again. He hadn’t possessed such a great picture of Luke being so ridiculous since they had ridden mechanical bulls together. Unlike that picture, however, Reid had no plans to ever delete this one. He glanced at his office door. Luke had sounded happy that he’d ask him to come over to the hospital, even though it was late at night.

Christmas was fast approaching and their house had not even been decorated yet. That had surprised Reid, last year Luke had made a huge fuss, turning the whole place red and green. Reid had teased him mercilessly for being a sap, but he had kind of liked it. The Snyders knew how to do up the holidays. Not that he’d ever admit it, but Reid was looking forward to Christmas dinner at the farm. It wasn’t just Emma’s scrumptious food either. The family was just so…well, warm and messy. Reid thought back to all the Christmas times at his childhood house. His parents had a simple tree, minimal fuss. Reid had to eat a formal meal with just them, and he only received the most sensible of presents. His parents had not been terrible people, Reid felt a stab of guilt for thinking poorly about them. They had not abused him or anything. It was just a cold house - a house of rules and expectations. Then they had died and he had been shipped off to his Uncle Angus. That had been even worse. Christmas then had meant no Christmas at all. Uncle Angus believed in punishment and more punishment.

The door opened and Luke stuck his head in. “Hey,” he smiled. Reid smiled back. Every day with Luke felt like Christmas to him. Maybe that was why a small part of him was still waiting for some Grinch to come and steal it all away.

“Don’t just stand at the door,” Reid said, still smiling at his boyfriend. Luke kind of looked around before he entered. His eyes darted about nervously. He was dressed in a wool hat, gloves, and a long ankle-length winter coat.

Reid stood up. “I have something to show you.”

“So you mentioned on the phone.”

“Yeah , come with me.”

“Wait!” Luke looked around again. “Can’t we stay in your office?”

“No, I need to show you some things. What’s wrong with you?” Reid demanded, as they stepped into the hall and Luke ducked his head down.

“Me? Um, not a thing. ”

“Do you want to stop by Natalie’s room first?”

“No! I mean, it’s late.” Luke shook his head vigorously. “ She might be sleeping.”

Reid shrugged, “Whatever. “ They walked down the hall. Reid unlocked the door on the right.

Luke raised his eyebrows. “You want to show me the physical therapy room?”

“Your foundation bought it.”

“I know,” Luke said, “and I’ve seen it with Natalie. She’s been doing great in here. “ He smiled, thinking about Natalie’s progress.

Reid grinned, “Exactly what I wanted to discuss. “

They stepped in the room. Luke’s foundation had built it before Natalie’s accident. There was no expense spared. It had giant exercise balls and bands, a massage table, weight machines, and even a small hot tub.

Reid turned to Luke. “I wanted to give you an early Christmas present. “ He cleared his throat nervously.

“Reid,” you don’t have to get me a thing,” Luke protested. Except a proposal, a wedding, a marriage, that was all he wanted from Reid. So much. It kept him up at night.

“I know, Trust Fund. Believe me, you’re hard to shop for.” Reid took a breath. “It’s not really a present…Here is the thing. Natalie needs some serious care still. She really shouldn’t be released for another two weeks or so.”

Luke nodded.

“But I was thinking, “ Reid shot Luke a shy glance, “If she came home with us, and we had some of this equipment. I mean she could be out of the hospital for Christmas that way.” Reid did not look at Luke now, but stared determinedly down at the floor. “ I could take her vitals every night, change her dressing and watch over her. It would work, I think. “ Reid rushed on nervously, “We could just help her transition out of the hospital early, with your parents’ permission, of course. And she could be in a real bed for Christmas and probably in her own home by the New Year.”

Luke felt the breath knock out of him and tears filled his eyes. “Really? You’d take Natalie home with us?”

Reid shrugged, “If you want to? “

Luke launched himself at Reid, kissing his lips. “That is the most amazing – you are the most beautiful person!”

“Stop.” Reid actually flushed. “ We all know you’re the pretty one.”

But he accepted Luke’s kiss with a smile.

“You really will take her home for me?” Luke asked with wonder.

Reid became a little-self conscious, “ Well, she’s no one-eyed cat, and I couldn’t wrap her up under a tree, but I guess you like the idea.” He fell back on sarcasm to hide.

Luke just looked at him tenderly, not fooled .

“Thank you,” Luke said. “Natalie will be so glad. She hates the hospital!”

“Who doesn’t?”

“And she will be over the moon to leave by Christmas. What a great present!”

Reid looked away. Luke touched his cheek gently.

“I’ll be watching over her,” Reid said, “but that is why I brought you in here. We need to get ready, buy her some of this stuff. And I might need a nurse for the times I’m at work.”

“Whatever she needs.”

“Good, cause your paying the bill,” Reid laughed. “Now we just have to let the family know.”

“Yeah,” Luke briefly thought about his mother. She wouldn’t mind, would she? Not if Natalie could get out early. The alternative would be staying 2 more weeks at Memorial.

Reid gave him a brief hug, “I’m glad you’re happy," he was saying to Luke. Then Reid frowned. He patted Luke up and down.

“Uh, Luke?”

“Hmm?” Luke mumbled, his mind still on Natalie.

“Are you wearing any clothes under there?”

“Oh!” Luke jumped back. He had planned to try this in Reid office, near the desk, maybe with
Reid’s blanket that he always kept tucked away in the drawer out… Luke ducked his head again and blushed.

Faith’s idea – here it goes- have raunchy sex in a public place.

Luke took off his cap and his gloves. He opened up his coat and then dropped it to the ground.
Reid’s stunned gaze swept over Luke’s muscular chest, narrow hips, legs covered with golden hairs.

“Nice,” he said gruffly. “But?” Reid sent Luke a baffled look, “Why?”

Luke shrugged, “I’ve never done it in a public place. Never took that risk. “ His cheeks were crimson.

It was all he could do not to cover himself.

“Big surprise,” Reid snorted. “You and Mayer- the kinky experimenters.”

“Hey, we had our moments,” Luke said defensively. “Noah was a gentle and sweet –“

“And boring and predictable,” Reid finished. “ Did he ever let you out of being the bottom? “
Reid smirked at Luke’s face. “Poor you.”


“Good thing I am neither gentle nor sweet, “ Reid continued, starting to move toward Luke.

Luke wrinkled up his nose. “Believe me, I know that.”

“And you love it, right?” Reid reached him and grabbed his shoulders. “You like it dirty and tough, “ Reid murmured, “Your already an orgasm in waiting,” he took Luke’s erection in one hand.

“I am not!” Luke denied, but they both looked down at his growing cock.

“You know, “ Reid said softly, “public sex is fun, but if you really want to get kinky –“

“I never said I wanted to get kinky- “Luke protested, this idea of Faith’s was suddenly tumbling way out of his control.

Reid reached behind Luke and pulled down a green exercise band. “I have a few fantasies of my own.”


“What? I’ll lock the door.” Reid turned and locked it. Then he gently pushed Luke by the wall. He grabbed both of his hands and tied them with the band, and knotted the other side on a hook on the wall.

“You seem like you’ve done this before? Just how many ex-lovers have you tied up?” Luke demanded.

“Oh dozens” Reid replied, his eyes gleaming.

“Figures,” Luke muttered. His lower lip jutted out.

“But never with an exercise band. I mostly use leather or chains.”

Luke wanted to slap at him, but his hands were tied.

Reid trailed a finger down Luke’s naked torso.

“Did you come prepared?” He asked Luke hoarsely.

Luke could only nod and gesture to his coat.

“Good boy.” Reid pulled out the lube and condom.

Reid came back and brushed his knuckles over Luke’s erection. Luke bit his lip to keep from crying out.

Luke’s eyes widened as Reid took down one of the giant exercise balls and rolled it over to Luke.

“What’s that for? Planning to do some crunches?”

“Why?” Reid made a face, “My abs are perfect.”

“True,” Luke laughed, “ Who knew chips and soda lead to a six pack?” He looked as Reid sat down on the big yellow ball and bounced a little on it. “So?” He questioned him.

Reid grinned at Luke, “I plan to be here awhile, might as well be comfortable.”

“Oh,” Luke said and flushed. Then he glanced over at the door.

“We have to be quiet,” he warned Reid in a whisper.

Reid’s face took on a wicked grin, “I’ll keep my mouth busy.”

Still bouncing on the big ball,, Reid took Luke between his lips and suckled him.
Luke inhaled sharply. He could feel the magnificent force of Reid’s tongue. Reid pressed down on the spongy part of Luke’s tip and then circled it underneath. Then he licked all the way to the base.

“You’re killing me,’ Luke moaned softly.

Reid looked up for a moment and flashed his teeth, “I’m a doctor; I’ll revive you.”

He went back to work on Luke. Caressing his inner thighs and taking him down his throat. The slight bouncing motion of the ball only made Reid’s mouth move better . He bobbed gently up and down as he loved Luke with an expert tongue.

Lucked bucked. His legs felt weak. The bands tied to his hands held him up.

Reid grazed a sensitive area with his teeth.

Luke couldn’t help it. He let out a small yelp of pleasure. Reid gave a triumphant smirk and took him into his mouth once more. He held Luke firmly and sucked harder and harder.
The pressure inside of his body exploded, and Luke climaxed in one uncontrollable shudder.

After a moment, Reid stood up. He walked around Luke and gave his butt a sweet pinch. Then he released Luke’s hands. Luke dropped to the ground, panting.

“We can finish at home,” Luke suggested in a thick voice.

A smile touched Reid’s lips. He walked over and turned on the hot tub.

“I can’t wait for home,” Reid said and pointed to the huge bulge in his scrubs. He pulled off
his clothes.

Luke stood up, still shaking.

Walking over to Reid, Luke took the lube and wordlessly began to caress Reid’s hard member.

Reid groaned. Luke had amazing hands. His fingers were stronger than they looked; he knew exactly how to massage and squeeze and stroke. Reid had to break the contact or he would have come all over those sweet fingers.

Luke half-smiled cause he knew exactly why Reid pulled back. Reid gestured toward the hot tub, and they climbed in, thick foamy bubbles all around them.

Reid encircled Luke’s waist in the water. His hands moved up and down Luke’s body, making tiny splashes of water.

Luke began to kiss at Reid’s neck, and smiled when Reid flung his head back, allowing Luke more access to his skin. Reid pulled Luke onto his lap and sat down on the small bench inside the hot tub.

Luke could feel Reid’s hard cock just under his left thigh. He deliberately wiggled around on it.

“Tease,” Reid said throatily. “Brat,” he groaned at Luke’s wriggling.

“Sweet talker,” Luke replied.

The steam rose up and they breathed it in. Frothy bubbles swooshed around their flesh as Reid found Luke with a finger.

“Now, who is teasing?” Luke managed to say, riding the finger up and down.

Reid answered with a penetrating kiss. Their mouths were on fire for each other. Luke gave him deep, open-mouthed kiss after kiss, tangling his hand in Reid’s curly hair.

“I want –“

“Me too-“

“Right now-“


Reid pulled the finger out and pushed inside of Luke. Luke leaned back onto Reid’s shoulder, still cradled in his lap, and let Reid thrust into him over and over.

They were both breathing heavily, sweat from the heat of the hot tub and their bodies dripping down them.

The ecstatic grinding built to a fevered pitch. Luke aroused Reid more with his mouth and hands. Reid groaned and thrust up again. Sending them both over the edge that was cataclysmic.


Afterwards, they just floated around the small tub mindlessly.

Luke had to give his sister credit; this was the best plan yet.

Reid was hopping out of the hot tub and grabbing a few towels.

“Pretty good,” he told Luke with a lazy smile. “But of course, I need to think back on all the others I’ve done it in a hot tub with.”

Luke laughed and splashed some water in his direction. But a flicker of hurt clenched at his belly. The number thing was a running joke between them, but at that moment, it only reminded Luke that there was still a gap between him and Reid. He wanted to hear beautiful words. Reassurance.

Luke climbed out and dried off. He gave Reid a searching look. The sex had been amazing, it always was. And he knew Reid was just joking with him. But he suddenly felt depressed.

Just ask Reid. See what he says. Just try.

Luke glanced down at his two engagement bands. His fingers trembled. He clenched them up in a fist. He couldn’t. It had been hard enough to get up the nerve to propose to a man like Reid that first time.

Luke knew that Reid desired and loved him, but Luke had a sinking feeling that Reid wouldn’t accept the ring yet. It was like a constant punch in the stomach to think about.

“You’ll have to pay for a cleaning crew in here,” Reid was teasing, “We left our mark.”

“Not a problem,” Luke answered.

“Hey,” Reid tipped Luke’s face back. “You okay?”

Luke forced a big smile. “Great! “

Just don’t think about it. Just stop. Let it go. Luke forced an even bigger smile.

Reid frowned at him and handed him his coat. “Want to come to the office and borrow some of my scrubs for the ride home?” he asked quietly.

“Yeah,” Luke said, “Guess I didn’t think that part out so well.”

Reid wagged a finger at him. “Planning is everything, Mr. Snyder.” He suddenly grinned. “Next time you dress as a flasher, maybe give a little bit of color too. “


“I’m thinking a nice red ribbon tied around that delicious cock. I like to unwrap my surprise
packages. “

“What makes you think you’ll get a next time?” Luke asked sweetly.

That’s it, keep it light. Keep it fun.

Reid made a sad face. “That was it? Our one time for a public romp?”

“I’m just saying it’s your turn,” Luke shoved a playful elbow at Reid’s side. “Step up your game, Dr. Oliver. Didn’t you tell me you were never boring or predictable?”

“Careful, or I might throw you down right on Emma’s buffet table .”

“What and ruin her Christmas pies? “ Luke laughed, “Not you!”

“You’re right- food first. Jump Luke second.” Reid’s lips curved. “ Hmm. Maybe I’ll just strip you naked at the church while your family all sings Silent Night?”

Their eyes met and flirted.

They stood there in the hallway a moment; both of them smiling stupidly at each other.

Then Reid patted Luke’s coat.

“Come on,” Reid said, “ let’s get you some clothes.”


“No big deal,” Reid kissed Luke’s damp hair affectionately, “I’ll share.”

I’ll find another time, a better time…and ask him

They headed back to Reid’s office and then home.


The next day, Lily stood outside of Natalie’s room and took in her son’s furious face.

“What do you mean no?” Luke demanded.

Lily folded her arms.”Like I told Natalie; it’s not a good idea.”

“She wants to come home with me, Mom- to leave this place. Don’t you want her out for the holidays?”

“I want her at my house, not yours,” Lily retorted.

“Don’t you mean not Reid’s?” Luke said angrily. He kicked at the hospital wall with his shoe.

“Okay, yes.”

“Mom, he is her doctor. She would not normally be ready to go home; he is bending the rules for her- trying to do something sweet. Can’t you just, for once, think about what is best for
Natalie ?”

Lily drew in a deep breath. “Now you even sound like him ! I am a good mother.”

“I’m not saying you’re a bad one. But Mom, -“

“And if Natalie can leave, then I will take her home. I can hire a nurse. “

“I know, but a nurse is not a doctor. And Reid is the best person to watch out for her while she is so fragile. “

Lily stubbornly shook her head.

Luke threw up his hands. “So you’d rather have Natalie spend Christmas in here than with us?”

“I still wanted another doctor-“ Lily started to say.

“Oh this is so not about Reid as her doctor,” Luke interrupted.

Lily was taken aback. Luke had never raised his voice to her like this!

“You have never liked Reid,” Luke was shouting now, “And it has got to stop.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, Reid is the man I want to marry, or hope to –“

“Hope to?” Lily asked , puzzled. She was the only member of the family who did not know about the canceled engagement.

“Never mind,” Luke waved that away. “Just listen. Reid is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with.”

“But honey, he is so hard and rude and –“

“Stop it!” Luke yelled out. Neither of them noticed Reid coming down the hall.

Reid stopped in his tracks, hidden by the corner, and listened.

“I love him, mother. I love everything about him. And frankly, I don’t care anymore what you think.”

“Luke- “

“I am a grown man. Not a baby. You need to respect my choices “ Luke had tears in his eyes and so did Lily. She tried to touch him and he brushed her away.

“What are you saying?”

“Just, don’t do it. Don’t make me choose between you. “

“I- I- I’m your mother!”

“And I love you,” Luke sighed. He wiped his hand at his eyes. “But don’t force this, Mom. Or I will choose Reid. “

Lily gasped.

“I love you,” Luke said quietly and firmly, “but Reid holds my heart.”

Reid felt his throat clog. His mouth opened in amazement.

He knew, of course, that Luke loved him. But if he had to make a bet, he would have said that Luke would always put his family first. Reid understood that; he knew just how important family was to Luke. He never expected…Nobody had ever… chosen him. Reid struggled to put a name on all his swirling emotions.

He leaned heavily against the wall, and took a few shuddering breaths. Suddenly, it was too much for Reid. He couldn’t go down the hallway and look into Luke’s eyes.
Reid fled. He ran to the vending machines and mindlessly stuffed his face with pretzels and chips. For once, food did not make him feel better. His stomach was queasy.

Okay, he would go back down that hall and face Luke. He would say- something nice. Civil. Kind. Crap! He sucked at civility. He could just be honest and tell Luke he had heard.

Reid frowned. There had been so much pain in Luke’s voice. Reid paced around the break room .


Meanwhile, Luke and Natalie made plans for her to come home. Lily had given into Luke, but had left in an angry rush.

“You can help Natalie for now,” She had told her son, “but I won’t give you any more.”

Luke had just nodded, exhausted from battling with his mother.

Natalie’s beaming smile soon made up for it.

“RRReallly?” Natalie had gasped out , the one word conveying all of her simple delight.

Luke had nodded and took his sister’s hand.

Natalie grabbed a pen and pad and wrote to him. Thank you! You are saving me from this place!

She gave her brother another melting smile. Luke smiled back at her, and tried to shrug off his bitter feelings for Lily. Making Natalie so happy was worth it. And Reid had made it happen; made it possible for Natalie to spend Christmas with them. Luke’s heart constricted with love as he thought of Reid. His mother did not know the true Reid at all.


Across town, Lily fumed. She also wiped away the hot tears from her face. She looked around her empty house. Faith and Ethan were at the farm. There was nobody. She was all alone. How did she get all alone? She always had somebody in her life, taking care of things and helping her. She did not know how to be alone. Lily covered her eyes and cried. She had never, ever seen Luke so angry.

The doorbell rang. With a loud sigh, Lily smoothed her hair and face.

“Coming!” She called out.

She opened the door and then stood there frozen in place.

“May I come in?” Reid asked.

Lily’s eyes flashed with resentment.

Reid put one determined foot inside the door…
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Title: Hit and Run
Author: Marsabi
Summary: Natalie is a victim of a hit and run. Reid has broken off his engagement to Luke, but they are trying to work it out. At this point in the story, Luke plots with his family about how to romance Reid back.
Warning: None
Rating: PG
For sleeper6 -thanks for some inspiration!
A/n: Even if you have not been following this story, this can also be read as a one-shot on Luke wooing Reid

Part 11

“It’s a kitten!”

“That is not a kitten!”

Reid glared at the animal. It was not a kitten at all. It was an enormous, white and orange colored cat. The thing had rolls of fur hanging out and, here was the truly creepy part to Reid, it had only one eye. One piercing blue eye. There were scars where its other eye should be. The cat regarded Reid with what he could only describe as a pissed off expression on its feline face. It let out a single “Meow,” and then curled up again in its basket.

“And you can name it,” Luke bounced up and down on the bed with excitement, “and we can care for it together – “

“I’m not naming this…creature.”


“Look, I don’t even like animals.”

“You just never had a pet, “ Luke dismissed.

“And cats? They shit in a box, right?”

“Well, some cats go outside, but due to his past with other cats and his sensitive nature –“

“Sensitive what?” Luke had clearly lost his mind!


“And this is not even a kitten –“ Reid added “ you got me a one-eyed fur ball.“

Luke blushed.

“Okay, well, it was supposed to be a kitten “ Luke thought briefly about Ethan being disappointed there, “ But when I saw him,” He pointed to the giant cat, “ All majestic, but sad – he’d been beat up by another cat, poor guy so – “ Luke broke off and offered Reid a hopeful smile. Reid remained stony-faced.

“Are you telling me,” he said to Luke, “that you got me a one-eyed, fat loser cat?”

“He’s a lover, not a fighter. Besides, the man at the shelter told me they were about to gas him, what was I supposed to do?” Luke defended himself.

“Uh- let him get gassed?”


“What?” Reid shrugged. “ His carcass would go to some lucky med student who could slice him and dice him.”

Luke quickly ran over and covered up the cats ear’s “Don’t talk about dissection in front of R.J,” he hissed out.


“Reid Junior,” Luke said smugly , “Since you refuse to name our pet, I just did.”

“Listen up, “ Reid told the cat in a stage whisper, “First we used to skin you guys, then take a really sharp knife and – “

“Hey!” Luke cuddled the giant cat.

“We are not keeping him.” Reid said firmly.

Luke held Reid Jr. protectively. The cat licked a paw and glared over at Reid.

Luke carried him to the bed.

“Luke, no way!” Reid said, “There are no –“

“Don’t even say pussies-“ Luke warned.

“You said it for me,” Reid smirked. “ And there are none of those in our bed.”

“Okay, fine.” Luke’s face turned pouty. “ Reid Jr. can go back into his basket. “ Luke marched the cat over. “But at least try, please? For me? Give him one touch? He really is soft. Well, once I brushed out those clotted bits of fur. ”

“Has he been checked for vermin?”


Reid looked at Luke’s big eyes and sad face.

He extended one, reluctant finger out

R.J playfully swatted at Reid’s hand.

“Jesus!” Reid quickly drew back. “He tried to attack me!”

“He was playing.”

“And I need all my fingers to operate on people, Luke.”

Luke put the cat down and put his hands over his eyes and rubbed them. “This is really not going according to plan,” he mumbled.


“Nothing. I said – give the cat a few days, okay? I really can’t stand the thought of him killed at some shelter.”

“They have no kill ones – “ Reid started to offer.


“Why is this so important? “ Reid asked.

Luke shrugged. “It would be our pet in our home…” His voice trailed off. He couldn’t add that it was another major way to tie them together.

The cat meowed loudly and cleaned its fur with a scratchy tongue. Luke bent down and cooed to it.

Reid sighed. “Okay, alright.”

He would sleep on this, Reid thought, and figure out a way to talk Luke out of the cat in the morning.

“Great!” Luke beamed. Reid would sleep on this, Luke thought, and come to realize a pet was just what their relationship needed .


A day or two later, Reid came down to the kitchen furious. His skin was still wet and he was wrapped only in a white towel.

“What’s wrong?” Luke said.

“That creature is trying to shower with me!”Reid fumed, pointing to Reid Jr. who had just sauntered into the kitchen and began to greedily eat his food. The cat took massive gulps of his food into his mouth.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Luke said, “Cats hate water.”

“Not this one,” Reid said, “I opened up the glass door to grab my razor, and he was just there- staring at me- watching me with that one eye. “

Luke’s mouth twitched. “I like to watch you shower too.”

“And he tried to sneak in,” Reid continued, waving his hands in the air. “His fur is all over the bath mat. I think he is going into the tub when we’re not here.”

Luke picked up R.J and stroked him. “Paranoid much?” He said to Reid.

“Fine! Take the feline’s side,” Reid turned on his heel and charged back upstairs. “I need to go to work.”


The next day, they found a few small scratches on the couch, and a hairball that Reid Jr. had coughed up by the bed.

“We just need to make a connection with him,” Luke told Reid. “He needs to know we care. “

Reid scowled, “I don’t want to bond with a cat,” he told Luke.

“But you want to bond with me, right?” Luke smiled. “And I want us to bond with Jr.”

“Can we please find a new name?”

“Sure, what do you want to call him?” Luke asked sweetly, “I’ll change it as soon as you pick a name out.”

Reid wondered if he could get the beast to leave by opening the back door and spreading out a trail of tuna fish that led to the woods. Reid grinned at the thought.

“See?” Luke said, pointing to Reid Jr. near Reid’s feet, “You’re starting to like each other.”

Yes, tuna might tempt him away, Reid thought, and nodded a fake smile back at Luke. Or maybe he could just drive him to an open field and ditch him, Reid mused. Cats weren’t like dogs, were they? They lacked a homing instinct.

“I really think you guys are starting to bond,” Luke was saying. Reid glanced down as R.J. hacked up another fur ball at his feet.


Reid, stop drinking from the toilet!

“What?” Reid turned around nervously.

“Reid Jr. “ Luke clapped his hands. “I said stop!”

Every time Luke left out the “Jr.” part of the cat’s name, Reid would be startled.

Reid , stop pawing at the crotch of my jeans!

Or Reid, potted plants are not food!

Luke would shout out these things and fluster the real Reid. The cat would not react to Luke’s scolding at all. He would just lazily stroll away, swooshing his tail in defiance.

“Stop,” Luke yelled again, as the cat tried to swim in the toilet.

He glanced at Reid. “Okay, he does seem to like water.”

“Told you.”

“Well, I can read some cat training books or something,” Luke offered.

“Or we could return him.”

“Reid, you don’t just give back a pet,” Luke admonished him, “Is that what you’d do with a problem child?”

Reid suddenly got an image of kids surrounding Luke. They were spilling red punch all over the carpet, swinging on the drapes, and taking off their dirty diapers – all while Luke sat there with a glowing, dopey smile reading books about building up a problem child’s self esteem.

Reid started to sweat. He had never been so happy that he and Luke were gay, and Luke could not just get “knocked up.”

“I guess we can work with the cat,” he muttered now. Better a cat than something else!

Another day passed.


“Okay, Luke, now I’ve had it!” Reid came stomping out of their bedroom.

“What now?” Luke asked with a sigh.

Reid pointed to the cat, “He got into my box!”

Reid kept a shoe box full of junk food in their room.

“That cat ate it all! My twinkies, my chips, my- “

“Boy that can’t be good for Reid Jr.,” Luke said in alarm, “maybe we should see the vet?”

Beside them, R.J was just sniffing the air and rolling around on his back, exposing a massive belly.

“He’s a devil-cat,” Reid was fuming, “he must have climbed up and pawed open my box.”

Luke’s eyes open wide, “How do you know you didn’t leave the snacks out?”
With a suspicious glance at the cat, Reid ran a hand through his rumpled hair.
Luke mouth twisted up suddenly with an urge to giggle, “Maybe if you ever fed Jr. , “ he told

Reid pointedly, “He wouldn’t be after your stash.”

“Fine,” Reid said. “I’ll feed the creature. Right now!”


They all went into the kitchen. Reid made a big deal out of finding the can opener and taking out R.J’s food.

Luke’s heart soared. Maybe Reid would finally learn to care for Reid Jr. now.

But then Luke heard Reid, gagging on the smell of wet cat food the entire time.

Watching Reid’s weak attempt at care, Luke suddenly was done. He had enough.

“That’s it!” Luke declared and marched up the stairs. Reid looked up from where he was still spooning out Fancy Feast. “What?” He asked. Luke didn’t answer.

Reid looked down at the food and his stomach turned. Why did cat food smell worse than any ER filled with blood and guts?

He frowned down at the big cat circling his feet. “This is your fault, you snack thief.”

The cat meowed.

A second later, a still angry Luke marched back down the stairs, holding a stuffed gym bag.
Just the sight of Luke with a packed bag made Reid’s stomach clench with panic. He wouldn’t leave him again, not over a cat, would he?

“Let’s go,” Luke snapped, handing Reid his coat.


“It is your day off, right?”

Reid gave a wary nod.

“We’re going to the Snyder pond.”

“The pond?” Reid said baffled. “Luke, it’s like 15 degrees outside!”

Luke handed him a hat, “Suck it up.”

“Uh, you haven’t decided to drown the cat in the pond or anything, have you?” Reid asked. “He isn’t that bad.” True, he had been plotting ditching the creature, but nothing violent.

“Don’t be stupid,” Luke told him, “the pond is frozen. Besides, Jr. is staying here. “

Reid followed Luke out the door. His boyfriend was acting truly crazy, but at least Luke was still his. He was not running away or anything. He’d take crazy Luke over leaving Luke.

As they left, Luke couldn’t help feeling furious. But not at Reid, at himself. He should never have started with Ethan and the kitten/cat idea. Who takes love advice from a six-year old? No, Emma’s idea was a whole different story. She had been married for like 20 years, before Harvey Snyder had passed. Happy, married years.
Luke snuck a glance at Reid as he drove them. Okay, Reid Jr. had not won him over, but this date surely would melt even Reid’s stubborn heart. Luke smiled. Reid was bound to be impressed.


“Are you sure it’s frozen?” Reid asked, bending down and inspecting the ice.

“Yes.” Luke said, lacing up his skates. “I’ve been skating here for years and years.”

Reid frowned, “I don’t skate. I’m going to fall on my ass.”

“Aww,” Luke came up to him, “And it’s such a cute ass. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you.”

Luke imagined the two of them skating around in romantic circles, holding hands. This was definitely going to work.

Reid bravely laced up the skates. Luke took his hand and helped Reid wobble out to the icy pond.

“You’re doing great!” He enthused.

Reid began to fall. The tangled together. They had not even gone two steps.

“I can’t,” Reid adamantly shook his head.

“Come on, try?” Luke pleaded.

Reid sat on the cold ice and refused to budge.

Luke bit his lip. Then his face lighted up. “Okay, you stand over there, and watch me.”

“Watch you?”

“Well, I don’t mean to boast,” Luke grinned proudly, “but I am kind of good at skating. I can skate like you can play chess. Watch this!”

Luke did a fast circle on the ice. Reid watched. Luke spun quickly around, and then he raised one leg straight up in the air. He spun again.

He skidded to a stop. “Well?”

“Well, I already know how flexible you are,” Reid smirked. “But not bad.”

Luke beamed. He could tell Reid was actually impressed. It wasn’t often that Reid was impressed. Luke racked his brain for another skating move.

“Here I go!” He shouted to Reid and skated quickly across the pond. Luke leaped. He did a jump. His skates smoothly hit the ground. He did a toe loop next and a single lutz. Luke gave a cheesy bow. He was even better at this than he remembered!

He saw Reid actually take out his phone and take his picture. Luke became really excited. He leaped into the air again.

Just a few more moves, and then maybe he could get Reid out on the ice again. They’d skate and kiss and it would be perfect. Reid would soon demand to get engaged again --
Luke decided to do his own invention a super-duper jump and twist. He launched his whole body up –


“Are you okay?” Reid yelled. He wobbled to his feet. Then he baby stepped, his arms out in front of him like a robot, over to where Luke had fallen .

“Yeah,” Luke rubbed his shoulder.

“Do you need me to take you to the hospital?” Reid managed to get to him and bent down to examine his arm.

Luke moved the arm up and down,” No, see. It’s fine.”

A stain of humiliation touched his cheeks.

What really hurt and was sure to be bruised, was his butt. Luke could just hear the snarky things Reid was going to say when his ass turned green from bruises soon.

“Listen, Brian Boitano,” Reid was drawling , snarky already, and he did not even know about Luke’s sore behind, “What did you think you were doing?”

“I can do that move,” Luke said hotly. “It’s just been awhile. “

Reid’s mouth quirked in amusement. He helped Luke up.

Luke’s eyes suddenly narrowed, “Are you laughing at me?” He demanded.

“Of course not,” Reid said smoothly. “It’s the cold air, it makes me shake.”

“You can let go of me,” Luke said, pulling away with as much dignity as he could manage. He
was going to have to ice his ass tonight in secret.

Reid tried to hide his laughter. He couldn’t wait to get Luke home later and give some TLC to his clearly hurt backside.

“We can still skate, “ Luke said now, but his own enthusiasm was waffling.

“Not me. Can I just go and enjoy my day off in quiet?”

Luke sighed. Where had he gone wrong? He’d rushed the whole skating date. He should have practiced his jumps first, and then taken Reid to the pond.

Reid gave him a friendly pat on the tush and Luke tried to hide a wince.

“We could stop by Emma’s,” Luke offered, “for some of her pie.”

“Now you’re talking!” Reid grinned. He took off his skates in clear relief.

If only he could cook like his grandma, Luke thought. That was clearly the way to Reid’s heart, but Luke’s skills were limited to eggs or pasta. What could he do? What else did Reid love?

Faith’s dirty suggestion entered Luke’s mind. Well, if he couldn’t lure Reid back to their engagement with romance and sweetness, then maybe it was time to try something else entirely!

They went to Emma’s for pie.

Luke plotting all the way…
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Title: Hit and Run
Author: Marsabi
Summary: Luke and Reid are happily engaged, when Natalie becomes a victim of a hit and run. They fight over her operation. Reid reluctantly operated on her, but it caused Luke and Reid to break off their engagement. At this point in the story, they are trying to work it out.
Disclaimer: Owned by ATWT
Warning: None
Rating: PG

Lily Walsh’s fury boiled inside of her. How dare Reid Oliver be so rude! How dare he question her instincts as a mother? Yes, she had been late to take Natalie to school that day, but she was a single parent right now, and doing the best job that she could! Noah would’ve never talked to her like that. Noah had been kind, thoughtful. Why even during the time he married Ameera, or the time he had turned Luke in for cheating, Noah had been so sweet to Lily…Okay, not always kind to Luke, but still…That boy knew how to honor a mother! Noah used to bring her flowers, massage her tired shoulders, do her laundry. Lily always secretly thought it a shame that Colonel Mayer was a psycho. Too bad he had not been just an older version of Noah – one that was straight and liked women his own age. Lily and Colonel Mayer- now that would have driven Holden crazy! Reid Oliver, on the other hand, had no living parents and was no gentleman. Lily let her fury guide her down the hall. She barely noticed Casey and Ali fighting, or Nurse Gretchen looking at instead of her nursing files. Lily swung her Coach bag like a weapon and hurried to Bob Hughes.

Inside the Chief of Staff office, Bob and Chris were bickering.

“Dad, you have to think,” Chris scolded. “Remember what I’m telling you .”

Bob shook his head, “I can’t.”

“I know you’re taking the meds; I gave you them myself,” Chris clucked his tongue. “Maybe the disease is just getting worse?”

“No! No, I’m fine. Just a little- “ Bob’s eyes darted around helplessly.

Somebody knocked on Bob’s office door, and flung it open.

Lily marched in. “Bob, we need to talk.”

“Lily,” Chris said smoothly, “Nice to see you. How’s Natalie? How’s the family holding up?” Chris practically oozed charm. He gave Lily his best toothy smile.

“Not good. She can’t speak. It comes out like jumbled gook. And Reid! He won’t tell us a thing! I want another opinion.”

“Well, I could examine her,” Chris offered. “If I wasn’t suspended,” he added under his breath.

“Suspended?” Bob echoed. “When? Why? That’s ridiculous.” Bob honestly had no memory of Chris’ suspension.

“I want her examined, her speech fixed- “ Lily said as tears poured down her cheeks, “I want all of this to go away!”

Bob went over and patted Lily on the back. “It will be alright,” he assured her. Meanwhile, he racked his mind trying to remember what they were talking about.

“Can you look at her Bob? “ Lily sighed. “I’d feel so much better.”

“Absolutely, “ Bob said.

Lily thanked him. She left.

Bob turned to his son, “Chris, you’ve got to help me.”

“Of course dad, “ Chris smiled thinly and took Bob by the hand, “I won’t leave your side.”


Natalie reached up and fingered his bruise, her eyes wide and questioning.
How? ,/i> she wrote.

Luke put a hand to his chin. He had forgotten how beat up he probably still looked. “Oh , it was so dumb, “ he told Natalie. “I just did something stupid.”

Natalie examined him with grave eyes. Then her hands shook as she wrote, Me too

“Yeah, “ Luke agreed solemnly. “Dad told you about your accident and not wearing the helmet, right?”

Natalie nodded.
“That was really, really dumb,” Luke said firmly, “And you never will ride like that again, okay?”

Then, as his baby sister’s sad eyes, Luke relented. He kissed her softly on the mouth.
“And I will stop doing stupid things like fighting. We’ll both just do better, right?”

Luke cleared his throat with emotion. “And now,” he said,” entertainment “

Luke rummaged in the bag he had brought. “Cards? Checkers? “

Natalie shook her head.

“Hmm, how about a book?”

Natalie took out her pen and pad again. You’re stories , she wrote.

Luke made up funny, crazy stories for her a lot. They were better than any book.

“Really?” Luke seemed surprised, but pleased. “Okay.”

He launched into an old story about a mouse living in one of Grandma Emma’s jelly jars.

Natalie smiled up at her brother as he acted the story out.

Luke’s face was goofy.

“You forgot the part where he is all sticky,” Natalie said. She knew the story by heart, and that was her favorite part.

Puzzlement came over Luke’s features and he frowned.

“Sorry,” he flushed, “what again?”

Natalie realized she’d been so caught up in the story that she’d forgotten to write.

“Tell me,” Luke said.

Natalie repeated her words slowly, wanting him to understand. She could hear her slurred syllables.

“Sorry,” Luke said again. His cheeks turned crimson. He knew he was letting her down.

Natalie’s lower lip stuck out in a trembling pout.

"Hey, I’ve an idea,” Luke said softly. “Try to tell me just one word, okay? And I will listen super hard.”

Please, God, let me get this, Luke thought.

Natalie shook her head and crossed her thin arms.

“Come on, “ Luke coached, “you have to try! Please!”

Natalie sniffed.

Luke took his sister’s hand. “Sometimes, things aren’t easy, but we’re Snyders! We try again!”

Luke matched his sister’s pout with one of his own, “Please, Nat? One word.”

Natalie nodded and sucked in her breath. Luke leaned in.

Luke studied her lips and listened intently to the garbled sound.

Then he smiled, “Scared? Right?”

Natalie nodded and beamed.

Luke hugged her hard. He had actually read her lips more than he had understood the voice, but Natalie didn’t have to know that.

“You did it! “ He told his sister. “I’m so proud of you.”

Natalie wiped away a tear.

“I know it is scary.” Luke brushed another tear from her eye, and fought off a few of his own. “But it will be okay.”

He squeezed her gently.

“Reid is the best doctor that I know and he is all yours. And soon the therapists will be here and you can work hard with them. You’ll be your old, chatty self in no time,” Luke teased.

Natalie reached up at him and they hugged some more. He really was the best big brother in the whole world, she thought.

Just then, Lily entered the room. She sat down on the bed and gave Natalie a big kiss.

“Mommy’s here.” Luke made room for Lily.

Luke watched Lily give Natalie a “makeover.” Natalie giggled and was happy. He wished his mother be relaxed like that around him. Lately, they could barely speak without issues and Luke knew why. He sighed.

With a brisk knock, the physical therapist and speech pathologist came in. Reid had not wasted any time sending them, Luke thought, touched.

Then he watched as the physical therapy session started. Natalie was too weak to leave bed yet, but the therapist had her doing hand and foot exercises. She had to flex her fingers and her toes. Luke felt sad as he pictured the way Natalie used to effortlessly dance for him. And now she was struggling to flex her feet.

The therapist made her repeat the exercises several times. Natalie bit her lip with determination. She was trying so hard! Natalie met his eyes and nodded. She was listening to his earlier words of encouragement. She was such a brave kid!

Luke glanced down at his two engagement bands. Maybe he should be taking some of his own advice. He was just waiting and hoping for Reid to take back his ring. Maybe it was time for some action! But what? What should he exactly do?

The answer came to him, and Luke grinned suddenly.

“Mom, Nat,” He called to them, “ be back later.”

They nodded goodbye.

Luke hurried out the door. He quickly took out his cell phone and began to make the calls.


“Reid has put off marrying you!” Holden said, alarmed. “He canceled the engagement?”

Luke waved a hand ,” Don’t blame him. It got complicated with the operation and all.” Luke surveyed his family all around him. “But now I need to get him to say yes- again! And , like I told you guys on the phone, I’m not sure- I don’t know-“

“How to court him?” Emma suggested gently.

“Exactly!” Luke replied. “That’s where I need all of your help.”

“Court smort,” Lucinda dismissed the whole idea. “Just get the man drunk, hop in my jet, go to Vegas and be done with it.”

“Grandmother,” Luke rolled his eyes. “Reid can’t leave Natalie. And can you really see us married by an Elvis impersonator or something?”

Luke had called his family in for help. If his words could help Natalie, then maybe his family could help him. He was truly lost right now. Luke figured this was worth a shot.

“What we need to do,” Emma said excitedly, “Is give Luke a list of suggestions. Romantic things he can do to win his true love’s heart.”

“Grandma Emma’s been watching too many soap operas again,” Faith sarcastically whispered to her dad.

"No, no,” Luke said, “I like that.” He handed out paper and pens.

Emma wrote a note quickly and handed it out to Luke with a flourish. “I did this once for your grandpa Harvey and it worked like a charm.”

Luke wrinkled up his nose,” It isn’t baking , is it? You know I can’t cook.”

“Yes dear, “ Emma agreed , and passed him the note, “I’ve eaten your Snicker-doodles. “

Luke glanced at the paper, “Oh, well, this isn’t bad,” he said.

“Here,” Faith handed him a note, “try mine.”

“Jesus, Faith! “ Luke said and blushed.

Holden shrugged and scribbled down a few quick ideas. “What is Reid going to say about our help?” He asked Luke.

“Oh, no!” Luke said frantically. “Nobody can tell him! He would freak out or something. No, I just want to do this naturally- so he won’t even know he is being… wooed.”

“My turn,” Ethan said, looking up from where he had been playing with his trains.

“Oh, buddy,” Luke bent down to him, “This is grown up stuff. I didn’t even know you were listening.”

“I’m six,” Ethan protested and jutted out his chin. “And my idea for a present is going to be the best one ever!” Ethan had been wanting this himself. He figured if Luke bought one for
Reid …maybe his daddy would get him one too.

Luke smiled, “Right.” He took Ethan’s one word note.

Ethan tugged at his brother’s arm. “Luke, “ he said in a loud whisper, “do mine first!”

Lucinda meanwhile, was writing what appeared to be a novel length of ideas.

“Grandmother, “ Luke laughed, “just give me your top three.”

Lucinda sighed, “Darling, they are all so good! “ Too bad John Dixon was not in town to try out some of these ideas on, Lucinda thought, then cackled wickedly.

Luke took her notes. Then his eyes filled as he smiled at his family, “I really, truly appreciate it,” He told them.

“Of course, dear,” Emma said.

“Whatever,” Faith rolled her eyes with embarrassment.

“Mine first!” shouted Ethan.

“If it fails- Vegas- “ Lucinda patted him, “and a really good sex shop there,” She added in a whisper.

Holden stood up reluctantly, “I just hope you know what you’re doing , Luke,” he told him. Holden just could not picture Dr. Reid Oliver enjoying being romanced.

“Oh, I do,” Luke said, flashing his dimples and rubbing his hands together eagerly, “ He will be Dr. Oliver-Snyder in no time!” Luke practically giggled with delight; he had so many “dates” to plan!


His snacks were stuck. Damn!

Reid banged on the vending machine glass a few more times. He just wanted to leave the hospital for the day already, grab a pizza with the works, and eat it in bed with Luke. Reid sighed. He couldn’t go yet. He needed to check on Natalie some more; he was just waiting for Titanic Lily to clear out.

He also had two new trauma patients.

So no pizza, no Luke, no simple pleasures. Reid banged the machine some more.

“That junk will rot your brains,” A voice called out, “You should know that.”

With a sour face, Reid moodily turned around and examined Chris.

“Well, at least I have some brains to rot. “ Reid drawled. He gave Chris a dismissive wave, “Shouldn’t you be up some poor girl’s skirt right now?”

“My father called me,” Chris said defensively, “he needs me.”

“Bob doesn’t need you,” Reid snapped. He went back to banging the glass, “He needs better snack machines , maybe an expresso bar – not his dim-witted son.”

Why hadn’t he requested an expresso bar with the new neuro wing? Ah, oversights.

Reid glanced at Doogie. He had not forgotten the injuries to Luke’s face.
Reid laced his fingers together and lazily stretched out his hands. Well, if he couldn’t have food at least he could have some fun.

“So, since you spoke with your dad, I suppose you know?”

“What?” Chris frowned.

“His job. He is again thinking about retirement – but this time for real. “

“So, he wants us to compete again?” Chris said.

“Yeah, ‘fraid so. He asked me to write a thousand word article on what I would change in the hospital policies. “ Reid gave Chris a serious, searching glance. “Didn’t he mention it?”

“No,” Chris, sat down in a chair. “A thousand words?”

Reid shrugged, “By Monday. I guess he is not even considering you as a candidate anymore – “

“He is too! Or he will soon!” Doogie replied hotly.

Reid decided to push some more. “Oh, so you have your tux ready?”


“To take Mona Cross to dinner on Saturday?”

“This coming Saturday?”

“Don’t worry,” Reid gave him a friendly pat, “With your fantastic people skills, I’m sure you will rise to the occasion.”

Chris took out his phone and began to scroll down for tux rentals. “I’m not worried, “ he snapped at Reid.

“Good, cause Luke has already booked a top restaurant for me to take her to...” Reid swallowed his laughter, as Chris furiously typed in fancy restaurants. It wasn’t nearly enough payback for what he’d done to Luke,but it was a start.

With a grin, Reid left Doogie to his search.

Chris scowled at the closing door. He would have everything he wanted. He would! Reid might be more prepared for the Chief job right now, but Chris had things in motion already that Reid knew nothing about . Chris smiled deviously. By the time Oliver put anything together, it would be too late. Way too late.

a/n: I had to post part ten again by itself(you can find it at the end of the story). I'm trying to move it here -sorry for this problem!! Here should be a link to ten (you might have to then go and back it up to 11) So sorry!
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Title: Hit and Run
Author: Marsabi
Summary: Natalie has been a victim of a hit and run.
Warning: None
Part 8

When Natalie opened up her large brown eyes, she immediately saw the faces of her family all around her. Her eyebrows drew together in confusion. She could tell that she was in a hospital bed and that somebody had decorated it with ballet bears and tutus, but she had no idea why she was here.

“Natalie?” A voice called to her.

“She’s awake!”

“Oh my God! Natalie, we’re here!”

“It’s okay!”

“My baby!”

“Calm down, now!” Dr. Oliver snapped. They immediately all stopped, and Dr. Oliver approached her bed. Natalie felt achy all over and her skin suddenly itched . She raised a hand to scratch and stared at the IV drip attached to her arm in shock. She gave a small moan.

“Natalie, don’t try to talk yet –you have a tube down your throat. I’ll have a nurse come soon and remove it, okay? Just blink your eyes once for yes.”

Natalie blinked.

The room erupted in cheers .

“Quiet!” Dr. Oliver sternly told them. “Or you’re all leaving this room.”

“Do you know why you’re in here?” He asked her.

Natalie shook her head.

“You were in a bad car accident on your bike,” Dr. Oliver told her bluntly.

Natalie searched her mind to make sense of that, but it was all a blank.

“It’s very normal not to remember,” he said. Dr. Oliver added, “The memory might return .”

“Now, let’s just check you out a little. “ He turned her head to the right and looked into her ear.

“Ahh, what do we have here? “ Dr. Oliver asked her. “Looks like some peanut butter in there.”
He turned and examined the other one. “And more peanut butter,” He teased her as he looked in.

Natalie wanted to tell him that she wasn’t a baby like Ethan. He didn’t need to make silly jokes.

But Dr. Oliver was already shining a tiny light into her eyes.

“Follow this, okay?”

Natalie watched the light, moving back and forth.

“Terrific,” Dr. Oliver gave her a melting smile; the kind she had only seen him give to Luke.

It made Natalie feel proud for some reason. She glanced at her brother. He was watching Dr. Oliver with a soft expression.

“You’re doing great!” Her dad said.

“Of course, she’s part Walsh,” bragged her Grandma Lucinda.

A nurse came in.

“Remove the tube,” Dr. Oliver ordered.

Natalie felt it pull out of her throat painfully.

“Swallow,” The nurse told her kindly. “It will be dry a little. Sore.”

“Okay,” Dr. Oliver said to her. “Now just a few questions. Simply things. “ He patted her hand. “Tell me…your address.”

Natalie said her address.

Only, the words did not sound right. They came out all funny and garbled.

Her family began to rush to her.

Dr. Oliver held up a hand.

“You’re throat is sore, like the nurse said. Have a sip of water, and tell me again.”
Natalie sipped the water with the help of the nurse. Then she said her address.

Natalie’s eyes went wide with fear. The words were unclear nonsense. Not words at all!

She looked at Dr. Oliver with panic on her face.

“Oh God!” Her mother grabbed at her. “My poor girl!” She began to sob hysterically and hug Natalie.

Seeing her mother get so upset, made Natalie suddenly terrified, and she cried out fearfully.
Lily only cried harder, unable to comfort her.

Natalie saw Dr. Oliver give Luke a look, and something passed between them.

“Mom,” Luke said firmly, “ let’s just step outside a second. Please?”
Lily was about to refuse, but Luke took her insistently by the arm and told her again. He led
Natalie’s mother away and looked back at Dr. Oliver, who nodded at him. Luke and Lily went out into the hall.

“What does this mean, Reid?” Her father was asking, a pinched look on his face.
Dr. Oliver looked only at Natalie. He cupped her face very gently.

“Natalie, “ he told her. “Do you know how when you go to the dentist, he sometimes will give you a shot to numb your mouth? “

Natalie bit her lip and nodded.

“Well, your brain is kind of numb right now. Like that. Understand?”
She nodded again, her brown eyes glued to Dr. Oliver’s. He was Luke’s boyfriend and he was very honest with Luke. That’s what Luke always said. So he must be telling her the truth too. Natalie found his blue gaze comforting her. It was so calm.

“So,” he was saying,” here is what we can do for now.” He took a prescription pad and pen out of his pocket. “We can have you try and write a little- not much- a few words. And we will let the numb part of your brain relax. “ He handed her the pad and pen.

“Now, it might be hard to write too. Your hands have not been moving a lot.”

Her tiny hand did shake a little, but Natalie focused on the pad. She offered it to Dr. Oliver with her correct address written.

Dr. Oliver smiled at her. “Great job!”

He had Natalie write or blink some more answers: her full name, her favorite food... Stuff like that. He listened to her heart and pinched her toes and did a bunch of other tests. Natalie was embarrassed at first by the exam, but soon she just grew tired.

“Natalie?” Dr. Oliver said softly. “You look like you’ve had enough. Just rest, okay?”

“I’ll stay with her,” Her dad offered.

Dr. Oliver nodded. “Yes , okay. We do it in shifts like before. Everybody else goes. Holden stays. We rotate.”

Natalie’s eyes were growing heavy. It felt like an undertow dragging her to sleep. She wanted to try and stay awake and be brave and grown up, but her head felt foggy. She was barely aware that they left.


Reid walked with the rest of family out into the hallway.

With his arm around Lily, Luke jumped at the sight of Reid.

“Well?” Lily demanded. “What about her speech?”

“Is is permanent?” Luke asked hoarsely. His big brown eyes a mirror of Natalie’s.

“Look,” Reid told them honestly, “It’s just way too early to know that. Natalie did suffer a minor stroke and this is not uncommon. We also need to get her on her feet and see how the rest of her body function is…”

Lily shook her head dumbly, “What does that mean?”

“Just that she might need therapy soon. Physical therapy. Speech therapy. “

Lucinda intruded on the conversation, “I will fly the best therapists from around the world here. Money is no object.”

Luke looked frightened. Reid took Luke’s hand and squeezed.

“It might be that her speech problem clears up quickly,” he told them reassuringly, “but we can’t tell yet.

Just then, Jack Snyder came up to the group.

“How is she?” Jack asked. “Does she recall the accident?”

Lily shook her head, “It doesn’t seem like it.”

“But she will regain that memory?” Jack asked Reid.

Reid shrugged,” I really can’t say yet.”

“You can’t say much for sure, can you?” Lily snapped at him.

“Mom!” Luke protested.

“I’m sorry Luke, but I may want another opinion altogether. It seems like we should know more than wait and see.” Lily met Reid’s eyes with an icy challenge.

“Well,” Jack said. “I’d like to go in and question her. See if I can jog her memory. “

“Fine,” Lily told him,” I want you to catch this person.”

“No way,” Reid said calmly.

“What?” Jack said.

“No way are you questioning her now,” Reid told him.

“But I need to!” Jack looked upset. “I need to know what she might remember.”

“She just woke up from major brain surgery. No questions,” Reid repeated.

“Look , I’m her uncle! I’ll be gentle! I won’t upset her.”

“I don’t care who you are! Nobody is asking her anything yet. She needs to rest.”

Jack frowned and thought about trying to just go past Reid.

“Luke,” Jack said, turning to him, “Tell him I won’t upset Natalie. Will you? We need to find out answers.”

Luke looked at Jack. “I’m sorry,” he told him, ”But I trust Reid with Natalie’s care one-hundred percent.”

Concentrating on Jack, Luke missed Reid’s grateful glance.

“Oh, look at the time,” Lucinda suddenly said. “I’m supposed to pick up Faith and Ethan from Emma now.” She tapped Reid’s shoulder. “Call me.”

Reid nodded.

Lucinda blew Luke and Reid some air kisses, and gave Lily a warning look. Then she left.

“Look,” Lily said a moment later. “ I agree with Jack. We need to know who hit my little girl.”

“The guy is getting away with it, “ Jack said, “Nobody wants that. We all want justice for Natalie.”

“But we also want Natalie well,” Luke said reasonably. “And that comes first.”

“A few questions,” Jack pushed.

“Yes, just a few,” Lily was nodding.

“As long as I’m her doctor, “ Reid replied,” No questions right now. “

“Well, maybe you shouldn’t be her doctor,” Lily said flatly.

“Okay, that is enough –“Luke started to defend Reid, who put a restraining hand on his

“You have the right to seek out other options,” he told Lily. “But you need to stop thinking about your own guilt as a mother and start focusing on Natalie’s actual care.”

“How dare you? “ Lily said. She flushed because Reid had hit a nerve. “I’m going to talk with Bob,”

Lily walked off in a huff.

“I’m sorry,” Luke said.

“Is your name Lily?” Reid demanded. Luke shook his head. “Then don’t apologize.”

“You really won’t let me go in?” Jack interrupted them .

“No,” Reid’s mouth twisted up in irritation. “Go back to the police station and read a Cops for Dummies manual, or whatever it is you do there.”

“This is why police have so much trouble making arrests. Doctors like you getting in the way .”

“Yeah,” Reid drawled, “I’m funny that way- wanting my patients to get well. “

“You’re stopping the wheels of justice, remember that!”

He gave Reid an angry glare and stomped off.

“I guess I won’t be getting any good citizenship awards,” Reid commented to Luke and snapped his fingers in mock disappointment.

Then he studied his boyfriend’s face. “Earth to Luke?”

“Oh, sorry. Yeah. I was just thinking how I need to go and talk to Margo. “ His face was one of dread.

Reid nodded. “Want me to come with you?”

Luke blew out a breath. “Would you? I’m going to text my Dad about it too, but he is with
Natalie right now. And the thought of going there alone… This whole thing is getting ugly. “
Reid gave Luke’s shoulders a quick rub. “Give me time to check on a few more patients and then we can go.”


The police station was small, dimly lit, and stank of old coffee.
Luke and Reid sat down in Margo’s office, waiting. After hearing about Luke’s suspicions, Margo had gone to question Jack. Luke stood by the door anxiously, while Reid plopped down in Margo’s chair.

“You know,’ Reid said dryly, “We could still go home, forget this, and have some fun?” Reid picked up a pair of handcuffs off Margo’s desk and twirled them in the air. He raised his eyebrows suggestively.

“What?” Luke grinned, “You want to play cops and robbers?”

“Why not?” Reid said, “You made me play doctor and nurse that time.”

“That was for your job as Chief,” Luke protested.

“Hmm,” Reid eye- flirted with Luke, “I think you just were hoping I’d get you the little white cap and skirt.”

“Oh so now we’re into costumes?” Luke blushed. He had thought about a nurse’s outfit once or twice.

“I can still see you that day,” Reid continued, “wearing my stethoscope and swooshing around.”

“Hey,” Luke protested, “I don’t swoosh!”

“Uh, strut?” Reid suggested.

Luke gave him an insulted frown.

“It was a manly strut,” Reid quickly added. “I liked it.”

There was a beat of silence.

Reid sighed, “Okay ,”I’ll apologize. “

There was another beat of silence.

“That’s it?” Luke exclaimed. “That was the apology?”

Reid shrugged. “Sorry. I blanked out a moment.” He cleared his throat. “ I was thinking about you as a nurse again and taking my temperature the old fashioned way.”

“Enough about that day and nurses,” Luke dismissed.

Luke walked around Margo’s desk nearer to Reid and the handcuffs. “ Let’s go back to cops and robbers.” He bent down close to Reid’s face.

“You,” he pointed at Reid. “ Are going to be very bad criminal who must be immediately tied to my bed.”

Luke fingered Reid’s collar.

“What’s my crime?”

“Being obnoxious.”

“That’s not a crime!”

“It is in Oakdale.”

“Okay, fine. You provide the snacks,” Reid smiled slowly, “and bring your very large gun. And you have a date.”

“Or I could be the robber; you could tie me up,” Luke suggested in a low voice.

“Well,” Reid said mockingly, “You do have a natural bent toward the criminal ways – bribery, fixing elections… .. And last time we were in this building together, didn’t you shove me up against a wall? Add some assault to the list.”

“You know,” Luke crossed his arms, “You deserved to be shoved up against that wall, then and now.”

“That seems to be what you thought last night too,” Reid said, remembering the way Luke had ravished him in their bedroom, “Maybe you’re just a dirty cop at heart. Frisk ‘em and fuck ‘em.”

Luke buried his head in Reid’s chest, laughing. “You never change, do you?’

“Why should I? “ Reid declared, “We both know I’m perfect.”

“That’s it, I am going to-“ Luke’s voice trailed off, but his eyes were gleaming.

“What?” Reid murmured playfully touching the buttons on Luke’s shirt.

“Borrow these handcuffs here and punish you,” Luke threatened.

The door banged open as Margo and Jack came into the office.

Luke and Reid reluctantly drew apart.

“Okay, Luke – “ Margo ordered. “tell us again about Carly.”

Luke told his story nervously, not wanting to look at Jack.

“Is this true?” Margo demanded of him, “Has Carly been drinking?”

“Yes,” Jack shifted around, “But I swear, Carly did not do this! She would never just leave
Natalie by the side of the road- drunk or not!”

“Alcoholics can do a lot of things- “ Margo started to say.

“But not this! “ Jack protested. “Luke, you know how Carly loves Natalie. Sage and Natalie play together all the time.”

Luke flushed . “I know, Uncle Jack, but –“

The door banged open again. Carly stood there. Her designer dress was stained and her lipstick smeared. She had cut her hair off in a pixie cut. It looked as if she had done the job herself with a razor and some Jack Daniels courage.

“Stop!” She shouted out. “I- I can’t let you do this.”

“Shut up, Carly,” Jack roared.

“No,” Carly planted a sloppy kiss on Jack’s lips. She nearly tripped on the way to his mouth, and she paused to stomp her silver, 4-inch heels on the ground. A small piece of toilet tissue was stubbornly clinging to her left foot.

“I-I’m not drunk,” she added, clearly drunk.

Jack gallantly bent down and pulled off the piece of toilet tissue.

“Thanks,” Carly gave him a seductive smile.

“We need to know if you were drinking the day of Natalie’s accident,” Margo said to her.

“Don’t answer, Carly,” Jack warned. “You need an attorney.”

Carly waved his concern away.

“Jack did not know I was drinking that day,” She told Margo.

“But he knows you are drinking again. And didn’t report it to me,” Margo gave Jack an icy look and he bowed his head in shame.

“H-he loves me,” Carly gushed.

“Carly-cakes,” Jack whispered back. They tongued each other.

“If I wasn’t already gay,” Reid said to Luke, “this would turn me right now,” he pointed to
Carly’s darting tongue and glazed eyes.

Luke elbowed him to be quiet. Reid let out a long-suffering sigh. Then he spied the doughnuts.

Reid eagerly went over to the box.

Margo was pointing a finger at Carly.

“I’m sorry, Jack,” Margo said. “ But I must ask Carly - where were you that morning?”

Carly cried and spider-web lines of black mascara ran down her face. “I don’t know. I don’t remember.” She looked at Luke pleadingly. “But I don’t think I did this. I-I blacked out that day.”

Margo shook her head sternly, “We going to book you. And in the meantime, I need to see your car. “

Was it wrong that a part of Margo was already seeing her medal of honor for this arrest? Or that she couldn’t wait to give Tom the case to prosecute? She did feel badly for Jack, but it had been years since Margo had done more than bust her own sons.

“You can’t be serious!” Jack was saying.

“Oh, but I am,” Margo gave him her best Dirty Harry nod.

“What?” Carly looked at Jack. “Jack? You said it would be okay?”

“Margo, “ Jack said, “Our kids. Please.”

“Sorry. “ Then she frowned at him.”And you are officially off this case.”

The door banged open for a third time. They all jumped. Holden and Molly rushed in.

“I got your text,” Holden told Luke. He looked at Jack, ”Is this true? You’re protecting Carly over Natalie?”

“We don’t know anything for sure,” Jack said hotly, “Carly doesn’t remember- “

Holden lunged at Jack. Luke held his father back.

Molly waved in a camera man and took a shot of a crying Carly. “This is great for my show,” she said excitedly. Then she saw Holden’s look of displeasure, “And justice for poor
Natalie,” Molly added timidly.

“Just remember that my daughter trumps your cousin,” Holden told her.

“Agreed,” Molly nodded.

“Molly!” Carly protested.

Molly gave a shrug, “Carly, you did this to yourself. “ She only half-meant it; maybe she could do a pity piece on Carly later, when this all calmed down.

The real thing on Molly’s mind were ratings. This was a gold mine! But she flashed Holden a sympathetic smile and figured she could butter him up in bed later.

Luke shook his head at Molly and her camera.

Reid ate a second doughnut.

Jack and Carly embraced.

“I don’t want you anywhere near my family.” Holden told Jack.


Carly was led away by an officer. Molly continued filming.

“I am sorry, Jack, “ Margo said. “But if the car shows any sign of blood or dents…”

“It doesn’t,” Jack told her.”I looked at it,” he added.

“Or fixed it for her!” Holden accused.

“I wouldn’t do that,” Jack said.

“When it comes to Carly,” Holden sneered, “you think with your dick.”

Reid whispered to Luke, “Did good dad just say the word dick?”

Margo waved her hands at them, “Take your family issues outside my department.”

“I want to post her bail,” Jack told Margo. He was thinking about all the times he had
rescued Carly and how this time he had failed. He knew she had been sucking down that red wine again; he had not wanted to fight with her. Now look at the mess. If only he could go back in time and turn that wine into grape juice. When it came to Carly, Jack often thought that he had God-like powers.

“Fine.” Margo answered. “ See the judge.”

“Well, “ Reid offered, “If it’s the same brilliant judge that I had, Carly should be out before happy hour.”

He licked a line of powder sugar from his lips. Luke handed him a napkin.

“I’m going to stay here and make sure she is locked up,” Holden told Luke, “You guys can go “

“Are you sure?” Luke asked.

Holden nodded grimly.

Reid and Luke looked at each other and shrugged. Then they left the police station.


Outside the station, Luke covered his head in his hands.

“Maybe she is innocent; maybe I’ve stirred up all kinds of trouble now.”

Reid came over to him and pushed back his hair. “And if she is guilty and you didn’t report it? Don’t be stupid. You did what you had to do. The rest is out of your hands.”

“What now? “ Luke mumbled.

“I have an idea.” Reid told him. “ Go to work.”


You remember work? Your job? The foundation?”

“Reid, I can’t concentrate right now- “

“Sure you can,” Reid patted his cheek. “Put your mind somewhere else…Give a few cool million to some do-gooder group. “

Luke gave a reluctant smile. “I guess I could try and get something positive done today.” He sniffed. “But I am going back to the hospital to see Natalie in a few hours. “

“Good,” Reid said. “Natalie will need you. “ He let his eyes linger on Luke’s body for a moment.

Luke saw the look, “If you’re gonna tease me about stealing a nurse’s outfit.”

“I wasn’t, ‘Reid denied, “although, it’s very revealing that you’re still obsessing about it.”

Reid put his hand on the small of Luke’s back. “I was only thinking that you could use some rest too.”

“Oh,” Luke felt silly, “That’s it? Well, thank you .” He smiled at Reid sweetly. “I mean it. You didn’t have to come down here and help me with all this. I appreciate it.”

“Ugh,” Reid had a pained expression on his face, “please stop. I’d rather you manhandle me some more than keep thanking me.”

“Oh Doctor Oliver,” Luke said leaning in and kissing him,” don’t you know that I plan to do both… later tonight?”

Reid caught his breath and swallowed hard. “Promises, promises.”

They kissed each other again.

“Hmm,” Luke smiled, “You taste like fried dough.”

“I could go back in there and sneak you a doughnut too,” Reid offered.

“Just so generous,” Luke teased. Then he grabbed Reid by the head and gave him another kiss.

Reid kissed him firmly back. “It will be okay,” he told him.

Luke nodded and took his boyfriend’s hand.
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Title: Hit and Run
Author: Marsabi
Summary: Reid and Luke are happily engaged and living together, when a sudden event causes Luke to break it off with Reid. This is also my story for Natalie. I always loved her for hugging Luke at the end of ATWT. At this point in the story, Natalie has been hit by a car, and Reid and Luke have been fighting.
Disclaimer: ATWT owned them
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Sexual Content

a/n: Well, I’ve been PG so long…I think I got a little carried away…?

They crashed open the bedroom door, locked in a frantic embrace.

Luke pushed Reid into the wall. He immediately began to grind his body against Reid’s, greedily biting his neck, squeezing his ass, trying to devour him.

“Whoa, hey, the bed is right over there.”

“Can’t wait,” Luke said.

He took Reid’s body and made it spread eagle against the wall. Luke was pushing down his scrubs.

“We can slow down,” Reid licked his lips as he spoke. Luke’s hands were caressing him everywhere.

“No, right here. Right now.”

One hand reached around for Reid’s cock. Reid stopped protesting as broken moans escaped his lips. Luke stumbled away for only a second, to shed his clothes, and grab the lube and condoms nearby. Then he squirted his hands and rubbed some lube on Reid’s fingers too. Luke forced Reid to touch himself, covering Reid’s hand with his own. He guided both hands in semi-circles over Reid’s growing arousal.

“You’re very aggressive today, fighting Chris and now - ” Reid’s sarcasm stopped as Luke pushed one of his own fingers inside of his own ass. Luke thrust Reid’s finger in and out.
Reid’s one hand was holding onto the wall, clawing at it.

“This,” Reid managed to gasp out, his body quivering.

“You just wait,” Luke boasted. His teeth nipped at Reid’s side.

“Where’d you get so confident, Snyder?” Reid asked.

Luke’s other hand wandered up under the scrub top and pinched a nipple. Reid shouted.

A pleased grin touched Luke’s lips. “Well, there was this dark-haired barista –“

Reid attempted to kick at Luke , who laughed. “Who taught me nothing, “ he added. “And then I was saved by this arrogant doctor.” Luke continued to use his teeth on Reid.

“A sexual genius, no doubt,” Reid’s voice sounded strangled.

Luke dropped to his knees behind Reid. He spread Reid open, and Luke flicked his tongue inside. He teased the opening with his lips. Blowing, sucking, then taking small little bites at the sensitive skin. Luke’s hand massaged Reid’s heavy, throbbing erection.
Reid attempted to turn and give Luke some pleasure back, but Luke pushed him back to the wall. He needed to be the one to give the pleasure.

Luke started at the base of Reid’s now leaking member and licked back to his anus. Reid made a keening noise in his throat and thrashed around. Luke held him firmly.

Luke thrust in his tongue again as Reid trembled. Luke then kissed a path from the back of Reid’s thighs down his knees and then found his way up again. He pressed his own erection into Reid’s high, round buttocks.

“Okay, right here.” Reid agreed, in an unnaturally high voice. He suddenly felt the stab of
Luke’s hardness at his hole. “ Fuck me!”

Reid pulled off his scrub top and stood there, surrendering. He was achingly beautiful to see. His skin glowed in the darkness, his muscles rippled as he moved both hands now up on the wall. Luke couldn’t help running his open palms over the skin of Reid’s strong back, and then encircling his waist. Luke kissed the lobe of Reid’s ear.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered into it. “I’m sorry.”

He slid his hand lower again. He could feel Reid’s member flex. Luke stroked the hard ridges . He squeezed with just enough pressure to make Reid cry out, but not enough yet to make him come.

“Shhh, “ Luke gently said, “a bit longer, babe. Not yet. I’m going to do you first.”

Reid was beyond speech. Luke rolled the condom on and pulled the flesh out of the way. Reid’s hands braced themselves on the wall. Luke bent Reid down slightly. Luke exhaled softly near his neck. His lips pressed a quick kiss on the tender part of Reid’s shoulder. Then Luke’s whole body began moving inside of Reid. Luke’s cock slid in deeper, finding its way home. Luke mastered Reid’s erection, teasing and caressing the steely flesh.
Reid could feel his body yielding to Luke’s as he thrust hard, finding the very center of Reid. He took Reid completely, pounding him against the wall.

“Reid, Reid, Reid,” Luke chanted with each thud.

Reid came violently into Luke’s waiting hand. His head flung back, the vulnerable curve of his neck exposed. Eyes closed, mouth open.

Luke released him. Reid’s feet gave out completely now and he sank down to his knees. Luke sank down too. He offered Reid a truly wicked smile and then deliberately licked off each of his fingers that were coated with Reid’s essence. Then Luke kissed him. Their tongues mated. Reid could taste his own salty flavor and taste the sweetness of Luke’s tongue. He moaned at the intoxicating combination. Reid pulled at Luke’s hair and wrapped an arm around him. The kiss deepened and lingered.

Reid broke it off and forced air back into his lungs. “Did you just ravish me?” He asked jokingly, but his body was still shuddering.

“Hope so,” Luke smiled, his eyes misty. He offered a hand and pulled Reid up. Naked flesh to flesh, Luke gave him a heartfelt embrace. Their bodies lined up perfectly and Luke stroked
Reid with affection. He rested his head on Reid’s shoulder and hugged him. “”I love you.” He told Reid, his voice shaking.

Reid did not answer. He pulled back from the hug and studied Luke’s face. They simply gazed at each other a moment.

Then Reid took his hand and led him to the bed.

Luke raised his eyebrows at him in question.

“You know that was really good- quick and dirty,” Reid grinned slyly, “but now it’s my turn.”

“Reid!” Luke exclaimed, “I need a moment to recover!”

Reid grinned again, “Guess you’re getting old. “

He looked at Luke, stretched out naked on the bed.

He covered Luke in a stream of kisses.

“Recover.” He told him. He let Luke relax for a little while, but continued to kiss his body.
Luke’s contented breathing was the only sound in the room.

After some time had passed, Reid leaned into Luke. “Now I’ll lead,” he whispered.
Reid traced Luke’s lower lip. His body pressed on top of Luke. Reid gently let his finger caress Luke’s mouth again. Luke opened up his lips and the finger slid inside. He suckled it.
Meanwhile, Reid used his own mouth to tenderly kiss Luke’s skin all over.

Luke moaned softly.

“I want you slow now,” Reid murmured, his tongue tasting Luke’s ear and neck.

Their hands linked together, lips kissed, and time eased between them.

Reid spread Luke’s thighs apart. His teeth grazed gently up and down Luke’s succulent skin. He teased Luke, kissing all around his shaft, but not yet taking him into his mouth. Luke bucked.

“Please,” Luke begged, “I want you so much.”

Reid smiled in the darkness.

Every part of Luke’s flesh was savored and stroked. Tasted and touched.

“Here,” Luke whimpered, offering his cock, holding his hips up with desperation.

In answer, Reid squeezed his ass, kneading the flesh. He ran his mouth down the line of Luke’s hip.

Luke sobbed with pleasure and frustration.

“Please!” Luke said again, but this time it was a command.

Finally, Reid pushed Luke’s legs up and away. Only then did he slowly, bit by bit, take him down into his throat.

“God!” Luke cried out as Reid mouth fucked him. Luke thrashed helplessly. Reid’s hands had moved underneath him forcing him up higher; he took Luke even more.

Luke exploded.

“I love you,” he shouted. He felt Reid draining him, swallowing every drop.

“I love you,” Reid admitted roughly, after he let Luke go.

Luke could feel Reid’s aching, leaking cock against his thigh. Wordlessly, he began to stroke Reid with his fingers. His other hand slipped a finger in and out of Reid’s tender hole.

The pressure increased. Reid panted and lifted his body, allowing Luke to penetrate more. Luke determinedly jerked Reid from the front, and then thrust his fingers into him in back. The combination sent shocks through Reid’s entire frame.

Suddenly, Luke withdrew the hand and smiled. He flipped over onto his stomach.

Needed no more invitation than that, Reid rolled on a condom and then gently prepared Luke. He slid his hard dick in and out of Luke, not quite fully entering him. It was Luke who pushed his body back, moving Reid inside of him fully. They both gasped.

“I love your body, “ Reid moaned. He rode Luke in strong, rhythmic motions.

“And I love what you do to my body,” Luke returned in a low tone. His hands fisted on the bed. He felt Reid getting closer and closer to his release. Then Reid hit Luke’s spot with amazing strength. Waves of endless pleasure filled them both.

At that last second, Luke turned his head. He watched Reid’s face as he climaxed above him.
The expression was beyond beautiful.


They rested on each other. Luke caressed Reid’s hair and kissed his chest. He smiled happily, feeling a huge weight lift off of him. Then Luke glanced at Reid’s hand. He sat up.

“Something is missing,” Luke said. He reached over and took off one of the engagement bands from his finger and offered it to Reid.

The happy smile on Luke’s face faded, as he watched Reid move away from the ring.

“What?” Luke asked.

Reid shook his head. “I can’t .”

“You can’t?”

“No. Not yet.” Reid pressed his lips together.

Neither one said another word.

Luke put the ring back on. He stared at the two bands on his finger.

“Are you punishing me?” Luke asked finally and folded the cover around his naked form, feeling exposed.

“No!” Reid answered. He tipped up Luke’s head to his. “No.”

“Then?” Luke stared at Reid. Luke let out a troubled breath.

” You don’t trust me,” Luke saw.

“I- need to just- have time.”

Luke gazed around the bedroom, their bedroom.

“How much time?” He looked into Reid’s eyes. Reid could see the deep sorrow in Luke’s expression. He reached out to him.

“It’s not that I don’t love you,” Reid assured him softly. “I could never stop loving you.”

“And I love you! I thought you understood – I was just terrified about Natalie. I still am!”

“It’s not that- I do understand that,” Reid acknowledged. “Do you understand how I couldn’t risk her dying on my table? I barely got through Annie Judd’s death and she was a stranger, but Natalie? “ Reid’s voice cracked. “She’s my little sister. And -And you.” He could not continue. Reid looked away.

“I know.” Luke whispered sadly. “ I do see that now. And If I hadn’t run into Dad and Faith,
I –“ Luke’s voice trailed off. There were so many “ifs” between them.

“But we love each other, right?” Luke said searchingly.

Reid quickly nodded yes.

After a moment, Luke added, “You’re just not sure about marrying me.”

Reid played with the edge of Luke’s cover, twisting up the fabric in his hand.

He would not meet Luke’s eyes and took a giant breath:

“When you left me…When you walked out. It was like something my parents did to me. Whenever I wasn’t good enough, didn’t perform well enough, they did that.” Reid did not take his gaze off of the bed. “They just withdrew from me. Their love was like crumbs. A piece here or there. Always with a huge price. They became disappointed over something- they simply removed their love. Left me in my room or whatever, until I did better.”

Luke swallowed hard. Reid rarely mentioned his parents. And he never, ever used his childhood as a way to whine about something or to make an excuse. Luke knew if he was bringing it up now, then it must deeply matter.

“I just never thought you’d do that,” Reid said.”I thought when we got engaged, made a commitment- we might fight, but you’d never just …leave.” Reid’s eyes looked shattered.

“If I could take it back – “ Luke started to say. He felt so awful now that he couldn’t find the right words.

Reid smiled tightly, “ I get that, Luke.” He sighed. “And I am not mad anymore. “

“But you can’t just forget it,” Luke said slowly. His eyes saddened.

It was more sadness than Reid could bear.

“Hold on a minute,” Reid said suddenly. “I have an idea.”

Reid fumbled around in the nearby night stand.

“I’ll tell you what. How about I put this on for now?” He pulled out the frog ring. Luke watched as Reid slid it on his finger.

“And the real ring?” Luke couldn’t help asking.

Luke smiled slightly though, at the sight of the frog now on Reid’s finger.

“Give me some time?” Reid answered.

Luke frowned again. It wasn’t all he’d hoped for.

“Hey,” Reid said, “As my boyfriend once said to me, how about if I give you some encouragement along the way?” He played with Luke’s fingers.

“Oh!” Luke pretended to give Reid a mock shove, “How long have you been waiting to throw that line back in my face?”

Reid rolled his eyes, “A long time. About as long as those 5 months of blue balls you made me endure.”

“So,” Luke answered, “ Are you saying I have to wait 5 months before you take back my ring and agree to be engaged again?”

He was depressed; he had planned to have Reid as his husband long before that.

Reid just shrugged. “I’m saying –let’s just go day by day.”

They were both silent a minute.

Then in one quick gesture, Luke opened up his cover and let Reid inside.

He wrapped the blanket firmly against both of them, pulling Reid’s naked body close to him, spooning them together. Luke understood that he needed to make Reid feel safe with him again. He was determined to do just that; he just had to figure out a way. But Reid would be his again completely. A stubborn smile touched Luke’s lips.

Luke snuggled against him, and Reid snuggled back.

It was a start.


A gentle shaking disturbed Luke from a deep slumber. He opened his eyes and saw Reid crouched over him. Reid was dressed. Luke smiled at him lazily at first, still in a dream state. But then he bolted up.

“Is it Natalie? Is something gone wrong?”

“No, nothing is wrong,” Reid quickly assured him. “I thought you might want to come back to the hospital with me. “ His eyes smiled at Luke. “I just was sent Natalie’s latest scans and they looked good.”

Reid touched Luke’s shoulder.

“I think it’s time to wake her up.”
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Title: Hit and Run
Author: Marsabi
Summary: Natalie is hit by a car. Luke asked Reid to operate and he refused. It was a conflict of interest.
Warning: none
Rating: PG

Part 6

“Calm down, Nancy Drew.”

“If you could have seen Carly,” Luke insisted. Then he winced as Reid dabbed at his cut.

“Just cause she’s drunk doesn’t mean she’s the driver who hit Natalie,” Reid argued logically. “There are lots of drivers out there drinking. ‘Tis the season.”

Reid smoothly got ready for the stitches near Luke’s forehead.

“I guess, “Luke muttered. “But I still need to talk to the police .”

“And you should,” Reid agreed as he prepared. “But don’t jump to conclusions, okay? Think it through first. No wonder you suck at chess.”

“You told me my game was improving,” Luke protested, trying not to watch the needle.

Reid was firmly holding his head. But now he paused a moment and shot Luke a grin, ”Of course, I’d say that. But I wanted to see you naked, “ He added wolfishly.

Was Reid just flirting with him? Luke wondered, and his mouth went dry.

Their eyes connected hotly. Then Reid looked away. He busied himself with the needle.


Casey had left quickly, after pouring out the whole Chris story to Reid. Luke knew he had been just trying to help fix the tension, but he wished Casey had not told Reid all the details. He was feeling foolish.

At first, Reid’s eyes had gleamed as he listened to the whole story, but then he had scolded Luke.

“I appreciate your kicking Doogie’s ass on my behalf –“ Reid had started to say.

“Well, I don’t know if I did that,” Luke had grumbled, “Since I’m the one at the hospital.”

“I don’t know, if that glass hadn’t shattered down on you,” Reid had made two fists and pretended to dodge at Luke, “You might have made me think I was dating Mike Tyson.”

Reid had snuck a few glances at Luke then, listening to Luke’s short laugh.

Then Reid had waved a finger at him more seriously.

“But don’t do it again, okay?” Reid had pursued his lips. “Let me handle Chris.”

Reid’s cold expression had made Luke uneasy.

“Don’t go and mess up your hands on Chris,” Luke had said.

Reid had smiled. Luke was so impulsive. “I’m not going to go and hit him,” Reid had told him calmly, “But I will get him back… when the time is right.”

“How?” Luke had asked suspiciously.

Reid had just taken a moist cloth to wipe up the blood on Luke’s face. Reid had stared at the blood a second, and his face had hardened. “I’ll think on it.”

After years of chess, Reid understood how to patiently wait for an opportunity to attack.


Luke hadn’t meant to bring up his suspicions about Carly to Reid. But it was troubling Luke. And it distracted Luke from the conversation he needed to have with Reid – the one that had his stomach in knots.

“You really don’t understand Oakdale, do you?” Luke said now, as Reid got ready to stitch him up. “I mean most people would be telling me not to run to the cops yet. Talk to Carly. Talk to Jack. Maybe keep things secret. Not you, you’re such a straight person.”

At the word straight, Reid gave Luke a look.

“Okay, not straight,” Luke laughed, then flinched as his cut stung. “But logical or whatever. You may think I’m jumping the gun, but this is my town. Let me tell you. Oakdale has no circumstances or strangers- everybody and everything is always connected.”

“I know this is practically an impossibility for you,” Reid replied as he loomed over Luke’s wound, “but can you stop talking even a minute? I don’t want to mar your beautiful skin. Or do I need to tape your mouth shut?”

“Ha ha,” Luke said stupidly. He couldn’t think of a snappy retort. Did Reid just say his skin was beautiful?

Luke’s heart beat faster.

He watched as Reid concentrated on stitching his cut. Reid’s eyes were focused now, and Luke let own gaze wander over his beloved’s features. Reid’s chin had a small start of stubble, his hair could use a cut, and Luke wondered briefly if he had ever really studied the deep, red color of Reid’s lips. They were perfect lips. Reid’s every feature was perfect. His high cheekbones and strong jaw and what was just underneath those scrubs. Jesus. The thumping in Luke’s heart turned painful now. He missed him. Luke’s breath caught. He missed Reid so much. The ache of it might never go away. Luke barely felt the needle at work.

Reid smoothed back Luke’s hair and applied the last stitch. Then he caught the longing in Luke’s face. Reid did not want to respond to it, but his fingers took on a life of their own, gently pulling on the soft, blond strands. The procedure was finished, yet Reid could not seem to stop his hand from lingering .

Luke was still gazing up at him with his doe-colored eyes. Reid’s hand rested at his hair. Then, like a force of gravity driving him in, Reid planted a sweet kiss on Luke’s head.

“All better,” he said huskily.

Reid’s eyes dropped to Luke’s generous mouth. Luke saw and his lower lip jutted out.

Reid leaned down to kiss him.

“No,” Luke said and got away from him. He shook his head.

Reid’s face turned hurt and Luke hurried to explain.

“I want to, so badly. But I can’t .” Luke turned from Reid. “ It would kill me to hear you say again how I don’t matter to you now. How this is just - nothing!”

Luke grabbed blindly at the door handle.

“Luke,” Reid called, “Wait!”

But Luke didn’t wait. He fled. He ran down the hall and to the elevator nearby. Reid called again. Luke pushed the elevator button and prayed for a quick escape. He pushed at it impatiently, until the doors finally opened.

Luke stumbled into the elevator; Reid was quickly at his heels. Reid pushed open the elevator door right before it closed on him.

“Listen,” Reid said.


Reid swore under his breath and then he hit the stop button. The elevator groaned to a halt.

“You just stopped the elevator, “ Luke said, rubbing his eyes with the back of his hand.


“So, you’re afraid of elevators.”

“Hey, I’m not afraid!” Reid said indignantly, but his eyes had already darted nervously around the small space.

Luke didn’t answer.

“Look, about before,” Reid fumbled over his words. “I might have been exaggerating a little bit. “

“Exaggerating?” Luke folded his arms across his chest.

“A little bit.” Reid tried to tug Luke’s arms open.

They studied each other. As Luke searched Reid’s face, he could feel some of his hurt start to fade.

“Sex with me is not meaningless?” Luke asked, but his tone had softened

Reid groaned. He looked all around the elevator, trying to determine how to avoid any more talk. “Are you really going to make me say this?”

“I think so, yes,” Luke replied. He came closer to Reid. Their eyes flirted.

Reid slowly looked Luke up and down.

Their eyes met again. Luke gave him a tiny smile. Reid cupped the side of Luke’s face and ran a thumb down Luke’s cheek to chin.

“Every single time I have ever touched you,” Reid said finally, “has been full of meaning.”

Luke raised his hand and held Reid’s palm against his face.

Lips hungrily tasted each other. Reid’s hand caressed the base of Luke’s spine and he pressed him close.

“See what you do to me?” Reid sighed against Luke’s mouth.

“It was sweet. I liked it,” Luke smiled.

“That’s cause you’re a sap who probably has secret stock in Hallmark,” Reid mumbled, and worried briefly about the way the ceiling of the elevator suddenly looked lower to him. Tighter. He tried to focus on Luke.

Reid kissed Luke’s lips again, his neck. He lifted up Luke’s hand and kissed that too.

All the teasing suddenly stopped for Luke. He needed more. He gave a half-strangled cry and launched himself at Reid. He knocked them both to the ground.

Luke practically crawled onto Reid’s lap. He frantically kissed him over and over.

“I want to come home,” Luke cried out.

Reid opened his mouth to receive another kiss. As their lips merged, a small part of Reid couldn’t help but notice how close the walls were getting. Sweat began to form on his brow.

Luke was playing with the top of his scrubs; clearly about to take things to the next level. Reid grabbed his hands and stopped him.

“What?” Luke said, his voice trembling with sudden emotion. Reid wasn’t changing his mind? Had Luke just made a fool out of himself again?

“Didn’t you say you want to go home?”

Luke nodded and bit his lip hopefully.

Reid swallowed hard.

“An excellent idea. Let’s go. “

Luke beamed.

Reid gave Luke a nervous smile, “Just get me out of this damn elevator,” he growled.

Understanding now, Luke kissed him again, while his hand reached up and hit the button.

The elevator went down.

a/n: This isn’t a fade out; this scene continues into part 7, but I wanted to split it up. No sense rushing good make-up sex LOL
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Title: Hit and Run
Author: Marsabi
Summary: Reid and Luke are happily engaged and living together, when a sudden event causes Luke to break it off with Reid. This is also my story for Natalie. I read a lot with Ethan and Faith, but not many stories have her in them. I always loved her for hugging Luke at the end of ATWT.
Disclaimer: Owned by ATWT
Warnings: Physical fighting, suspects and kisses –Just who did hit Natalie?
Rating: PG (with fighting?)

Part 5

The room was perfect. At least, Luke hoped that it was. Tutus were tacked up on the wall in all different colors. Soft ballet slippers were neatly lined up near the bed. Some were actually Natalie’s, but others Luke had gone out and bought. She would love to wear them all. He quickly finished hanging up the poster with the three little girls dancing by the water, when Reid walked into the room.

Both men jumped at seeing each other.

“Is it too much?” Luke asked, gesturing to the room. Reid took in the various dance posters and get well banners. He could hear the music of Swan Lake playing softly.

“You did all this?” He asked.

“Too much?” Luke repeated. He chewed a finger nervously.

“No it’s –“ Reid was about to say it’s you, and it was such a Luke thing to do. He gazed at the pink balloons and ballerina teddy bears.

“It’s charming,” Reid pursed his lips, “Too bad Queer Eye for the Straight Guy is over; you’d be a shoe in.”

“And I didn’t think you watched reality television,” Luke shot back.

“How can I escape it?” Reid drawled. “I’m waiting for the Jersey Shore gang to go all ER on us. Snookie- doctor in training. Memorial here would suit those bozos just fine.”

“Only if we had a beach, tattoo parlors and Bon Jovi,” Luke said gamely, trying to keep Reid going.

“It would be an improvement for Oakhell; tanning booths at every farm,” Reid returned neatly.

Time spent with Reid had improved Luke’s obnoxious potential. Luke would never be rude, but he could snark with Reid in private and enjoy it. However, Reid would always be the king of snark.

Luke gave a little laugh now and smiled at him. The smile disconcerted Reid.

“It’s nice,” he finally offered, dropping their game.

Luke shrugged. “I remember with Noah…You told me patients in a coma can maybe hear or know things, so…” He flushed.

“Oh yes, Noah,” Reid said and Luke could have kicked himself. Noah occasionally sent him postcards from LA. Reid always brought in the mail and held them out to Luke like he was holding a dead rat by the tail.

“Has he finally realized his film dreams or is he still dancing shirtless at the Dick Hunter ?”

“You know that was just a rumor Richard started.” Luke said, wondering how to escape this whole conversation.

“Right,” Reid answered, “He told you he is working at Starbucks and still affording that great LA apartment. “

Luke looked over at his sister. “What’s important is that Natalie might hear the music or whatever.”

“Well, she’s not exactly in a coma like Noah’s was, “ Reid said. Luke blew out a sigh of relief that the conversation was shifting back to Natalie. Reid was looking down at her small body in the bed. ” We will wake her up very soon, if it goes well. “

“Really?” Luke smiled, “That’s fantastic!”

Reid cleared his throat.

“Do you still have your cold?” Luke asked him suddenly.

Reid shrugged.

“You should drink some of that tea I bought you,” Luke scolded softly, “I put it behind the coffee filters on the top shelf.”

“I’m fine,” Reid snapped. Luke looked at his feet. Reid sighed.

Reid nodded at Natalie, “I need to examine her.”

“Right,” Luke nodded . “How is she?”

“Tell you in a minute,” Reid replied dryly, and began to check her vitals.

Reid was aware of Luke coming close and standing right behind him. He could feel Luke’s breath on the back of his neck.

“Can you step away?” Reid asked.

“What?” Luke said, “Oh. Sure. Am I bothering you? “ Luke added innocently.

“Something about trying to examine my patient, “ Reid mumbled,” with a family member right at my heels does it. “ As if any family member would be bothering him. As if it were not a case of Luke’s being close enough to touch.

Luke took two, exaggerated steps back. He wasn’t fooled with Reid’s explanation. Luke knew exactly why Reid asked him to move and he hid a grin. If he could still bother Reid so easily, then there was hope.

Reid fought the urge to turn around and kiss him. Why did Luke have to be so damn adorable? He did not want to think about the way Luke’s hair was a mess today or the way it made Reid want to stroke it. He could smell Luke’s fresh scent. He just wanted to bury himself in it. Reid fought the urge and continued to examine Natalie.

“Looks good,” he said, after a few quiet moments, and walked around Luke carefully.

Luke watched him walking away.

Reid was at the door.

“Wait!” Luke said and came over. Reid stepped out into the hallway and Luke followed. Reid braced himself for a “talk.”

“Is she- is she in any pain?” Luke asked and bit his lip.

Surprised by the question, Reid could not help reassuring him. “No, I have her on a morphine drip . “ He reached out a hand to Luke , but then dropped it. “But well…When she wakes up later, she might have some discomfort.”

Luke twisted his lips in annoyance. “Discomfort,” he repeated. “Why do doctors always call it that?”

Reid shrugged. “Because pain is a four letter word,” He drawled and half-smiled at Luke.

Then his smile faded. Luke was staring at him hungrily now. Reid swallowed hard as Luke closed the distance between them.

That scent again. Fresh like laundry hung out on a line. Reid wanted so badly to taste him.
He opened his mouth and Luke leaned in. He held Reid’s head with gentle fingers.

They kissed.

Reid pulled back.

“I want to be alone with you,” Luke said hoarsely. He rubbed an arm up and down Reid’s sleeve, trying to persuade him.

“Okay,” Reid said.

“Really?” Luke’s face lit up. He had not really expected Reid to agree.

“Sure,” Reid said, “We can go to my office . We can do it right there. But don’t think it will be anything more than sex,” Reid added cruelly. “It won’t mean anything.”

He had to be cruel. Reid was too afraid. He didn’t trust Luke. His feelings were raw, so he fell back on insults.

Luke inhaled sharply, as if Reid had dealt him a physical blow. He moved back.

Reid had known just how to put that look of devastation on Luke’s face, of course. Only now, Reid felt like he was going to break down too. Hurting Luke was hurting himself.

Reid opened his mouth –

“Dr. Oliver!” Bob shouted from down the hall.

“Yes?” Reid answered, his eyes still on Luke. Luke was withdrawing from him.

“I can’t find your charts on the Davis case or the Snyder one,” Bob said, coming between them.

Reid frowned, “I put them on your desk ,Bob. Both of them. “

“Well,” Bob snapped, with unusual irritation, “They’re not there.”

Reid turned to Bob. “Well, I put them there. Maybe an incompetent nurse moved it?”

Bob shook his head. “Are you saying I don’t watch my staff?”

Reid gave Bob a perplexed look. Bob was not acting like himself at all.

“Luke!” Reid called. As he and Bob bickered, Luke had slid farther down the hall.

Reid wanted to go after him and do something. Reid did not even know what he wanted to say to
Luke, but something.

However, Luke did not stop walking, and Bob had taken Reid’s arm.

“Come to the office and we can discuss it.”

“Can we please do this later?” Reid asked.

“No,” Bob Hughes had a funny, glazed look in his eyes. “I must know where those files are!”

Reid’s eyes followed Luke for one more second and then he turned to Bob. Bob looked uneasy and strained. Reid frowned in concern. Something was definitely off with Bob’s behavior.

“Okay, let’s fix this. I’ll find the charts.”

They headed to Bob’s office.

It was a mess. Papers were scattered, the garbage overturned.

Reid took in Bob’s lack of color and watery eyes. “Are you taking your medication?” Reid demanded suddenly.

“Of course I am!” Bob huffed. “I take it every day.” Bob had been on medication ever since he’d been diagnosed with early dementia. Reid’s gaze looked over the office once more.

“Look!” Reid pointed. He picked up the files from the floor. “Here they are.”
He handed them to Bob .

“Thank you, “Bob said, sounding more like his usual self. Bt Reid still remained uneasy. He righted the garbage can and straightened up more papers.

He would have to keep a closer eye on Bob.


Luke fled the hospital. Tears streamed down his face. He knew exactly where he needed to go. He checked his watch. If he went now, he’d get there just on time.

Pulling into the small church, Luke quickly went in. The AA meeting was just starting. It wasn’t that Luke felt like he was going to drink; he did not want to drink. But he felt beaten and sad and in need of comfort. These meetings always offered him that...

After the meeting, Luke felt stronger. He was angry at Reid and hurt, but he knew Reid. He was always his most obnoxious when he was vulnerable. And he’d been sorry. Luke had seen it on his face. Still, he wasn’t feeling strong enough to try again.

A sudden movement caught his eyes. Luke frowned. It was Carly, swaying slightly, walking to the church.

“Is the mm-meeting over? ‘She whispered loudly to Luke. “I-I ppromised Jack I’d go, “ she giggled suddenly, “but shhh- “ Carly put a finger to her lips, “I’m late.”

“Carly,” Luke hurried over to her. “Are you drinking again?” This was all his family needed right now. Another problem. And Carly had been sober for months. Or so Luke had thought.

“I’m sorry,” Carly clung to Luke’s shirt, knocking him slightly. “So ssorrry.” She began to cry noisily. “Jack is so mad.”

“I understand,” Luke said. “The meeting is over, but – “

“Oh!” Carly swayed slightly and made a motion toward her car.

“Hey,” Luke grabbed her keys. “Did you drive here?” He felt intense anger at her suddenly.

“I’m fine, been driving … I’m good,” Carly gave him a bright smile. “Keys?”

“No.” Luke jammed her keys in his pocket. He wondered just how long this had been going on and fought off a sick feeling in his stomach. It couldn’t be…?

"Don’t tell, Luke! N-no Parker knowing , okay? I’ll stop, okay?”

Luke would have to talk to his Uncle Jack and maybe Margo. Luke squeezed his eyes shut and prayed he was wrong.

For now, he just needed to sober Carly up.

“Come with me,” he told her, “I’ll buy you some coffee at Java,” where Luke planned to question her.

“No!” Carly said. “A burger. Meat. Al’s. Not Java- Parker might be there…” She stumbled a little.

“Okay,” Luke agreed, “Al’s. But then I take you to Jack.”

Luke’s head was swirling with emotions: fear and anger and sadness- all churning in his guts. He drove Carly over to Al’s. She had passed out on the way. He woke her up and they headed inside for a burger and some coffee.


Inside the diner, Chris and Casey were eating some fries. Their heads were pressed close together and they were whispering.
Luke dumped Carly in a booth and went to order. When he saw him, Casey jumped up.

“Hey, man,” He said, “How is Natalie?”

Luke shrugged. “Okay. Holding her own.”

“Great! “ Casey smiled, “I know my granddad is really worried too. We all are.” He gave Luke a friendly pat.

“Nothing to worry ,” Chris said suddenly, “not with Mr. Perfect on the job.”

“Chris-“ Casey warned.

“What?” Chris asked belligerently, his mouth full of fries. “We all know how my dad loves Saint Reid.”

“Natalie is lucky to have Reid,” Luke said coolly.

“Oh. I know. And Reid’s lucky to have you, Luke. I mean you bought the guy his own wing at the hospital.”

Luke frowned at Chris and took a step over to him.

Casey grabbed at Luke. “We really wanted to go over to the hospital and see her. Do you think I can go and visit?”

Luke dropped his eyes from Chris and looked at Casey. “Well, I think it is only family right now.” Luke saw that Carly sitting with her head now in her hands. “And we have enough family.”

“Right.” Casey glanced around uneasily.

Chris gave Luke his big, fake smile. “Sooo- is my father giving Reid the keys to his office yet?”

“I don’t know,” Luke answered flatly. He was not a person usually given to anger, but a slow burn was starting inside his skin.

“Ever since he came to this town, he’s been trying to schmooze my father,” Chris complained, “ looking for opportunities .”

Luke gave a bark of laughter, “Reid doesn’t schmooze anybody. That would be you, Chris.”

Chris pushed back his chair and stood up.

“Hey now guys- “ Casey murmured. “You are both stressed out right now.”

They ignored him.

“Katie would have forgiven me, if Reid hadn’t been right there to tell her not to,” Chris ranted. “ And my father? Reid is always showing off, doing -“

"What?” Luke jumped in, “Saving people’s lives? Yeah, he’s a real show off that way. Too bad you can’t say the same.” How dare he attack Reid! “How many patients have you lost again?”

“Oh, oh,” Chris threw up his hands mockingly,” I’m impressed, Luke. That was pretty rude of you. And here we all thought that Reid was the man in the relationship.”

Luke charged at Chris, knocking him over. He pounded at him wildly. It felt good to hit out, after all the pain of the day. He felt Chris smack him back. They rolled into the counter, punching at each other.

Carly screamed. Henry came running out of the kitchen.

Casey tried to pull Chris and Luke apart.

They exchanged more blows.

They banged against the counter and a glass fell. It shattered right on Luke, cutting his forehead and cheek. Casey had managed to grab Chris by now. Chris had a bloody lip.

“What is going on?” Henry yelled at them.

“Nothing!” Chris snarled. “Send me the bill for the damage. Or send it to Luke; he’s loaded.”

Carly sobbed, “I need a burger,” she told Henry like that would cure something, “And please don’t call the police.”

Casey helped Luke to his feet.

“Luke, shit, I’ve never seen you like this.”

Luke ignored Casey. He pointed a finger at Chris. “Don’t blame my boyfriend for your problems. “

“ Reid Oliver is to blame for everything! “ Chris whined.

“Did you have to do this?” Casey hissed to Chris. “Luke has enough going on!”

Chris shifted his feet. “Yeah, well, sorry about your sister. “

“Save it!” Luke said. He seriously wanted to go and hit Chris again.

As if sensing the tension still in the air, Casey again put his body between them.

“C’mon, Luke. I need to take you to the hospital.”

“No,” Luke tried to shrug off Casey.

“Yes! Unless you want Chris here to stitch you up?”

At Luke’s face, Casey nodded, “Didn’t think so. “

Luke sighed, the anger already draining away. “Okay, but let’s just find Alison, alright? She can stitch me up.”

Casey bobbed his head in agreement.

Luke glanced at Carly, “Henry, can you please give Carly more coffee and call her a cab home?”

Henry nodded.

Luke pushed past Chris and left with Casey for the hospital.

Chris and Carly were left in the diner looking at each other. Chris gave her a smirk and slid into her booth.

“So,” he said to Carly, “What’s your story?”


Casey drove Luke’s car over to the hospital. As Luke wiped up some drops of blood from his cheek, Casey blasted the radio awhile. They did not talk at first. Then Casey glanced over at Luke and grimaced.

“Man, we better fix your face before your parents see.”

Luke flinched. He felt guilty then. His parents had enough to worry about with Natalie. Luke sighed and gazed out the window. The cornfields were covered with a light frost. Soon there would be snow. It was already becoming bitterly cold.

“Man, this is messed up,” Casey was suddenly saying. “You know, Chris was just acting like a douche cause of the suspension and all.”

“Uh huh.” Luke sighed. “I guess I’m acting badly too. “ He glanced over at Casey. “Reid and I had a huge fight.”

His cut by his forehead was dripping down blood. Luke grabbed a tissue and applied some pressure to it.

“You and Doctor O? “ Casey asked. “I thought you guys were like a dream couple. “

Luke laughed harshly, “Don’t let Reid hear you say that,” he told him, “He thinks I’m more like a nightmare, right now.”

Casey turned into the hospital entrance. “Yeah, Ali and me were fighting a little too. She doesn’t get how it is in a big family. What it’s like to be a Hughes.” Casey pretended to be straightening up in his seat.

“Member when we were kids, Case? All we cared about were video games and skateboards.”

“Yeah, superheroes and snow forts.”

Luke nodded. Then his face fell. “That’s how it should be for Natalie right now. Just easy.”

Casey parked the car in silence. Then he touched Luke’s shoulder, “It will be easy for her again soon; I know it.”


As they went into the hospital, the plan was for Casey to quickly get Ali to meet them. But the moment the elevator doors opened, Luke and Casey bumped right into Reid.

“What the hell is this?” Reid said, taking in Luke’s rumpled clothes and bloody face.

“Nothing,” Luke snapped. “Don’t worry about it.”

“I am worried about it,” Reid answered, “You have obviously been acting like an idiot. “

Casey beamed at Reid. “Don’t be mad, dude.”

Casey gestured to Luke. “He was defending your honor,” Casey told Reid.

Luke shoved at Casey to shut up.

Reid came up to them slowly. Luke groaned.

“Just go.” Luke told him. “ Let Ali come and take care of me.”

“Not a chance,” Reid replied.

“Terrific,” Luke mumbled.

Casey grinned at Reid. “It was kind of awesome, how Luke fought over you. I never thought Luke had any Rambo stuff in him.”

They both led a protesting Luke down the hall and into a room.

Reid looked at Casey with interest, “Tell me again,” Reid drawled, “... Who did what now?”
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Title: Hit and Run
Author: Marsabi
Summary: Reid and Luke are happily engaged and living together, when a sudden event causes Luke to break it off with Reid. This is also my story for Natalie. I read a lot with Ethan and Faith, but not many stories have her in them. I always loved her for hugging Luke at the end of ATWT.
Disclaimer: Owned by ATWT
Rating: PG
Warning: bottoms up ?
a/n: The operation day. Also, some unexpected support for Reid! This scene was a blast to imagine- I wish Reid had gotten scenes with these two people on the show!

Part 4

Dr. Alexa Jones was a tiny woman. She barely came up to most people’s shoulders. But she had a quick mind, skillful hands and a dirty mouth. Jet lagged and running of caffeine, she hurried over to Memorial hospital. Reid had not exaggerated – the place was a dump. But they must have done something right to attract a surgeon as gifted as Reid.

“Oliver!” She shouted at him. He looked awful, pale and withdrawn. She gave him a hug, which he endured with an eye roll. Well, at least that seemed like the old Reid.
He handed her the Snyder chart and they began to discuss the case.

“She’s so young, “ Alexa sighed. “I usually deal with the older patients.”

“You’d be good with Peds, “ Reid answered, “most of them are about your size.”

Alexa punched him lightly. “And you’d be good with the old people, most of them are too far gone to see how obnoxious you are.”

Reid was about to answer, when the elevator doors opened and a whole group of distraught people poured into the hallway.

The family had arrived.

A good-looking man rushed over . “How is she? Are you operating now? Can I go and see her?”

“Take it easy, Holden. “ Reid cleared his throat. He was eyeing a gorgeous blond man who had followed in the other man’s footsteps. The blond was looking at Reid too.

“This is Natalie’s surgeon – Dr. Jones.”

Alexa shook hands with Holden Snyder, and then she was thrown back by a sobbing woman with wild hair.

“Please help her! My baby!”

Alexa gently pushed the mother off of her. “I will do my best,” she assured the woman. Holden took her hand. Another woman came up. She had short, dark hair and a tight smile. “Lily,” she said. She grabbed Holden Snyder’s other hand.

“Molly,” Lily sniffed. Holden looked uneasily between the two women.

“We hope to operate in less than an hour,” Reid said, going back to Holden’s question, “so you really can’t see Natalie right now. She is being prepped. But you can go in right before the surgery for a moment.”

Holden nodded, his face upset.

A sullen teenage joined the group. “I want to see her now!”

“Come here,” said the dark-haired woman to the teen.

“I can take care of my daughter,” snapped the mother.

“Where were you when Natalie was out?” The dark-haired one replied.

Holden tried to calm the bickering women. He pushed them aside to talk to them.

Alexa raised an eyebrow at Reid. He shrugged.

Then he looked uncomfortable. The gorgeous blond had come closer to them.

The blond man licked his lips. “Can I talk to you,” he asked Reid, “just a minute?”

Reid shook his head. “Nothing to discuss. “

He nodded to Alexa.

“Alexa Jones, my- er - Luke Snyder.”

“Oh, you’re the fiancée.” Alexa looked him up and down, and then winked at Reid, “I see we still have the same taste in men.” Boy, the blond was yummy!

Luke frowned in confusion. He didn’t know what she was talking about and didn’t care. He wished that Reid would look at him.

“I just want to talk to you one minute,” Luke repeated.

Emma and Ethan ran up at that moment. Ethan grabbed at Luke around his knees. Luke automatically picked him up and hugged him. Reid took advantage of that and slipped away.

Alexa Jones smiled at Luke curiously, and followed Reid. They went into the lab and poured over Natalie’s scans.

Reid stared at the tests. “Can I observe?” He asked Alexa. “I’d like to be in the room.”

Alexa shrugged, “Of course. As long as you remember who is in charge.”

But truthfully, she’d welcome Reid’s presence. This was a very complex case.

They both washed up and put on scrubs.

Bob Hughes came in, “She’s prepped. All set?”

Dr. Jones frowned. “Well, I could use some extra hands. “

“Hmm,” Bob frowned, “unfortunately, we are a little short staffed right now,” he thought about Chris being suspended. “But I have a few eager interns.”

Alexa sighed. “Okay, I guess.” Interns? Crap, she thought. Then she sighed. “Bring them.”

Just moments later, Natalie was wheeled into the OR. Dr. Jones began the procedure, using a tiny laser the size of a thumb to neatly open up the skull. The brain was exposed, like the slicing of an orange. The sound of suction and machines could be heard just underneath the whispering voices of the nurses and interns. The incision was made. Reid watched from behind her. She was good. Her hands capable and focused.

But a few hours into the operation, it became difficult.

“Damn!” Alexa mumbled . “These blood vessels, so tiny.” A nurse mopped her face and pulled down her mask to give her a quick sip of water.

“I can’t see,” Alexa moved around. “Give me more light here,” she ordered the nurse.

“Help dissect this part,” she ordered the intern.

“Right!” The intern was almost giddy as he grabbed the scalpel.

“Look at this tissue damage,” Dr. Jones said.

Reid could see it over her left shoulder. It was bad.

The intern began to cut.

“No!” Alexa ordered, “not there.” She gestured with her head, her arms busy stitching another part of Natalie’s brain. “There. See?”

“No,” the intern said, wide-eyed now.

“There! “ Alexa said again, nodding. Trying to show him. She couldn’t help until her own part was done.

The intern blindly went to make the cut.

“Out of the way, moron,” Reid said suddenly , pushing the nervous intern aside. He could not stand it another moment. This bonehead would not touch Natalie.

Reid could see the tissue, the cut, the bleeding. It was like looking at a puzzle and just knowing where all the pieces fit. His mind clicked on it, and Reid felt a sense of calm. A sense of purpose. Luke had been right about one thing - in the OR, Reid could push aside everything else and just perform. He was that good.

Together now, he and Alexa cut and stitched and worked. They moved as one, picking up each other’s cues.


The operation lasted for hours. In the waiting room, Luke and the family sat helplessly. They had bickered, they had paced, they had eaten , they had slept. They had stared at the clock. They had watched bad television. They had bickered some more. And they waited.

At one point, Holden had taken Luke aside. “Are you okay?” He had asked.

“Well, nobody here is,” Luke had smiled.

Holden had searched his son’s eyes. “I know that. But I feel like there is more with you going on. You’re so silent- and just not like you.”

“I’m fine,” Luke said. At Holden’s look, Luke frowned. “I had a fight with Reid,” he admitted. He did not want to burden Holden with just how bad the fight had been. “But it’s no big thing.”

“Okay,” Holden patted Luke, “I’m sure you guys will work it out soon. “ Luke nodded. Holden’s glance went to Lily, sitting with Lucinda and Faith. “But don’t let it go on too long. Don’t let it fester. “

“I won’t,” Luke promised. Holden gave him a firm hug.
Then they’d gone back to waiting. The family played cards. The little ones grew tired and snuggled into the laps of the big ones, like nesting dolls.

The family huddled together. They drank coffee. They watched more bad television. They waited, waited and waited.

Finally, Dr. Jones came out from the OR.

The whole family rushed up.

She gave them a tired smile. “It went well. Natalie is in recovery.”

Everybody sighed with relief at once.

Dr. Jones continued, “We won’t know how she’ll be yet, but it looked good. Dr. Oliver and I managed to remove the damaged tissue.”

“What? “ Luke asked, “Reid operated with you?”

Dr. Jones nodded. “He was amazing, “she said simply. Then she laughed, “But don’t tell him I said it!”

Luke said nothing; he was rooted in place with shock.

“And Natalie will wake up when?” Lily was asking.

“Well, we want her body to rest, so we put her to sleep for the next day or so. Then we’ll wake her.” The doctor smiled. “I’m afraid I have to fly back to Boston tonight. More operations to do. But Dr. Oliver has her post-operative care planned out.”

“Is he coming out?” Luke asked.

“Should be.”

Luke gave her a big smile. “Thank you so much.”

She smiled back at him. He really was yummy, Alexa thought, Oliver always was a lucky bastard.

Dr. Jones turned to the family once more. “Natalie is strong and we’re hopeful. Take care now.”

“Thank you,” they all murmured.

Dr. Jones went down the hall. She took out her cell phone and began to book her return flight.

Meanwhile, Reid appeared from the OR.

The family embraced him, all except for a troubled Luke. He jammed his hands in his pockets and fought back tears. He wanted to work it out, but not with his entire family there.

After another quick briefing about Natalie, Reid excused himself. He was exhausted beyond imagination. He had been focused and energized in the operation, but now his emotions felt raw.

Luke followed him down the hallway.

“Wait! Reid!”

Impatiently, Reid turned. Luke smacked into him. He pushed Luke off quickly.
They looked at each other.

"Thank you,” Luke said softly, his eyes devouring Reid.

Reid shrugged. “If this wasn’t such a small hospital filled with idiotic interns- “ he shrugged again.

“We need to talk, okay?”

Reid said nothing.

“I’m sorry. I am! Can we please talk ?“ Luke suddenly pleaded.

Reid’s mouth drew into a hard line. “I don’t think so.”


“I should just forget it, huh? Now that Luke Snyder had it come out his way?”
Luke shook his head, “No,” he said. “Reid it isn’t like that.”

“That’s exactly what this is- I did what you wanted and helped operate, so now you think a sorry will fix it all. You got what you wanted, right?” Reid sneered.

“No!” Luke took his elbow and held it. “ I was coming to talk, trying to talk before the surgery, but-“

“You know what?” Reid said, shaking off Luke’s arm. “I just don’t care right now. “


He walked away.

Luke leaned heavily against the wall and banged his head against it.

Reid stayed in his small office for hours, going over every aspect of Natalie’s case. She would be awake soon and then they would know how successful it had been. Reid rubbed his eyes. He was drained, but the thought of going back to an empty house depressed him. He was no longer obligated to stay , but he stayed just the same. He opened up another file. It was late at night, the family was still taking shifts to watch over Natalie. Reid had checked her a few times, deliberately making sure it was not Luke’s shift. He sighed. The hospital was so quiet at this hour. Too silent.

The door of his office flung open suddenly, and Reid braced himself. He just could not deal with Luke right now. But it wasn’t him. Part of Reid felt relief and another part felt disappointed. He shook both feelings away.

Emma and Lucinda entered; they were hauling large bags.

“Hi,” Reid rose to his feet in confusion. He’s thought they’d left the hospital hours ago.

“Hello sweetheart,” Emma came over and gave Reid a warm hug. She put a bag down on his desk.

“What’s this?” Reid asked, perplexed.

“Really darling, you need some better lightening in here,” Lucinda was saying, making a face at Reid’s tiny desk lamp. “Bob Hughes can afford to give his top surgeon a bigger office too. I’m going to fax that man a memo. “

Emma dug into the bag and started bringing out foods: thick pieces of fried chicken, sweet potatoes in honey, apple pie.

“You need to eat, “ Emma scolded Reid gently. “Have you eaten at all today?” Emma gently touched Reid on the head and smoothed back his hair.

“I um-“ Reid stammered, embarrassed.

Emma clucked her tongue, “Skin and bones. No wonder Luke was concerned.”

“Luke?” Reid’s heart skipped a beat at his name.

“He sent us here, darling, “ Lucinda said, flopping into Reid’s chair, spinning around. “He’s concerned about you. “

Reid was silent. As far as he knew the family did not know they had split up. He wasn’t sure what to say or do.

“He asked us to take care of you and visit. I guess he had some things to do for Holden and
for Lily,” Emma added as she scooped Reid out a huge plate of food.

“You know what would be nice in this office? “ Lucinda mused, “a flat screen television. You could relax between operations. Why not! “ Lucinda gave Reid a wide grin, “Who deserves it more than the man saving our Natalie?”

“Look,” Reid said laughing at her, “Don’t get involved with your guns blazing or anything.” Reid pulled up another chair and sat down . ” I don’t need Bob accusing me of nepotism. That’s what I accuse him and Chris of.” Reid slowly picked up a fork and began to eat.

Emma beamed at him with approval. Reid shoveled in more food.

Damn! He was hungry.

“Fine, fine. Refuse my help with Bob. “ Lucinda reached into her bag. “Stubborn. Like me. “

She pulled out a bottle of Wild Turkey. “But you can’t refuse a shot.” Lucinda took out two glasses and poured .

“Luke did not give you that!” Reid exclaimed.

Lucinda grinned wickedly, “This is from my limo- I keep it fully stocked, darling.”

“I’m at the hospital,” Reid protested.

“You’re not on call. You’re just here. Waiting and watching. But you told us yourself, you put Natalie in a deep sleep for at least 48 hours, right?”
Reid nodded.

“So drink up, Oliver! Don’t make this old gal drink alone!”

Reid took the glass.

“What the hell?” he muttered. He’d been through enough; a drink did not sound bad.

“Cheers, old lady.”

“Down the hatch.”

The whiskey burned as it hit his throat.

“Emma?” Lucinda asked. “There is one more glass?”

“Oh, no ,no. Gracious me!” Emma shook her head.

Reid and Lucinda finished the shot.

“Oh and here,” Lucinda reached into the final bag. “Luke asked me to stop at your house and pick this up.”

She pulled out Reid’s toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving kit and comb.

“Luke..went home? “ Reid felt his heart slamming against his chest.

Lucinda shook her head. “Gave me the key. Here,” She tossed it to him. “But he wanted to make sure you had your stuff. He said you’d stubbornly be here all night.”

Reid felt a dull ache in the pit of his stomach. He picked up his toothbrush. This was the Luke he usually knew. Thoughtful ,sweet… Reid shook his head. No. It shouldn’t be so easy for Luke.

Reid did another shot with Lucinda, and ate more pie.

Watching them, Emma clucked her tongue.

“Oh, come on Emma!” Lucinda ordered, “Whiskey up.”


"Why not? Holden and Molly have the kids, and we have the limo to drive you home. What’s stopping you?”

Emma paused. “Oh, well… maybe just a nip.”

Reid’s mouth fell open.

“Don’t just sit there like a dummy, “ cackled Lucinda, “pour the lady a drink.”

They drank. The bottle was soon half-empty.

Emma told them stories about Mr. Harvey Snyder, her husband, and the way he rode a stallion.

Lucinda shared tales of John Dixon. “A little bit of blackmail, darlings, leads to a lot of good sex. “ And then she shared the details of her one night stand with Craig Montgomery. Her story made even Reid blush.

Reid offered his argument that a real man kept his “number” of conquests to himself. The ladies both agreed with him. But the conversation made Reid restless- it made him think of Luke.

They talked long into the night.


After a while, Reid looked at his two “grandmas” and smiled.

“Thanks,” he told them. “Both of you.”

“Oh come on,” Emma gave his shoulders a quick rub. “We should thank you.”

“Well,” Reid sighed. “We still don’t know how she will be.”

They were all silent a moment.

“Then we’ll pray,” Emma said simply and bowed her head.

Lucinda and Reid glanced at her and then at each other.

“What the hell?” Lucinda shrugged. “I believe in the man upstairs.”

She bowed her head. Emma took Lucinda’s hand.

Reid swallowed the lump in his throat. He’s always been an agnostic and was still doubtful. But for Natalie---- for this family he loved ----

Reid offered a hand to each woman.

The three of them formed a tight little circle and prayed.
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Title: Hit and Run
Author: Marsabi
Summary: Reid and Luke are happily engaged and living together, when a sudden event causes Luke to break it off with Reid. This is also my story for Natalie. I always loved her for hugging Luke at the end of ATWT. At this point in the story, Natalie has been hit by a car, and Reid does not want to be the one to operate.
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Angst (but this is the worst of it- promise )
There is one mushy/fluffy/sappy flashback to help ease the angst

Part Three

“I don’t understand,” Luke said softly. “Is it like a legal thing?”

“No. “Reid shook his head. “We’re not married, and that would hardly matter because it’ll be a gay marriage.”

“The state is considering making it legal right now,” Luke murmured, not even sure why he was even talking about it. A few days ago that had seemed so important to him and to their future.

Reid shrugged. “Even if Natalie were my sister, the legal part is murky and varies from state to state.”

“So?” Luke rose to his feet. He shot Reid a confused look. “Reid?”

Reid did not answer a moment. He stood up and then took Luke’s hand.

“I have a friend, a great neurosurgeon and she is on her way right now. “

Luke pulled back his hand. “But Natalie needs you.”

“She very good,” Reid repeated.

Luke’s chin jutted out. He stepped back from Reid.

“Is this doctor better than you?” Luke asked simply.


“Is she?”

Reid swallowed. “She’s excellent. I –“

“Is she better than you?’Luke repeated, enunciating each word with a hard emphasis.

Reid stared at him a moment. “No. Not as good as I am.”

“Then you’re operating, “ Luke told him.

How can Reid even hesitate? Didn’t he hear Bob? Natalie could be brain damaged or unable to walk again…I know what that is like. I remember. Agony. My baby sister. Doesn’t he get that? Reid has never been helpless. Depending on others to help you to the bathroom. Unable to join her friends. My beautiful, ballerina sister – not able to run or dance. Or she could be blind like Noah. Bitter and angry and lost. Or worse - her mind might be damaged. She won’t even know me. Be a vegetable. God no! I remember the day she was born. So tiny. So perfect. She won’t remember how we all love her. The day I bought her that red and white stripped blanket for her first Christmas – the one she carried around for five years- until it was nothing but shreds. She won’t remember ... Or even worse. No! Not Natalie! I need Reid. I can’t chance my sister’s life on a stranger.

Reid was pacing back and forth. He ran a hand through his hair.

“Look…My emotions are all caught up in this… and I don’t think-“

Luke went over to Reid again and took him by the shoulders.

“I know you, Reid. You can put aside your feelings and focus on the medicine like nobody else. You did it with Noah; you can do it here. “ Luke gave him a slight shake. “ You told me in the hospital to be tough and do what I needed to do. Now it’s your turn.”

“Luke-“ Reid bit his lip. The rejection already in his eyes.

“No!” Luke shouted, his own eyes filling with tears.

“You will do it!” Luke put his hands out and butted against Reid, almost like an animal. “You have to!”

Reid shook his head.

Luke suddenly dropped down to his knees. He grabbed at Reid and rested his face against Reid’s belly.

“Please? For me?”


“ Please, Please. Please! If you love me –“


“If you do-“

“Don’t say it.”

“Then you’ll do this.”

Why doesn’t Luke understand? I can’t! If I go in there and operate –if I make a mistake. If she dies on the table –I can’t! One hesitation, one bad choice – no. No! Luke would never forgive me. I would never forgive myself. I can’t, can’t -

“No,” Reid said. He felt a pressure building up inside of his skin.

“No?” Luke shut his eyes.

Reid is letting me down? He said no? The one person – the one person I thought never would. My parents always did and hurt me and each other - over and over. And Noah? All he ever did was reject me, when I needed him the most. But Reid, my Reid – he’s my rock. He’s my everything. And he is telling me no? This cannot be real; it isn’t happening. Reid wouldn’t turn me away when I need him so much, would he?

Luke opened his eyes and looked at Reid.

Luke kept shaking his head. “This makes no sense.”

“I would be- my emotions are,” Reid struggled. “I’m with you and my emotions are with you.”

The day was breaking in half: before and after this moment.

Luke looked like a kicked puppy.

“So because of us,” Luke said slowly, “you won’t do it?”

“It’s a confli-“

“Yes!”Luke snapped. “A conflict of interest.” His eyes turned cold.

Luke retreated from Reid and charged up the stairs.

“Where are you going?” Reid asked, following him.

Luke sniffed loudly and grabbed a suitcase. He began to throw in his clothes.

“What are you doing?” Reid said again, only this time his voice was chilly.

Luke laughed bitterly. “What does it look like? I am leaving you. I’m removing the conflict, doctor. You can proceed now.” He tossed more belongings into his bag.

“How can you do this?” Reid replied, stunned. He went to grab Luke’s hand. Luke shook him away.

“How can I not?”

Luke is leaving ! He is walking away. Again! Just like when he thought I’d chosen my job over him. But this is a thousand times harder. I hadn’t completely let him in back then. I had held back a tiny piece. But now. He owns me. Doesn’t he know that? I’m his. He’s supposed to be mine. And not hurt me. He is hurting me. I trusted him with my heart and I never trusted anybody.

“If you walk out now,” Reid said in the quietest voice Luke had ever heard him use, ”Don’t come back.”

Luke stumbled a moment and stopped.

They stared at each other like two people separated by a huge abyss. Hurt was etched on both of their faces.

“I gotta think about Natalie right now,” Luke finally said. “I can’t do this with you.”

“You’re breaking up with me? “ Reid said numbly.

Luke ran down the stairs.

“Luke!” Reid yelled from the top.

Luke’s heart pounded. He paused and looked up at Reid.

“Take this!” Reid shouted ,” I no longer have a use for it.” He yanked off his engagement band and threw it down the stairs at Luke. Then Reid disappeared back into their bedroom.

Luke swallowed hard. He picked up the band and put it next to his own one. They both rested now on his ring finger. Then he left.


The ground felt unsteady beneath Reid’s feet. He walked over to the bed and clung to it. He gazed helplessly around.

There was Luke’s pillow, on his side of the bed. He kept his books to read on the night stand, his water glass was still half-full. Reid reached out and ran a hand down the imprint of Luke’s head, still there from the morning. He picked up the pillow and held it, squeezing tightly. It still smelled like Luke.

After a few moments, moments that seemed like an eternity, he dropped the pillow and stood up.

Then Reid went back to the hospital to be with Natalie.

Luke drove wildly. He didn’t care that he was speeding. He didn’t care about the fact that the car was almost out of gas. He just drove faster. Finally, he arrived. But he could not get out of the car. Luke sat outside of his mother’s house, frozen and shaken. He rested his head on the car’s steering wheel.

Luke wanted to go backwards in time.

Part of him wished he could just turn around and make up with Reid. He was already regretting some of the things he said. But another, stubborn part of him could not let go of the idea that this was still best for Natalie. He needed to push Reid for her sake.

He knew exactly the moment in time that he’d like to be in. In the darkness of the car, the memory made Luke smile, despite everything. He touched the glittering engagement bands, still both on his finger.

He’d go back to the moment that he had proposed:

They had been playing chess. Luke had planned it for weeks. He had carefully hidden the ring.

He had recently surprised Reid with a chess clock. It was one of the newer, digital models.

“I would love to do rapid play,” Reid said excitedly, like a kid at a birthday, “ but maybe I better start you at the typical 5 minute game.” He was rubbing his hands together.

“Are you saying I’m too slow?” Luke pouted. Then he sent Reid a teasing look, “Cause Chris has been saying for months that he can beat you. You could play him.”

“On my worst day- this queen” Reid pointed to himself,” can destroy that miserable pawn.”

The clock beeped. Reid hit it and moved.

Luke tried to concentrate on his game, but all he could think about was the ring and his plan.

The clock beeped.

“Luke, you can’t keep your finger on the clock.”

“Huh? Oh, sorry.”

The clock beeped.

Reid put Luke in check. Luke’s heart began to pound.

The clock beeped. Luke pressed it firmly down.

“Hey, don’t beat up the clock!” Reid told him. He shot Luke a quizzical look. “What is wrong with you?”

“Me ? Nothing.” Luke licked his lips anxiously. He knew checkmate was only a move or two away.

The clock beeped. “Checkmate.” Reid grinned.

Reid knocked over Luke’s king, just as Luke knew he would. The ring tumbled out.

Reid picked it up. “What’s this?” The grin on Reid’s face slid away as he caught the gleam in

Luke’s eye. Reid gulped hard suddenly.

“Marry me,” Luke smiled.

Reid held up the ring and looked at Luke. “Um, this is a ring with a tiny frog on it. “

“I know. “ Luke beamed at him. “I love you. Marry me.” Luke patted him. “ Okay? Please?” Luke added politely.

“A frog ring?” Reid asked, but he began to nervously finger it. “Are you saying I’m an amphibian? Or maybe you want to get married at the Snyder pond? Or is it that you expected me to croak at the sight of a diamond. You are a rich boy, you know, you can afford some white gold.”

Luke reached out and touched Reid again. “Stop it. You’re babbling.”

“I know,” Reid answered. “Believe me, I know. I just I –“ There was amazement in Reid’s voice.

“I’ll get you a real one soon,” Luke promised, “ but I got this cause,” He gave a melting smile. “When you kissed me, you became my prince.”

Luke took the ring from Reid’s hands.

“That is the dorkiest thing ever,” Reid drawled, but then closed his mouth as Luke dropped down on one knee.

“All my life I’ve been lucky” Luke said slowly, “ cause I’ve been loved. So I thought I knew what falling in love meant. “ Luke shook his head. His gaze intently on Reid’s face. “But I had no clue. Until you came and showed me. That love that doesn’t hurt or judge or…That love can be trusting. It can be fun, joyful, and passionate. Hot! And I promise to love you back just like that -always. Forever. Faithful. If you’ll have me.” Luke searched Reid’s eyes. “ I love you so much. Will you please be my husband?”

There was a silence.

“Okay,” Luke said. “I’m done now.” He bit his lips nervously because Reid had turned away from him at the word husband . Luke cleared his throat with determination. “Look, okay, I know how you feel about gay marriage or just marriage in general. I’m ready – give me the speech about how a piece of paper doesn’t make it last. “

Reid did not answer. Luke felt his heart pound. “Reid?” He gently turned Reid to him.
Luke was stunned to see that Reid was truly crying. Sobbing silently. He leaned in and kissed his boyfriend’s salty tears. Reid gave Luke a tremulous smile and then he reached down and hit the chess clock.

“What are you doing?” Luke frowned in sudden confusion.

“I’m resetting it,” Reid’s voice was thick. He brushed a few more tears aside.

“You want to play chess again?” Luke sounded exasperated. “I mean I know you love the game, but right now-“

“No ,” Reid laughed. He gave Luke a loving slap on his cheek. “I love you, idiot. So much.”

“So what’s with the clock then?”

Reid gave him a flirtatious glance. “I was just wondering how many moves it takes me to get you naked.”

“Uh, let’s see. Less than one?” Luke laughed.

The clock beeped and Reid pushed the button. Their mouths met in a smoldering kiss. They sank down together on the couch.

The clock beeped . Their clothes were already half-off. The kisses became fierce. Reid started to make love to Luke earnestly. His hands worshipping Luke’s flesh, touching every part of him.

The clock beeped. Neither man cared any more. They were naked and tangled up in each other. Then Luke tasted Reid, sucking gently. Reid tasted him back. They did not worry about protection on that special day. They prepared each other with their tongues. Teasing licks. Then plunging in and out . Both deeply sucking. Urgency building. Until Reid palmed Luke in his hand, pressed him down on the sofa.

Reid held Luke’s fingers up above his head. He looked into Luke’s face as he entered him. Their eyes remained open. Their gazes on each other. They smiled. Then Reid began to move deeply inside of Luke, releasing his hands . Luke grabbed at Reid’s firm buttocks and pushed him deeper inside. Reid gasped.

“I love making love to you,” Luke whispered.

“Glad to hear it,’ Reid answered mockingly, but his body told another story. It trembled at Luke’s words. Reid bent down and nibbled at the delicate slope of Luke’s neck. He slid his hands underneath Luke and lifted his body up. They were nothing but flesh and blood. Luke still stared up at Reid through his lashes. Reid’s face almost one of anguished vulnerability, a soft near-cry escaping his lips. Bodies writhed. The sound of panting filled the room.

Another hard thrust. Another exchange of caresses. The building warmth made Luke flush. He gave into sweet release.

Reid’s mouth moved up and down Luke’s body, rained kisses on him, even after they had climaxed, like he could never get enough.

Together. Together always.

“By the way,” Luke said, satisfied and making lazy circles with his fingers on Reid’s skin, “No pressure or anything…But was that a yes?”

That was it. Luke knew now in his gut that he had just made an awful mistake. He wasn’t putting his trust in Reid, and he had vowed that he always would. He was being foolish. He was about to start up the car again and head back to home. He had to fix this with Reid. They could figure it out.

A tapping on his window stopped him.

“Luke!” It was Faith. Behind her, Holden was also coming over. Faith opened Luke’s door and embraced her brother. “I’m so glad you are here! I need you.” She began to cry. Behind her, Holden looked wrecked. Luke felt torn; he looked down at his car keys and then up at Holden and Faith’s tormented faces.

He put the keys into his jacket pocket. Then Luke helped Faith into the house. Holden followed them. He would just have to make things right with Reid in the morning.

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Title: Hit and Run
Author: Marsabi
Summary: Reid and Luke are happily engaged and living together, when a sudden event causes Luke to break it off with Reid. This is also my story for Natalie. I read a lot with Ethan and Faith, but not many stories have her in them. I always loved her for hugging Luke at the end of ATWT.
Warning: Angst
Rating: PG

a/n: I based the medical part on a magazine article that I read. Sadly, I also based it on a friend of mine who, while getting ready for an Aids race for charity, was a victim of a hit and run on his bike. I hope it is medically accurate, but I’m not a doctor so…Then again, if Noah can have a full head of hair and magic eye drops, I think my medical info is just as sound!

Part Two:

At the hospital, Luke and Reid found Lily a sobbing mess. Bob had just given her a shot of something to calm her, but she still blubbered all over Luke as he embraced her.

“My baby!” She cried, smearing her lipstick on Luke’s shirt. “My baby!”

“I know,” Luke hugged her.

“Why did she take out her bike? I was on my way home!”

Emma arrived and rushed over to Lily. She looked at Luke. “I can only stay a little- I am going to relieve the nanny and take care of Ethan. Keep him busy at the farm.” Emma bent down and squeezed Lily hard, “It will be alright, honey.”
Luke began to fall apart with Lily. He felt huge sobs starting inside of him. Reid took his hand and pulled him away.

“Stop this now,” he told Luke firmly. “You can’t lose it. Not like Lily.”


“ Call Holden. Call Faith. Help with Ethan. Do what you need to do, Luke. “ He shook him. Now was not the time to coddle him, even though it pained Reid to be tough. Luke responded. He sniffled and stopped crying.

“You’re right, okay. I’m okay. I can do that.”

"You can,” Reid ran a finger down Luke’s cheek. “You can do it.”

Luke nodded bravely. They walked back to Lily.

“ Can I see her?” Luke asked. “ Where is she? Where is Natalie?”

Lily gestured wildly, “Back there,” she motioned to the ER. “I saw her already, but they asked me to step out. “

Bob hesitated. Lily had gone hysterical at the sight of Natalie. He wasn’t sure it was wise to let Luke see her either. He sighed .

“Come for just a moment, “ Bob told Luke. Then he nodded to Reid. “I think she is stable, but I need you.”

Reid nodded. Luke started to ask another question , but Reid and Bob were already going to the trauma room and Luke quickly followed.

Natalie was there. Her blond hair streaked with blood. Her eyes wide and frightened. Nurse were working furiously all around her.

Luke approached her slowly; he moved like he was walking in a fog. He was afraid of knocking into the machines and tubes all around him. He felt so clumsy suddenly. He was aware of Reid quickly putting on a white coat, barking a few orders at the staff, and turning into “Dr. Oliver” right before his eyes. He was aware of the strong odor in the room: astringent and bleach and the iron smell of blood. He was aware of the harsh bright quality of the lights. But mostly, he was aware of Natalie’s small body; her feet not even long enough to reach the edge of the exam table.

“Luke! Help me!” Natalie said, her gaze locking on her brother’s. Luke took her hand or tried to take it, but he did not want to pull at her IV drip. He tried to smile and his lips felt frozen. His sister’s face was a mass of bruises. Her left eyelid swollen shut. He touched her gently on her shoulder.

“Natalie! You scared me so much!” Luke managed to tell her. “ I’m here now. Reid too. “ Luke glanced at Reid and Bob who were studying her CT scans, “And you will be fine –“
As the words came out of Luke’s mouth, Natalie’s eyes suddenly rolled back in her head.

Her body seized. Nurses roughly pushed past Luke.

“Out, out, out,” Reid told him, shoving him away.

“What’s happening? What’s happening?” Luke shrieked at Reid.

Machines beeped. An intern flew into the room with a crash cart.

Reid turned his back to Luke and began to help Natalie. Luke felt a firm hand on his back. He tried to shake it off. He tried to get closer to Reid and Natalie.

“Let them work,” Bob told him. He grabbed at Luke again and forced him out. As he pushed

Luke through the door, Bob looked back to Reid. Their eyes met. Reid needed to stabilize Natalie and fast.


In the hallway, Luke wheezed in big gulps of air. He bent down a moment , feeling dizzy. Bile rose to the back of his throat and he swallowed it down. He tried to think of what Reid would want him to do. He would want him to calm down. Luke straighten up and took a few careful steps towards his family. They had not yet noticed him; they were distracted by a fight going on between Lucinda and Margo, who had both just arrived.

“What are you doing about the driver? “ Lucinda was barking at her. “Who leaves a child by the side of the road?”

Margo’s face looked pinched. She had no evidence yet, except for some tire skid-marks. She busied herself with a notepad and pen and tried to look professional.

“Well?” Lucinda demanded.

“The driver might have been drunk or stoned.”

“At this hour?”

Margo shrugged, “It’s the holiday season. Maybe the driver has a record or –“

“Find him!” Lucinda ordered. “Or will the Oakdale Police be incompetent as usual?”

“We need to focus on Natalie, mother,” Lily looked up, “and get in touch with Holden.”

Holden and Molly were visiting Abigail in Los Angeles .

“Luke, can you try him again?” Lily was asking.

Luke did not respond. He kept seeing his baby sister’s face, her voice, when she had pleaded with him to help.

“Why isn’t Holden here?” Lucinda raged. “He is still in LA? Still off with Molly, that slut?”

“Please mother.”

“You should have gotten rid of her, darling, like I told you.”

“Lucinda!” Emma scolded, “None of this is helping. Holden’s cell phone is not picking up –we will call again.”

“Let me tell you about Holden – “ Lucinda was saying.

But Luke stopped listening to them. He watched the door for signs – for Reid.

Inside the room, Reid had managed to stabilize her –for the moment. Sweat coated Reid’s face and dripped down his forehead. He bent over Natalie.

“Where the hell was Chris?” Reid demanded to Bob.

Chris had been on call, but had not shown up. Natalie’s care had fallen into the hands of the nurses and young interns, until Bob had arrived.

Bob flinched. “I don’t know.”

Chris had been slipping as a doctor ever since his successful heart transplant. Thanks to
Reid finding a heart, Chris had made a full recovery. But instead of being grateful, Chris had, in Reid’s opinion, acted like a spoiled brat. He had decided he needed to “live,” and had proceeded to blow off work, sneak around on Katie, and try risky sports. He had been hanging out partying with Casey and not coming to work much. He was on the verge of suspension more than once.

Poor Katie had caught him cheating on her just weeks after his recovery. She and Reid had walked in on Chris fondling Nurse Gretchen, his hand yanking up her skirt and exposing her undies that had read “Happy Monday!” on them. Reid had yelled at him and Katie had cried. A humiliated Nurse Gretchen, jerking down her panties, had fled at the sight of Reid.
Since then, Chris had been making his way through the nurses. Katie had left for an extended “vacation”, taking Jacob to visit her mother Lila. Although she had promised Reid she would return for his wedding to Luke. Reid wished he’d ripped the donor heart out of Chris Hughes and given it to a better person . The bastard had the IQ of spam and the morals of an alley cat.

Bob had put off his retirement, due to all this business with Chris. Bob almost had given Reid the Chief job, but Kim had pleaded with him to wait, to give their son a chance to change. She’d pleaded that Chris was just going through a “tough time” adjusting. Reid had told Luke he did not even want to job now; it was a bunch of BS and paperwork. Reid preferred the operating room to the board room anyhow. The only part of being Chief that he would enjoy would be firing Doogie’s ass.

“She’s stable; you did it,” Bob said now, blowing out a huge breath.

“She’s stable so far,’ Reid cautioned. “But we need her to stabilize for 24 hours before we can operate.”

Bob nodded.

Natalie was now fully hooked up to machines; her body shrunken and pale.

Reid reached out a hand and touched a strand of Natalie’s blond hair. It was soft, like Luke’s, and only a few shades lighter. Reid imagined that Luke’s hair was this exact color as a young boy. He pictured the first time that he had met Natalie and she had given him a beautiful smile. She had just gotten past the last of her baby teeth. Her smile had been wide and trusting. Reid’s hand shook as her stroked the hair. There was matted blood on it.

Reid’s fingers trembled. Badly.

Bob saw and frowned in concern. “You know- you’re too close to this. You shouldn’t be the one to –“

“I know,” Reid said.

“You do?” Bob was surprised. It wasn’t like Reid to agree so fast.

Bob studied Reid. His skin was still sweaty. Reid was holding his hands together now, trying to stop his shaking.

Bob patted Reid’s back. “I’ll call over to Bay City and get somebody.”

“No!” Reid snapped. “I’m not turning Natalie over to some neurosurgeon from nowhere-land who got his license in a cereal box. No, “Reid drew in his breath. “I know somebody in Boston. She’s good. “


“Dr. Alexa Jones.”

“Dr. Jones?” Bob echoed. “ I have heard of her. “But will she come tonight? She has a huge practice.”

“She’ll come for me,” Reid said with a hint of his normal arrogance. He walked over to the ER phone. “I will get her.”

He dialed the number for Boston General. They had gone through Harvard together and had once accidentally dated the same boyfriend. Reid had not known the guy was pretending to be straight and Alexa had not known he was secretly gay. They both kicked the guy to the curb and had remained friends.

Reid had managed to avoid telling Luke that particular story, not that Luke hadn’t tried to dig up everything he could about Reid’s past. Sometimes, Luke’s attacks for information could be downright sneaky. Once, just a few days after they’d moved in together, he’d cornered Reid after his shower, while he was shaving. Reid had been concentrating on the slightly foggy mirror, his face already full of lather.

“So,” Luke had said, slipping up behind him. “Did you miss me last night?”

“Hmm,” Reid had answered as he pursed his lips and slid the razor down his chin. Luke had been out with Casey. Watching the way the razor moved along Reid’s skin, Luke had licked his lips at Reid and smiled innocently.

“We had fun. Casey got to telling me stories of some of his ex-girlfriends.”

Reid’s eyes had met Luke’s in the mirror, dreading what was coming.

“How about you –ever think about your ex- boyfriends?”

“No,” Reid had made a face, “don’t be a moron.”

Luke had shifted around. “I just want to know more about you. I told you my entire sexual history!”

Bits of shaving cream had fallen into the sink while Reid had laughed.

“I doubt one ex-boyfriend could be defined as a sexual history, Luke.”

Reid made another clean swipe with the razor and then tapped it against the sink impatiently to wash out the foam.

“Maybe it qualifies as a small skirmish. And from what you told me about Mayer, “ Reid couldn’t help adding, “his soldier could barely stand at attention.”

“Very funny.” Luke took the razor from Reid’s hand and washed it out a little more. Then he handed it back . Reid began to shave the other side of his face.

“I could go on with the great battle of Noah,” Reid had grinned as he shaved. “Small sword, jammed gun? “

“Fine, be obnoxious,” Luke had said. Coming up behind Reid, Luke had pressed himself into Reid’s naked back. “I have ways of making you talk.”

“Why do you need to know these stories?” Reid had asked. “I love you. The end.”

Luke had shrugged. “ I know, but…”

Reid had dropped the razor and turned. He’d given him a firm kiss, getting lather on the side of Luke’s face.

At Reid’s kiss, Luke had smiled. Sliding one hand into Reid’s hair, Luke had just tilted his face close to Reid’s. Luke inhaled the scent of shaving cream and man. Reid reached out a finger and wiped the spot on Luke’s cheek. Luke had shot him his ridiculously, charming smile. He’d placed both palms against Reid’s bare chest. Keeping his eyes glued to Reid’s, Luke slowly worked his hands down to rest on the towel slung over Reid’s hips.

“Just tell me the number. “ Luke had whispered sweetly. “How many?”

Flexing his muscles, Reid had pulled away. “Well, I am a damn fine specimen.” He preened around the bathroom a bit. “But I don’t know if you can count that high, Einstein. The number is so large.”

“Shut up!”

“It’s bigger than all the grains of sand in the ocean,” Reid had said with mocking poetry, “Than all the stars in the sky.”

Luke had grabbed the can of shaving cream and blasted him with it. Foam had dripped down Reid’s face and chest.


“You never learn when to stop ,” Luke had laughed. Reid wrestled the can away from him and squirted Luke back. In just moments, they had covered each other in lather.

They had not made it to the bedroom. Things had turned heavy and hot right on the bathroom rug. And Luke had dropped his interrogation – for the time being. Reid knew it had been just a reprieve.

That was the tricky part about being involved with one Luke Snyder. He appeared blithely sweet and all that on the surface, but underneath he was the most stubborn, single-minded person on the planet.


Reid was abruptly pulled out of the rest of the memory at the sound of the nurse connecting him through.

“Reid!” Alexa’s rich voice came over the phone, “What a long time it’s been.”

“I have a problem,’ Reid said.

“What no hello first? Am I no longer your favorite fag hag?” She laughed at her own joke.

After simultaneously dumping their shared man, Alexa and Reid had bonded over drinks in the various gay bars around Boston, earning her Reid’s nickname.
Normally, Reid would have been snarky to her and they’d have bantered back and forth. But this was not a normal time.

“I need help,” Reid said simply.”Please. “

In her office, Dr. Jones almost fell out of her chair. She knew that if those words were coming from Reid’s mouth it must be serious.

“Tell me,” she said.


When waiting for a loved one in a hospital, the whole world quickens to white. Time does not stretch itself out in a smooth line anymore; it shatters and falls down hard as a storm.

The family was waiting now. Emma had left to care for Ethan, but the rest of them huddled together. Luke held his mother’s hand and tried to rub at her cold fingers. Lucinda paced up and down the hallway, looking for anybody to abuse.

Suddenly, Casey and Ali showed up. They hurried over to Luke.

“How is she?” Casey embraced Luke in a bear hug.

Luke’s eyes welled up and he shook his head. “We’re waiting.”

Ali hugged him too. “I’m on my shift –sorry! I gotta go now.” She kissed him. “We would have been here sooner, but my car is in the shop.”

Casey hugged Luke once more. He smelled a little of smoke.

“Where have you been?” Luke asked Casey.

“Nowhere – just hanging,” Casey’s eyes filled with tears of his own, “I’m so sad about Natalie. “ He hugged Luke some more.


Casey nodded. “You need anything, Luke? Coffee or food?”

Luke smiled at his friend. “Just need to know how she is.”

Jack Snyder hurried up to them. “Sorry! I wanted to come with Margo. “ Jack’s eyes slid away, “But I had Carly issues.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Lily said. “Have you heard from Holden?”

“No,” Jack shook his head. “Luke, can I get you a sandwich? Lily?”

They both refused it. Everybody seemed to want to feed them now.

“Not hungry, Uncle Jack.”

Before Jack could reply, Chris Hughes came into the hallway. He went over too and patted Luke. He gave him a big smile, “Don’t worry. Really. I have heard of worse, seen worse.”

Chris’s eyes darted all around. His face had stubble, his shirt was undone. He spied Nurse Gretchen and gave her a leer. She stuck out her chest and angrily walked past him.

“She’ll be fine,” Chris said. He smiled over to Lily to comfort her now.

“Thank you.” Lily said, but she continued to cry.

Everybody jumped up then, because Reid and Bob were coming out of the ER.

Bob Hughes looked at his son. “Where have you been?”

“I- er- forgot the pager and -“ Chris stammered. He tried to give his father a hound-dog face.

“In my office! Now!” He looked at the Snyders. “Be right back.” Bob took Chris away.

Casey let out a low whistle.

“Listen,” Jack said. “Let us go and get some coffee,” he nodded to Casey. Who looked puzzled and then realized that Jack thought they should give Reid a private moment with the immediate

“Right. Back soon, guy,” He tapped Luke on the shoulder.

But Luke was watching Reid.

Reid came over to the family. His family.

Lucinda grabbed Reid’s hand. “Thank God, finally a competent face! How is she?”

Reid cleared his throat. His voice was still hoarse from his cold.

“Natalie has suffered a traumatic brain injury. A brain shear has occurred, “ At their blank faces, Reid hesitated, “It’s a shifting inside of her skull. The brain is bruised and –“

“Oh God,” Lily moaned, sinking back into her chair, her knees buckling.

“But you can operate and fix it, right? “ Luke said. His hand gripped Reid’s .

“We can operate,” Reid answered, “once she is stable enough. “ He did not add that she might not become stable enough; Reid pushed that thought away. “But Natalie has suffered a complication already –a mini stroke.”

“Stroke? “ Lucinda parroted. “What? She’s a child!”

“I know. But it’s not an uncommon side effect of brain trauma. Our next CT scan will show more, but I expect there has been tissue damage .”

“How much?” Luke asked.

Reid opened his mouth to answer, but looking into Luke’s worried face, the words would not come out.

“We can’t tell until we look inside, “ Reid finally admitted.

Bob came back over. He had suspended Chris. He did not relish the idea of telling Kim, but it had to be done.

Now Bob wanted to help Reid.

“Listen,” Bob told the Snyder family what Reid could not voice. “Prepare yourselves. There could be memory loss , speech impairment, walking problems or worse.”

“Worse?” Lucinda asked.

“Cognitive damage. Mild or severe. We have no way of knowing.”

Reid felt his body shake again and inhaled sharply. “We don’t know yet. ” He tried to offer Luke a reassuring smile. “She could be lucky.”

Bob raised an eyebrow, but said nothing. It just confirmed for him that Reid was way too involved to be objective.

Luke had heard enough. He grabbed at Reid and burst into tears. Sobs wracked his body. Reid gently took Luke down the hall and into the break room.

“Just take a breath, sweetie. “ Reid murmured, he never called Luke any endearments. Today, he had called Luke both babe and sweetie. Normally, this would have thrilled Luke, but he was in a world of fear and grief.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” Luke said. “I know you told me not to cry.”

Reid did not answer; he just held Luke and rocked him.

After a few moments, Luke pulled himself together. At the same moment, Bob opened the door to the break room.

“Look, I’ve talked with Lily now. We think it would be wise to have the family stay in shifts. Nothing can happen until the morning.”

“I want to stay.”

“No,” Lily said ,following Bob into the break room. “I’m taking the first shift.”


“She’s my baby.” Lily went over to Luke and stroked his tear-filled face. “You both are. Please go and rest, hon. I will need you here in a few hours to relieve me. “

Lily glanced at Reid. “Will you please drive Luke home?” she asked.

Reid and Lily did not like each other much, but they both loved Luke.

Reid nodded.

Lucinda came into the room now. “I plan to hire nurses round the clock. Real ones.”

“Alison will take care of Natalie tonight,” Bob told her.

“An ex-porn star? Ex-junkie? I don’t think so!” Lucinda huffed. “Luke and I are both on the
hospital board and that is the best nurse you offer?”

“Don’t worry, grandma,” Reid said. He always called her that to tease her. Usually, Lucinda and Reid could spend hours busted each other’s balls. Lucinda, Reid often liked to tell Luke, had a rock hard pair of cohunes.

But now, he could see the fear behind Lucinda’s tough, condescending tone.
“I will drop Luke home and come right back. I’ll stay with her.”

Lucinda grabbed Reid’s face and pinched his cheeks. “Fresh.” But she was reassured.

Luke smiled at them. He liked how cute and easy Reid and Lucinda were together.


But in the car ride home, Luke cried again softly. He had just hung up the phone with Holden, finally reaching him in Los Angeles.

“Dad is flying in. He was hiking with Molly and Abigail and did not have reception before.”

Reid nodded. They pulled up to their house. It was a cozy, three bedroom house that suited them perfectly. Natalie and Ethan had slept over a number of times. That had been one of Luke’s reasons for wanting a house and not an apartment.
For Reid, it was his first home. Ever. He had moved a lot as a kid. And his parents had not seen the point of owning a home. Later, when his Uncle Angus had taken him in, they had lived in a cramped apartment by the park. Reid was terribly proud of his house with Luke, and that they had purchased it together.

Luke opened the door and they went in. Both men were exhausted. Luke tossed the keys on the coffee table. Normally, Reid would scold him for that and neatly hang them on their designated hook by the front door. Tonight, he barely noticed it.

Luke sat down heavily on the nearby couch and rubbed his eyes with the back of his hand like a tired child.

“The only thing giving me courage in this whole nightmare, “ he told Reid, “Is that Natalie will be in your hands. “

Reid faltered and nearly tripped. He sat down next to Luke, slowly sinking his weight down into the soft leather.

“I won’t be,” he said.

Luke looked at him, ”Won’t be what?”

“Operating on Natalie,” Reid said softly. “It’s a conflict of interest.”

Luke stared at him dumbly.

Reid sucked in a ragged breath.

“I just can’t operate,” he repeated.

Luke felt like his heart was being cracked-open and a huge, cold space poured in.
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Title: Hit and Run
Author: Marsabi
Summary: Reid and Luke are happily engaged and living together, when a sudden event causes Luke to break it off with Reid. This is also my story for Natalie. I read a lot with Ethan and Faith, but not many stories have her in them. I always loved her for hugging Luke at the end of ATWT.
Disclaimer: Owned by ATWT
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Angst here! Explicit Sexual Content

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