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Title: Hit and Run
Author: Marsabi
Summary: Natalie is hit by a car. Luke asked Reid to operate and he refused. It was a conflict of interest.
Warning: none
Rating: PG

Part 6

“Calm down, Nancy Drew.”

“If you could have seen Carly,” Luke insisted. Then he winced as Reid dabbed at his cut.

“Just cause she’s drunk doesn’t mean she’s the driver who hit Natalie,” Reid argued logically. “There are lots of drivers out there drinking. ‘Tis the season.”

Reid smoothly got ready for the stitches near Luke’s forehead.

“I guess, “Luke muttered. “But I still need to talk to the police .”

“And you should,” Reid agreed as he prepared. “But don’t jump to conclusions, okay? Think it through first. No wonder you suck at chess.”

“You told me my game was improving,” Luke protested, trying not to watch the needle.

Reid was firmly holding his head. But now he paused a moment and shot Luke a grin, ”Of course, I’d say that. But I wanted to see you naked, “ He added wolfishly.

Was Reid just flirting with him? Luke wondered, and his mouth went dry.

Their eyes connected hotly. Then Reid looked away. He busied himself with the needle.


Casey had left quickly, after pouring out the whole Chris story to Reid. Luke knew he had been just trying to help fix the tension, but he wished Casey had not told Reid all the details. He was feeling foolish.

At first, Reid’s eyes had gleamed as he listened to the whole story, but then he had scolded Luke.

“I appreciate your kicking Doogie’s ass on my behalf –“ Reid had started to say.

“Well, I don’t know if I did that,” Luke had grumbled, “Since I’m the one at the hospital.”

“I don’t know, if that glass hadn’t shattered down on you,” Reid had made two fists and pretended to dodge at Luke, “You might have made me think I was dating Mike Tyson.”

Reid had snuck a few glances at Luke then, listening to Luke’s short laugh.

Then Reid had waved a finger at him more seriously.

“But don’t do it again, okay?” Reid had pursued his lips. “Let me handle Chris.”

Reid’s cold expression had made Luke uneasy.

“Don’t go and mess up your hands on Chris,” Luke had said.

Reid had smiled. Luke was so impulsive. “I’m not going to go and hit him,” Reid had told him calmly, “But I will get him back… when the time is right.”

“How?” Luke had asked suspiciously.

Reid had just taken a moist cloth to wipe up the blood on Luke’s face. Reid had stared at the blood a second, and his face had hardened. “I’ll think on it.”

After years of chess, Reid understood how to patiently wait for an opportunity to attack.


Luke hadn’t meant to bring up his suspicions about Carly to Reid. But it was troubling Luke. And it distracted Luke from the conversation he needed to have with Reid – the one that had his stomach in knots.

“You really don’t understand Oakdale, do you?” Luke said now, as Reid got ready to stitch him up. “I mean most people would be telling me not to run to the cops yet. Talk to Carly. Talk to Jack. Maybe keep things secret. Not you, you’re such a straight person.”

At the word straight, Reid gave Luke a look.

“Okay, not straight,” Luke laughed, then flinched as his cut stung. “But logical or whatever. You may think I’m jumping the gun, but this is my town. Let me tell you. Oakdale has no circumstances or strangers- everybody and everything is always connected.”

“I know this is practically an impossibility for you,” Reid replied as he loomed over Luke’s wound, “but can you stop talking even a minute? I don’t want to mar your beautiful skin. Or do I need to tape your mouth shut?”

“Ha ha,” Luke said stupidly. He couldn’t think of a snappy retort. Did Reid just say his skin was beautiful?

Luke’s heart beat faster.

He watched as Reid concentrated on stitching his cut. Reid’s eyes were focused now, and Luke let own gaze wander over his beloved’s features. Reid’s chin had a small start of stubble, his hair could use a cut, and Luke wondered briefly if he had ever really studied the deep, red color of Reid’s lips. They were perfect lips. Reid’s every feature was perfect. His high cheekbones and strong jaw and what was just underneath those scrubs. Jesus. The thumping in Luke’s heart turned painful now. He missed him. Luke’s breath caught. He missed Reid so much. The ache of it might never go away. Luke barely felt the needle at work.

Reid smoothed back Luke’s hair and applied the last stitch. Then he caught the longing in Luke’s face. Reid did not want to respond to it, but his fingers took on a life of their own, gently pulling on the soft, blond strands. The procedure was finished, yet Reid could not seem to stop his hand from lingering .

Luke was still gazing up at him with his doe-colored eyes. Reid’s hand rested at his hair. Then, like a force of gravity driving him in, Reid planted a sweet kiss on Luke’s head.

“All better,” he said huskily.

Reid’s eyes dropped to Luke’s generous mouth. Luke saw and his lower lip jutted out.

Reid leaned down to kiss him.

“No,” Luke said and got away from him. He shook his head.

Reid’s face turned hurt and Luke hurried to explain.

“I want to, so badly. But I can’t .” Luke turned from Reid. “ It would kill me to hear you say again how I don’t matter to you now. How this is just - nothing!”

Luke grabbed blindly at the door handle.

“Luke,” Reid called, “Wait!”

But Luke didn’t wait. He fled. He ran down the hall and to the elevator nearby. Reid called again. Luke pushed the elevator button and prayed for a quick escape. He pushed at it impatiently, until the doors finally opened.

Luke stumbled into the elevator; Reid was quickly at his heels. Reid pushed open the elevator door right before it closed on him.

“Listen,” Reid said.


Reid swore under his breath and then he hit the stop button. The elevator groaned to a halt.

“You just stopped the elevator, “ Luke said, rubbing his eyes with the back of his hand.


“So, you’re afraid of elevators.”

“Hey, I’m not afraid!” Reid said indignantly, but his eyes had already darted nervously around the small space.

Luke didn’t answer.

“Look, about before,” Reid fumbled over his words. “I might have been exaggerating a little bit. “

“Exaggerating?” Luke folded his arms across his chest.

“A little bit.” Reid tried to tug Luke’s arms open.

They studied each other. As Luke searched Reid’s face, he could feel some of his hurt start to fade.

“Sex with me is not meaningless?” Luke asked, but his tone had softened

Reid groaned. He looked all around the elevator, trying to determine how to avoid any more talk. “Are you really going to make me say this?”

“I think so, yes,” Luke replied. He came closer to Reid. Their eyes flirted.

Reid slowly looked Luke up and down.

Their eyes met again. Luke gave him a tiny smile. Reid cupped the side of Luke’s face and ran a thumb down Luke’s cheek to chin.

“Every single time I have ever touched you,” Reid said finally, “has been full of meaning.”

Luke raised his hand and held Reid’s palm against his face.

Lips hungrily tasted each other. Reid’s hand caressed the base of Luke’s spine and he pressed him close.

“See what you do to me?” Reid sighed against Luke’s mouth.

“It was sweet. I liked it,” Luke smiled.

“That’s cause you’re a sap who probably has secret stock in Hallmark,” Reid mumbled, and worried briefly about the way the ceiling of the elevator suddenly looked lower to him. Tighter. He tried to focus on Luke.

Reid kissed Luke’s lips again, his neck. He lifted up Luke’s hand and kissed that too.

All the teasing suddenly stopped for Luke. He needed more. He gave a half-strangled cry and launched himself at Reid. He knocked them both to the ground.

Luke practically crawled onto Reid’s lap. He frantically kissed him over and over.

“I want to come home,” Luke cried out.

Reid opened his mouth to receive another kiss. As their lips merged, a small part of Reid couldn’t help but notice how close the walls were getting. Sweat began to form on his brow.

Luke was playing with the top of his scrubs; clearly about to take things to the next level. Reid grabbed his hands and stopped him.

“What?” Luke said, his voice trembling with sudden emotion. Reid wasn’t changing his mind? Had Luke just made a fool out of himself again?

“Didn’t you say you want to go home?”

Luke nodded and bit his lip hopefully.

Reid swallowed hard.

“An excellent idea. Let’s go. “

Luke beamed.

Reid gave Luke a nervous smile, “Just get me out of this damn elevator,” he growled.

Understanding now, Luke kissed him again, while his hand reached up and hit the button.

The elevator went down.

a/n: This isn’t a fade out; this scene continues into part 7, but I wanted to split it up. No sense rushing good make-up sex LOL
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Title: Hit and Run
Author: Marsabi
Summary: Reid and Luke are happily engaged and living together, when a sudden event causes Luke to break it off with Reid. This is also my story for Natalie. I always loved her for hugging Luke at the end of ATWT. At this point in the story, Natalie has been hit by a car, and Reid does not want to be the one to operate.
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Angst (but this is the worst of it- promise )
There is one mushy/fluffy/sappy flashback to help ease the angst

Part Three

“I don’t understand,” Luke said softly. “Is it like a legal thing?”

“No. “Reid shook his head. “We’re not married, and that would hardly matter because it’ll be a gay marriage.”

“The state is considering making it legal right now,” Luke murmured, not even sure why he was even talking about it. A few days ago that had seemed so important to him and to their future.

Reid shrugged. “Even if Natalie were my sister, the legal part is murky and varies from state to state.”

“So?” Luke rose to his feet. He shot Reid a confused look. “Reid?”

Reid did not answer a moment. He stood up and then took Luke’s hand.

“I have a friend, a great neurosurgeon and she is on her way right now. “

Luke pulled back his hand. “But Natalie needs you.”

“She very good,” Reid repeated.

Luke’s chin jutted out. He stepped back from Reid.

“Is this doctor better than you?” Luke asked simply.


“Is she?”

Reid swallowed. “She’s excellent. I –“

“Is she better than you?’Luke repeated, enunciating each word with a hard emphasis.

Reid stared at him a moment. “No. Not as good as I am.”

“Then you’re operating, “ Luke told him.

How can Reid even hesitate? Didn’t he hear Bob? Natalie could be brain damaged or unable to walk again…I know what that is like. I remember. Agony. My baby sister. Doesn’t he get that? Reid has never been helpless. Depending on others to help you to the bathroom. Unable to join her friends. My beautiful, ballerina sister – not able to run or dance. Or she could be blind like Noah. Bitter and angry and lost. Or worse - her mind might be damaged. She won’t even know me. Be a vegetable. God no! I remember the day she was born. So tiny. So perfect. She won’t remember how we all love her. The day I bought her that red and white stripped blanket for her first Christmas – the one she carried around for five years- until it was nothing but shreds. She won’t remember ... Or even worse. No! Not Natalie! I need Reid. I can’t chance my sister’s life on a stranger.

Reid was pacing back and forth. He ran a hand through his hair.

“Look…My emotions are all caught up in this… and I don’t think-“

Luke went over to Reid again and took him by the shoulders.

“I know you, Reid. You can put aside your feelings and focus on the medicine like nobody else. You did it with Noah; you can do it here. “ Luke gave him a slight shake. “ You told me in the hospital to be tough and do what I needed to do. Now it’s your turn.”

“Luke-“ Reid bit his lip. The rejection already in his eyes.

“No!” Luke shouted, his own eyes filling with tears.

“You will do it!” Luke put his hands out and butted against Reid, almost like an animal. “You have to!”

Reid shook his head.

Luke suddenly dropped down to his knees. He grabbed at Reid and rested his face against Reid’s belly.

“Please? For me?”


“ Please, Please. Please! If you love me –“


“If you do-“

“Don’t say it.”

“Then you’ll do this.”

Why doesn’t Luke understand? I can’t! If I go in there and operate –if I make a mistake. If she dies on the table –I can’t! One hesitation, one bad choice – no. No! Luke would never forgive me. I would never forgive myself. I can’t, can’t -

“No,” Reid said. He felt a pressure building up inside of his skin.

“No?” Luke shut his eyes.

Reid is letting me down? He said no? The one person – the one person I thought never would. My parents always did and hurt me and each other - over and over. And Noah? All he ever did was reject me, when I needed him the most. But Reid, my Reid – he’s my rock. He’s my everything. And he is telling me no? This cannot be real; it isn’t happening. Reid wouldn’t turn me away when I need him so much, would he?

Luke opened his eyes and looked at Reid.

Luke kept shaking his head. “This makes no sense.”

“I would be- my emotions are,” Reid struggled. “I’m with you and my emotions are with you.”

The day was breaking in half: before and after this moment.

Luke looked like a kicked puppy.

“So because of us,” Luke said slowly, “you won’t do it?”

“It’s a confli-“

“Yes!”Luke snapped. “A conflict of interest.” His eyes turned cold.

Luke retreated from Reid and charged up the stairs.

“Where are you going?” Reid asked, following him.

Luke sniffed loudly and grabbed a suitcase. He began to throw in his clothes.

“What are you doing?” Reid said again, only this time his voice was chilly.

Luke laughed bitterly. “What does it look like? I am leaving you. I’m removing the conflict, doctor. You can proceed now.” He tossed more belongings into his bag.

“How can you do this?” Reid replied, stunned. He went to grab Luke’s hand. Luke shook him away.

“How can I not?”

Luke is leaving ! He is walking away. Again! Just like when he thought I’d chosen my job over him. But this is a thousand times harder. I hadn’t completely let him in back then. I had held back a tiny piece. But now. He owns me. Doesn’t he know that? I’m his. He’s supposed to be mine. And not hurt me. He is hurting me. I trusted him with my heart and I never trusted anybody.

“If you walk out now,” Reid said in the quietest voice Luke had ever heard him use, ”Don’t come back.”

Luke stumbled a moment and stopped.

They stared at each other like two people separated by a huge abyss. Hurt was etched on both of their faces.

“I gotta think about Natalie right now,” Luke finally said. “I can’t do this with you.”

“You’re breaking up with me? “ Reid said numbly.

Luke ran down the stairs.

“Luke!” Reid yelled from the top.

Luke’s heart pounded. He paused and looked up at Reid.

“Take this!” Reid shouted ,” I no longer have a use for it.” He yanked off his engagement band and threw it down the stairs at Luke. Then Reid disappeared back into their bedroom.

Luke swallowed hard. He picked up the band and put it next to his own one. They both rested now on his ring finger. Then he left.


The ground felt unsteady beneath Reid’s feet. He walked over to the bed and clung to it. He gazed helplessly around.

There was Luke’s pillow, on his side of the bed. He kept his books to read on the night stand, his water glass was still half-full. Reid reached out and ran a hand down the imprint of Luke’s head, still there from the morning. He picked up the pillow and held it, squeezing tightly. It still smelled like Luke.

After a few moments, moments that seemed like an eternity, he dropped the pillow and stood up.

Then Reid went back to the hospital to be with Natalie.

Luke drove wildly. He didn’t care that he was speeding. He didn’t care about the fact that the car was almost out of gas. He just drove faster. Finally, he arrived. But he could not get out of the car. Luke sat outside of his mother’s house, frozen and shaken. He rested his head on the car’s steering wheel.

Luke wanted to go backwards in time.

Part of him wished he could just turn around and make up with Reid. He was already regretting some of the things he said. But another, stubborn part of him could not let go of the idea that this was still best for Natalie. He needed to push Reid for her sake.

He knew exactly the moment in time that he’d like to be in. In the darkness of the car, the memory made Luke smile, despite everything. He touched the glittering engagement bands, still both on his finger.

He’d go back to the moment that he had proposed:

They had been playing chess. Luke had planned it for weeks. He had carefully hidden the ring.

He had recently surprised Reid with a chess clock. It was one of the newer, digital models.

“I would love to do rapid play,” Reid said excitedly, like a kid at a birthday, “ but maybe I better start you at the typical 5 minute game.” He was rubbing his hands together.

“Are you saying I’m too slow?” Luke pouted. Then he sent Reid a teasing look, “Cause Chris has been saying for months that he can beat you. You could play him.”

“On my worst day- this queen” Reid pointed to himself,” can destroy that miserable pawn.”

The clock beeped. Reid hit it and moved.

Luke tried to concentrate on his game, but all he could think about was the ring and his plan.

The clock beeped.

“Luke, you can’t keep your finger on the clock.”

“Huh? Oh, sorry.”

The clock beeped.

Reid put Luke in check. Luke’s heart began to pound.

The clock beeped. Luke pressed it firmly down.

“Hey, don’t beat up the clock!” Reid told him. He shot Luke a quizzical look. “What is wrong with you?”

“Me ? Nothing.” Luke licked his lips anxiously. He knew checkmate was only a move or two away.

The clock beeped. “Checkmate.” Reid grinned.

Reid knocked over Luke’s king, just as Luke knew he would. The ring tumbled out.

Reid picked it up. “What’s this?” The grin on Reid’s face slid away as he caught the gleam in

Luke’s eye. Reid gulped hard suddenly.

“Marry me,” Luke smiled.

Reid held up the ring and looked at Luke. “Um, this is a ring with a tiny frog on it. “

“I know. “ Luke beamed at him. “I love you. Marry me.” Luke patted him. “ Okay? Please?” Luke added politely.

“A frog ring?” Reid asked, but he began to nervously finger it. “Are you saying I’m an amphibian? Or maybe you want to get married at the Snyder pond? Or is it that you expected me to croak at the sight of a diamond. You are a rich boy, you know, you can afford some white gold.”

Luke reached out and touched Reid again. “Stop it. You’re babbling.”

“I know,” Reid answered. “Believe me, I know. I just I –“ There was amazement in Reid’s voice.

“I’ll get you a real one soon,” Luke promised, “ but I got this cause,” He gave a melting smile. “When you kissed me, you became my prince.”

Luke took the ring from Reid’s hands.

“That is the dorkiest thing ever,” Reid drawled, but then closed his mouth as Luke dropped down on one knee.

“All my life I’ve been lucky” Luke said slowly, “ cause I’ve been loved. So I thought I knew what falling in love meant. “ Luke shook his head. His gaze intently on Reid’s face. “But I had no clue. Until you came and showed me. That love that doesn’t hurt or judge or…That love can be trusting. It can be fun, joyful, and passionate. Hot! And I promise to love you back just like that -always. Forever. Faithful. If you’ll have me.” Luke searched Reid’s eyes. “ I love you so much. Will you please be my husband?”

There was a silence.

“Okay,” Luke said. “I’m done now.” He bit his lips nervously because Reid had turned away from him at the word husband . Luke cleared his throat with determination. “Look, okay, I know how you feel about gay marriage or just marriage in general. I’m ready – give me the speech about how a piece of paper doesn’t make it last. “

Reid did not answer. Luke felt his heart pound. “Reid?” He gently turned Reid to him.
Luke was stunned to see that Reid was truly crying. Sobbing silently. He leaned in and kissed his boyfriend’s salty tears. Reid gave Luke a tremulous smile and then he reached down and hit the chess clock.

“What are you doing?” Luke frowned in sudden confusion.

“I’m resetting it,” Reid’s voice was thick. He brushed a few more tears aside.

“You want to play chess again?” Luke sounded exasperated. “I mean I know you love the game, but right now-“

“No ,” Reid laughed. He gave Luke a loving slap on his cheek. “I love you, idiot. So much.”

“So what’s with the clock then?”

Reid gave him a flirtatious glance. “I was just wondering how many moves it takes me to get you naked.”

“Uh, let’s see. Less than one?” Luke laughed.

The clock beeped and Reid pushed the button. Their mouths met in a smoldering kiss. They sank down together on the couch.

The clock beeped . Their clothes were already half-off. The kisses became fierce. Reid started to make love to Luke earnestly. His hands worshipping Luke’s flesh, touching every part of him.

The clock beeped. Neither man cared any more. They were naked and tangled up in each other. Then Luke tasted Reid, sucking gently. Reid tasted him back. They did not worry about protection on that special day. They prepared each other with their tongues. Teasing licks. Then plunging in and out . Both deeply sucking. Urgency building. Until Reid palmed Luke in his hand, pressed him down on the sofa.

Reid held Luke’s fingers up above his head. He looked into Luke’s face as he entered him. Their eyes remained open. Their gazes on each other. They smiled. Then Reid began to move deeply inside of Luke, releasing his hands . Luke grabbed at Reid’s firm buttocks and pushed him deeper inside. Reid gasped.

“I love making love to you,” Luke whispered.

“Glad to hear it,’ Reid answered mockingly, but his body told another story. It trembled at Luke’s words. Reid bent down and nibbled at the delicate slope of Luke’s neck. He slid his hands underneath Luke and lifted his body up. They were nothing but flesh and blood. Luke still stared up at Reid through his lashes. Reid’s face almost one of anguished vulnerability, a soft near-cry escaping his lips. Bodies writhed. The sound of panting filled the room.

Another hard thrust. Another exchange of caresses. The building warmth made Luke flush. He gave into sweet release.

Reid’s mouth moved up and down Luke’s body, rained kisses on him, even after they had climaxed, like he could never get enough.

Together. Together always.

“By the way,” Luke said, satisfied and making lazy circles with his fingers on Reid’s skin, “No pressure or anything…But was that a yes?”

That was it. Luke knew now in his gut that he had just made an awful mistake. He wasn’t putting his trust in Reid, and he had vowed that he always would. He was being foolish. He was about to start up the car again and head back to home. He had to fix this with Reid. They could figure it out.

A tapping on his window stopped him.

“Luke!” It was Faith. Behind her, Holden was also coming over. Faith opened Luke’s door and embraced her brother. “I’m so glad you are here! I need you.” She began to cry. Behind her, Holden looked wrecked. Luke felt torn; he looked down at his car keys and then up at Holden and Faith’s tormented faces.

He put the keys into his jacket pocket. Then Luke helped Faith into the house. Holden followed them. He would just have to make things right with Reid in the morning.



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Title: Profiles
Author: Marsabi
Summary: Luke wants to fill out dating profiles just for fun, but Reid is not too sure of the plan
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: total fluff and sexual content

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Title: The Secret of Being a Grimaldi
Author: Marsabi
Summary: Luke has powers and has gone to Malta to confront Damian.
Disclaimer: Based on ATWT
Rating: PG
Warning: Last Chapters

Chapter 15

Luke remained curled up on the floor. His body racked with sobs. He hadn't known, not really, how deeply he loved Reid until then. He had never felt such complete pain. He waited for Reid to come back through the door, and the waiting became inconsolable. There was nothing to hold onto but all the memories forming like webs in his mind. The sensation of Reid touching him. The way Reid smiled, his fierce eyes, and his capable hands. Every minute Reid did not walk through that door, Luke felt his heart twisting. He knew that he was to blame, and that was the hardest part of it all. The pain of that was sharp and bitter. He had not protected his love. Luke closed his eyes. That was when a vision came to him, forcefully invading his mind.

He could see Reid. Somewhere dark. Reid was trembling, his whole body was trembling. Reid was frightened and alone. It was dark, a basement- no, a cave. Reid could not breathe. His lungs were burning-

Luke bolted up. Sweat poured off his skin. Luke tried to think. Then he just knew- Reid was in the caves under the Grimaldi castle. Reid needed him. Luke had no doubts that this particular vision was right.

He ran out of his room and raced down the hall. In his hurry, he smacked into one of Damian's guards. He was an extremely fat man, followed by a taller man. The fat one put his hands on Luke. Luke grabbed him back.

"Don't even try and stop me," Luke snarled.

To his surprise, the fat guard just froze. Luke realized that he had some of Damian's power now. The man stopped because Luke had touched him and told him to stop. The taller guard met Luke's eyes in fright. He fled. Luke did not have time to think over this new found ability; he had to get to Reid.

Luke went down to the lowest level of the Grimaldi castle. From there, he climbed down into the caves. It was incredibly dark in the cave and wet on the ground. It stank of salt and earth. Luke already knew that Reid was afraid of dark, small places. He called out Reid's name, frantically searching. It was no use. Then Luke took a deep breath. He had to calm down and focus. He used his mind. He followed it, through one cave and into another, until he found him.

Reid was a mess. He was hunched over and shaking. Luke thought the shaking was just from the fear of the cave, until he turned Reid around to face him. Reid's eyes were glazed. His body damp with sweat. His whole body was shivering uncontrollably. His fingers were bent and experiencing huge spasms. Luke could tell this went beyond Reid's normal fear. Rage at Damian filled Luke.

Luke touched Reid's neck and shoulders. He tried to hug Reid, but the shaking was too bad. Luke attempted to read his mind. All he could hear was, No, no, no! Not my hands!

Luke grabbed Reid's beautiful fingers and stroked them. He put one hand there and then held his other hand up to Reid's head. Luke summoned all his new strength.

"You are fine," he whispered to Reid, "your hands are fine. You are calm. You are steady. You are fine," He stroked Reid lovingly up and down his face as he said the words. Reid's eyes had started to lose their glazed appearance. They met Luke's. They still were fearful. Luke continued to hold Reid. He squeezed Reid's shaking hands. "You are fine. You are back in control. No fear." He just kept repeating these words to Reid, and slowly Reid began to respond. His shaking stopped. His body calmed. Luke took both of Reid's cheeks in his hands and gave Reid's lips a soft kiss.


"I'm here. You're okay."

"You saved me, " Reid voice was hoarse, but strong. "Nobody has ever- " He looked up at Luke. "I mean -"

Luke cupped Reid's cheek again. "I'll always save you."

Reid closed his eyes for a moment. He licked his dry lips. "Your mother, Lucinda- " He told Luke.


"They are here. I think in another cave. "

Luke wanted to just hold Reid some more. To connect with him again. To discuss their terrible fight. But now wasn't the time.

Luke pulled Reid to his feet. "Can you walk?"


Luke held one arm around Reid; he was a little unsteady. Together they wandered into the next cave and found Lily and Lucinda. They were no longer under Damian's mind influence, but both women were tied up. Luke set Reid down and then ran over to his family. He quickly untied them .

They all stood up.

"Let's get out of here!" said Reid, still hating the caves. But he was back to his normal self.

"I have a gun," Lucinda started to say, "back on the jet. If he comes -"

"No!" Luke told her. "Just go home. I will have to deal with this mess alone. " He thought of his vision with the gun and Lucinda. "I can't let you do anything else."

"We should all go," Lily said, still sobbing. "And quickly."

But it was too late. Luke could feel them arrive, even before he saw them. Damian and Bettina entered the small cave.

Bettina Grimaldi still was being pushed by her vacuous nurse. Her body remained absolutely still. But suddenly, Luke heard all of Bettina's thoughts. They were sick and evil. The plan now revealed itself to Luke. His grandmother wanted him to never leave this castle. She planned to drain his power and leave him here to waste away. Once Bettina Grimaldi fed off of Luke's youth and new abilities, she would regain her own body and be unstoppable. She would be the most powerful Grimaldi ever. She cared about no one else. Luke could hear vile ideas in her mind. Hatred for Lily and Luke as "not pure," and hatred for even Damian. She had been controlling Damian, although he had been trying to resist her. Bettina wanted Luke now; she wanted to take everything from him.

Luke recoiled. His eyes met his father's eyes. Bettina Grimaldi was wheeled closer to Luke. She reached out, already her body gaining strength from being in Luke's presence, one deformed and twisted hand to touch him.

"No!" Damian suddenly acted. He put himself between Luke and his mother. The old lady sank her claws into her only son. Soon their minds were locked in a fierce battle for dominance.

Damian's body started to shake. His eyes bulged. A trickle of blood came from his right ear. Luke could sense that Bettina was winning. That she was too strong for him. Damian was in serious trouble. Luke jumped into the mix. He put his own hand on Bettina Grimaldi's head. Togther, he and Damian battled her mind.

At Luke's touch , Bettina's body jerked and flailed around like a wild beast. Blood came pouring out of her eyeballs and nose. She coughed and wheezed and more blood poured out. Her body went into some kind of seizure again, thrashing and suffering. The whole time, Damian and Luke hung on to her, thinking thoughts of her destruction. She continued to jerk, like a puppet with broken strings. Her head tipped to one side. Her mouth opened in a silent scream. It was horrible to see. Then she just stopped. Her body a shell.

Luke let go of his grip on Bettina. Damian also dropped his hand. Luke turned to Damian and could see that, like his grandmother, Damian was now bleeding from his extremities.

"Reid!" Luke shrieked, calling instinctively for the one person he still trusted. He bent over Damian and gently touched his father's head.

Reid rushed over, forgetting all the trauma that Damian Grimaldi had put him through the past few hours, and reacting only to the pain in his Luke's voice.

"Leave him," shouted Lucinda, "It is what he deserves."

Lily just sobbed.

Reid checked Damian's vital signs. He looked at the bleeding from his nose and eyes. He frowned. There must be massive internal hemorrhaging.

Reid put one hand on Luke's chest. Luke's heart was pounding.

"We can try and get him to a hospital, " Reid told Luke, "but-"

Luke just shook his head, tears falling. "Please, Reid."

Reid nodded. Luke had just saved him from the horrors of his mind; he would try now to save Luke's father. Reid began to work on Damian.

"Luciano," Damian whispered.

Luke met Damian's eyes.

Damian Grimaldi knew he was close to dying; he had seen this battle with his mother in a vision just a few days before. Even as he tried to talk to his son, the world was becoming hazy. Dr. Oliver was trying desperately to save him. He was efficiently wrapping up Damian's head and putting pressure on his wounds. Maybe this doctor would save him, or maybe not. But perhaps here was a man who could protect his son from a life of emptiness; it was the life Damian had suffered too long.

"It's okay," he told his son. "It doesn't matter."

Damian's eyesight was fading in and out. Damian could no longer speak. His mouth tasted blood. He met Luke's mind in a final burst of strength.

Luke heard, Forgive me.

Luke embraced Damian, even though Luke was not sure he would ever forgive his father. But he still loved Damian and that had to be enough. Reid picked up his medical bag and was stitching up Damian, and Lily had finally found the courage to stop sobbing and was dialing an ambulance. Luke held his father as Reid gave Damian a shot of something.

"For his pain," Reid told Luke. Their eyes met. Luke's face was filled with suffering and deep sadness. It was all that Reid could do not to scoop him up like a lost boy and carry him away.

Damian Grimaldi rested in his son's arms. He felt no pain now. He was experiencing another vision of his future. It was a hospital. He knew then that he was about to live, but that his body and mind might not ever fully recover. But his vision of the hospital, a prison hospital he was almost certain, did not cause him any fear. His mother was dead. The Grimaldi legacy would live on in Luciano. It was enough. Damian moaned softly. He could sense his body was weak now, and his powers were fading. Draining out of him, perhaps forever. Damian closed his eyes and slept. When he woke up, his vision would be true.

Luke rode with Damian to the hospital and said his goodbyes to him there. He did not forgive him. Damian had hurt his family once again. On top of that, Damian had hurt the man Luke loved. No, Luke felt no forgiveness. But he hoped his father would find some kind of healing.

When Luke returned to the Grimaldi castle, Lily and Reid were already gone.

"Your father's powers? " Lucinda asked.

Luke shrugged and bit his lip. "Gone. Burned out. At least it seems that way for now."

Lucinda nodded and the pain on Luke's face stopped her from pushing it.

Luke looked around the castle. He never wanted to return.

"Mom and Reid?"

"They were both exhausted, darling. I sent them ahead of us on the jet. My pilot will return for us soon. "

"Okay," Luke said simply.

He did not even want to think about the fact that Reid had left him.

Lucinda patted his back.

"How about some food, darling? I'll go check with what is left of the staff."

Luke nodded again and Lucinda quietly closed the door behind her.

Luke sat in the darkness a long time.

Chapter 16


Back in Oakdale, Luke had cleaned up and slept for hours He had also tried to contact Reid a dozen times. He had left messages and texts. Reid had not responded. Luke had pleaded in those messages, but all he had gotten was silence.

It was starting to make him mad. Luke Snyder had a slow temper, but he could feel it building. Yes, Reid had many reasons to be furious with him, to end it officially even, but he could at least return Luke's calls.

It wasn't hard to find Reid; he was at the hospital. That was where Reid Oliver always was. He had been ignoring Luke's desperate texts and emails for 48 hours now. Luke hesitated outside of the hospital's break room. His fingers shook with nerves and he quickly jammed them into his pockets. He just stood there for a moment. He had to draw on his anger to get the courage to even push open the door.

Slowly, Luke went inside. Reid was there. He was in his scrubs, looking irritated as he flipped through some papers. At the sight of Reid's beautiful stern face all of Luke's anger just drained away, leaving him with just his fears.

"Hey," Luke said and tried his best smile at Reid, but Luke's eyes were worried.

"Luke," Reid answered. Then he frowned. "If you are here about Noah's condition; he is fine. He sees perfectly and has been released."

"Noah?" Luke shrugged, a purposefully blank expression on his face.

Reid rewarded him with a small grunt of amusement.

Then Luke said, "I heard he was out. That is great. You did a great job on him." It was hard to even remember the operation had been less than a week ago; so much had changed.

"I am the best,' Reid agreed.

"You certainly are, ' Luke smiled.

Reid just sighed. "Why are you here, Luke?"

"I'm," Luke stammered, "I'm here for you." He gulped hard. "I'm so sorry, Reid. I can control my powers now and- please believe me - I won't ever use them without your knowledge."

Reid was silent. Luke fought back his temptation to read his thoughts. He endured the silence instead.

"I just -please, " Luke said again. "I'm begging you."

"Well, stop it. Stop begging!" Reid got up and walked over to Luke. "You begged me in Malta and you begged me in all those messages. Just stop."

Tears filled Luke's eyes. He looked away. He refused to cry in front of Reid. He deserved whatever Reid had decided.

Reid tucked a finger under Luke's chin and forced their eyes to meet. "I like you on your knees, Snyder, but for other reasons."

Luke's eyes widened. Reid gave him a grin and let go of his chin.

"Remember something, okay? You don't need to beg me or anybody."

"But you were so mad," Luke said.

Reid shrugged. "And I still am, really pissed. And a bit overwhelmed by it. That's why I haven't called you back yet." Reid paced the room for a moment. Then he stopped in front of Luke. "But," Reid shrugged. "This is the part where we work it out like grown ups do."

Luke felt a tear slide down his cheek and quickly rubbed it away with the back of his hand.

"Without any more drama?" Luke said, trying to tease him. "You really don't belong in Oakdale, do you?"

"Oakdale has its attractions," Reid answered, giving Luke a heated glance.

"I would be happy to get on my knees in that other way," Luke whispered, "I am longing for that." Luke sniffed. "Actually, my powers always disappear at those moments. When we are together they vanish, cause I can only feel."

"Really?" Reid asked. "Huh. So you mean, if I just sex you up 24 hours a day - no powers?"


"Good to know."

"Plus," Luke murmured, stepping closer to Reid, looking into his eyes, "Now you know that I never really did beat you at chess."

Reid snorted, "I knew there was an explanation."

"And," Luke continued with his argument, "now that you know my powers, we never need to have those relationship talks that you despise so much."

"Cause you can just read my mind?" Reid said.

Luke took in a big breath of air. "Right, but only ever if you want me to." Luke raised a hand to Reid's cheek and stroked it slowly. "I love you and I promise you, I will never do anything without it being your choice. "

"So you want me to forgive you and be friends?" Reid said.

Luke shot him a look. "Friends?" Luke asked,stunned.

Reid rolled his eyes, "Luke, I'm kidding. Like I could ever be just friends with you. So... not friends?" Reid added dryly.

"Friends and lovers too?" Luke asked. "If it is what you want." Then Luke stared down at the floor.

"How 'bout this? " Reid said and reached for Luke's lips. They kissed. It was a kiss of passion and forgiveness. Luke opened his mouth and let Reid's tongue find his own tongue. They breathed in each other's scent. Reid wrapped a possessive hand around Luke's waist.

Then the kiss was over. Reid gave Luke a gentle touch on the chest.

"I love you," Luke told him simply. Reid did not answer, but neither did he retreat.

Reid cleared his throat.

"I am curious about the powers. Why they came so late for you. What about all those years with Noah, and no powers?"

"Well, Damian did say it came from a sexual awakening," Luke flushed.

"And being with that dull Mayer threw off all your sexual mojo," Reid replied.

"And being with my true love, " Luke said softly, "turned it all on for me."

"Don't be so mushy, " Reid gave a mock shudder, but he was smiling. "I thought you promised no relationship talks."

Luke laughed, "Okay." He touched Reid's lips with a finger. "Whatever you want."

Then Luke embraced Reid tightly and squeezed him for all he was worth. He just wanted to embrace Reid to show him how happy his forgiveness felt. Reid returned the embrace, slowly at first, and then fully. Luke's heart lifted in joy.

"Luke?" Reid said softly.

"Yes?" Luke asked, still holding onto Reid and hugging him.

"Read my mind."

Luke drew back, startled. "What?"

"You have my permission, just this once," Reid told him.

Luke searched Reid's eyes. "Are you testing me?"

"No , read it."

Luke did. He smiled, "Dirty, dirty thoughts, Doctor Oliver, " Luke blushed.

"At least they are about you, Mr. Snyder." Reid shook his head. "It really is amazing. I wonder what inside of your brain - "

"Hey, I love you, but no cutting into my brain." Luke grinned.

"A few tests?" Reid questioned.


Reid snapped his fingers. "How disappointing. "

"I'll make it up to you right now, " Luke offered. " Lets get out of here and I'll fulfill every one of those dirty thoughts."

"I'm looking forward to having you keep that promise, " Reid laughed. Then he pulled Luke back into an embrace.

"I love you so much," Luke told him. Reid smiled.

"Okay, just once more," Reid said suddenly.

"What?" Luke asked.

"Read it again."

"I thought you said that time was it?" Luke said, laughing.

"Once more," Reid said. " Because I just can't say- " Reid shrugged, "I may never be able to say - - Just read me damn it! Once more."

"Okay, okay." Luke was a little bewildered, but he'd do anything for Reid.

Luke stared into Reid's magnetic blue eyes. Reid stared back at Luke and smiled softly.

Then Luke smiled; his whole face beamed.

Luke heard, I love you too.


Thanks to all those who read and commented
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Title: The Secret of Being A Grimaldi
Author: Marsabi
Summary: Luke can read minds and has visions. Damian is back. Chris is dead. Luke and Reid are going to Malta to try and confront Damian about the missing foundation money.
Warning: None
Disclaimer: Not mine- ATWT
Rating: NC-17

Thanks to Stl29tide for some help
and Chameleonen for the tips on Malta

Chapter Ten


Reid and Luke sped through the island of Malta, their motorcycle hugging the delicious curves and hills. Luke had his chest pressed up at Reid' back, and his legs brushed Reid's legs. He was holding Reid's waist and thinking that there was nowhere on earth that he would rather be. The limo had left them off in the local town, but it was still several miles to the Grimaldi castle. Reid had convinced him to get the Harley-Davidson. It was a big hog, all red and chrome, and boasting a rubber-mounted,fuel injected Screamin Eagle engine. Reid was smoking hot in his tight jeans and jacket, and Luke had put on equally tight jeans and a button down shirt that showed off a small tuft of his chest hair. They both wore helmets at Reid's absolute insistence, and now they were roaring past scenery of Malta. Reid hit the throttle and they soared.

Luke had been uncertain about getting the motorcycle. He had never been on one.

"It is the only vacation time that I have had in years," Reid said, and gave Luke a rare smile.

"But they drive on the left side here, Reid. Can you handle that?" Luke had been to Malta several times and had always taken limos.

Reid rolled his eyes. "Luke, I'm a brain surgeon. I can handle driving on the left side of the road. "

"And you'll go slowly?"

Reid's eyes gleamed, "Of course."

Now he was not going slowly at all, and Luke was loving it. Reid was so assured at the controls that Luke imagined this must be what it was like to watch him operate. Those capable hands gliding over the throttle, giving it torque, moving with no doubts of his own abilities.

Reid could handle so many things well. He could handle the truth too, Luke began to argue with himself, about the mind-reading. Luke should tell him. Luke will tell him. But not yet...they were having so much fun. Technically, this felt like his first date with Reid. Luke wanted it be special. He would tell Reid at the castle. Soon.

Just then, Reid pulled the bike over at a local farmer's market and turned back to Luke.

"I'm starved!" He grinned.

"When aren't you starved?" Luke teased, watching Reid hop down from the Harley and wipe some dirt off his jeans.

He held out a hand to Luke. Their fingers grabbed onto each others. Together they browsed the small roadside market, selecting luscious fruits. Luke held up a crispy apple to Reid's lips and he took a mouth-watering bite.

"Hmm,"Reid said. He bent over the stand to get some more apples and Luke just watched. He couldn't help but enjoy the view of his lover's ass.

"Careful, Snyder," Reid said , straightening up and meeting his eyes. "I can tell what you're thinking."

"Can you?" Luke smiled.

Reid took another big bite out of his apple, "Yeah. Keep those big-brown cow eyes off my ass."

Luke laughed and shoved Reid gently. Reid responded by wrapping one casual arm around Luke and then shoving him back a little. Luke picked out a container of melons and some bright, purple grapes.

"These good?" He asked.

"Oh, yeah," Reid answered. He had more fruit than he could carry now.

They went up to pay. Luke could hear nothing but happiness coming from Reid. Simple thoughts, that were unlike him.

Food and Luke, Luke and food , was all he could hear.

They carried the fruit to a nearby palm tree. They ate in the shade, feeding each other fat pieces of melon until the juices ran down their faces. Reid leaned in and licked some off of Luke's open lips. Their tongues met in an intimate dance. Reid cupped the side of Luke's face and placed another melon slice into his mouth. Then he leaned his whole body into Luke's and sucked on part of the exposed melon. Their mouths met again and the kiss tasted like fruit and each other.

"Best date,' Luke whispered.


"Or worst one, whatever. Tell me something." Luke smiled coaxingly. He suddenly wanted to know everything about Reid.

"Best? Right now, idiot," Reid teased, and then gave him a beautiful, flirtatious grin. "Worst?" He shrugged. "Around med school, I was with this guy I thought was crazy about me. But on our third date I caught him getting another guy's phone number. "


"Yeah." There was a pause. "I still went home with him."

"What ? Why?"

"I don't know. Hormones, I guess. "

Luke heard, Lonely and geeky and stupid back then.

"What about you?" Reid asked.

Luke hesitated. "I never really dated...There was only Noah and we kind of fell into this messy love thing. We never had dates." Luke stared into Reid's blue eyes. "Not like this."

Reid looked away. Luke persisted. "This is really great. I just want to say that I feel good, being here with you." He peeked over at Reid.

Reid shook his head and gave him an embarrassed smile, "Yeah, let's not do this."

"Do what?"

"Talk about our feelings, okay? I'm not good at it."

Luke heard, I ache for him.

"Okay," Luke nodded, his throat clogged by emotion. "No feeling talks."

"Good," Reid said suddenly standing up, "I need to go back and buy something to drink." He nervously asked, "Lemonade good?"

Luke nodded.

Reid snapped his fingers. "Lemonade it is."

As he watched Reid run back for drinks, Luke's smile faded. He was so happy here with Reid. He wished the two of them could just freeze time and not leave. He wished he did not have to tell Reid about his ability to hear his mind. He would wait. Just a little longer...


As Luke and Reid were making their way to the Grimaldi castle, Oakdale was about to have a visitor.

Lily Walsh was eating lunch at her house and trying to thinking of ways to get rid of her mother, Lucinda. Lucinda had arrived , unannounced, to lecture Lily, as usual, about her flaws. First, she started in about Holden and Molly and why was Lily letting him just get away? Then she started in about how Faith was out of control again. Finally, her mother took out the big gun and brought up Luke and Damian.

"I don't want to discuss this mother," Lily said.

Lucinda let out an annoyed breath. "Lily, dear, you can't just ignore the fact that he is clearly out there somewhere. Probably just waiting for Luke in Malta. "

"Why did you give Luke the jet?"

Lucinda shook her head "Darling, he was going, one way or the other. He thinks Damian is just going to hand him over the foundation money."

"Maybe he will."

Lucinda groaned. "What is it about you and men, Lily? You need to learn to see past their smiles?"

Lily shifted in her seat. "I'm not a fool, mother," she said, "Although you'd like to think so. I know Damian. I know he did awful things, but I truly think he loves Luke."

"He may love him," Lucinda warned, " but he is after something. Mark my words, he won't stop until he gets it!"

Lily sighed and offered her mother some tea. This would be a long lunch.


Meanwhile, across town at Memorial, Bob Hughes grew concerned. Reid Oliver had taken a few personal days and Bob had approved them, but now Chris had disappeared too. Bob did not want to admit how disappointed he'd become in his son over the last few years. Now, Bob was very short handed. He could not get Chris on his phone and hated to call back Reid. He was in a pickle.

Just then, Kim came up to Bob.

"Darling I'm afraid you are not going to like this? " She said.

Bob raised an eyebrow. "What?"

"It's about Chris. He sent me an email. He's gone back to Africa."


"He hates to disappoint you, dear, but he really wanted to be his own man and go help the people there. He wasn't happy here."

"So he just leaves? No two week notice? No goodbye to us?"

"His message says he was embarrassed and nervous to face you, but he will get in touch with you soon. He says he is sorry."

Bob shook his head. "That sounds like Chris. Selfish."

"Now Bob- " Kim put a restraining hand on her husband's arm.

Bob shook it off. "No dear, I won't be happy about this. I need to go and work on bringing in some more doctors. "

Kim frowned as Bob walked off in a huff. She just hated being in the middle of her son and her husband. She too had been hurt that Chris did not say goodbye. But she would just wait for him to visit, and until then try and accept it.


Damian Grimaldi stood outside of Lily's house. He had just sent another phony email from Chris Hughes to his parents, buying him more time. The Oakdale police were so incompetent that Damian knew it would be a long time before they even knew Chris was dead or suspected foul play. Damian would be long gone by then. He peered in the window and saw Lily with Lucinda. That old hag! She wasn't part of his plans; he had hoped to find Lily with Luciano, but this might work out fine. Damian signaled to his men in the waiting car, and then he rang the bell.

Lily Snyder opened up her door and saw Damian Grimaldi standing there in plain sight. She screamed and nearly collapsed to the floor. Damian caught her in his arms and put her gently down on the couch.

"Pleasure," Damian said and touched Lily on the shoulder. Lily began to writhe and moan and touch her genitals. Her eyes glazed over with lust.

Lucinda, meanwhile, charged at Damian, yelling at him "No, damn you!" She attempted to beat Damian with her clenched fists.

"Pain," Damian said, and gave Lucinda's face a hard squeeze. Lucinda immediately bent over in agony, holding her head in her hands.

Just then, Damian's phone buzzed. He glanced at it and read the message with surprise. Luciano wasn't in Oakdale at all; he was already in Malta. Damian smiled. He watched Lily thrashing and moaning. He watched Lucinda rocking with pain. Luciano would soon be in his power too. He would get Luciano to do his bidding, be in his control, and then they would take over everything - together. Damian called in his bodyguards to come inside the house. They left the car parked outside and entered. Damian nodded to the two women. "Bring them," he ordered. He was eager now to return to Malta.



Luke and Reid had reached the Grimaldi castle. It sat on the highest hill of the island, surrounded by an interlocking series of caves. Down below, the ocean was visible. It's blue waters beating against the rocks. The castle itself was enormous. It had huge stone walls, a turret, and several balconies. The castle had a gloomy air about it. Nothing else could be seen for miles - just the castle, dark and imposing.

Luke and Reid had climbed off of the motorcycle.

"Very Edgar Allan Poe, " Reid said finally. "Bad dad keep ravens here?"

Luke ignored the insult and took Reid's hands in his.

"Reid," Luke said nervously. He swallowed a couple times. "I have to tell you something, right now, before we go inside."

Reid shrugged, "Okay," His tone was wary.

Luke heard, If he is going to be feeling guilty over Noah right now and want to break things off with me, I'm going to scream -

"It has nothing to do with Oakdale or Noah or anything like that, " Luke went on, squeezing Reid's fingers and ignoring his surprised face that Luke had picked up on his unspoken worry, "I want to be with you. I really do, " Luke told him and smiled slightly. Then his voice began to tremble, " And I hope you'll want to be with me when I tell you -"

Luke's words were abruptly cut off. Security guards from the Grimaldi castle stormed outside and grabbed Luke and Reid roughly. They immediately dragged the two men apart.

One of the guards shook Reid roughly. "No damn trespassers here,' the guard yelled at them.

The guards took out something to tie them up. The ropes were thick and cutting into their flesh already.

"Wait! " Luke said, trying to shake the men off, "I order you. I'm Luciano Grimaldi and -"

They ignored Luke's protests. Gags were put on the two men's mouths. Then the guards finished binding both men up and them pushed them through the castle doors.

Chapter eleven

Luke and Reid were thrown into separate rooms in the Grimaldi castle. Luke found himself tied to a rather large bed post. His feet were tied together and his hands were tied to two different posts. He still had the gag in his mouth. Luke did not believe that Damian knew of his guards' decision. He was certain that the guards would suffer when Damian did find out their actions. Luke tested the ropes. He was stuck. He worried about Reid taken in the room nearby. He felt guilty about bringing Reid into this situation.

Just then, the door flew open. Reid stood there, rubbing his chafed wrists, but smiling slightly. Reid climbed onto the bed and came up to Luke. He quickly removed Luke's gag.

"How did you- " Luke started to ask.

Reid grinned. "Luke, I'm a surgeon. I spend my day making knots or loosening them with sutures. I do knots all the time."


"And I admit, " Reid said, "I also was something of a magic fan as a boy. I used to practice rope tricks." Reid looked at Luke proudly.

Reid had started to work on freeing one of Luke's arms.

"That is pretty nerdy," Luke teased him, "Even for you."

Reid narrowed his eyes and stopped undoing the rope. He then glanced at Luke tied up and spread out across the bed.

"Do you think we are in danger right now?"

"No," Luke answered. "I think Damian must not be here and those idiot guards are just acting on their own."

"Yeah, that is what I concluded too. "

"Hey, untie me and go and see," Luke said.

Reid sat back on his heels. He ran one long finger down Luke's chest. "Hmm. Don't know about that, since we aren't in imminent danger."


"Seems to me this is a moment I should not waste. Having Luke Snyder all tied up and at my mercy."

Reid nuzzled the side of Luke's neck.

"I mean , you did just call me a nerd, right? Plus you did make me suffer through that airplane sex game."

"I didn't tie you up!" Luke protested, tugging at his ropes.

"True, but you did forbid me to move, to touch you -" Reid skimmed another finger up and down Luke's body.

Luke heard, Payback is a bitch, Snyder.

He knew he was in trouble now.

"The guards, " Luke protested weakly.

"Think we can't escape,' Reid answered. His fingers teased Luke's lower stomach. He lifted up Luke's shirt and kissed his navel.

Luke squirmed against the ropes and felt himself already getting hard.

"Call me a nerd now," Reid muttered, and he began to stroke Luke through his jeans.

Luke could see the two of them in the bedroom mirror. He watched as Reid lifted the shirt higher and took one of Luke's nipples into his mouth. Reid sucked it firmly, and his hands slid down to Luke's erection. Luke struggled now to pull at the ropes. He kicked at his tied feet.

Reid slid Luke's jean zipper carefully down. Then he reachd in and pulled out Luke's cock.

"What it is it with your family anyhow?" Reid asked him. "You blackmail me, threaten me, and now your crazy dad has kidnapped me." He was stroking Luke up and down.

Luke opened his mouth to try and defend himself, when he felt Reid's lips brushing across his heavy cock.

Luke stared into the mirror , watching as Reid took him inside his mouth. He watched his whole body jerked in reaction. His arms pulling at the ropes helplessly.

"We should go-" Luke managed to say, "Ahhh, soon."

Reid pulled Luke's briefs down to his ankles. He reached Luke's hole and played at it with a finger.

"Yeah, I'll stop."

"Yes, no. Ahh, you tease!" Luke groaned out. "At least untie me!"

Reid did not reply. He was too busy taking Luke back into his mouth. Luke could feel the delicious pressure mounting inside of him. He wanted it so badly. Reid sucked harder. He took Luke deeper into his mouth. It was only a moment later that Luke came between Reid's open lips. Letting Reid suck the most vulnerable part of him.

Reid quickly undid the ropes holding Luke up, and Luke slid down, boneless, to the bed. Reid released Luke's bound feet and gave them a gentle rub.

"We should continue this later, " Reid told him. "Get up."

Luke saw his own reflection in the mirror. His eyes looked huge and dazed. His face looked soft. His hair was messy.

"What about you?" Luke indicated the huge bulge in Reid's pants.

Reid looked down at it ruefully. "A few moments of fun is one thing, but we should go. Don't worry, " he added smugly, " I'll have to tie you up again later and finish."

Luke grabbed at Reid. "Oh, no way, Doctor Oliver. You are not leaving this bed."

Luke slid his free arms around Reid's neck and brought him into a passionate kiss. Soon, they were both lost in loving each other. Flesh moved against flesh. Hips grinded. Tongues tasted. They equally gave and took from each other. The sex turned tender. Luke pressed his hands against Reid's pounding heart. Reid's body shook with sweet tremors. A smile lit the shadow of his face. They began to approach a mutual climax. The whole time, Luke saw himself in the mirror, eagerly taking Reid into his body. Eagerly meeting each thrust. Eagerly loving him.

There was nothing else. Reid folded Luke into his arms. They both knew that they should get up and move. But neither one stirred.

They tangled up together on the bed for a moment, each one breathing heavily. Their bodies linked.

Reid turned to Luke, "This is the strangest trip I've ever been on." He kissed Luke's fingers.

"Sorry your not back in Oakdale? Doing rounds and bossing the poor nurses?"

"Oakdale? That dump? I'm thinking Malta is much more attractive. Even with bad dad and some overly-zealous guards."

Luke grabbed their clothes. "We do need to get out of here. I don't know where in the world Damian is, but we need to regroup and then I need to find him."

"I agree."

They dressed and opened up the door. Quickly, Luke and Reid made their way down the hall. As they rounded the corner, Luke crashed right into somebody coming up the stairs.

"Luciano!" Damian threw his arms around his son and squeezed him tightly. Then he kissed both of Luke's cheeks. "At last."
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Title: One Night Only
Author: Marsabi
 Rating: PG
Summary: This began as a one shot deal based on a Lure prompt (Luke is drunk and has a one night stand with Reid. Reid does not know he was a virgin). I just couldn't stop there. So here is part two and three...
Disclaimer: Based on ATWT; I don't own them or Luke and Reid would still be a couple
Warning: none

One Night Only: Part Two

4 months later

Holden sighed at Luke. "You know, son, it is just that we are so disappointed in you. We expected better."

"Is this because of Noah and that girl?" Lily asked.

Luke groaned . "No mom. I did this mess all on my own."

It had been a difficult few months. Noah and Ameera were always on campus, truly married now, always pawing each other. It made Luke want to drink again, but ever since he had that one night with that stranger, he had been sober.  Casey had suggested going out with Reg, a boy in school who had always liked Luke. So Luke had tried that. Reg was nice, and unlike Noah, Reg was totally gay. But after the first few times of fooling around with Reg, Luke had to admit there were just no sparks.
After sleeping with Reid, whatever his last name was from wherever, Luke could not continue to see Reg. All he thought about were Reid's kisses and how totally hot they had been. He could see Reid's hands running all over his body. Reid pushing him down into the soft grass. It was just cause I was drunk, Luke told himself firmly, that is why it seemed so ...explosive. He tried to put Reid out of his mind.

He had attempted to distract himself by hanging out with Casey. That was when the trouble began. Stupid guys on campus had teased Reg, harassed him about being gay. Casey had been there and defended him. Casey loved a good fight. Then Casey had the bright idea that Luke should run against that group and try to be class president. One disaster after another had led Luke to cheat at the election.

"Trust me, dude," Casey had promised, "Nobody will know and those prejudice bastards will be out."

But they had found out. Ameera had heard about it from Maddie and had told Noah...Noah had turned in Luke. Another betrayal. Walking around the campus that day, Luke felt like his loneliness was visible on his skin. In the past, Luke could not wait to go back to school. But now he would be glad to leave.

Luke felt no love left for Noah after that incident. Noah had insisted it was for Luke's own good. Ha! He had been kicked out of college now. Noah just hadn't wanted his ex-boyfriend around his wife. He wanted no reminders of Luke. He considered Luke a "mistake." 

 At least Luke had covered up for Casey.

"Look," he told his parents now, "I wasn't that excited about college at any rate."

"What will you do?" Holden said pointedly. "If you stay with us then you must apologize and go back -"

"Yes," Lily said. "Mother knows the dean and we can get you back in. Luke?"

"I'll go see grandmother," Luke sighed.

Lucinda Walsh observed the misery in her favorite grandchild's eyes. They had just called the dean to make an appointment.

"Tea, dear?" she offered Luke. Lucinda thought that Luke looked too sad; his eyes were sunken in and it looked like he had not slept well.
Luke took a sip. He looked over the big office at Worldwide. It was as impressive as his grandmother. The office was massive. It was meant for intimidation, but Luke had good memories of the place. Lucinda had let him play in the office many times.

"You never went to college, did you grandmother?"

Lucinda laughed, "I wanted to. Nobody thought much of a girl's education then." Lucinda's eyes hardened, "But I showed them."

She examined Luke again. "Darling," Lucinda said slowly. "If you need a break from college and that boy Noah and all-"

"I do."

"Well, how about working here for a bit?"

"At Worldwide?"

"Why not? It is a family company."

Luke grinned suddenly. "Mom will kill you, grandmother."

Lucinda cackled. "Fighting with Lily is half the fun of my day!"
Then she shrugged her elegant shoulders. " Don't worry about that. What else is new between your mother and me? Look, I can give you work.  Let you have time to think."

Luke smiled, "What would I do here? Make copies? Get coffee?"

"Of course not! Your a Walsh-Snyder. You go right to the top. Besides, I have a project you'd be great at. I need somebody compassionate and thoughtful; I think it could be you."

"What is it?" Luke asked , intrigued.

"I have a friend, Eliza Judd, her poor grandchild is sick. Right now the girl and her parents are in Dallas with some great doctor. Well, they won't accept Eliza's help with money and their hotel bills..." Lucinda rolled her eyes. "So Eliza and I thought we could have somebody go down to Dallas and create a special family wing in this hospital -where loved ones can stay -they can be right there..."

"Wow," Luke said, his face lighting up with interest. "That sounds amazing."

Lucinda nodded, "You'd have to go to Dallas, dear, and stay awhile."

Luke shrugged. He'd felt for weeks now that he was trapped in a place in his life where he was doing nothing but waiting. Getting out of town and taking some action sounded fine to Luke.

"I'll do it."

"Wonderful!" Lucinda tapped Luke on the leg. "You never regret what you do, my boy, only what you don't have the guts to do."

Luke smiled at that. He had spent most of his life being careful to do only what had been expected of him. Then Noah had broken his heart and Luke had done something completely crazy. Yet Lucinda was right. Luke had kept on expecting to regret his one night with Reid, but those feelings had not emerged. It had actually helped him move forward, past Noah and all of that humiliation and pain.

"I'll do a good job," he told his grandmother.

Lucinda grinned, "Fantastic! I will send you on the jet in a few days. Do prepare yourself though , darling. "

"For what?"

"I heard their child's Doctor, Dr. Oliver, is not too crazy about our idea."

 A day or two later,  at the Dallas General hospital, Reid was having a terrible day.

"No way," Reid told his boss.

"Dr. Oliver,"

"I don't have time for this!"

"The Judds are your patients,"

"Only Annie."

"The money Worldwide if offering us and this family wing - it could put us on the map."

"Who cares about some wing to hold the hands of the healthy?"Reid demanded. "What a stupid idea. We need a new Cardio wing, new Neurology wing too. Not this."

"Dr. Oliver - "

"And who is this Mr. Snyder? Some young, spoiled brat  with deep pockets telling me to meet with him?"

"You will do this, Dr. Oliver. It is not a request."

Reid left the room furious at his boss, at this Mr. Snyder, at the Judd family. He needed to focus on Annie and only on her. Not coddle the rest of them .

He frowned and picked up his cell phone. He had been ignoring the texts from Mr. Snyder, but now he had no choice. Still, a nasty smile spread over Reid's face, nobody said he had to play nice.

Okay, Mr. Snyder. I heard that you and your money are flying in to town. I will take you on Richie Rich tour of your life. But that is it. 

  Reid expected Snyder to tell him to go to hell and go off to do his good deeds someplace else.  He was shocked when a text came back.

Fine, Dr. Ice -I mean Oliver . You can buy me dinner and we can plan the wing.

Why should I buy you dinner,
Reid texted, "Aren't you Mr. Checkbook? Then Reid added, Do you even know a thing about a hospital?  Oh wait, you must own one back home.

I might own yours too before my day is done, the text came back, be careful.

Reid shook his head. At leat this Mr. Snyder had balls . He just hoped he had a brain in his rich boy head. Reid planned to convince him to forget about a family wing and give the hospital some new equipment.

Luke checked into his hotel and then called Mr. Judd. The man was so angry and fearful. He had all of his hopes on this Doctor Oliver to save Annie. From what the Chief had told him, Annie was not going to be saved. Doctor Oliver had only promised to try and extend her life by a few months. Luke had felt so sorry for Mr. Judd. He became determined to provide Annie and her parents with a state of the art wing to visit in. Even if this Doctor Oliver was already making it clear that he resented Luke, Luke was determined not to fail. Not again. He wouldn't be a disappointment to Lucinda like he'd been to his parents. 

Doctor Oliver was supposed to pick a place for dinner, but his texts kept putting it off. The man sounded like he never went anywhere!

Luke texted Doctor Oliver again. Why don't you just meet me in my room here and we can order in chili? 

Chili? came the swift reply, don't you mean caviar and champagne?

Jerk, Luke thought. Although a small part of him was enjoying all the snark. At least Doctor Oliver was honest and his texts kept Luke on his toes all day.

That is not my style, Luke texted back. Be here by 7.

He enjoyed ordering this big shot Doctor around.

Reid entered the hotel about 15 minutes early. He just wanted this to be over. He went up to Mr. Snyder's room and hit the bell.

"One minute," called a voice behind the door.

Reid stood there. The door flung open.

Luke had only a towel wrapped around him. 

Luke had assumed it was room service with his chili and ribs. It wasn't.

It was Reid. The only man he had ever slept with.

One Night Only : Part Three


The two men stood looking at each other in shock.

"What are you doing here?"

"You're Mr. Snyder?"

"You're Doctor Oliver?"

Luke's eyes widened.  Reid glanced down at him, and Luke blushed, realizing he was only wearing a towel.

"I- I thought you were room service,"

"Lucky bell boy," Reid smirked.

"One minute," Luke fled to the bathroom to dress.

It didn't matter. Reid could easily picture him naked. He could picture  how tight his ass had been as Reid had pushed inside of him...He could picture Luke's expression of awe and delight as he came.

"Should we discuss the family wing now?" Luke asked. He had surprised Reid, and Reid jumped.

"Sure. Why not?"

Reid kept his gaze intensely on Luke.

There was a knock on the door.

"That must be the chili and ribs I ordered," Luke said and opened up the door again.

As they ate some and looked over the hospital papers, Luke kept sneaking glances at Reid . It had been dark that night and he had been drunk. He remembered Reid's taste and touch, but his actual looks had been murky. He remembered he had thought that Reid was cute, but - Oh, God...

Really, Luke did not remember those piercingly blue eyes or those perfectly firm lips or strong-looking fingers. Luke watched as Reid wrote a note down. Those fingers that had been inside of him and had ---

"Earth to Snyder! Hey!"

Luke looked up. Reid was waving a paper at him. "I said you need to sign these."

"Oh. Right." Luke grabbed at the paper. Their hands touched.  Reid smiled slowly at him; his eyes were looking Luke over.

Luke stood suddenly.
"Well, I think we've worked enough tonight. I assume you have a home to go to and things to do..."

Luke gestured towards the door.

"Yeah," Reid agreed, and he picked up the rest of the papers.  "I should go," he said. Then Reid just stood there and stared at Luke. No one had ever stared at him quite like this before. He stared at Luke like he was going to devour him.

Luke nervously rubbed his palms up and down his jeans. Reid's eyes followed the gesture. Luke saw Reid's eyes had darkened slightly.

Luke felt himself grow hard.

"Do you need to take the actual plans home?" Luke asked and cursed the higher pitched sound of his own voice.

Reid tapped the side of his head. "Naw. Photographic memory."


Reid took a step closer to Luke.

"I never really forget anything " Reid told him with a small smile.

Luke was certain that Reid must feel his heart pounding.

He looked up into Reid's eyes.

Luke's own eyes were huge. They looked like doe-eyes.  Reid saw that they were filled with both confusion and longing.

Reid cupped the side of Luke's face.

Suddenly, it did not seem to matter that Luke barely knew Reid, his body was insistent about remembering every touch. Luke leaned against him. He inhaled Reid's scent like oxygen.  

"I can't believe you are Mr. Checkbook,  deep pockets Snyder," Reid stroked Luke's face some more as he spoke. 

Reid's other hand touched Luke's blond hair gently. 

Luke swallowed. 

"Don't try all that fancy romantic talk, Doctor Oliver, " Luke said back, "I might faint."

Reid grinned at him then. 

Then Reid's face became serious. "You were a bit drunk that night," Reid said slowly. "No regrets?"

Luke reached out and played with the collar on Reid's shirt.  "What makes you think that I even remember?" Luke teased. 

"Brat." Reid continued to touch him.

Luke laughed.  "Well, I do havea really nice jacket from that night."

Reid rolled his eyes.

"And of course,' Luke's voice deepened . "I also lost something kind of big."

"Hmm? What?"

"My virginity," Luke said softly.

Reid's eyes went wild. "What?"

Luke couldn't repeat it again. He had not meant to say that at all. It had just slipped out of his mouth. Luke just shook his head.

"You told me about a boyfriend," Reid said in a measured tone. He had dropped his hands to his sides.

"He always wanted to take it slow," Luke whispered. "All we ever did was kiss."

Luke reached for Reid again, but Reid pushed him away.

"Is  this some kind of game?" Reid demanded. "You look me up somehow? Follow me here?"

"No!" Luke reached out for Reid imploringly.

Reid shoved Luke back against the wall. They looked at each other in anger. The tension flew all around them.

"I'm not sure you were a virgin. You seemed to suck me off easily enough," Reid accused angrily.

Luke felt his own rage and grabbed on to it. "You are- I - you -" Luke stumbled for a reply. " Maybe you used me. Did you know I was going to be part of the Worldwide money? Did you know who my family was?"

"Hey, I don't need some spoiled boy's family for anything. I make my own way."

"Great! Good for you. Just get the hell out of here." Luke shoved back at Reid.  Luke refused to allow this guy see him break down.

The two men were face to face and Reid still had Luke pinned up against the hotel wall. They looked at each other.  For a moment neither one moved.

"I will," Reid dropped his grip on Luke and headed for the door. 

"Fine," Luke said and rushed past Reid to open the door for him, "You weren't that good anyhow," he added, trying to hurt Reid. 

"Don't come around the hospital or bother me again," Reid instructed as he left. The door slammed behind him.

Luke slumped down against the wall.  Don't cry, he told himself, not over that jerk.

Reid stormed over to the hotel elevator. Images of that night with Luke crossed his mind. He recalled Luke's drunken state, Luke's sorrow over his boyfriend's marriage, and the look of sheer surprise on Luke's face when Reid had flipped him over...

"Aw, damn," Reid groaned. Luke really had been a virgin.
Reid pinched the edge of his nose and thought. There was really no way this could be anything but a crazy, cosmic joke. He glanced back at Luke's hotel door and frowned. 

Luke covered his eyes and tried to calm down. He nearly jumped out of his skin when the door opened again and Reid stood there, towering above him.

"Here is the thing," Reid said, "I don't think either of us did plan that night."

Luke quickly wiped his eyes with the heel of his hands.

Reid gave the younger man a moment to compose himself.

"If I had known..." Reid said finally, "I would have stopped."

Luke just nodded.

"You first time should be with somebody special," Reid said awkwardly. "Shit, I sound like a greeting card."

Luke smiled slightly at that.  

"I tried that - to be in love-" Luke said, his voice quivering. "He just didn't really want me."

Reid bent down to Luke. He gently kissed Luke's tear-stained face.

"Sounds like a big moron to me ," he said.

Luke pulled away. "I don't want pity." He stiffened.

"Good," Reid told him, "cause I don't do pity."

He took Luke's hand and placed it gently at the bulge in Reid's pants.

"What I am feeling for you, Mr. Snyder, is certainly not pity."

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After the Rattle
Disclaimer: These characters belong to ATWT

Chapter Six: Skin Deep


<a href="">6</a>

After Luke pulled Reid out of his Chief of Staff party, they rode home in a chilly silence. Reid tried to tell Luke that he was "overreacting."

He did not have to ask why Luke was upset; Reid could see that Luke was jealous. Steam practically rose out of him when he introduced himself to Dr. James Davis  and his brother Alec.

"It was nothing," Reid said now, in the frosty silence, "It was a few casual dates."

"Did you sleep with him," Luke hissed.

Reid opened his mouth to answer and then closed it.

Luke pulled up into Lucinda's driveway and practically leaped out of the car.

Reid sighed. How could he explain to Luke that the sex was just sex. That it had meant nothing. That back then, Reid had been lonely and working as a resident at his first hospital job, and it had been nice but nothing more. No, Luke couldn't undertand that. For Luke, sex meant love. Look how long he had waited to sleep with Reid. Nothing for Luke was causual. And Reid did not want Luke to be any other way.  

As Reid recalled that time in his life,  he and Alec had hooked up out of convience. And yes, Alec had wanted more, but Reid had been incapable of giving it to him. Reid's heart had always been frozen - until a certain black-mailing, breath-stealing blond had come into his life.

Reid went into the pool house and found that Luke had already turned off the light and was curled up in bed. Reid reached out a hand.

Luke flinched away.


Sadness filled Reid's face. He couldn't handle Luke rejectng him; Luke taking back all that love and warmth that fed his hungry soul.

Reid left the room.

Luke turned and looked at Reid as he left. He felt bad, but angry too.  Luke felt all of his old insecurities come rushing back to him. He knew he wasn't Reid's first, but to actually meet a past lover. To see that man looking at Reid. Reid andLuke's love felt so fragile now. Luke felt tears well up in his eyes. He should know from his past with Noah that love can turn on you. 

They both slept poorly that night.

In the morning, Reid went to physical therapy. Luke was long gone.  Reid's friend and fellow doctor, Dr. James Davis , examined his hand and they began to do a series of exercises to strength his hand again. 

"ShouldI use the band nightly?"
"Yes. If the tingling does stop, then I think the hand will recover its full use."

"And if not?"Reid asked  hesitantly.

James just shrugged. "We keep trying." 

A few minutes later, Jame's brother, barged into the room.

"How is the hand, doll?" He grinned and pinched Reid's leg.

James goraned. Reid scowled.

"This is a private physical therapy session," Reid told him flatly.

Alec shrugged. He continued to talk and flirt. 

Reid continued to reject him.

When James excused himself for a moment, Alec grabbed Reid .

"Still such a cold fish," he said to Reid. "Still without any emotions inside of you."

"Why do you care, Alec?" Reid shrugged him off. "We were only together a few times."

Reid suspected with Alec it was all about his ego. He was a good looking man, used to getting whatever he wanted. Reid had not been too interested. Alec had most likely never been dumped before, and Reid had dumped him. He had not really known Reid, and certainly had never loved him. This was just ego. Reid was sure of that. "Why do you care?" Reid repeated.

Alec merely smiled and then tried to kiss Reid on the mouth. Their lips made contact and Reid tried to push him off. Just then,  the door swung open and there was Luke.

"I was coming to say sorry. " Luke's mouth turned down at the corner and trembled. "For overreacting, like you said. Obviously, the jokes on me." Luke turned and ran off.

Reid finally shrugged off Alec and ran after Luke.

But Luke was already gone. 

Luke grabbed his things from the poolhouse and fled to the farm. He never wanted to see Reid again!  His lover was in town one day only and he had already caught them in a kiss! He was a fool. He would stay with Holden awhile -away from town. Luke felt humiliated.

After failing to stop Luke, Reid stormed back into the hospital. Alec was still there, standing by his brother. Reid ingored James , and grabbed Alec's arm.

"Don't come near me again," Reid snarled.

Alec merely shrugged. "Why cause of that boy? A pretty child. A decoration. You  know you need a man."

"Come on guys-" James  tried to break the heated  conversation up.  He had always been the better brother, less spoiled and more sensitive than Alec. He had always watched as Alec was coddled by his parents. Alec was a petulant person. He only was angry at Reid because Reid never treated him like royalty. All his other boyfriends had.

Reid gave them both a cold look. "I don't have time for this," he said. Then he turned and left.

"Good move,'  James told his brother.
Alec just ignored him. His eyes were narrowing in anticipation of the chase.

Reid looked for Luke at Java, but all he did was run into Noah. Noah, already back from LA, too scared to cut ties with Oakdale. Noah. Terrific.  The two men exchange nods just as Alec, who had followed Reid, came in.

"Seen Luke?" Reid asked Noah.

"Nope. Whay ask me?"

"He was upset," Reid said, "You seemed like a logical choice to ask."

"If you are not taking good care of Luke," Noah said loudly, " I will deck you again."

"Classy," Reid taunted, " as intelligent and articulate as ever."

Reid rushed of Java , blowing right past Alec.

Alec did not try and follow Reid this time. He examined Noah.

"Not a friend of yours, I'd guess?" he said to Noah.

Noah scowled, "No. That man stole my boyfriend."

"Interesting," Alec smiled and patted Noah's arm. "It seems we have a reason to talk..."

Over at her house, Katie was crying. Chris Hughes had bruised her heart badly. He had been flirting with a nurse, right in front of Katie. He had then told her he needed "time," after his transplant, to "figure it all out."   Katie had dumped him right then and there. She  realized he had been a desperate attempt at love, since her husband Brad's death, Katie had felt desperate. But she did not really love Chris. That was why her heart felt bruised, but not broken. Katie would allow herself this one good cry and then move on with it.

Just then her doorbell rang. Katie opened it. The doctor friend of Reids, Dr. James Davis, stood there.

"Hi, um, I am looking for Reid," he told her, "this is his address on his records at Memorial."

Katie shook her head. "He did live here , a few weeks ago he moved. Come in and I can give you his new address."

James took in her tear-streaked face. He couldn't stand to see tears, especially on a cute blond.

"Are you okay?" He asked. Katie met his eyes. She had not noticed that they were a striking green color. A blush stung her cheeks, "Fine."

She did not want to cry on this stranger's shoulders, even if his shoulders were nicely built. 

"So you and Reid are friends?" Katie said, handing him the address.

"Well," laughed  ,as much as anybody is allowed to be Reid Oliver's friend."

Katie laughed to. "I kow what you mean, but Luke has really changed him."

"Has he?"

"Oh yes."

"I just hope that Luke is stronger than he seems," Dr.  Davis murmured.

Katie gave him a funny look. "Why do you say that?"

The doctor sighed, "Just take my word for it." He sighed again. He never should of let Alec come to town with him.

He thanked Katie and shook her hand. A flash of chemistry sizzled between them. Katie pulled away and Dr. Davis left.

Whoever didn't treat her right was a big fool, he thought.

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Title: After The Rattle
Author: Marsabi
Summary: This story srats when Reid and Luke roll over the baby rattle at Katie's house. It fixes the Chris problem and other things... 
Disclaimer: These characters  are from ATWT ...I don't own anything
Rating: PG

Chapter Five:

"Well, " Bob put a friendly hand on Reid's shoulder, " this is your night. We are offiically celebrating your new job as Chief of Staff."

Reid looked around at the tacky banner and smell of cheap punch and then took in all the people he did not know standing stiffly around with fake smiles. Then he took in the nurses and other doctors'  fake smiles.

"Great," he said to Bob. Nobody could replace Bob Hughes, except another Hughes...What had he been thinking?

"How is the hand?"

Reid shrugged. "Don't worry. I will be operating soon. I have a special therapist flying in today."

Bob nodded. "You know, the Chief often does paper work anyway- can't remember the last time I actually operated," Bob said.

Reid forced a smile on his lips. He would never be that type of Chief.

"Hey guys!" Katie and Chris sauntered over.

Chris had a hand on Katie's butt. Reid wanted to slap it off. First, Katie had nursed him back from the transplant. Then she had to hear him turn down the Chief of Staff job. Now, Katie had told Reid that Chris wanted to "find himself" some more and take their relationship a few steps back. Bonehead. Doogie Hughes did not derserve Katie!

Not that Reid Oliver cared about her personal life. No, of course not. He was a practical man, a surgeon, focused on medicine and that was it. He had no time to get involved in the love lives of Oakhell. 

"Hey, sorry I am late," Luke came up beaming. Reid noted how all the people around Luke beamed back. 

"You didn't have to come," Reid told him grumpily. 

"I enjoy parties." Luke smiled. He waved at Kim Hughes and then waved at Casey and Alison.

"And this one is so elegant." 

"Don't be snarky, Reid," Luke scolded. Then he patted Reid on the shoulder. "Poor Doctor Oliver- all these people to charm and impress."

"Hey, I can be charming, "  Reid defended himself.  Then he meant Luke's eyes. "Okay, I can be civil. Occasionally. With you by my side."

Luke laughed. 

"Reid, " Bob interrupted them, "They need a picture of us together."
Reid just rolled his eys and sighed. "Great. Maybe you can be the Chief." He said to Luke. " They all love you. And you take a much better picture."

Reid allowed himself to be photographed.  Katie stood behind the photographer once and made a funny face. Reid scowled in return. The photographer took the picture. Katie was cracking up now. Reid walked over to her.

"Terrific," he growled at his friend. 

  "Hey, you were supposed to laugh at that."

"Well now I look mean; everybody on staff will fear me."

"Reid," Katie chuckled and grabbed his arm, "they already do."

Reid sighed. What was it about people? He really had no clue. He tried to talk to them rationally; they were so messy and emotional. People never made much sense to him.  Medicine made sense. Before coming to Oakdale, his whole life had been about medicine. It had been so clear. 

"Look at that," Katie nudged him and pointed to Luke. Luke had a group of older trustees laughing and nodding. 

"He is good," Reid acknowledged.

"Face it Reid, " Katie giggled, "thanks to Luke you are now it."

"What?" Reid asked blankly. 

"You, my friend, are the gay Bob and Kim!"  Katie went into hysterical giggles. "Member when you told me Noah and Luke were the next Bob and Kim? Jokes on you, dear. Get ready to celebrate your 25th anniversary!" 
"I'm glad you enjoy laughing at my expense." 

"Always," Katie patted him.

"There is one big difference. I'm not married to Luke."

"Not yet," Katie teased. 

Reid shuddered. "Worry about your own wedding plans."

Katie stopped laughing and looked sad. Reid cursed under his breath. He wanted to kick himself for saying that. Katie would marry Chris, if the guy was not such an idiot. 

Suddenly, Reid wished Luke would come over. He would know what to say. He would make Katie laugh again. Reid really did need Luke. Without Luke, people just were too confusing. 

As if he read his mind, Luke walked over to them. He hugged both Reid and Katie impulsively, and then said, "Katie, check out how cute Jacob looks with Jack."

A smile returned to Katie's lips and she went over to see her son. 

Reid let out a long sigh. 

"What," Luke asked.

"I'm terrible at all this," Reid confessed. 

Luke grinned. "Reid, that's nothing new. " Then as he saw Reid's face actually fall, Luke tapped him lovingly on the cheek. "Don't worry. They have big sandwiches over there. Come and get one."

Reid saw love and acceptance in Luke's eyes.

"You always know how to cheer me up."

"Well, Doctor Oliver, it is a full time job. Still, somebody's got to do it. " 

Reid spent the next few hours stuffing his face with food and avoiding small talk. Truthfully, he was excited at the idea of becoming Chief. He had worked all his life, nobody had handed him a damn thing, and now the job was his.

Still, Reid acknowledged to himself, none of it would have mattered much without Luke. Reid took in Luke's proud smile and the way Luke lighted up as Bob officially made the announcements. Reid had never felt so lucky. He glanced around the room. He half-expected something to come and ruin all his happiness.

Luke watched as Reid went up to the podium and shook Bob's hand solemly. He was such a good man. Underneath it all, despite often being misunderstood, Luke knew that Reid would lead with compassion and professionalism. He was so proud of Reid. He would show him later. Maybe in the hospital break room. Maybe in the car on the drive home. A saucy smile played on Luke's lips. He could never get enough of surprising Reid  and touching him all over. 

Luke's dreams were suddenly interrupted by a commotion at the front. Two men had come in, one in a long doctor's jacket and the other in jeans and a red shirt. They rushed up to Reid and shook his hand. Reid let the one dressed as a doctor examine his hand quickly. They got into a deep discussion. The other man was simply staring at Reid. Reid was ignoring him. But the hairs on the back of Luke's neck stood up. He walked over. 

"Luke!" Reid said, almost startled. "This is the doctor friend I was telling you about...James Davis - he is sure he can continue to help my hand."

Dr. Davis smiled and said, "I can't imagine a world where Oliver here can't operate. "

Luke smiled stiffly. He turned to the other man, a handsome man with short dark hair. The man was still staring at Reid.

"And you are?" Luke said smoothly and cooly. Inside, he felt nervous. He had already guessed the answer. 

"Oh," James was saying , "this is my brother Alec. He just came to hang around with me."

"What," Reid said a bit nervously, "wanted to see the sights of this grand  town?"

"Excuse me,' Luke said suddenly. "I need to talk to my boyfriend." 

And with that, the normally charming Luke Synder pulled Reid Oliver out of the party.  

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Title: After The Rattle
Author: Marsabi
Summary: This story takes place after Reid and Luke roll on the baby rattle at Katie's. It fixes the Chris problem and other things...
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: These characters are from ATWT...  
Warning: none

 Chapter Four :

"Oh," Reid said, stuffing more chocolate cake into his mouth, "wow."

"Reid," Luke advised, "take a breath."

Reid ignored him and shoveled in more food. "Luke, wow. You can really cook." Reid patted his belly and sighed.

"Why are you so surprised."

"Well, between mommy and your fat bank account, I figured you never learned to bother."

"I'll have you know that I spent many days out at the farm with Grandma Emma cooking."

"Obviously," Reid sighed contentedly. "She must have been a great teacher."

"Wow! All these compliments. That's a first!"

Reid grinned. "Yeah, well...I'm hoping this won't be the last time you cook for me."

"It won't - if you do something for me too."

Reid raised an eyebrow. "What?"

"Go to physical therapy in the morning. Work on your hand exercises."

"I didn't say I wasn't going, " Reid frowned, "I just said the therapist was a moron.  Most likely got his degree online at some quack institute. "

"Reid-" Luke went over to him. "I can fly somebody in - "

"Forget it. "


"Well, for one thing, I can take care of my own problems. Besides, you'll probably fall in love with that doctor too."

"Ha ha," Luke half-smiled. But his heart was full of worry. He knew that Reid was troubled by the tingling in his hand. He knew how important being a surgeon was for Reid. It meant everything. Yet Reid was acting all brave about it; he would not admit it at all. 

They had fought about it already. The day of the accident, after hearing Chris was going to be fine, Luke had tried to get Reid to discuss it.

"Why don't you just tell me how scared you are?" Luke had demanded. 

Reid had become angry then. "Cause I don't just go around spilling my guts out."  And that had been that. 

"I can have grandmother make some calls. I can help- like in Texas."

Reid ate another bite of Luke's delicious chocolate cake and tried to avoid Luke's big brown eyes. Reid felt all twisted up inside. He wanted to drop it. To pretend his hand did not feel numb, but he knew Luke. Luke was one of the most stubborn people on the planet. He would be like a dog with a bone. He would relentlessly bother Reid about his hand. Might as well give into Luke right now.

"I can call somebody myself." Reid told him. " I know a good physical therapist. He actually owes me a favor."

"Why does he owe you?" Luke asked as he cleaned up the dishes. Reid tried to get up and help, but Luke shooed him away.

"Well, I brilliantly operated on a few of his patients. I gave him, his name's James, a ride to the airport once, even though it was a bad storm that day.. I covered for him his nitwit boss more than once.."

"Okay, okay. Call him. As long as you didn't date him or anything," Luke teased.

"No, " Reid said, "James is not gay. " Reid glanced away suddenly.

Luke went over to him. He took Reid's chin in his hand and forced his face up. "But? "

Reid shook his head.


"Well, okay...I might have dated his gay brother for a time," Reid admitted sheepishly.

"Terrific, " Luke said, releasing Reid's chin.

"Hey," Reid touched Luke gently. Luke crossed his arms. Reid pushed Luke's arms back open and slid his body against Luke's. They pushed each other back and forth for a moment, before Luke sighed and let Reid into his arms.

"Don't man handle me," Luke said.

"You love it," Reid told him.

Luke twisted his lips into a reluctant smile.

Reid pulled Luke even closer.

"It was nothing." Reid said. " Besides, it is James I need. I'm not calling Alec. I need James to help with this damn hand."

"I still don't like it."

"Trust me."

Luke just pouted.

"Don't overeact."

"Don't tell me I'm overeacting - you always say that!"

"Oh, forget it. " Reid said. " It was a dumb idea. I'll just stick with Oakdale's idiot therapist."

There was a long silence.

Luke sighed. "It was really nothing?"

Reid kissed his lips. "Really, really...Now how about some more cake?"

Later, as they got ready for bed, Luke saw Reid flexing his hand- open and close, open and close.  Reid
winced. He turned and caught Luke watching.

"It'll be fine, " Reid said gruffly and went into the bathroom.

Luke turned down the sheets.

Reid came out, dressed only in a tight pair of black briefs. He gave Luke a small smile.

Luke smiled back with all of his feeling for this man. Reid swallowed hard for a moment, and then he came over to Luke. They got into the bed together silently.

Luke softly stroked Reid's back.  Reid turned over, so that they were face to face. He stared into Luke's warm eyes. Then Reid rested his head on Luke's shoulder.

"I guess I can admit that I am a know."

"Scared," Luke whispered.

"No, not scared," Reid started to deny. Luke stroked his curly hair and waited.

"Terrified, petrified - " Reid snuggled into Luke. "I'm really trying not to be."

"I know." Luke kissed Reid soflty. "It will be okay."

"Ahh, that Synder optimism," Reid joked, but he pulled Luke even closer. He held Luke for a long, long time.  

In the morning, Reid made the call.


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