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Title: The Last Doughnut
Author: Marsabi
Summary: When Damian disinherits Luke, can he survive in the “real world”? Will he drive Reid crazy in the process? Pairings: Reid/Luke, Maddie/Casey, Henry/Vienna, Lily/Damian, Lucinda/John
Warning: None
Rating: PG – NC-17 (depends on chapter)

A/n: This is a companion to Camp Queer. It is helpful to read that one first. Here is the link:

If you don’t have time to read CQ, you can still enjoy this story by itself. This story opens at Luke and Reid’s first date. Luke has just come out of the closet, but he had a secret relationship with Reid going on. Noah was never his lover, and when Luke came out of the closet, he was rejected by Lily (married to Damian), but accepted by Holden. Thanks traciamc for the read, and cas74 + rtruffles for the encouragement!

Part One - With A Cherry On Top

Danger. Warning. First Date with Near Virgin. Proceed with Caution.

As he waited for Luke, Reid could almost see these signs of trouble flashing in his head. Why had he ever agreed to let Luke pick him up? Why had he agreed to a formal date at all? Reid nervously paced his apartment over Al’s diner. It was Luke’s fault. Luke had turned those Bambi eyes on him and asked him about a real night out on the town. Like a sap, Reid had found himself agreeing. Now he felt ridiculous; like a schoolgirl waiting for prom more than a brilliant neurosurgeon only hours ago performing a procedure on a tricky brain aneurysm.

For Reid, sex had always been just simple fun, a rush of endorphins, an elation at release, like drinking two or three caramel lattes in one shot. That was it. With Luke, however, it was more like a hundred caramel lattes. It had been explosive, euphoric, and beyond anything in Reid’s past experience.

It had all started out as a mission of mercy. Reid had helped Luke accept the fact that he was not straight, practiced some sex moves on him, and assisted him in peeking his cute blond head out of the closet. That was all it was supposed to be.

But then there had been Luke with his goofy grin and tears of joy the night they had finally slept together. . .Usually after sex, Reid just wanted the guy to go away. But with Luke, it was all different. Reid was Luke’s first, and that fact alone made him feel like he was hanging on the top rung of a very high ladder.

And now, they were dating. Reid felt a bead of sweat drip down his forehead. Reid didn’t date. He just had to take things slowly, very slowly.

The doorbell rang. Gulping hard, Reid quickly tucked in his silver dress shirt and eyed his dark slacks in the mirror. Reid snorted at his image. This was what it had come to – he was checking out his own ass.

Frowning, Reid swung open the door.

Luke stood there with a single, pink flower in his hand. His eyes sparkled. He pursed his lips and coyly drew back his head, in what Reid could only describe as a “pretty” face.

“You’re late by fifteen minutes,” Reid greeted him sourly.

“Here,” Luke handed him the rose. Reid impatiently threw the flower on his coffee table, missing the slight flicker of hurt in Luke’s eyes.

He gave Luke a stern glance, and was met with the sheer beauty of Luke’s gaze.

“You look great!” Luke enthused, giving him another one of his sparkly smiles, making Reid scowl more.

Everything about dating irritated Reid: the need for polite exchanges, the games of twenty questions, the boring stories- it was like being in a foreign land. He would nod his head, but confuse the language. Reid understood medicine, chess moves, and dirty sex. What if he failed to offer Luke what he wanted? Worse yet, what if Luke actually wanted to make small talk? Reid cringed. Trouble. Trouble. Too much trouble! The signs in his head went crazy. The pressure was making him choke.

“Let’s go,” Reid grumbled and began to lock his door.

“Are you always this bubbly on your dates?” Luke inquired.

“I don’t go on dates,” snapped Reid.

“I can see why,” Luke mumbled and studied the ground.

The suddenly crestfallen expression on Luke’s face had Reid silently cursing. He had screwed it up already. Reid never regretted a thing usually, but now he wished he could rewind back to the moment Luke had first come to his door. Luke had such a fragile heart and the last thing Reid ever wanted to do was crack it. Reid inhaled deeply. He needed just a moment to calm himself down.

Reid paused. “You know what? I forgot my wallet.” He would go back into his apartment, splash some water on his face, and try again.

Luke shrugged. “ Don’t worry about it. I’ll pay.”

“Thanks Trust Fund, but we at least go dutch.”

“Can you please stop calling me that?” Luke’s smile faltered.

Reid just shrugged. “I’ll just be a minute. Go and wait downstairs.”


Luke hesitated on the stairs and sucked in a nervous breath. He had not touched him. Not since that night during Annie’s crisis, when Reid had come home and they’d made love. He had waited in Reid’s apartment, brought pizza and massage oil, and then… Had he done something wrong? Luke had no experience to compare it. For Luke, the night had been magical.

The only relationships Luke understood were with his family members, and most of those were messy and hurtful and left Luke constantly apologizing. He was divided between his two fathers, pulled by them in different directions. He had felt off balance for most of his life, as if he had been tumbling down a dark hole. The expectations on him were so high that it had driven Luke to bury his own feelings and deny his own nature. It was only now that he was attempting to climb his way out and truly try to live. He had no idea what he wanted yet, except for one clear thing in his mind: he wanted Reid. How he wanted him! Just the thought or the whisper of his name could make Luke’s pulse race. Reid. Luke shuddered with both longing and hope. He held the railing a moment as his body quaked. He imagined Reid’s intense gaze as they had made love.

It went beyond the physical yearning though. After Luke had come out to his mom and dad, Reid had been so supportive at the July 4th party, and then helping him move out of his mother and Damian’s house. Reid had been amazing. His mom had taken his siblings and left for Malta on an extended “vacation” until summer was over. Even now, the sting of that rejection made Luke ache. If it had not been for Holden and Reid’s support, Luke might have crumbled. He wondered now what would happen when Damian and Lily and the kids all returned. But he was so much happier at the farm with Emma and Holden. He was so much happier not having to act straight all the time- it had been exhausting.

Luke glanced at Reid’s door and then continued down the steps. Why hadn’t Reid even tried to kiss him again? He chewed his lip and worried. His gut wrenched . Maybe he had not really satisfied Reid that night? That was the real question burning behind Luke’s uncertainty. But how do you ask your new boyfriend on your official first date a question like that?


Luke went down the stairs and into Al’s. Of course, Reid would live above a diner, with all that food waiting just below. The diner was quiet at this hour. Only Henry was there, behind the counter , cleaning up.

“Luke!” He called surprised. “What are you doing here?”

“Er- “ Luke swallowed hard. He took a deep breath. “I’m on a date.”

“What?” Henry frowned. “Maddie said you guys were just pretending to date- that she was just distracting me from that no good Casey. Thank God he’s still in jail.”

"Yes, but-“

“So you’re not on a date with her?”

“I’m uh,” Luke examined his shoes, “ dating somebody else now. A man. “ His whole stomach twisted as he added,” I’m gay.” Luke’s heart beat with fear as he waited for Henry to react.

“You’re gay?” Henry repeated. “Does Maddie know?”

“Yes,” Luke nodded. He could tell that Henry was not disgusted or anything, unlike his own mother, and he felt the tension inside of him ease.

“You’re gay?” Henry said again.

“He was the other night, when I had him in my bed,” Reid quipped, coming into the room

Luke blushed all over. “Reid!” He hissed.


“Do you have any manners,” Luke said back, crimson now.

“You’re dating him?” Henry said to Luke. “Really? It’s fine your gay and all, but him! Anybody but Oliver!”

“Now, now Hank- “ Reid drawled , “Don’t be jealous.”

Henry looked at Luke pleadingly, “You’re a nice kid. Run away from him- far away.”

“You still can’t have me,” Reid deadpanned to Henry.

“I don’t want you! I’m straight.”

“Come on Hank, I’ve seen the dress. “ Reid raised his eyebrows suggestively. “ We all know you long to be the next RuPaul.”

Luke looked from Henry to Reid in confusion.

“Ignore them , Luke,” Vienna instructed , as she came from the kitchen with Maddie in tow. “They bicker like two dogs.”

“If anybody should be upset about Reid and Luke, “ Maddie declared ,“it should be me. Luke was my boyfriend first,” she batted her eyes, kiddingly.

“You know, just wait until your rent check bounces, Oliver,” Henry was threatening, “just once.”

Reid had stopped listening to him and was busy opening up the cookie jar that sat on the counter.

Henry looked back at Luke, “Flee now,” he said. “And you’re paying for those cookies,” he told Reid.

“Don’t get a tear in your pantyhose,” Reid answered, throwing down a few dollars.

“Oh Henry,” Maddie groaned, “not drag night again?”

“Henry makes a delightful girl,” Vienna said.

“You- you’re gay too?” Luke asked Henry, bewildered.

“Of course not,” Henry said, while he rummaged around for the fixings of a martini, “ I love Vienna. She just likes it when I put on some silk.”

At Luke’s open mouth, Vienna squeezed his cheeks, “So innocent, this one.”

“Henry tries to embrace his inner gay,” Reid offered, chewing another frosted cookie, “but the real mystery here is why Vienna wants him at all.” Reid turned to Vienna. “You sure you don’t want me to take a look inside your brain? Could be some damage you just don’t know about?”

“I’m sure,” Vienna said.

“Great,” Henry whined, “I have to deal with Oliver and I’m out of alcohol. “ He looked up to the heavens. “That’s just dirty play.”

“How about you, Luke? “ Maddie teased. “You sure about the gay thing, right?’ Maddie gave him a smile.

Luke nodded. “I’m sure.”

“Too bad.” Maddie sighed. “ All the ones I like are gay or in jail.” Maddie looped a friendly arm through his.

“We straight gals can all mourn the loss of Luke, “ Vienna grinned, taking his other arm.

Finally relaxing with the easy and warm acceptance from them, Luke laughed.

“Aren’t you going to fight for him?” Henry said to Reid dryly. “Because either of my girls here can kick your butt.”

Reid was shoveling in a few more cookies at record speed. “ I don’t fight. I might hurt my hands,” Reid retorted licking icing off of his fingers.

“Aren’t we going to dinner?” Luke asked, watching Reid.

Reid shrugged, “A pre-dinner snack.”

“Tell Luke he looks good,” Vienna instructed Reid. “Doesn’t he look good?”

Reid pretended to examine Luke closely, taking in the spiked blond hair and fit of his expensive blue suit. “He’ll do. “ Reid said. Then Reid gently touched Luke’s cheek. “Ready?”

Luke ducked his head in an endearing manner, “Sure.”

“Aww! “ Maddie and Vienna both exclaimed . They released Luke to Reid and smiled.

“Take care of him!” Vienna said.

“Show him a nice time,” Maddie added.

Reid rolled his eyes at them. “Next you’ll want me to check that he has clean underwear.”

“No, we want Luke to keep his pants on,” Vienna scolded and Reid gave a bark of laughter.

Luke blushed again .

Henry just shook his head. “You poor kid. Like a lamb to the slaughter.“


As they walked through Old Town , Reid took Luke by the hand. Their fingertips touched lightly, sending delicious, electric currents through Luke’s entire body. But then he darted a glance all around him and Luke tugged his hand away. He jammed them into his pockets.

“Watch out!” Reid said.


“A homophobe – over there by the bench- “ Reid gestured to an overweight man.


“And another Luke, hide! I think one is coming at us now,” Reid taunted, pointing at a small girl and her mother.

“Okay,” Luke muttered, “You’ve made your point.”

“Really? Cause if you think the fat guy is about to rush us- I have 911 on the speed-dial.”

Luke stopped walking. “It isn’t easy for me still, alright?”

Reid stopped walking too. “Not everybody in town is full of hate for homosexuals,” he said to Luke quietly. “Some people maybe, but there are plenty of others who just don’t care if two guys are holding hands.”

Luke shifted his feet. “That, as you well know, has not been my experience.” In the past, Luke had been sent to a camp to “fix” his gay impulses and his family had not supported his sexuality at all. They had convinced Luke that a homosexual lifestyle was immoral and that most people would agree with this view. He glared at Reid. “And stop making fun of me.”

Reid pulled at his hair, “But making fun of you is so entertaining.”

“You are such a jerk,” Luke put his hands over his eyes and shook his head, but amusement was in his voice now. “How can I be dating such a jerk?”

“Pretty much, I’m always a jerk,” Reid agreed.

“Are you ever going to learn some manners?” Luke asked.

“Depends,” Reid’s eyes flirted with him a little, “Are you ever going to be comfortable being out ?”

They stared at each other a moment.

“Okay,” Luke drawled slowly, suddenly feeling silly. “I’ll make you a deal. I will come out to more and more people and in return…you have to be nice to them.” Luke absently brushed some cookie crumbs from Reid’s shirt.

“Nice?” Reid scowled. “ I don’t do nice. I didn’t say I –“

“Afraid?” Luke smiled.

“Hardly.” Reid scoffed. “Fine. For every person you come out to in the next few weeks, I’ll be nice. “


“Great. Give me back your hand then.”

Luke did. They began to walk some more. Luke did feel like some people’s eyes were on him, but he was determined to ignore the looks he felt and concentrate on Reid.

Besides, Luke craved the touch of Reid’s firm fingers woven with his. The was a tingling in Luke’s body as their palms met. My boyfriend . Luke’s heart leapt at the thought. He snuck a peek at Reid. Now if he could only get him alone and get a kiss again…

“Where are we headed , anyhow?” Luke asked.

“This French restaurant that Vienna told me about. It’s the only fine dining in Oakhell.“
Reid glanced at Luke. “Is that okay?” He wanted to treat Luke to a special place for their very first date. The place cost big bucks and Reid had actually saved a little from his last paycheck.

Luke nodded, “Sure. “

Luke did not have the heart to tell him that restaurant was a favorite of Damian’s. Luke had been there many times over.

“You like French food, right? ” Personally, Reid liked the food at places like Al’s, but he knew Luke came from a sophisticated background. Besides, you don’t give your boyfriend a first date of burgers and fries.

“Absolutely!” Luke heard the unspoken concern in Reid’s voice and responded to it immediately. He would have preferred a good burger and fries to French cuisine, but he never wanted to hurt Reid’s feelings by changing his plans.

“Good,” Reid said with relief.

“Great,” Luke smiled.

They reached the front of the restaurant. Luke dropped hands and they went inside the door.

The host warmly greeted Luke.

“Mr. Grimaldi!”

“Snyder,” Luke told him.

“Are your parents coming too?” The host asked him pleasantly.

“No- um- no.”

“How many in your party tonight? “ The man asked.

“Two, just me and- “ Luke suddenly was sweating, he didn’t look at Reid. “my friend.”

“Under the name Oliver,” Reid said.

As the host hurried away to check Reid’s reservation, Reid leaned down to Luke’s ear and whispered, “Now, who’s the chicken?”

“I’m just-“

“Bock Bock,” Reid said, smirking. Then he glanced around the restaurant. “Hmm, who will I be an asshole to first?” His eyes were gleaming with mischief.

“Fine!” Luke pouted. “I’ll tell this guy we’re on a date.”

“That’s the spirit, “ Reid said with mock encouragement,” Just tell him, I’m a fag as he serves you foie gras and cherries jubilee.”

“Reid! “ Luke squealed in protest, “You really have no boundaries do you?”

Reid shrugged, “I don’t believe in pretense,” he said, “life’s too short.”

“Yeah,” Luke answered softly.

He suddenly thought about his friend Armand, who had been his bunkmate at Camp Straight Heart. He had killed himself rather than face the world as a gay man. Learning about the suicide, had been one of the central forces that had motivated Luke to come out. The other force, of course, had been Reid. He swept his gaze over Reid’s lean frame. Maybe Reid had a point about just being honest.

The host came back,” We have your family’s favorite table open,” he told them.

“Wait,” Reid said in confusion, “you’ve been here enough to have your own table? “ He narrowed his eyes. “How many times?”

Luke shrugged and didn’t look at him.

“Oh the Grimaldis come here often, “ the host told Reid happily, “they actually own the building.”

“Terrific.” Reid shot Luke a look. Luke pretended not to notice.

“It’s fine, “ Luke tried to reassure him. “The food is fantastic here.”

Just then Reid’s pager went off. He glanced at it, still upset that his big fancy dinner for Luke was not really special. He read the text and groaned.

“Emergency. It says they need my help.”He glanced at Luke regretfully. “I don’t think it’s a long one, want to come and wait while I do this? Or you could stay and eat…? ”

“No, I’ll go with you.” Luke’s sudden smile took Reid’s breath away. “Let’s continue our date.”

They left the restaurant and headed for Memorial.
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Title:Hit and Run
Author: Marsabi
Summary: Natalie is a victim of a hit and run
Rating: PG

Part 17

It was the day before New Year’s Eve, and Natalie was packing up her things to move back to her own home. Luke was there helping her get everything organized.

“Going to miss you!” He told her. He carefully closed her suitcase up.

Natalie held a bear that Luke had bought her in the hospital in one hand, and her notepad in the other.

“Me too,” Natalie smiled at him.

Luke picked up the suitcase and moved it near the door. “The family is coming by today at what time?”

“Oh at four?”Luke frowned. “I promised Grandmother I’d go and pick up some party supplies for her big New Year’s Eve bash. Do you mind if I am not here?”

Natalie shrugged with a look of sweet innocent. “SSay bye now.”

She gently embraced her brother.

He wrapped his arms around her and hugged her close.

“Everything is ggonna bbbe ffine,” Natalie told him with serious eyes.

Luke gave her a puzzled smile. “As long as you still visit me plenty, it sure will. “ Luke cleared his throat emotionally. Then he said, “I’ll go tell Reid to watch out for Mom and the others arriving and everything, okay?”

Natalie just nodded. She watched Luke hurry down the stairs.

Step one: Get Luke out of the way.


“So, I’m just going to the party store and then to my office,” Luke told Reid a few minutes later. He picked up his wallet and his keys. Natalie had come downstairs and was turning on the television.

“Do we need to go to this?” Reid grumbled.

“Of course,” Luke said automatically. But he had no passion in his voice. Reid looked at him curiously. Luke had been moody the last few days.

“Worried about the trial?” Reid asked him now.

Luke shrugged, “No. They’ll be found guilty.”

“Yeah, I think so too. They confessed and turned on each other, so…”

“You’re okay to see Nat off?” Luke asked, sparing a glance at Natalie.

“Sure. Whose picking her up again?” Reid asked.

Luke shrugged, “Not sure. Mom. Maybe Faith. I don’t know.”

Reid waited for Luke to add a “Be nice,” but he didn’t.

Confused with Luke’s passive attitude, Reid stepped closer to him.

“I know you’ll miss having Natalie here,” Reid offered, questioningly.

He searched Luke’s eyes.

“I will,” Luke agreed, but he gazed out the window. “It hasn’t been the best of times for her.”

“She’s getting better.”

He nodded absently. “I’ll see you,” he told Reid with a quick, distracted kiss.

Luke then gave Natalie a wave and walked out.


Natalie and Reid looked at each other as the door closed.

“Do you think Luke is…acting off?” Reid asked her hesitantly.

Natalie shut off the television and nodded.

“I think I know why. “ Reid shot her a smile. “You’re leaving.”

Natalie sighed at him and shook her head, “N-no. Not that.”

She came over to Reid.

“No?” Reid frowned.


“I got it,” he said suddenly. “ New Years, right?” Reid made a face. Luke- like all alcoholics- dreaded New Years Eve. Reid could understand if the coming of the holiday was making him upset. He didn’t want to go out to some crappy party anyhow ; he’d rather cuddle with Luke and just be together. Maybe he should bring up the idea of skipping it again.


Natalie smacked him with her notepad.

“ Hey? What’s that for? Stop it!” Reid held an arm up to protect his head.

“Gget a clue!” Natalie told him furiously.

Reid tried to duck her blows as she wacked him again and again.

“Ow! Natalie!” He rubbed his head gingerly. “What the hell? ”

Natalie grabbed her pad and wrote Luke thought he’d be married by this coming year, dummy!

She gave her pad to Reid.

Step Two: Wake Reid up!

“But?” Reid’s mouth fell open. “We agreed to just wait… and with all the stuff going on with you and –“ He gave Natalie an irritated look. “You must be wrong. Luke hasn’t even brought up getting engaged again. Neither of us has been thinking of all that.”

Natalie folded her skinny arms over her chest and just shook her head at him. He was hopeless. It was a good thing she had made a plan.

Just then, the doorbell chimed.

Reid frowned at Natalie and went to answer. She must be wrong. Luke had not once mentioned the engagement in weeks and weeks. Reid stumbled over his own feet. Luke had not once mentioned it? That was, well, so not like Luke. A little worried now, Reid opened the door.

The Snyder clan piled inside. Luke’s siblings and grandmas and mother all nodded at Reid, and then greeted Natalie.

“I thought you were with Luke?” Reid said to Lucinda.

“Natalie called and I came,” Lucinda answered laughing, “Bigger fish to fry.”

“Luke can get the supplies alone,” Lily added, “but we’re needed here.”

She looked at her daughter, and Natalie smiled widely.

“Where’s Holden?” Reid said.

“Oh, we females came instead,” Emma smiled as she looked around the house.

“I’m not a female!”Ethan piped up and then ran to play with Reid Jr., who was desperately trying to escape the little boy’s grasp.

Emma cleaned up some stray cups.

Faith plopped down on the couch and was busy texting .

“Assk them about Luke,” Natalie told him pointedly.


“Ask,” She pouted.

“Fine,” Reid groaned. “When did you become such a bully?”

Natalie smiled.

Reid turned to the family and asked hesitantly, “Did Luke –er- mention our engagement to you guys at all? I mean, he didn’t right? “ He looked at them, seriously lost.

“And I thought you were a genius,” Lily said to him.

“If it had been a kitten,” Ethan rolled his eyes in his small face, “Like I told him – you’d be his husband by now.”

“Darling,” Lucinda patted Reid’s arm, “ the poor boy wants to carry you off in my jet to Vegas.”

“What?” Reid backed a few steps away. The color began to drain out of his face.

“What about the sex plan? “Faith suddenly said, looking up from her phone. “Did my prude brother wimp out on my idea?” Faith asked.

“Sex idea?” Reid parroted, wondering if he could just rewind this whole conversation.

“Did he take you skating?” Emma smiled, as she cleaned up some more. “The pond is really a magical place.”

“Wait!“ Reid demanded, flabbergasted. “Has he been discussing everything we do with all of you?” The idea made Reid’s stomach flip.

“We’re his family,” Lily replied. She went over to Faith and made a point of taking her phone away. “You and I are having a talk later,” Lily told her.

“What is wrong with Luke?” Reid asked, still whirling from the fact that they all seemed to know about all his latest adventures with his boyfriend.

Emma put down the cups and put her hands on her ample hips. “No, what’s wrong with you?” She scolded Reid. “What are you making our poor Luke suffer for?”

“I-I “ Reid stammered.

“Careful, darling, “ Lucinda warned, “she may never bake you another pie.”

“But it is a good question. Just why aren’t you marrying my son?” Lily asked.

“What? I’m not. I mean, I will. I- I just –“ He looked around at all the accusing eyes on him and started to sweat. “I figured Luke would bring it up again at some time and we’d go from there.”

Reid gazed down at his frog ring and began to twist it around on his finger.

Meanwhile, Natalie and her grandmother made quick eye contact.

“Of course,” Lucinda said shrugging at Reid, “It might just be too late. I don’t know if he’d have you anymore, even if you asked.”

Reid bristled, “Hell, yeah, he’ll have me!” But a slightly nervous look entered his eyes.

Lucinda noted the muscle leap in Reid’s jaw and had to stifle the urge to laugh.

“Language,” Lily said, gesturing toward an oblivious Ethan. He was trying to dress up Reid. Jr. in a leftover Santa hat. The poor one-eyed cat meowed pathetically.

Reid gazed around helplessly.

Natalie almost felt bad for Reid. Perspiration dotted his forehead. He looked vaguely sick. But the plan was working.

Step Three: Turn the family on Reid to knock some sense into him

Natalie gazed at his flushed and panicked face; he would be Luke’s husband in no time now.

Lucinda stepped up for another swipe at him. She was enjoying this immensely.

“Not going to Vegas?…Hawaii then? Mexico?” Lucinda offered. “Or Disney World. “ She turned to Lily. “Remember that time when Luke was six and in love with Mickey Mouse?”

“I think it was Pluto.”

“How about whisking Luke away in a Cinderella carriage?” Lucinda drawled.

“I’m not going to Disneyland,” Reid said with a look of sheer terror.

“Oh you’d love it darling. There are giant crowds of people, screaming toddlers, and parades.”

“Luke’s favorite ride was A Small World, “added Emma. “You go down in a tiny boat in the dark and puppets sing to you.”

“Sounds like a level of hell,” Reid shuddered.

Natalie moved a step nearer her mother and gave her a small nod.

“Oh by the way,” Lily said suddenly, “Guess who I heard might be in town by Valentine’s Day? “

“WWho?” Natalie asked.

“Noah,” Lily said with a smirk. “He called me from L.A. just yesterday. He misses Oakdale and was thinking about a visit.”

“HHe is coming on VValentine’s Day?” Natalie said, her eyes twinkling.

Lily nodded, glancing at a stony-faced Reid, “Poor thing is lonely to see…well, everybody.”

Reid began to pace the room.

Natalie exchanged a quick wink with her mother.

“I heard he is making a very romantic film that he wants to show in town .”Lily added. “ I
know Luke will be excited for him.”

“Luke doesn’t need to see any of his films,” Reid grumbled. “He caught the live show and it sucked.”

“Reid!” Lily said and pointed again at Ethan. The boy had the cat on its back and was rubbing his face in the belly fur.

“Sorry,” Reid muttered.

“You don’t still have a problem with him, do you?” Lily asked smoothly.

Reid’s answer came swiftly, “I don’t care about him at all.”

“Good cause Noah was thinking of asking Luke to help him at the film’s premiere; they always made a good team, both of them so creative and all.”

“TThey always wrote each other cute ccards for Valentine’s dday,” Natalie added. She owed her mom a lot for thinking of this Noah part. Reid was starting to swallow continuously as he listened. His fists were all balled up.

“I wonder if Luke still has any of them?” Lily mused. “I kept all my old love letters. Of course, I always fall in love with my first love again and again. “

“Luke is a lot like you Mom,” Natalie replied sweetly. “I-I bet hhhe has the ccards.”

“Ever write Luke any love poems?” Emma inquired.

“I write to Luke all the time,” Reid snapped, “not that it is anybody’s concern.”

Reid’s mind raced desperately back to the last time he’d left Luke a note. What had he wrote the other day? Going to Memorial early. See you later. Can you pick up some milk? Something like that. Reid winced at the memory of it now.

He jumped on the defensive, throwing up his hands and turning to them.“Luke doesn’t want to see Noah. He wants to spend Valentine’s with me damn it. He wants to marry me,” Reid
argued. “And soon.”

Didn’t he? Why had Luke not just asked him again?

“Are you sure?” Lucinda pushed, “maybe wait until his birthday.”

“We could help with the proposal,” Emma beamed with sudden excitement.

“I’ve been married more than once,” Lily added, “ I have some ideas.”

“No!” Reid practically snarled at them.

Reid’s head was pounding. He put a hand to his temples.

“ Reid’s right.“ Faith spoke suddenly. “ You guys would only offer him boring, traditional proposals. Listen to me,” Faith offered and she went over to Reid and ran a finger down his shirt, “ You start with some dirty pictures of yourself – “

“No, no and no!” Reid snapped , moving away from Faith and the rest of the group. “Thank you, but no.”Reid took a deep breath to calm down. He faced them and willed himself to remain rational.

“ Luke and I will just sit down and discuss it logically like two adults and. ..” He trailed off . The entire family was scowling at him now.

“That’s your plan?”

“Talking? Logical discussion?”

“You have met Luke, right? ”

“Let us help!”

Reid’s jaw clenched. “I will figure it out. On my own. “ He took in their doubtful expressions. “Fine. “ Reid shrugged. “I’ll be romantic. “

They stared at him.

“I can be romantic!” Reid said hotly.

“If you say so, dear,” Emma patted his arm.

“Good luck with that,” Faith snorted.

Lily and Natalie just shook their heads at him.

Natalie walked over to him and said with a sympathetic smile, “CCall me when you need some ideas.”

Natalie knew it was only a matter of time before she would put into action Step Four.

“Sure,” Reid said absently. He was certain he could handle it all alone. He was a brain surgeon after all. He could figure out how to do a simple proposal. Really, it was not a big deal.

So why was his head about to explode?

“Well,” Lucinda said, “we will leave you to it then.” Then she leaned over him. “If you change your mind, darling, you need to book Cinderella’s carriage months in advance. But I can fly you to Vegas and get you to a drive thru- wedding chapel in less than in 24 hours.”

“I’ll keep it in mind.”

Then they gathered up Natalie’s things. Reid gave Natalie a warm hug. He would really miss the kid. But he was relieved when the rest finally left.

“See you at the party!” They all called out as they went.

Reid closed the door firmly after them. Good riddance!

He looked around the room. How could have missed it? Luke’s crazy antics? His undertones of sadness sometimes? How could it not have occurred to him that Luke was secretly worrying about their stalled engagement?

And now…romance.

Reid collapsed down on the couch. He buried his hands in his hair.

Romance? Had he really promised romance?

Reid was really, really happy that Ethan had left – cause he cursed loud and long.

Then he anxiously waited for Luke .
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Title: Hit and Run
Author: Marsabi
Summary: Reid and Luke are happily engaged and living together, when a sudden event causes Luke to break it off with Reid. This is also my story for Natalie. I always loved her for hugging Luke at the end of ATWT. At this point in the story, Natalie has been hit by a car, and Reid does not want to be the one to operate.
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Angst (but this is the worst of it- promise )
There is one mushy/fluffy/sappy flashback to help ease the angst

Part Three

“I don’t understand,” Luke said softly. “Is it like a legal thing?”

“No. “Reid shook his head. “We’re not married, and that would hardly matter because it’ll be a gay marriage.”

“The state is considering making it legal right now,” Luke murmured, not even sure why he was even talking about it. A few days ago that had seemed so important to him and to their future.

Reid shrugged. “Even if Natalie were my sister, the legal part is murky and varies from state to state.”

“So?” Luke rose to his feet. He shot Reid a confused look. “Reid?”

Reid did not answer a moment. He stood up and then took Luke’s hand.

“I have a friend, a great neurosurgeon and she is on her way right now. “

Luke pulled back his hand. “But Natalie needs you.”

“She very good,” Reid repeated.

Luke’s chin jutted out. He stepped back from Reid.

“Is this doctor better than you?” Luke asked simply.


“Is she?”

Reid swallowed. “She’s excellent. I –“

“Is she better than you?’Luke repeated, enunciating each word with a hard emphasis.

Reid stared at him a moment. “No. Not as good as I am.”

“Then you’re operating, “ Luke told him.

How can Reid even hesitate? Didn’t he hear Bob? Natalie could be brain damaged or unable to walk again…I know what that is like. I remember. Agony. My baby sister. Doesn’t he get that? Reid has never been helpless. Depending on others to help you to the bathroom. Unable to join her friends. My beautiful, ballerina sister – not able to run or dance. Or she could be blind like Noah. Bitter and angry and lost. Or worse - her mind might be damaged. She won’t even know me. Be a vegetable. God no! I remember the day she was born. So tiny. So perfect. She won’t remember how we all love her. The day I bought her that red and white stripped blanket for her first Christmas – the one she carried around for five years- until it was nothing but shreds. She won’t remember ... Or even worse. No! Not Natalie! I need Reid. I can’t chance my sister’s life on a stranger.

Reid was pacing back and forth. He ran a hand through his hair.

“Look…My emotions are all caught up in this… and I don’t think-“

Luke went over to Reid again and took him by the shoulders.

“I know you, Reid. You can put aside your feelings and focus on the medicine like nobody else. You did it with Noah; you can do it here. “ Luke gave him a slight shake. “ You told me in the hospital to be tough and do what I needed to do. Now it’s your turn.”

“Luke-“ Reid bit his lip. The rejection already in his eyes.

“No!” Luke shouted, his own eyes filling with tears.

“You will do it!” Luke put his hands out and butted against Reid, almost like an animal. “You have to!”

Reid shook his head.

Luke suddenly dropped down to his knees. He grabbed at Reid and rested his face against Reid’s belly.

“Please? For me?”


“ Please, Please. Please! If you love me –“


“If you do-“

“Don’t say it.”

“Then you’ll do this.”

Why doesn’t Luke understand? I can’t! If I go in there and operate –if I make a mistake. If she dies on the table –I can’t! One hesitation, one bad choice – no. No! Luke would never forgive me. I would never forgive myself. I can’t, can’t -

“No,” Reid said. He felt a pressure building up inside of his skin.

“No?” Luke shut his eyes.

Reid is letting me down? He said no? The one person – the one person I thought never would. My parents always did and hurt me and each other - over and over. And Noah? All he ever did was reject me, when I needed him the most. But Reid, my Reid – he’s my rock. He’s my everything. And he is telling me no? This cannot be real; it isn’t happening. Reid wouldn’t turn me away when I need him so much, would he?

Luke opened his eyes and looked at Reid.

Luke kept shaking his head. “This makes no sense.”

“I would be- my emotions are,” Reid struggled. “I’m with you and my emotions are with you.”

The day was breaking in half: before and after this moment.

Luke looked like a kicked puppy.

“So because of us,” Luke said slowly, “you won’t do it?”

“It’s a confli-“

“Yes!”Luke snapped. “A conflict of interest.” His eyes turned cold.

Luke retreated from Reid and charged up the stairs.

“Where are you going?” Reid asked, following him.

Luke sniffed loudly and grabbed a suitcase. He began to throw in his clothes.

“What are you doing?” Reid said again, only this time his voice was chilly.

Luke laughed bitterly. “What does it look like? I am leaving you. I’m removing the conflict, doctor. You can proceed now.” He tossed more belongings into his bag.

“How can you do this?” Reid replied, stunned. He went to grab Luke’s hand. Luke shook him away.

“How can I not?”

Luke is leaving ! He is walking away. Again! Just like when he thought I’d chosen my job over him. But this is a thousand times harder. I hadn’t completely let him in back then. I had held back a tiny piece. But now. He owns me. Doesn’t he know that? I’m his. He’s supposed to be mine. And not hurt me. He is hurting me. I trusted him with my heart and I never trusted anybody.

“If you walk out now,” Reid said in the quietest voice Luke had ever heard him use, ”Don’t come back.”

Luke stumbled a moment and stopped.

They stared at each other like two people separated by a huge abyss. Hurt was etched on both of their faces.

“I gotta think about Natalie right now,” Luke finally said. “I can’t do this with you.”

“You’re breaking up with me? “ Reid said numbly.

Luke ran down the stairs.

“Luke!” Reid yelled from the top.

Luke’s heart pounded. He paused and looked up at Reid.

“Take this!” Reid shouted ,” I no longer have a use for it.” He yanked off his engagement band and threw it down the stairs at Luke. Then Reid disappeared back into their bedroom.

Luke swallowed hard. He picked up the band and put it next to his own one. They both rested now on his ring finger. Then he left.


The ground felt unsteady beneath Reid’s feet. He walked over to the bed and clung to it. He gazed helplessly around.

There was Luke’s pillow, on his side of the bed. He kept his books to read on the night stand, his water glass was still half-full. Reid reached out and ran a hand down the imprint of Luke’s head, still there from the morning. He picked up the pillow and held it, squeezing tightly. It still smelled like Luke.

After a few moments, moments that seemed like an eternity, he dropped the pillow and stood up.

Then Reid went back to the hospital to be with Natalie.

Luke drove wildly. He didn’t care that he was speeding. He didn’t care about the fact that the car was almost out of gas. He just drove faster. Finally, he arrived. But he could not get out of the car. Luke sat outside of his mother’s house, frozen and shaken. He rested his head on the car’s steering wheel.

Luke wanted to go backwards in time.

Part of him wished he could just turn around and make up with Reid. He was already regretting some of the things he said. But another, stubborn part of him could not let go of the idea that this was still best for Natalie. He needed to push Reid for her sake.

He knew exactly the moment in time that he’d like to be in. In the darkness of the car, the memory made Luke smile, despite everything. He touched the glittering engagement bands, still both on his finger.

He’d go back to the moment that he had proposed:

They had been playing chess. Luke had planned it for weeks. He had carefully hidden the ring.

He had recently surprised Reid with a chess clock. It was one of the newer, digital models.

“I would love to do rapid play,” Reid said excitedly, like a kid at a birthday, “ but maybe I better start you at the typical 5 minute game.” He was rubbing his hands together.

“Are you saying I’m too slow?” Luke pouted. Then he sent Reid a teasing look, “Cause Chris has been saying for months that he can beat you. You could play him.”

“On my worst day- this queen” Reid pointed to himself,” can destroy that miserable pawn.”

The clock beeped. Reid hit it and moved.

Luke tried to concentrate on his game, but all he could think about was the ring and his plan.

The clock beeped.

“Luke, you can’t keep your finger on the clock.”

“Huh? Oh, sorry.”

The clock beeped.

Reid put Luke in check. Luke’s heart began to pound.

The clock beeped. Luke pressed it firmly down.

“Hey, don’t beat up the clock!” Reid told him. He shot Luke a quizzical look. “What is wrong with you?”

“Me ? Nothing.” Luke licked his lips anxiously. He knew checkmate was only a move or two away.

The clock beeped. “Checkmate.” Reid grinned.

Reid knocked over Luke’s king, just as Luke knew he would. The ring tumbled out.

Reid picked it up. “What’s this?” The grin on Reid’s face slid away as he caught the gleam in

Luke’s eye. Reid gulped hard suddenly.

“Marry me,” Luke smiled.

Reid held up the ring and looked at Luke. “Um, this is a ring with a tiny frog on it. “

“I know. “ Luke beamed at him. “I love you. Marry me.” Luke patted him. “ Okay? Please?” Luke added politely.

“A frog ring?” Reid asked, but he began to nervously finger it. “Are you saying I’m an amphibian? Or maybe you want to get married at the Snyder pond? Or is it that you expected me to croak at the sight of a diamond. You are a rich boy, you know, you can afford some white gold.”

Luke reached out and touched Reid again. “Stop it. You’re babbling.”

“I know,” Reid answered. “Believe me, I know. I just I –“ There was amazement in Reid’s voice.

“I’ll get you a real one soon,” Luke promised, “ but I got this cause,” He gave a melting smile. “When you kissed me, you became my prince.”

Luke took the ring from Reid’s hands.

“That is the dorkiest thing ever,” Reid drawled, but then closed his mouth as Luke dropped down on one knee.

“All my life I’ve been lucky” Luke said slowly, “ cause I’ve been loved. So I thought I knew what falling in love meant. “ Luke shook his head. His gaze intently on Reid’s face. “But I had no clue. Until you came and showed me. That love that doesn’t hurt or judge or…That love can be trusting. It can be fun, joyful, and passionate. Hot! And I promise to love you back just like that -always. Forever. Faithful. If you’ll have me.” Luke searched Reid’s eyes. “ I love you so much. Will you please be my husband?”

There was a silence.

“Okay,” Luke said. “I’m done now.” He bit his lips nervously because Reid had turned away from him at the word husband . Luke cleared his throat with determination. “Look, okay, I know how you feel about gay marriage or just marriage in general. I’m ready – give me the speech about how a piece of paper doesn’t make it last. “

Reid did not answer. Luke felt his heart pound. “Reid?” He gently turned Reid to him.
Luke was stunned to see that Reid was truly crying. Sobbing silently. He leaned in and kissed his boyfriend’s salty tears. Reid gave Luke a tremulous smile and then he reached down and hit the chess clock.

“What are you doing?” Luke frowned in sudden confusion.

“I’m resetting it,” Reid’s voice was thick. He brushed a few more tears aside.

“You want to play chess again?” Luke sounded exasperated. “I mean I know you love the game, but right now-“

“No ,” Reid laughed. He gave Luke a loving slap on his cheek. “I love you, idiot. So much.”

“So what’s with the clock then?”

Reid gave him a flirtatious glance. “I was just wondering how many moves it takes me to get you naked.”

“Uh, let’s see. Less than one?” Luke laughed.

The clock beeped and Reid pushed the button. Their mouths met in a smoldering kiss. They sank down together on the couch.

The clock beeped . Their clothes were already half-off. The kisses became fierce. Reid started to make love to Luke earnestly. His hands worshipping Luke’s flesh, touching every part of him.

The clock beeped. Neither man cared any more. They were naked and tangled up in each other. Then Luke tasted Reid, sucking gently. Reid tasted him back. They did not worry about protection on that special day. They prepared each other with their tongues. Teasing licks. Then plunging in and out . Both deeply sucking. Urgency building. Until Reid palmed Luke in his hand, pressed him down on the sofa.

Reid held Luke’s fingers up above his head. He looked into Luke’s face as he entered him. Their eyes remained open. Their gazes on each other. They smiled. Then Reid began to move deeply inside of Luke, releasing his hands . Luke grabbed at Reid’s firm buttocks and pushed him deeper inside. Reid gasped.

“I love making love to you,” Luke whispered.

“Glad to hear it,’ Reid answered mockingly, but his body told another story. It trembled at Luke’s words. Reid bent down and nibbled at the delicate slope of Luke’s neck. He slid his hands underneath Luke and lifted his body up. They were nothing but flesh and blood. Luke still stared up at Reid through his lashes. Reid’s face almost one of anguished vulnerability, a soft near-cry escaping his lips. Bodies writhed. The sound of panting filled the room.

Another hard thrust. Another exchange of caresses. The building warmth made Luke flush. He gave into sweet release.

Reid’s mouth moved up and down Luke’s body, rained kisses on him, even after they had climaxed, like he could never get enough.

Together. Together always.

“By the way,” Luke said, satisfied and making lazy circles with his fingers on Reid’s skin, “No pressure or anything…But was that a yes?”

That was it. Luke knew now in his gut that he had just made an awful mistake. He wasn’t putting his trust in Reid, and he had vowed that he always would. He was being foolish. He was about to start up the car again and head back to home. He had to fix this with Reid. They could figure it out.

A tapping on his window stopped him.

“Luke!” It was Faith. Behind her, Holden was also coming over. Faith opened Luke’s door and embraced her brother. “I’m so glad you are here! I need you.” She began to cry. Behind her, Holden looked wrecked. Luke felt torn; he looked down at his car keys and then up at Holden and Faith’s tormented faces.

He put the keys into his jacket pocket. Then Luke helped Faith into the house. Holden followed them. He would just have to make things right with Reid in the morning.

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Title: The Secret of Being a Grimaldi
Author: Marsabi
Rating: PG
Summary: This story allows Damian Grimaldi to come back and cause some trouble. Noah is still blind, Chris has no heart problems, and Luke is dealing with strange powers.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to ATWT
Warnings: None

Chapter three:

Reid sat in the hospital break room, trying to eat his lunch in peace. The microwave beeped and he carefully unwrapped his Cup of Noodles. All he wanted was to drink his coffee, eat the soup, and maybe read through the baseball scores in the  morning paper.

The door swung open and Doogie Hughes sauntered in. Reid sighed. There was no place in this town to escape.

"Hey Oliver," Chris said. "I heard you are going ahead with the Mayer operation."


"Risky. "

"Maybe for some, " Reid looked pointedly at Chris, " but not for me."

"If it goes wrong," Chris continued, "This whole town will come down on you. I'll get Chief of Staff..."

"Looks like somebody has been self-medicating again."

Chris approached Reid, who was trying to eat his first spoonful of soup, and stuck a warning finger in Reid's face.

"I"m going to make your life so difficult," Chris sneered.

Reid looked at him dryly and twisted his lips. "Thanks, but I'm not interested in dating you."

Chris shook his head. "You know I am not gay."

"And the world rejoices!"

"I'm trying to date Katie."

"Stalking her is more like it," Reid observed. "When are you going to see she is not interested?"

"She's interested, " Chris said smugly, and with that Doogie left.

How could Bob Hughes have such an idiot for a son?

Reid went back to eating his soup. He huddled over it, his stomach growling.

Reid's mind wandered to Noah's operation. Another genius. He might be able to fix Noah's eyes, but nobody would make that guy a rocket scientist. Truthfully, the operation was very risky. Reid might be a little nervous...Thank God, nobody would ever know that. Of course, thinking about the empty-headed Barista only made Reid think about Luke. Now Mr. Snyder was acting stranger and stranger. What was with those flirty glances and smiles suddenly? And those dimples flashing at him like weapons? It had been so much easier to be hated by him. Now Luke was being...Reid exhaled sharply. Was it possible to spontaneously combust from just desire?

The door opened again. Reid groaned. Could he not just enjoy a meal?

"Dr. Oliver, " Bob Hughes said. "Are you ready for Noah's operation in a few days?"

"Bobo," Reid answered. "Are you ready for all the press writing about the greatest surgeon to ever grace this dog and pony hospital?"

Bob Hughes just smiled slightly and sat down next to Reid.

"Do me a favor? Make sure you talk to his friends and family - communicate with them."

"I didn't think Noah had any family."

"I'm sure the Snyders will be there."


Bob stood up, "You know, Doctor Oliver, it wouldn't hurt you to stop trying to act better than everybody. Your not a God."

"Really? " Reid smiled at Dr. Hughes, "that's not what the men in my life have told me."


Meanwhile, across town, Luke was really and truly afraid he might be crazy. Who could he talk to? Lily was, as usual, a sobbing mess. Holden was out of town with Molly and besides, Holden would go and get a pitchfork or something if Luke told him about Damian's text.

Luke shuddered. He had to talk to somebody about all of this, but it had to be somebody that he respected. Somebody tough. Damian was alive. Damian might be stealing money from the foundation. Damian had powers of some kind or another. Luke was reading minds and having visions...Who in the world could handle of of that information and not seek to immediately lock Luke away forever? The answer came to him quickly.


Lucinda Walsh was wheeling and dealing happily in her Worldwide office, when Luke had come to her with all of his troubles. Luke was very upset. He paced the room, and nervously bounced around like a pinball during the whole conversation.  

"First of all, my darling, you are not going crazy," she assured Luke.

"It is really all true?" Luke whispered.

Lucinda nodded. "The Grimaldi's are very powerful. Mind control, visions, telepathy -I am not surprised by any of it."

"I need to think," Luke said, "go somewhere."

"Move into my pool house, " Lucinda told him. "It is separate from the mansion. You can think in quiet. No voices. "

"No mom crying."


Luke breathed out his relief. "Thanks, grandmother."

"Now," Lucinda almost smiled, "We have to set a trap, find out where he is, get the money back..."

Luke could hear her thoughts, Money. Enemy. Money. Craig is now not important. Damian. At last.

"He is my father," Luke said softly.

"What?" Lucinda asked. "Oh." She tapped her head. "Got in there, did you?"

"I have to plot. He is dangerous, Luke. Even if he is your father. " Lucinda looked off out the Worldwide office window. "I always thought he had some kind of spell over your mother -something sexual."

"Grandmother- "

Lucinda didn't answer. But Luke suddenly felt his head pound. A vision took him over:
He could see his mother and Damian kissing each other. They were on a boat. Malta was in the distance. The wind was blowing Lily's hair all over the place. Damian caught it roughly and twisted it. They struggled. But soon, Lily began to kiss Damian. Her hands grabbing at his neck. His teeth bit into her lip, drawing some blood. His fingers brutally digging into her bare shoulders.  Lily's eyes were stunned. Then another vision came, like changing the channel on a television. This time it was of Lucinda. She was pointing a gun at Damian. He was just laughing at her. A shot -

"Luke? Luke , my dear?" Lucinda shook him. "Come out of it."

Luke's eyes were glazed. Lucinda gave him a hard shake. Luke jumped.

"Grandmother," he said suddenly, " maybe I should go to the police, not involve you. Maybe this was a mistake." Luke tried to calm down. He tried to believe that these visions did not mean anything. They were not necessarily real. Still, panic was beginning to gnaw at him. 

"The police? " Lucinda scoffed. "In this town? No,dear. We will figure it out. Meanwhile, you look awful. Go to the pool house, rest. Nothing has to be solved today. I will start by tracking down the missing money. Always follow the money, my boy. "

Luke nodded. "Okay." Maybe his grandmother was right. Maybe it was all of this stress causing it all. He would go and be alone.

"And let's keep Lily away from it all." Lucinda warned. " Damian has too much hold over her."

Luke heard, Sex. Lust. I knew lust like that once...John Dixon.

"Er- I gotta go," Luke jumped up.

"Oops, did you hear? Well, hell Luke I'm old...not dead."

"I can't do this. Really grandmother." He ran out.

Chapter Four

"Don't be silly, of course we are all here, " Lily shot Luke a pointed look, "We are like your family, " she told Noah.

"And you are like, " Noah sounded choked up, Lily grabbed his hand, "you are like the mom I never knew." 

 Luke heard, It's why I stayed with Luke so long; I wanted to be a part of his family so much.

Luke narrowed his eyes.

"I'm so happy you are all here to support me. Thanks Lily, Luke. "

"Sure," Luke said, a bit sarcastically. He should have stayed in the pool house. It had been so nice there for the past few days. Silent.

Just then, the door opened and Dr. Oliver walked in.

Luke gave him a big smile. Dr. Oliver deliberately ignored him. Luke walked up right behind Dr. Oliver, watching as he examined Noah. Suddenly, Luke's mood was improved.

Luke checked out Doctor Oliver's scrubs. Nice.

"Ready for this, Noah?" Dr. Oliver asked.

"If you are!"

"Always ready and always the best," Dr. Oliver said. He glanced behind him for a second at Luke. 

"Boy, you are so confident!" Noah gushed. 

Luke heard, I want you to see alright. See me kiss your ex-boyfriend senseless.

Dr. Oliver turned and Luke deliberately blocked his path and bumped into Reid lightly. 

"Oh, sorry," Luke said with mock innocence. He was so close to Dr. Oliver that the material of Luke's jeans grazed the material of his scrubs. The space between the two men was so small that not a shadow could break through. Luke could smell a hint of Reid's soap, and Reid breathed in Luke's subtle cologne.  Luke reached out a hand on Reid's chest to steady Dr. Oliver, who had almost dropped his chart.    

"Please stay out of the way, Mr. Snyder."

"Sure." Luke took his hand off Reid's chest, but he casually patted it first.

 Dr. Oliver bolted out the door. 
Luke watched him leave the room.  He really shouldn't be teasing Dr. Oliver right before Noah's big operation, but it was so much fun.

A few moments later, Richard entered the room. Then Alison. Luke felt like it was a good time to make an escape. He really did not want to read their minds.

"Good luck, " he said to Noah. Luke did not try and touch him. He really did want the best for Noah, but that was about all.

In the hospital corridor, Luke spotted Dr, Oliver examining some scans. He went up, intending on  actually just saying goodbye to the doctor and leaving him alone to do his job, but then Luke heard:

 Must do a good job for Luke. Don't want to let Luke down! 

Uh,  Doctor Oliver."
Reid jumped.  Luke was face to face with him. Luke's hair fell slightly in his eyes and Reid fought the urge to touch it.

"What is it now? " Reid demanded.

Luke had a funny smile on his face again. "Nothing, doctor. I wanted to thank you for helping Noah."

"Well since you blackmailed me here, I hardly accept your thanks," Reid told him.

"I meant to bring something," Luke said, "like a four-leaf clover or whatever. But my life has been...Anyhow, I just forgot."

"What?" Reid shook his head at him. "Why would you bring me that?" 

Luke reached out and stroked Reid's cheek. Reid froze. Then Luke leaned in and planted a quick, hard kiss on Reid's firm mouth.

Luke grinned at him. "For luck, doctor," Luke said and he walked away.

Reid stood there a moment, completely flabbergasted.

Then he touched a finger to his lips and let out a low whistle. Now that Luke Snyder had made the first move, Reid did not plan to let him get away.  

Luke laughed as he drove away from Memorial. It had felt so right to stun Dr. Oliver like that...And as for reading his thoughts, well, Luke had never in his life felt so wanted.


While Luke was busy moving his belongings into the pool house, Damian Grimaldi boarded a small jet. He took only four of his best trained men. Two of them would leave immediately for Oakdale and two remained with him. The other guards, he would leave in Malta with clear orders to take care of any unexpected surprises. Damian needed to first go to New York for a few days and go to his bank vault there. He would transfer some more of the foundation's funds. He would meet with his associates from New York.  After that,  he was headed to Oakdale too.  Damian smiled chillingly, and he took out a picture of Lily holding Luciano as a baby. He felt like a man who had been dreaming about a long silence. His soul had grow heavy in the darkness. It was amazing what the denial of love could do to a person. Damian allowed his finger to gently stroke Lily's cheek and the top of the baby's head. Mine, Damian thought. And in the end, he always got what was his.

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Title: The Secret of Being a Grimaldi
Author: Marsabi
Rating: NC-17
Summary:  Damian returns from his "death," and causes big trouble. Luke finds out he has inherited strange powers. At this time, Noah is still blind. Chris and Reid are already competing for Chief of Staff, but Chris has no heart issues.
Disclaimer: Based on characters from ATWT; I own nothing
Warning: sexual content, light bondage, superpowers

Chapter One:

"Listen, I'm a neurosurgeon not a sex therapist. Did I say my name was Dr. Ruth or Doctor Oliver?" Dr. Oliver snapped with irritation.

"Sorry," Noah mumbled, "It just I have no one to talk to ...Since Luke and I broke up, he keeps coming here and confusing me-"

"I repeat, I am here for your eyes."

Noah sighed. "Right." He submitted himself to Doctor Oliver's exam.

"So?"" Noah said after Dr Oliver was through.

"Not sure." Dr. Oliver put his equipment away. "It looks like we can operate soon, but I need a few more tests."

Noah started to ask more questions, when his hospital door suddenly opened and Luke came in.

"Hey," Luke spoke softly to Noah. "Just wanted to come and visit."

"Luke?" Noah said. Then Noah frowned. "This isn't helping."

"Why?" Luke approached his bed, stepping carefully around Dr Oliver. Even though they had started to work on the new wing together, Luke was certain Dr. Oliver still hated his guts.  He could always feel Doctor Oliver's eyes on him, judging him. Luke went to Noah.

He said to Noah, "Let me still help."

Noah blew out an angry breath. "Doctor Oliver?"


"Will you excuse Luke and me, please?"

Dr. Oliver glanced at Luke's  face and then looked away.

"None of my business," he said and left Noah and Luke alone.
"Is he gone?' Noah asked.

"Yes."  Luke reached out to take Noah's hand.

"I said I need some space, Luke," Noah repeated, turning away from Luke's touch.

"Noah, your operation is coming and..."

"Maybe.  Doctor Oliver was not sure there will be an operation yet." Noah spat out bitterly.

"Let me help you, " pleaded Luke.

"No," Noah shook his head. "I told you, I can't do this Luke. I have to focus on me now and my eyes."

Luke struggled to find the right words to convince Noah.

"Is this cause you blame me - " Luke whispered, looking at the ground .

"I don't blame you," Noah said.

Luke felt like his entire world was over.

I totally blame him, Luke heard.

"What?" Luke snapped his head up. "What did you say?"

"Nothing. Just that I don't blame you," Noah insisted.

"Oh." Luke frowned in confusion. That was not what he heard a second ago.

Luke shrugged it off.

"Things have never gone smoothly, have they?" He tried to laugh with Noah and get him to reminisce. "First Maddie, then your dad -"

"Yeah," Noah interrupted. "Good times. " He scowled. "You broke it off with me Luke, cause I couldn't give you everything. This doesn't help."

"I know, but I -" Luke took a deep breath. "I still want to support you. Member when we first met and - "

I should never have even kissed him; I wish I had stayed with Maddie.

Luke's mouth fell open. He had been looking right at Noah this time. Noah had not spoken, but Luke had heard him.

What was happening? Luke shook his head. His heart was hurting, now his head was hurting too. He could taste the truth of what he heard. The bitter weight of it pressing inside of him.

"I gotta go," he said to Noah and fled the room .


Luke went home and found Lily looking through old albums of her many weddings to Holden. Luke almost groaned out loud, this was not what he needed. He tried to sneak past his mother, but she looked up and saw him .


Luke sighed, "Hey, mom."

"I was just up some old stuff."

Luke smiled sympathetically. 

Lily flushed, "I guess I am pretty obvious," she gestured toward the albums. 

"That's okay. I'm having a weird day too."


Luke shook his head, "It is crazy."

"Try me."

Luke shrugged. "Okay, but don't worry or anything...I know it is just stress. " He inhaled sharply. "I was with Noah and we were fighting - like we do now- and I looked at him and I heard him saying things to me- in my head - only he wasn't speaking."

Luke waited for Lily to brush this aside and make him some calming tea or something.  Instead, her eyes widened.

Damian, Luke heard.

"Damian?" He repeated. "What does he have to do with this?"

Lily jumped, "Luke, you just read my mind. I- Oh no!"

A feeling of dread spread through Luke's whole body. "Mom," he commanded and took Lily, who was crying, and shook her. "Just tell me."

"He said it would happen in puberty , not now," Lily cried. "I thought you had escaped it!"

"Escaped what?" Luke asked.

"The secret of the Grimaldi's, " Lily answered and began to sob hysterically.


"So, the Grimaldis have like ancient super powers for centuries now? Awesome!" Casey laughed.
Luke was sitting with him in Java. He had needed to talk about it to somebody. He had turned to his old friend. Lily had completely broken down after explaining that it was more a curse of power than a gift. Luke kept hearing one word in her mind that came to him over and over , Evil.

"So like now you could get more and more powers? Right? That's what your mom said. Wow, dude, maybe like Wolverine or something. I love that comic book!" Casey  held up his hands, "Check out my claws!"

"Casey-" Luke said. It appeared to Luke that his ability to read minds was limited to people that he actually knew and had a connection with. He could not, for instance, read the thoughts of all the strangers at Java. Thank God. As for Casey Hughes...Casey pretty much said exactly what he thought.

"You know I always suspected that I'd make an excellent superhero type, " Casey mused. "I actually am a little psychic. Like I can always tell what Alison is thinking," Casey bragged.

Luke was about to respond, when the door to Java opened and Alison actually came inside. She waved at Casey.

"Gotta go!" Casey jumped up, "Wedding stuff to do. Sorry, pal. I'll Twitter you."

Luke tried to ask Casey not to tell anybody else; he felt like enough of a freak. But Casey was already with Alison.  Alison nodded bye to Luke.

Luke heard, Mick Dante, Mick Dante...coming from Alison's pretty blond head. Luke rubbed his eyes in weary confusion. He did not even know what that meant. 

Luke jumped up and went to leave Java; he still had his head buried in his hands.

Wham! Luke smacked hard into somebody and coffee spilled all over.

"Oh, sorry," Luke apologized and looked up. Terrific, Luke thought, Doctor Oliver. Luke grabbed some napkins from a nearby table. Dr. Oliver was covered in mocha latte.

Luke started to apologize again and dabbed at Dr. Oliver's chest with the napkin.

"Quit touching me, Mr. Snyder."

Keep touching me, Luke heard.

"Sorry," Luke mumbled in shock, but he kept his hand on Dr. Oliver's chest. Luke leaned in closer to him; he was sure he had heard wrong that time.

"Will you stop wiping me up like I am a toddler!" Reid demanded.

God, does he always have to stand so close to me!

Luke jumped back and stared at Dr. Oliver's piercingly blue eyes.

"What's wrong with you?" Dr. Oliver demanded, "Is your brain on in there," Dr. Oliver tapped the side of his head, "what few brain cells you might have. Maybe you need some more caffeine."

Luke found he could not answer the snarky doctor. He just stood there.

Doctor Oliver stared back.

"You're gay?" Luke said finally.

Doctor Oliver suddenly seemed disconcerted. He actually flushed. Then he took a step back from Luke.

"So what? Did Katie or Hank run to tell you? " Dr Oliver shook his head. "It doesn't matter. I've known I was gay since I was nine years old."

"You never said anything to Noah or me," Luke mumbled. He could hardly pay attention. The things he heard coming from Doctor Oliver's mind were shocking him.

"The fact that it took your gaydar all these months to realize it, Mr. Snyder, only emphasizes how obtuse you are."

 Luke heard,  I wish I didn't have to look into those amazing eyes. They melt me.

Luke couldn't help it. He suddenly wanted to make Dr. Oliver squirm.  Luke batted his eyes at him knowingly,
Sure enough, Reid became flustered .

"Excuse me, " he told Luke quickly, "I need to go and change." With that, Doctor Oliver left.

Luke stood in Java for a moment, processing all that had just happened. He smiled slightly. Maybe this mind reading thing had its uses.

Meanwhile, far away, somewhere in Malta:

Damian Grimaldi peered into the darkness. He sat on the edge of a massive bed.  Behind him, two sleeping women were curled up in each other's embrace.Their nipples were touching and their mouths hung open. Their feet were tied together with a thick rope.  They both had long brown hair and dark eyes. The two women were naked and bruised from Damian's night with them. One of them had whip marks down her back. They had been pleasing to him in bed, but neither of them were Lily. He would dispose of them soon.
It had been a long time now, but Damian was ready. He could sense changes in Luciano. And Lily was vulnerable and alone. It was time for Damian's revenge to begin...

Chapter Two:

In his office at the foundation,  Luke finally found relief from all the voices. He was alone. Luke Snyder did not usually enjoy being alone. In fact, he usually relished company. But tonight, being alone was a great relief. Luke sipped some old soda and chewed his lips nervously. He was on his computer, searching for Damian. He tried his father's old email accounts and his private numbers, but Damian did not respond. Luke recalled the last time he had seen Damian. Damian had hugged him and told him not to listen to all of the horrible things that were bound to come out. Then Luke had thought Damian had died. It had been Doctor Oliver who proved that Damian was not the corpse in question. But now, nobody knew Damian's whereabouts. With everything falling apart for Noah, Luke had tried to push the pain of losing Damian from his mind, but now it all rushed back.

Luke stared at the computer screen. Why had Damian never told him about these powers? Could Damian read minds too? Luke had no answers. With a sigh, he focused on the foundation's business instead. It wasn't long before Luke found a problem. The foundation was missing a significant amount of money. Somebody had stolen from him. Luke checked and rechecked the math. The money meant for the new neurology wing had been tampered with clearly. What was he going to do now? Luke felt panicked.

Not knowing where else to go, Luke found himself back at Memorial. The first person he ran into was Chris Hughes.

"Hey there, Luke."

"Hey Chris, " Luke said. "Have you seen your dad? I really need to talk to him."

"No," Chris shook his head with a very concerned look on his face. "Can I help?"

Luke started to answer, then he heard Chris chanting:
It is all about me, all about me. Hmm. Wonder if I can finally get into Katie's pants? Maybe after my golf game?

"Uh, no everything's fine, " Luke told Chris quickly.  

Luke moved on. He searched briefly for Bob Hughes to inform him of the missing funds, but he had no luck  finding him. Luke was feeling queasy and tense. This was all too much to take. He needed some help. Luke hesitated. Even though a part of him became full of doubts, Luke tried to shrug his feelings aside. They had been together for a long time, after all. Surely, if Noah could see how much Luke needed to talk and if he could hear of all the insane things happening, surely he would want to at least comfort him.
He entered Noah's room.

"Noah," Luke said. "I know we fought before, but I really need to talk to you."

Noah sat up in his hospital bed. "Luke? It's not a good time. Richard is coming over soon and - "

"Look, please. I'm having the craziest day and I really need somebody to - "

"Doctor Oliver said I might be ready for my operation after all. I'm so excited."

"That's great, but I-"

"Don't make him angry, okay Luke? You know how he hates you."

"Noah," Luke grabbed Noah's arm, "please I need your help! If I ever meant anything to you -"

Luke heard, Why is Luke bothering me? He is always so needy! 

"You do, you do," Noah waved his hand dismissively. "But I can't deal with all these outside problems right now, okay Luke? Will you just understand. I'm blind! Blind! What could be more important than that?"

Luke dropped Noah's arm. "Nothing, I guess. " He shook his head. "Noah, I want you to see again, I do. More than you know...But our whole relationship, it -" 

The door opened and Richard came in.

"Hey, what's up guys?" Richard gave a big, dorky grin.

"Richard, man, you're late, " Noah scolded.

"Sorry, dude."

"Did you bring my Luna bars and my chips?" Noah demanded.

"Right, " Richard opened up the plastic bag he was carrying.

Luke looked on with disbelief. The air felt cold, making Luke shiver.

"Richard, I asked for Lemon Zest and Chocolate,not carmel."

Luke was standing by his ex-boyfriend watching him boss around his potential new love interest while he ignored Luke's pain, and suddenly it was like a stab in the guts.  And Luke simply fell out of love with Noah, right there in that very moment.  As quickly as he ever fallen in love with him, that love for Noah soured.

Luke did not need any voices to know what his heart told him to be true: Noah loved himself more than he had ever loved Luke.

Overwhelmed by the loss, Luke felt like a scared and tired child. Luke turned and stumbled towards the door. He could not leave the room fast enough. He felt like he could not breath.


The elevator seemed like a safe place to go, and Luke ran in and hit the down button. He knew that he and Noah had broken up, but a part of him had hoped...Luke had offered Noah all the beauty that was inside of him and Noah had not wanted, it was truly over...maybe he was just not meant for love...

A vicious headache brought Luke to his knees. Luke closed his eyes and shook his head. His skin broke out into a slick sweat.  All of a sudden, images began to invade his mind.

What Luke saw was this:
He was in the shower, not his own, someplace else. The water, Luke could almost feel the steady stream of it against his face and neck, was hot and steamy. Luke had his hands braced on the shower walls and he was moaning. There was somebody sitting on the floor of the shower. A man. He had Luke's legs pulled apart. The man's firm fingers were at Luke' thighs, insistingly pressing them open. Luke tried to resist. His mouth was open and quivering. 

"I can't," Luke was saying.
The man had his tongue on Luke's cock. He had Luke in his mouth. It felt so good.  Water was streaming down over the man, making his features impossible to see. But in his vision, Luke could feel everything. The man's mouth taking his cock. The man's hands, now grasping Luke's naked flesh, pressing into his ass. Luke shuddered, his muscles bunched tightly now. The sounds of labored breathing. Sucking noises. Luke was being devoured, possessed. The feeling of a warm mouth taking him inside. Luke grabbed at the wall, and the slid one hand down to the man's head. He grabbed at the curly hair. The pressure inside of Luke was building.  Then Luke was coming, exploding, into the man's mouth. The orgasm swept through him like a wave, knocking him out with its heat and power. 

Luke sank against the wall. His body spent. The man released him and slowly stood. He kissed the back of Luke's neck. Luke could feel the man's erection pressing into him. The man was hard and huge. Luke turned and looked at him for the first time. In his vision, Luke could suddenly see the man's face. It was Dr. Reid Oliver. 

The elevator doors opened. Luke looked up, still dazed, wet, and aroused by his strange vision.

Something was buzzing insistently. Luke stood unsteadily to his feet and took out his phone. The text read: Luciano, your father is alive.

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Title: One Night Only
Author: Marsabi
Summary: Based on a Lure Prompt. Luke gets drunk and has a one night stand with Reid (who did not know he was a virgin). They meet up again unexpectedly.
Disclaimer: Based on ATWT; sadly, I own nothing
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: none 

One Night Only: Part Four

(Dedicating this part to Sexy Scholar... Without you, nobody else would be reading this story ...)

Luke palmed Reid's  erection through his pants. He stroked Reid slowly. Luke watched as Reid closed his eyes.

"Do I make you feel good?" Luke whispered.

Reid's eyes flew open. "Can't you tell?" he asked.

"Yes, I mean I think so...You know now how inexperienced I am-"

Reid kissed Luke firmly. "Shut up," he told him gently. "You turn me on, Luke. Everything you do feels good," Reid kissed him again.

"Really?" Luke's whole face lit up. Reid inhaled sharply.

"Well," Reid said teasingly, " we did only do it that one night, Checkbook, I mean I may need to test what I just said out a little more..."

Luke frowned. "Stop calling me that, please. Call me Luke."

"Make me." Reid smiled.

"Do you want me to push you up against the wall this time?" Luke laughed. "Slap you around some?"

Reid laughed too. The sound came out a bit rusty. It was a new experience to be so aroused and so amused by somebody at the same time.

"Just show me what you learned from our last time," Reid finally said.

Luke began to kiss Reid, gently at first, taking small nibbles at his mouth and neck. Then Luke sank his teeth into the vulnerable skin at Reid's shoulder.

"Too many clothes," Luke suggested. Reid was soon undressed. 

Reid undressed Luke at a slower pace, tasting each part of him as he did so.

"Ahh," Luke sighed and groaned at the same time.

Reid smiled, "You like that?" He asked as he stroked Luke and then kissed Luke's open lips. Their tongues circled each other in an intricate dance. The room felt heavy and dark.  

"Tell me," Reid ordered, "Tell me what you like."

"I- I don't know," Luke mumbled and peeked up at him shyly.

Luke dug his hips into Reid and moved up and down against him.  They were now skin to bare skin, both of them hard and searching for more contact.

"Lets find out what you like," Reid said softly.  Then he dropped to his knees.

"How about this?" Reid said softly. "Like when I do this?" Reid took Luke into his mouth. Luke's whole body thrust forward. 
Reid sucked him deeply and then pulled out. Reid tongued Luke's already aching and leaking tip and then took him in again.

"Reid," Luke grabbed desperately at Reid's hair, winding his fingers into the thick curls. "You take me apart, " Luke admitted.

Reid released Luke and then turned him around. He began to kiss the back of Luke's knees. Luke groaned and opened his legs farther. He silently was begging, waiting for Reid's tongue.

Reid did not disappoint him. He thrust his tongue in and out of Luke, enjoying the moans coming from Luke's lips.

"I have some condoms in my wallet," Reid said . "Let me get one."

"No wait- " Luke reached out a hand. Reid arched his brow in surprise. Luke sure appeared ready for him.

"I mean- can I- do you?' Luke suddenly blushed. "I never have-" he bit a lip and stared at Reid hopefully.

Reid closed his eyes and moaned at the very thought.

He could only nod. Luke took Reid over to the hotel bed. Reid went to lie on his stomach.

"No," Luke said swiftly, "I want to see what I do to you. When I take you- "

"Luke- " Reid groaned again. "You're going to kill me."

Luke smiled wickedly, "I think you secretly want that. Hey, you called me Luke." He smiled in sudden delight.

Then they both stopped talking. Luke began to stroke Reid and kiss his lips, neck, lower stomach. The strong muscles contracted under Luke's hand. Reid's body was firm and his skin smooth and white.  Luke lowered his hand down slowly; he teased Reid's cock with his fingers.

Reid lifted up his hips and hooked his legs high up on Luke. Demanding and pleading at the same time. Luke wet his fingers and slid two of them into Reid. He didn't really know what he was doing exactly. He fumbled around a minute , before learning to stretch and then pleasure Reid. Luke bit his lips in concentration. He pushed his finger in and out.   Reid, meanwhile, was patient and encouraging.

"Tongue, " Reid panted, at one point.

Luke quickly obliged. He used his tongue  and then blew across Reid's opening.  Reid struggled to not just grab Luke and pound into him. Instead, Reid let Luke use his fingers again. And this time, Luke found the exact spot. Then, as Luke hit it, Reid simply moaned. Reid's hips bucked helplessly under Luke.  Reid's reaction to his touch made Luke happily hit the spot over and over.

Luke loved Reid's face like this. His eyes closed, lips parted. Reid was so beautiful. His normally stern expression was open and filled with anticipation. The sudden power over Reid felt delicious.  Luke rubbed his cock against Reid's hole. He removed his fingers, rolled on the condom, and pushed in.

"Do you like that?" He teased Reid. "Do you like it?"

In answer, Reid grabbed Luke's hips and pushed him down more. He forcefully began to move  and soon Luke picked up Reid's set rhythm. Luke rode Reid harder. The mattress creaked. The headboard rocked.

"Take me more," Reid commanded, "take me, Luke."

Luke pulled Reid's legs up higher and then he plunged deeper into him,  until Reid's hands clawed into Luke's back. Until Reid's eyes were glazed and his head rolled back.
"Luke," was all Reid could manage to say. 

Luke's body was shaking with effort. Sweat gleamed on his skin. He reached for Reid's mouth and kissed him. Reid held Luke's face with both hands as they kissed.    

Then Luke switched positions. He pulled out of Reid, ignoring his loud protest. In one enthusiastic pull, Luke moved Reid down to the edge of the bed. He grabbed him again, and Luke stood up. He met Reid's eyes. A look of possession and tenderness filled Luke's face. Reid felt his whole body clench in reaction. 

"I think you might like this, doctor," Luke said in a husky voice. Then he caressed Reid with his hand, before Luke entered him again. Luke's standing up made him push deeply into Reid,  every stroke forceful. Reid's muscled legs pulled Luke closer. His lean fingers grabbed at Luke's waist. The tension built to a frantic pitch. Luke pumping and thrusting and Reid demanding more and more -----

 Soon both men were lost in exquisite pleasure.

Later, after they both had slept, Reid turned and studied Luke's face.

"What?" Luke said, pulling a little self-consciously at the sheet around his body.

"Well, I gotta say, for a virgin once removed...Whoa."

Luke beamed. "I may be inexperienced but I've had years and years of frustrated fantasies." 

"Can't wait to try a few more of those out," Reid said.  
Luke watched as he climbed out of the bed, naked and relaxed.  

Then Luke's eyes widened.
Reid had gotten up to go and devour all of Luke's leftover chili and ribs. 

 Luke watched in astonishment. Reid grinned and shrugged.

"I don't get much food at work," he sighed and licked sauce off of his fingers.

Luke laughed. "I'll be sure to keep you fed."

They didn't discuss what had just happened again. But as they worked together in the hospital on the new wing, they fell into a pattern. They would work by day and then Reid would come to Luke's hotel at night. They made love everywhere: the balcony, the shower, the floor.  Luke was falling more and more in love, and yet he was starting to become frightened. He saw a curtain go over Reid's face whenever the daylight came. Luke kept on trying to connect, and Reid kept trying to put up walls and boundaries.

"I don't get you," Luke said finally, He had stopped Reid in the hospital hallway. It was Luke's last official week in Dallas.

"What?' Reid asked. 

 "We have incredible sex all over the place these past weeks," Luke whispered, " yet you act like a stranger here at the hospital."

"What? Am I supposed to take you to your Senior Prom now or something?" Reid snorted.

"Thanks," Luke twisted up his lips, "but I'm out of high school."


Luke shook his head, "I'm on to you, doctor. I see you in there with Annie. I saw you singing Justin Timberlake to her and letting her draw those hearts on your arm."

"I don't know what-"

Luke snatched Reid's arm and rolled up his sleeve. Silly, pen-drawn hearts decorated his skin.

"You pretend not to have feelings, but I know you do."

Reid took back his arm and jerked his sleeve down. "Some of us can control our emotions."

Luke just stared at him.

"Fine," Reid said, "You want to draw a heart on my arm too? Sing Cry Me a River? "

Luke sighed. "You know, I'm supposed to leave for Oakdale next week. My grandmother and Eliza Judd are hosting a huge party."

Reid was silent. 

"You could come with me," Luke suggested. 

"I have work, my rounds..."

"My grandmother is thinking about having a new Neuro wing put in at Oakdale Memorial..."

"Of course she is, that woman is all over the place -she is like a secret agent or something."

Lucinda had visited the hospital a few days earlier. She had swooped in and bossed everybody around. She had flirted shamelessly with Reid and all the other male doctors. Reid had found her kind of admirable and kind of frightening. Just as Lucinda was becoming aware of Reid and Luke's relationship, business had called her back to Oakdale.


"Listen, Checkbook, I don't do rich people dinners and small talk."

"Reid-" Luke looked deeply into Reid's blue eyes.

"Annie is here." Reid said weakly.

"Annie is stable for now. Thanks to you. Come on Reid, there will be food."

"You and food?" Reid's mouth twitched. "It is tempting."
"Just think about it?"

Reid nodded.

Luke gave a glowing smile, hugged Reid quickly, and then looked at his watch.

"Time for my board meeting. See ya soon, okay?" 

Reid's eyes followed Luke as he walked away. He gave a reluctant smile. Reid was learning who Luke was too. Luke was stubborn and loyal and so...affectionate. Reid hardly knew what to do about it. He was used to sex and temporary pleasure. But those Luke kisses...Luke's impulsive hugs. Nobody had ever really hugged Reid before...

A week later, Luke stood among the big shots of Oakdale. Everybody was there - his parents, the Hughes clan, the Stuarts...His grandmother and Eliza Judd circled the room like two veteran hawks, hitting up people for more hospital money and smiling at the same time.

Noah attended the party with Ameera, his arm around her. Luke felt very little about that. He only wished Reid were there. That he had his arm around Luke. But Reid had not shown. He had promised at the airport, when Luke had left Dallas...but he was not there.

Luke worked the room graciously; the way he had been taught. Besides, he honestly liked parties and people. But his heart was not truly in it.

Just then his phone buzzed, and Luke looked down at his text.

Sorry Checkbook, it read, work.

Luke sighed. Had he really expected Doctor Reid Oliver to come flying across the country? Reid did not have relationships and he had not promised anything. Luke looked at the phone and tried to think about what to text back.

A hand tapped him on the shoulder. "Late, caught a delayed flight, but still in time for the food," A deep voice said sweetly.

"Reid! " Luke looked at him in absolute delight. " You were just teasing me. You're here."

" You have great powers of persuasion," Reid smiled and gave Luke's cheek a gentle pat. "Although I really was running late because of work." 

Luke caught Reid's hand in his own. He kissed the tips of Reid's fingers.

Reid looked at Luke seriously. Then his eyes moved behind Luke's head.

"Um, some woman is waving at us frantically," Reid said.

Luke turned. "Oh, mom. Listen, I want you to meet her. Wait here a second," Luke said.

"Terrific," Reid replied. "Can't wait." He watched as Luke went off. "I'll just help myself to something to eat."

Reid went over to the buffet table.

As soon as Reid began to gather up some thick slices of bread and mustard, a young man came up to him.

"I was watching you with Luke there, " he said. He talked in an almost robotic voice.


"You are together?" The guy asked.

"Observant," Reid drawled as he spread mustard and mayo and pickles onto the sandwich. "Who are you again?"

"I'm Noah," the guy said. He watched as Reid added meat to his sandwich.  

"Luke and I  - I was Luke's boyfriend," Noah squinted up his eyes at Reid.

"Really?"  Reid chewed his sandwich slowly and methodically, " cause I heard it was the fairer sex that you are into giving the worst
 2-second screws of their young, female lives." 

"Hey!" Noah sputtered. "I just came over here to make sure Luke was okay, I care about him -"

"No, I care about him, " Reid shot back, "And by the way? Medically speaking, switching sexual teams all the time might be a sign of overcompensating for lacking in other," Reid glanced up and down Noah's body, "significant areas."

Reid patted Noah's nice shirt with a mustard-stained hand. "You might want to see a urologist about that."
Reid did not wait for a reply. He picked up his colossal sandwich and left Noah standing there. Then Reid calmly walked over to where Luke stood, watching. 

Reid glanced at Luke. "He might drive me to drink too, Checkbook."

Luke just shook his head. "Go ahead. Be obnoxious and call me whatever you want, Dr. Oliver," Luke's eyes were dancing and a smile formed at his lips, " You gave yourself away there.  I know you like me." Luke gave him a flirtatious glance. 

Reid just rolled his eyes. "Let's not get sappy, okay?" He nodded towards the dessert cart. "Enough sugar is over there."  

Luke just beamed at him. Reid reluctantly smiled and held Luke's hand.

A one night stand had turned into so much more.

The End
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Title: One Night Only
Author: Marsabi
 Rating: PG
Summary: This began as a one shot deal based on a Lure prompt (Luke is drunk and has a one night stand with Reid. Reid does not know he was a virgin). I just couldn't stop there. So here is part two and three...
Disclaimer: Based on ATWT; I don't own them or Luke and Reid would still be a couple
Warning: none

One Night Only: Part Two

4 months later

Holden sighed at Luke. "You know, son, it is just that we are so disappointed in you. We expected better."

"Is this because of Noah and that girl?" Lily asked.

Luke groaned . "No mom. I did this mess all on my own."

It had been a difficult few months. Noah and Ameera were always on campus, truly married now, always pawing each other. It made Luke want to drink again, but ever since he had that one night with that stranger, he had been sober.  Casey had suggested going out with Reg, a boy in school who had always liked Luke. So Luke had tried that. Reg was nice, and unlike Noah, Reg was totally gay. But after the first few times of fooling around with Reg, Luke had to admit there were just no sparks.
After sleeping with Reid, whatever his last name was from wherever, Luke could not continue to see Reg. All he thought about were Reid's kisses and how totally hot they had been. He could see Reid's hands running all over his body. Reid pushing him down into the soft grass. It was just cause I was drunk, Luke told himself firmly, that is why it seemed so ...explosive. He tried to put Reid out of his mind.

He had attempted to distract himself by hanging out with Casey. That was when the trouble began. Stupid guys on campus had teased Reg, harassed him about being gay. Casey had been there and defended him. Casey loved a good fight. Then Casey had the bright idea that Luke should run against that group and try to be class president. One disaster after another had led Luke to cheat at the election.

"Trust me, dude," Casey had promised, "Nobody will know and those prejudice bastards will be out."

But they had found out. Ameera had heard about it from Maddie and had told Noah...Noah had turned in Luke. Another betrayal. Walking around the campus that day, Luke felt like his loneliness was visible on his skin. In the past, Luke could not wait to go back to school. But now he would be glad to leave.

Luke felt no love left for Noah after that incident. Noah had insisted it was for Luke's own good. Ha! He had been kicked out of college now. Noah just hadn't wanted his ex-boyfriend around his wife. He wanted no reminders of Luke. He considered Luke a "mistake." 

 At least Luke had covered up for Casey.

"Look," he told his parents now, "I wasn't that excited about college at any rate."

"What will you do?" Holden said pointedly. "If you stay with us then you must apologize and go back -"

"Yes," Lily said. "Mother knows the dean and we can get you back in. Luke?"

"I'll go see grandmother," Luke sighed.

Lucinda Walsh observed the misery in her favorite grandchild's eyes. They had just called the dean to make an appointment.

"Tea, dear?" she offered Luke. Lucinda thought that Luke looked too sad; his eyes were sunken in and it looked like he had not slept well.
Luke took a sip. He looked over the big office at Worldwide. It was as impressive as his grandmother. The office was massive. It was meant for intimidation, but Luke had good memories of the place. Lucinda had let him play in the office many times.

"You never went to college, did you grandmother?"

Lucinda laughed, "I wanted to. Nobody thought much of a girl's education then." Lucinda's eyes hardened, "But I showed them."

She examined Luke again. "Darling," Lucinda said slowly. "If you need a break from college and that boy Noah and all-"

"I do."

"Well, how about working here for a bit?"

"At Worldwide?"

"Why not? It is a family company."

Luke grinned suddenly. "Mom will kill you, grandmother."

Lucinda cackled. "Fighting with Lily is half the fun of my day!"
Then she shrugged her elegant shoulders. " Don't worry about that. What else is new between your mother and me? Look, I can give you work.  Let you have time to think."

Luke smiled, "What would I do here? Make copies? Get coffee?"

"Of course not! Your a Walsh-Snyder. You go right to the top. Besides, I have a project you'd be great at. I need somebody compassionate and thoughtful; I think it could be you."

"What is it?" Luke asked , intrigued.

"I have a friend, Eliza Judd, her poor grandchild is sick. Right now the girl and her parents are in Dallas with some great doctor. Well, they won't accept Eliza's help with money and their hotel bills..." Lucinda rolled her eyes. "So Eliza and I thought we could have somebody go down to Dallas and create a special family wing in this hospital -where loved ones can stay -they can be right there..."

"Wow," Luke said, his face lighting up with interest. "That sounds amazing."

Lucinda nodded, "You'd have to go to Dallas, dear, and stay awhile."

Luke shrugged. He'd felt for weeks now that he was trapped in a place in his life where he was doing nothing but waiting. Getting out of town and taking some action sounded fine to Luke.

"I'll do it."

"Wonderful!" Lucinda tapped Luke on the leg. "You never regret what you do, my boy, only what you don't have the guts to do."

Luke smiled at that. He had spent most of his life being careful to do only what had been expected of him. Then Noah had broken his heart and Luke had done something completely crazy. Yet Lucinda was right. Luke had kept on expecting to regret his one night with Reid, but those feelings had not emerged. It had actually helped him move forward, past Noah and all of that humiliation and pain.

"I'll do a good job," he told his grandmother.

Lucinda grinned, "Fantastic! I will send you on the jet in a few days. Do prepare yourself though , darling. "

"For what?"

"I heard their child's Doctor, Dr. Oliver, is not too crazy about our idea."

 A day or two later,  at the Dallas General hospital, Reid was having a terrible day.

"No way," Reid told his boss.

"Dr. Oliver,"

"I don't have time for this!"

"The Judds are your patients,"

"Only Annie."

"The money Worldwide if offering us and this family wing - it could put us on the map."

"Who cares about some wing to hold the hands of the healthy?"Reid demanded. "What a stupid idea. We need a new Cardio wing, new Neurology wing too. Not this."

"Dr. Oliver - "

"And who is this Mr. Snyder? Some young, spoiled brat  with deep pockets telling me to meet with him?"

"You will do this, Dr. Oliver. It is not a request."

Reid left the room furious at his boss, at this Mr. Snyder, at the Judd family. He needed to focus on Annie and only on her. Not coddle the rest of them .

He frowned and picked up his cell phone. He had been ignoring the texts from Mr. Snyder, but now he had no choice. Still, a nasty smile spread over Reid's face, nobody said he had to play nice.

Okay, Mr. Snyder. I heard that you and your money are flying in to town. I will take you on Richie Rich tour of your life. But that is it. 

  Reid expected Snyder to tell him to go to hell and go off to do his good deeds someplace else.  He was shocked when a text came back.

Fine, Dr. Ice -I mean Oliver . You can buy me dinner and we can plan the wing.

Why should I buy you dinner,
Reid texted, "Aren't you Mr. Checkbook? Then Reid added, Do you even know a thing about a hospital?  Oh wait, you must own one back home.

I might own yours too before my day is done, the text came back, be careful.

Reid shook his head. At leat this Mr. Snyder had balls . He just hoped he had a brain in his rich boy head. Reid planned to convince him to forget about a family wing and give the hospital some new equipment.

Luke checked into his hotel and then called Mr. Judd. The man was so angry and fearful. He had all of his hopes on this Doctor Oliver to save Annie. From what the Chief had told him, Annie was not going to be saved. Doctor Oliver had only promised to try and extend her life by a few months. Luke had felt so sorry for Mr. Judd. He became determined to provide Annie and her parents with a state of the art wing to visit in. Even if this Doctor Oliver was already making it clear that he resented Luke, Luke was determined not to fail. Not again. He wouldn't be a disappointment to Lucinda like he'd been to his parents. 

Doctor Oliver was supposed to pick a place for dinner, but his texts kept putting it off. The man sounded like he never went anywhere!

Luke texted Doctor Oliver again. Why don't you just meet me in my room here and we can order in chili? 

Chili? came the swift reply, don't you mean caviar and champagne?

Jerk, Luke thought. Although a small part of him was enjoying all the snark. At least Doctor Oliver was honest and his texts kept Luke on his toes all day.

That is not my style, Luke texted back. Be here by 7.

He enjoyed ordering this big shot Doctor around.

Reid entered the hotel about 15 minutes early. He just wanted this to be over. He went up to Mr. Snyder's room and hit the bell.

"One minute," called a voice behind the door.

Reid stood there. The door flung open.

Luke had only a towel wrapped around him. 

Luke had assumed it was room service with his chili and ribs. It wasn't.

It was Reid. The only man he had ever slept with.

One Night Only : Part Three


The two men stood looking at each other in shock.

"What are you doing here?"

"You're Mr. Snyder?"

"You're Doctor Oliver?"

Luke's eyes widened.  Reid glanced down at him, and Luke blushed, realizing he was only wearing a towel.

"I- I thought you were room service,"

"Lucky bell boy," Reid smirked.

"One minute," Luke fled to the bathroom to dress.

It didn't matter. Reid could easily picture him naked. He could picture  how tight his ass had been as Reid had pushed inside of him...He could picture Luke's expression of awe and delight as he came.

"Should we discuss the family wing now?" Luke asked. He had surprised Reid, and Reid jumped.

"Sure. Why not?"

Reid kept his gaze intensely on Luke.

There was a knock on the door.

"That must be the chili and ribs I ordered," Luke said and opened up the door again.

As they ate some and looked over the hospital papers, Luke kept sneaking glances at Reid . It had been dark that night and he had been drunk. He remembered Reid's taste and touch, but his actual looks had been murky. He remembered he had thought that Reid was cute, but - Oh, God...

Really, Luke did not remember those piercingly blue eyes or those perfectly firm lips or strong-looking fingers. Luke watched as Reid wrote a note down. Those fingers that had been inside of him and had ---

"Earth to Snyder! Hey!"

Luke looked up. Reid was waving a paper at him. "I said you need to sign these."

"Oh. Right." Luke grabbed at the paper. Their hands touched.  Reid smiled slowly at him; his eyes were looking Luke over.

Luke stood suddenly.
"Well, I think we've worked enough tonight. I assume you have a home to go to and things to do..."

Luke gestured towards the door.

"Yeah," Reid agreed, and he picked up the rest of the papers.  "I should go," he said. Then Reid just stood there and stared at Luke. No one had ever stared at him quite like this before. He stared at Luke like he was going to devour him.

Luke nervously rubbed his palms up and down his jeans. Reid's eyes followed the gesture. Luke saw Reid's eyes had darkened slightly.

Luke felt himself grow hard.

"Do you need to take the actual plans home?" Luke asked and cursed the higher pitched sound of his own voice.

Reid tapped the side of his head. "Naw. Photographic memory."


Reid took a step closer to Luke.

"I never really forget anything " Reid told him with a small smile.

Luke was certain that Reid must feel his heart pounding.

He looked up into Reid's eyes.

Luke's own eyes were huge. They looked like doe-eyes.  Reid saw that they were filled with both confusion and longing.

Reid cupped the side of Luke's face.

Suddenly, it did not seem to matter that Luke barely knew Reid, his body was insistent about remembering every touch. Luke leaned against him. He inhaled Reid's scent like oxygen.  

"I can't believe you are Mr. Checkbook,  deep pockets Snyder," Reid stroked Luke's face some more as he spoke. 

Reid's other hand touched Luke's blond hair gently. 

Luke swallowed. 

"Don't try all that fancy romantic talk, Doctor Oliver, " Luke said back, "I might faint."

Reid grinned at him then. 

Then Reid's face became serious. "You were a bit drunk that night," Reid said slowly. "No regrets?"

Luke reached out and played with the collar on Reid's shirt.  "What makes you think that I even remember?" Luke teased. 

"Brat." Reid continued to touch him.

Luke laughed.  "Well, I do havea really nice jacket from that night."

Reid rolled his eyes.

"And of course,' Luke's voice deepened . "I also lost something kind of big."

"Hmm? What?"

"My virginity," Luke said softly.

Reid's eyes went wild. "What?"

Luke couldn't repeat it again. He had not meant to say that at all. It had just slipped out of his mouth. Luke just shook his head.

"You told me about a boyfriend," Reid said in a measured tone. He had dropped his hands to his sides.

"He always wanted to take it slow," Luke whispered. "All we ever did was kiss."

Luke reached for Reid again, but Reid pushed him away.

"Is  this some kind of game?" Reid demanded. "You look me up somehow? Follow me here?"

"No!" Luke reached out for Reid imploringly.

Reid shoved Luke back against the wall. They looked at each other in anger. The tension flew all around them.

"I'm not sure you were a virgin. You seemed to suck me off easily enough," Reid accused angrily.

Luke felt his own rage and grabbed on to it. "You are- I - you -" Luke stumbled for a reply. " Maybe you used me. Did you know I was going to be part of the Worldwide money? Did you know who my family was?"

"Hey, I don't need some spoiled boy's family for anything. I make my own way."

"Great! Good for you. Just get the hell out of here." Luke shoved back at Reid.  Luke refused to allow this guy see him break down.

The two men were face to face and Reid still had Luke pinned up against the hotel wall. They looked at each other.  For a moment neither one moved.

"I will," Reid dropped his grip on Luke and headed for the door. 

"Fine," Luke said and rushed past Reid to open the door for him, "You weren't that good anyhow," he added, trying to hurt Reid. 

"Don't come around the hospital or bother me again," Reid instructed as he left. The door slammed behind him.

Luke slumped down against the wall.  Don't cry, he told himself, not over that jerk.

Reid stormed over to the hotel elevator. Images of that night with Luke crossed his mind. He recalled Luke's drunken state, Luke's sorrow over his boyfriend's marriage, and the look of sheer surprise on Luke's face when Reid had flipped him over...

"Aw, damn," Reid groaned. Luke really had been a virgin.
Reid pinched the edge of his nose and thought. There was really no way this could be anything but a crazy, cosmic joke. He glanced back at Luke's hotel door and frowned. 

Luke covered his eyes and tried to calm down. He nearly jumped out of his skin when the door opened again and Reid stood there, towering above him.

"Here is the thing," Reid said, "I don't think either of us did plan that night."

Luke quickly wiped his eyes with the heel of his hands.

Reid gave the younger man a moment to compose himself.

"If I had known..." Reid said finally, "I would have stopped."

Luke just nodded.

"You first time should be with somebody special," Reid said awkwardly. "Shit, I sound like a greeting card."

Luke smiled slightly at that.  

"I tried that - to be in love-" Luke said, his voice quivering. "He just didn't really want me."

Reid bent down to Luke. He gently kissed Luke's tear-stained face.

"Sounds like a big moron to me ," he said.

Luke pulled away. "I don't want pity." He stiffened.

"Good," Reid told him, "cause I don't do pity."

He took Luke's hand and placed it gently at the bulge in Reid's pants.

"What I am feeling for you, Mr. Snyder, is certainly not pity."

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After the Rattle
Disclaimer: These characters belong to ATWT

Chapter Six: Skin Deep


<a href="">6</a>

After Luke pulled Reid out of his Chief of Staff party, they rode home in a chilly silence. Reid tried to tell Luke that he was "overreacting."

He did not have to ask why Luke was upset; Reid could see that Luke was jealous. Steam practically rose out of him when he introduced himself to Dr. James Davis  and his brother Alec.

"It was nothing," Reid said now, in the frosty silence, "It was a few casual dates."

"Did you sleep with him," Luke hissed.

Reid opened his mouth to answer and then closed it.

Luke pulled up into Lucinda's driveway and practically leaped out of the car.

Reid sighed. How could he explain to Luke that the sex was just sex. That it had meant nothing. That back then, Reid had been lonely and working as a resident at his first hospital job, and it had been nice but nothing more. No, Luke couldn't undertand that. For Luke, sex meant love. Look how long he had waited to sleep with Reid. Nothing for Luke was causual. And Reid did not want Luke to be any other way.  

As Reid recalled that time in his life,  he and Alec had hooked up out of convience. And yes, Alec had wanted more, but Reid had been incapable of giving it to him. Reid's heart had always been frozen - until a certain black-mailing, breath-stealing blond had come into his life.

Reid went into the pool house and found that Luke had already turned off the light and was curled up in bed. Reid reached out a hand.

Luke flinched away.


Sadness filled Reid's face. He couldn't handle Luke rejectng him; Luke taking back all that love and warmth that fed his hungry soul.

Reid left the room.

Luke turned and looked at Reid as he left. He felt bad, but angry too.  Luke felt all of his old insecurities come rushing back to him. He knew he wasn't Reid's first, but to actually meet a past lover. To see that man looking at Reid. Reid andLuke's love felt so fragile now. Luke felt tears well up in his eyes. He should know from his past with Noah that love can turn on you. 

They both slept poorly that night.

In the morning, Reid went to physical therapy. Luke was long gone.  Reid's friend and fellow doctor, Dr. James Davis , examined his hand and they began to do a series of exercises to strength his hand again. 

"ShouldI use the band nightly?"
"Yes. If the tingling does stop, then I think the hand will recover its full use."

"And if not?"Reid asked  hesitantly.

James just shrugged. "We keep trying." 

A few minutes later, Jame's brother, barged into the room.

"How is the hand, doll?" He grinned and pinched Reid's leg.

James goraned. Reid scowled.

"This is a private physical therapy session," Reid told him flatly.

Alec shrugged. He continued to talk and flirt. 

Reid continued to reject him.

When James excused himself for a moment, Alec grabbed Reid .

"Still such a cold fish," he said to Reid. "Still without any emotions inside of you."

"Why do you care, Alec?" Reid shrugged him off. "We were only together a few times."

Reid suspected with Alec it was all about his ego. He was a good looking man, used to getting whatever he wanted. Reid had not been too interested. Alec had most likely never been dumped before, and Reid had dumped him. He had not really known Reid, and certainly had never loved him. This was just ego. Reid was sure of that. "Why do you care?" Reid repeated.

Alec merely smiled and then tried to kiss Reid on the mouth. Their lips made contact and Reid tried to push him off. Just then,  the door swung open and there was Luke.

"I was coming to say sorry. " Luke's mouth turned down at the corner and trembled. "For overreacting, like you said. Obviously, the jokes on me." Luke turned and ran off.

Reid finally shrugged off Alec and ran after Luke.

But Luke was already gone. 

Luke grabbed his things from the poolhouse and fled to the farm. He never wanted to see Reid again!  His lover was in town one day only and he had already caught them in a kiss! He was a fool. He would stay with Holden awhile -away from town. Luke felt humiliated.

After failing to stop Luke, Reid stormed back into the hospital. Alec was still there, standing by his brother. Reid ingored James , and grabbed Alec's arm.

"Don't come near me again," Reid snarled.

Alec merely shrugged. "Why cause of that boy? A pretty child. A decoration. You  know you need a man."

"Come on guys-" James  tried to break the heated  conversation up.  He had always been the better brother, less spoiled and more sensitive than Alec. He had always watched as Alec was coddled by his parents. Alec was a petulant person. He only was angry at Reid because Reid never treated him like royalty. All his other boyfriends had.

Reid gave them both a cold look. "I don't have time for this," he said. Then he turned and left.

"Good move,'  James told his brother.
Alec just ignored him. His eyes were narrowing in anticipation of the chase.

Reid looked for Luke at Java, but all he did was run into Noah. Noah, already back from LA, too scared to cut ties with Oakdale. Noah. Terrific.  The two men exchange nods just as Alec, who had followed Reid, came in.

"Seen Luke?" Reid asked Noah.

"Nope. Whay ask me?"

"He was upset," Reid said, "You seemed like a logical choice to ask."

"If you are not taking good care of Luke," Noah said loudly, " I will deck you again."

"Classy," Reid taunted, " as intelligent and articulate as ever."

Reid rushed of Java , blowing right past Alec.

Alec did not try and follow Reid this time. He examined Noah.

"Not a friend of yours, I'd guess?" he said to Noah.

Noah scowled, "No. That man stole my boyfriend."

"Interesting," Alec smiled and patted Noah's arm. "It seems we have a reason to talk..."

Over at her house, Katie was crying. Chris Hughes had bruised her heart badly. He had been flirting with a nurse, right in front of Katie. He had then told her he needed "time," after his transplant, to "figure it all out."   Katie had dumped him right then and there. She  realized he had been a desperate attempt at love, since her husband Brad's death, Katie had felt desperate. But she did not really love Chris. That was why her heart felt bruised, but not broken. Katie would allow herself this one good cry and then move on with it.

Just then her doorbell rang. Katie opened it. The doctor friend of Reids, Dr. James Davis, stood there.

"Hi, um, I am looking for Reid," he told her, "this is his address on his records at Memorial."

Katie shook her head. "He did live here , a few weeks ago he moved. Come in and I can give you his new address."

James took in her tear-streaked face. He couldn't stand to see tears, especially on a cute blond.

"Are you okay?" He asked. Katie met his eyes. She had not noticed that they were a striking green color. A blush stung her cheeks, "Fine."

She did not want to cry on this stranger's shoulders, even if his shoulders were nicely built. 

"So you and Reid are friends?" Katie said, handing him the address.

"Well," laughed  ,as much as anybody is allowed to be Reid Oliver's friend."

Katie laughed to. "I kow what you mean, but Luke has really changed him."

"Has he?"

"Oh yes."

"I just hope that Luke is stronger than he seems," Dr.  Davis murmured.

Katie gave him a funny look. "Why do you say that?"

The doctor sighed, "Just take my word for it." He sighed again. He never should of let Alec come to town with him.

He thanked Katie and shook her hand. A flash of chemistry sizzled between them. Katie pulled away and Dr. Davis left.

Whoever didn't treat her right was a big fool, he thought.

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Title: After The Rattle
Author: Marsabi
Summary: This story srats when Reid and Luke roll over the baby rattle at Katie's house. It fixes the Chris problem and other things... 
Disclaimer: These characters  are from ATWT ...I don't own anything
Rating: PG

Chapter Five:

"Well, " Bob put a friendly hand on Reid's shoulder, " this is your night. We are offiically celebrating your new job as Chief of Staff."

Reid looked around at the tacky banner and smell of cheap punch and then took in all the people he did not know standing stiffly around with fake smiles. Then he took in the nurses and other doctors'  fake smiles.

"Great," he said to Bob. Nobody could replace Bob Hughes, except another Hughes...What had he been thinking?

"How is the hand?"

Reid shrugged. "Don't worry. I will be operating soon. I have a special therapist flying in today."

Bob nodded. "You know, the Chief often does paper work anyway- can't remember the last time I actually operated," Bob said.

Reid forced a smile on his lips. He would never be that type of Chief.

"Hey guys!" Katie and Chris sauntered over.

Chris had a hand on Katie's butt. Reid wanted to slap it off. First, Katie had nursed him back from the transplant. Then she had to hear him turn down the Chief of Staff job. Now, Katie had told Reid that Chris wanted to "find himself" some more and take their relationship a few steps back. Bonehead. Doogie Hughes did not derserve Katie!

Not that Reid Oliver cared about her personal life. No, of course not. He was a practical man, a surgeon, focused on medicine and that was it. He had no time to get involved in the love lives of Oakhell. 

"Hey, sorry I am late," Luke came up beaming. Reid noted how all the people around Luke beamed back. 

"You didn't have to come," Reid told him grumpily. 

"I enjoy parties." Luke smiled. He waved at Kim Hughes and then waved at Casey and Alison.

"And this one is so elegant." 

"Don't be snarky, Reid," Luke scolded. Then he patted Reid on the shoulder. "Poor Doctor Oliver- all these people to charm and impress."

"Hey, I can be charming, "  Reid defended himself.  Then he meant Luke's eyes. "Okay, I can be civil. Occasionally. With you by my side."

Luke laughed. 

"Reid, " Bob interrupted them, "They need a picture of us together."
Reid just rolled his eys and sighed. "Great. Maybe you can be the Chief." He said to Luke. " They all love you. And you take a much better picture."

Reid allowed himself to be photographed.  Katie stood behind the photographer once and made a funny face. Reid scowled in return. The photographer took the picture. Katie was cracking up now. Reid walked over to her.

"Terrific," he growled at his friend. 

  "Hey, you were supposed to laugh at that."

"Well now I look mean; everybody on staff will fear me."

"Reid," Katie chuckled and grabbed his arm, "they already do."

Reid sighed. What was it about people? He really had no clue. He tried to talk to them rationally; they were so messy and emotional. People never made much sense to him.  Medicine made sense. Before coming to Oakdale, his whole life had been about medicine. It had been so clear. 

"Look at that," Katie nudged him and pointed to Luke. Luke had a group of older trustees laughing and nodding. 

"He is good," Reid acknowledged.

"Face it Reid, " Katie giggled, "thanks to Luke you are now it."

"What?" Reid asked blankly. 

"You, my friend, are the gay Bob and Kim!"  Katie went into hysterical giggles. "Member when you told me Noah and Luke were the next Bob and Kim? Jokes on you, dear. Get ready to celebrate your 25th anniversary!" 
"I'm glad you enjoy laughing at my expense." 

"Always," Katie patted him.

"There is one big difference. I'm not married to Luke."

"Not yet," Katie teased. 

Reid shuddered. "Worry about your own wedding plans."

Katie stopped laughing and looked sad. Reid cursed under his breath. He wanted to kick himself for saying that. Katie would marry Chris, if the guy was not such an idiot. 

Suddenly, Reid wished Luke would come over. He would know what to say. He would make Katie laugh again. Reid really did need Luke. Without Luke, people just were too confusing. 

As if he read his mind, Luke walked over to them. He hugged both Reid and Katie impulsively, and then said, "Katie, check out how cute Jacob looks with Jack."

A smile returned to Katie's lips and she went over to see her son. 

Reid let out a long sigh. 

"What," Luke asked.

"I'm terrible at all this," Reid confessed. 

Luke grinned. "Reid, that's nothing new. " Then as he saw Reid's face actually fall, Luke tapped him lovingly on the cheek. "Don't worry. They have big sandwiches over there. Come and get one."

Reid saw love and acceptance in Luke's eyes.

"You always know how to cheer me up."

"Well, Doctor Oliver, it is a full time job. Still, somebody's got to do it. " 

Reid spent the next few hours stuffing his face with food and avoiding small talk. Truthfully, he was excited at the idea of becoming Chief. He had worked all his life, nobody had handed him a damn thing, and now the job was his.

Still, Reid acknowledged to himself, none of it would have mattered much without Luke. Reid took in Luke's proud smile and the way Luke lighted up as Bob officially made the announcements. Reid had never felt so lucky. He glanced around the room. He half-expected something to come and ruin all his happiness.

Luke watched as Reid went up to the podium and shook Bob's hand solemly. He was such a good man. Underneath it all, despite often being misunderstood, Luke knew that Reid would lead with compassion and professionalism. He was so proud of Reid. He would show him later. Maybe in the hospital break room. Maybe in the car on the drive home. A saucy smile played on Luke's lips. He could never get enough of surprising Reid  and touching him all over. 

Luke's dreams were suddenly interrupted by a commotion at the front. Two men had come in, one in a long doctor's jacket and the other in jeans and a red shirt. They rushed up to Reid and shook his hand. Reid let the one dressed as a doctor examine his hand quickly. They got into a deep discussion. The other man was simply staring at Reid. Reid was ignoring him. But the hairs on the back of Luke's neck stood up. He walked over. 

"Luke!" Reid said, almost startled. "This is the doctor friend I was telling you about...James Davis - he is sure he can continue to help my hand."

Dr. Davis smiled and said, "I can't imagine a world where Oliver here can't operate. "

Luke smiled stiffly. He turned to the other man, a handsome man with short dark hair. The man was still staring at Reid.

"And you are?" Luke said smoothly and cooly. Inside, he felt nervous. He had already guessed the answer. 

"Oh," James was saying , "this is my brother Alec. He just came to hang around with me."

"What," Reid said a bit nervously, "wanted to see the sights of this grand  town?"

"Excuse me,' Luke said suddenly. "I need to talk to my boyfriend." 

And with that, the normally charming Luke Synder pulled Reid Oliver out of the party.  

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Title: After The Rattle
Author: Marsabi
Summary: This story takes place after Reid and Luke roll on the baby rattle at Katie's. It fixes the Chris problem and other things...
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: These characters are from ATWT...  
Warning: none

 Chapter Four :

"Oh," Reid said, stuffing more chocolate cake into his mouth, "wow."

"Reid," Luke advised, "take a breath."

Reid ignored him and shoveled in more food. "Luke, wow. You can really cook." Reid patted his belly and sighed.

"Why are you so surprised."

"Well, between mommy and your fat bank account, I figured you never learned to bother."

"I'll have you know that I spent many days out at the farm with Grandma Emma cooking."

"Obviously," Reid sighed contentedly. "She must have been a great teacher."

"Wow! All these compliments. That's a first!"

Reid grinned. "Yeah, well...I'm hoping this won't be the last time you cook for me."

"It won't - if you do something for me too."

Reid raised an eyebrow. "What?"

"Go to physical therapy in the morning. Work on your hand exercises."

"I didn't say I wasn't going, " Reid frowned, "I just said the therapist was a moron.  Most likely got his degree online at some quack institute. "

"Reid-" Luke went over to him. "I can fly somebody in - "

"Forget it. "


"Well, for one thing, I can take care of my own problems. Besides, you'll probably fall in love with that doctor too."

"Ha ha," Luke half-smiled. But his heart was full of worry. He knew that Reid was troubled by the tingling in his hand. He knew how important being a surgeon was for Reid. It meant everything. Yet Reid was acting all brave about it; he would not admit it at all. 

They had fought about it already. The day of the accident, after hearing Chris was going to be fine, Luke had tried to get Reid to discuss it.

"Why don't you just tell me how scared you are?" Luke had demanded. 

Reid had become angry then. "Cause I don't just go around spilling my guts out."  And that had been that. 

"I can have grandmother make some calls. I can help- like in Texas."

Reid ate another bite of Luke's delicious chocolate cake and tried to avoid Luke's big brown eyes. Reid felt all twisted up inside. He wanted to drop it. To pretend his hand did not feel numb, but he knew Luke. Luke was one of the most stubborn people on the planet. He would be like a dog with a bone. He would relentlessly bother Reid about his hand. Might as well give into Luke right now.

"I can call somebody myself." Reid told him. " I know a good physical therapist. He actually owes me a favor."

"Why does he owe you?" Luke asked as he cleaned up the dishes. Reid tried to get up and help, but Luke shooed him away.

"Well, I brilliantly operated on a few of his patients. I gave him, his name's James, a ride to the airport once, even though it was a bad storm that day.. I covered for him his nitwit boss more than once.."

"Okay, okay. Call him. As long as you didn't date him or anything," Luke teased.

"No, " Reid said, "James is not gay. " Reid glanced away suddenly.

Luke went over to him. He took Reid's chin in his hand and forced his face up. "But? "

Reid shook his head.


"Well, okay...I might have dated his gay brother for a time," Reid admitted sheepishly.

"Terrific, " Luke said, releasing Reid's chin.

"Hey," Reid touched Luke gently. Luke crossed his arms. Reid pushed Luke's arms back open and slid his body against Luke's. They pushed each other back and forth for a moment, before Luke sighed and let Reid into his arms.

"Don't man handle me," Luke said.

"You love it," Reid told him.

Luke twisted his lips into a reluctant smile.

Reid pulled Luke even closer.

"It was nothing." Reid said. " Besides, it is James I need. I'm not calling Alec. I need James to help with this damn hand."

"I still don't like it."

"Trust me."

Luke just pouted.

"Don't overeact."

"Don't tell me I'm overeacting - you always say that!"

"Oh, forget it. " Reid said. " It was a dumb idea. I'll just stick with Oakdale's idiot therapist."

There was a long silence.

Luke sighed. "It was really nothing?"

Reid kissed his lips. "Really, really...Now how about some more cake?"

Later, as they got ready for bed, Luke saw Reid flexing his hand- open and close, open and close.  Reid
winced. He turned and caught Luke watching.

"It'll be fine, " Reid said gruffly and went into the bathroom.

Luke turned down the sheets.

Reid came out, dressed only in a tight pair of black briefs. He gave Luke a small smile.

Luke smiled back with all of his feeling for this man. Reid swallowed hard for a moment, and then he came over to Luke. They got into the bed together silently.

Luke softly stroked Reid's back.  Reid turned over, so that they were face to face. He stared into Luke's warm eyes. Then Reid rested his head on Luke's shoulder.

"I guess I can admit that I am a know."

"Scared," Luke whispered.

"No, not scared," Reid started to deny. Luke stroked his curly hair and waited.

"Terrified, petrified - " Reid snuggled into Luke. "I'm really trying not to be."

"I know." Luke kissed Reid soflty. "It will be okay."

"Ahh, that Synder optimism," Reid joked, but he pulled Luke even closer. He held Luke for a long, long time.  

In the morning, Reid made the call.
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Title: After The Rattle
Author: Marsabi
Summary: Here is what happens after Reid and Luke roll over that rattle at Katie's house. It fixes the Chris problem and other things.
Disclaimer: The characters are from ATWT; I own nothing
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: none

After The Rattle
Chapter Two:

Reid was thinking that Noah must have been even more of an idiot than he had ever realized. He had to be to not want to savor every part of Luke Snyder. Reid couldn't wait to fix this damn mess with Doogie Hughes and get back to having Luke in his shower again, or his bed, or anywhere, He sneaked a glance at Luke as they drove to the hospital. He was just so beautiful. Not that Reid would ever say that. But Luke was like a beautiful light. Reid felt his heart clench.

Luke glanced over, "Do you really think you can help Chris get that other heart?" He asked.
Reid grinned, "Am I not the best doctor around?"
Luke rolled his eyes. But secretly he was still alive with the memory of their lovemaking.

 Reid Oliver was the best period. Not that Luke planned to tell him that!

After seeing the misery of the whole Hughes clan  and the misery on Katie's face, Reid decided to drive to Bay City and get the damn heart himself. Luke, of course, had tried to insist on coming too. Reid had turned him down, but then, at the last moment, he had impulsively turned to Luke.

"I love you," he'd said to him for the first time, "There- I said it." 

Then Reid gently gave his face a little tap. Luke's eyes had lighted up. He had told Reid, by accident, that he had loved him, and had been hoping and waiting for Reid to say the words back, especially now since they had made love just hours ago.

"That's it," Luke had said, opening the car door.

"What? Your coming? " Reid scowled, "I can do this alone. I'm not a child."

Luke ignored Reid and got into the car.

"You need me, " he told Reid with a smug grin, "You love me," he added. "I'm coming."

"I guess I can't stop you, " Reid grumbled, but he was smiling.

They drove off towards Bay City.

Luke had to laugh as he listened to Reid yell at the Bay City doctor on his cell phone. He could be so arrogant. That heart should belong to Chris just cause Reid demanded it. Luke knew Reid's arrogance should not turn him on so much, but it did. He felt like he'd grown up surrounded by unsure people. He had never quite met a force like Reid Oliver before. It was changing Luke too - Reid was rubbing off on him. The old Luke would have whined and cajoled, but never insisted on coming with his lover. But with Reid, Luke insisted and Reid agreed. Luke had never felt like such an equal partner before.

A train track sign was ahead. The lights had started to blink, and Luke realized that Reid was not slowing down.


"I can make this," Reid said, " we need to hurry."

"We can stop for ten seconds," Luke put a restraining hand on Reid's thigh, "idiot."

Reid glanced at Luke and rolled his eyes. He stopped an they both watched as the train went by.

"You know, " Reid said dryly, "if you weren't here I would have gone for it. Is this going to be how it is now? We slept together and so now you boss me around?"

"I bossed you around before we ever slept together, " Luke teased. "You love it."

"I love you anyway," Reid said softly and he leaned in and kissed Luke. Luke's whole body tingled. Reid had again said he loved him. Again. He said it in that matter-of-fact manner that Reid had. He said it easily. He had said it freely.

"Love you too," Luke replied. He touched Reid's thigh again. He could feel Reid's firm muscles under his pants.

Reid shook his head at Luke as he put the car back into drive.

"What?" Luke asked as they safely crossed the train tracks and headed on to Bay City.

"You. Just you,  Mr. Synder."
Luke laughed. Reid scowled. Luke was glowing, really glowing. I have truly lost my heart now, Reid thought. My heart belongs  to Luke.

"Here," Reid handed Luke a big cooler.

Luke grabbed it and then made a face, "The heart is here? Yuck!"

"I have one more thing to do here in this brainless hospital and we are back to Chris."

"I still don't get how you got that doctor-"

"This place is even more full of silly, sappy doctors than Oakdale is," Reid shrugged, "I just put my foot down on them all."

Luke watched as Reid sauntered away. He looked down at the cooler and half-shrugged. You can't argue with results.

"Excuse me," a pretty nurse interrupted Luke's thoughts, "are you with Doctor Oliver?"


"Tell him that Dr. Pratt will see him next week as promised in the free clinic. We are so excited that Dr.
Oliver is going to give us all of those free hours!" She beamed at Luke and walked off.

"Okay," Reid said a few moments later, "Let's go and give Chris this heart."

"I'm on to you," Luke whispered later, as they drove back to Memorial.

Reid raised hs eyebrows and frowned at him. "About what?"

"The free clinic and you...Put your foot down did you? Liar!" Luke grinned at Reid. "You are a softie, no , a hero - you know that?"

Reid scowled at Luke. "Don't ever say something so stupid. Listen, I did what anybody would. Maybe Bob will hand me that job now. Chris, that bonehead, will lose out.. I'm not soft. " Reid looked as if her tasted something awful. "Not a hero. Please."

They pulled up to the hospital. Luke still smiling. "Aww. Poor Reid. Everybody will know you are not a hard case, after all..."

Reid actually became flustered.  "Just grab that heart, will you?" He let Luke out right in front of the hospital.
"I'll park and meet you in a second."


Luke stood there with the cooler in his hand. He had been teasing Reid, of course, and he loved to tease him. But, as he waited, Luke also had to admit how he was feeling. Part of him had not been kidding. Part of him did look up to Reid. Now that Luke had gotten past the snark and the rude behavior, he could see Reid clearly. The snark was kind of fun sometimes, but he really loved that soft part of Reid that most people never got to see. ..

"Watch out!
Luke felt somebody crash into him, knock him sideways. He had been lost in thought. He had not seen the ambulance approaching.  Luke now saw the ambulance had almost hit him. He saw it all at once, in some kind of horrible slow motion. 

He saw the heart in the cooler flying out of his hands. He saw Reid. Reid, who had just protected him from the ambulance. Reid, who had shoved him out of the way, was now catching the cooler and then hitting the ground. He had the cooler protectively in one hand, but Luke could see that Reid's other side had landed badly. Then everything sped up again.

"Reid!" Luke screamed and raced over to Reid. His hand and shoulder were stiff. His lip was bleeding. Luke cradled Reid's head.

"Luke, the heart. Take."

"Let me look at you first," Luke pleaded.

Reid sat up slowly. The ambulance driver was out and swearing and apologizing.

"I turned off the siren too early, Oh man. So Sorry!"

 Doctors and nurses rushed out to help.

Reid shook Luke off, "I'm okay," He insisted, "Take the heart."

Luke wanted to say forget the heart and that foolish Chris Hughes and just grab Reid and hold him.

He took the cooler instead. Then Reid stopped him a second. "You're okay, right?"

"Thanks to you, " Luke answered. Then he glanced down. "Reid, your hand."

Reid grimaced. "I- it will be fine. The heart. Luke. Now."

Luke nodded and started into the hospital. He looked back at Reid, struggling to his feet, shrugging off the other doctor's help, even though he clearly was in pain. Now he truly was a hero. He saved Luke and now Chris.

Luke raced the heart to John Dixon. He thought about earlier, being in Reid's arms, making love, incredible love. He just prayed thatReid would be okay.

Chapter Three: 

"Chris Hughes is an idiot."

Reid looked up from his hospital bed and grinned at Luke. "What?"

Luke was scowling. He even had his arms crossed. "An idot," he repeated. " He is recovering from his transplant, thanks to you, and now he doesn't want the job. Doesn't want the job that made him lie and cover up his illness and cause all this in the first place!"

Reid whistled in delight. "Wow. Luke Snyder not liking somebody  say it ain't so."

"Be quiet," Luke said, but he grinned back. "I dislike lots of people."

"Like Who?"

"You . Not so long ago!"

"Please tell me that doesn't mean you will now fall in love with Chris too."

"Ugh," Luke shook his head, "Katie can have him."

"I wish she wouldn't, " Reid groaned, "I have to live there too."

Luke laughed and sat down on Reid's hospital bed.

"Maybe not, " he said to Reid.

"What do you mean."

Luke peeked down at Reid through his puppy-dog eyes. "I'm working on a surprise for you. "

Reid scowled. "Yeah...surprises... not sure I like them."

"It involves food."

"Food? Other than hospital food."

Luke laughed. "Yes. It also involves me."

"You and food," Reid said thoughtfully. "What else does a guy need?"

Luke was so happy that Reid was smiling. After he had saved Chris his heart and saved Luke from a near ambulance crash, Reid had been admitted to the hospital for his dislocated shoulder, bruised ribs, and , most alarmingly, hand damage. The other things were now healing, but Reid faced a long road of physical therapy for his hand to prevent any permanent damage. He had been less than happy that first day in the hospital. Poor Nurse Gretchen had to be his nurse, and she had run off in tears. Bob and Kim had thanked him for saving Chris, and later Lily and Holden had stopped by to thank him for saving Luke. Reid had hated every moment of being thanked.  Reid had insulted all of them and ordered everybody out of his room. Not that Bob and Kim and Lily and Holden now did not see Reid for the sweet person he was- underneath all that obnoxious behavior. But Reid chased them all away.  Luke knew he did it more out of embarrassment than anything else. Reid did not know what to do with all the appreciation coming his way. 

He had tried to throw Luke out too. But Luke insisted. And when Luke insisted on something, looking at Reid in his eyes and giving Reid his best pouty look, Reid usually gave in to Luke.  However, Reid had not been too pleased with Luke at first.

"It is my fault, "  Luke had told him, licking his lips and hanging his head down in shame. "I was daydreaming, not looking. I didn't see that ambulance..."

"Stop it."

Luke went on, blushing. "I was thinking about you and me and - God, I even had the cooler in my hand. I'm so sorry. I - and now your hand might be damaged -I'm so sorry- "

"Luke," Reid interrupted firmly, " say you are sorry once more and I will slap you! This was not your fault, you bonehead. This was that ambulance driver's fault for not paying attention and for turning off his siren . Believe me, he will pay. This is not your fault, got it? "

Luke had looked up and met Reid's blue eyes, "Got it," he had said softly.

"Good," Reid had nodded. "Now sneak me in a real sandwich, rich boy. I can't stand the food here." Luke had half- smiled. Reid reached out , with his good hand, and touched Luke gently on the cheek.

"I'm so glad you are okay," Luke had whispered.

Now, here was Reid, joking and teasing, ready to be released today. Luke had a great plan to take care of him. He was a little nervous that Reid would  not let him in -  not let him give him TLC. He half expected Reid to reject his care the way that Noah always had rejected him. But Reid was laughing.

"If I am not to go to Katie's place, and I really hope you don't plan to take me back to your mommy's house," Reid rolled his eyes, " I am confused.  Where are you taking me?"

Luke leaned into Reid and whispered, "Have you ever met my grandmother Lucinda yet?"

Reid's eyes grew wide. "I'm staying at her mansion?"

"Better- her pool house. " Then Luke kissed Reid on the cheek, "With me."

A few hours later, the two of them arrived.

"Darlings, make yourselves at home," Lucinda gestured to the pool house. "It is all yours, my dears, I am jetting off to Europe . You can even use the big house."

"No thanks, grandmother, " Luke smiled, "I like the size of the guest house fine. "

Lucinda shrugged at Reid, "He is so modest. Doesn't get that from me." She threw back her head and laughed.  Then Lucinda checked  Reid up and down. "I approve, " she winked at Luke.

"Grandmother,' Luke groaned.

"What? I'm old, hon, not dead." 

With that,  Lucinda left the two of them to unpack.

"She a bit- " Luke shrugged, half-apologizing.

Reid grinned, "I like her. Even better- I like her cook."

Luke laughed and threw the suitcases on the bed. "Do you want to watch some television? Play some chess?"

Reid shrugged. "Sure. Either. " He started to struggle to get out of his jacket.

Luke rushed over, ""Let me help."

"I'm not an invalid,"Reid snapped. "I will get better! My hand will be fine."

"With lots of therapy," Luke said. He refused to back away. "You need me. Let me help."

Reid met Luke's eyes. "Maybe I need you a little." He let Luke help him with the jacket.

Luke smiled.

"Great," Reid said, rolling his eyes, "you glow when I am helpless."

"No, " Luke took his good hand. "I am smiling cause you let me in. I can't tell you how much I want to be the one to care for you. "

Luke blushed. He looked up at Reid. "I love you."

Reid stared at Luke, his eyes suddenly hungry.

"That day at Katie's place- it seems so far away now. Did we really, finally, make love, or was it just a dream?"

Luke leaned in and kissed Reid's neck. "If it was a dream,' he told Reid, "it was the best damn dream I ever had!"

Reid stroked Luke's hair, "Care to repeat it?'

"Are you up for that? " Luke whispered. "I mean, we just got here."

Reid moved Luke's hand downwards and held it against his erection. "I am so ready for that. Any time. With you." Reid grabbed Luke by the neck and pulled him in for a kiss. Their lips met- hot.
Luke felt his whole body catch fire. It felt so good . Kissing Reid felt so good.

"I like this place, " Reid murmured, "no babies, no parents..."

And Reid's scent - the smell of him. Luke breathed it in and moaned.

Reid kissed Luke again. His lips became more demanding.

"Wait," Luke pulled back. "I don't want to hurt you. Your ribs are bruised, hand damaged..I mean that ambulance hit you two days ago..."

"Grazed me. Barely. I'm fine. I'm on pain killers- so I'm fine." Reid gave Luke a slow grin, "just be gentle with me, Mr. Synder."

Luke smiled back. Then he gently stroked Reid's face. They gazed into each other's eyes. Luke began to undress Reid. He placed little kisses on Reid's chest, nipples, the flat curve of his stomach. 

"Reid, I want to -"
Luke flushed.

"What?" Reid asked hoarsely. 

Luke shook his head. "There is so much I want to do to you, " he said. "I'm afraid to ask."

Reid caressed Luke's face. "Don;t you know that you can do anything to me?" He softly said.

"Noah never let me do -"

"Hold it. That name is not allowed between us anymore. Right? "

Luke blushed and nodded.

"I told you. Do anything to me. " Reid smiled, "Except force me to wear some of your hair products," he teased and ran a finger in Luke's blond locks. 

"You wish you had hair like mine," Luke retorted. Reid laughed. He was glad to see self-conscious Luke was gone again. He liked Luke happy and sure of himself.

They reached for each other at the same time.  Luke continued to undress Reid. He pulled off Reid's tight black jeans and boxers, and then pushed him gently down to the bed. 

Reid watched as Luke shrugged out of his own clothes. His skin was beautiful. His body - perfect . 

Luke climbed on the bed, next to Reid , and they stroked each other.

They rubbed against each other, cock pressed to cock, and Luke was careful to keep his weight off of Reid.  He pulled Reid up and over his knees, until Reid was lying across Luke. Then Luke pinched and grabbed Reid by the ass. He licked a finger. Stuck one inside of Reid. Luke loved to make the great Dr. Oliver tremble and moan. He loved having Reid lose control. Then Luke did something he had never done to anyone before. He leaned down and let his tongue follow his finger. He tasted and plunged his tongue into Reid.

"Luke! " Reid nearly jumped off the bed, his body arched up, his hips thrashed wildly.

"Are you okay?" Luke asked.

"No, and for God sakes, don't stop! " Reid commanded.

Luke lowered his tongue again. His hands wrapped around Reid's cock.

When Reid could not stand another moment, he rolled off of Luke and urgently pulled Luke next to him. They exchanged deep, long kisses.

Then Reid's mouth found Luke's cock. He tasted ansd teased and sucked. He held Luke  in his good hand. He took Luke all the way into his mouth.

Now it was Luke's turn to plead and moan and shiver.

They gave and took from each other. They made it last a long time. 

Finally, Reid pushed Luke down into the pillows. He parted his legs. Luke silently opened the dresser drawer. He had prepared the lube and some condoms. Reid grinned at that and then his smile faded as he stared at Luke. 

"I love you, " he told Luke gruffly. 

"Show me,' Luke smirked. 

Reid did. He parted Luke's legs. Then he used his finger - in and out. Reid put in another finger and moved it some more. - holding Luke firmly in place. Reid loved the taste and feel of Luke. He licked the tip of Luke's erection. He loved hearing Luke practically sobbing in delight. Only then did Reid enter him. He pushed slowly inside. "You are so tight," Reid murmured to Luke. He reached around and cupped Luke in his hands. Then Reid pushed inside more.  He thrust into Luke over and over, pounding his ass hard. Reid stroked  too and then his other hand gripped Luke's clawing fingers. He held Luke's hands over his head.  Their hands joined together. Their bodies became one. Luke shouted as he came. Reid's hand still holding and touching him. Reid held out a little longer. He focused , his brows knitted together with intense concentration. He took more and more of Luke, each thrust deeper than the last one. Luke was screaming his name. Only then did Reid let go.

They both collapsed on the bed, exhausted. Sweat covered their skin. Smiles remained on their lips. 

"Welcome to the pool house," Luke said, running his fingers in Reid's hair. 

"Maybe later we can go for a swim,' Reid said. "Or do you not want to mess up your pretty hair?"

"It's already messed up. Thanks to you. "

"Hey," Reid sat up suddenly. "Didn't you promise me TLC? Food?"

"Do you ever stop thinking about food?" Luke joked. 

"Never," Reid answered, smiling back. Then he touched Luke's face. "Well, maybe I think about something else...on occasion."

Luke kissed Reid's lips softly. "I love you too." He vowed softly.

Just as Reid went to reach for him again, Luke bounded off the bed.  "Hold on. I have a surprise still coming."

" I'm going to cook for you!"

Reid gulped. "Really? Doesn't Lucinda have a whole staff at our service?"

But Luke was already dressing. "Wait until you taste it! " He said happily.

Reid smiled painfully back, "Can't wait."  


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