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Title: One Night Only
Author: Marsabi
Summary: Based on a Lure Prompt. Luke gets drunk and has a one night stand with Reid (who did not know he was a virgin). They meet up again unexpectedly.
Disclaimer: Based on ATWT; sadly, I own nothing
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: none 

One Night Only: Part Four

(Dedicating this part to Sexy Scholar... Without you, nobody else would be reading this story ...)

Luke palmed Reid's  erection through his pants. He stroked Reid slowly. Luke watched as Reid closed his eyes.

"Do I make you feel good?" Luke whispered.

Reid's eyes flew open. "Can't you tell?" he asked.

"Yes, I mean I think so...You know now how inexperienced I am-"

Reid kissed Luke firmly. "Shut up," he told him gently. "You turn me on, Luke. Everything you do feels good," Reid kissed him again.

"Really?" Luke's whole face lit up. Reid inhaled sharply.

"Well," Reid said teasingly, " we did only do it that one night, Checkbook, I mean I may need to test what I just said out a little more..."

Luke frowned. "Stop calling me that, please. Call me Luke."

"Make me." Reid smiled.

"Do you want me to push you up against the wall this time?" Luke laughed. "Slap you around some?"

Reid laughed too. The sound came out a bit rusty. It was a new experience to be so aroused and so amused by somebody at the same time.

"Just show me what you learned from our last time," Reid finally said.

Luke began to kiss Reid, gently at first, taking small nibbles at his mouth and neck. Then Luke sank his teeth into the vulnerable skin at Reid's shoulder.

"Too many clothes," Luke suggested. Reid was soon undressed. 

Reid undressed Luke at a slower pace, tasting each part of him as he did so.

"Ahh," Luke sighed and groaned at the same time.

Reid smiled, "You like that?" He asked as he stroked Luke and then kissed Luke's open lips. Their tongues circled each other in an intricate dance. The room felt heavy and dark.  

"Tell me," Reid ordered, "Tell me what you like."

"I- I don't know," Luke mumbled and peeked up at him shyly.

Luke dug his hips into Reid and moved up and down against him.  They were now skin to bare skin, both of them hard and searching for more contact.

"Lets find out what you like," Reid said softly.  Then he dropped to his knees.

"How about this?" Reid said softly. "Like when I do this?" Reid took Luke into his mouth. Luke's whole body thrust forward. 
Reid sucked him deeply and then pulled out. Reid tongued Luke's already aching and leaking tip and then took him in again.

"Reid," Luke grabbed desperately at Reid's hair, winding his fingers into the thick curls. "You take me apart, " Luke admitted.

Reid released Luke and then turned him around. He began to kiss the back of Luke's knees. Luke groaned and opened his legs farther. He silently was begging, waiting for Reid's tongue.

Reid did not disappoint him. He thrust his tongue in and out of Luke, enjoying the moans coming from Luke's lips.

"I have some condoms in my wallet," Reid said . "Let me get one."

"No wait- " Luke reached out a hand. Reid arched his brow in surprise. Luke sure appeared ready for him.

"I mean- can I- do you?' Luke suddenly blushed. "I never have-" he bit a lip and stared at Reid hopefully.

Reid closed his eyes and moaned at the very thought.

He could only nod. Luke took Reid over to the hotel bed. Reid went to lie on his stomach.

"No," Luke said swiftly, "I want to see what I do to you. When I take you- "

"Luke- " Reid groaned again. "You're going to kill me."

Luke smiled wickedly, "I think you secretly want that. Hey, you called me Luke." He smiled in sudden delight.

Then they both stopped talking. Luke began to stroke Reid and kiss his lips, neck, lower stomach. The strong muscles contracted under Luke's hand. Reid's body was firm and his skin smooth and white.  Luke lowered his hand down slowly; he teased Reid's cock with his fingers.

Reid lifted up his hips and hooked his legs high up on Luke. Demanding and pleading at the same time. Luke wet his fingers and slid two of them into Reid. He didn't really know what he was doing exactly. He fumbled around a minute , before learning to stretch and then pleasure Reid. Luke bit his lips in concentration. He pushed his finger in and out.   Reid, meanwhile, was patient and encouraging.

"Tongue, " Reid panted, at one point.

Luke quickly obliged. He used his tongue  and then blew across Reid's opening.  Reid struggled to not just grab Luke and pound into him. Instead, Reid let Luke use his fingers again. And this time, Luke found the exact spot. Then, as Luke hit it, Reid simply moaned. Reid's hips bucked helplessly under Luke.  Reid's reaction to his touch made Luke happily hit the spot over and over.

Luke loved Reid's face like this. His eyes closed, lips parted. Reid was so beautiful. His normally stern expression was open and filled with anticipation. The sudden power over Reid felt delicious.  Luke rubbed his cock against Reid's hole. He removed his fingers, rolled on the condom, and pushed in.

"Do you like that?" He teased Reid. "Do you like it?"

In answer, Reid grabbed Luke's hips and pushed him down more. He forcefully began to move  and soon Luke picked up Reid's set rhythm. Luke rode Reid harder. The mattress creaked. The headboard rocked.

"Take me more," Reid commanded, "take me, Luke."

Luke pulled Reid's legs up higher and then he plunged deeper into him,  until Reid's hands clawed into Luke's back. Until Reid's eyes were glazed and his head rolled back.
"Luke," was all Reid could manage to say. 

Luke's body was shaking with effort. Sweat gleamed on his skin. He reached for Reid's mouth and kissed him. Reid held Luke's face with both hands as they kissed.    

Then Luke switched positions. He pulled out of Reid, ignoring his loud protest. In one enthusiastic pull, Luke moved Reid down to the edge of the bed. He grabbed him again, and Luke stood up. He met Reid's eyes. A look of possession and tenderness filled Luke's face. Reid felt his whole body clench in reaction. 

"I think you might like this, doctor," Luke said in a husky voice. Then he caressed Reid with his hand, before Luke entered him again. Luke's standing up made him push deeply into Reid,  every stroke forceful. Reid's muscled legs pulled Luke closer. His lean fingers grabbed at Luke's waist. The tension built to a frantic pitch. Luke pumping and thrusting and Reid demanding more and more -----

 Soon both men were lost in exquisite pleasure.

Later, after they both had slept, Reid turned and studied Luke's face.

"What?" Luke said, pulling a little self-consciously at the sheet around his body.

"Well, I gotta say, for a virgin once removed...Whoa."

Luke beamed. "I may be inexperienced but I've had years and years of frustrated fantasies." 

"Can't wait to try a few more of those out," Reid said.  
Luke watched as he climbed out of the bed, naked and relaxed.  

Then Luke's eyes widened.
Reid had gotten up to go and devour all of Luke's leftover chili and ribs. 

 Luke watched in astonishment. Reid grinned and shrugged.

"I don't get much food at work," he sighed and licked sauce off of his fingers.

Luke laughed. "I'll be sure to keep you fed."

They didn't discuss what had just happened again. But as they worked together in the hospital on the new wing, they fell into a pattern. They would work by day and then Reid would come to Luke's hotel at night. They made love everywhere: the balcony, the shower, the floor.  Luke was falling more and more in love, and yet he was starting to become frightened. He saw a curtain go over Reid's face whenever the daylight came. Luke kept on trying to connect, and Reid kept trying to put up walls and boundaries.

"I don't get you," Luke said finally, He had stopped Reid in the hospital hallway. It was Luke's last official week in Dallas.

"What?' Reid asked. 

 "We have incredible sex all over the place these past weeks," Luke whispered, " yet you act like a stranger here at the hospital."

"What? Am I supposed to take you to your Senior Prom now or something?" Reid snorted.

"Thanks," Luke twisted up his lips, "but I'm out of high school."


Luke shook his head, "I'm on to you, doctor. I see you in there with Annie. I saw you singing Justin Timberlake to her and letting her draw those hearts on your arm."

"I don't know what-"

Luke snatched Reid's arm and rolled up his sleeve. Silly, pen-drawn hearts decorated his skin.

"You pretend not to have feelings, but I know you do."

Reid took back his arm and jerked his sleeve down. "Some of us can control our emotions."

Luke just stared at him.

"Fine," Reid said, "You want to draw a heart on my arm too? Sing Cry Me a River? "

Luke sighed. "You know, I'm supposed to leave for Oakdale next week. My grandmother and Eliza Judd are hosting a huge party."

Reid was silent. 

"You could come with me," Luke suggested. 

"I have work, my rounds..."

"My grandmother is thinking about having a new Neuro wing put in at Oakdale Memorial..."

"Of course she is, that woman is all over the place -she is like a secret agent or something."

Lucinda had visited the hospital a few days earlier. She had swooped in and bossed everybody around. She had flirted shamelessly with Reid and all the other male doctors. Reid had found her kind of admirable and kind of frightening. Just as Lucinda was becoming aware of Reid and Luke's relationship, business had called her back to Oakdale.


"Listen, Checkbook, I don't do rich people dinners and small talk."

"Reid-" Luke looked deeply into Reid's blue eyes.

"Annie is here." Reid said weakly.

"Annie is stable for now. Thanks to you. Come on Reid, there will be food."

"You and food?" Reid's mouth twitched. "It is tempting."
"Just think about it?"

Reid nodded.

Luke gave a glowing smile, hugged Reid quickly, and then looked at his watch.

"Time for my board meeting. See ya soon, okay?" 

Reid's eyes followed Luke as he walked away. He gave a reluctant smile. Reid was learning who Luke was too. Luke was stubborn and loyal and so...affectionate. Reid hardly knew what to do about it. He was used to sex and temporary pleasure. But those Luke kisses...Luke's impulsive hugs. Nobody had ever really hugged Reid before...

A week later, Luke stood among the big shots of Oakdale. Everybody was there - his parents, the Hughes clan, the Stuarts...His grandmother and Eliza Judd circled the room like two veteran hawks, hitting up people for more hospital money and smiling at the same time.

Noah attended the party with Ameera, his arm around her. Luke felt very little about that. He only wished Reid were there. That he had his arm around Luke. But Reid had not shown. He had promised at the airport, when Luke had left Dallas...but he was not there.

Luke worked the room graciously; the way he had been taught. Besides, he honestly liked parties and people. But his heart was not truly in it.

Just then his phone buzzed, and Luke looked down at his text.

Sorry Checkbook, it read, work.

Luke sighed. Had he really expected Doctor Reid Oliver to come flying across the country? Reid did not have relationships and he had not promised anything. Luke looked at the phone and tried to think about what to text back.

A hand tapped him on the shoulder. "Late, caught a delayed flight, but still in time for the food," A deep voice said sweetly.

"Reid! " Luke looked at him in absolute delight. " You were just teasing me. You're here."

" You have great powers of persuasion," Reid smiled and gave Luke's cheek a gentle pat. "Although I really was running late because of work." 

Luke caught Reid's hand in his own. He kissed the tips of Reid's fingers.

Reid looked at Luke seriously. Then his eyes moved behind Luke's head.

"Um, some woman is waving at us frantically," Reid said.

Luke turned. "Oh, mom. Listen, I want you to meet her. Wait here a second," Luke said.

"Terrific," Reid replied. "Can't wait." He watched as Luke went off. "I'll just help myself to something to eat."

Reid went over to the buffet table.

As soon as Reid began to gather up some thick slices of bread and mustard, a young man came up to him.

"I was watching you with Luke there, " he said. He talked in an almost robotic voice.


"You are together?" The guy asked.

"Observant," Reid drawled as he spread mustard and mayo and pickles onto the sandwich. "Who are you again?"

"I'm Noah," the guy said. He watched as Reid added meat to his sandwich.  

"Luke and I  - I was Luke's boyfriend," Noah squinted up his eyes at Reid.

"Really?"  Reid chewed his sandwich slowly and methodically, " cause I heard it was the fairer sex that you are into giving the worst
 2-second screws of their young, female lives." 

"Hey!" Noah sputtered. "I just came over here to make sure Luke was okay, I care about him -"

"No, I care about him, " Reid shot back, "And by the way? Medically speaking, switching sexual teams all the time might be a sign of overcompensating for lacking in other," Reid glanced up and down Noah's body, "significant areas."

Reid patted Noah's nice shirt with a mustard-stained hand. "You might want to see a urologist about that."
Reid did not wait for a reply. He picked up his colossal sandwich and left Noah standing there. Then Reid calmly walked over to where Luke stood, watching. 

Reid glanced at Luke. "He might drive me to drink too, Checkbook."

Luke just shook his head. "Go ahead. Be obnoxious and call me whatever you want, Dr. Oliver," Luke's eyes were dancing and a smile formed at his lips, " You gave yourself away there.  I know you like me." Luke gave him a flirtatious glance. 

Reid just rolled his eyes. "Let's not get sappy, okay?" He nodded towards the dessert cart. "Enough sugar is over there."  

Luke just beamed at him. Reid reluctantly smiled and held Luke's hand.

A one night stand had turned into so much more.

The End
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Title: One Night Only
Author: Marsabi
 Rating: PG
Summary: This began as a one shot deal based on a Lure prompt (Luke is drunk and has a one night stand with Reid. Reid does not know he was a virgin). I just couldn't stop there. So here is part two and three...
Disclaimer: Based on ATWT; I don't own them or Luke and Reid would still be a couple
Warning: none

One Night Only: Part Two

4 months later

Holden sighed at Luke. "You know, son, it is just that we are so disappointed in you. We expected better."

"Is this because of Noah and that girl?" Lily asked.

Luke groaned . "No mom. I did this mess all on my own."

It had been a difficult few months. Noah and Ameera were always on campus, truly married now, always pawing each other. It made Luke want to drink again, but ever since he had that one night with that stranger, he had been sober.  Casey had suggested going out with Reg, a boy in school who had always liked Luke. So Luke had tried that. Reg was nice, and unlike Noah, Reg was totally gay. But after the first few times of fooling around with Reg, Luke had to admit there were just no sparks.
After sleeping with Reid, whatever his last name was from wherever, Luke could not continue to see Reg. All he thought about were Reid's kisses and how totally hot they had been. He could see Reid's hands running all over his body. Reid pushing him down into the soft grass. It was just cause I was drunk, Luke told himself firmly, that is why it seemed so ...explosive. He tried to put Reid out of his mind.

He had attempted to distract himself by hanging out with Casey. That was when the trouble began. Stupid guys on campus had teased Reg, harassed him about being gay. Casey had been there and defended him. Casey loved a good fight. Then Casey had the bright idea that Luke should run against that group and try to be class president. One disaster after another had led Luke to cheat at the election.

"Trust me, dude," Casey had promised, "Nobody will know and those prejudice bastards will be out."

But they had found out. Ameera had heard about it from Maddie and had told Noah...Noah had turned in Luke. Another betrayal. Walking around the campus that day, Luke felt like his loneliness was visible on his skin. In the past, Luke could not wait to go back to school. But now he would be glad to leave.

Luke felt no love left for Noah after that incident. Noah had insisted it was for Luke's own good. Ha! He had been kicked out of college now. Noah just hadn't wanted his ex-boyfriend around his wife. He wanted no reminders of Luke. He considered Luke a "mistake." 

 At least Luke had covered up for Casey.

"Look," he told his parents now, "I wasn't that excited about college at any rate."

"What will you do?" Holden said pointedly. "If you stay with us then you must apologize and go back -"

"Yes," Lily said. "Mother knows the dean and we can get you back in. Luke?"

"I'll go see grandmother," Luke sighed.

Lucinda Walsh observed the misery in her favorite grandchild's eyes. They had just called the dean to make an appointment.

"Tea, dear?" she offered Luke. Lucinda thought that Luke looked too sad; his eyes were sunken in and it looked like he had not slept well.
Luke took a sip. He looked over the big office at Worldwide. It was as impressive as his grandmother. The office was massive. It was meant for intimidation, but Luke had good memories of the place. Lucinda had let him play in the office many times.

"You never went to college, did you grandmother?"

Lucinda laughed, "I wanted to. Nobody thought much of a girl's education then." Lucinda's eyes hardened, "But I showed them."

She examined Luke again. "Darling," Lucinda said slowly. "If you need a break from college and that boy Noah and all-"

"I do."

"Well, how about working here for a bit?"

"At Worldwide?"

"Why not? It is a family company."

Luke grinned suddenly. "Mom will kill you, grandmother."

Lucinda cackled. "Fighting with Lily is half the fun of my day!"
Then she shrugged her elegant shoulders. " Don't worry about that. What else is new between your mother and me? Look, I can give you work.  Let you have time to think."

Luke smiled, "What would I do here? Make copies? Get coffee?"

"Of course not! Your a Walsh-Snyder. You go right to the top. Besides, I have a project you'd be great at. I need somebody compassionate and thoughtful; I think it could be you."

"What is it?" Luke asked , intrigued.

"I have a friend, Eliza Judd, her poor grandchild is sick. Right now the girl and her parents are in Dallas with some great doctor. Well, they won't accept Eliza's help with money and their hotel bills..." Lucinda rolled her eyes. "So Eliza and I thought we could have somebody go down to Dallas and create a special family wing in this hospital -where loved ones can stay -they can be right there..."

"Wow," Luke said, his face lighting up with interest. "That sounds amazing."

Lucinda nodded, "You'd have to go to Dallas, dear, and stay awhile."

Luke shrugged. He'd felt for weeks now that he was trapped in a place in his life where he was doing nothing but waiting. Getting out of town and taking some action sounded fine to Luke.

"I'll do it."

"Wonderful!" Lucinda tapped Luke on the leg. "You never regret what you do, my boy, only what you don't have the guts to do."

Luke smiled at that. He had spent most of his life being careful to do only what had been expected of him. Then Noah had broken his heart and Luke had done something completely crazy. Yet Lucinda was right. Luke had kept on expecting to regret his one night with Reid, but those feelings had not emerged. It had actually helped him move forward, past Noah and all of that humiliation and pain.

"I'll do a good job," he told his grandmother.

Lucinda grinned, "Fantastic! I will send you on the jet in a few days. Do prepare yourself though , darling. "

"For what?"

"I heard their child's Doctor, Dr. Oliver, is not too crazy about our idea."

 A day or two later,  at the Dallas General hospital, Reid was having a terrible day.

"No way," Reid told his boss.

"Dr. Oliver,"

"I don't have time for this!"

"The Judds are your patients,"

"Only Annie."

"The money Worldwide if offering us and this family wing - it could put us on the map."

"Who cares about some wing to hold the hands of the healthy?"Reid demanded. "What a stupid idea. We need a new Cardio wing, new Neurology wing too. Not this."

"Dr. Oliver - "

"And who is this Mr. Snyder? Some young, spoiled brat  with deep pockets telling me to meet with him?"

"You will do this, Dr. Oliver. It is not a request."

Reid left the room furious at his boss, at this Mr. Snyder, at the Judd family. He needed to focus on Annie and only on her. Not coddle the rest of them .

He frowned and picked up his cell phone. He had been ignoring the texts from Mr. Snyder, but now he had no choice. Still, a nasty smile spread over Reid's face, nobody said he had to play nice.

Okay, Mr. Snyder. I heard that you and your money are flying in to town. I will take you on Richie Rich tour of your life. But that is it. 

  Reid expected Snyder to tell him to go to hell and go off to do his good deeds someplace else.  He was shocked when a text came back.

Fine, Dr. Ice -I mean Oliver . You can buy me dinner and we can plan the wing.

Why should I buy you dinner,
Reid texted, "Aren't you Mr. Checkbook? Then Reid added, Do you even know a thing about a hospital?  Oh wait, you must own one back home.

I might own yours too before my day is done, the text came back, be careful.

Reid shook his head. At leat this Mr. Snyder had balls . He just hoped he had a brain in his rich boy head. Reid planned to convince him to forget about a family wing and give the hospital some new equipment.

Luke checked into his hotel and then called Mr. Judd. The man was so angry and fearful. He had all of his hopes on this Doctor Oliver to save Annie. From what the Chief had told him, Annie was not going to be saved. Doctor Oliver had only promised to try and extend her life by a few months. Luke had felt so sorry for Mr. Judd. He became determined to provide Annie and her parents with a state of the art wing to visit in. Even if this Doctor Oliver was already making it clear that he resented Luke, Luke was determined not to fail. Not again. He wouldn't be a disappointment to Lucinda like he'd been to his parents. 

Doctor Oliver was supposed to pick a place for dinner, but his texts kept putting it off. The man sounded like he never went anywhere!

Luke texted Doctor Oliver again. Why don't you just meet me in my room here and we can order in chili? 

Chili? came the swift reply, don't you mean caviar and champagne?

Jerk, Luke thought. Although a small part of him was enjoying all the snark. At least Doctor Oliver was honest and his texts kept Luke on his toes all day.

That is not my style, Luke texted back. Be here by 7.

He enjoyed ordering this big shot Doctor around.

Reid entered the hotel about 15 minutes early. He just wanted this to be over. He went up to Mr. Snyder's room and hit the bell.

"One minute," called a voice behind the door.

Reid stood there. The door flung open.

Luke had only a towel wrapped around him. 

Luke had assumed it was room service with his chili and ribs. It wasn't.

It was Reid. The only man he had ever slept with.

One Night Only : Part Three


The two men stood looking at each other in shock.

"What are you doing here?"

"You're Mr. Snyder?"

"You're Doctor Oliver?"

Luke's eyes widened.  Reid glanced down at him, and Luke blushed, realizing he was only wearing a towel.

"I- I thought you were room service,"

"Lucky bell boy," Reid smirked.

"One minute," Luke fled to the bathroom to dress.

It didn't matter. Reid could easily picture him naked. He could picture  how tight his ass had been as Reid had pushed inside of him...He could picture Luke's expression of awe and delight as he came.

"Should we discuss the family wing now?" Luke asked. He had surprised Reid, and Reid jumped.

"Sure. Why not?"

Reid kept his gaze intensely on Luke.

There was a knock on the door.

"That must be the chili and ribs I ordered," Luke said and opened up the door again.

As they ate some and looked over the hospital papers, Luke kept sneaking glances at Reid . It had been dark that night and he had been drunk. He remembered Reid's taste and touch, but his actual looks had been murky. He remembered he had thought that Reid was cute, but - Oh, God...

Really, Luke did not remember those piercingly blue eyes or those perfectly firm lips or strong-looking fingers. Luke watched as Reid wrote a note down. Those fingers that had been inside of him and had ---

"Earth to Snyder! Hey!"

Luke looked up. Reid was waving a paper at him. "I said you need to sign these."

"Oh. Right." Luke grabbed at the paper. Their hands touched.  Reid smiled slowly at him; his eyes were looking Luke over.

Luke stood suddenly.
"Well, I think we've worked enough tonight. I assume you have a home to go to and things to do..."

Luke gestured towards the door.

"Yeah," Reid agreed, and he picked up the rest of the papers.  "I should go," he said. Then Reid just stood there and stared at Luke. No one had ever stared at him quite like this before. He stared at Luke like he was going to devour him.

Luke nervously rubbed his palms up and down his jeans. Reid's eyes followed the gesture. Luke saw Reid's eyes had darkened slightly.

Luke felt himself grow hard.

"Do you need to take the actual plans home?" Luke asked and cursed the higher pitched sound of his own voice.

Reid tapped the side of his head. "Naw. Photographic memory."


Reid took a step closer to Luke.

"I never really forget anything " Reid told him with a small smile.

Luke was certain that Reid must feel his heart pounding.

He looked up into Reid's eyes.

Luke's own eyes were huge. They looked like doe-eyes.  Reid saw that they were filled with both confusion and longing.

Reid cupped the side of Luke's face.

Suddenly, it did not seem to matter that Luke barely knew Reid, his body was insistent about remembering every touch. Luke leaned against him. He inhaled Reid's scent like oxygen.  

"I can't believe you are Mr. Checkbook,  deep pockets Snyder," Reid stroked Luke's face some more as he spoke. 

Reid's other hand touched Luke's blond hair gently. 

Luke swallowed. 

"Don't try all that fancy romantic talk, Doctor Oliver, " Luke said back, "I might faint."

Reid grinned at him then. 

Then Reid's face became serious. "You were a bit drunk that night," Reid said slowly. "No regrets?"

Luke reached out and played with the collar on Reid's shirt.  "What makes you think that I even remember?" Luke teased. 

"Brat." Reid continued to touch him.

Luke laughed.  "Well, I do havea really nice jacket from that night."

Reid rolled his eyes.

"And of course,' Luke's voice deepened . "I also lost something kind of big."

"Hmm? What?"

"My virginity," Luke said softly.

Reid's eyes went wild. "What?"

Luke couldn't repeat it again. He had not meant to say that at all. It had just slipped out of his mouth. Luke just shook his head.

"You told me about a boyfriend," Reid said in a measured tone. He had dropped his hands to his sides.

"He always wanted to take it slow," Luke whispered. "All we ever did was kiss."

Luke reached for Reid again, but Reid pushed him away.

"Is  this some kind of game?" Reid demanded. "You look me up somehow? Follow me here?"

"No!" Luke reached out for Reid imploringly.

Reid shoved Luke back against the wall. They looked at each other in anger. The tension flew all around them.

"I'm not sure you were a virgin. You seemed to suck me off easily enough," Reid accused angrily.

Luke felt his own rage and grabbed on to it. "You are- I - you -" Luke stumbled for a reply. " Maybe you used me. Did you know I was going to be part of the Worldwide money? Did you know who my family was?"

"Hey, I don't need some spoiled boy's family for anything. I make my own way."

"Great! Good for you. Just get the hell out of here." Luke shoved back at Reid.  Luke refused to allow this guy see him break down.

The two men were face to face and Reid still had Luke pinned up against the hotel wall. They looked at each other.  For a moment neither one moved.

"I will," Reid dropped his grip on Luke and headed for the door. 

"Fine," Luke said and rushed past Reid to open the door for him, "You weren't that good anyhow," he added, trying to hurt Reid. 

"Don't come around the hospital or bother me again," Reid instructed as he left. The door slammed behind him.

Luke slumped down against the wall.  Don't cry, he told himself, not over that jerk.

Reid stormed over to the hotel elevator. Images of that night with Luke crossed his mind. He recalled Luke's drunken state, Luke's sorrow over his boyfriend's marriage, and the look of sheer surprise on Luke's face when Reid had flipped him over...

"Aw, damn," Reid groaned. Luke really had been a virgin.
Reid pinched the edge of his nose and thought. There was really no way this could be anything but a crazy, cosmic joke. He glanced back at Luke's hotel door and frowned. 

Luke covered his eyes and tried to calm down. He nearly jumped out of his skin when the door opened again and Reid stood there, towering above him.

"Here is the thing," Reid said, "I don't think either of us did plan that night."

Luke quickly wiped his eyes with the heel of his hands.

Reid gave the younger man a moment to compose himself.

"If I had known..." Reid said finally, "I would have stopped."

Luke just nodded.

"You first time should be with somebody special," Reid said awkwardly. "Shit, I sound like a greeting card."

Luke smiled slightly at that.  

"I tried that - to be in love-" Luke said, his voice quivering. "He just didn't really want me."

Reid bent down to Luke. He gently kissed Luke's tear-stained face.

"Sounds like a big moron to me ," he said.

Luke pulled away. "I don't want pity." He stiffened.

"Good," Reid told him, "cause I don't do pity."

He took Luke's hand and placed it gently at the bulge in Reid's pants.

"What I am feeling for you, Mr. Snyder, is certainly not pity."


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