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Title: Hit and Run 20 (LAST)
Author: Marsabi
Summary: After Natalie is a victim of a hit- and-run, Reid and Luke’s relationship is tested
Disclaimer: Owned by ATWT
Rating: PG
Warning: Fluffy and some strong language

a/n: This is it! Thanks so much for all the comments; it really kept me going. I appreciated every comment. Here is the end…

Part 20

Reid was dressed like a prince. He wore a fancy red and blue vest and shirt. He had a crest of gold decorated on his chest. His legs were in blue tights. Nervous sweat was starting to pool at Reid’s eyebrow, and he carelessly wiped it with a puffy prince arm.

“Do you see me?” Reid demanded.

“Oh God, “ Luke said.

“I’m ridiculous!”Reid moaned, throwing up his hands in despair. “And I don’t even know how this happened to me. One moment, I was seeing Natalie off and the next your family descended on me with crap about your mouse fetish and Valentine’s Day and –“

“My what?”

“And then I tried to tell you how you look and how I felt, but I end up shoveling cat shit, and then the next thing I know, Natalie has me getting out my credit card at a costume shop and – Look at me!”

Luke did. He tried to fight it, but a huge wave of laughter hit him. He gave a small pinch at his own arm to try and stop it.

“You’re bratty sister even gave me these cards, “ Reid babbled on nervously, oblivious to
Luke’s shaking shoulders and twisting mouth. “She was afraid I couldn’t remember. I mean, I told her I have a photographic memory!” Reid’s voice trembled with indignation, “ But she didn’t listen. “ He took an index card out from his pocket, “She wrote down word for word romantic things I was supposed to say.”

Luke was desperately biting the inside of his cheek now.

Reid read from the card in a robotic voice, “You’re my handsome prince and I’m going to be your prince too, “ He looked up at Luke with an incredulous, pained expression.

Luke couldn’t help a burst of laughter that escaped his lips.

“I don’t know how she got me to go this far, “ Reid was mumbling, “Your sister is ruthless. She’d be a great chess player.” Reid read another line, “We can be together and make our own beautiful castle of love.”

Luke held his side and tried to stop. It was no use. A great belly ache of laughter escaped.

“Oh shut up!” Reid said suddenly seeing Luke’s face, “quit it.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” Luke held up a protesting hand, even as he roared with more laughter. “But your costume? Those- those words from your mouth,” He had to lean against a wall as he laughed.

Reid balled up the index card and threw it at him, “I hate you!” He said.

Luke only laughed harder, a partly nervous laugh, and a snort came out of his nose.

“I’m glad you’re enjoying this,” Reid said, but his lips twitched. “It is pretty awful, huh?”

“Terrible,” Luke agreed.

Suddenly, both of them were laughing. The sound filled the room.

Luke walked over to Reid and pulled on his puffy sleeve.

“Should I call you Charming from now on?”

Reid flipped him the bird.

They laughed harder.

“ Okay, not Charming, not at all,” Luke said, through his giggles.

“None of this would have happened, if you could just stay awake after sex,” Reid accused.

Luke cupped Reid’s disgruntled face. “Sorry.” He let his hand slide down Reid’s cheek gently.

Their laughter died in that moment of physical contact. Reid looked deeply into Luke’s eyes.

“No, I’m sorry. That I left tonight. But your family. The bridal suite, the speech, this outfit- I just panicked, you know?” Reid said.

Luke tensed up a little. He swallowed the lump in his throat and just nodded.

Reid took Luke’s hand from his face and just held it a second.

“I didn’t mean to leave; I just went into breakdown mode,” Reid admitted. “It was all too much.”

“So you came here,” Luke whispered seriously now, and understanding at last, “Where you feel safe.”

“Yeah,” Reid said. “And where we got so off track.”

Luke licked his lips. His eyes filled with mixed emotions.

He had no clue what Reid would do next. Now that he had laughed at him, Luke suddenly wanted to cry. He looked away and pulled nervously at his ear. “So…?” He said softly.

Luke looked to Reid then, as if to discover some part of Reid that had been eluding him.

“So,” Reid gazed around the exam room. Then he sighed. He looked at Luke’s hopeful face. “So. I hope Natalie and you will forgive me. But I gotta do this like me.”

“Are you,” Luke stammered, “doing it?”

“I’m wearing a fucking prince suit, aren’t I? I am doing this alright.”

“Okay,” Luke gave him a tremulous smile. Then he wiped more tears from his eyes. “And you, you trust me again?”

“It was never really you I didn’t trust!” Reid said quickly. “Did you think that?”
Luke wouldn’t answer.

“I’m sorry.” Reid glanced at him, “Is that why the cat and the skating and the rest? You were proving yourself?”

“Did it work?” Luke asked shyly. “Was it the public sex? I know you liked that part. Was it Reid Jr.?”

“It wasn’t the sex! And not the damn cat!” Reid laughed.

“Then what?”

Reid shook his head. He thought about the way Luke punched Chris, defended him to Lily, comforted him after they’d fought. He looked at Luke and wanted to tell him that it was everything about him. It was his very essence that Reid loved so much.

“I don’t know.” He smiled.

Luke smiled at him too. “You’re not mad about all that crazy stuff I did?”

“Well,” Reid drawled and rolled his eyes, “We may have to talk later about your family and boundaries…”

“Oh geez,” Luke said. “Let’s put that talk on hold.”

“Agreed,” Reid answered. Then he snuck a shy peek at Luke. “It was never you I didn’t trust –it was the rest.”

“The rest?” Luke looked puzzled.

“Our house, our love, our – life.” Reid looked down with embarrassment. “Look…I don’t usually end up with things like this or someone like you. I’m the guy who works all day and night and then comes home to a frozen dinner and an empty apartment.” He touched Luke reverently . “And then I met you. You turned all my expectations upside down. That’s what it took me awhile to believe in again – that I could really have a life with you that would last.”

“It will last,” Luke gave him a reassuring smile, ”Cause I love you. ” Luke leaned his forehead against Reid’s, and circled an arm at his waist.

“Me too,” Reid said thickly.

Then he tilted his head at Luke, “So why didn’t you just come out and talk to me about all this? Tell me how worried you were about the engagement ?”

Luke was quiet a long moment. “ I know I should have just been honest. But I knew I’d let you down before.” He struggled over his words, filled with raw emotion. “ And I was just too afraid of your answer.”

“And why did you take the rings off?” Reid persisted gently.

Luke buried his face in Reid’s neck and hugged him tightly.

“I think I know the answer, “ Reid said. He absently stroked Luke’s hair. “You were trying to do what you thought I needed. So you put the rings away. Even though you didn’t want to, right?” He could feel Luke shudder in response.

Reid wrapped his arms around Luke protectively. He even rocked him a moment. “Are you ready for your proposal?” Reid whispered in Luke’s ear.

A sob racked Luke’s body, “You, you don’t have to. I’m happy to be together. I-“

“Shut up,” Reid told him cheerfully. “Stop babbling. “

“Me? You’re the babbling one,” Luke replied . He was about to add more, when Reid held Luke away from his body and gently hushed him.

“Now-“ Reid said. “Don’t interrupt, okay?” Reid’s voice trembled with the true depth of his feelings.

Luke bobbed his head up and down. His fists clenched. He tried to freeze like a statue.

Reid squeezed Luke’s hand, and then he dropped down on one knee.

“ I’d rather be doing brain surgery in here right now, “Reid groaned.

Then he gazed up at Luke’s loving expression. Luke’s cheeks were pink, and he had a sweet, tentative smile of encouragement on his face. “Or maybe not,” Reid said softly.

He could feel Luke’s hand shaking in his own. Tears were starting again in Luke’s eyes.

“Watch the water works,” Reid advised dryly, “This costume is a rental.”

Then when Luke remained silent and waiting, Reid exhaled deeply .

“I love you,” he told Luke simply. “And I want you to be my husband and plan our wedding again and…” Reid paused nervously. “Will you please marry me? I really love you. More than junk food, more than brains, more than anything or anybody. Okay? That’s it, I guess. “ Reid shrugged self-consciously. “I said it… So will you?”

With a shout of undisguised joy, Luke hauled Reid up to his feet and hugged him tightly. “Yes! “ He said. “Yes, yes, yes!” Luke’s face flushed with happiness and he flashed
Reid his high-voltage smile.

Their lips met.

“Can I tell you a secret, Snyder?’ Reid said suddenly.

“You’d better tell me all your secrets, Dr. Oliver,” Luke teased in a choked voice and kissed Reid softly.

“ Earlier this evening? When I told you my number? You know, that was just my sex number. “

Luke sniffed. He wiped some stray tears away. “What do you mean?”

“My real number? My love number?” Reid smiled. “ It’s one, Luke, only one.”

With that, Reid slid the frog ring off of his finger and carefully placed it on Luke’s.

Luke’s whole face lit up with joy.

“The truth is- there’s nothing I want more in this wide world than to be your husband, “ Reid admitted.

They kissed again slowly and deeply. Their lips smacking as they parted.

“I’m sorry this wasn’t good like your proposal, “ Reid said suddenly, breaking it off with a guilty face. “That we’re in the hospital, of all stupid places.” He gave Luke a sheepish look. “ I wanted to romance you, I really did. I worked it all out with Natalie and it’s all waiting there. But-”

“Reid,” Luke put a finger to his lips, stopping his words. “You’re standing here, telling me you love me, wanting to get engaged again, wanting to become my husband .” Luke gave an elated laugh. Then Luke’s voice cracked with love, “ This – here and just like this - is the most romantic thing in my life, you big idiot. “

“Really?’ Reid exclaimed.”I did a good job?” Reid’s entire face was suddenly open and excited like a little boy’s, making Luke suck in his breath.

“A really good job,” Luke told him. “Just the way you did it.”

Reid grinned happily, and Luke sweetly kissed him.

“Although, I do have to thank Natalie for one thing.” Luke added.

“What’s that?”

“You look damn good in these tights. “ Luke laughed and ran his hand down Reid’s leg suggestively.

A moment later, Reid pulled back and sighed. “Well, everybody’s waiting to congratulate us at Lucinda’s party. We should go. They all expect me to be proposing right now at the bridal suite. “

“That’s nice,” Luke murmured, pulling him in for another kiss.

“Yeah, your family is excited. They must have called me a hundred times. So should we go?“

“Nope,” Luke nibbled the line of Reid’s jaw.

“No?” Reid said in confusion. “It’s almost midnight.”

“We’ll go and see them all and wish them a happy New Year,” Luke said gruffly, “ but much, much later. I want to spend a little time with you and me first. “ He nuzzled Reid’s neck and then sucked on the sensitive skin there.

“Just you and me,” Luke repeated.

Luke looked at Reid and gave him a melting smile full of promise.

“Just you and me,” Reid agreed.

He no longer felt silly standing in front of Luke in his prince outfit. Reid knew in that moment that he would love this man until the day he died, and that their love would last for always.

Just like a fairytale, they were meant for happily ever after .

The End
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Title: Hit and Run
Author: Marsabi
Summary: After Natalie is a victim of a hit-and-run, Luke and Reid’s relationship is tested
Disclaimer: Owned by ATWT
Warning: Some strong language
Rating: PG

Part 19

It was New Year’s Eve.

Reid was rushing Luke along, and trying to remind himself to breathe. He hated to acknowledge it, but he was extremely nervous. He had not eaten all day. His stomach was in knots and the thought of food actually made it hurt. Besides, he had slept poorly last night. He had gotten up feeling drained. Now they were only an hour away from the party - only an hour.

Reid picked up the clock again for the fourth time, “Would you move along?” He said to Luke.

It didn’t help that Luke was walking around in just his briefs, looking like an angel in an underwear ad, not helping his nerves one bit.

His scheduled proposal time was almost here. Reid felt dizzy from just the thought and sat down on their bed. The lack of sleep and sustenance was getting to him. And Natalie had made him go shopping all day. Shopping! In and out of every frilly, prissy store imaginable.

“Why do you care so much if we’re on time?” Luke complained. “ You hate parties.”

Could Luke’s underwear be any tighter? Could he be any more perfect? Reid studied the clock again.

“I don’t hate parties, besides its Lucinda. Now stop asking me so many questions,” Reid said anxiously, “and get your butt in the shower.”

“You had my butt in the shower last night,” Luke said laughing, “however, I might be persuaded to do it again – “ Luke and his hot, skimpily-clad body started over to him. He offered Reid one of his killer smiles.

“No,” Reid held out his hand to stop him. “ I want you to actually get clean. “

“ Spoilsport.” Luke stuck out his pink tongue. Reid felt like somebody just cut him off at the knees. Part of him just wanted to drag Luke back to bed and keep him there.

Luke wouldn’t get his romantic proposal then. Natalie would kick his ass.

“I’m not spoiling things,” Reid said with irritation. “ I just know how long it takes you to do your pretty hair.”

“Hey,” Luke pushed at him, “just for that remark , I won’t go and get ready until you tell me something…revealing.”

“Oh, come on!”Reid put a hand to his head- none of this was going easily for him. He could feel his mind turning into quivering mush. Is this what love did to you? He was beginning to have not one coherent thought. He just wanted to go and get it over with, and here was Luke goofing around, wanting to play. Didn’t he know how hard this was for Reid? Well, okay, he didn’t know, but still…

“Let’s see. Before I shower for the party, I need you to tell me…” Luke chewed his finger in thought. “The number.” He shot Reid a triumphant grin.

“The number?” Reid parroted. “ Fuck Luke! You want to tease me about the number of men right now?”

It was an ongoing fight they’d always both enjoyed. Luke constantly asking for details of Reid’s sexual history, and Reid’s carefully avoiding it. It always had bothered Luke that Reid knew all about Noah and Luke’s history together, but much of Reid’s past love life was a mystery to him.

“Tell me,” Luke said now, his eyes dancing.

“If I tell you the number of men I’ve been with, will you hurry?” Reid snapped. He really had more important matters on his mind. He’s promised Natalie he would not screw it up; he did not want to screw this up. And now they were already running late.

Luke was stunned, “Yes,” he agreed eagerly. He couldn’t believe Reid was about to finally reveal the number of men he had slept with. Luke braced himself, suddenly wondering if he really did want to know.

“Okay, then. ” Reid rolled his eyes.”Five. Happy now?”

“Five?” Luke’s mouth dropped” Just five?”

“Look, I never said I was some kind of Casanova, you just got in your mind.” Reid grinned suddenly, “Probably cause I’m such a master in the bedroom. “

“Five?” Luke said again.

“Hey,” Reid said a little defensively, ” I was busy becoming a world class neurosurgeon. And before that a chess champion and Harvard medical school student and –“

“Before that a high school science geek?” Luke offered, laughing.

Then Luke’s face glowed wickedly. “So five, huh? Hmm. You mean if I go and sleep with just a few more men, I could tie you?” he teased.

“You’re not sleeping with anybody but me,” Reid said hotly.

“I don’t know,” Luke mused.“Five only? “Luke laughed again, delighted.

“They were five extremely satisfied men,” Reid said.

“I’m sure.”

“Just go and shower , smart ass. I answered the question.”

Giggling, Luke headed for the shower.

Reid rushed over to their closet. He glanced down a moment at the texts from the family urging him to hurry. Then Reid took out the outfit he’d hidden behind his tux. He took a deep, terrified breath and grabbed it.

Reid gazed at his appearance in the mirror and winced. He looked ridiculous. He must be out of his mind. How could he listen to Natalie? She was eleven years old! He shook his head and glanced at the bathroom door. Luke was still in the shower, no doubt conditioning his hair or whatever.

Reid studied himself again. If they were still alive, his rational, cold-hearted parents would be shocked by his idiotic behavior. No one in his family ever foolishly acted from emotions. If his Uncle Angus could see him, there would be vicious taunting and ridicule. Reid examined his reflection again. No, not like this. He just couldn’t. It was all too risky. He didn’t know anything about declarations of love. Panic consumed him. He had to get away. He had to think this over. Just for a little bit of time. He grabbed his winter coat and quickly covered up the outfit.

Then Reid walked out the door.

When Luke opened up the bathroom, showered and shaved, and looking more lovely than a man should be allowed to look in his tux, he found himself all alone.

“Reid?” He called. The room was deserted. Luke looked around in confusion . He went down the stairs and wandered from one dark room to another. A pang of loneliness hit Luke. The house was empty.

Then his phone buzzed. Luke went and picked it up.

Meet me at the hospital the text read, I’m in exam room one.


The hospital was eerily quiet. Soon there would be New Year’s Eve accidents and drunks pouring into Memorial’s doors, but right now it was early. Luke was surprised that an emergency had called Reid away. At least, that was what he guessed. He was baffled why Reid wanted him to come to the hospital, and not just meet him later at the party.
Luke walked to the exam room and opened the door.

Reid stood in his long white doctor’s coat and scrub pants, but there was nobody else there.

“Hey,” Luke said, suddenly feeling unsure.” What’s going on? I thought you must have had an emergency.”

“I did,” Reid said grimly. “of nerves.”


Reid slowly looked Luke over from head to foot. He was wearing his formal black tuxedo. It outlined the shape of his body snugly. His hair was combed back and spiked a little. His beautiful skin looked illuminated, even under the harsh hospital lights.

“You look amazing,” Reid told him honestly.

“For a guy you just stood up?” Luke asked, a little hurt and irritated now that he could see no emergency in sight.

Reid ignored that.

“Do you know,” Reid said, moving around the exam room and fiddling with one of the machines. “That this is the room they brought Natalie into.”

Luke glanced around. “It is? I guess it is. That day was so crazy.”

“Yeah,” Reid said. “I remember coming in here and seeing her for the first time. “ Reid paused and cleared his throat. “And do you know, my hands shook when I touched her.” He frowned with puzzlement as if the shock of that day was still with him. “ That never happens to me.” Reid’s eyes flitted all about room. “ I never, ever shake. “
Luke’s heart was hammering in his chest with confusion. “ Your hands?” He repeated. “ Shook?”

“Yeah, I didn’t tell you.” Reid drew his eyebrows together. He had just assumed Luke would somehow know his fear. He realized now that had not been fair. “I’m sorry,” he told Luke.

Feeling awkward, Luke grabbed at the edge of the metal table. “Sorry? About your hands?”

With a muffled oath, Reid began to babble:

“No, I’m sorry I’m screwing up! You deserve this to go as planned. You deserve it all to be perfect! Natalie told me how to be romantic and she had me reserve the bridal suite of the hotel. It’s supposed to be like in the Nutcracker, I think. She has music on and ready and there are flowers there, even rose petals in the tub, and balloons and sparkling cider and – but Luke, “ Reid turned away with a rueful smile, “I just couldn’t go there. “

He gestured around wildly. “ I couldn’t do it!” Reid took a step back from Luke. “ All that isn’t me. I’m not that guy – I couldn’t.“

Luke inhaled a sharp breath. He tried to get closer to Reid.

“Do what? Couldn’t do what?” Luke asked desperately now. He felt the shock of the situation hitting his stomach.

“Wear my heart on my sleeve and be all sappy,” Reid answered, backing away from him. “ All I thought about is will Luke think this is good enough? Is this romantic enough? And what will happen in that hotel room, when he sees everything? I panicked. “

Reid turned away.

Frantically, Luke tried to answer. “ It doesn’t matter,” Luke stumbled over his words, “Do you hear me?” I don’t care about music or flowers or a bridal suite- I just need you to – I don’t – just please –“ Luke’s voice broke.

But Reid didn’t hear Luke’s plea. He was clammy with sweat by then, and in his own world of agony.

“Look,” Reid declared suddenly, “See what an idiot I am.” And with that, Reid began to take off his lab coat and scrubs in order to reveal to Luke just what was underneath.

a/n: Okay, don’t throw tomatoes at me for the cliffhanger… the rest is being posted later today; it was just getting too long here
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Title: Hit and Run
Summary : When Natalie becomes a victim of a hit and run, Luke and Reid must fight for their relationship.
Disclaimer: Owned by ATWT
Warning: some angst, some Cake, some answers
Rating: PG
Part 15

It took about ten minutes for Alison to break down and confess the whole sordid event.

“Chris and I have been seeing each other,” she began, peeking a minute at a white-faced Casey.

“We’re in love!” She added defensively.

“Ali, quiet!” Chris ordered.

Alison shook her head adamantly. “I can’t do this anymore.”

“So you two were together, “ Reid said prodding her on, “the day of the accident.”

Ali bit her lip. She swallowed hard and didn’t dare look at all the Snyders. The Hughes family was also standing all around her. She couldn’t look at their faces either. “Yes. We were coming back from some …alone time. Chris was hung over, so I was driving the family car. I looked at Chris to just – just for a second – I swear! She came out of nowhere!”

“Why didn’t you stop, Ali? Why?” Luke’s voice was thick with hurt.

“We did!” Ali shot back. “We did. But I couldn’t have everybody find us, not together. I wanted to be with Casey – I thought it wasn’t love, not then…” She turned to Casey. “I couldn’t hurt you, not like I did before with Mick and ”

“Gee thanks, you bitch,” Casey growled.

Ali recoiled from him.

“Go on,” Jack said.

“Tell us,” Reid added.

Ali let out a shuddering breath. “I was trying to end it with Chris and still marry Casey, but I – I couldn’t resist him. “ She glanced at a sullen Chris, then continued, “ We did stop for Natalie, but…Chris looked at her. But he said we needed to ditch the car; he promised he’d head right back once he got his own car. He’d go back and examine her. We just had to –
“ Ali stopped talking.

“Get rid of the evidence?” Jack said in a chilly tone. Tom began to pace around the room, while Margo seemed frozen.

“It really wasn’t a hit and run. We stopped! We planned to help her soon. Chris went to his car and headed back to help her.”

Everybody looked at Chris.

His face was expressionless. “I don’t know what she is talking about,” he said.

“Chris did not do this!” Kim added, “You did it Ali and now you are blaming him. You are just like Susan!”

“Shut up!” Ali yelled back. She had actually just called her mother and Emily to hurry over.

“What did you do next, Ali?” Reid asked calmly. He was so logical and focused; he would have made a great Sherlock Holmes in another life.

Ali’s voice trembled now, ” I called Casey and told him- “ she stopped and cried some more.
They all looked at Casey. His face was pale and set.

“She called me and told me she’d had a bad fender bender- hit a dog or something. I saw the blood, but I thought, I swear, that it was a stray that had since run off.”

Ali nodded, “I told him that. Chris told me to tell him that.” She looked at Chris pleadingly. He ignored her.

Casey gulped hard and began to rush his words out:“I took the car, smoking and messed up, to the mechanic. Took Ali to change and go to the hospital…it was only then- “ Casey stared at Luke. “I – I didn’t know about Chris-“ Pain colored his words and he looked sick. “ I –I became suspicious, but everybody kept telling me I was being paranoid. That it had been a dog . Chris. Ali. Even you, Dad.”

“Casey, just be quiet,” Tom said. He stopped pacing and gave his son a look.

“What does he mean?” Margo asked her husband.

“The perfect son,” Chris jeered at Tom.

“Shut up , Chris. I covered up this mess to protect Dad. You told me it was Dad!”

There was a stunned silence. Tom Hughes had covered up a crime. He would be disbarred, maybe worse.

“So how does Bob tie into this?” Asked Holden suddenly, confused. Molly took his hand and held it. Holden refused to allow himself to cry. He repeated his question in a firm voice.

Reid’s mouth twisted up. “Don’t you see? Chris sent Casey on a fool’s errand with the car and then he began to change Bob’s medication as the fall guy. Might as well blame your own father, right?” Reid looked at Chris with disgust. “In your mind, Bob had already betrayed you by suspending you and never giving you the Chief job.”

“No,” Kim moaned, “no, no, no.”

“We are bringing Bob up from his cell right now,” Jack told them.

“I examined him there,” Reid said. “He is better now; I put him back on his real medication.”

“This is too much,” Lily whispered. She looked at Chris and Ali. “You have been in our home countless times. You’ve cared for Natalie at the hospital. How could you-“ She broke off and began to sob.

Luke put a protective arm around his mother. She clung to him. Reid walked over and patted Lily a little on her back. Lily looked up startled and then gave Reid a small smile of thanks.

The door opened and Bob came in. He had eyes for nobody but his son.

“Where did I go wrong with you, Chris?” Bob said sadly.

Chris exploded with anger. “Where did you go wrong? That’s right, I’m always the screw up. Tom is perfect; you’re perfect. I hate being in this family. “ He looked around wildly. “I should have been Chief! It was so easy to convince you, Dad, that you hit Natalie. You kept getting more and more confused. And your precious Ali?” He sneered at Casey, “Just a tramp as always.”

Ali sobbed, finally understanding that Chris had used her as much as the rest of them.

“I wasn’t going down for her.” Chris was raging. “ I woke up at the impact and saw what Ali had done. She and I had been drinking all night; we were tired and at fault. I wasn’t - I had her ditch the car, yes. But I did head back. “ He spared a quick glance at Lily. “I’m not a monster- I wanted to go back. But Margo was there- the police. The ambulance was coming, so…” He shrugged.

“You bastard,” Luke suddenly shouted, startling his family with his language. “Every minute for Natalie mattered.” He went up to Chris. “When I think of my sister struggling to speak a full sentence! Trying to get up from her hospital bed!” Luke screamed hoarsely. “ In therapy ever day, and you think it’s okay cause you were going back for her? “ Tears of helpless rage poured down Luke’s face.

“Easy,” Reid said to Luke, and he took Luke away from them all for a moment.

“Calm down,” Reid said softly.

“Don’t tell me I’m overreacting,” Luke replied heatedly.

“I’m not! Are you kidding? I want to scream a few profanities at him too.”

Luke sniffed, “Really?”

“Absolutely.” Reid gently cupped Luke’s face. “But listen. All yelling will accomplish is getting you thrown out of here, see? Take a breath,” Reid advised. He still held Luke’s face in his palm. He studied Luke, seeing that he was getting it together.

Luke turned his lips into Reid’s palm and sweetly kissed it. “Okay,” Luke said.

“Good,” Reid replied. “I don’t want you arrested right now for disorderly conduct or something. I love you, but I hate the thought of having to visit you in jail. The cells are too small, beds all narrow, and I’d have to fight for your honor with some guy named Bubba.”
Reid shook his head in mock horror, making Luke smile.

Reid smiled back, “There’s the Luke I like to see. “ He patted his cheek.

Together, they went back to the others.

“So Doogie,” Reid drawled ,” You were telling us all about your good deeds?”

Chris ignored Reid. He turned to Margo. “I went back. It was really all just an accident. “

“You father’s medication?”Reid pushed suddenly, “They just accidentally got switched too? You …What? Suddenly couldn’t read pill bottles? Became spontaneously dyslexic? “

Chris’s face went hard. His boyish good looks not disguising his ugliness now.

“Shut up, Oliver! None of this is your business!”

“We’re his family and this is his business ,”Holden said. “And I am wondering how any son could do a thing like that?”

“Chris,” Margo added in a sad voice, “To try and get a job is one thing, but to actually blame him for a crime?”

“ Look,” Chris searched his mind for a good spin on it. “…I didn’t plan to involve him at first. I only switched his medication to persuade Dad about Memorial. He was letting Oliver here take over everything! He didn’t see me! I just wanted to have some influence on him again. To have him make me Chief.”

Bob just sat in complete shock. It was Lily who actually got up and comforted him. Bob could not look at his son.

“I didn’t plan to do all this,” Chris defended his actions again. “Not at first.”

“Man’s a boy scout,” Reid muttered.

“So why involve Bob in the rest? “ Margo was demanding. “Why frame him?”

He shrugged. “ Carly would have been fine as my scapegoat. But it didn’t happen that way.”
Jack started at Chris, and he backed away. Margo held up a hand at Jack.

“But when Carly didn’t work out due to a lack of evidence, you decided to use Bob,” Reid said, he kept the interrogation moving as much as the cops. He wanted Chris to confess it all.

Chris glared at Reid. “I knew it was only a matter of time before the car might be found. Margo kept on digging.”

“And you went along with it,” Casey spoke suddenly to Alison.”You had me convinced my granddad was sick and that I was being silly about the car and all this time- it was you .”

Ali had been rocking back and forth in misery, crying. Now she looked at Casey, wiping away her black-streaked eye liner.

“I- I’m not a bad person,” She cried out. “I – Chris said if we let Bob take the blame that no court in the country would convict a confused old man, and I really did think his dementia had gotten worse. I didn’t know Chris had changed his medication.” She pulled guiltily at her hair, twisting it around. “ Plus, by then, I thought Chris and I were in love and it was more than a fling now… I – he told me what to do!”

Casey turned away from her.

“It seems the only one knowing all the information here was Chris,” Holden said. “He convinced Bob that he was guilty and then made Tom believe it too.”

Reid nodded, “Yep. Doogie is the definition of an opportunist. He used Casey and Tom to cover things up and let Ali think they had a future to keep her going along with it all. He could cover up the crime and be Chief.”

Holden and Reid nodded at each other – a good team.

There was a moment of silence as everybody took in the crime.

“Where did we fail?” Bob asked Kim sadly.

Kim shrugged away from him. “Chris, my Chris, is ill.” She told Bob in a pleading voice. “ He needs help!” She would never abandon Chris. She’d just have to make Bob see that he was sick and not to blame.

“I want a lawyer,” Chris said, not even looking at his crying parents. “And not Tom!”

“I wouldn’t represent you ever, “ Tom snarled.

“How could you be sucked into this?” Margo asked Tom sadly. “Even out of love for Bob? “

Tom had no answer. He was basically a weak man.

Margo wrapped a protective arm around Casey.

“I want a lawyer too!” Ali said. She tried to reach out for Casey, who shrank away and let Margo hug him tightly.

“You are all going to pay for what you did,” Lily vowed.

“For once, we agree,” Holden told her. Molly shot Lily a jealous look that everybody else ignored.

Meanwhile, Luke felt like he’d been punched in the guts. He leaned into Reid.

“You were right about Bob,” Luke whispered. “ I should have listened.”

“Doesn’t matter,” Reid whispered back and kissed Luke’s head.

“I’ll get out of this,” Chris was saying, “It was Ali driving, not me!”

Nobody even answered him. Bob was comforted by a compassionate Lily and Holden, while Kim dialed lawyers and cried. Susan and Emily arrived and hugged Ali. Jack checked in with Carly at their home.

Casey broke off Margo’s hug and slowly approached Luke.

“I’m sorry. I was such a fool to believe all the lies. I should have known . Listened to my gut. ”

Luke held out a hand, “It’s your family and your girlfriend…I -I’m sorry for you!”

The two friends embraced with great emotion.

Then they stepped back and watched as Ali and Chris were finally led to their cells.

Outside the station, Luke watched as Reid and Bob shook hands . Reid had offered to go to the hospital for Bob, but Bob wanted to go too. It was the only place left that still made sense to him. He and Reid agreed to go together. Their handshake went on for a long time, both men not wanting it to end. Luke was glad Bob would have Reid to help him. He waved goodbye and watched the car until it disappeared from sight.

“He was very good in there,” Lily commented, coming up behind Luke.


“Reid,” she said, “he’d be a good cop.”

“He’d enjoy the doughnuts anyhow,” Luke laughed, “And he is pretty much good at everything.”

Lily almost smiled at that. She reached out a hand and rested it on Luke’s shoulder.

“You really love him, huh?”

Luke shrugged.

“Don’t worry, I finally am seeing that. I guess, it’s been so hard, you don’t know.”


“Losing you.”

Luke looked at her in surprise. “Mom, you don’t have to lose me- “

“But I do. It’s right that I do. You have your own life, and that’s what really hurt me.
Seeing you move so far from me and be with Reid.”

“I’ve had other boyfriends,” Luke replied, puzzled.

Lily shook her head, “Noah was more like another son. He followed my rules. He never took you far away from me. But with Reid, it’s adult. “

Luke was silent a second. “I guess, that’s true. I mean with Reid I am trying to build a whole partnership –a life.”

Lily nodded. “And that is what’s hard for me- to let you go. Really let go. I see now that I was blaming Reid, and I’m sorry.” Lily wiped away a stray tear. “ It’s just I have no husband- my house is empty. I don’t know how to be without a man,” Lily admitted quietly. “And without all my kids too. Faith hates me most of the time, Ethan always wants to be at the farm . Natalie went to you.” Lily dabbed at her eyes.

“Mom, Natalie is just with us for this week. Reid told you she can move back to your house by New Year’s.”

“I know, but she is my baby,” Lily smiled. “It’s still hard. I guess I need to work on being okay when I’m alone.” Lily took a deep breath.

Luke smiled and hugged his mother. “You’re not alone. I am always a phone call away, alright?”

Lily hugged her son with all of her strength, “Thank you. My sweetheart. I love you.”

“I love you.”

“Good thing Reid’s not here,” Lily added.

Luke stiffened, “Why?” he asked cautiously.

“Cause, “ Lily laughed and made a face, “he made it pretty clear to me- no more drama. “

“Yeah,” Luke laughed too, “that sounds like him.”

She took her son’s hand, “He and I are very different people, but I am going to try a lot more with him. Okay?”

Tears formed in Luke’s eyes, “Mom,’ he said, “That means a whole lot.”


The next day, Reid and Luke attempted to meet and pick up some dinner from Al’s; Reid had worked round the clock at the hospital again, trying to help an emotional Bob focus. This was Luke and Reid’s only time together. But as soon as they entered Al’s, they saw Casey sitting there, not touching his giant cheeseburger and fries, and looking lost. Luke and Reid exchanged glances and slowly approached him.

“I just can’t go home,” Casey said to them in greeting.

“Sorry,” Luke said to him.

Casey shrugged. “Love sucks.”

“You’ll find another girl someday,” Luke said softly, “ You’ll love again.”

“I don’t know," Casey said. “I might be done.”

“No,“ Reid said, “Luke’s right. Just get back out there, there are lots of other cheating lying girls in Oakdale.” He ate one of Casey’s fries.

“Reid!”Luke scolded.

But Casey gave a laugh and then laughed so hard he held his sides, “Yeah, I’ve already dated some of those too. Emily? Vienna? Ali? Oakdale ladies all. ”

Then to all their surprise, Casey grabbed Reid and squeezed him. “Thanks. I don’t know the last time anybody made me laugh.”

“Um,” Reid actually blushed, “I’m going to go and get our take out order.”

Luke smiled in amusement. He winked at Casey. Then he followed Reid up to the counter.

“Listen, I know we made plans at home to eat, but –“ Luke gestured to Casey.

“No, okay,” Reid said in understanding, “go and do what you need to do.”

“You don’t mind?”

“Well, I’ll miss you,” Reid grinned, “but I have some nourishment so- “

“You’ll survive on chili and corn bread,” Luke added with a returning smile.

They kissed goodbye. Luke let his eyes admire Reid in his jeans as he left.

Luke went back to Casey and they sat together eating awhile in silence.

Casey finally spoke. “I know Ali did the crime too and God I hate her, but Chris- he just messed with everybody in the family. All of us,” Casey’s voice roughened.

Luke did not answer. He had nothing good to say about Ali or Chris.

“I thought Ali changed, after Mick Dante. I thought she really changed, “ Casey added.

Luke sighed. “I used to think things like that- not anymore. People don’t change really.”

“What do you mean?”

“I used to think like that with Noah. That if I just worked harder at it, if I were just was a little better a boyfriend –“

“Luke, you were a great boyfriend to that loser.”

Luke grinned. “But he never made me feel like I was…I just kept thinking if I worked more at it, he’d change. He’s stop judging me so harshly or appreciate me more- he never really did. You know? “

They fell into another silence.

“Well,’ Casey said, “my parents have been great. Dad is admitting what he did and facing the consequences and Mom has been awesome to me.”


“But things are so screwed up. You’re so lucky, Luke, “Casey said suddenly.

“What? Why?”

Casey took a bite of his burger. He shrugged. “You family is pretty solid right now and you’re with a guy who really loves you.”

“Yeah-“ Luke said, although he felt a little sad at the word guy and not fiancée.

“What?” Casey asked, seeing his friend’s look.

“It’s nothing, stupid.”

“Spill. I want to hear something other than Poor Casey right now.”

“I just wanted to get married in this coming year to Reid and now…Cause we fought and you know-“

“Over Natalie, right? God, that is on my family too.”

Luke waved his hand away, ”No, that’s on me. I messed up with him. Anyhow, I don’t think marriage is coming this year or any time soon.”

Casey chewed a moment. “Let me ask you a question.”


“Can you see Dr. O ever running around town cheating on you? Lying about things and sneaking around?”

Luke shook his head. “No.”

“Yeah, me either.” Casey smiled. “That guy has it so bad for you ,Snyder. So what does a piece of paper really matter right now?”

“I guess,” Luke said slowly and he did feel better listening to Casey. “It’s just, hard to explain, but it is something I really, really want with him. That’s all.”

“That’s cause ever since we were kids you’ve been just a girly-girl at heart,” Casey tossed a fry at Luke.

Luke caught it and popped it in his mouth. “More man than you are, Hughes. I can still whoop your ass on the basketball court.”

“In your dreams.”

“We’ll see when the snow is gone. “

“It’s a bet,” Casey told him.

Luke smiled at his oldest friend, “I love you, Case, “ he told him. He hated to see Casey
hurting so deeply.

“See?” Casey made a face, “You’re a total girl. “ Then he reached out and punched Luke lightly on the arm in thanks.

Casey sighed. “I probably do need to date outside of this town. “ Casey looked at Luke a moment, “Dr. O doesn’t have like some smoking hot sister, hidden away some place does he?”

Luke laughed. “Not that I know of.”

“Too bad, man, too bad.”
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Title: The Secret of Being a Grimaldi
Author: Marsabi
Rating: PG
Summary: This story allows Damian Grimaldi to come back and cause some trouble. Noah is still blind, Chris has no heart problems, and Luke is dealing with strange powers.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to ATWT
Warnings: None

Chapter three:

Reid sat in the hospital break room, trying to eat his lunch in peace. The microwave beeped and he carefully unwrapped his Cup of Noodles. All he wanted was to drink his coffee, eat the soup, and maybe read through the baseball scores in the  morning paper.

The door swung open and Doogie Hughes sauntered in. Reid sighed. There was no place in this town to escape.

"Hey Oliver," Chris said. "I heard you are going ahead with the Mayer operation."


"Risky. "

"Maybe for some, " Reid looked pointedly at Chris, " but not for me."

"If it goes wrong," Chris continued, "This whole town will come down on you. I'll get Chief of Staff..."

"Looks like somebody has been self-medicating again."

Chris approached Reid, who was trying to eat his first spoonful of soup, and stuck a warning finger in Reid's face.

"I"m going to make your life so difficult," Chris sneered.

Reid looked at him dryly and twisted his lips. "Thanks, but I'm not interested in dating you."

Chris shook his head. "You know I am not gay."

"And the world rejoices!"

"I'm trying to date Katie."

"Stalking her is more like it," Reid observed. "When are you going to see she is not interested?"

"She's interested, " Chris said smugly, and with that Doogie left.

How could Bob Hughes have such an idiot for a son?

Reid went back to eating his soup. He huddled over it, his stomach growling.

Reid's mind wandered to Noah's operation. Another genius. He might be able to fix Noah's eyes, but nobody would make that guy a rocket scientist. Truthfully, the operation was very risky. Reid might be a little nervous...Thank God, nobody would ever know that. Of course, thinking about the empty-headed Barista only made Reid think about Luke. Now Mr. Snyder was acting stranger and stranger. What was with those flirty glances and smiles suddenly? And those dimples flashing at him like weapons? It had been so much easier to be hated by him. Now Luke was being...Reid exhaled sharply. Was it possible to spontaneously combust from just desire?

The door opened again. Reid groaned. Could he not just enjoy a meal?

"Dr. Oliver, " Bob Hughes said. "Are you ready for Noah's operation in a few days?"

"Bobo," Reid answered. "Are you ready for all the press writing about the greatest surgeon to ever grace this dog and pony hospital?"

Bob Hughes just smiled slightly and sat down next to Reid.

"Do me a favor? Make sure you talk to his friends and family - communicate with them."

"I didn't think Noah had any family."

"I'm sure the Snyders will be there."


Bob stood up, "You know, Doctor Oliver, it wouldn't hurt you to stop trying to act better than everybody. Your not a God."

"Really? " Reid smiled at Dr. Hughes, "that's not what the men in my life have told me."


Meanwhile, across town, Luke was really and truly afraid he might be crazy. Who could he talk to? Lily was, as usual, a sobbing mess. Holden was out of town with Molly and besides, Holden would go and get a pitchfork or something if Luke told him about Damian's text.

Luke shuddered. He had to talk to somebody about all of this, but it had to be somebody that he respected. Somebody tough. Damian was alive. Damian might be stealing money from the foundation. Damian had powers of some kind or another. Luke was reading minds and having visions...Who in the world could handle of of that information and not seek to immediately lock Luke away forever? The answer came to him quickly.


Lucinda Walsh was wheeling and dealing happily in her Worldwide office, when Luke had come to her with all of his troubles. Luke was very upset. He paced the room, and nervously bounced around like a pinball during the whole conversation.  

"First of all, my darling, you are not going crazy," she assured Luke.

"It is really all true?" Luke whispered.

Lucinda nodded. "The Grimaldi's are very powerful. Mind control, visions, telepathy -I am not surprised by any of it."

"I need to think," Luke said, "go somewhere."

"Move into my pool house, " Lucinda told him. "It is separate from the mansion. You can think in quiet. No voices. "

"No mom crying."


Luke breathed out his relief. "Thanks, grandmother."

"Now," Lucinda almost smiled, "We have to set a trap, find out where he is, get the money back..."

Luke could hear her thoughts, Money. Enemy. Money. Craig is now not important. Damian. At last.

"He is my father," Luke said softly.

"What?" Lucinda asked. "Oh." She tapped her head. "Got in there, did you?"

"I have to plot. He is dangerous, Luke. Even if he is your father. " Lucinda looked off out the Worldwide office window. "I always thought he had some kind of spell over your mother -something sexual."

"Grandmother- "

Lucinda didn't answer. But Luke suddenly felt his head pound. A vision took him over:
He could see his mother and Damian kissing each other. They were on a boat. Malta was in the distance. The wind was blowing Lily's hair all over the place. Damian caught it roughly and twisted it. They struggled. But soon, Lily began to kiss Damian. Her hands grabbing at his neck. His teeth bit into her lip, drawing some blood. His fingers brutally digging into her bare shoulders.  Lily's eyes were stunned. Then another vision came, like changing the channel on a television. This time it was of Lucinda. She was pointing a gun at Damian. He was just laughing at her. A shot -

"Luke? Luke , my dear?" Lucinda shook him. "Come out of it."

Luke's eyes were glazed. Lucinda gave him a hard shake. Luke jumped.

"Grandmother," he said suddenly, " maybe I should go to the police, not involve you. Maybe this was a mistake." Luke tried to calm down. He tried to believe that these visions did not mean anything. They were not necessarily real. Still, panic was beginning to gnaw at him. 

"The police? " Lucinda scoffed. "In this town? No,dear. We will figure it out. Meanwhile, you look awful. Go to the pool house, rest. Nothing has to be solved today. I will start by tracking down the missing money. Always follow the money, my boy. "

Luke nodded. "Okay." Maybe his grandmother was right. Maybe it was all of this stress causing it all. He would go and be alone.

"And let's keep Lily away from it all." Lucinda warned. " Damian has too much hold over her."

Luke heard, Sex. Lust. I knew lust like that once...John Dixon.

"Er- I gotta go," Luke jumped up.

"Oops, did you hear? Well, hell Luke I'm old...not dead."

"I can't do this. Really grandmother." He ran out.

Chapter Four

"Don't be silly, of course we are all here, " Lily shot Luke a pointed look, "We are like your family, " she told Noah.

"And you are like, " Noah sounded choked up, Lily grabbed his hand, "you are like the mom I never knew." 

 Luke heard, It's why I stayed with Luke so long; I wanted to be a part of his family so much.

Luke narrowed his eyes.

"I'm so happy you are all here to support me. Thanks Lily, Luke. "

"Sure," Luke said, a bit sarcastically. He should have stayed in the pool house. It had been so nice there for the past few days. Silent.

Just then, the door opened and Dr. Oliver walked in.

Luke gave him a big smile. Dr. Oliver deliberately ignored him. Luke walked up right behind Dr. Oliver, watching as he examined Noah. Suddenly, Luke's mood was improved.

Luke checked out Doctor Oliver's scrubs. Nice.

"Ready for this, Noah?" Dr. Oliver asked.

"If you are!"

"Always ready and always the best," Dr. Oliver said. He glanced behind him for a second at Luke. 

"Boy, you are so confident!" Noah gushed. 

Luke heard, I want you to see alright. See me kiss your ex-boyfriend senseless.

Dr. Oliver turned and Luke deliberately blocked his path and bumped into Reid lightly. 

"Oh, sorry," Luke said with mock innocence. He was so close to Dr. Oliver that the material of Luke's jeans grazed the material of his scrubs. The space between the two men was so small that not a shadow could break through. Luke could smell a hint of Reid's soap, and Reid breathed in Luke's subtle cologne.  Luke reached out a hand on Reid's chest to steady Dr. Oliver, who had almost dropped his chart.    

"Please stay out of the way, Mr. Snyder."

"Sure." Luke took his hand off Reid's chest, but he casually patted it first.

 Dr. Oliver bolted out the door. 
Luke watched him leave the room.  He really shouldn't be teasing Dr. Oliver right before Noah's big operation, but it was so much fun.

A few moments later, Richard entered the room. Then Alison. Luke felt like it was a good time to make an escape. He really did not want to read their minds.

"Good luck, " he said to Noah. Luke did not try and touch him. He really did want the best for Noah, but that was about all.

In the hospital corridor, Luke spotted Dr, Oliver examining some scans. He went up, intending on  actually just saying goodbye to the doctor and leaving him alone to do his job, but then Luke heard:

 Must do a good job for Luke. Don't want to let Luke down! 

Uh,  Doctor Oliver."
Reid jumped.  Luke was face to face with him. Luke's hair fell slightly in his eyes and Reid fought the urge to touch it.

"What is it now? " Reid demanded.

Luke had a funny smile on his face again. "Nothing, doctor. I wanted to thank you for helping Noah."

"Well since you blackmailed me here, I hardly accept your thanks," Reid told him.

"I meant to bring something," Luke said, "like a four-leaf clover or whatever. But my life has been...Anyhow, I just forgot."

"What?" Reid shook his head at him. "Why would you bring me that?" 

Luke reached out and stroked Reid's cheek. Reid froze. Then Luke leaned in and planted a quick, hard kiss on Reid's firm mouth.

Luke grinned at him. "For luck, doctor," Luke said and he walked away.

Reid stood there a moment, completely flabbergasted.

Then he touched a finger to his lips and let out a low whistle. Now that Luke Snyder had made the first move, Reid did not plan to let him get away.  

Luke laughed as he drove away from Memorial. It had felt so right to stun Dr. Oliver like that...And as for reading his thoughts, well, Luke had never in his life felt so wanted.


While Luke was busy moving his belongings into the pool house, Damian Grimaldi boarded a small jet. He took only four of his best trained men. Two of them would leave immediately for Oakdale and two remained with him. The other guards, he would leave in Malta with clear orders to take care of any unexpected surprises. Damian needed to first go to New York for a few days and go to his bank vault there. He would transfer some more of the foundation's funds. He would meet with his associates from New York.  After that,  he was headed to Oakdale too.  Damian smiled chillingly, and he took out a picture of Lily holding Luciano as a baby. He felt like a man who had been dreaming about a long silence. His soul had grow heavy in the darkness. It was amazing what the denial of love could do to a person. Damian allowed his finger to gently stroke Lily's cheek and the top of the baby's head. Mine, Damian thought. And in the end, he always got what was his.

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Title: One Night Only
Author: Marsabi
 Rating: PG
Summary: This began as a one shot deal based on a Lure prompt (Luke is drunk and has a one night stand with Reid. Reid does not know he was a virgin). I just couldn't stop there. So here is part two and three...
Disclaimer: Based on ATWT; I don't own them or Luke and Reid would still be a couple
Warning: none

One Night Only: Part Two

4 months later

Holden sighed at Luke. "You know, son, it is just that we are so disappointed in you. We expected better."

"Is this because of Noah and that girl?" Lily asked.

Luke groaned . "No mom. I did this mess all on my own."

It had been a difficult few months. Noah and Ameera were always on campus, truly married now, always pawing each other. It made Luke want to drink again, but ever since he had that one night with that stranger, he had been sober.  Casey had suggested going out with Reg, a boy in school who had always liked Luke. So Luke had tried that. Reg was nice, and unlike Noah, Reg was totally gay. But after the first few times of fooling around with Reg, Luke had to admit there were just no sparks.
After sleeping with Reid, whatever his last name was from wherever, Luke could not continue to see Reg. All he thought about were Reid's kisses and how totally hot they had been. He could see Reid's hands running all over his body. Reid pushing him down into the soft grass. It was just cause I was drunk, Luke told himself firmly, that is why it seemed so ...explosive. He tried to put Reid out of his mind.

He had attempted to distract himself by hanging out with Casey. That was when the trouble began. Stupid guys on campus had teased Reg, harassed him about being gay. Casey had been there and defended him. Casey loved a good fight. Then Casey had the bright idea that Luke should run against that group and try to be class president. One disaster after another had led Luke to cheat at the election.

"Trust me, dude," Casey had promised, "Nobody will know and those prejudice bastards will be out."

But they had found out. Ameera had heard about it from Maddie and had told Noah...Noah had turned in Luke. Another betrayal. Walking around the campus that day, Luke felt like his loneliness was visible on his skin. In the past, Luke could not wait to go back to school. But now he would be glad to leave.

Luke felt no love left for Noah after that incident. Noah had insisted it was for Luke's own good. Ha! He had been kicked out of college now. Noah just hadn't wanted his ex-boyfriend around his wife. He wanted no reminders of Luke. He considered Luke a "mistake." 

 At least Luke had covered up for Casey.

"Look," he told his parents now, "I wasn't that excited about college at any rate."

"What will you do?" Holden said pointedly. "If you stay with us then you must apologize and go back -"

"Yes," Lily said. "Mother knows the dean and we can get you back in. Luke?"

"I'll go see grandmother," Luke sighed.

Lucinda Walsh observed the misery in her favorite grandchild's eyes. They had just called the dean to make an appointment.

"Tea, dear?" she offered Luke. Lucinda thought that Luke looked too sad; his eyes were sunken in and it looked like he had not slept well.
Luke took a sip. He looked over the big office at Worldwide. It was as impressive as his grandmother. The office was massive. It was meant for intimidation, but Luke had good memories of the place. Lucinda had let him play in the office many times.

"You never went to college, did you grandmother?"

Lucinda laughed, "I wanted to. Nobody thought much of a girl's education then." Lucinda's eyes hardened, "But I showed them."

She examined Luke again. "Darling," Lucinda said slowly. "If you need a break from college and that boy Noah and all-"

"I do."

"Well, how about working here for a bit?"

"At Worldwide?"

"Why not? It is a family company."

Luke grinned suddenly. "Mom will kill you, grandmother."

Lucinda cackled. "Fighting with Lily is half the fun of my day!"
Then she shrugged her elegant shoulders. " Don't worry about that. What else is new between your mother and me? Look, I can give you work.  Let you have time to think."

Luke smiled, "What would I do here? Make copies? Get coffee?"

"Of course not! Your a Walsh-Snyder. You go right to the top. Besides, I have a project you'd be great at. I need somebody compassionate and thoughtful; I think it could be you."

"What is it?" Luke asked , intrigued.

"I have a friend, Eliza Judd, her poor grandchild is sick. Right now the girl and her parents are in Dallas with some great doctor. Well, they won't accept Eliza's help with money and their hotel bills..." Lucinda rolled her eyes. "So Eliza and I thought we could have somebody go down to Dallas and create a special family wing in this hospital -where loved ones can stay -they can be right there..."

"Wow," Luke said, his face lighting up with interest. "That sounds amazing."

Lucinda nodded, "You'd have to go to Dallas, dear, and stay awhile."

Luke shrugged. He'd felt for weeks now that he was trapped in a place in his life where he was doing nothing but waiting. Getting out of town and taking some action sounded fine to Luke.

"I'll do it."

"Wonderful!" Lucinda tapped Luke on the leg. "You never regret what you do, my boy, only what you don't have the guts to do."

Luke smiled at that. He had spent most of his life being careful to do only what had been expected of him. Then Noah had broken his heart and Luke had done something completely crazy. Yet Lucinda was right. Luke had kept on expecting to regret his one night with Reid, but those feelings had not emerged. It had actually helped him move forward, past Noah and all of that humiliation and pain.

"I'll do a good job," he told his grandmother.

Lucinda grinned, "Fantastic! I will send you on the jet in a few days. Do prepare yourself though , darling. "

"For what?"

"I heard their child's Doctor, Dr. Oliver, is not too crazy about our idea."

 A day or two later,  at the Dallas General hospital, Reid was having a terrible day.

"No way," Reid told his boss.

"Dr. Oliver,"

"I don't have time for this!"

"The Judds are your patients,"

"Only Annie."

"The money Worldwide if offering us and this family wing - it could put us on the map."

"Who cares about some wing to hold the hands of the healthy?"Reid demanded. "What a stupid idea. We need a new Cardio wing, new Neurology wing too. Not this."

"Dr. Oliver - "

"And who is this Mr. Snyder? Some young, spoiled brat  with deep pockets telling me to meet with him?"

"You will do this, Dr. Oliver. It is not a request."

Reid left the room furious at his boss, at this Mr. Snyder, at the Judd family. He needed to focus on Annie and only on her. Not coddle the rest of them .

He frowned and picked up his cell phone. He had been ignoring the texts from Mr. Snyder, but now he had no choice. Still, a nasty smile spread over Reid's face, nobody said he had to play nice.

Okay, Mr. Snyder. I heard that you and your money are flying in to town. I will take you on Richie Rich tour of your life. But that is it. 

  Reid expected Snyder to tell him to go to hell and go off to do his good deeds someplace else.  He was shocked when a text came back.

Fine, Dr. Ice -I mean Oliver . You can buy me dinner and we can plan the wing.

Why should I buy you dinner,
Reid texted, "Aren't you Mr. Checkbook? Then Reid added, Do you even know a thing about a hospital?  Oh wait, you must own one back home.

I might own yours too before my day is done, the text came back, be careful.

Reid shook his head. At leat this Mr. Snyder had balls . He just hoped he had a brain in his rich boy head. Reid planned to convince him to forget about a family wing and give the hospital some new equipment.

Luke checked into his hotel and then called Mr. Judd. The man was so angry and fearful. He had all of his hopes on this Doctor Oliver to save Annie. From what the Chief had told him, Annie was not going to be saved. Doctor Oliver had only promised to try and extend her life by a few months. Luke had felt so sorry for Mr. Judd. He became determined to provide Annie and her parents with a state of the art wing to visit in. Even if this Doctor Oliver was already making it clear that he resented Luke, Luke was determined not to fail. Not again. He wouldn't be a disappointment to Lucinda like he'd been to his parents. 

Doctor Oliver was supposed to pick a place for dinner, but his texts kept putting it off. The man sounded like he never went anywhere!

Luke texted Doctor Oliver again. Why don't you just meet me in my room here and we can order in chili? 

Chili? came the swift reply, don't you mean caviar and champagne?

Jerk, Luke thought. Although a small part of him was enjoying all the snark. At least Doctor Oliver was honest and his texts kept Luke on his toes all day.

That is not my style, Luke texted back. Be here by 7.

He enjoyed ordering this big shot Doctor around.

Reid entered the hotel about 15 minutes early. He just wanted this to be over. He went up to Mr. Snyder's room and hit the bell.

"One minute," called a voice behind the door.

Reid stood there. The door flung open.

Luke had only a towel wrapped around him. 

Luke had assumed it was room service with his chili and ribs. It wasn't.

It was Reid. The only man he had ever slept with.

One Night Only : Part Three


The two men stood looking at each other in shock.

"What are you doing here?"

"You're Mr. Snyder?"

"You're Doctor Oliver?"

Luke's eyes widened.  Reid glanced down at him, and Luke blushed, realizing he was only wearing a towel.

"I- I thought you were room service,"

"Lucky bell boy," Reid smirked.

"One minute," Luke fled to the bathroom to dress.

It didn't matter. Reid could easily picture him naked. He could picture  how tight his ass had been as Reid had pushed inside of him...He could picture Luke's expression of awe and delight as he came.

"Should we discuss the family wing now?" Luke asked. He had surprised Reid, and Reid jumped.

"Sure. Why not?"

Reid kept his gaze intensely on Luke.

There was a knock on the door.

"That must be the chili and ribs I ordered," Luke said and opened up the door again.

As they ate some and looked over the hospital papers, Luke kept sneaking glances at Reid . It had been dark that night and he had been drunk. He remembered Reid's taste and touch, but his actual looks had been murky. He remembered he had thought that Reid was cute, but - Oh, God...

Really, Luke did not remember those piercingly blue eyes or those perfectly firm lips or strong-looking fingers. Luke watched as Reid wrote a note down. Those fingers that had been inside of him and had ---

"Earth to Snyder! Hey!"

Luke looked up. Reid was waving a paper at him. "I said you need to sign these."

"Oh. Right." Luke grabbed at the paper. Their hands touched.  Reid smiled slowly at him; his eyes were looking Luke over.

Luke stood suddenly.
"Well, I think we've worked enough tonight. I assume you have a home to go to and things to do..."

Luke gestured towards the door.

"Yeah," Reid agreed, and he picked up the rest of the papers.  "I should go," he said. Then Reid just stood there and stared at Luke. No one had ever stared at him quite like this before. He stared at Luke like he was going to devour him.

Luke nervously rubbed his palms up and down his jeans. Reid's eyes followed the gesture. Luke saw Reid's eyes had darkened slightly.

Luke felt himself grow hard.

"Do you need to take the actual plans home?" Luke asked and cursed the higher pitched sound of his own voice.

Reid tapped the side of his head. "Naw. Photographic memory."


Reid took a step closer to Luke.

"I never really forget anything " Reid told him with a small smile.

Luke was certain that Reid must feel his heart pounding.

He looked up into Reid's eyes.

Luke's own eyes were huge. They looked like doe-eyes.  Reid saw that they were filled with both confusion and longing.

Reid cupped the side of Luke's face.

Suddenly, it did not seem to matter that Luke barely knew Reid, his body was insistent about remembering every touch. Luke leaned against him. He inhaled Reid's scent like oxygen.  

"I can't believe you are Mr. Checkbook,  deep pockets Snyder," Reid stroked Luke's face some more as he spoke. 

Reid's other hand touched Luke's blond hair gently. 

Luke swallowed. 

"Don't try all that fancy romantic talk, Doctor Oliver, " Luke said back, "I might faint."

Reid grinned at him then. 

Then Reid's face became serious. "You were a bit drunk that night," Reid said slowly. "No regrets?"

Luke reached out and played with the collar on Reid's shirt.  "What makes you think that I even remember?" Luke teased. 

"Brat." Reid continued to touch him.

Luke laughed.  "Well, I do havea really nice jacket from that night."

Reid rolled his eyes.

"And of course,' Luke's voice deepened . "I also lost something kind of big."

"Hmm? What?"

"My virginity," Luke said softly.

Reid's eyes went wild. "What?"

Luke couldn't repeat it again. He had not meant to say that at all. It had just slipped out of his mouth. Luke just shook his head.

"You told me about a boyfriend," Reid said in a measured tone. He had dropped his hands to his sides.

"He always wanted to take it slow," Luke whispered. "All we ever did was kiss."

Luke reached for Reid again, but Reid pushed him away.

"Is  this some kind of game?" Reid demanded. "You look me up somehow? Follow me here?"

"No!" Luke reached out for Reid imploringly.

Reid shoved Luke back against the wall. They looked at each other in anger. The tension flew all around them.

"I'm not sure you were a virgin. You seemed to suck me off easily enough," Reid accused angrily.

Luke felt his own rage and grabbed on to it. "You are- I - you -" Luke stumbled for a reply. " Maybe you used me. Did you know I was going to be part of the Worldwide money? Did you know who my family was?"

"Hey, I don't need some spoiled boy's family for anything. I make my own way."

"Great! Good for you. Just get the hell out of here." Luke shoved back at Reid.  Luke refused to allow this guy see him break down.

The two men were face to face and Reid still had Luke pinned up against the hotel wall. They looked at each other.  For a moment neither one moved.

"I will," Reid dropped his grip on Luke and headed for the door. 

"Fine," Luke said and rushed past Reid to open the door for him, "You weren't that good anyhow," he added, trying to hurt Reid. 

"Don't come around the hospital or bother me again," Reid instructed as he left. The door slammed behind him.

Luke slumped down against the wall.  Don't cry, he told himself, not over that jerk.

Reid stormed over to the hotel elevator. Images of that night with Luke crossed his mind. He recalled Luke's drunken state, Luke's sorrow over his boyfriend's marriage, and the look of sheer surprise on Luke's face when Reid had flipped him over...

"Aw, damn," Reid groaned. Luke really had been a virgin.
Reid pinched the edge of his nose and thought. There was really no way this could be anything but a crazy, cosmic joke. He glanced back at Luke's hotel door and frowned. 

Luke covered his eyes and tried to calm down. He nearly jumped out of his skin when the door opened again and Reid stood there, towering above him.

"Here is the thing," Reid said, "I don't think either of us did plan that night."

Luke quickly wiped his eyes with the heel of his hands.

Reid gave the younger man a moment to compose himself.

"If I had known..." Reid said finally, "I would have stopped."

Luke just nodded.

"You first time should be with somebody special," Reid said awkwardly. "Shit, I sound like a greeting card."

Luke smiled slightly at that.  

"I tried that - to be in love-" Luke said, his voice quivering. "He just didn't really want me."

Reid bent down to Luke. He gently kissed Luke's tear-stained face.

"Sounds like a big moron to me ," he said.

Luke pulled away. "I don't want pity." He stiffened.

"Good," Reid told him, "cause I don't do pity."

He took Luke's hand and placed it gently at the bulge in Reid's pants.

"What I am feeling for you, Mr. Snyder, is certainly not pity."

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Title: After The Rattle
Author: Marsabi
Summary: This story takes place after Reid and Luke roll on the baby rattle at Katie's. It fixes the Chris problem and other things...
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: These characters are from ATWT...  
Warning: none

 Chapter Four :

"Oh," Reid said, stuffing more chocolate cake into his mouth, "wow."

"Reid," Luke advised, "take a breath."

Reid ignored him and shoveled in more food. "Luke, wow. You can really cook." Reid patted his belly and sighed.

"Why are you so surprised."

"Well, between mommy and your fat bank account, I figured you never learned to bother."

"I'll have you know that I spent many days out at the farm with Grandma Emma cooking."

"Obviously," Reid sighed contentedly. "She must have been a great teacher."

"Wow! All these compliments. That's a first!"

Reid grinned. "Yeah, well...I'm hoping this won't be the last time you cook for me."

"It won't - if you do something for me too."

Reid raised an eyebrow. "What?"

"Go to physical therapy in the morning. Work on your hand exercises."

"I didn't say I wasn't going, " Reid frowned, "I just said the therapist was a moron.  Most likely got his degree online at some quack institute. "

"Reid-" Luke went over to him. "I can fly somebody in - "

"Forget it. "


"Well, for one thing, I can take care of my own problems. Besides, you'll probably fall in love with that doctor too."

"Ha ha," Luke half-smiled. But his heart was full of worry. He knew that Reid was troubled by the tingling in his hand. He knew how important being a surgeon was for Reid. It meant everything. Yet Reid was acting all brave about it; he would not admit it at all. 

They had fought about it already. The day of the accident, after hearing Chris was going to be fine, Luke had tried to get Reid to discuss it.

"Why don't you just tell me how scared you are?" Luke had demanded. 

Reid had become angry then. "Cause I don't just go around spilling my guts out."  And that had been that. 

"I can have grandmother make some calls. I can help- like in Texas."

Reid ate another bite of Luke's delicious chocolate cake and tried to avoid Luke's big brown eyes. Reid felt all twisted up inside. He wanted to drop it. To pretend his hand did not feel numb, but he knew Luke. Luke was one of the most stubborn people on the planet. He would be like a dog with a bone. He would relentlessly bother Reid about his hand. Might as well give into Luke right now.

"I can call somebody myself." Reid told him. " I know a good physical therapist. He actually owes me a favor."

"Why does he owe you?" Luke asked as he cleaned up the dishes. Reid tried to get up and help, but Luke shooed him away.

"Well, I brilliantly operated on a few of his patients. I gave him, his name's James, a ride to the airport once, even though it was a bad storm that day.. I covered for him his nitwit boss more than once.."

"Okay, okay. Call him. As long as you didn't date him or anything," Luke teased.

"No, " Reid said, "James is not gay. " Reid glanced away suddenly.

Luke went over to him. He took Reid's chin in his hand and forced his face up. "But? "

Reid shook his head.


"Well, okay...I might have dated his gay brother for a time," Reid admitted sheepishly.

"Terrific, " Luke said, releasing Reid's chin.

"Hey," Reid touched Luke gently. Luke crossed his arms. Reid pushed Luke's arms back open and slid his body against Luke's. They pushed each other back and forth for a moment, before Luke sighed and let Reid into his arms.

"Don't man handle me," Luke said.

"You love it," Reid told him.

Luke twisted his lips into a reluctant smile.

Reid pulled Luke even closer.

"It was nothing." Reid said. " Besides, it is James I need. I'm not calling Alec. I need James to help with this damn hand."

"I still don't like it."

"Trust me."

Luke just pouted.

"Don't overeact."

"Don't tell me I'm overeacting - you always say that!"

"Oh, forget it. " Reid said. " It was a dumb idea. I'll just stick with Oakdale's idiot therapist."

There was a long silence.

Luke sighed. "It was really nothing?"

Reid kissed his lips. "Really, really...Now how about some more cake?"

Later, as they got ready for bed, Luke saw Reid flexing his hand- open and close, open and close.  Reid
winced. He turned and caught Luke watching.

"It'll be fine, " Reid said gruffly and went into the bathroom.

Luke turned down the sheets.

Reid came out, dressed only in a tight pair of black briefs. He gave Luke a small smile.

Luke smiled back with all of his feeling for this man. Reid swallowed hard for a moment, and then he came over to Luke. They got into the bed together silently.

Luke softly stroked Reid's back.  Reid turned over, so that they were face to face. He stared into Luke's warm eyes. Then Reid rested his head on Luke's shoulder.

"I guess I can admit that I am a know."

"Scared," Luke whispered.

"No, not scared," Reid started to deny. Luke stroked his curly hair and waited.

"Terrified, petrified - " Reid snuggled into Luke. "I'm really trying not to be."

"I know." Luke kissed Reid soflty. "It will be okay."

"Ahh, that Synder optimism," Reid joked, but he pulled Luke even closer. He held Luke for a long, long time.  

In the morning, Reid made the call.


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