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Title: The Secret of Being a Grimaldi
Author: Marsabi
Summary: Luke has superpowers. Luke and Reid are in Malta to confront Damian about some missing foundation money. Reid has just learned from Damian that Luke has been mind-reading.
Rating: PG
Warning: Sad chapter

Chapter 14

Damian had been teaching his son how to control his powers, and it was amazing to Luke how quickly he was learning. He had talked to the cook for a few hours and bonded with the woman, and soon he began to be able to read her mind. Then Damian had explained to him how to stop it. Luke went back to the cook, read her mind again, and then controlled his power and simply refused to hear her thoughts. It was like turning down the sound on the radio. It was that easy. Now, Luke thought, he could finally tell Reid. Because now he could promise Reid that he would never read his private thoughts without Reid's permission. Luke's visions were harder and more complex for him to control, since he did not know when a vision was coming. But Damian urged him to stay a little longer, and promised to help Luke with that too.

Luke understood that Reid was restless to leave the castle. But he was confident that he could handle Reid. He just needed a little more time in Malta, then they could go home. Besides, Luke was enjoying being away from everybody. All he needed was to be with Reid. He thought of the way they had fed each other fruit the day before, licking the juice from each other's open lips. He remembered Reid standing in Luke's clothing at the hospital, as he helped him with his visions. That had been just hours after they had first been together, and Reid had been so kind to him. It wasn't a kindness that Reid liked to openly show, but he had shown Luke. Luke smiled and thought about the way he had watched Reid sleeping on the airplane trip to Malta. Reid always slept with one hand tucked under his face. Luke had stroked his hair, watching him dream. Luke's thoughts turned to the night before. Reid had made love to him, rocking into him so tenderly. Despite all the strange things that had happened to him lately, Luke felt blessed.

So Luke was happy and beaming at Reid's arrival in their suite. He had been waiting for him. Luke was ready to finally explain all about the mind reading. He knew it might upset Reid somewhat, but he would spend the next few hours making it up to him. Luke imagined enjoying Reid's gorgeous body, his fingers trailing over Reid's flat belly and beautiful chest, flicking those perfect nipples, and then kissing Reid slowly -

"Hey," Reid said, giving Luke an impatient shake.

Luke jumped and then smiled, "Sorry! I was just- " he flushed, "thinking of you."

"Here I am," Reid said flatly. His mouth was turned down in a hard line.

Luke came up to him and rubbed at Reid's shoulder's with true affection.

"Thanks for being here," he told Reid. "I know it has been tough on you."

Reid pulled away from Luke's touch. "How do you know what I'm feeling?" He said.

Luke shrugged, " I just...know you." He studied Reid. "And right now I can tell something is wrong. What is it?"

"What?" Reid snarled suddenly, "You don't know? You can't just read my mind?"

Luke froze. The smile on his face faded.

"How did you- "

"Does it matter? ' Reid asked coldly. "If you must know, bad dad told me. He thought that I already knew."

"No, I told him not to, " Luke shook his head as if to clear it. Luke felt like he had been punched in the guts. He tried to reach for Reid.

"Don't!" Reid shoved him back. His hands balled into fists.

I don't want him to touch me!

Luke dropped his hand. He could hear the blades of the ceiling fan whirling above his head. He could feel the sunlight piercing through the heavy bedroom curtains. He dared not touch Reid in that long moment. He wanted to desperately, but he didn't have the nerve to risk it. The silence was palpable.

Luke struggled to find the right words. He spoke softly. "I was going to tell you. "


"Now, " Luke answered.

Reid snorted in disbelief.

"No, I was...I've been learning to control it. I was waiting until I could. It all started out as an accident, I promise."

"Forgive me if your promises mean nothing to me," Reid replied. His eyes looked into Luke's without mercy.

Luke's eyes filled. "I wanted to protect your feelings; when you hurt, I hurt," Luke said simply. Warm, wet tears slid helplessly down his face.

"Spare me! You read my mind cause you wanted to. Cause you could. Save your explanations for your therapist, since you'll no doubt end up as lonely and crazy as the rest of the Grimaldis. "

"Don't," Luke whispered, his eyes squeezing shut.

"Don't what?" Reid mocked, "Am I not being nice? Too bad. "

"Reid," Luke mouth quivered and he could barely form the words, "Don't do this. I know you're mad, but.." He tried to touch Reid's shirt. "I love you."

Reid shook Luke off and backed away like he was a snake. "Love?" His lips twisted up. "How did we get to love?" Reid laughed then, but without joy. "You love like all the rest of the
Snyders maybe, switching partners every other day like life is some big square dance."

"I'm not like that," Luke protested. "I don't fall in love easily."

"I don't care one way or the other, " Reid told him. "I should have listened to my first instincts about you. That you were spoiled and didn't think the rules applied. "

Luke covered his ears a moment. Reid roughly pulled Luke's hands away. "No , I want you to hear me, Luke. I want to thank you," he said.

Luke gulped and looked into Reid's icy stare. "For what?" And even though Reid had been so cruel, a small part of Luke was holding out some hope.

"For letting me fuck you, of course. It was fun. Meaningless, but fun. " Reid released Luke's hands and grabbed his suitcase and medical bag. He threw his clothes into the suitcase, packing quickly.

Luke grabbed at Reid. He sank to his knees, and held Reid around the waist. Luke buried his face in Reid's stomach.

"Say whatever you want to me, but don't go," Luke pleaded. "Don't leave."

Reid hesitated for just a second. Luke missed the flicker of pain in Reid's eyes as he pushed Luke off of him. "I'm done with this game," He told Luke harshly.

Luke looked up at him and shook his head. Luke's mouth was trembling. He fought to control it. "You're not a game player at all," he told Reid, " you don't play games with love."

Reid closed his eyes to hide his misery. Then he forced himself to look right at Luke's beautiful, sad face.

"I don't play games, you're right. " Reid moved past Luke to the door. He looked back at him once. "But apparently you do. And your games with me are over, Mr. Snyder."

Luke had no pride left. Still on his knees, he made one more attempt to reach his arms out to Reid.

I just hate him right now!

Hearing that, stopped Luke cold. It was like poison in his breaking heart. He stopped and let Reid walk out the door. He didn't see the way Reid covered his hands over his face, once he was safely outside of the room. He did not see the way misery etched itself on every part of Reid's features. Luke was too busy curling himself into a ball on the floor. Luke did not think he would ever get up again.

Reid wanted to flee. He was afraid that Luke would still chase him, that he would break down and just forgive Luke. So he hesitated at the elevator and decided instead to go the back way, down one of the many Grimaldi staircases. As Reid made his way down the stairs, he saw them: Damian and Lily and Lucinda. Lily and Lucinda were tied at the arms and being led by some guards. Damian looked up, spotting Reid. He nodded to his guards and they came at Reid and grabbed him quickly. They forced him down the stairs right to Damian. Reid flinched as Damian grabbed his shoulder.

"This, Doctor Oliver, " Damian drawled, "Is most unfortunate for you."
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Title: The Secret of Being a Grimaldi
Author: Marsabi
Summary: Luke has powers and has gone to Malta to confront Damian.
Disclaimer: Based on ATWT
Rating: PG
Warning: Last Chapters

Chapter 15

Luke remained curled up on the floor. His body racked with sobs. He hadn't known, not really, how deeply he loved Reid until then. He had never felt such complete pain. He waited for Reid to come back through the door, and the waiting became inconsolable. There was nothing to hold onto but all the memories forming like webs in his mind. The sensation of Reid touching him. The way Reid smiled, his fierce eyes, and his capable hands. Every minute Reid did not walk through that door, Luke felt his heart twisting. He knew that he was to blame, and that was the hardest part of it all. The pain of that was sharp and bitter. He had not protected his love. Luke closed his eyes. That was when a vision came to him, forcefully invading his mind.

He could see Reid. Somewhere dark. Reid was trembling, his whole body was trembling. Reid was frightened and alone. It was dark, a basement- no, a cave. Reid could not breathe. His lungs were burning-

Luke bolted up. Sweat poured off his skin. Luke tried to think. Then he just knew- Reid was in the caves under the Grimaldi castle. Reid needed him. Luke had no doubts that this particular vision was right.

He ran out of his room and raced down the hall. In his hurry, he smacked into one of Damian's guards. He was an extremely fat man, followed by a taller man. The fat one put his hands on Luke. Luke grabbed him back.

"Don't even try and stop me," Luke snarled.

To his surprise, the fat guard just froze. Luke realized that he had some of Damian's power now. The man stopped because Luke had touched him and told him to stop. The taller guard met Luke's eyes in fright. He fled. Luke did not have time to think over this new found ability; he had to get to Reid.

Luke went down to the lowest level of the Grimaldi castle. From there, he climbed down into the caves. It was incredibly dark in the cave and wet on the ground. It stank of salt and earth. Luke already knew that Reid was afraid of dark, small places. He called out Reid's name, frantically searching. It was no use. Then Luke took a deep breath. He had to calm down and focus. He used his mind. He followed it, through one cave and into another, until he found him.

Reid was a mess. He was hunched over and shaking. Luke thought the shaking was just from the fear of the cave, until he turned Reid around to face him. Reid's eyes were glazed. His body damp with sweat. His whole body was shivering uncontrollably. His fingers were bent and experiencing huge spasms. Luke could tell this went beyond Reid's normal fear. Rage at Damian filled Luke.

Luke touched Reid's neck and shoulders. He tried to hug Reid, but the shaking was too bad. Luke attempted to read his mind. All he could hear was, No, no, no! Not my hands!

Luke grabbed Reid's beautiful fingers and stroked them. He put one hand there and then held his other hand up to Reid's head. Luke summoned all his new strength.

"You are fine," he whispered to Reid, "your hands are fine. You are calm. You are steady. You are fine," He stroked Reid lovingly up and down his face as he said the words. Reid's eyes had started to lose their glazed appearance. They met Luke's. They still were fearful. Luke continued to hold Reid. He squeezed Reid's shaking hands. "You are fine. You are back in control. No fear." He just kept repeating these words to Reid, and slowly Reid began to respond. His shaking stopped. His body calmed. Luke took both of Reid's cheeks in his hands and gave Reid's lips a soft kiss.


"I'm here. You're okay."

"You saved me, " Reid voice was hoarse, but strong. "Nobody has ever- " He looked up at Luke. "I mean -"

Luke cupped Reid's cheek again. "I'll always save you."

Reid closed his eyes for a moment. He licked his dry lips. "Your mother, Lucinda- " He told Luke.


"They are here. I think in another cave. "

Luke wanted to just hold Reid some more. To connect with him again. To discuss their terrible fight. But now wasn't the time.

Luke pulled Reid to his feet. "Can you walk?"


Luke held one arm around Reid; he was a little unsteady. Together they wandered into the next cave and found Lily and Lucinda. They were no longer under Damian's mind influence, but both women were tied up. Luke set Reid down and then ran over to his family. He quickly untied them .

They all stood up.

"Let's get out of here!" said Reid, still hating the caves. But he was back to his normal self.

"I have a gun," Lucinda started to say, "back on the jet. If he comes -"

"No!" Luke told her. "Just go home. I will have to deal with this mess alone. " He thought of his vision with the gun and Lucinda. "I can't let you do anything else."

"We should all go," Lily said, still sobbing. "And quickly."

But it was too late. Luke could feel them arrive, even before he saw them. Damian and Bettina entered the small cave.

Bettina Grimaldi still was being pushed by her vacuous nurse. Her body remained absolutely still. But suddenly, Luke heard all of Bettina's thoughts. They were sick and evil. The plan now revealed itself to Luke. His grandmother wanted him to never leave this castle. She planned to drain his power and leave him here to waste away. Once Bettina Grimaldi fed off of Luke's youth and new abilities, she would regain her own body and be unstoppable. She would be the most powerful Grimaldi ever. She cared about no one else. Luke could hear vile ideas in her mind. Hatred for Lily and Luke as "not pure," and hatred for even Damian. She had been controlling Damian, although he had been trying to resist her. Bettina wanted Luke now; she wanted to take everything from him.

Luke recoiled. His eyes met his father's eyes. Bettina Grimaldi was wheeled closer to Luke. She reached out, already her body gaining strength from being in Luke's presence, one deformed and twisted hand to touch him.

"No!" Damian suddenly acted. He put himself between Luke and his mother. The old lady sank her claws into her only son. Soon their minds were locked in a fierce battle for dominance.

Damian's body started to shake. His eyes bulged. A trickle of blood came from his right ear. Luke could sense that Bettina was winning. That she was too strong for him. Damian was in serious trouble. Luke jumped into the mix. He put his own hand on Bettina Grimaldi's head. Togther, he and Damian battled her mind.

At Luke's touch , Bettina's body jerked and flailed around like a wild beast. Blood came pouring out of her eyeballs and nose. She coughed and wheezed and more blood poured out. Her body went into some kind of seizure again, thrashing and suffering. The whole time, Damian and Luke hung on to her, thinking thoughts of her destruction. She continued to jerk, like a puppet with broken strings. Her head tipped to one side. Her mouth opened in a silent scream. It was horrible to see. Then she just stopped. Her body a shell.

Luke let go of his grip on Bettina. Damian also dropped his hand. Luke turned to Damian and could see that, like his grandmother, Damian was now bleeding from his extremities.

"Reid!" Luke shrieked, calling instinctively for the one person he still trusted. He bent over Damian and gently touched his father's head.

Reid rushed over, forgetting all the trauma that Damian Grimaldi had put him through the past few hours, and reacting only to the pain in his Luke's voice.

"Leave him," shouted Lucinda, "It is what he deserves."

Lily just sobbed.

Reid checked Damian's vital signs. He looked at the bleeding from his nose and eyes. He frowned. There must be massive internal hemorrhaging.

Reid put one hand on Luke's chest. Luke's heart was pounding.

"We can try and get him to a hospital, " Reid told Luke, "but-"

Luke just shook his head, tears falling. "Please, Reid."

Reid nodded. Luke had just saved him from the horrors of his mind; he would try now to save Luke's father. Reid began to work on Damian.

"Luciano," Damian whispered.

Luke met Damian's eyes.

Damian Grimaldi knew he was close to dying; he had seen this battle with his mother in a vision just a few days before. Even as he tried to talk to his son, the world was becoming hazy. Dr. Oliver was trying desperately to save him. He was efficiently wrapping up Damian's head and putting pressure on his wounds. Maybe this doctor would save him, or maybe not. But perhaps here was a man who could protect his son from a life of emptiness; it was the life Damian had suffered too long.

"It's okay," he told his son. "It doesn't matter."

Damian's eyesight was fading in and out. Damian could no longer speak. His mouth tasted blood. He met Luke's mind in a final burst of strength.

Luke heard, Forgive me.

Luke embraced Damian, even though Luke was not sure he would ever forgive his father. But he still loved Damian and that had to be enough. Reid picked up his medical bag and was stitching up Damian, and Lily had finally found the courage to stop sobbing and was dialing an ambulance. Luke held his father as Reid gave Damian a shot of something.

"For his pain," Reid told Luke. Their eyes met. Luke's face was filled with suffering and deep sadness. It was all that Reid could do not to scoop him up like a lost boy and carry him away.

Damian Grimaldi rested in his son's arms. He felt no pain now. He was experiencing another vision of his future. It was a hospital. He knew then that he was about to live, but that his body and mind might not ever fully recover. But his vision of the hospital, a prison hospital he was almost certain, did not cause him any fear. His mother was dead. The Grimaldi legacy would live on in Luciano. It was enough. Damian moaned softly. He could sense his body was weak now, and his powers were fading. Draining out of him, perhaps forever. Damian closed his eyes and slept. When he woke up, his vision would be true.

Luke rode with Damian to the hospital and said his goodbyes to him there. He did not forgive him. Damian had hurt his family once again. On top of that, Damian had hurt the man Luke loved. No, Luke felt no forgiveness. But he hoped his father would find some kind of healing.

When Luke returned to the Grimaldi castle, Lily and Reid were already gone.

"Your father's powers? " Lucinda asked.

Luke shrugged and bit his lip. "Gone. Burned out. At least it seems that way for now."

Lucinda nodded and the pain on Luke's face stopped her from pushing it.

Luke looked around the castle. He never wanted to return.

"Mom and Reid?"

"They were both exhausted, darling. I sent them ahead of us on the jet. My pilot will return for us soon. "

"Okay," Luke said simply.

He did not even want to think about the fact that Reid had left him.

Lucinda patted his back.

"How about some food, darling? I'll go check with what is left of the staff."

Luke nodded again and Lucinda quietly closed the door behind her.

Luke sat in the darkness a long time.

Chapter 16


Back in Oakdale, Luke had cleaned up and slept for hours He had also tried to contact Reid a dozen times. He had left messages and texts. Reid had not responded. Luke had pleaded in those messages, but all he had gotten was silence.

It was starting to make him mad. Luke Snyder had a slow temper, but he could feel it building. Yes, Reid had many reasons to be furious with him, to end it officially even, but he could at least return Luke's calls.

It wasn't hard to find Reid; he was at the hospital. That was where Reid Oliver always was. He had been ignoring Luke's desperate texts and emails for 48 hours now. Luke hesitated outside of the hospital's break room. His fingers shook with nerves and he quickly jammed them into his pockets. He just stood there for a moment. He had to draw on his anger to get the courage to even push open the door.

Slowly, Luke went inside. Reid was there. He was in his scrubs, looking irritated as he flipped through some papers. At the sight of Reid's beautiful stern face all of Luke's anger just drained away, leaving him with just his fears.

"Hey," Luke said and tried his best smile at Reid, but Luke's eyes were worried.

"Luke," Reid answered. Then he frowned. "If you are here about Noah's condition; he is fine. He sees perfectly and has been released."

"Noah?" Luke shrugged, a purposefully blank expression on his face.

Reid rewarded him with a small grunt of amusement.

Then Luke said, "I heard he was out. That is great. You did a great job on him." It was hard to even remember the operation had been less than a week ago; so much had changed.

"I am the best,' Reid agreed.

"You certainly are, ' Luke smiled.

Reid just sighed. "Why are you here, Luke?"

"I'm," Luke stammered, "I'm here for you." He gulped hard. "I'm so sorry, Reid. I can control my powers now and- please believe me - I won't ever use them without your knowledge."

Reid was silent. Luke fought back his temptation to read his thoughts. He endured the silence instead.

"I just -please, " Luke said again. "I'm begging you."

"Well, stop it. Stop begging!" Reid got up and walked over to Luke. "You begged me in Malta and you begged me in all those messages. Just stop."

Tears filled Luke's eyes. He looked away. He refused to cry in front of Reid. He deserved whatever Reid had decided.

Reid tucked a finger under Luke's chin and forced their eyes to meet. "I like you on your knees, Snyder, but for other reasons."

Luke's eyes widened. Reid gave him a grin and let go of his chin.

"Remember something, okay? You don't need to beg me or anybody."

"But you were so mad," Luke said.

Reid shrugged. "And I still am, really pissed. And a bit overwhelmed by it. That's why I haven't called you back yet." Reid paced the room for a moment. Then he stopped in front of Luke. "But," Reid shrugged. "This is the part where we work it out like grown ups do."

Luke felt a tear slide down his cheek and quickly rubbed it away with the back of his hand.

"Without any more drama?" Luke said, trying to tease him. "You really don't belong in Oakdale, do you?"

"Oakdale has its attractions," Reid answered, giving Luke a heated glance.

"I would be happy to get on my knees in that other way," Luke whispered, "I am longing for that." Luke sniffed. "Actually, my powers always disappear at those moments. When we are together they vanish, cause I can only feel."

"Really?" Reid asked. "Huh. So you mean, if I just sex you up 24 hours a day - no powers?"


"Good to know."

"Plus," Luke murmured, stepping closer to Reid, looking into his eyes, "Now you know that I never really did beat you at chess."

Reid snorted, "I knew there was an explanation."

"And," Luke continued with his argument, "now that you know my powers, we never need to have those relationship talks that you despise so much."

"Cause you can just read my mind?" Reid said.

Luke took in a big breath of air. "Right, but only ever if you want me to." Luke raised a hand to Reid's cheek and stroked it slowly. "I love you and I promise you, I will never do anything without it being your choice. "

"So you want me to forgive you and be friends?" Reid said.

Luke shot him a look. "Friends?" Luke asked,stunned.

Reid rolled his eyes, "Luke, I'm kidding. Like I could ever be just friends with you. So... not friends?" Reid added dryly.

"Friends and lovers too?" Luke asked. "If it is what you want." Then Luke stared down at the floor.

"How 'bout this? " Reid said and reached for Luke's lips. They kissed. It was a kiss of passion and forgiveness. Luke opened his mouth and let Reid's tongue find his own tongue. They breathed in each other's scent. Reid wrapped a possessive hand around Luke's waist.

Then the kiss was over. Reid gave Luke a gentle touch on the chest.

"I love you," Luke told him simply. Reid did not answer, but neither did he retreat.

Reid cleared his throat.

"I am curious about the powers. Why they came so late for you. What about all those years with Noah, and no powers?"

"Well, Damian did say it came from a sexual awakening," Luke flushed.

"And being with that dull Mayer threw off all your sexual mojo," Reid replied.

"And being with my true love, " Luke said softly, "turned it all on for me."

"Don't be so mushy, " Reid gave a mock shudder, but he was smiling. "I thought you promised no relationship talks."

Luke laughed, "Okay." He touched Reid's lips with a finger. "Whatever you want."

Then Luke embraced Reid tightly and squeezed him for all he was worth. He just wanted to embrace Reid to show him how happy his forgiveness felt. Reid returned the embrace, slowly at first, and then fully. Luke's heart lifted in joy.

"Luke?" Reid said softly.

"Yes?" Luke asked, still holding onto Reid and hugging him.

"Read my mind."

Luke drew back, startled. "What?"

"You have my permission, just this once," Reid told him.

Luke searched Reid's eyes. "Are you testing me?"

"No , read it."

Luke did. He smiled, "Dirty, dirty thoughts, Doctor Oliver, " Luke blushed.

"At least they are about you, Mr. Snyder." Reid shook his head. "It really is amazing. I wonder what inside of your brain - "

"Hey, I love you, but no cutting into my brain." Luke grinned.

"A few tests?" Reid questioned.


Reid snapped his fingers. "How disappointing. "

"I'll make it up to you right now, " Luke offered. " Lets get out of here and I'll fulfill every one of those dirty thoughts."

"I'm looking forward to having you keep that promise, " Reid laughed. Then he pulled Luke back into an embrace.

"I love you so much," Luke told him. Reid smiled.

"Okay, just once more," Reid said suddenly.

"What?" Luke asked.

"Read it again."

"I thought you said that time was it?" Luke said, laughing.

"Once more," Reid said. " Because I just can't say- " Reid shrugged, "I may never be able to say - - Just read me damn it! Once more."

"Okay, okay." Luke was a little bewildered, but he'd do anything for Reid.

Luke stared into Reid's magnetic blue eyes. Reid stared back at Luke and smiled softly.

Then Luke smiled; his whole face beamed.

Luke heard, I love you too.


Thanks to all those who read and commented
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Title: The Secret of Being a Grimaldi
Author: Marsabi
Summary: Luke can read minds and has visions. Reid and Luke are in Malta to stop Damian from stealing the foundation's money. Oh yeah, and they have been busy having lots of sex in pools (5), airplanes (9), and tied up (11)...because Lure should have sex all the time, always...
Disclaimer: Belong to ATWT
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Gothic thoughts have invaded my brain!

Chapter 12

"It is good to see you, Luciano, " Damian said again. They were sitting in the Grimaldi library, surrounded by opulence.There were heavy red, velvet curtains, a stone fireplace, and a gigantic wooden desk. All around them were wall-to-wall books. Damian was perched in an enormous leather armchair. He did not have his usual tan; in fact, Luke thought he looked a bit pale and emaciated.

"You too," Luke replied.


"Luke, call me Luke," Luke said firmly.

Damian nodded and flashed an overly charming smile, "As you wish."

Luke was having a hard time reading Damian's mind. He could hear none of his father's thoughts at all.

"And Doctor Oliver, yes?" Damian turned to Reid.

Reid merely nodded.

"Please excuse my impulsive guards."

Reid shrugged, "Captivity wasn't all bad," he smirked over at Luke. Luke blushed.

Damian noted their exchange. "So , Luke, you and Noah -"

Luke stammered, "We eh, well.."

Reid scooped up Luke's hand.

"Luke and I are now together, " Reid told Damian simply.

Luke looked at Reid. He admired Reid's ease with being out. He had always struggled with it. Noah had only made him feel more awkward. Reid, on the other hand, made it easy. In that instant, Luke felt so proud to be with Reid.

"Look, we came to discuss the money missing from the foundation," Luke said.

"You tracked it to me?" Damian asked.

"Yes, and I found the missing accounts."

Damian smiled, "Good."

"Good?" Reid said.

"My son is learning. I hoped you would find the funds. I will put them all back, of course. But I am pleased to see you business abilities have increased, Luc- Luke."

"Thank you, " Luke said. "I thought it might be one of your tests."

"You know me so well," Damian nodded.

"Wait a minute," Reid interrupted, "all this might have been fun and games for you, but this money is for the new Neuro wing - "


"No," Reid shook off Luke's hand, " this is money meant for people who are sick and waiting on this technology to help them. Who do you think you are just playing games with it and with Luke?" Reid looked Damian right in the eyes.

There was a small moment of chilly silence.

Then Damian gave another charming grin, "I see Doctor Oliver is quite passionate about his work and about you too, Luke. You are correct, of course, to be angry. I apologize. But you see, I can't just be in my son's life. Too much has happened. His mother and that town would stop me. " Damian turned to Luke. "How is your lovely mother, by the way?"

Luke shifted in his seat. "Fine."

"She's with Holden again?" Damian asked smoothly.

"Er- no." Luke was beginning to feel uncomfortable, the way he always felt in the middle of his mother and his two dads' battles.

"Luke's a grown man," Reid interrupted, " he isn't babysitting Lily."

Luke could tell Reid was just trying to help him, but Reid clearly did not know anything about talking to Damian Grimaldi.

Damian's eyes had narrowed, but the smile still played on his lips.

Luke heard, I don't like Damian. I don't trust him

Luke did not 100% trust his father either. He knew though, that the way to handle Damian was with finesse and patience. Reid, however, could never be accused of having finesse. Luke did not want to antagonize Damian; he preferred to see what games his father was playing first.

He looked over at Reid. "Why don't you go and relax and I'll catch up with Damian some?"

Reid hesitated. "Take a shower in our room, and we can meet up again before dinner," Luke urged.

"Yes, please relax," Damian told Reid smoothly. "I am preparing a huge meal in my son's honor."

Reid still hesitated, his intelligent eyes moving between Damian and Luke.

Luke gave Reid's hand a gentle squeeze.

"I'll be up soon."

Reid nodded. "I would like to wash up. " He started to leave the room. Then he came back into it, planted a hard kiss on Luke's lips, and looked at Damian with a cool challenge in his eyes. "Be back."

Reid left.

Damian and his son studied each other. Luke was trying to probe Damian's thoughts again.

"It won't work, Luciano," Damian told him softly.


"Reading my mind."

Luke nearly jumped out of his seat. "How did you know I -"

"I can feel it," Damian replied calmly, "your mind seeking mine."

"Do you read minds too?" Luke asked.

Damian shook his head, "But the Grimaldi's have had powers for centuries and many others in our family have had that gift. I can block you from reading my thoughts because I have had to block others before you. "

"So, you have just that power?" Luke was almost disappointed.

Damian smiled, "No, I have visions of the future sometimes, and I can sense many things. On
occasion, I can place ideas into a person's head."

"I've had visions too, " Luke murmured. "But I can't control any of it. Block myself at all."

"Your powers are new, Luciano. But they are strong. And they are growing; I feel them. Don't be surprised at developing even more abilities soon."

"Why are they so late to come to me? Mother had said something about the powers coming at puberty?"

Damian shrugged. He stood up and began to pace the room. He seemed agitated at the mention of Lily's name.

"Not sure. It could be...Well, the powers do usually come on at puberty, at a sexual awakening ,and then grow from there...With your mother, I felt my powers blossom. Even though I had my powers for many years before meeting Lily, she was my true love. That made me even stronger. We Grimaldi's need love, Luciano, we feed off of it. "

"What do you mean? " Luke asked, getting frightened.

"Just that love and youth are what keeps us strong. But that is true of all people, yes? Without love, we all crumble."

Luke did not know how to answer.

"Speaking of love," Damian went on, "can you tell me more about you and Dr. Oliver? How has he accepted your powers?"

Luke stood up. "No, don't tell him! Promise me, Damian. " He flushed. "I plan to tell him myself very soon."

Luke hung his head in sudden shame.

"I understand," Damian said, "you're mother could never handle my powers either," Damian's mouth twited bitterly, "She always ran back to Holden."

"Reid is different," Luke insisted, "but I just have not gotten to it yet."

Luke considered telling Damian that Reid did know of his visions, but he held that back for some reason. He was getting more and more uncomfortable and suspicious of Damian.

Damian looked at Luke and frowned. "I won't say a word. And I can help you."

"Help me?"

"Develop your powers and control them. Teach you to read minds only at your own discretion and to block others from your mind too."

"Really? " Luke asked, intrigued despite himself. If he could control the mind-reading, he could promise Reid not to just invade his thoughts.

"Trust me," his father said.

Luke frowned. He wasn't sure that he could trust Damian.

"It's just - there have been so many things you have done," he said finally.

"All I ever have done was out of love," Damian pledged, "first for your mother and then for you." Damian walked closer to Luke. "Haven't you ever really loved somebody and done things to protect their feelings, even wrong things?"

Luke shuddered. Damian could not know how guilty he felt about Reid. Luke tried to shrug it off.

"We are not talking about me," he said hotly.

Damian nodded, "No, of course not, " Damian turned charming again. "I am to blame for so much. But I vow to you, my son, I will make up for it all."

Damian had closed the distance between them .

"Trust me," Damian repeated, grasping Luke's arm and staring into his son's eyes. And suddenly, Luke did trust Damian. He nodded and smiled.

Damian released him, "See you at dinner, Luciano," he said.


Damian's eyes were a bit sad as they watched Luke walk away. Luke had no idea that Damian had just put that trust into his brain. Damian wished it could be different, but he did not have the time to just try and win his son over the natural way.


Luke entered the suite he was sharing with Reid. As he came in, he found Reid sleeping in the bed, with only a towel wrapped around his hips. Luke sat down and watched Reid sleep. Even in his dreams, Reid appeared restless, his eyes moving rapidly, one fist clenched. Luke bent down and gently kissed one of Reid's bare shoulders.

"Sweet dreams," he said to Reid. Then Luke got up quietly to head for a shower. He did not see the way his words impacted on Reid. Reid's arm relaxed and his mouth turned into a smile.

Chapter 13

The Grimaldi dining room left no expense spared: crystal chandeliers sparkled above their heads, rugs from Turkey cushioned their feet, priceless china was placed at their table, and
rare heirlooms gleamed from every corner of the room. Reid felt extremely uneasy. He looked at the several tiny spoons and tiny forks. Who could possibly need so much silverware? He glanced at Luke, sitting and ready to eat. He had such manners, and he made it all look so effortless. Reid felt inadequate and he hated that feeling.

Damian Grimaldi entered the room. He was dressed in a formal tuxedo. He walked nervously around the table, smiling in that snake-like way that Reid had quickly come to hate, and pulling anxiously at his fingers. Reid watched him with suspicion. Why did Damian appear so nervous? And Luke? Why did Luke just sit there, smiling at bad dad? He seemed content to just trust Damian. Reid longed for a good brain to cut into, something to relax him.

"I forgot to tell you earlier, Luciano," Damian was saying, "We have another person coming to our table."

Reid waited for Luke to correct Damian about his name, but he just nodded.


"Your grandmother Bettina."

"Grandmother Bettina?" Luke said, amazed. "But isn't she -"

"In a hospital, many sad years. Yes. But when I came back to Malta, I decided she should be with me," Damian smiled. "A son should be loyal to his parents."

Luke turned to Reid. "My grandmother was drugged many years ago by Damian's nanny."

" Yes, Orlena was her name. She raised me; she loved me. Or so I thought. I thought she was my real mother, but she was just a fraud, " Damian added.

"What happened to this nanny mommy?" Reid asked.

Damian stroked his chin a moment. "Poor thing, " he said at last, "she killed herself."

"Grandmother Bettina was left in a vegetative state and hospitalized."

"But now," Damian said brightly, "she has come home."

Just then, the dining room doors opened and a nurse pushing a wheelchair brought in Bettina Grimaldi. Her face was a mass of wrinkles, her fingers twisted and useless in her lap, and her eyes were vacant.

"Hello," Luke said, trying to be polite. He got up and kissed Bettina's sunken cheeks.

Bettina had no reaction at all. The eyes just stared out at nothing.

Damian gave a nervous laugh. "Do not bother, Luciano, she is not truly here. She is just a body; her mind is gone."

Reid stood up slowly. He took Bettina's hand and checked the old lady's pulse. He started to examine her face.

Damian all but pushed Reid aside, "Please doctor, sit back down. Let us eat."

Reid allowed himself to be directed back to his chair. But for the first time in his memory, Reid Oliver had no appetite.

After the dinner was finally over, Reid eagerly waited to be alone with Luke. The old woman had just sat there while they ate, the nurse standing behind her. Damian had barely touched his food. He had kept glancing from Luke to his mother. Only Luke seemed relaxed, and Reid found that very odd. He just wanted to get out of this crazy house. The money was back; they could leave.

Reid managed to pull Luke out of the dining room for a moment, before dessert was to be served. He made his case quickly. He urged Luke to leave with him right away. However, when Reid proposed this idea to Luke, Luke simply refused.

"I need to stay at least a few more days. "


Luke shrugged. "Damian is helping me understand some things about my family . And my grandmother is here."

"That is another thing. I have operated on brain trauma. And her pupils look fine. She does not have the eyes of somebody in a brain damaged catatonic state. I want to examine her-"

"Reid. Relax. Just, don't make my father angry, okay?"

Reid frowned.

Luke took his hand. "I promise, we will leave in two days. Just give me two more days here."

Luke softly touched Reid's lips and then he gave him a kiss.

They went back for some dessert. Reid barely tasted all the delicious cakes. Even the food at the Grimaldi castle felt odd in his mouth. He was relieved at the end of the meal.


Damian watched Reid Oliver take his son quickly away from the table. He could deal with Reid Oliver at any time; Damian did not consider the doctor a threat.Not yet. He watched Luke leave. His son shined with beauty and vitality. Alone with his mother, at last, Damian turned and looked into the old lady's eyes.

"Yes, mother," Damian said. "He is everything we discussed. Yes,I will," Damian put one hand to his pounding head. "I said I will mother," The old lady continued to stare out at nothing. "I will obey you," Damian told her harshly, "I always do."


Luke and Reid were quiet as they went back to their room. Reid felt a great deal of emotions churning inside of him, but he was at a loss of how to express it. Then Luke leaned over and kissed him, and Reid found himself just accepting that kiss. His movements became certain as he stripped off Luke's clothes. Luke was murmuring love words to him, and Luke's eyes were half-closed. Reid kissed him again and Luke let out a sound of pleasure like a broken sigh. He stroked the tender side of Luke's arms, and buried his face in the crook of Luke's neck.Then Reid sucked hard on one earlobe. His hands wandered up and down Luke's body. Luke was quickly taking off Reid's clothes. Then bare skin rubbed up against bare skin. Reid delicately nibbled his way down Luke's back and then he cupped the flesh below.

He gave his tongue to Luke, putting it deep inside, offering him a mindless, groping pleasure. Then Reid kissed his way back, over Luke's thighs, up his belly, back to his parted lips.Their bodies were both shaking now, wracked with desire. In Reid's eyes, Luke's body appeared luminous, his strong chest and flat stomach and muscled arms were perfection. The sight of him, the taste, the smell -it was consuming Reid with tenderness and longing. It had never been like this for Reid before; he had never really made love.

Reid kissed each inch of Luke's skin. His mouth hungrily found Luke's again, and Reid's hands gripped Luke's hair. Reid could never say to Luke all that he felt; he wasn't made that way. But he could touch Luke. He could try and reach Luke through a caress. Their bodies were at ease with each other, as if they'd always been connected. Making love to Luke was no longer a game; it was no longer a casual touch. It was earthly and warm and constant.

Reid parted Luke's legs, drew his knees up,and entered him in one thrust. Luke arched his hips up in welcome. Reid yanked Luke's legs even higher up. Desire beat wildly between them. Luke was calling Reid's name over and over. Reid drove into him hard and fast, and Luke held onto his shoulders and then frantically grabbed at Reid's ass and pulled him closer. Reid resisted and pulled away, only to slam back down into Luke again. Then he changed the rhythm. He began to move inside of Luke with kinder, steadier strokes. Reid could feel Luke's orgasm start to consume him. He could feel Luke's muscles tighten and then release.

Reid had never felt so complete. Luke became the flame, the center of everything. They moaned together. Reid came into Luke forcefully, emptying everything he had inside of his soul into that moment, like someone who had found his way from the darkness.

They exchanged no words; they held each other. Luke spooned his body into Reid's body all night long.

The next day Luke left to spend time with Damian. God knows what they were doing. It was the same that afternoon. Reid found himself alone and frustrated. He wandered around the library, attempting to read, fighting his impulses that were screaming at him to escape.

Damian entered the library .


"Mr. Grimaldi."

"Please, Damian."

"Mr. Grimaldi, I was wondering about your mother."


"Yes, I'd like to give her a full examination. Perhaps I can help her?" Reid offered.

Damian smiled. "How nice of you. Luke has told me of your brilliance, " Damian's eyes darted around the room. "But I'm afraid many doctors before you have tried."

"Still-" Reid insisted.

"Oh, just enjoy your time here. With my son. Before you return to Oakdale."

Reid raised one eyebrow. "Don't you mean before Luke and I return to Oakdale?"

Damian stared at Reid a moment. The corners of his lips twitched. "Of course. That was what I meant. "

He took a step toward Reid and made a gesture to touch him on the shoulder.

Reid dodged the touch.

Damian held up his hands.

"I'm not real touchy-feely," Reid told him flatly.

"Except for my son?" Damian asked coldly, dropping the pretense of any charm.

"Luke can touch me any time," Reid said, his tone equally frigid.

"I am glad Luke can be with you, trust you," Damian said.

Reid snorted in some disbelief.

"No, really, " Damian said. Then he smiled like an animal spotting its prey, "After all, it is not just any man who could accept that Luke has been reading his mind."

"What?" Reid said.

"You know, right? Luke would not keep this power from you? He hears your thoughts. Your every private thought," Damian shrugged. "I'm happy you accept this so well."

Reid did not answer.His heart was breaking. He turned and left the room abruptly.


Damian laughed.

Just then, the nurse came in with Bettina.
Damian's smile vanished. He shuddered at his mother's approach.

"I will keep Luke here, mother. Yes, you will have him at your mercy." Damian's eyes filled up with tears. "But please, " he begged his mother, " you promised. Do not hurt my Luciano."

Bettina Grimaldi just sat there.

author note* The part about Damian's mother and nanny is based on the show
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Title: The Secret of Being A Grimaldi
Author: Marsabi
Summary: Luke can read minds and has visions. Damian is back. Chris is dead. Luke and Reid are going to Malta to try and confront Damian about the missing foundation money.
Warning: None
Disclaimer: Not mine- ATWT
Rating: NC-17

Thanks to Stl29tide for some help
and Chameleonen for the tips on Malta

Chapter Ten


Reid and Luke sped through the island of Malta, their motorcycle hugging the delicious curves and hills. Luke had his chest pressed up at Reid' back, and his legs brushed Reid's legs. He was holding Reid's waist and thinking that there was nowhere on earth that he would rather be. The limo had left them off in the local town, but it was still several miles to the Grimaldi castle. Reid had convinced him to get the Harley-Davidson. It was a big hog, all red and chrome, and boasting a rubber-mounted,fuel injected Screamin Eagle engine. Reid was smoking hot in his tight jeans and jacket, and Luke had put on equally tight jeans and a button down shirt that showed off a small tuft of his chest hair. They both wore helmets at Reid's absolute insistence, and now they were roaring past scenery of Malta. Reid hit the throttle and they soared.

Luke had been uncertain about getting the motorcycle. He had never been on one.

"It is the only vacation time that I have had in years," Reid said, and gave Luke a rare smile.

"But they drive on the left side here, Reid. Can you handle that?" Luke had been to Malta several times and had always taken limos.

Reid rolled his eyes. "Luke, I'm a brain surgeon. I can handle driving on the left side of the road. "

"And you'll go slowly?"

Reid's eyes gleamed, "Of course."

Now he was not going slowly at all, and Luke was loving it. Reid was so assured at the controls that Luke imagined this must be what it was like to watch him operate. Those capable hands gliding over the throttle, giving it torque, moving with no doubts of his own abilities.

Reid could handle so many things well. He could handle the truth too, Luke began to argue with himself, about the mind-reading. Luke should tell him. Luke will tell him. But not yet...they were having so much fun. Technically, this felt like his first date with Reid. Luke wanted it be special. He would tell Reid at the castle. Soon.

Just then, Reid pulled the bike over at a local farmer's market and turned back to Luke.

"I'm starved!" He grinned.

"When aren't you starved?" Luke teased, watching Reid hop down from the Harley and wipe some dirt off his jeans.

He held out a hand to Luke. Their fingers grabbed onto each others. Together they browsed the small roadside market, selecting luscious fruits. Luke held up a crispy apple to Reid's lips and he took a mouth-watering bite.

"Hmm,"Reid said. He bent over the stand to get some more apples and Luke just watched. He couldn't help but enjoy the view of his lover's ass.

"Careful, Snyder," Reid said , straightening up and meeting his eyes. "I can tell what you're thinking."

"Can you?" Luke smiled.

Reid took another big bite out of his apple, "Yeah. Keep those big-brown cow eyes off my ass."

Luke laughed and shoved Reid gently. Reid responded by wrapping one casual arm around Luke and then shoving him back a little. Luke picked out a container of melons and some bright, purple grapes.

"These good?" He asked.

"Oh, yeah," Reid answered. He had more fruit than he could carry now.

They went up to pay. Luke could hear nothing but happiness coming from Reid. Simple thoughts, that were unlike him.

Food and Luke, Luke and food , was all he could hear.

They carried the fruit to a nearby palm tree. They ate in the shade, feeding each other fat pieces of melon until the juices ran down their faces. Reid leaned in and licked some off of Luke's open lips. Their tongues met in an intimate dance. Reid cupped the side of Luke's face and placed another melon slice into his mouth. Then he leaned his whole body into Luke's and sucked on part of the exposed melon. Their mouths met again and the kiss tasted like fruit and each other.

"Best date,' Luke whispered.


"Or worst one, whatever. Tell me something." Luke smiled coaxingly. He suddenly wanted to know everything about Reid.

"Best? Right now, idiot," Reid teased, and then gave him a beautiful, flirtatious grin. "Worst?" He shrugged. "Around med school, I was with this guy I thought was crazy about me. But on our third date I caught him getting another guy's phone number. "


"Yeah." There was a pause. "I still went home with him."

"What ? Why?"

"I don't know. Hormones, I guess. "

Luke heard, Lonely and geeky and stupid back then.

"What about you?" Reid asked.

Luke hesitated. "I never really dated...There was only Noah and we kind of fell into this messy love thing. We never had dates." Luke stared into Reid's blue eyes. "Not like this."

Reid looked away. Luke persisted. "This is really great. I just want to say that I feel good, being here with you." He peeked over at Reid.

Reid shook his head and gave him an embarrassed smile, "Yeah, let's not do this."

"Do what?"

"Talk about our feelings, okay? I'm not good at it."

Luke heard, I ache for him.

"Okay," Luke nodded, his throat clogged by emotion. "No feeling talks."

"Good," Reid said suddenly standing up, "I need to go back and buy something to drink." He nervously asked, "Lemonade good?"

Luke nodded.

Reid snapped his fingers. "Lemonade it is."

As he watched Reid run back for drinks, Luke's smile faded. He was so happy here with Reid. He wished the two of them could just freeze time and not leave. He wished he did not have to tell Reid about his ability to hear his mind. He would wait. Just a little longer...


As Luke and Reid were making their way to the Grimaldi castle, Oakdale was about to have a visitor.

Lily Walsh was eating lunch at her house and trying to thinking of ways to get rid of her mother, Lucinda. Lucinda had arrived , unannounced, to lecture Lily, as usual, about her flaws. First, she started in about Holden and Molly and why was Lily letting him just get away? Then she started in about how Faith was out of control again. Finally, her mother took out the big gun and brought up Luke and Damian.

"I don't want to discuss this mother," Lily said.

Lucinda let out an annoyed breath. "Lily, dear, you can't just ignore the fact that he is clearly out there somewhere. Probably just waiting for Luke in Malta. "

"Why did you give Luke the jet?"

Lucinda shook her head "Darling, he was going, one way or the other. He thinks Damian is just going to hand him over the foundation money."

"Maybe he will."

Lucinda groaned. "What is it about you and men, Lily? You need to learn to see past their smiles?"

Lily shifted in her seat. "I'm not a fool, mother," she said, "Although you'd like to think so. I know Damian. I know he did awful things, but I truly think he loves Luke."

"He may love him," Lucinda warned, " but he is after something. Mark my words, he won't stop until he gets it!"

Lily sighed and offered her mother some tea. This would be a long lunch.


Meanwhile, across town at Memorial, Bob Hughes grew concerned. Reid Oliver had taken a few personal days and Bob had approved them, but now Chris had disappeared too. Bob did not want to admit how disappointed he'd become in his son over the last few years. Now, Bob was very short handed. He could not get Chris on his phone and hated to call back Reid. He was in a pickle.

Just then, Kim came up to Bob.

"Darling I'm afraid you are not going to like this? " She said.

Bob raised an eyebrow. "What?"

"It's about Chris. He sent me an email. He's gone back to Africa."


"He hates to disappoint you, dear, but he really wanted to be his own man and go help the people there. He wasn't happy here."

"So he just leaves? No two week notice? No goodbye to us?"

"His message says he was embarrassed and nervous to face you, but he will get in touch with you soon. He says he is sorry."

Bob shook his head. "That sounds like Chris. Selfish."

"Now Bob- " Kim put a restraining hand on her husband's arm.

Bob shook it off. "No dear, I won't be happy about this. I need to go and work on bringing in some more doctors. "

Kim frowned as Bob walked off in a huff. She just hated being in the middle of her son and her husband. She too had been hurt that Chris did not say goodbye. But she would just wait for him to visit, and until then try and accept it.


Damian Grimaldi stood outside of Lily's house. He had just sent another phony email from Chris Hughes to his parents, buying him more time. The Oakdale police were so incompetent that Damian knew it would be a long time before they even knew Chris was dead or suspected foul play. Damian would be long gone by then. He peered in the window and saw Lily with Lucinda. That old hag! She wasn't part of his plans; he had hoped to find Lily with Luciano, but this might work out fine. Damian signaled to his men in the waiting car, and then he rang the bell.

Lily Snyder opened up her door and saw Damian Grimaldi standing there in plain sight. She screamed and nearly collapsed to the floor. Damian caught her in his arms and put her gently down on the couch.

"Pleasure," Damian said and touched Lily on the shoulder. Lily began to writhe and moan and touch her genitals. Her eyes glazed over with lust.

Lucinda, meanwhile, charged at Damian, yelling at him "No, damn you!" She attempted to beat Damian with her clenched fists.

"Pain," Damian said, and gave Lucinda's face a hard squeeze. Lucinda immediately bent over in agony, holding her head in her hands.

Just then, Damian's phone buzzed. He glanced at it and read the message with surprise. Luciano wasn't in Oakdale at all; he was already in Malta. Damian smiled. He watched Lily thrashing and moaning. He watched Lucinda rocking with pain. Luciano would soon be in his power too. He would get Luciano to do his bidding, be in his control, and then they would take over everything - together. Damian called in his bodyguards to come inside the house. They left the car parked outside and entered. Damian nodded to the two women. "Bring them," he ordered. He was eager now to return to Malta.



Luke and Reid had reached the Grimaldi castle. It sat on the highest hill of the island, surrounded by an interlocking series of caves. Down below, the ocean was visible. It's blue waters beating against the rocks. The castle itself was enormous. It had huge stone walls, a turret, and several balconies. The castle had a gloomy air about it. Nothing else could be seen for miles - just the castle, dark and imposing.

Luke and Reid had climbed off of the motorcycle.

"Very Edgar Allan Poe, " Reid said finally. "Bad dad keep ravens here?"

Luke ignored the insult and took Reid's hands in his.

"Reid," Luke said nervously. He swallowed a couple times. "I have to tell you something, right now, before we go inside."

Reid shrugged, "Okay," His tone was wary.

Luke heard, If he is going to be feeling guilty over Noah right now and want to break things off with me, I'm going to scream -

"It has nothing to do with Oakdale or Noah or anything like that, " Luke went on, squeezing Reid's fingers and ignoring his surprised face that Luke had picked up on his unspoken worry, "I want to be with you. I really do, " Luke told him and smiled slightly. Then his voice began to tremble, " And I hope you'll want to be with me when I tell you -"

Luke's words were abruptly cut off. Security guards from the Grimaldi castle stormed outside and grabbed Luke and Reid roughly. They immediately dragged the two men apart.

One of the guards shook Reid roughly. "No damn trespassers here,' the guard yelled at them.

The guards took out something to tie them up. The ropes were thick and cutting into their flesh already.

"Wait! " Luke said, trying to shake the men off, "I order you. I'm Luciano Grimaldi and -"

They ignored Luke's protests. Gags were put on the two men's mouths. Then the guards finished binding both men up and them pushed them through the castle doors.

Chapter eleven

Luke and Reid were thrown into separate rooms in the Grimaldi castle. Luke found himself tied to a rather large bed post. His feet were tied together and his hands were tied to two different posts. He still had the gag in his mouth. Luke did not believe that Damian knew of his guards' decision. He was certain that the guards would suffer when Damian did find out their actions. Luke tested the ropes. He was stuck. He worried about Reid taken in the room nearby. He felt guilty about bringing Reid into this situation.

Just then, the door flew open. Reid stood there, rubbing his chafed wrists, but smiling slightly. Reid climbed onto the bed and came up to Luke. He quickly removed Luke's gag.

"How did you- " Luke started to ask.

Reid grinned. "Luke, I'm a surgeon. I spend my day making knots or loosening them with sutures. I do knots all the time."


"And I admit, " Reid said, "I also was something of a magic fan as a boy. I used to practice rope tricks." Reid looked at Luke proudly.

Reid had started to work on freeing one of Luke's arms.

"That is pretty nerdy," Luke teased him, "Even for you."

Reid narrowed his eyes and stopped undoing the rope. He then glanced at Luke tied up and spread out across the bed.

"Do you think we are in danger right now?"

"No," Luke answered. "I think Damian must not be here and those idiot guards are just acting on their own."

"Yeah, that is what I concluded too. "

"Hey, untie me and go and see," Luke said.

Reid sat back on his heels. He ran one long finger down Luke's chest. "Hmm. Don't know about that, since we aren't in imminent danger."


"Seems to me this is a moment I should not waste. Having Luke Snyder all tied up and at my mercy."

Reid nuzzled the side of Luke's neck.

"I mean , you did just call me a nerd, right? Plus you did make me suffer through that airplane sex game."

"I didn't tie you up!" Luke protested, tugging at his ropes.

"True, but you did forbid me to move, to touch you -" Reid skimmed another finger up and down Luke's body.

Luke heard, Payback is a bitch, Snyder.

He knew he was in trouble now.

"The guards, " Luke protested weakly.

"Think we can't escape,' Reid answered. His fingers teased Luke's lower stomach. He lifted up Luke's shirt and kissed his navel.

Luke squirmed against the ropes and felt himself already getting hard.

"Call me a nerd now," Reid muttered, and he began to stroke Luke through his jeans.

Luke could see the two of them in the bedroom mirror. He watched as Reid lifted the shirt higher and took one of Luke's nipples into his mouth. Reid sucked it firmly, and his hands slid down to Luke's erection. Luke struggled now to pull at the ropes. He kicked at his tied feet.

Reid slid Luke's jean zipper carefully down. Then he reachd in and pulled out Luke's cock.

"What it is it with your family anyhow?" Reid asked him. "You blackmail me, threaten me, and now your crazy dad has kidnapped me." He was stroking Luke up and down.

Luke opened his mouth to try and defend himself, when he felt Reid's lips brushing across his heavy cock.

Luke stared into the mirror , watching as Reid took him inside his mouth. He watched his whole body jerked in reaction. His arms pulling at the ropes helplessly.

"We should go-" Luke managed to say, "Ahhh, soon."

Reid pulled Luke's briefs down to his ankles. He reached Luke's hole and played at it with a finger.

"Yeah, I'll stop."

"Yes, no. Ahh, you tease!" Luke groaned out. "At least untie me!"

Reid did not reply. He was too busy taking Luke back into his mouth. Luke could feel the delicious pressure mounting inside of him. He wanted it so badly. Reid sucked harder. He took Luke deeper into his mouth. It was only a moment later that Luke came between Reid's open lips. Letting Reid suck the most vulnerable part of him.

Reid quickly undid the ropes holding Luke up, and Luke slid down, boneless, to the bed. Reid released Luke's bound feet and gave them a gentle rub.

"We should continue this later, " Reid told him. "Get up."

Luke saw his own reflection in the mirror. His eyes looked huge and dazed. His face looked soft. His hair was messy.

"What about you?" Luke indicated the huge bulge in Reid's pants.

Reid looked down at it ruefully. "A few moments of fun is one thing, but we should go. Don't worry, " he added smugly, " I'll have to tie you up again later and finish."

Luke grabbed at Reid. "Oh, no way, Doctor Oliver. You are not leaving this bed."

Luke slid his free arms around Reid's neck and brought him into a passionate kiss. Soon, they were both lost in loving each other. Flesh moved against flesh. Hips grinded. Tongues tasted. They equally gave and took from each other. The sex turned tender. Luke pressed his hands against Reid's pounding heart. Reid's body shook with sweet tremors. A smile lit the shadow of his face. They began to approach a mutual climax. The whole time, Luke saw himself in the mirror, eagerly taking Reid into his body. Eagerly meeting each thrust. Eagerly loving him.

There was nothing else. Reid folded Luke into his arms. They both knew that they should get up and move. But neither one stirred.

They tangled up together on the bed for a moment, each one breathing heavily. Their bodies linked.

Reid turned to Luke, "This is the strangest trip I've ever been on." He kissed Luke's fingers.

"Sorry your not back in Oakdale? Doing rounds and bossing the poor nurses?"

"Oakdale? That dump? I'm thinking Malta is much more attractive. Even with bad dad and some overly-zealous guards."

Luke grabbed their clothes. "We do need to get out of here. I don't know where in the world Damian is, but we need to regroup and then I need to find him."

"I agree."

They dressed and opened up the door. Quickly, Luke and Reid made their way down the hall. As they rounded the corner, Luke crashed right into somebody coming up the stairs.

"Luciano!" Damian threw his arms around his son and squeezed him tightly. Then he kissed both of Luke's cheeks. "At last."
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Title: The Secret of Being a Grimaldi
Author: Marsabi
Summary: Luke has the power to read minds and has visions, and Damian is back.
Rating: NC-17
Warning: none

Chapter Nine

Reid skewered Luke with a look. "This isn't happening,' he said firmly. "It's impossible."

Luke tried to maintain a serious face, "Reid, I beat you, fair and square."

Reid shook his head. "Can't be."

"Why?" Luke asked. "Cause you're a genius and I'm just average?"

"Well...Yeah!" Reid nodded. Then he snuck a look at Luke. "No offense."

"We could play again," Luke offered with a smirk. It didn't really bother him that Reid said
that, since not many people were at Dr. Oliver's intelligence level. Besides, Luke had his own advantages.

Reid nodded. This must be a fluke. There is no way he beat me.

"Let's play again, " Reid agreed.

They bent over the chess board and set up the pieces once more. Meanwhile, the plane moved through the air and sunlight. There was something Luke just loved about the speed. The clouds outside, the plane rushing onward, it excited him.

"Hey, Snyder!" Reid snapped his fingers near Luke's face. His sarcastic voice interrupted Luke's thoughts, "Move."

"Okay, relax." Luke sucked on one finger as he thought about where to start. Then Reid's thoughts on the game started entering his head.

In a matter of 15 minutes, Luke moved his queen. "Checkmate," Luke said.

"You don't understand; this is impossible. I never lose."

"But you just did."

"But I never do! I - you - It must be this damn airplane and the high altitude effecting my frontal lobe or something."

Reid continued to stare at the chess board like it would soon provide him with the answers.

"I need some food," Luke said and went over to the fridge. Lucinda's jet spared no expense. There was a full kitchen and living area. "You want?'

"Huh?" Reid was still staring at the board going over and over the moves in his mind, "No."

It was just so delicious to torment him. Luke had not intended on cheating. But Reid's thoughts had just appeared in his head. Move after move, Luke could hear what Reid was going to do.

Actually , Luke was starting to read his thoughts more frequently, and when he concentrated on Reid, he could hear them almost at will. Maybe it was because they had slept together, and therefore Reid and Luke's connection had increased. Because Luke still could not read strangers' minds. The people at the airport had all been a blank, and he could barely read his pilot's thoughts, before they took off for Malta. But Luke had only met and talked with the pilot a few dozen times. It seemed to Luke that the deeper his connection, the more his mind could probe into another's. The chess game at first had been to just mess with poor Reid, but then it had become almost a test.

Reid was looking a little panicked.

"Does it really matter if I beat you?" Luke asked him gently, and handed him a sandwich.

Reid took the sandwich, despite having refused the food a moment before, and chewed.

"It does matter, " he told Luke as he swallowed down the lunch meat.

"My parents took me to chess competition after competition and I never let them down." Reid threw down the sandwich and looked frustrated. "This just makes no sense."

"And they cared about it so much - your winning?"

Reid just shrugged.

"What were they like?" Luke pressed.

Reid rolled his eyes. "Well, they weren't like your bad dad. They didn't steal and try to murder or do any crimes. They were normal. "

Luke heard, Cold and demanding.

Luke reached out and touched the side of Reid's face. He gave Reid a melting smile.

Reid drew away a moment and looked almost pained at the touch.

"I'm going to figure out why you were able to win."

"I know you will."

"I don't need sympathy or anything. It's just chess."

"That wasn't sympathy. It was," Luke grinned, "affection."

Reid just looked at him a second. "Oh," he said. Then Reid looked away.

Luke heard, Nothing has prepared me for this. For warm.

"I'm thinking," Luke's voice had gone soft. "We should play another game."

"What? " Reid asked, "Checkers? Bingo? No thanks."

"No," Luke said and closed the space between them. He looked into Reid's eyes and fingered the collar of his leather jacket. "A different sort of game entirely."

"Oh!" Reid' eyes began to gleam. "How long until we land in Malta?"

Luke laughed. The plane was gently rocking from some turbulence, but neither man noticed. Luke pulled at Reid's hand until they were both tumbling onto the big black couch.

Reid started to reach for Luke's lips. Luke pulled back.


"What?" An almost hurt look crossed Reid's expression.

"The game," Luke told him. "I want to be the only one doing it."

"Doing what?" Reid asked.

"Doing all the touching, " Luke replied. "You can't touch me yet, but I'm going to touch you."

"But I want to touch you," Reid murmured, attempting to stroke Luke's face. Luke caught his hand.

"Please?" Luke smiled at him. "Since we've gotten together, you've always taken the lead. I just want to try this ...just for a little time, okay?"

Luke kept his eyes on Reid's blue ones.

Reid swallowed hard and then nodded. "Sure, why not?"

Luke paused a moment. While it was true he wanted to be the one in charge, to pleasure Reid, Luke also wanted to test out his power a little more. In the past, whenever Reid had touched him, Luke could no longer read his mind. Once Luke's own body was lost in the pleasure of sex, his powers stopped. But what if Reid were in his control and not yet touching him? Luke was curious.

Luke kissed the graceful curve of Reid's neck. "Remember, no touching me."


Luke grinned. "What do you like?" He asked.

Reid just smiled. "I like everything you do."

Luke heard, I want to feel those lips on me, and that tongue. Starting at my toes.

"Lie down," Luke commanded.

Reid obediently stretched out on the couch. He looked at Luke with hungry anticipation.
Luke stood over him. He undressed his shoes, socks, those tight black jeans. Luke picked up one of Reid's lean legs and kissed his way down to Reid's toes. Then he took the toes inside his generous mouth and suckled them one by one.

"Luke!" Reid's hips lifted slightly off the couch.

Luke, Luke!

Luke licked the arch of Reid's foot.

Reid was naked except for his briefs now, and he seemed almost shy. He trembled as Luke began to touch him all over. Everywhere caressing him: skin, lips, hands. The plane rose up on a pocket of air and then dipped down again.

"What else? " Luke prompted. Trying to get Reid to think his desires, even if he would never say them.

Reid's hands were clenched already. "All good," he mumbled.
Luke heard, My cock

Luke pulled down Reid's briefs in one quick motion. Reid was rock hard and waiting to be touched. Luke positioned himself between Reid's legs. He took Reid into his hands. He gently rubbed up and down.

Luke heard, Circles. Mouth

Luke pressed his tongue firmly down on Reid. He took the tip into his mouth and circled it with his tongue. Reid sucked in a deep gasping breath.

Reid swallowed visibly. His eyes were glazed as he looked down and watched Luke moving between his open thighs.

Luke heard, God I want him. He can't know how much.

Luke sucked on Reid's cock; he teased him by nipping at it with some teeth. Then he sucked again.

Luke heard, Oh, yes. Oh, please, please.

Reid was thrashing his head from side to side. His whole body tensed. Luke took him deeper inside the wet cradle of his mouth. Reid exploded. Luke savored the taste of him. He eagerly swallowed and swallowed.

Luke took a moment then, as Reid lay languid on the couch, and quickly grabbed his suitcase and the condoms and lube. Luke then shed his clothes. He walked proudly back to Reid, who was watching him.

Luke had to concentrate now to read his mind. Luke's own body was aroused. He met Reid's eyes and really focused.

Luke sat down on the couch and pulled at Reid.

"Lie on me," Luke whispered and half-dragged Reid face down across his lap.

Luke spread Reid's cheeks wide and went to work. He could hear Reid's thoughts, as his tongue followed the silent orders. He moved his tongue every way that Reid wanted, finding the exact spot . Reid was moaning. Soon Reid seemed to have no clear thoughts at all.

Only then did Luke let him lie back down. Luke lowered his mouth to Reid's and then lowered his body on top of him. He could feel Reid quivering. The small plane was bouncing on the air.

Reid couldn't resist touching him any longer. Reid's hands buried themselves in Luke's hair. He stroked Luke's back and hips. He touched Luke some more. It didn't matter. Luke could hear nothing by now; he too was lost in a sexual haze. Luke's head swam. His pulse throbbed.

Luke kissed Reid's shoulder, letting Reid feel his weight. Luke opened the lube and moistened his fingers and he stuck them deep inside of Reid. Their mouths met greedily.

"I want you , so much right now,' Reid rasped out ,and it thrilled Luke to hear the real words actually being spoken.

"Me too," he told Reid. Luke longed to say even more. He longed to tell Reid how much he wanted to just be with him like this. That Reid was in his head and in his arms, and all others were silent and far away. Just be with me, Luke thought, be with me all the time.

Luke took his fingers out and stroked Reid with his heavy cock. They teased each other, shaft touching shaft. Luke lifted Reid's legs up and back. Reid arched his hips in welcome. Luke then pushed into Reid inch by inch, feeling his body yield. Luke pushed in some more, almost tenderly, before he increased the pace. He felt like he were reaching out to the very center of Reid's being. Pounding now. Every thrust of Luke's body felt full of wonder. Their voices called to each other as their bodies moved in a matched rhythm. And Luke knew, right then, that this went beyond sex, slipping now into love, pulsing, newly fallen between them.

After that, they were quiet.

Luke stared at Reid. He suddenly realized that what had started out as a fun sex game was now wrapped up in his heart. Luke realized too that he needed to be honest with Reid, if this was truly a relationship, and tell him about the mind reading. Luke wanted to be honest. Eyes moist and lips quivering, Luke opened his mouth to speak -

"Hey," Reid said. " You look weird. Don't get all weepy on me or anything."

"Right," Luke closed his mouth. He knew that Reid was private and protective of his emotions. What would he do, how would he feel to learn that Luke had been reading his most personal thoughts?

Luke grabbed for Reid's hand and just held it. He didn't know what else to do.

"I'm just - cold," Luke finally said, "airplanes are always cold."

"Here," Reid reached his arm down and scooped up his jacket from nearby. He gently placed the coat over Luke's bare shoulders.

"So I have a question," Reid said, as he stretched back down and rested his head on Luke's chest.

"What's that?" Luke mumbled, stroking Reid's curly hair.

"What is the plan here? I mean are we just going to storm the castle and demand the foundation funds back? Don't think bad dad's going to appreciate that."

"Don't call him that. " Luke frowned. "He has done some bad things -"

Reid raised an eyebrow.

"Okay, lots of them. But you didn't know him. He loved me. And he had his good points."

Luke sat up, cleaned them both off, and then started to pull on his boxers and pants.

Reid simply watched him and waited.

Luke tossed Reid his jeans, briefs, and shirt. He continued to wear Reid's jacket.

"I really think this thing with the foundation money is just ...Damian's way of getting my attention."

Reid's mouth twisted, "A simple phone call wouldn't suffice?"

"First of all, everybody back in the States thinks he's dead or missing. He did text me that he was alive, but he can't just come and visit me."

"Why is he taking the money though?" Reid asked logically, as he too started to get dressed. "Doesn't he have millions."

"Billions, " Luke corrected. "And yes, although it is all tied up in Grimaldi shipping. Legally, the money is frozen to him and open to me, as the head of all of this. " Luke chewed his lip. He picked up his shirt and just held it to his body a moment. Then he reluctantly took off Reid's jacket and slipped it on.

"That's why this is so puzzling." Luke said as he gave Reid back the jacket. " Damian could have gotten into the shipping funds and taken that too, but he didn't. It might have taken me a lot longer to notice money missing from the shipping company. And the foundation - it was my idea, my baby - so why steal from that? Unless," Luke concluded, " he is just forcing me to take action and come to him."

"Still..." Reid scowled. He didn't look convinced. "I guess you know him."

"I do."

"Not just being blinded, are you? By that Snyder optimism thing?" Reid asked. He finished dressing but still sat on the couch.

"No, " Luke's tone became defiant.

"Okay," Reid said at Luke's change of voice. He shrugged. "I'll put myself in your capable hands. "

"Thank you," Luke said, somewhat mollified. He sat back down on the couch.

"Sure," Reid smiled. "After all, those hands took good care of me just a few moments ago." He gave Luke a saucy grin.

"Shut up," Luke elbowed Reid in the side. But he was laughing. He used to hate Reid's rude comments. When did they start becoming so funny? It must be that Luke understood him so much better now, and the vulnerable side of Reid that was just below that sarcastic surface.

The pilot's voice suddenly came over the private speaker, "Mr. Snyder?"

Luke pressed the intercom. "Yes, Joe?"

"Please take a seat. We are about to land in Malta. "

"Oh boy," Reid said. "I just remembered he was even here."

Luke curled up his lips into a smile, "Worried about all that moaning you did, doctor?" He teased.

Reid merely rolled his eyes. "Give the guy a big tip, will you?"


In the airport, Reid stood back and watched as Luke was busy arranging their limo. He was worried about this whole trip. Reid had an uneasy feeling about going to see Damian; he really thought that Luke was being too simplistic about his father. Reid was tempted to tell Luke that they should just skip it, fly off to Rome instead. He pictured Luke naked in some hotel overlooking the Fontana di Trevi. Fucking Luke and eating pasta all day sounded much better then meeting bad dad. Luke looked over at him just then and smiled. His dimples flashed, his skin glowed, and his eyes were full of warmth. Reid just nodded back at him. He didn't smile at all.

Reid Oliver's childhood had passed by so quickly he often forgot huge slices of it. But then he remembered his parents drilling him with flashcards at the age of three, and the doctors evaluating him by age five. Reid had tried to answer every question, tears running down his serious face. School was by far the worst, the teachers resentful that he knew more than they did; the other children taunting him, kicking and spitting and knocking off his glasses. Reid had tried not to care. He had sat up in the front of the class, excelling at each and every subject. His town was small and rural, and had not valued education. Most of the children around him had no greater ambition except to buy the house next to their own parents' homes and work year after year and go nowhere. Reid Oliver was different. Ambition ran in his veins. By the time Reid was 15, he had graduated early and had one clear goal - escape. He left with nothing, and built his own life, brick by careful brick, until he was on the top of the ivory tower, untouchable. Medical school and a prestigious internship followed. Yet his parents never once told him they were proud of him. No success had ever been enough. Reid had learned that it was better to be alone.

The driver came up to Luke and soon he was engaged in a conversation with him. Reid stood back and watched Luke's animated face. Luke could talk to anybody and make them feel at ease. As he watched Luke talking and laughing, Reid only had one thought: he could not risk falling in love with Luke Snyder
marsabi1: (Default)
Title: The Secret of Being a Grimaldi
Author: Marsabi
Summary: Luke can read minds and is having visions. Damian returns and causes trouble. Luke and Reid just became lovers in chapters 5/6.
Disclaimer: All from ATWT
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Extreme violence... For anybody who hates Chris Hughes

Chapter 7

Author note: This chapter really is more gruesome than most things I write. But to me, it feels like justice for Reid's ending on ATWT and his poor organs.  Feel free to skip down to Chapter Eight . Eight is nice and light.

SInce sunrise, the dark birds had been circling the Oakdale woods. They had flown up to the highest branch of a giant tree, just waiting for the possibility of lunch. They called to each other incessantly.

Across town at Al's diner, two men were busy consuming a rather large quantity of burgers and fries. The meat was raw in the middle, but the men did not notice. They were large, thick-headed, hungry men.
Their boss had sent them into town with a simple order: kidnap F. Snyder and C. Hughes. The boss had sent them this order in a quick text, providing these names and the victims addresses. The men were on their way to do the job, when they stopped for some food.

Meanwhile, Chris Hughes was on his way to stop by his brother's house. He wanted Tom's help in convincing their father to give Chris the Chief of Staff job. It wasn't fair to give it to Dr. Oliver. He was a pompous ass, as far as Chris was concerned. Maybe he was a genius surgeon. Big deal? Chris was well-liked. Besides, Chris was the son of Bob Hughes, not Reid!  Chris felt anger at the thought. How dare Dr. Oliver become his own father's choice. Tom would help him. They would just wear Bob down about it. He would soon give the job to Chris. People always gave Chris what he wanted.

Across town at Al's, the two men had finished their lunch.

"Which one should we grab first? " asked the taller man to his partner, as they walked out of the diner .

The other man was very fat, but totally ruthless. The taller man was simple and just enjoyed his huge paycheck for the work he did. The taller man would have like to do the job quickly. He wanted to sample to local bars, maybe hook up with some easy girl for the night.

The other man shrugged. "Let's grab this C. Hughes first. He lives a little closer."

The fat man was bored by this job. It had no chance for blood or fighting, or anything he enjoyed. Just a standard kidnapping. Big deal. He would have to chat with his boss, Mr. Damian Grimaldi, about his employment lately. But even the fat man knew to approach Damian with extra care. He would ask for a change of partner and some more action, after this Oakdale job was done.

"Hey," the tall man said, groaning a little, "is your stomach hurting at all?"
"Naw," the fat one said impatiently. "Let go and do this, okay?"

They drove to the Hughes house.

When Damian's two men reached the Hughes house, they actually walked up to the door and were planning to knock politely. It was amazing in this day and age how many people still just let you inside.

But as they walked up Tom and Margo's sidewalk, they saw a man just outside the door, fiddling with a key.

"Hey," the taller one said, "Are you C. Hughes, by any chance?"

The man, who was wearing a white lab coat, and looked annoyed, turned to them. "Yes, I'm Chris Hughes, what do you want?"

The fat man and his partner exchanged glances. Too easy.

The fat man grabbed Chris Hughes by the arm and flashed him the gun. "Come with us," he said.

As the two men drove toward Lily Snyder's house to pick up F. Snyder, they both began to sweat. Chris Hughes was in the back seat. His mouth was gagged. His eyes wide and tear-streaked. Snot hung from the corner of his nose.  He had been wailing like a baby, so they had shut him up. 

"Hey," the fat man said to his partner. "Pull over there. My stomach, ahhh. I gotta take a dump."
"In the woods here?" The taller one asked.
"I can't wait."

The car pulled off the road and into a thick, wooded area. The men looked at Chris.

"Should we tie him up in the car?" The taller one asked. Holding his own, now aching stomach.
"Stupid burgers!" The heavy one cursed. "Stupid hick town.""Just bring him," the taller one shouted. "I can't wait either."

They grabbed their guns and grabbed Chris Hughes. The three of them stumbled into the woods.

"Don't try a thing," the fat man told Chris. Then he pushed Chris down by a tree and went to take a big shit.

Chris Hughes thought he saw his chance to get away. The two men obviously had food poisoning. Chris got to his feet. He would run  into the woods. Chris didn't want to die. He still needed to do so many things: become Chief of Staff  through nepotism and then delegate the harder work to the nurses, date Katie in order to continue to promote the growing incestuous nature of Oakdale,  learn to hold an erection for more than 2 minutes and convince a girl to not spit it out. No, Chris would not die. He would escape, just like the heroes on television.

"Aww no!" The taller one said, seeing Chris Hughes take off. He hurriedly tried to pull up his pants.

The fat one did not bother to pull up his pants. He just grabbed the gun and shot.
"Wait! " The taller one exclaimed, " the boss didn't want us to shoot him!"
The fat one shrugged, a sudden gleam of excitement in his eyes, "Unforeseen problem," he said. "What are you gonna do?"

Chris Hughes ran as fast as he could. But despite being a decent-looking guy, he was in horrible shape. He immediatly began to perspire. The sweat rolled off him. His body stank. Chris stopped threw off his doctor's coat and ripped off the gag. He started to run again, when he heard another shot. The first one had missed him,  but this one hit him in the shoulder.  Chris felt his whole arm spasm. Another shot. Chris fell to the ground.

The two men, shit running down their legs, caught up to Chris.

He was still alive, but shot and bleeding. They looked around the forest. Then they looked at each other.

The fat man shrugged. "Get a shovel from the back of the car."
"Why did you pack a shovel," the taller one asked, perplexed.
The fat one smiled, "I am always prepared."

The taller one saw that when he opened up the trunk. Besides a shovel, he saw an army knife, lighter fluid, two more guns, and even an umbrella. Too bad his partner had not packed toilet paper, the taller man thought as his stomach continued to clench in pain.

When the two men got the shovel, they dug a fast pit. Chris Hughes was still alive, but bleeding heavily now. He could see the men digging the pit.

"Please, " Chris said in a whisper. The men ignored him. They kept digging, stopping only to crap a few more times. The woods began to smell of blood and feces.

The taller man stopped a moment, "We should really call the boss. Make sure he wants this."
The fat one hesitated. "He's close to dead already. Won't change anything."
"We should call, " the taller man insisted.
"Right. You call. " The fat one said. "I need to go to take another dump."
"What about him?" The taller one said.

They both studied Chris Hughes.

"He ain't going anywhere."

They left him a moment. One man went to make the call and the other man went to take another crap in the woods. The pit was right next to Chris. His eyes  opened and he stared at it. A gurgling sound was coming from his mouth.  Pain radiated from every part of his body. That was when Chris saw them. The birds. Circling above him in the sky.

The birds flew down  and landed on Chris. They hopped along his bleeding flesh. Their yellow eyes were blank as they bit. Pieces of clothes and skin got thrown in the air like confetti. The claws dug into his skin and then into his bones. The screaming sounds did not scare the birds away much. They flew up when he screamed, and then immediately flew back down. They were focused on the meat. One bird sank its claws right into Chris Hughes' balls. It feasted there. It pecked at Chris Hughes' cock over and over again. Another bird, ate at his left eye. The white part oozed out. A third one landed on his chest and began to eat at the skin and blood. Eating Chris Hughes' guts and heart. More birds were coming. There was no more screaming, the body finally stilled. The birds, however, continued their meal.

By the time the two men came running back, it was all over. The birds had done the job for them.

"What a way to go," the fat one murmured, in almost sick appreciation.
The taller one retched in the dirt.
"Should we throw him in the pit and bury him now?" The taller one asked, once his stomach recovered.
The fat one shrugged, watching the birds feast.
"What's the point now? They will leave nothing," He said. "Let's just grab his ID. We don't ever want anybody identifying this one." 

The two men did that and then went to the car. They sighed. Now they had to call the boss again.

Damian Grimaldi cursed in Italian.  Incompetent men! Screwed up informants! First his men botch the simple kidnapping. Then they tell him the wallet of the man read Chris Hughes, not Casey Hughes. And to make Damian's day even worse, Chris Hughes was dead. Nobody was supposed to die. His informant had never mentioned Chris Hughes had returned to town. The only reason Damian had thought to target Casey in the first place was due to the knowledge that Holden was out of town and Noah was in the hospital. He had simply hoped to get Lily and Luciano's attention. Now, the men had kidnapped the wrong C. Hughes and it had to be covered up. What a bad day Damian was having . Oh well, nothing ever went smoothly the first time around.  Damian threw back a quick shot of whiskey. He really must get better help.

"What should we do now about , F Snyder ?" His man on the phone was asking.
Damian scowled, "Nothing, right now."  He shook his head. "Just return to Malta. "
"Right. Sorry boss."

Damian just hung up. He would deal with those idiots later. Right now he had to fly from New York to Oakdale and sooner than he had planned. 

Chapter 8

"You are more upset about the money missing than you were about my brain," Luke pouted.

They were sitting at the breakfast table, hungry from a long passionate night.
After returning from the hospital, Reid had taken Luke into Lucinda's steam room. They had made love right up against the glass door. Their bodies pressed together. Sweat from the steam room dripping off their backs. Reid had licked the salt on Luke's bare skin. He had tasted and teased him, moving his mouth on Luke's body, seductively.  Reid then had pushed Luke's thighs apart and there was nothing to stop his probing fingers. He caressed Luke intimately, and had sank down into the steam. All Luke could feel was his hot mouth pressing against him. Sucking the very essence of Luke as he had exploded . After that, Reid had moved back up Luke's trembling body, practically holding Luke up as Reid's lips had found Luke's lips and he kissed him hard in a torment of tongues and teeth. Steam and sweat covered their flesh. Unable to resist,  Luke had glided his fingers up and down Reid's spine and down to his ass. Luke then had deepened their kiss. Their bodies joined in a hungry urgency. The passion built into hot, sweet torture.  And like that first encounter in the cabana, Reid again took his sweet time.  Reid had cupped Luke's backside and lifted him up. He had sank into Luke, rocking into him in sure and steady strokes.  Whatever lingering doubts Luke had suffered after years of being with Noah, he now forgot. The sex with Reid left him raw and satisfied. It went beyond anything he had ever imagined.

Now they were eating toast and eggs and contemplating the stolen money.

Reid was frowning. "Brain trouble I can handle. It's clear. But the missing funds mean no neuro wing."
Luke heard Reid's thoughts clearly, no wing, lives lost, my job in trouble

He quickly touched Reid on the shoulder. Luke big eyes were full of compassion. "It will be alright," he told Reid softly. "I have an idea where the money is...and even if I lose it all, I have other money. My grandmother, my mother."

Reid shook his head. "No way! Taking it from the foundation - that is what a foundation is for- but I'm not taking your personal money, Snyder. "

"Okay then," Luke said. "Take a trip with me instead."

"A trip?"

Luke nodded. "To Malta. We can leave right away "

"I don't take vacations. I haven't had a day off from work since med school," Reid protested.

"It isn't a pleasure cruise, " Luke snorted. "We are going to the Grimaldi castle in Malta. I just know that is where Damian and my missing funds must be."

"I can't believe that I'm involved with somebody whose family owns a castle, " Reid mused.

"Oh," Luke's whole face lit up all of a sudden, "Are we involved?"

"No!" Reid said quickly. "This is just"

Luke heard, Luke just wants great sex from me. He doesn't want more. Keep it simple, Oliver.

Luke wanted to correct Reid's thoughts. He wasn't sure how to do that. Truthfully, he had expected it to be only sex too. But for Luke, sex was never simple. And he was feeling a lot more than that for Reid, especially after Reid had taken such good care of him at the hospital. However, Luke was not sure exactly what it was he was feeling for the doctor. With Noah, love had come before they had even contemplated sex. With Reid, the incredible sex had started so fast. Luke glanced at Reid. To just look at him, Luke would have believed his words. That this was all just simple fun. That would have crushed Luke. But actually hearing Reid's thoughts, allowed Luke to sense Reid's nervous caution underneath it all. Luke did not believe that this was casual for Reid either. But he did not know how to just come out and reassure him. 

"So you will come with me to Malta," he said to Reid.

"I have my Noah." Reid looked at Luke with a slight challenge in his eyes. "What about your boyfriend?"


"He is stable, but don't you want to be here?" 

"You said that he would be sedated for days. We will be back soon enough."

Luke met Reid's eyes directly. "He can wait. Are you going to come with me or not?"

"Convince me."

Luke leaned over the table and gave Reid an open-mouthed kiss.

Reid gave him a mockingly stern face, "Well, I can't trust you to go alone."

Luke squeezed Reid's hand. "True. " He peeked up at Reid through his eyelashes and took a chance,

"I need you, Reid," Luke told him.

"You need me?" Reid parroted.  

Luke shrugged and gave Reid a coy, little smile, "After all, I might still require more medical attention."


Reid opened the door to the house he was sharing with Katie. He found  Katie folding some of Jacob's laundry. It was always amazing to Reid to see just how tiny the kid's clothes were. 

Katie glanced up at him and smiled, "Hey roomie."

Reid nodded.  

"Spend the night at the hospital?"

"Uh...Of course."

"You are so dedicated

"That's me."

"Then why did they tell me you were not there? I called last night to ask you to pick me up some milk."

Reid groaned. Katie smirked. Busted.

"Who did you hook up with?"

'Hey, I don't kiss and tell," Reid said grumpily. He began to help Katie carry the huge basket of laundry to her bedroom.

"Well, you still sound the same, obnoxious, but you look relaxed."

"Do I?"

"Hmm. Just tell me, good sex or bad?"

Reid just looked at her.

"Wow!" Katie grinned. "That good."

"Listen, let me give you the rent check now. I am actually going out of town for a few days."

"With this new lover boy?" 

"No, no. There is a problem with some of the foundation's money and they need me."

"To do what?"

Reid searched his mind for an answer. "Deal with the people involved."

"Somebody wants you to deal with people? You?"

"Hey, I can talk to people!"

"What about work, the hospital...?"

"Chris and Bob are here. I'm sure the amazing Hughes family will keep the circus going for a day."

Katie made a face at the word Chris. "He hasn't called me at all today, thank God, " she told Reid as she handed him some of her underwear to put in her drawer. 

"Maybe he finally got the hint," Reid said, taking Katie's hot pink undies like he was taking a mouse by the tail. 

"I hope so! How many times does a girl have to say no?" She handed him some more underwear. This
one had polka dots and a smiley face. 

 "Katie," Reid groaned. "I'm happy to help out with the laundry, but how about you just give me Jacob's stuff?"

Katie laughed. "Reid Oliver, you so want to wear my panties."

Reid flushed.

Katie chuckled harder. "Or maybe see them on that new lover?"

Reid left the room. "I can't hear you," he said and walked quickly away.

Katie was still laughing as he fled.


Meanwhile, Luke quickly drove over to Lily's house to pack up for the trip. When he arrived, he found Faith there.She was sprawled out on the couch, and painting her toes a deep blue color.

"Hey," Luke smiled at his sister. "Where's mom?"

"Who cares?" Faith rolled her eyes. "Sobbing over dad some place, maybe."

"Try to be nice, Faith. "


Luke heard, Mom hates me. She hates me!

"Mom and you should try and talk," Luke advised gently.


"Faith," Luke sighed. He knew trying to reason with Faith was impossible."Listen, can you tell her I'm going
to be out of town a few days with Dr. Oliver on foundation business?"

"Dr. Oliver?" Faith said. She closed up the nail polish and flexed her feet. "Are you dating him now? He's hot."

"We're just -I mean-" Luke stammered.

Faith's eyes widened. "You are with him! Is he coming over? Can I see you guys make out?"


"What?" Faith smiled at her brother. "I like watching two guys kiss. "

"I really don't want to hear this," Luke said, trying to escape up the stairs.

Faith followed him. "Just tell me what he kisses like."

"No! I'm not telling you anything about my love life. Got it?"

Faith made a sour face at him. "Luke, I'm a frustrated virgin. Let me live vicariously through you and -"

"Nice vocabulary," Luke teased.

Faith flashed him a smile, "Thanks. I'm studying for the SATS."

"I'm still not sharing with you," Luke told her. He opened up and suitcase and began to pack.

"Oh, come on! Don't be NFL."


"No Fun Luke."

"Faith. Why don't you go call Parker or somebody?"

"Parker," Faith snorted. "He doesn't want me and neither does Gabriel. It's all about that yucky Liberty. "
Faith wrinkled up her nose. "I'd rather Parker and Gabriel kiss each other than her!"

Luke heard, I'm so lonely.

Luke ruffled his sister's hair. "Hang in there, Faith. The right guy will come. " 

"Whatever." Faith rolled her eyes. "Let's get back to you and Dr. Hottie. Give me one detail."


 "Please!" She gave Luke her best sad face. "Like how does Noah's kiss compare to Dr. Oliver's?"

Luke sighed. "You will drop this, after I tell you that?"

Faith nodded.

"He's ...It's like Noah's white bread compared to creme brulee. Or- "

"Vegetables compared to a hot fudge sundae," Faith offered, growing exciting.

Luke laughed. "Visiting Alaska versus Tahiti."

"Fucking a mannequin versus fucking a  --"

"Okay , Faith. We're done!"

Luke pushed her out of his bedroom and shut the door. Sisters! But there was a wide smile on Luke's face as he grabbed from the top shelf of his closet some condoms and lube that had not been opened in a long time.  

Luke arrived at the airport early. Lucinda's jet was all ready for them. He stood at the terminal and gazed out the window. Then Luke turned, somehow sensing Reid coming up behind him.  Reid was carrying a small suitcase and his medical bag.

"Hey!" Luke beamed at him. "I was only joking about the medical attention."

"Can't hurt," Reid shrugged.

They smiled at each other.

Reid was dressed in his leather jacket , silver shirt, and tight black jeans. Luke let his gaze slowly take in his new lover.

"Are you ready to fly? "Luke asked him softly.

"Sure," Reid replied, "Lets go."

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Title: The Secret of Being a Grimaldi
Author: Marsabi
Summary: Damian returns and Luke finds out that his family has superpowers.
Disclaimer: These characters are based on ATWT; I own nothing
Rating : NC-17

Chapter 5

Luke floated on his back, his fingers trailing aimlessly into the water, his eyes gazing up at the night teaming with stars. The air was humid, but the pool water gently soothed him. His grandmother's pool house was actually a small bungalow.  Outside of the tiny house, there were several cabanas, a steam room, a hot tub, and an outdoor grill. Inside the pool house, there was every convience Luke could want. He was hardly struggling. Lucinda had even sent over food from the main house. Most importantly, there had been no disturbances or visions. Luke breathed in the air. He could smell the nearby orchids from Lucinda's garden. He allowed his body to relax and drift through the water. 

"Swimming alone at night can be risky," a voice called out, making Luke jump up with a noisy splash. 

Dr. Oliver stood at the edge of the pool. He was still dressed in his dark blue scrubs. His blue eyes were hungrily roaming over the sight of Luke Snyder floating on his back in only a green Speedo. Dr Oliver had come straight from the hospital. He had a five oclock shadow of stubble on his face. He had been watching over Noah Mayer for 24 hours now.

" Why are you here? Is it Noah?" Luke was asking, sounding worried.  "Mom said he was stable just a few hours ago?"

"He's fine," Reid assured him. His expression became a little sour at the concern in Luke's voice. "But I thought you might want an update. Your mother said you were here. " Reid glanced around. "Didn't want to go to the big house?" He asked sarcastically, gesturing to Lucinda's mansion nearby.

"Noah is fine," Luke was repeating , ignoring the rest of what Reid said.

" Relax. Your boyfriend -"


"Will be fine, thanks to my brilliance.  We are sedating him for a few days, letting the brain heal, but when he wakes up I expect him to see perfectly."

Too bad, he will still be a sexually-confused, controlling idiot who does not know how to treat Luke right.

Luke shifted in the water; he had heard Dr. Oliver's last thought.

Luke was suddenly aware of how Dr. Oliver stood staring at him. The moonlight made Luke's skin glisten. Drops of water slid down Luke's chest.

"So?" Luke said uncomfortable, "why are you here then?"

Reid swallowed hard and did not answer for a moment. Then he shrugged, "Maybe I just wanted to talk about that kiss," he said with a direct and honest expression on his face.

Luke began to swim back and forth in the water. He had been the one flirting with Reid, but suddenly he felt exposed and shy.

"Well?" Reid demanded. Luke stopped swimming and looked at him.


"What is with you these past few days? No apologizing? No whining about Noah? No sitting by his bedside like a good lap dog? And now, kissing me?" Reid tried to probe Luke's expression. It was too dark to really see his normally expressive eyes.

Luke tilted his head coyly, " A kiss is just a kiss, " he said. 

Then he swam up closer to Reid. 

"What's the matter doctor, did it make you nervous. Afraid?" Luke challenged. 

Reid snorted, "I'm not afraid of much, Mr. Snyder."

Luke heard, small spaces, lack of air, caves, the dark

"Yeah, you do seem fearless, " Luke told him with sudden gentleness.

Reid could only stare at him.

Luke swam in a small circle. His long legs kicked through the water. His muscled arms glided above his head. Luke's heart was racing. He swam some more. He could feel Reid watching him. With Noah, Luke had to fight to get Noah to notice him or admit to wanting him at all. Noah had been so reluctant. But here with Reid, Luke did not need to read his mind to sense his massive desire. The chemistry was sizzling between them.  It felt like nothing in Luke's limited experience. He stopped swimming and glanced at Reid.

"You did say I shouldn't swim alone," Luke gestured with his hand for Reid to join him.

Reid Oliver was no fool. He threw off the dark scrubs impatiently and stripped down to his black briefs. Then he climbed down into the pool.

"Float with me," Luke whispered. Reid obeyed. The two of them floated on their backs a moment. The night was beautiful. Stars blazed down at them. The moon was almost full. Luke stopped floating and put his hands underneath Reid's body.

Reid's eyes flew open in surprise. Luke stood over him and smiled.

"You look tired, doctor. I thought I would help you out."

Luke blushed in the darkness at Reid's sudden thoughts. He was glad that Reid probably could not see that blush. This man wanted him. Badly. It made Luke feel powerful in a way he had never truly felt before. 

Luke supported Reid's weight in the water, moving him around in the pool. He was enjoying this. And Dr. Reid Oliver was actually allowing Luke to control him and move him through the water.  He looked down at Reid.  Reid had gorgeous skin and firm muscles. His stomach was flat and Luke was thinking about bending down and kissing it.

"You can carry me away any time," Reid murmured, his eyes closed once more. Then he added  sarcastically, "You might not be as useless as you look."

Luke took away his hands abruptly and pushed Reid under. 

Reid came up from the water, "Hey! Unkind!" He said.

Luke laughed. "Then learn to keep your mouth shut, Doctor Oliver, " he teased, "don't be obnoxious when you have a good thing going." 

"You know, Snyder, that might be the best advice I've heard in a long time. "
Reid made a gesture like he was about to lock his lips up and throw away the key. It made Luke laugh in appreciation. Luke felt suddenly more sure of himself and relaxed. 
Reid  then swam up to Luke. He reached out and touched Luke's face. Their eyes met and Luke smiled. No more words were exchanged. Their lips found each other in a mutual kiss. Tongues thrust at one another like swords. Mouths opened and heat exploded between them. Luke  grabbed and pulled at Reid's hair. The water was cool; their bodies were not. Reid held Luke around the waist and deepened the kiss.

"Hmmm, good," Luke sighed.

Reid smiled, "Yes, it is."

They kissed some more. Bodies touching. Chests rubbing up and down on each other. Luke vaguely noted that as he kissed Reid, he could hear none of Reid's thoughts. It was like Luke could only feel now, not think. Not hear. Just touch and be touched. 

Reid was wrapping his legs around Luke and soon they were treading water. Luke heard himself whimper at the hard, satisfying lust filling his body. Luke's mouth already felt swollen. Reid broke off the kiss and was nuzzling his neck, and electric shocks coursed through Luke at the friction and Reid's stubble. They sank under the water a moment. Bodies wrapped completely now, Luke clutched at Reid, wanting this, wanting his flesh pressed tightly to him. They came up for air. 

Reid's breath was ragged . "Maybe we should go out of the pool. I don't want to drown while we -" 

"Not yet," Luke said softly.  Luke reached for him and kissed him again. The water splashed between them. Reid tasted amazing. Luke's whole body felt warm and alive.

"Lets just kiss some more," Luke whispered. "I don't really like the rest anyhow."

"The rest?"

"Don't worry, we can finish in a second, but I just love to kiss."

"Finish?" Reid repeated and drew back to examine Luke.

Reid's hand was still caressing Luke's back in the water.

Luke pulled away. "Just don't expect...too much. Sex for me has never been...I just find it overrated. "

Luke ducked his head down, suddenly embarrassed.

Reid forced Luke's chin up to look into his eyes.

"It's just a bit fast and even painful for me..I never really...Can we just go back to not talking?" Luke suddenly pleaded.

Luke jumped away from Reid and got out of the pool. He began to towel off vigorously.

Reid slowly got out of the pool too. He didn't bother to grab a towel.

"Sex is fast and...not good for you?" He said softly. He took Luke's hand and stopped him from toweling off. 

"It doesn't have to be that way," Reid said. 

Luke met his eyes.  They studied each other.

"It doesn't?" Luke said hoarsely.

Reid nodded.

Luke heard, We are so about to have fantastic fucking sex - right now!

Luke jumped back and nervously walked towards one of the cabanas. It had a white, billowing tent around it. Inside, the cabana had a cushioned bench and several pillows. Reid followed him into the cabana. The night was steamy. Luke's skin felt flushed. Could he really enjoy it? Noah had always criticized him for complaining and -

Reid touched Luke gently on the chest. Then he began to kiss him, softly, almost sweetly. Luke stopped thinking and just gave his whole body over to that kiss. Reid kissed him on the neck and shoulder. Luke could feel his erection pressing into his thigh. Then Reid pushed him gently on to the cushions. He put his tongue into Luke's navel and sucked. Luke's toes curled in surprise. His cock already felt like it might burst. Reid roughly pulled off Luke's bathing suit and then his own. Their breaths were ragged now. Luke had never felt so aroused. Reid took him into his mouth. His tongue was merciless. He tortured Luke with it, expertly teasing and thrusting against Luke. Reid tasted the pre-come, licking at it. Then he stopped to glide back up Luke's body and kiss his lips.

"Do you taste yourself?" Reid whispered. "You taste so damn good, don't you."

Luke could taste himself on Reid's lips. He couldn't answer, only moan. All of this was raw and new for him. With Noah, it would have been over already. Reid ground his mouth against Luke's open one. 

"I want to 69 with you," Reid mumbled. Then Reid was turning around. Taking Luke's hard cock back into his mouth. Offering Luke his own cock and a beautiful view of his solid ass. Luke trembled as he reached for Reid. He took Reid into his mouth and sucked him, at the same time, Reid was blowing across Luke's tip. They sucked each other. Their limbs quaking. Luke's mouth had to fall away several times as Reid blew him. The desire made him stunned and left him gasping. Then he took Reid back into his own mouth. Reid groaned. 

Reid pulled his mouth away and gently stopped Luke.

"Wh-What?" Luke asked in a daze. 

Reid stared at him a second, and then gave Luke the most beautiful smile that he had ever seen. 

"I don't want to come yet," Reid said. "I want it to last for you a long time."  

Chapter 6

After that, Luke lost track of the hour. The blood was pounding throughout Luke's whole body. Reid's mouth and his hands were everywhere, tasting and touching. Luke buried his face in Reid's chest, lost in his scent. He just clung on to Reid's strong back and was lost. Primal whimpers were coming out of Luke's throat. Reid's fingers had been moistened and now they were inside of Luke, plunging in and out of him. Luke closed around him tightly. Reid murmured his name and his free hand wrapped around Luke's aching cock. Before Luke could take another breath, Reid put another finger inside of him. He stretched and massaged him, hard and deep, until Luke's whole being was screaming for release.
Then Luke found himself being turned around and drawn up to his knees. He now had his back to Reid, who was continuing to rub his scratchy face along Luke's skin, scraping him.  Reid was also on his knees. Luke could feel Reid' hardness pressed into his ass. Luke reached back one hand and wrapped it around Reid's neck, pulling Reid closer.

Reid's strong arm muscles clamped around Luke's torso. He stroked Luke with one hand and his other hand dug into Luke's hip. Then Reid was urging Luke's legs farther apart and Luke fell forward, bracing himself on the cabana pillows. Reid plunged his tongue into Luke's ass. He held him firmly and worked until Luke felt all the parts of his body were turning to liquid. Luke felt his flesh opening up, ready to receive pleasure, maybe for the first time.

"Now," He screamed at Reid desperately, "please now!"

It was what Reid had been waiting to hear. Still, he had to make certain.

"What do you want, Luke? Do you want me inside you?"

He kissed the back of Luke's neck and ear. Reid teased one finger over Luke.

Luke could only nod and moan. 

"Tell me. Give me the words." 

"I -want. I need you inside me now!" 

 Reid drove into Luke in one sure stroke. Reid was aroused beyond reason. They were both shocked and staggered by the heat between them. Reid was pounding into Luke and Luke was soaring. They owned this. They owned each other's bodies. Reid groaned loudly and began to come, and Luke's body rushed to follow. There were no voices or visions or sounds. There were no other people or ex-boyfriends or judgments.  And in this moment, nothing could hurt Luke, he was in the presence of bliss.

Reid felt wrecked and struggled to breath in huge gulps of air. Luke's body was still shaking from the effects of such amazing sex. He offered Reid a dreamy smile. Luke never wanted to come back from this. Reid returned the smile, and rubbed Luke's shoulder in small circles. There was a glimmer of victory in Reid's eyes as he observed Luke's swollen mouth and heated cheeks.
"Okay?" Reid asked protectively.

Luke just nodded.  Then he turned and rested his face on Reid's chest. Luke played with the small arrow of hair under Reid's lower stomach. 

" Doctor Oliver - er Reid?"


"This was real, right?" Luke asked. 


"And we still hate each other?"

"Of course."

"Just checking" Luke whispered. 

Luke woke up to the feeling of somebody's weight on him. Then he remembered. He quietly turned his head and studied Reid as he slept. Without his usual snarky defense, Reid looked younger, more vulnerable.Luke gently covered him with his sheet.  Luke let his eyes wander around the room. They were in his bedroom at the pool house. They had both eaten Lucinda's food, ravished by that point, and then fallen into the bed and immediately into a deep sleep.

Luke crawled out of the bed. His body and ass ached all over, and he had scrapes from Reid's stubble.  But it felt right. Luke cast one more glance back at Reid. He had not been able to read his mind at all during sex; it made Luke curious about what Reid would think or do once he woke up.

Truthfully, he was shocked that Reid had stayed with him. He would never in a million years thought Dr. Reid Oliver would like to cuddle. But there he was, holding the blankets now as he had held Luke moments before. Luke found Reid so surprising.

Luke walked into the living room and turned on his computer. He had been able to forget Damian for awhile, but now he was back to worrying about it. Luke knew he would not be able to sleep. So he tried to contact Damian again and , when that failed, tried to look further into the foundation's stolen money. Luke sighed deeply. He had not even told Reid yet that the money for the neurology wing was in jeopardy. Now he really did not want to have to tell him. Luke had no clue what he and Reid really were to each other at this point, but his gentle heart did not want to disappoint him.

The vision grabbed Luke by surprise. One moment, he had been just sitting and typing at the computer, and then he saw this:

A tree and a large dug pit.  A pit  with a body sprawled out next to it.  The face bloodied beyond recognition. Battered so badly that there was parts of the skull visible.  The man had some kind of bit marks all over. Pieces of his flesh were scattered. And then, near the pit, Luke saw a shovel and a white doctor's jacket. 

He screamed. When Reid jumped up from the bed and ran into the room, Luke was standing and screaming. His eyes wild and glazed. Reid ran over, shook him, and then slapped him hard across the cheek.

Luke grabbed onto Reid and just held him. Luke ran his hands all over Reid's warm body.

"What is it?" Reid was demanding. 

Luke shook his head.  He couldn't. 

Reid reached out and shook him again. "Tell me?"

Luke was silent, but sobs racked his body.

"What you spill your guts out to everybody, but now that we just had mind-blowing sex you think you'll turn all strong and silent on me?" Reid teased softly, and touched the side of Luke's face. 

Luke gave a watery laugh depite himself. "Mind-blowing?" The words struck him as both wonderful and ironic. 

"Well, it is not like I've had the opportunity in Oakhell to meet lots of other gay men," Reid defended his words quickly. 

Luke heard, So mind-blowing. So amazing.

"But before coming to Oakdale, you just had awesome sex all the time right?"

"I've had my share," Reid said.

Luke heard, Not in soooo long. Medical school. Guy with small dick. Nothing like this

Luke crashed into Reid with unexpected force. He kissed Reid's open lips and then hugged him fiercely. 

Then Luke pulled away. "I gotta ask you. Cause my family says this is normal for me, like genetic or something, but if it isn't, if I have a brain tumor or-"

"Whoa! Hold the phone!  What are we talking about?" Reid said.

"A tumor."

"Do you have balance problems? Weakness in your legs?"

"No, no - but I don't know," Luke voice was panicked. "I don't know what is true anymore. If it isn't a tumor, if its like I'm going  crazy like Aunt Meg, then I just-"


"Luke looked up at Reid, his big brown eyes full of fear. 

"I'm seeing visions," he told him softly. 

An hour and fifteen minutes later, Luke watched Reid examine his tests. Reid was dressed in a pair of Luke own's jeans and one of his polo shirts. His scrubs had gotten wet by the pool. Reid had been surprisingly steady about Luke's confession. Or maybe not so surprising. Doctor Oliver was used to a crisis, after all. He had this great focus. He could make a person feel like he was in control. This made Luke feel so much better already. He knew Reid would be honest with him if the scans showed something wrong.

"Look on the bright side," Reid had said, during the long car ride to the hospital.

"What's that?"

" It doesn't sound like a tumor.. .But if it is a tumor, then I'll be happy to cut it out -  free of charge." 

"Gee thanks."

"Your welcome."


Reid looked over at Luke a moment.  "I need one more thing to check, wait here."

Luke nodded and chewed on his lips.

Reid grabbed him suddenly and gave him a hard kiss.

"What was that for?" Luke asked, pleased.

"Luck," Reid said, parroting the words Luke had offered with his own kiss before Noah's operation.

Luke heard,  His lip chewing thing drives me insane!

"Give me one second," Reid told him and left the room.

Back at the pool house, Reid had drilled him quite a lot about his visions. He asked turned immediately into Doctor Oliver mode and went through all the symptoms of various tumors with Luke. 

"Do you think it is possible, like my family is saying, to just have psychic thoughts?" Luke had finally asked him. He had braced himself for a ton of obnoxious remarks. But Luke really respected Reid as a doctor and really had wanted to know his opinion.  Luke had stood before him dreading the answer.

But Reid had yet again surprised him.

"What we see , what we hear, what we taste and so on," Reid had said, "require billions of nerve cells to flash unsent messages. It happens rapidly, unconsciously. All the time. Can the brain be heightened, the intensity expanded? Why not," Reid had mused. "The brain is this amazing thing, alien like gray spaghetti, but miraculous. I do think that sometimes its powers can be great -"

Reid had shot Luke a sheepish look. "Sorry, I'm going on and on. Is this helping you at all calm down?"

Luke nodded. Their eyes met and held. Listening to Reid actually had been calming, and Luke had listened to him unaware of the adoring smile on his face, unaware of the way his feelings were growing for Reid in that moment.

"So these visions might be true and ...?" Luke had asked him. He wasn't sure he wanted the visions to be true. That last one. That dead body. The lab coat nearby. Panic clawed at Luke's guts. He knew it could be any doctor, but still...

"They may not be future predictions," Reid had answered. "The right hemisphere, which controls imagination and intuition might be just heightened with some kind of sensitivity."

Luke hoped and prayed that Reid was correct about that part.

The door opened suddenly, bringing Luke back to the present. Reid walked back in and sat down next to him.

"All clear," he said. 


"Your brain is empty - whoops- tumor free."

Reid patted Luke's cheek, and his eyes were teasing. 

Luke let out a long breath. "Thank God. I'm really fine?" He turned to Reid, searching his face for lies.

"Your good, " Reid repeated. 

"Don't sound so disappointed, " Luke joked. 

"Well, " Reid gave a mock sigh, "as much as I would have loved to cut into that brain of yours Snyder, I really would miss those over-styled blond locks that would have to be shaved off."
Reid gave a tug on Luke's hair.

"You wish you had hair like mine, " Luke laughed.

Reid pursed his lips.  "I shudder to think of your salon bills."

Luke laughed fully now and so did Reid. Luke could feel the stress leaving his body.

"How come we are standing in your lab, with my brain scans here, and we are discussing my hair products?" He said to Reid.

"You're right, " Reid said. "Let's go back to your place and continue where we left off. Didn't I see a steam room by your grandmother's pool area?"

Luke grinned. "It has a whirl pool there too."

Reid raised his eyebrows hopefully.
Luke heard, I want to fuck him in the mouth, in the steam, under the jets. I want him to ride my ass and make me scream -

"I'm ready," Luke said , a bit breathlessly.

Reid smiled

They left the lab together.

Luke still had not told him about the money, but he planned to tell Reid about it in the morning.

As for the ability to read his mind, well...a guy had to keep some power over the most exciting lover he had ever known.
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Title: The Secret of Being a Grimaldi
Author: Marsabi
Rating: PG
Summary: This story allows Damian Grimaldi to come back and cause some trouble. Noah is still blind, Chris has no heart problems, and Luke is dealing with strange powers.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to ATWT
Warnings: None

Chapter three:

Reid sat in the hospital break room, trying to eat his lunch in peace. The microwave beeped and he carefully unwrapped his Cup of Noodles. All he wanted was to drink his coffee, eat the soup, and maybe read through the baseball scores in the  morning paper.

The door swung open and Doogie Hughes sauntered in. Reid sighed. There was no place in this town to escape.

"Hey Oliver," Chris said. "I heard you are going ahead with the Mayer operation."


"Risky. "

"Maybe for some, " Reid looked pointedly at Chris, " but not for me."

"If it goes wrong," Chris continued, "This whole town will come down on you. I'll get Chief of Staff..."

"Looks like somebody has been self-medicating again."

Chris approached Reid, who was trying to eat his first spoonful of soup, and stuck a warning finger in Reid's face.

"I"m going to make your life so difficult," Chris sneered.

Reid looked at him dryly and twisted his lips. "Thanks, but I'm not interested in dating you."

Chris shook his head. "You know I am not gay."

"And the world rejoices!"

"I'm trying to date Katie."

"Stalking her is more like it," Reid observed. "When are you going to see she is not interested?"

"She's interested, " Chris said smugly, and with that Doogie left.

How could Bob Hughes have such an idiot for a son?

Reid went back to eating his soup. He huddled over it, his stomach growling.

Reid's mind wandered to Noah's operation. Another genius. He might be able to fix Noah's eyes, but nobody would make that guy a rocket scientist. Truthfully, the operation was very risky. Reid might be a little nervous...Thank God, nobody would ever know that. Of course, thinking about the empty-headed Barista only made Reid think about Luke. Now Mr. Snyder was acting stranger and stranger. What was with those flirty glances and smiles suddenly? And those dimples flashing at him like weapons? It had been so much easier to be hated by him. Now Luke was being...Reid exhaled sharply. Was it possible to spontaneously combust from just desire?

The door opened again. Reid groaned. Could he not just enjoy a meal?

"Dr. Oliver, " Bob Hughes said. "Are you ready for Noah's operation in a few days?"

"Bobo," Reid answered. "Are you ready for all the press writing about the greatest surgeon to ever grace this dog and pony hospital?"

Bob Hughes just smiled slightly and sat down next to Reid.

"Do me a favor? Make sure you talk to his friends and family - communicate with them."

"I didn't think Noah had any family."

"I'm sure the Snyders will be there."


Bob stood up, "You know, Doctor Oliver, it wouldn't hurt you to stop trying to act better than everybody. Your not a God."

"Really? " Reid smiled at Dr. Hughes, "that's not what the men in my life have told me."


Meanwhile, across town, Luke was really and truly afraid he might be crazy. Who could he talk to? Lily was, as usual, a sobbing mess. Holden was out of town with Molly and besides, Holden would go and get a pitchfork or something if Luke told him about Damian's text.

Luke shuddered. He had to talk to somebody about all of this, but it had to be somebody that he respected. Somebody tough. Damian was alive. Damian might be stealing money from the foundation. Damian had powers of some kind or another. Luke was reading minds and having visions...Who in the world could handle of of that information and not seek to immediately lock Luke away forever? The answer came to him quickly.


Lucinda Walsh was wheeling and dealing happily in her Worldwide office, when Luke had come to her with all of his troubles. Luke was very upset. He paced the room, and nervously bounced around like a pinball during the whole conversation.  

"First of all, my darling, you are not going crazy," she assured Luke.

"It is really all true?" Luke whispered.

Lucinda nodded. "The Grimaldi's are very powerful. Mind control, visions, telepathy -I am not surprised by any of it."

"I need to think," Luke said, "go somewhere."

"Move into my pool house, " Lucinda told him. "It is separate from the mansion. You can think in quiet. No voices. "

"No mom crying."


Luke breathed out his relief. "Thanks, grandmother."

"Now," Lucinda almost smiled, "We have to set a trap, find out where he is, get the money back..."

Luke could hear her thoughts, Money. Enemy. Money. Craig is now not important. Damian. At last.

"He is my father," Luke said softly.

"What?" Lucinda asked. "Oh." She tapped her head. "Got in there, did you?"

"I have to plot. He is dangerous, Luke. Even if he is your father. " Lucinda looked off out the Worldwide office window. "I always thought he had some kind of spell over your mother -something sexual."

"Grandmother- "

Lucinda didn't answer. But Luke suddenly felt his head pound. A vision took him over:
He could see his mother and Damian kissing each other. They were on a boat. Malta was in the distance. The wind was blowing Lily's hair all over the place. Damian caught it roughly and twisted it. They struggled. But soon, Lily began to kiss Damian. Her hands grabbing at his neck. His teeth bit into her lip, drawing some blood. His fingers brutally digging into her bare shoulders.  Lily's eyes were stunned. Then another vision came, like changing the channel on a television. This time it was of Lucinda. She was pointing a gun at Damian. He was just laughing at her. A shot -

"Luke? Luke , my dear?" Lucinda shook him. "Come out of it."

Luke's eyes were glazed. Lucinda gave him a hard shake. Luke jumped.

"Grandmother," he said suddenly, " maybe I should go to the police, not involve you. Maybe this was a mistake." Luke tried to calm down. He tried to believe that these visions did not mean anything. They were not necessarily real. Still, panic was beginning to gnaw at him. 

"The police? " Lucinda scoffed. "In this town? No,dear. We will figure it out. Meanwhile, you look awful. Go to the pool house, rest. Nothing has to be solved today. I will start by tracking down the missing money. Always follow the money, my boy. "

Luke nodded. "Okay." Maybe his grandmother was right. Maybe it was all of this stress causing it all. He would go and be alone.

"And let's keep Lily away from it all." Lucinda warned. " Damian has too much hold over her."

Luke heard, Sex. Lust. I knew lust like that once...John Dixon.

"Er- I gotta go," Luke jumped up.

"Oops, did you hear? Well, hell Luke I'm old...not dead."

"I can't do this. Really grandmother." He ran out.

Chapter Four

"Don't be silly, of course we are all here, " Lily shot Luke a pointed look, "We are like your family, " she told Noah.

"And you are like, " Noah sounded choked up, Lily grabbed his hand, "you are like the mom I never knew." 

 Luke heard, It's why I stayed with Luke so long; I wanted to be a part of his family so much.

Luke narrowed his eyes.

"I'm so happy you are all here to support me. Thanks Lily, Luke. "

"Sure," Luke said, a bit sarcastically. He should have stayed in the pool house. It had been so nice there for the past few days. Silent.

Just then, the door opened and Dr. Oliver walked in.

Luke gave him a big smile. Dr. Oliver deliberately ignored him. Luke walked up right behind Dr. Oliver, watching as he examined Noah. Suddenly, Luke's mood was improved.

Luke checked out Doctor Oliver's scrubs. Nice.

"Ready for this, Noah?" Dr. Oliver asked.

"If you are!"

"Always ready and always the best," Dr. Oliver said. He glanced behind him for a second at Luke. 

"Boy, you are so confident!" Noah gushed. 

Luke heard, I want you to see alright. See me kiss your ex-boyfriend senseless.

Dr. Oliver turned and Luke deliberately blocked his path and bumped into Reid lightly. 

"Oh, sorry," Luke said with mock innocence. He was so close to Dr. Oliver that the material of Luke's jeans grazed the material of his scrubs. The space between the two men was so small that not a shadow could break through. Luke could smell a hint of Reid's soap, and Reid breathed in Luke's subtle cologne.  Luke reached out a hand on Reid's chest to steady Dr. Oliver, who had almost dropped his chart.    

"Please stay out of the way, Mr. Snyder."

"Sure." Luke took his hand off Reid's chest, but he casually patted it first.

 Dr. Oliver bolted out the door. 
Luke watched him leave the room.  He really shouldn't be teasing Dr. Oliver right before Noah's big operation, but it was so much fun.

A few moments later, Richard entered the room. Then Alison. Luke felt like it was a good time to make an escape. He really did not want to read their minds.

"Good luck, " he said to Noah. Luke did not try and touch him. He really did want the best for Noah, but that was about all.

In the hospital corridor, Luke spotted Dr, Oliver examining some scans. He went up, intending on  actually just saying goodbye to the doctor and leaving him alone to do his job, but then Luke heard:

 Must do a good job for Luke. Don't want to let Luke down! 

Uh,  Doctor Oliver."
Reid jumped.  Luke was face to face with him. Luke's hair fell slightly in his eyes and Reid fought the urge to touch it.

"What is it now? " Reid demanded.

Luke had a funny smile on his face again. "Nothing, doctor. I wanted to thank you for helping Noah."

"Well since you blackmailed me here, I hardly accept your thanks," Reid told him.

"I meant to bring something," Luke said, "like a four-leaf clover or whatever. But my life has been...Anyhow, I just forgot."

"What?" Reid shook his head at him. "Why would you bring me that?" 

Luke reached out and stroked Reid's cheek. Reid froze. Then Luke leaned in and planted a quick, hard kiss on Reid's firm mouth.

Luke grinned at him. "For luck, doctor," Luke said and he walked away.

Reid stood there a moment, completely flabbergasted.

Then he touched a finger to his lips and let out a low whistle. Now that Luke Snyder had made the first move, Reid did not plan to let him get away.  

Luke laughed as he drove away from Memorial. It had felt so right to stun Dr. Oliver like that...And as for reading his thoughts, well, Luke had never in his life felt so wanted.


While Luke was busy moving his belongings into the pool house, Damian Grimaldi boarded a small jet. He took only four of his best trained men. Two of them would leave immediately for Oakdale and two remained with him. The other guards, he would leave in Malta with clear orders to take care of any unexpected surprises. Damian needed to first go to New York for a few days and go to his bank vault there. He would transfer some more of the foundation's funds. He would meet with his associates from New York.  After that,  he was headed to Oakdale too.  Damian smiled chillingly, and he took out a picture of Lily holding Luciano as a baby. He felt like a man who had been dreaming about a long silence. His soul had grow heavy in the darkness. It was amazing what the denial of love could do to a person. Damian allowed his finger to gently stroke Lily's cheek and the top of the baby's head. Mine, Damian thought. And in the end, he always got what was his.

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Title: The Secret of Being a Grimaldi
Author: Marsabi
Rating: NC-17
Summary:  Damian returns from his "death," and causes big trouble. Luke finds out he has inherited strange powers. At this time, Noah is still blind. Chris and Reid are already competing for Chief of Staff, but Chris has no heart issues.
Disclaimer: Based on characters from ATWT; I own nothing
Warning: sexual content, light bondage, superpowers

Chapter One:

"Listen, I'm a neurosurgeon not a sex therapist. Did I say my name was Dr. Ruth or Doctor Oliver?" Dr. Oliver snapped with irritation.

"Sorry," Noah mumbled, "It just I have no one to talk to ...Since Luke and I broke up, he keeps coming here and confusing me-"

"I repeat, I am here for your eyes."

Noah sighed. "Right." He submitted himself to Doctor Oliver's exam.

"So?"" Noah said after Dr Oliver was through.

"Not sure." Dr. Oliver put his equipment away. "It looks like we can operate soon, but I need a few more tests."

Noah started to ask more questions, when his hospital door suddenly opened and Luke came in.

"Hey," Luke spoke softly to Noah. "Just wanted to come and visit."

"Luke?" Noah said. Then Noah frowned. "This isn't helping."

"Why?" Luke approached his bed, stepping carefully around Dr Oliver. Even though they had started to work on the new wing together, Luke was certain Dr. Oliver still hated his guts.  He could always feel Doctor Oliver's eyes on him, judging him. Luke went to Noah.

He said to Noah, "Let me still help."

Noah blew out an angry breath. "Doctor Oliver?"


"Will you excuse Luke and me, please?"

Dr. Oliver glanced at Luke's  face and then looked away.

"None of my business," he said and left Noah and Luke alone.
"Is he gone?' Noah asked.

"Yes."  Luke reached out to take Noah's hand.

"I said I need some space, Luke," Noah repeated, turning away from Luke's touch.

"Noah, your operation is coming and..."

"Maybe.  Doctor Oliver was not sure there will be an operation yet." Noah spat out bitterly.

"Let me help you, " pleaded Luke.

"No," Noah shook his head. "I told you, I can't do this Luke. I have to focus on me now and my eyes."

Luke struggled to find the right words to convince Noah.

"Is this cause you blame me - " Luke whispered, looking at the ground .

"I don't blame you," Noah said.

Luke felt like his entire world was over.

I totally blame him, Luke heard.

"What?" Luke snapped his head up. "What did you say?"

"Nothing. Just that I don't blame you," Noah insisted.

"Oh." Luke frowned in confusion. That was not what he heard a second ago.

Luke shrugged it off.

"Things have never gone smoothly, have they?" He tried to laugh with Noah and get him to reminisce. "First Maddie, then your dad -"

"Yeah," Noah interrupted. "Good times. " He scowled. "You broke it off with me Luke, cause I couldn't give you everything. This doesn't help."

"I know, but I -" Luke took a deep breath. "I still want to support you. Member when we first met and - "

I should never have even kissed him; I wish I had stayed with Maddie.

Luke's mouth fell open. He had been looking right at Noah this time. Noah had not spoken, but Luke had heard him.

What was happening? Luke shook his head. His heart was hurting, now his head was hurting too. He could taste the truth of what he heard. The bitter weight of it pressing inside of him.

"I gotta go," he said to Noah and fled the room .


Luke went home and found Lily looking through old albums of her many weddings to Holden. Luke almost groaned out loud, this was not what he needed. He tried to sneak past his mother, but she looked up and saw him .


Luke sighed, "Hey, mom."

"I was just up some old stuff."

Luke smiled sympathetically. 

Lily flushed, "I guess I am pretty obvious," she gestured toward the albums. 

"That's okay. I'm having a weird day too."


Luke shook his head, "It is crazy."

"Try me."

Luke shrugged. "Okay, but don't worry or anything...I know it is just stress. " He inhaled sharply. "I was with Noah and we were fighting - like we do now- and I looked at him and I heard him saying things to me- in my head - only he wasn't speaking."

Luke waited for Lily to brush this aside and make him some calming tea or something.  Instead, her eyes widened.

Damian, Luke heard.

"Damian?" He repeated. "What does he have to do with this?"

Lily jumped, "Luke, you just read my mind. I- Oh no!"

A feeling of dread spread through Luke's whole body. "Mom," he commanded and took Lily, who was crying, and shook her. "Just tell me."

"He said it would happen in puberty , not now," Lily cried. "I thought you had escaped it!"

"Escaped what?" Luke asked.

"The secret of the Grimaldi's, " Lily answered and began to sob hysterically.


"So, the Grimaldis have like ancient super powers for centuries now? Awesome!" Casey laughed.
Luke was sitting with him in Java. He had needed to talk about it to somebody. He had turned to his old friend. Lily had completely broken down after explaining that it was more a curse of power than a gift. Luke kept hearing one word in her mind that came to him over and over , Evil.

"So like now you could get more and more powers? Right? That's what your mom said. Wow, dude, maybe like Wolverine or something. I love that comic book!" Casey  held up his hands, "Check out my claws!"

"Casey-" Luke said. It appeared to Luke that his ability to read minds was limited to people that he actually knew and had a connection with. He could not, for instance, read the thoughts of all the strangers at Java. Thank God. As for Casey Hughes...Casey pretty much said exactly what he thought.

"You know I always suspected that I'd make an excellent superhero type, " Casey mused. "I actually am a little psychic. Like I can always tell what Alison is thinking," Casey bragged.

Luke was about to respond, when the door to Java opened and Alison actually came inside. She waved at Casey.

"Gotta go!" Casey jumped up, "Wedding stuff to do. Sorry, pal. I'll Twitter you."

Luke tried to ask Casey not to tell anybody else; he felt like enough of a freak. But Casey was already with Alison.  Alison nodded bye to Luke.

Luke heard, Mick Dante, Mick Dante...coming from Alison's pretty blond head. Luke rubbed his eyes in weary confusion. He did not even know what that meant. 

Luke jumped up and went to leave Java; he still had his head buried in his hands.

Wham! Luke smacked hard into somebody and coffee spilled all over.

"Oh, sorry," Luke apologized and looked up. Terrific, Luke thought, Doctor Oliver. Luke grabbed some napkins from a nearby table. Dr. Oliver was covered in mocha latte.

Luke started to apologize again and dabbed at Dr. Oliver's chest with the napkin.

"Quit touching me, Mr. Snyder."

Keep touching me, Luke heard.

"Sorry," Luke mumbled in shock, but he kept his hand on Dr. Oliver's chest. Luke leaned in closer to him; he was sure he had heard wrong that time.

"Will you stop wiping me up like I am a toddler!" Reid demanded.

God, does he always have to stand so close to me!

Luke jumped back and stared at Dr. Oliver's piercingly blue eyes.

"What's wrong with you?" Dr. Oliver demanded, "Is your brain on in there," Dr. Oliver tapped the side of his head, "what few brain cells you might have. Maybe you need some more caffeine."

Luke found he could not answer the snarky doctor. He just stood there.

Doctor Oliver stared back.

"You're gay?" Luke said finally.

Doctor Oliver suddenly seemed disconcerted. He actually flushed. Then he took a step back from Luke.

"So what? Did Katie or Hank run to tell you? " Dr Oliver shook his head. "It doesn't matter. I've known I was gay since I was nine years old."

"You never said anything to Noah or me," Luke mumbled. He could hardly pay attention. The things he heard coming from Doctor Oliver's mind were shocking him.

"The fact that it took your gaydar all these months to realize it, Mr. Snyder, only emphasizes how obtuse you are."

 Luke heard,  I wish I didn't have to look into those amazing eyes. They melt me.

Luke couldn't help it. He suddenly wanted to make Dr. Oliver squirm.  Luke batted his eyes at him knowingly,
Sure enough, Reid became flustered .

"Excuse me, " he told Luke quickly, "I need to go and change." With that, Doctor Oliver left.

Luke stood in Java for a moment, processing all that had just happened. He smiled slightly. Maybe this mind reading thing had its uses.

Meanwhile, far away, somewhere in Malta:

Damian Grimaldi peered into the darkness. He sat on the edge of a massive bed.  Behind him, two sleeping women were curled up in each other's embrace.Their nipples were touching and their mouths hung open. Their feet were tied together with a thick rope.  They both had long brown hair and dark eyes. The two women were naked and bruised from Damian's night with them. One of them had whip marks down her back. They had been pleasing to him in bed, but neither of them were Lily. He would dispose of them soon.
It had been a long time now, but Damian was ready. He could sense changes in Luciano. And Lily was vulnerable and alone. It was time for Damian's revenge to begin...

Chapter Two:

In his office at the foundation,  Luke finally found relief from all the voices. He was alone. Luke Snyder did not usually enjoy being alone. In fact, he usually relished company. But tonight, being alone was a great relief. Luke sipped some old soda and chewed his lips nervously. He was on his computer, searching for Damian. He tried his father's old email accounts and his private numbers, but Damian did not respond. Luke recalled the last time he had seen Damian. Damian had hugged him and told him not to listen to all of the horrible things that were bound to come out. Then Luke had thought Damian had died. It had been Doctor Oliver who proved that Damian was not the corpse in question. But now, nobody knew Damian's whereabouts. With everything falling apart for Noah, Luke had tried to push the pain of losing Damian from his mind, but now it all rushed back.

Luke stared at the computer screen. Why had Damian never told him about these powers? Could Damian read minds too? Luke had no answers. With a sigh, he focused on the foundation's business instead. It wasn't long before Luke found a problem. The foundation was missing a significant amount of money. Somebody had stolen from him. Luke checked and rechecked the math. The money meant for the new neurology wing had been tampered with clearly. What was he going to do now? Luke felt panicked.

Not knowing where else to go, Luke found himself back at Memorial. The first person he ran into was Chris Hughes.

"Hey there, Luke."

"Hey Chris, " Luke said. "Have you seen your dad? I really need to talk to him."

"No," Chris shook his head with a very concerned look on his face. "Can I help?"

Luke started to answer, then he heard Chris chanting:
It is all about me, all about me. Hmm. Wonder if I can finally get into Katie's pants? Maybe after my golf game?

"Uh, no everything's fine, " Luke told Chris quickly.  

Luke moved on. He searched briefly for Bob Hughes to inform him of the missing funds, but he had no luck  finding him. Luke was feeling queasy and tense. This was all too much to take. He needed some help. Luke hesitated. Even though a part of him became full of doubts, Luke tried to shrug his feelings aside. They had been together for a long time, after all. Surely, if Noah could see how much Luke needed to talk and if he could hear of all the insane things happening, surely he would want to at least comfort him.
He entered Noah's room.

"Noah," Luke said. "I know we fought before, but I really need to talk to you."

Noah sat up in his hospital bed. "Luke? It's not a good time. Richard is coming over soon and - "

"Look, please. I'm having the craziest day and I really need somebody to - "

"Doctor Oliver said I might be ready for my operation after all. I'm so excited."

"That's great, but I-"

"Don't make him angry, okay Luke? You know how he hates you."

"Noah," Luke grabbed Noah's arm, "please I need your help! If I ever meant anything to you -"

Luke heard, Why is Luke bothering me? He is always so needy! 

"You do, you do," Noah waved his hand dismissively. "But I can't deal with all these outside problems right now, okay Luke? Will you just understand. I'm blind! Blind! What could be more important than that?"

Luke dropped Noah's arm. "Nothing, I guess. " He shook his head. "Noah, I want you to see again, I do. More than you know...But our whole relationship, it -" 

The door opened and Richard came in.

"Hey, what's up guys?" Richard gave a big, dorky grin.

"Richard, man, you're late, " Noah scolded.

"Sorry, dude."

"Did you bring my Luna bars and my chips?" Noah demanded.

"Right, " Richard opened up the plastic bag he was carrying.

Luke looked on with disbelief. The air felt cold, making Luke shiver.

"Richard, I asked for Lemon Zest and Chocolate,not carmel."

Luke was standing by his ex-boyfriend watching him boss around his potential new love interest while he ignored Luke's pain, and suddenly it was like a stab in the guts.  And Luke simply fell out of love with Noah, right there in that very moment.  As quickly as he ever fallen in love with him, that love for Noah soured.

Luke did not need any voices to know what his heart told him to be true: Noah loved himself more than he had ever loved Luke.

Overwhelmed by the loss, Luke felt like a scared and tired child. Luke turned and stumbled towards the door. He could not leave the room fast enough. He felt like he could not breath.


The elevator seemed like a safe place to go, and Luke ran in and hit the down button. He knew that he and Noah had broken up, but a part of him had hoped...Luke had offered Noah all the beauty that was inside of him and Noah had not wanted, it was truly over...maybe he was just not meant for love...

A vicious headache brought Luke to his knees. Luke closed his eyes and shook his head. His skin broke out into a slick sweat.  All of a sudden, images began to invade his mind.

What Luke saw was this:
He was in the shower, not his own, someplace else. The water, Luke could almost feel the steady stream of it against his face and neck, was hot and steamy. Luke had his hands braced on the shower walls and he was moaning. There was somebody sitting on the floor of the shower. A man. He had Luke's legs pulled apart. The man's firm fingers were at Luke' thighs, insistingly pressing them open. Luke tried to resist. His mouth was open and quivering. 

"I can't," Luke was saying.
The man had his tongue on Luke's cock. He had Luke in his mouth. It felt so good.  Water was streaming down over the man, making his features impossible to see. But in his vision, Luke could feel everything. The man's mouth taking his cock. The man's hands, now grasping Luke's naked flesh, pressing into his ass. Luke shuddered, his muscles bunched tightly now. The sounds of labored breathing. Sucking noises. Luke was being devoured, possessed. The feeling of a warm mouth taking him inside. Luke grabbed at the wall, and the slid one hand down to the man's head. He grabbed at the curly hair. The pressure inside of Luke was building.  Then Luke was coming, exploding, into the man's mouth. The orgasm swept through him like a wave, knocking him out with its heat and power. 

Luke sank against the wall. His body spent. The man released him and slowly stood. He kissed the back of Luke's neck. Luke could feel the man's erection pressing into him. The man was hard and huge. Luke turned and looked at him for the first time. In his vision, Luke could suddenly see the man's face. It was Dr. Reid Oliver. 

The elevator doors opened. Luke looked up, still dazed, wet, and aroused by his strange vision.

Something was buzzing insistently. Luke stood unsteadily to his feet and took out his phone. The text read: Luciano, your father is alive.


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