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Title: The Last Doughnut
Author: Marsabi
Summary: Damian disinherits Luke and he’s forced to survive in the real world.
Rating: PG
Warning: None
Thanks traciamc

Part 16 VIVA

Okay, Luke felt a second of panic. Reid was late. That never happened.

Why had he agreed to meet him at the airport? They should’ve come together. Why did Reid insist on going to the hospital one more time, a job he no longer even liked, just to help stupid Chris Hughes with some patient?

Luke chewed his lip and glanced down at all of his luggage. Maybe Reid had gotten stuck at security? Luke could just see him there, arguing with some heavy set, bald headed guard. Reid would definitely argue with anybody who dared to take away his snack foods or question his itinerary.

Luke took out his phone – no messages.

Well, that was to be expected. Reid barely liked talking to people in person, much less on the phone. Luke, on the other hand, had no qualms about leaving long, dirty messages. He liked to text all the sexual things he wanted Reid to do. It was easier than saying them out loud to him. Luke texted one to Reid right then. It involved his pinky finger and a whole lot of tongue. If Reid was out there, surely he’d respond to that?

“Where’s your man?” Lucinda demanded suddenly and a guilty blush spread over Luke’s cheeks.

“He’s just late.” Luke closed his phone.

Lucinda made a disapproving noise. “I have my jet all gassed and just sitting here? “ She glanced at her watch. “Time is money , darling . And I plan to win some money.”

“I know.”

“Reid’s coming,” Vienna assured them all. She didn’t look up from her mirror as she applied a new coat of mascara to her eyes. “I saw him just a few hours before. Grabbing our cookies and stuffing them into his pockets. “

“What does he think, “ Lucinda laughed, “that my private plane has no food?” She gave her boyfriend John a squeeze, “ I stocked it with some of your favorites.”

Casey looked up from the wad of twenties, “What kind of food?”

“Casey?” Maddie shook her head at him, “you’ve stopped counting. “

“Relax,” Casey told her, “we’re going to Vegas, baby. It’s all good.”

Vegas. Luke smiled and looked at his family and friends gathered all around him. Lucinda had asked, no demanded , that Luke have big goodbye celebration. But not in Oakdale. She’d rented out the top floor of the Ventian hotel. At first, it was only his father and his grandmother planning to come. Then John Dixon had signed on. Soon Vienna was asking him about the trip, and of course, Henry could never refuse a free ride to Vegas. After that, Luke just had to ask Casey and Maddie to tag along too. Luke had been thrilled that all of them cared so much about him and wanted to celebrate with him.

Convincing Reid to spend 4 days in Vegas with this group, however, hadn’t been easy.

Holden walked up to him and patted Luke’s shoulder. “You look worried.”

Luke shrugged. “No . Reid’s never late that’s all.”

“I’m sure everything’s fine, “ Holden said.

“Right,“ Luke said with forced brightness. “Anyhow, before he gets here- I just want to thank you , Dad, for being here.”

“You already thanked me, Luke.”

“I want to thank you again, “ Luke said firmly.

Holden smiled. “You’re certain this is what you want? To move to Vegas? You don’t want to stay at the farm here in Oakdale?”

“I’m sure.”

“Reid could stay with me too, “ Holden offered.

Luke smothered a laugh at the thought of Reid at the farm. He could just imagine him mucking out stables or milking the cows. He could just imagine Reid’s level of discomfort at making Luke shout out with pleasure in the night, and Reid would make him shout out, even if they tried to be quiet. God, he really knew how to do that one thing with his mouth – he could just see Reid’s face the first time Holden or Emma flung open their door to see why Luke was screaming.

“This is what we want.”

“I have 200 bucks,” Casey declared suddenly. “Ready to party.”

“We can party,” Maddie ordered , “but no gambling.”

Casey frowned at her.

“Remember why you went to jail?” Maddie drawled. She took his money and stuffed it in her pocketbook. Then she kissed him sweetly.

“We’re all ready to go,” Henry complained as he massaged Vienna’s shoulders, “but where is Oliver? “

Luke swallowed hard and tried to dismiss all the irrational fears building up inside of him. This was Oakdale, after all, where his happiness was usually taken away from him.

He tried to focus on the positive. He was really leaving town. He was really free . He really was leaving with the man he loved. He closed his eyes a moment, just holding on to those thoughts.

When Luke opened his eyes, he finally saw him.

“At last!” Henry yelled out.

Reid strolled up to them, not looking concerned, carrying a small bag and a whole bunch of snacks.

Relief flooded Luke as he watched Reid.

“What?” Reid was frowning at Henry. “Some of us actually have important work. I was needed saving lives.“

“You kept us waiting. Are you always so inconsiderate?” Henry said.

Reid flicked a finger at Henry’s striped purple and pink shirt, “I’ll stop being inconsiderate the day you stop being loud.”

“Did you help Chris?” Casey asked.

“Your uncle seriously must have gotten his medical license from a cereal box,” Reid told him. “But of course, I saved his stupid ass. “ Reid flashed a quick grin.

Sheer joy invaded Luke’s body at the sight of Reid smiling. He felt warm all over. His eyes felt moist.

Lucinda waved at her pilot, “We’re ready! “ She called out. “Viva Las Vegas!”

Reid reached Luke then and handed him the food.

Luke took it and launched himself into Reid’s arms.

“Hey?” Reid laughed. “Have you really been waiting that long?”

Yes, my whole life. To have his hand in mine, to have him with me, to find my partner.

Luke’s flashed his dimples at him.”Nope. Not long at all.” He covered Reid’s face with kisses. “ I’m just happy to see you.”


The party started on the plane. Lucinda and Henry argued over who poured the best martini. John offered to be their taste tester. They downed green apples ones and pomegranate ones and lemon drops.

Meanwhile, Luke danced enthusiastically with both Maddie and Vienna, stomping and twirling them around and around. They blasted Lady Gaga’s ‘ I was Born this Way’ and ‘Poker Face’, and enjoyed the space of the private jet, dancing until they were sweating. They collapsed together on the couch, hugging and laughing.

Casey used his i-phone to check out the best places to catch Elvis impersonators.
Reid stuffed his mouth full of junk food and then ate everything Lucinda had on the plane.

“If it’s not nailed down, he’ll eat it,” Luke laughed, watching him affectionately.

“I hope he gets a job quickly, “ Henry said, as he joined them on the couch, “Otherwise your food bills alone will put you in the poor house. “

“Reid says he can get hired at Desert Springs hospital with no problems.”

“He can always become a dealer,” Vienna laughed, “if that falls through.”

“And I can always wait tables again, “Luke said. Then, when Henry and Vienna’s mouths dropped open, Luke burst into laughter.

“Just kidding, “ he told them.

John and Lucinda offered a round of shots, and a Virgin Bloody Mary to Luke.

Having finished off the food, Reid came over to them, licking his fingers.

“When’s dessert,” he asked Lucinda.

Luke patted Reid’s flat stomach, “Amazing.”

“If I ate all that,” Maddie agreed groaning, “I’d be a whale.”

“What’s the secret?” Vienna added.

Reid shrugged, “I’m unique.”

Then he leaned into Luke and whispered, “And somebody has me burning lots of calories off. I just read your text. I think the bathroom is available right now. “

Luke’s face turned red as a tomato.

“What’s wrong?” Holden asked.

“Nothing ,” Luke said quickly, “this Virgin Bloody Mary is spicy.”

He gave Reid the evil eye. He whispered back to him, “That was an idea for when we’re alone.”

“When’s that gonna be?” Reid grumbled. He stood up and started to the large bathroom area in the back of the plane.

Luke watched him. Reid peeked inside the restroom door, and then looked back at him. ‘Room for two’ he mouthed.

Luke glanced around at everybody. Casey was asleep, Maddie and Holden were reading, John and Lucinda were still drinking and flirting with each other, and Henry and Vienna were now watching Casino on the big screen TV.

Luke stood up casually and went to the rear of the plane.

“Make it fast,” he said in Reid’s ear.

Reid licked at Luke’s neck, sending shivers down his spine. “Prepare to join the mile high club. “ He led a laughing Luke into the bathroom, “And I am never being quick with you.”

To his surprise, Luke stopped him from going into the restroom.

Luke beamed at Reid. “Are we really doing this?” he said in wonder.

“About to screw in the airplane’s john with your family only a room away?” Reid said dryly. “Yes, we really are.”

Luke smacked him lightly. “Not that. “ He smiled at him. “Are we really staying in Vegas to live? For good?”

Reid took his hand and squeezed, “For as long as you want. I’ll live anywhere you want.”

They disappeared into the bathroom.


A little later, Casey came up to Luke and poked him in the ribs.

“I was just googling the best Vegas sex shops, but I see you and Reid need no extra help .”

Luke flushed, “Oh God. You knew what we were doing back there?” He glanced at Holden and Lucinda. “Does everybody know?”

Casey shook his head, “Naw. Just me,I think. Anyhow, if you’re done,” Casey looked over at his girlfriend, “I think it’s me and Maddie’s turn.”

Luke laughed, “All cleaned up and yours,’ he told him.

Casey grinned wickedly and went to pull a confused Maddie to the back of the plane.


Luke watched as Reid and Henry bickered over poker. Reid won again.

Reid felt Luke watching him and patted the seat near him. Joining him on the couch, Luke smiled at Reid. “You really are unique.”

“Why’s that?” Reid asked, shuffling the cards. Henry had walked off to down another martini and have a sulk.

Luke batted his eyes at Reid, “Lucky in cards AND lucky in love.”

Reid considered that and then nodded, “You’re right.” He grabbed Luke’s face and gave his boyfriend a firm kiss. Then he looked at Henry, “Ready to lose again?”, he called out.

Luke sighed. “I’m in for a lifetime of that ego, aren’t I?” He rested his head on Reid’s shoulder and then grinned up at him.

Reid didn’t answer because Henry had come over in that moment. Before long, a sweaty Maddie and beaming Casey came over too. John and Lucinda had discreetly made their way back to that bathroom, and Holden was pretending he hadn’t noticed all the couples disappearing from time to time.

“Let’s go,” Henry demanded. “I’m getting my money back.”

“Deal me in,” said Vienna, “I’m getting our money back.”

“Me too.” Holden came over,” I should at least beat this guy once before he steals my son away.”

“Don’t forget about me,” Luke piped up, “I’m in. If anybody wins over Reid, it should be me.”

“You can all dream,” Reid told them with a smug face. “But you’re all about to lose.”

“Shut up,” they all chorused back at him.

Laughing, Reid dealt the cards.


As the plane began its descent into Vegas, it gently bounced over some choppy air. Reid put down the Nevada magazine that he’d been reading through. It had listed lots of possible apartments. He smiled at the thought of living with Luke. Then he glanced down.

Luke was nestled against Reid, sleeping.

Reid reached down and ran his fingers through Luke’s hair. He got more haircuts than anybody Reid knew. Today the hair was cut short and seemed darker. Reid played with the little spikes at the top, and then let his hand rest on Luke’s cheek.

He had been so frightened for Luke. After Holden called him, Reid had sank to his knees, sweat dripping down his back, feeling worried beyond reason. Visions of Damian hurting Luke or kidnapping him or something equally horrible had flashed in his mind over and over again. He had survived his parents’ death. He’d survived a lifetime of loneliness. But he knew in that horrible moment that he could never survive the loss of Luke. Not ever.

How had it happened? How had a nosey, “straight”-acting, barely legal blonde gotten control of his heart and never let it go?

Luke’s lips were slightly parted. At Reid’s touch, he made a sighing sound and then began to lightly snore.

“Idiot,” Reid chastised himself softly. Because looking down at Luke, just listening to him snore for God’s sake, Reid felt hopelessly lost in a rush of love .

A small smile flickered over Reid’s mouth. The truth was he found the snoring adorable. He found everything Luke did adorable and he always would.

As if sensing his thoughts, Luke suddenly woke and opened up his eyes. He gazed at Reid.

“Are we here?” Luke asked, sleepily.

“Yeah,” Reid answered and gently kissed his lips. “We’ve arrived.”

The End

A/n Thanks to all who read and commented! I appreciate it! I’m working on something new (hope to get it done soon) with a very different Luke and Reid, a good Damian, and setting outside of Oakdale.
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The Last Doughnut Part 15
Title: The Last Doughnut
Author: Marsabi
Summary: When Damian disinherits Luke, can he survive in the real world?
Warning: SEXUAL CONTENT, Angst, Horse Riding –
Rating: NC 17
A big thanks to traciamc and shadownyc

Part 15 Saddle Up

Reid clung to Luke, his face at the curve of his neck, torn between his fury and his fear. One moment he was yelling at Luke and the next he was on a horse and they were galloping away. He had little choice now but to wrap his arms around Luke’s torso and hold on. Reid tensed his body as Luke made the horse go faster. The jolting motion of the horse forced Reid lips to press into Luke’s salty, musky skin, and Reid couldn’t help inhaling deep breathes of Luke. Thank God Luke was alright. He was going to kick his beautiful ass, if he ever got off this damn horse.


For his part, Luke was beginning to calm down. Riding always relaxed him, and he could feel his troubled thoughts emptying out of his mind a little. Luke was grateful that Reid was behind him though, and he couldn’t see the last of the hot tears that were running down his cheeks. He refused to stop riding until the tears were completely gone, otherwise, Luke knew he’d just come apart in Reid’s arms. Adrenaline filled him suddenly and he clicked his heels in to make the horse really soar. They passed an open field and the sunlight glittered.

Luke slowly became aware of Reid bouncing into his body, his breath at Luke’s neck.


The horse stumbled for a split second and Reid gasped, clutching harder at Luke’s warm body. The horse’s motions were forcing him again and again to fall against Luke’s backside. Riding a horse was terrible, awful, ridiculous – and it was making his cock throb.


Luke heard Reid deeply exhale, his fingers flexed at Luke’s waist. Reid’s chest was firmly at his back, his face was near his hair, his breath a little ragged sounding. Luke slowed the horse down, suddenly realizing that Reid probably wasn’t enjoying this ride at all. The horse jerked against the reins a little and it pushed Reid into his body. Luke felt Reid’s erection then, and the muscles of his butt clenched in immediate response.

Smiling slightly, he took the horse into a quick cantor. Reid’s hands grabbed at him, his body thrusting forward. Luke could feel Reid’s hot skin near his own. Luke eased the horse into another gallop, and he could hear Reid’s curses in his ears.


Reid swore loudly now, but he refused to ask Luke to stop. He assumed the ride was coming to an end when Luke had slowed down for a moment, but for some reason, Luke had the animal galloping again. Reid tried to twist his body to the left, so that it wasn’t pushing so hard against Luke, but it was impossible. With each motion of the horse, his pelvis thrust forward.

Reid’s arousal bumped Luke in all the different parts of his ass, and Reid was certain that
Luke must know . Reid cursed again; he didn’t want a hard-on right now. He wanted to hold onto his anger. He wanted to get off this horse and yell at Luke for putting himself at risk.

The horse climbed up a very small hill suddenly, making Luke’s body slide back at him. Reid gave a small moan and then swore again. He was so damn horny he couldn’t think.


Luke tipped his head back a bit and listened to Reid’s soft moan. Luke loved that Reid was hard. He took the horse into a cantor, forcing their bodies into a steady, rhythmic pace. Luke sensed the building tension in Reid. His own cock twitched in response. He couldn’t help panting a little in excitement.

He’d have to stop riding soon. The horse was getting tired and if he kept going both he and Reid might climax in their pants. Luke wanted Reid warm and naked and in his arms when he climaxed. But he wasn’t a fool. He knew that Reid was still angry at him.

So Luke decided to ride for just a little longer.


Reid heard Luke panting and couldn’t help it – his whole body reacted. He made a low sound in the back of his throat and he was now rock-hard and leaking. Reid strained forward again – damn horse- and could smell Luke’s hair and taste the skin at his ear.

He tightened his grip on Luke’s body. His mouth went slack with desire. The horse thrust him into Luke once more and Reid surrendered . His orgasm ripped through his body, forcing him to come in his underwear in a hot, rushing mess.


Luke stopped the horse. Reid practically fell off, but Luke managed to help him down. He walked over to a tree and tied up the reigns, while Reid sank into the grass. Luke took a carrot out of his pocket and fed it to the horse and gave Reid a moment to himself.
Reid, however, didn’t have any way to really clean himself up. He stood up awkwardly, sticky and unsure.

“Well,” Luke smiled at him, “If just riding with me does that, you can’t be too mad, right?“ His smile turned hopeful.

“If you think we can just forget about it, you’re underestimating my anger,“ Reid replied.

Luke smile slipped. He watched as Reid approached him.

“You promised me,” Reid continued in a steely voice, “You promised that you’d be smart. That we’d work together the whole way.“ His eyes flashed heatedly, “Damian could have done anything! But you acted all alone. You didn’t wait for me!”

“I’m sorry.”

“I don’t accept your apology!” Reid stormed. “You’re always sorry. Well, I don’t care!”

“Then I’m not sorry!” Luke yelled back. “You have no idea what it was like! None. “ He grabbed at Reid suddenly and pushed at his chest . Then he pulled him to his lips. He took advantage of Reid’s stunned face, and invaded Reid’s mouth with his tongue.

“Stop!” Reid shoved him away.

“You want me,” Luke insisted. He came at Reid again and roughly grabbed his face. He ground his body against Reid’s and gave him another draining kiss. His fingers raked at Reid’s skin. His hands desperately pulled at Reid’s hair. Luke didn’t know what else to do.

Reid shoved him back again. “This doesn’t make me less mad!”

Luke backed away. He crossed his arms over his chest. His face was already raw with need and regret.

Reid sniffed and pinched the bridge of his nose. He shook his head as if to throw off something.

“Maybe you were right before. We shouldn’t do this now. “ Reid’s voice was as cold as frigid water. He began to walk away.

“Reid-“ Luke said.

“No,” Reid said, “You really don’t want to hear what’s going on in my head right now.”

Reid walked into the woods. He didn’t look back.


Luke sank down to his knees. He hugged his body in tight misery. He knew Reid was right -- about everything. He’d gone crazy at his house. He’d broken his promise to Reid. He’d blown Reid off and come to the farm, another betrayal. Now he’d practically assaulted Reid with that kiss.

Luke shuddered. Reid wasn’t going to forgive him. And he didn’t deserve forgiveness.
Luke rested his head down on his knees. What could he do to make it up to him? Reid made it clear his apology wasn’t worth much. He could try their friends – ask them for advice. But Reid would hate that. He could romance him back. God, another stupid idea.

There was nothing, nothing to do. Luke raised his face up to the sun, as if looking to the heavens for answers. His expression was wrecked, his eyes devastated. Without Reid-
Luke’s body shook at the thought. Without him, there was only an emptiness inside, a never-ending pain.

“I can’t figure out how to get out of these stupid woods!”

Luke jumped and turned. His heart beat furiously at the sight of Reid. Reid angrily came over to him. He looked ready to spit.

“How do I get the fuck out of here?”

“I can ride you back,” Luke offered. “Or walk you back. “ Luke hated the quiver he could hear in his own voice. “I could draw you a map?”

Tension emanated between them.

“A map” Reid said finally.

He sat down a good distance away from Luke.

Luke slid a glance at Reid’s stern profile.

“I can’t believe it,” Luke said, trying to joke.

“What?” Reid asked petulantly.

“The great Doctor Oliver has no sense of direction.”

Reid didn’t crack a smile.

Luke trembled. Maybe this really was the end.

“Well,” Luke said and he felt as if his voice belonged to somebody else, “I can at least help you with that. Finally something you don’t do better than me. I can get you out of the woods.”

Luke was twisting his hands over and over again in his lap. Reid stared at him.

A long moment passed.

Luke began to sob quietly. He tried to make no noise. He tried to hold it back. He suddenly wished Reid would just go away, rather than stare at him as he was humiliated. Luke wiped his eyes with the back of his shirt.

“You do lots of things better than I do,” Reid said. “You write better, you ride horses better, you have a better heart.”

Luke’s body jerked in surprise, his mouth falling open.

“I’m still furious,” Reid added quickly. “Let’s be clear about that.”

Nodding his head wordlessly, Luke didn’t attempt to speak. He crawled on his knees to where Reid sat.

“I know I messed up so much,” Luke said in an agonized voice, licking his moist lips. “And I know you don’t want my apology again. But if you can’t –if you can’t forgive me then –“ Luke broke off. He looked deeply into Reid’s eyes. “Then I can’t – “

“You can’t what?”

Luke said nothing. His eyes filled.

“Open your mouth,” Reid said.

Afraid almost, Luke hesitated a second. Then he forced his body to relax and he opened his mouth. Reid’s lips hovered over his own . He watched as they slowly came down.

The kiss was earth- shattering. Luke cried out and met Reid’s tongue eagerly. He turned his head and let Reid’s lips gorge on his. Reid rocked his body slightly, as he tugged at Luke’s mouth. Reid’s taste mixed with Luke’s own as their mouths took slow drags of each other. Without mercy, they sucked the sweetness, their jaws working furiously, their mouths cleaving to each other, their breath joined.

When they parted, Reid traced the line of Luke’s lips with his finger.

“Do you forgive me then?” Luke asked.

“Nope,” Reid answered. “It will take at least 3 more porno horse rides before I forgive you.”

A fleeting smile shot across Luke’s face. He rested his head on Reid’s shoulder and took a long, shaky breath. He could feel Reid tense and then awkwardly pat his back a few times.

“I have a better idea than another horse ride, “ Luke whispered.

Then with Reid’s watchful eyes on him, Luke got to his feet and began to remove his clothes. He stripped silently. Luke raised his shirt over his head and tossed it aside. He slowly moved his hands down his own chest and stomach. He rested his fingers on his belt buckle a moment, and then pulled it loose. Luke kicked off his shoes and wiggled out of his jeans. His skin was flushed, turning a delicate pink. Luke lowered his briefs. Then he stood before Reid, his flesh shining in the light. He stood proudly. The only sounds were some birds. The only movement was the gentle swaying of the trees in the warm wind.

Reid gazed at Luke’s translucent skin, his muscles, his ass. His semi-erect cock.

“Now there’s an apology,” Reid drawled and stood up slowly.

He went to Luke and ran his hands over Luke’s warm flesh. He bent his head and they shared another kiss.

Luke drew back and looked at him with tenderness that made Reid catch his breath. “I know you’ve every right to still be mad. And we can talk all night. But I need to know that I still have you. “ Luke’s lips quivered. “My parents made it clear that they’ll never forgive me. Please tell me that you do, that you won’t really leave me?”

Luke waited, his body naked and heart vulnerable.

“Don’t be an idiot, “ Reid said, circling Luke protectively into his arms, “I’m not going anywhere. “

Luke saw only honesty in Reid’s gaze.

“Reid.” His name was a caress. “I don’t want anything to separate us ever again.”


They began to make love slowly. Luke undressed Reid, placing kisses on each part of his body. Luke’s hand held Reid’s cock in his palms and stroked it. He took Reid into his mouth, his eyes locked on Reid’s the entire time. He worshipped Reid’s shaft with his tongue. Luke’s full lips smacked against Reid’s head and he made small sounds of pleasure as he sucked on him.

Groaning, Reid gently held him off. “I don’t want to come again anywhere but inside of you.”
He turned Luke on his stomach and licked at his crack in sweet, tiny motions. He nibbled at Luke’s thigh and the back of his knee, until Luke was weak with longing. He climbed back up Luke’s body and tasted his ear and neck.

“I’ll get my wallet,” Reid said at one point, “I have-“

“No,” Luke stopped him, ”I told you . I want nothing to separate us.”


“You’re healthy and are tested all the time. And I,” Luke blushed. “You’re my only lover, now and always. “ He held his hand out to Reid’s . “Please, “ he begged,

Reid moved back down his body in answer. He spread Luke open and got him ready with his tongue.


Luke was on his back now. Reid towered over him. He held Luke’s face a moment and then kissed his full lips.

Luke smiled and nodded. He was more than ready.

Reid gently put Luke’s legs around his shoulders. He entered him. His skin felt hot going inside of Luke. Luke whimpered and writhed with desire. He bucked his body up. Reid’s shaft sank further inside. Luke had his wish- there was nothing between them.

“Oh God,” Reid shouted. His eyes met Luke’s. “You feel so good,” he told Luke thickly.
Reid began to thrust in and out.


Afterwards, they talked. Luke told him about Damian and getting the book, now that he was safe in Reid’s arms.

“I told them it was over.“ Luke chewed his lip. Then he grinned suddenly, “ I told them off.
You’d have been proud! I told them I like men. I like to suck cock, lick ass. “ Luke’s smile widened.

“Liar!” Reid laughed, tickling his ribs.

Luke squirmed and giggled. “What?” He looked up and batted his eyes at Reid. “I don’t like to suck cock? I think I just more than demonstrated that I do.”

“Liar about your parents.”

“How do you know?" Luke pouted.

Reid nudged him. “Cause I know you. You can barely say the word cock to me sometimes.”

“Okay, fine, “ Luke laughed. “I didn’t say it- but I wanted to.”

“Tell me the real stuff,’ Reid said softly.

So Luke told him in detail what had happened. He revealed all the horrible moments with Lily and Damian.

Reid was quiet a long time. He propped himself up on his elbow to look down at Luke. “You went through all that and then I come along and yell at you,” Reid’s said regretfully.

“No, you had every right. I was wrong!”

Luke rested on Reid’s bare chest a moment. Luke said. “I want never to see them again. But this is Oakdale.” He sighed deeply. “ I’ll run into my parents at every turn.”

Reid kissed the top of his head. “We don’t have to stay here.”

Luke looked at him in surprise.

“What? There are other places to live.”

“I know.”

“But if you want stay –we can. I mean your grandmother is here and Holden and – “

“What about you? Do you want to stay?”

Reid shrugged. “Bob wasn’t exactly supportive during my problems at work.” Luke heard the tiny note of hurt in his voice that Reid tried to disguise. He grabbed for Reid’s fingers a moment.

Luke raised them to his lips and kissed each one.

“How long have you wanted to leave Oakdale?”

“How long have I been here?”

Luke gave him a playful shove.

Reid touched him gently. “But we can stay. If you want.”

Luke shook his head. “I don’t. “ He smiled at Reid, his eyes moist. “I’d go anywhere with you!”

Reaching for each other, they kissed passionately.

“Where would we move?”

“I don’t know.”

“What do we want?”

Reid shrugged.

“I just want to be in a place where everybody is accepted.“ Luke’s face went soft.

“And no snow -I’d like that,“ Reid added dryly.

“And I’m not the only gay boy in the town,” Luke grinned.

“And I can have you blow me in public,” Reid mused. “That’d be a bonus.”

“Where’s that town!”

“Hey, I thought this was our fantasy place,” Reid flashed him a quick smile.

Luke laughed so hard he clutched at his stomach. He looked up at Reid’s amused eyes. Then his face turned serious a moment.

“No, this is my fantasy place, “ he told Reid, “right here.” Luke leaned in and kissed him sweetly.


“Ready to go?” Luke asked him a little later.

“No.” Reid smiled. “I like it here. I like looking at you in the open air . I like you naked.
Maybe this really is our fantasy place.”

“Uh-huh. You just don’t want to get back on that horse,” Luke laughed.

“That too,” Reid said ruefully.

“Well,” Luke smiled, “what shall we do to pass the time?”

“Too bad we have no chess board,” Reid complained mockingly.

Luke ran a finger down his torso. “I have another game in mind.“ Luke stared at Reid, “And guess who is on the top?”


They rode back to the farm slowly. Their bodies pressed close together. The sun was starting to set.

Reid groaned suddenly.


“My ass is sore.”

“Me too, “ Luke laughed.

“I’m not used to bottoming without a - – you know.”

Luke nodded. “But it was -“

“Luke- if you even ask me if it was good.” Reid said in an irritated tone.

Luke laughed .“I was going to say it was special. “

Reid wrapped his arms around him just a little tighter.

“That’s true. “

Luke leaned back a little. He could almost feel Reid’s heart beating.

“Maybe we won’t move to just one place,” Luke said. “Maybe we can move around and do it in every State.”

“Good plan.”

They laughed.

“I love you.” Reid’s voice was at his ear.

Happiness flooded every part of Luke’s body. He turned a second and gave Reid a fast kiss.

“I love you too.”

As he took Reid to the farm, Luke thought that his past already felt like it had no flavor. He’d lost the bitterness for it. It was fading . He didn’t think it would return.

There was only the future now, with Reid, and where it all would lead them.
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Title: The Last Doughnut
Author: Marsabi
Summary: When Damian disinherits Luke, can he survive in the real world?
Warning: Angst –well you know- the confrontation is here
Rating: PG
Part 14 Day Grief

His father was calling his name.

“Luciano ? Where are you? Luciano?”

Luke knew he must answer and soon. His heart skipped. His breath was caught in his throat. He needed just a second longer.


He was at his computer about to press the send button, about to destroy his relationship with his family forever, and he might be about to get caught –

---yet all Luke could think about was that he hates and loves them at the same time.

An hour ago, he finally went to the safe and tried the old combination. Damian had not changed it; his father was shrewd as a fox but so arrogant. It was beyond his imagination to ever think that anybody could outwit the great Damian Grimaldi. Of course, his father had never sat down and spoken to Reid. If he had, he might have been more cautious.

If he had taken the time to really watch Luke with Reid, Damian might have seen that he had underestimated the depths of Luke’s heart too.

Now it was done, except for a push of a button. He would send it to Reid and wait.

Luke rubbed his eyes tiredly and rested his elbows on the table. His finger still hovered about the mouse.

“Luciano! What are you doing? Didn’t you hear me calling you?”

Luke looked at Damian, who was standing in the hallway now. “Sorry.”

“I want you to tell your mother that I have to go out. She’s upstairs resting and I don’t want to disturb her. What are you doing? You look guilty,” Damian added, and started to walk over to him.

Luke tried to be quick with his response. “I was writing- I’m sorry- I know you hate it when I write my stories. “ Luke felt the smile he forced onto his lips turning numb.

Damian’s eyes were on him. He was closing the gulf between them with every step.

I’ll go to Reid. Soon this will be over and I’ll go to him. I’ll tell Reid how blue his eyes are and how sweet his voice is and how our bodies fit together so well . I’ll make love to him as if it were our first time- ----

Luke pressed down on the send button.

I’ll hold him and love him forever.

Luke closed his lap top just as Damian reached him.

“You’re right, I don’t like those stories. Waste of time, “ Damian said.

“So you’ve always told me.” Luke felt his stomach tightening.

“And yet you don’t listen, right?” Damian held a lecturing finger in his face. “ Cause here you are again writing. Those foolish stories. You need to grow up and take your responsibilities more seriously.”

“Do I?”

”Yes. Why not focus on what’s important?”

“And what’s that?” Luke felt the rage boiling inside of him and kept his gaze down.

“That you’re the heir to Grimaldi Shipping.”

“I’m not the heir to anything! “ Luke spat the words out at his father before he could stop himself. He looked up at him, all of Luke’s resentment suddenly visible in his expressive eyes.

Luke pushed away from the computer and stood up slowly, his feet felt like they were in concrete.

He’d done it now. There was no going back.

The information had been sent at least; he’d done that right. Reid would take care of it and he would be safe.

“What the hell is this, Luciano?” Damian hissed out softly. He suddenly grabbed Luke by the shoulders and pulled him close. “What are you talking about?”

Luke flinched. He turned head and tried to pull his arm free.

“I’m not your heir,” Luke said, his voice cracking. “I’m not anything to you.”

Damian released him in surprise, and Luke rubbed at his skin where his father’s fingers had been. Then he hugged himself and rocked back and forth on his heels like a child.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Damian said coolly.

“You’d deny it? I have the letter you sent me.”

“What letter?”

He came at Damian, flinging words at him like weapons: “You stand there and act like you don’t know. You make me sick. Grimaldi heir? Bullshit!”Luke’s rage spewed out of him. “ You disinherited me, remember? Then you went after my boyfriend – his job, his reputation. For what? So I’ll be that perfect son again? Guess what? “ Luke blinked back tears from his eyes. ”He never existed! “

“I didn’t send a letter- “ Damian denied .

Luke laughed hysterically. “You’re such a liar!”

“I didn’t send a letter.” Two spots of red were coloring Damian’s cheeks. His voice had turned razor sharp.

“He didn’t send it. I did.”

Luke and Damian both jumped at the sound of her voice.

Lily stood there at the bottom of the staircase. Her eyes like chips of ice.

“You did?” Luke repeated.

Lily gave a slightly, regal nod. “I did,” she repeated.

Luke felt like his head was about to rocket off of his body.

“Why?” Luke said in a small voice.

“For us! Our family!” Lily came right up to Luke , until they were face to face. “You were destroying us. Ripping us to shreds. Damian spent the whole summer in Malta upset. Your brother and sisters cried over you. And did you care? No. You’re off with that snake of a man.”

Luke stepped back from her twisted face.

“Cara, calm down,” Damian tried to restrain her. She shook him off.

Lily drew in a sharp breath.

“I thought if I fooled you with those papers from Damian’s lawyers and you assumed that we cut you off financially, you’d come back to us.”

“Why didn’t you just have him do it? Why lie and fake the letter?” Luke asked.

Lily glanced at Damian. “You’re his only child- his blood. He’s fond of the others, but…” She shrugged, “ I didn’t think your father would ever need to know. I thought it would be a few days, maybe a week, and you’d return to the house. But you didn’t. All these other people started helping you.”

“Cause they care about me!” Luke’s voice came out high-pitched.

“Care about you?” Lily gave a shrill laugh. “ They let you get beaten up. I care about you. Your father and I care. ”

“Why do you care?” Luke said in a frozen tone.

The simple question rendered Lily speechless.

“You’re my son,” Lily finally stammered out.

They watched each other like children in a staring contest, daring each other to blink.

“ None of this is for me. “ Luke spoke haltingly. “I used to think, when I was a boy that you were a terrific mom. But now I see that you didn’t protect me. You put your own wants ahead of me. Always. You let bad things happen, so that life could be easier for you. “ Luke swallowed back the bitterness nearly choking him. “ That’s how you care for me? What kind of mother did that make you, in the end?”

“Luciano, enough! Stop this. Your mother can’t take any more of the pain that you’re causing her. “

“She committed fraud, “ Luke said to Damian. “She had fake legal documents drawn up to let me believe that you-“ He shook his head. “How can you defend her ?”

“She’s my wife,” Damian said simply. “Her intentions were good.”

Luke sucked in some air painfully . He stared at Damian. “And going after Reid? Using Casey? Was that you or was that Mom?”

“Going after that man? That was a pleasure. ” Damian’s face was a cold mask. “Your mother needed my help .We wanted to save our family. Can you understand that at all? She came to me. So I went after him, yes. I’d do it again. He’s nothing . Garbage. Worse than trash.”

Luke’s breathing was the only audible sound in the room. He felt like his lungs were straining.

“You’re not going to touch him. Or hurt his reputation again.” Luke narrowed his eyes at his father. A small, warning voice inside of his head told him to stop. Not to say any more. He was supposed to wait for Reid. But Luke just couldn’t take it one more moment.

He stepped all the way to Damian, so that there was only a sliver of space between them.

“ Do you know why you won’t ever trouble him again? Cause I went into the safe this morning, copied your files and took your flash drive. I have the crooked books. I have the proof. I have it all,” Luke told Damian rigidly, “And if you ever hurt Reid , I’ll send you to jail.”

The threat hung there in the dead silence.

“Well, “ Damian said crisply, almost proudly. “You are not so different from me after all.
Go ahead. Try. You can’t threaten me and succeed.“

“It’s not just you I’m threatening,” Luke answered back and looked at Lily.

Lily stiffened, her eyes glazed with hurt. “You’re threatening me now?”

“Your forged documents are a crime. “

“I wanted to stop you from ruining your life. Is that a surprise? “ Lily said, focusing on Luke’s face. “Everything I’ve done has been for you. To save you .“

She reached a hand out to him. Luke ducked away.

“I’m saving myself.” Luke whole face hardened.

Lily began to sob. She buried herself in Damian’s shoulder.

“And by the way,” Luke said to Damian, “those stories you hate? With Maddie’s encouragement, I sent one to a little magazine in New York and it’s going to be published. Want to know what it’s about? “ Luke’s mouth trembled a second and then twisted up in grief. “Me. The camp. Being gay. It’s just a small press, but who knows what’s next? Now everybody can read about your queer son.”

“Just go, “Damian said quietly, wrapping a protective arm around Lily. “You’ve done enough damage here, Luciano. “ Damian gestured to the door. “You have your wish. You’re free. Go and don’t ever come back.”

Luke picked up his computer and headed to the door. He could feel their hatred at his back. With trembling fingers, he stepped into the harsh sunlight. He walked a few steps to his car and then halted. He put one hand on his car to steady himself.

Luke closed his eyes, feeling the end of everything now.


At the farm, Luke quickly threw the saddle on his horse. He had just come from a talk with Holden. It hadn’t been easy. Holden had been very upset that he’d been kept in the dark. Luke had wanted to be the one he heard it from first. But now he was sorry he’d come. It was more than he could take.

He just wanted a ride. He wanted to gallop into the woods and cry his eyes out. Then he’d go and see Reid. He had sent the information to him just an hour ago, but it felt like an eternity of time.

The barn door creaked open. Luke jerked his head in that direction.

“What the hell is going on?” Reid asked him, his feet planted. “I get the email message and then nothing? Nothing? What the hell? “ Reid came up to Luke and the horse. “If Holden hadn’t called me I’d be on my way to that house.”

Luke rubbed a hand at the nape of his neck. “It’s over. It’s done.”

“What-?” Reid looked at him, his mouth aghast. Then a stream of profanity came out of his lips. “You confronted them without me? Without anybody?”

Luke climbed up on the horse. “I need to ride. “

“No,” Reid tried to grab at him, “We need to talk. How fucking stupid are you?”

“You have no idea what happened there!” Luke shook his head. “Look, just wait for me with Dad. Or go back to Al’s .Whatever. You really don’t want to stop me from riding right now.”

“And you really need to talk to me. “ Reid grabbed at him again. “Right now!”

“You want to talk to me?” Luke said furiously, “Fine. Get on.” He pulled at Reid. “Get on or go away.”

Reid looked at where Luke held him. Then he looked up at Luke.

“Pull me up,” Reid demanded angrily, “There is no way we are putting this off!”

Luke helped Reid up onto the horse. Reid sat awkwardly behind him, and grabbed at Luke’s waist.

Luke made a clicking noise and dug his heels in. The horse took off out of the barn, racing for the woods
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Title: The Last Doughnut
Author: Marsabi
Summary: When Damian disinherits Luke, can he survive in the “real world”? Will he drive Reid crazy in the process? Pairings: Reid/Luke, Maddie/Casey, Henry/Vienna, Lily/Damian, Lucinda/John
Warning: None
Rating: PG – NC-17 (depends on chapter)
A/N: Okay, some of you guessed this might happen last week. But you were just a chapter too early- LOL. Hope you enjoy it.

Part 13 When they see me

“One more time!”

“You have to go.”

“Really?” Luke wiggled his ass at Reid’s crotch. “Are you sure?”

“Luke!” Reid protested and then groaned. Luke rotated against him in seductive circles.

“They won’t be back for hours yet,” he whispered. “I want you. Make me sore,” Luke pleaded. “ Make me remember you inside of me. “ Luke kissed Reid’s lips persuasively, his tongue sliding across Reid’s mouth.

Reid cursed. “I’d forgotten how bossy you can be.”

“You taught me,” Luke laughed. He bent down and licked the curve of Reid’s shoulder. Luke ground his hips insistently.

“Why was I such a great teacher?” Reid mockingly-complained. He nipped at the tender skin of Luke’s full lips and then pushed into his mouth. The kiss was rough. Reid sucked Luke’s tongue punishingly.

Luke moaned in response. He ran one hand along the tough stubble of Reid’s jaw. His other hand urgently closed over Reid’s hard cock.

“Dirty boy,” Reid said, making it sound like an endearment. He gave Luke another gut-wrenching kiss.

Reid placed Luke onto his stomach. He would have liked to take it slowly and savor each moment. But he could tell that Luke was in a different mood.

He rimmed Luke fiercely. Luke couldn’t help clenching up a little, and he yelped when Reid spread him open with his hands and jammed his tongue inside. Reid closed his mouth completely over Luke’s hole. Reid’s hands anchored Luke’s body. His tongue was like a hot, piercing arrow.

Luke felt an intense rush of pleasure. “Lick me, lick me,” he chanted. Reid’s fingers stretched his hole wider. He could feel Reid’s tongue swirling in small circles. Reid bit down at the tender flesh, mercilessly sucking now. Luke’s cock was leaking, aching. Reid reached his hand around and caressed him. He worked his tongue and fingers at the same time.

Luke screamed out as he came all over Reid’s hand.

Reid raised his head up and gave Luke a pleased grin. Luke panted in answer, his body trembling.

For a moment, Reid just listened to Luke’s heavy breath. Then Reid coated his fingers with the cum. “Now put this inside you. Do it,” he ordered Luke.

Eagerly, Luke flipped onto his back and raised his knees up.

He took Reid’s lean finger and guided it into his ass, excited by the thought of his own cum acting as the lube. Reid fumbled with a condom, rolling it on his giant erection. Luke whimpered at the sight.

They kissed, their tongues full of the taste of sex. Then Reid was on top of Luke again, positioned his already slick entrance.

“Don’t be gentle,” Luke reminded him. “I want it rough. I want to feel everything.”

Reid just smiled. He took Luke’s legs, pushing them back towards Luke’s own body and folded them away. Luke had never felt so vulnerable in his life. His knees were at his chest, crossed Indian style and unable to move, his butt exposed to Reid’s watchful eyes.

Startled, Luke gazed up at Reid.

“Trust me, you’ll be sore,” Reid promised with a slightly, rough laugh. He thrust into him in one expert move. The penetration was deep; Reid’s cock was at the very center of his body. Luke’s legs were helplessly trapped. He bucked up, but he was at Reid’s mercy. Reid knew just where to thrust and hammer in to find Luke’s most sensitive spot. Luke was completely aroused again. Luke dug his fingers into the sheets as Reid continued to grind into his body relentlessly.

The friction of Reid’s body against him, the hard thrusting movements, the vulnerable position- it was all too much. Luke could feel his climax building to an unbearable pitch. His entire frame began to shudder with need.

“Yes!” Reid exclaimed, sensing Luke’s release. “Let go for me,” Reid urged him.
Luke exploded just as Reid pounded his body toward the headboard, banging against the wall. Luke let out animal moans of satisfaction. Reid was kissing him then. Moments later, Luke felt Reid’s body convulse.

For a moment, neither one moved. Then Reid slowly let Luke uncross his knees and lower his legs. Reid withdrew and let Luke roll to his stomach.

He gave Luke’s ass a friendly pat, “Worked out enough?”

“Shut up!”

Reid laughed and gave Luke’s butt an affectionate kiss. “You asked me for it , I’m just –“

“Oliver!” A voice called suddenly, knocking on the door. “I know you’re in there!”

“Shit!” Luke squealed and dove under the covers.

The doorknob jiggled a moment, and then the door swung open.

“Hey, that was locked!” Reid growled.

“I have a key for emergencies.” Henry took in Reid and the obvious body in bed with him. “And I could hear you !”

“Listening with a glass pressed up to my wall again?”Reid taunted.

“I hope you’re happy,” Henry fumed. “So this is why poor Luke ran back home. He caught you cheating! I knew it!”

“Get out!” Reid shouted at him, “You’ve no right to be here.”

“I just wanted to confirm with my own eyes what I suspected. You’re a no good cheating jerk.” Henry threw up his hands in disgust. “I want you to move out of here.”

“Fine,” Reid said. “Can’t wait to live in a real apartment and not this dump.”

“Good luck finding one.“

Reid felt Luke trying to come up then, and pushed at his head to stay down. But listening to them, Luke couldn’t let Henry throw Reid out of his own place. He stubbornly peeked his blond head out of the covers.

“Hey Henry, Reid’s not cheating on me. See?” He gave Henry a big smile.

Henry was shocked. Then he smiled back, “Luke, wow! Nice to see you. How are you?”

“Good um…You?”

“Do you two need a private moment?” Reid drawled.

“Very funny,” Henry scowled at him.

“Look Hank, unless you want to check out my amazing cock too, I suggest you get out .” Reid raised an eyebrow at him. “Unless that’s why you came in?” Reid leered at Henry . “ Hoping to see what you’re missing?”

“Reid” Luke scolded and pushed at his chest . ”Be quiet!”

To Henry’s amusement, Reid listened, merely rolling his eyes at Luke.

“A bit whipped, huh Oliver?” Henry taunted him.

Reid opened his mouth to reply, but Luke held his hand up. “ Give us five minutes, please, Henry. Then we can tell you what’s been going on.”

Henry nodded. “Okay, I’ll go make some coffee and come back.”

“Thanks,” Luke smiled with his usual sweetness.

Henry laughed to himself at this turn of events and left.

“I think Henry really was trying to see your ass,” Reid grumbled.

“Oh, please. Stop. You guys are like 2 year olds.” Luke shot him a look . ” You’re less mature than my brother Ethan.”

They got up and headed to the bathroom for a very fast shower. Reid turned on the water, still sulking a little.

He knew Henry would just torture him over this.

“Okay,” Reid said, turning on shower water, “ but I don’t like it. “

“What do you mean?.” Luke asked as he began to soap them both up.

“ Come on” Reid said. “ This is our team? Casey might sell us out for a case of beer and now Henry will know our plan? We’re not exactly confiding in Oakdale’s finest minds.”

Luke gave him a sloppy, reassuring kiss. “That’s why we have you!” he exclaimed.”Aren’t you always telling me how brilliant you are?” Luke wrapped his arms around Reid with affection.

Reid tipped his head back, letting the water wash over him.

“I think my brain cells decrease each time I fuck you” he complained.

Luke laughed, “Well then, your patients are in trouble. You’re going to end up a very stupid, stupid man.”

They quickly finished cleaning up and dried off. They grabbed some clothes and waited for Henry to return.


“Here’s the way we see it,” Luke told Henry over the coffee. “The night that Damian’s letter came and he disinherited me, I told Reid all kinds of stories about him. About my kidnappings, being sent to the camp, and about working with Damian.”

“He told me how Damian kept two sets of books- one for IRS and one with the real numbers.”

“Yeah,” Luke shook his head sadly, “ I tried to forget about it for years. But I knew. He liked me to know. He has the real book in his office. It’s locked up in the Grimaldi safe. “ Luke sighed. “Basically, he thinks the law shouldn’t apply to him. He hates taxes and all that. He finds loopholes ,and when he has no loophole…He has the fake accounts. “

“Wow,” Henry said slowly. “So year after year, Damian’s been giving false information to the IRS?”

“Aren’t parents just wonderful?” Reid said sarcastically, but he held Luke’s hand a second.

“Anyhow, all I need to do now is find the right time to get into the safe and copy the information. Instant blackmail. I mean,” Luke glanced at Reid and chewed on his lip, “We aren’t planning to really send my father to prison…” He drew in a painful breath. “We just want him to back off of Casey and Reid- for good.”

Reid glanced at the clock, “Speaking of your folks.” He nodded to the time.

“I know.” Luke smiled weakly. “I should leave.”

Henry stood up. “Sorry you’re going through all this,” he told Luke sincerely.


Reid and Luke also got to their feet. They all walked near the door.

“Well, “ Luke said after a long silence, “See ya.”

Luke looked at Reid with his whole heart in his eyes.

“Yeah,” Reid stared at him.

Henry glanced from Luke to Reid, “Uh- I’ll just make sure nobody is out there.”

Neither one even heard. The second Henry was gone, they hungrily kissed.

With a sigh Reid broke away from Luke and sat back down on the bed.

“This time you really do need to go. Be careful okay?”

“Why? “ Luke suddenly said, his voice had an unusual edge to it. “ I won’t get caught. When they look at me, they never see me.”

There was a pause. Luke crossed his arms over his chest.

“I see you,” Reid said quietly.

Luke just nodded. His throat felt tight.

Reid patted the space on the bed next to him. Luke ignored that. He walked over to Reid and climbed right up onto his lap instead. He felt Reid circle his waist as he toyed with the buttons on Reid’s shirt.

Reid tilted Luke’s face up to him and waited.

Luke let out a painful sigh. “I hate that house. I hate knowing that their love comes with conditions.” He shuddered. “ Mostly, I hate myself there –for expecting them to suddenly change. Every single time, I keep hoping… “ he drew in a sharp breath, “Hoping for stupid miracles.”

Luke dropped his head and sank into Reid’s body, seeking shelter in the warmth of his lover’s skin. He buried his face on Reid’s shoulder. “I’m so ridiculous.”

Reid rubbed Luke’s silky hair. “Why? “ Reid said finally. “ Cause you want acceptance ? Love? That’s totally normal. “ He stroked Luke’s hair a moment more. Reid held him tightly now, almost cuddling Luke. “We all want our family to be like that.” They were both silent awhile. Then Reid let out a long breath. “Do you want to stop?” He asked Luke. “ We can end this plan and just find another way?”

Reid lifted up the corners of his mouth in an encouraging smile.

Luke’s troubled expression softened. He shook his head. “I don’t want Damian to keep hurting Casey and you, Besides, their view of me has nothing to do with the plan. It was always like this. I used to just blame myself, force myself to be what they wanted. Remember? When I met you? I was the big ‘ex-gay’.”

“Yeah,” Reid drawled, “your whole - I’m straight thing- while you kissed me was kind of hot.”

Luke gave a shaky laugh. Reid could always make him laugh. “Thanks,” he said dryly.

Luke got off of Reid’s lap and walked to the door. Reid followed him. His blue eyes were bright with concern. He held out his hand and Luke grasped at his fingers. Reid drank in his every feature quietly.

Luke pulled Reid into a warm hug, squeezing him tightly. After a second, Reid squeezed him back.

Henry knocked on the door ,”All clear.”

“Gotta go,” Luke voice was thick.

“I meant what I said before,” Reid said firmly, “don’t take big chances.”


“If you need to get out of there- just leave.”


“We can stop at any point.”

“You betcha.” Luke gave him a lopsided smile.

“Luke,” Reid murmured softly.

He cupped the side of Luke’s face.

“Remember, “ Reid instructed him trying to be stern in his tone, but sounding emotional instead, “don’t be an idiot.”

“Aww,” Luke wrinkled up his nose at him.” I love you too. “

They shared a fast embrace, holding each other just one more second.


Reid stood at his apartment door, with Henry near him, and watched until Luke was out of sight.

Henry took in the pain etched on Reid’s face. He tapped Reid on the shoulder . “Come on, let’s go downstairs and eat some of Vienna’s apple turnovers .”

Shrugging, Reid followed Henry into Al’s and took a plate from him.

“This isn’t bad,” Reid sighed, not really eating the apple turnover as much as moving his fork around. Then he glanced at Henry, “But I’m getting a locksmith out here today, you noisy bastard.”

“That’s fine,” Henry said, watching the way Reid barely ate. “I’ll add his bill to your rent.”

Reid took a small bite of the dessert. “And the next time you do drag night with Vienna, I’m posting it on you tube. “

“I have you and Luke on my hidden cameras, “ Henry returned. “Your whole night was just filmed.”

“Probably faulty equipment,” Reid shrugged. He looked pointedly at Henry, “You’d know all about that.”

He gave Henry a wicked grin.

“My cameras work fine,” Henry retorted, “you’re about to be seen across the globe.”

“Doing what? Luke and I were just playing tag,” Reid replied innocently.

Henry could no longer disguise his smile. He gave Reid some more dessert and was pleased to see his friend finally start to really eat.

“Well, I’m just happy you’re treating him right. Luke is the best,” Henry said. “He’s the tops.”

“See now, most people guess that Luke’s a bottom, yet -“

“Ahh!” Henry cut Reid off and covered his ears. “I can’t hear you!” He shook his head and
kept his hands at his ears. “No, no, no!”

Reid enthusiastically took a big bite of his pastry. He chewed it with a smile.

“Don’t have a heart attack or anything,” Reid advised Henry. “I don’t do cardio.”

“I don’t trust you,” Henry said, still holding his ears.

“Oh, lower your hands, Hank.” Reid laughed. “ I don’t plan to share the details with you. “

Slowly, Henry dropped his fingers from his ears.

“I don’t really kiss and tell.” Reid’s eyes moved to the front door. He sighed. “I’m not that kind of guy.”
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Title: The Last Doughnut
Author: Marsabi
Summary: When Damian disinherits Luke, can he survive in the “real world”? Will he drive Reid crazy in the process? Pairings: Reid/Luke, Maddie/Casey, Henry/Vienna, Lily/Damian, Lucinda/John
Warning: None
Rating: PG – NC-17 (depends on chapter)
Thanks traciamc

Part 12 Promises in the Dark

“Okay, so what did you do, Oliver, to turn that boy straight?” Henry demanded.

Reid ignored him and walked over to counter for some cookies.

“Luke was a happy, newly out gay man and now he’s a Grimaldi puppet. “ Henry glared at him, “This must be your fault somehow.”

Reid rolled his eyes, “Maybe we had a fight, “ he conceded.

“A fight? Someone mad at you?” Henry snorted, “How could that be?”

“Hey, we both said ugly things, “ Reid answered, munching on his cookie. “These are stale, by the way.”

“You’re still eating it, “ Henry pointed out.

“I have a strong stomach.”

Pulling up a chair next to Reid, Henry tapped his shoulder pointedly, “Stop changing the subject. I want to discuss Luke.”

“Well I don’t.”

Henry shook his head, ‘Look, Oliver. Just do what every self-respecting man does when he pisses off his significant other.”

“What’s that?” Reid asked.

“Beg,” Henry promptly answered. “Works with Vienna.”

Reid nodded, “I can see you groveling ,” He looked Henry up and down, “Not like anybody cares if you ruin that shirt with your snotty tears.”

Henry glanced down at his colorfully flowered- patterned clothes. “Some of us have style,” he told him.

“And then there’s you, “ Reid drawled.

“Look,” Henry said, “I know you’re in some kind of pain or denial or something but- “

“Please stop,” Reid groaned. He put his hands over his eyes.

“I’m just saying I can give you the name of my therapist.”

“ For the cross-dressing? Voices? Or your general inadequacies?“

“I see a therapist to discuss my feelings,” Henry glared and snatched the cookie out of Reid’s hand, “You should try it sometime.”

“I don’t have any feelings, “ Reid grumbled, trying to take his cookie back.

They both stopped talking as Maddie walked out from the kitchen, shot Reid a dirty look and left.

“Well, I see I’m not the only one disappointed in you.”

“What can I say?” Reid shrugged, “being hated is just part of being me.”


Maddie was walking away from Al’s diner, when a hand grabbed her.

He pulled her behind a tree and kissed her lips hungrily.

Maddie swatted Casey away. “Where’ve you been?” she asked. She hadn’t seen him since that day at the hospital. She narrowed her eyes at him. “If you think you can just get another quickie from me and then go –“

“No,” Casey smiled at her. “I think I want a take you somewhere and love you slow .All night.”

Maddie gulped. She searched Casey’s face.

He took her hands. “Maddie, “ he said, “I can’t tell you what’s going on with me. Not yet. But I am trying to dig myself out of my latest mess.” He tangled his fingers in her long, thick hair . “And I want to be with you.”

“You do?”

“Uh-huh. I do.” Casey kissed her again. “Can you give me another chance? Can we be together again? “

“Will you promise to explain all this to me very soon?” She countered.

Casey nodded. “I love you,” he said softly.

“Well, then,” Maddie pressed her lips to his, “where are you taking me for that all night date?”


An hour later, Reid sat in his apartment above Al’s just brooding. He turned the television on, watched some baseball, and ended up just chucking the remote in frustration.

When somebody knocked on his door, Reid glared at it. He didn’t feel like seeing Henry or Vienna again and listening to more stupid lectures.

“Go away!” Reid snapped.

The knocking persisted. With a muttered curse, Reid answered the door.

“This had better be important- “ He started to say.

“I think it is,” Luke answered promptly and then fell into his arms.

Reid quickly glanced around, still holding Luke, and closed the door.

“What – what’re you doing here?”

“Relax. They went out of town – unexpected business trip to New York, “ Luke was kissing the skin by Reid’s ear, nibbling at the lobe.

“But it may not be safe, “ Reid said a bit hoarsely, “you’re probably being watched.”

“I am,” Luke agreed, “by Casey. “ He laughed at the irony of Casey as a double-spy, “Damian gave him strict orders to follow me around.”

Reid pulled Luke back from him.

“What?” Luke asked.

“Nothing, “ Reid answered, “ I just-“ He inhaled sharply, all his emotions visible in his eyes, but the words wouldn’t come.

They just gazed at each other a moment. Luke rested his hands on Reid’s shoulders .

“I just want to look at you too, “ Luke said, picking up on Reid’s wordless feelings.

Reid smiled and cupped the side of Luke’s face. His thumb stroked the skin tenderly.

Silently, their gazes spoke of all the longing and love for each other in their hearts. A sweet feeling of euphoria swept over them. They were here- together - at last.

Luke lips trembled as their mouths connected slowly.

They were sucking sweetly on each other’s lips, drinking in each other’s taste. All their memories surfacing through the wet, embrace of tongues. The kiss was warm and felt like it could go on forever.

Luke let out a deep , pleasure-filled moan, the sound traveling into Reid’s mouth. Reid swallowed the sound and then answered it back. They sighed at the same time and broke away to smile at each other again.

Luke’s entire face was full of happiness.

Seeing him look so beautiful, Reid just needed to kiss him once more. He joined their lips again, filled his mouth with Luke’s taste, and everything outside of them dissolved into nothing. Eyes locked on each other, the passion suddenly felt explosive between them. Their pulses quickened. Their bodies ached. Reid just wanted to put himself inside of Luke, to call his name, to make him tremble…that was everything now. Luke just wanted to have Reid pound into his body, find his center, claim him, know him, love him.

They kissed at each other’s mouths with more hunger, suddenly starving for each other. Reid knocked Luke against the wall as he kissed him again. Luke twisted around him. Their bodies moved more urgently. They sucked raggedly at each other’s mouths like it was air needed to breathe.

Reid ripped open the buttons on Luke’s shirt. He thrust his hands against the flushed skin and pinched Luke’s hard nipple. Luke clawed desperately at Reid’s back, digging his nails into him, wanting to climb on top of Reid. They had their hands all over each other, pulling off shirts and kicking off clothes.

It was not enough contact. Luke groaned and then dropped to his knees. He was dreaming of this for two weeks and five days. He jerked down Reid’s briefs impatiently and then took Reid’s erection into his mouth.

Luke loved everything about Reid’s cock. He loved the rubbery feel of it near his tongue, he loved the smell. He loved the texture of it, the veined-ridges, and the taste. He wanted it so much. When Reid finally erupted with a shout, Luke greedily drank .

For a moment they were side by side on the floor. Luke licked his lips, still tasting the cum. He touched his mouth to Reid’s open one. Luke pressed his arousal at Reid. In answer, Reid lifted his leg up, positioning Luke to hump him. Panting with desire, Luke rode Reid’s leg until he was throbbing.

Then Reid grabbed him fiercely.

“My turn,” Reid growled. Emotions powerfully churned inside of him, as Reid pushed Luke’s thighs away.

In a much more aggressive manner, Reid began to pleasure Luke, attacking his cock’s head with a merciless tongue-lashing first, and then lifting Luke’s hips up firmly. Reid knew just where to squeeze with his mouth and where to lick. Luke was a helpless, thrashing mess in little time. His body bucked repeatedly upward. His limbs were shaking and covered in a sheen of sweat. Luke climaxed violently, calling Reid’s name.

Reid savored him, closing his eyes as he swallowed.

Luke was weeping now. Reid reached out and wiped the tears, but he understood Luke well. He knew that Luke’s tears were of joy and release for him. So Reid just gathered Luke in his arms and listened to his crying for a moment.

“I love you so much,” Luke managed to get out between his sobs.

“Me too,” Reid’s voice was low and quiet.

Luke inhaled shakily, “Let’s take this to the bed. Let’s get in your bed and never leave it.”

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Reid laughed. He held out a hand for Luke and helped him up.

Together, they went onto the mattress. They still held hands, not wanting to let each other go for even an instant. Luke drew up his knees, and Reid hovered near him, touching him constantly.

Reid used his mouth to get Luke ready again. Then Reid eased himself behind Luke.

They made love, and each thrust seemed familiar and yet strangely new; their emotions were so vivid now that they were sensitive to the beauty of just being joined. Reid rocked into Luke, cradling his hips, and giving him wave after wave of intense satisfaction.

Afterwards, they were quiet, their bodies still connected.

“I missed you,” Luke told him, “I missed us.”

Reid softly kissed the nape of Luke’s neck.

He shivered in response. “Don’t let me go,” Luke begged.

Reid rested his head on top of Luke’s and just held him.

“I won’t,” Reid said with a slight catch in his voice. “I never will.”


Morning came too quickly for them both.

Reid watched as Luke dressed. He started to get up too, but Luke shook his head firmly.

“Stay,” he said. “I want to remember you just this way.”

Luke’s eyes swept over Reid’s naked torso . He smiled slightly, and then went back to dressing.

“When are they due back?” Reid asked with some reluctance.

Luke sighed, “Not until tonight, but I don’t want to take any chances.”

Reid nodded soberly.

Luke came over and sat a moment on the edge of the bed.

“I’m close now,” he told Reid. “Damian took me to the vault the other day.”

“Did he give you the combination?”

“No, but it’s the same , I’m sure. He’s so arrogant he doesn’t think anybody is a threat. “

“Still…be careful.”

Luke grinned, “Worried about me?” He teased.

Reid took his face between his hands.

“Yes, I am,” Reid said, “ and it’s not a joke.”

“I’m fine, “ Luke reassured him, kissing him lightly. “Don’t worry ,all they can think about is grooming me to be the heir of Grimaldi Shipping again.”

“As soon as Damian gives you the opportunity to get the book, you’re out of there.”

“I agree,” Luke laughed, “it’s like living in an iceberg.” He ran his hand down Reid’s naked chest. Then he rested his fingers there, feeling for the steady beat of Reid’s heart.

“I should go,” Luke said finally. “I’ll sneak out the back way.”

Reid just nodded.

“I’ll be in touch as soon as I have it,” Luke said. He leaned in and kissed Reid passionately.

Reid could only watch as Luke walked out of his apartment. The place felt so empty without him. He stayed in the bed, inhaling the scent of their lovemaking and not wanting to move, holding Luke’s pillow and just breathing .

Suddenly, his apartment door flung open. Luke practically bounced into the room. Before Reid could utter a word, Luke jumped into the bed and landed right on top of him. He straddled Reid and gave him a big, smacking kiss.

Luke then waved his phone at him excitedly, “Out of town for one more night!” he beamed.

Reid grinned back, his eyes lighting up with joy. He grabbed Luke and they rolled around happily together.

They didn’t leave the bed for a long, long time.
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Title: The Last Doughnut
Author: Marsabi
Summary: When Damian disinherits Luke, can he survive in the “real” world? Will he drive Reid crazy in the process?
Disclaimer: Owned by ATWT
Rating: PG- NC-17 (depends on chapter)
Warning: none
A companion to Camp Queer
Thanks traciamc for the read

Part 11 Games

Casey signaled Reid and Luke with a wave of his phone.

“Okay, I made the call. He’s on his way here. With Lily. They’re maybe ten minutes away.”

”Great,” Reid said, glancing at the hospital elevator. “Be out of sight. Damian can’t know you’re around.”

“Got it.”

Casey dashed down the hallway and found a place to watch without being seen.

Reid looked at Luke, “You ready for this?”

“What? The inquisition?” Luke joked, “Bring it on.”

But Luke’s eyes were pools of sadness. His skin seemed pale to Reid, his features pinched.

“If you’ve changed your mind-”

“No,” Luke’s lip jutted out with determination. “I can do it. “ He shot Reid a rueful look, “I’ve been acting for these two for most of my life. “


Last night, they’d planned it out carefully. Luke had listened and nodded, laying his arms across Reid’s lap and putting his head on the center of Reid’s chest. Luke looked up at him, his eyes round and wide, like a little boy’s .

“I’m really going to miss you,” he’d said, his tone subdued.

Reid found that he couldn’t speak. He could say nothing at all.

Luckily, a nurse’s aid had flung open the door then to deliver Luke’s meal.

“My last supper,” Luke had joked, opening up some jello.

“What?” he’d asked, seeing Reid’s startled expression.

“Look at you trying to be all clever,” Reid said with teasing approval, “You sound like me.”

“Oh God, no!” Luke laughed. “Not that!” Then he’d inspected his food more, wrinkling up his nose in distaste. “Yuck! I can’t eat this.”

“Hey, I have to eat here daily,” Reid had joked, “and you got my favorite beef surprise served on an orange tray. Let’s just hope the botulism holds off 24 hours.”

Reid had watched as Luke tentatively ate the food. He picked up a pen from his lab coat and his prescription pad and began to absently doodle.

“Earth to Reid,” Luke said impatiently.

“What?” Reid looked up with a bemused expression.

“I was talking to you.” Luke had glanced at his drawing, “What’re you doing ?”

Reid flushed, “Nothing, I sometimes need to keep my hands busy.”

“Are you drawing a brain?” Luke had said, then he poked Reid gently in the rib, “You geek.”

“Drawing brains relaxes me,” Reid had defended himself. “Did you expect me to be drawing hearts and writing you love poems?”

“Nope,” Luke had answered, snatching the pad from him, “nerdy sketches of brains is what I’d expect from you.” He studied it. “Geez, Reid, do you have to everything so well? “ The sketch was like a piece of abstract art with each part of the brain in its complex pattern.

Luke admired it a moment longer. Then Luke had ripped off the page with Reid’s drawing and folded it carefully.

“Why’d you take that?” Reid said.

“I’m keeping it,” Luke had replied, his voice indicating the question was foolish. Reid watched him put the drawing into his wallet.

“Now, whatever else is going on,” Luke had smiled, “you know I have this with me, and I’m thinking of you.” He’d said nothing more, merely gazing up at the ceiling, lost in his thoughts.

“Do you want to back out?” Reid had asked him softly.

Luke took such a long time to answer, that Reid was afraid he was upset. But when Luke finally met his eyes, his expression was clear and calm.

“No, you?” Luke had asked.


Luke nodded and gave Reid his hand.

"I haven't been...completetly honest, Reid. All this has been a lot harder to bounce back from then I hoped. But I'm working on it."

"I know."

"You know?"


Overcome with feeling, they simply touched, their fingers holding on tightly, a warmth radiating between their palms.


Now, the elevator light flashed its arrival. Luke’s back was to it, making it look like he was clueless about his parents . Reid wished he could stop what was about to happen. He drank in the sight of Luke’s lovely face, wishing he could trace the line of Luke’s full mouth once more, wishing he could touch all that fresh skin.

Luke titled his head questioningly.

Reid gave him a barely perceptible nod. The time had come.

“Just what is your problem now, Luke? “ Reid asked him, sounding irritated.

“Look at me!” Luke shouted, just as the elevators opened. “My face! Look at what being with you has done! I tell you, it’s over! It’s so over!”

“Are you breaking things off?” Reid’s tone became incredulous. “Going back in the closet?”

“I’m getting my life back!” Luke answered, shoving at him, “the one you stole! “

“Good luck with that, “ Reid replied, in the coldest voice he’d ever spoken to Luke in.

They glared at each other. Then Luke pushed him again.

“I hate you,” Luke cried out,” I really hate you!” He nearly spat the words at Reid.

Reid’s anger was palpable on his face, “I hate you too,” he snarled in a low tone. “You’re nothing but a stupid little boy who –“

The sound of a harsh slap echoed through the hallway. The side of Reid’s face was red.

“Shut up! “ Luke screamed at him. “Just shut up! You did this to me! I was fine before you.”

Luke pushed at Reid, almost knocking him to the floor, “You messed me up!” He yelled .

Luke went at Reid as if to attack him some more. Lily cried out . Damian grabbed his son. “Luciano, it’s alright,” he said, “come with us.”

He had to force Luke away from Reid, as Luke tried to kick out at him with his feet.

“Let me go! Let me fight him. He ruined my life!”

“Oh, baby!” Lily said, her voice thick with emotion,” That’s not true! We’ll take you back.”

“Really?” Luke looked at Lily with his bruised face. “Even though I’ve caused so much trouble?”

She opened her arms. Luke turned and buried his head in his mother’s shoulder.

“I’m so sorry,” Luke said.

“We forgive you,” Lily soothed. “But we will need to set some rules.”

“I understand,” Luke’s voice was muffled against her shirt, and he sniffed loudly.

As she led her son to the elevator, Lily couldn’t help giving Reid a small, victorious smile.

“Go home to mommy, “ Reid sneered at them. “I could care less!”

Lily held the elevator door for Damian. Luke didn’t bother to look up from her shoulder.
“Come on,” Lily called to her husband. She didn’t want to chance another moment between Luke and Reid. She wanted Luke safely home with her.

“In a moment, Cara,” Damian said. He came closer to Reid. His eyes were chilly. “Just make sure you stay away from my son,” he said in a soft, menacing voice.

Reid shrugged insolently, “I have no reason not to,” he answered.

Reid watched as Damian joined his family in the elevator and pressed the down button. The door closed and Luke was gone.


Casey came out of his hiding place. He put a comforting hand on Reid’s shoulder.

“That was intense , man,” he whispered. “I don’t envy the conversation that Luke will probably have to suffer though with those two,” he shuddered.

Reid drew in a ragged breath. He pinched the bridge of his nose and closed his eyes. An ache for Luke welled up inside of him. He tried to speak to Casey and then just shook his head. For the first time since he had come to Oakdale, Reid felt his aloneness pulsing inside of his body. He had forgotten how isolated he’d always felt from the world – before Luke. Reid used to feel that, aside from his work, he mattered to no one. He could break apart or disappear and no one would grieve for him. He’d felt like a shadow in his own life.

Then he had come to this town. He had met Luke, who was like warmth seeping into his veins. The darkness inside him had just vanished. It had unsettled him at first, Luke’s fierce ability to love. But now he craved it all the time, and Reid was dreading the separation from him.

He drew in a painful breath. Reid reminded himself why they were putting on this charade. This was for Luke. To give Luke a future without his parents keeping him like an animal in a golden cage. How could they be like that? How could they not see that he needed to be free? How could anybody want to cut Luke down into tiny pieces of insecurity and doubt?

God, he wanted to see Luke’s face already, hear his laugh, see his eyes sparkle. How could he miss him already? Reid wanted to hold him, joke with him, comfort him. Reid wanted to know that this person he trusted most in the world was in his arms, where he belonged. He swallowed his own sadness and tried to focus on what he needed to do.

“Let’s just hope Luke convinces Damian to take him back at Grimaldi Shipping, “ He finally said to Casey, “ And we can put an end to this mess quickly. “


Two weeks passed. The only one to still see Luke was Casey. Damian trusted him to watch over Luke’s every move. Henry and Vienna had tried to see him. Lucinda had tried too. They were all shut out. During his first week at home, Holden had managed to get a letter to him. Luke kept it in his wallet, next to Reid’s sketch.

The letter read:

Dear Luke,
For the life of me, I don’t know why this is happening again. Maybe breaking up with Reid has made you spiral out of control? I only know that I want your happiness. I see that you left some things here in your old room. I hope that means you might return? Know that your things will be waiting for you. No questions asked.

Luke pressed his hands into his suit pocket and felt the comforting presence of the wallet, knowing what was inside. He followed Damian into Memorial. It was the board member’s quarterly meeting. But Luke knew it was also a test. Damian wanted to watch him with Reid.

They stepped into the elevator. They both had on dark, expensive Italian suits. Luke’s hair was slicked away from his face just like Damian’s hair. Neither one smiled as they went to Bob’s office. It wasn’t until they headed for the board room that Luke saw him. His step faltered a minute, before he regained control. His pulse pounded. Luke took one quick look at Reid, feeling a deep shock of recognition flood his entire body, and then looked away. He made sure his face was an inscrutable mask.

He didn’t dare look at Reid again. All the doctors sat on one side of the table and the board members on another. Luke listened to Bob speak and then Damian. He appeared to be listening, but in reality he didn’t hear a word. He could feel Reid. The weight of Reid’s body sitting just across from him was like a magnet pulling at his skin. It was as if there were no others in the room, only them. Luke could sense Reid’s presence, his proximity.

Luke reminded himself that he was doing this for Reid, so that his family could no longer hurt him. If he followed their plan, he would be able to force Damian to leave Reid alone for good. Luke swallowed the bitterness in his mouth.

The meeting ended. Damian was shaking hands and pushing Luke forward. He shook hands and smiled, tasks he could do in his sleep. He knew the second that Reid left, although he did not hesitate or glance at him.

They walked with Bob back to the elevator. Damian was deep in conversation about some new money for Chris Hughes and a pediatric unit. The doors to the elevator opened.


Damian’s gaze sharpened on Luke. He walked into the elevator and forced himself to turn away from Reid’s blue eyes. Luke clenched his jaw. He jammed his hands in his pockets, feeling for the wallet.

“Damian?” Bob prompted his father back to their conversation. They resumed their talk.

Reid was directly behind him. He could feel Reid’s breath at the nape of his neck.
Luke tilted his head slightly back, wanting to fall toward Reid’s body, but not daring. Luke’s chest tightened. His heart beat so loudly and frantically that he was certain Damian must know. But when Luke looked at Damian, his father appeared indifferent.

They stopped at the floor for neurology. Luke moved to one side and looked blankly at the elevator buttons. When Reid left, it hit him like a physical blow.

The elevator reached the bottom floor. Bob and Damian stepped out. Luke went with them, and they all shook hands again. Then the limo pulled up.

Luke turned to the car and climbed into the darkness.
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Title: The Last Doughnut
Author: Marsabi
Summary: When Damian disinherits Luke, can he survive in the “real” world? Will he drive Reid crazy in the process?
Disclaimer: Owned by ATWT
Rating: PG- NC-17 (depends on chapter)
Warning: none
A companion to Camp Queer
Thanks traciamc for the read

PART 10 Up on the roof

A few days later, Reid was having yet another crappy day at Memorial. Bob had accused him of being “distracted” by personal problems, and more small mistakes with his patients’ files had occurred. Reid admitted Luke was a priority but absolutely denied the mistakes. Chris was there and his smirk made Reid wonder if Doogie was behind it all. It was becoming clear to Reid that Bob was not his biggest fan anymore. If push came to shove, Reid believed that Bob would back his son up. Only John had defended Reid, agreeing with him that any nurse or clerk might be responsible for the errors. There were enough incompetent idiots at Memorial, not that it mattered. It was still on Reid to fix it. These were his patients being tampered with and Reid felt his blood simmering. His patients, damn it ! He watched at the morning meeting as Chris and Nurse Gretchen played a game of hand holding under the table, until Reid finally burst out:

“I’m trying to listen to Bob explain this medical procedure to us. Can you play rock, paper, scissor, sex somewhere else?”

Bob had only lifted his eyebrows at Reid and continued his speech. Chris and Gretchen stopped for all of a minute. Reid began to really hate his job here. All that mattered was finding out what was going on and making sure no patient of his suffered from any errors again. Clearly, somebody had his prescription pad, access to his computer and so on. The fact that he had no proof that it was Chris was aggravating.

Reid was in a sour mood when he finally had a break and went to see Luke. Luke’s eye and lip were almost healed, and he was due to be discharged soon. That would be a huge relief. Just the other day, Luke had mentioned having no health care and then had shrugged and said, “Well, I’ve only been here a few days, it can’t cost that much, right?” So now Reid and Lucinda had to handle his biils without hurting his pride. Yet another problem for Reid to figure out.

All Reid wanted was to see his boyfriend and have Luke give him one of his blinding smiles. He opened the door to the room, anticipating that Luke grin, when all he saw was an empty bed and a note. Reid felt a wave of panic. He knew Luke was trying super hard to act tough, to act like he was fine. But he didn't fool Reid. Reid knew Luke was silently suffering. He often had nightmares. He woke up sweaty. Still, he'd thought Luke was improving. The nightmares had been stopping to a degree, and his eyes were smiling too now, not just his lips. Reid had worked hard to be there for Luke all the way, and to not allow Luke to know that Reid was aware of his fears. Luke kept insisting he was fine, and Reid knew he would be fine, in time...just not yet.

Reid picked up the small paper and frowned. What the hell was Luke doing now? He wished Luke would be honest about everything. Reid felt a mix of fear and anger, so he went with anger. It was easier to dea l with anger than the gut-gripping worry he had.

His mood went from sour to completely black as he turned and headed for the stairs.


Luke nearly jumped as the door to the roof banged open. Reid stood there looking seriously angry.

“Are you total moron? Why are you out here,” he shouted . Luke swallowed hard and then gestured sweetly to his picnic surprise.

“It’s like old times,” he told Reid. “ Remember all those dates here on the roof?”

Reid stared. Luke was in his hospital gown, robe and slippers. That smile Reid had longed for was on his face. There was a blanket and picnic basket, filled with all kinds of food. Burgers and fries and chicken legs and muffins and corn bread…The food overflowed. Luke followed Reid’s gaze.

“Vienna came by with it all for you and me.” Luke walked to him. “Surprise!” He said happily.

“You still shouldn’t be out here,” Reid repeated, but his voice had lost its anger.

Luke shrugged, “They say I’m being discharged tomorrow. My ribs are healed. I feel fine. “ He motioned Reid to the food, “Come and eat with me.”

“Why are you doing this?” Reid asked him, eyeing the food hungrily now, but still holding onto a small piece of his temper.

Luke looked at him a moment.

“Because I love you, “ He answered softly.

Reid held up a protesting hand, “We agreed to wait until you’re sure –“

“Oh for God’s sake, “ Luke took a deep, steadying breath, “I’m sure. “

“Look, you’ve never had a relationship before me and sometimes –“

“Stop it!” Luke said, a flush of anger coloring his cheeks, “Stop treating me like a kid. I’m all grown up, and I know how to love.”

“Okay, but-“

“I love you,” Luke said, scowling, “and it’s really irritating me that you’re so thick-headed.“

Reid opened his mouth to argue, when all of a sudden Luke jumped up on a higher part of the roof.

“I love you!” Luke shouted defiantly, “Hear me?”

“Luke! Get down!”

Luke ignored him, “I love Dr. Reid Oliver! “ He shouted it again and louder, throwing back his hands like he were shouting it to all the world. “I love you, I love you, I love you- “ Luke screamed at the top of his lungs. Reid rushed over to him.

“Okay, okay! Get down, idiot!” His voice was a deep growl.

“You believe me?” Luke said, ignoring the warning in his tone.

Reid nodded furiously, “Get down here.”

Luke climbed back down . “You better believe me,” he threatened, “Or so help me Reid, I’ll tattoo it on my ass.”

Luke walked slowly, deliberately over to Reid, his eyes never leaving his. When he reached him, he wrapped an arm around Reid, so that their faces were close together. Luke embraced him.

“Normally, I am not against a good tattoo, “ Reid said dryly, giving into Luke’s hug, “but in this case, why ruin perfection?” Reid sighed and breathed in Luke’s scent. A deep, sensual longing filled him.

Reid reached under Luke’s robe and gown and cupped his naked buttocks.

“Gotta love a hospital gown,” Reid murmured and squeezed.

Luke moaned. “You ruined this,” he scolded, “I was going to feed you and tell you very romantically how much I love you,” then Luke smiled . “I do love you. And I’m never going to be quiet again about that. I’m going to tell you every day, maybe five times a day! I love you, love you , love you “

“Luke,” Reid interrupted suddenly. “How’s your lip?”

“My? My lip” Luke touched a finger to it, ”much better but-“

“Good,” Reid grabbed him, ”cause I really need to shut your beautiful mouth up before I choke on your sap,” Reid declared. Then he kissed Luke, deeply, his tongue taking control of Luke’s surprised lips. He sucked at Luke’s tongue. His hands still caressing Luke’s firm ass. Luke groaned and they both sank down to their knees.

They kissed again, fiercely. Reid’s lips hungrily nipped at Luke’s full ones, and Luke teasingly thrust his tongue in and out . Groaning, Reid threaded his fingers desperately in Luke’s hair and pulled Luke’s legs around him. Their erections rubbed at each other, grinding frantically. They rolled near the blanket, still kissing.

“The food,” Luke said weakly, breaking away to gulp in some air.

Reid glanced at it, “Later,” he said shoving the basket aside in one rough motion. He put Luke stomach down on the blanket instead. “You first,” Reid told him. “I seem to remember promising to devour you.”

Dazed, Luke felt Reid move to underneath his robe and lift it out of his way. He felt Reid’s warm palms skimming across his flesh. Then Reid gave him a different kind of kiss, his lips at Luke’s opening, his tongue penetrating him, finding the very center of him.
Luke shouted, incoherent words of love and pleading. He staggered up to his knees and pushed back against Reid to feel more of his moist, hot mouth. Reid’s entire head was under his gown and attacking Luke’s buttocks. Reid nipped the sensitive line skin, blew gently across Luke’s aching hole , and then kissed there once more. Luke could only scream and cry out. He groped around for something to hold onto because he felt like he might collapse from pleasure. His erection was throbbing painfully.

Just when he couldn’t stand a moment longer, Reid stopped and Luke looked back at him. Panting, Luke could only watch as Reid fumbled to undress. His body was truly magnificent, the skin rippling in the sunlight. Luke’s pulse beat frantically just seeing him. He watched as Reid reached for his wallet, and then ripped open the foil package with his teeth.

He paused only a second, “Are you up for this? “ Reid said hoarsely, his voice ragged with desire, “Cause I can –“

In answer, Luke grabbed the condom and rolled it onto Reid’s arousal, making Reid moan.
Then Luke pushed at Reid until he was on his back. Luke straddled him. Their eyes met. Electric currents shot through their bodies. Their hands sought each others. Luke bent down and kissed Reid’s neck from his shoulder to his ear.

“Please,” Luke said,” I need this. More than I ever imagined.”

“Me too,” Reid admitted, his eyes glazed with passion. His muscles rigid with want.

Luke placed Reid’s heavy erection at his wet hole. He grinded his ass all around Reid teasingly, flicking Reid’s dick up and down and in slow circles. Reid grunted and then took Luke’s hand away. Watching each other, Reid entered Luke slowly, filling him.

Reid thrust in deeper with a shout. Luke’s fingers covered his face and he rode Reid blindly. Reid’s hands were at his hips lifting him up and then lowering him back down against him. His body felt heavy and aching. An incredible , sweet pressure made Luke’s whole body quake. Then he convulsed in a gritty cry of satisfaction. His release came hard and quick, sticky goodness coming over Reid’s stomach and thighs as Reid continued to thrust up into him. Luke could only whimper and bury his head in Reid’s neck, hanging on as Reid finished.

Reid stayed inside of him. They both were panting loudly now. Reid’s hand tangled itself in Luke’s hair and he gently rubbed his scalp.

A long time passed. Finally, Luke pulled off and collapsed next to Reid. They both were staring up at the sky. The sun was setting by now, its colors turning pink and orange across the clouds.

Reid eventually sat up, and then dressed. He eyed the picnic basket, and began to eat. Luke propped himself up on one elbow.

“I got all the things you liked,” Luke said smiling. “Of course, you like everything from Al’s so it was easy.”

Reid nodded, still eating with gusto.

Luke looked away a moment. “Can I tell you something?”

“I know,” Reid said with a pretend suffering sigh, “You love me.”

“I do,” Luke laughed, “but not that.”

“What?” Reid handed Luke some chicken and corn bread.

Luke hesitated. “I don’t want to let Vienna and Henry down, but I really get sick thinking about returning to work at Al’s. Especially at night.” Luke peeked up at Reid, ‘So much for my being tough, huh?”

“No, that’s perfectly understandable,” Reid said, chomping down on a handful of fries.“Anyhow, don’t worry about it. You shouldn’t return , not for the day or night shift. “ Reid looked at him and then simply shrugged, “You sucked away.”

“What?” Luke replied, baffled.

“As a waiter, Luke,” Reid rolled his eyes, “you sucked.”

“I- I …really?”

Reid just nodded and bit into more chicken, “Absolutely.”

Luke sat up and tied his robe tightly. “Well, why didn’t you say anything to me before? I mean, I knew I wasn’t great at it, but…Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Well hell, I thought you’d improve- learning curve and all that. But you never did. “ Reid had to look away from Luke’s outraged expression or he would have laughed.

“I thought I did okay!” Luke snorted and glared at him. “So you didn’t tell me just to let me be foolish?”

“ Well, it wasn’t just that. I – “ He suddenly stared down at the food. “ I tried to say something, but…You always gave me doughnuts and things and I just…”

Luke smiled, “Love me? “ He said it teasingly, not expecting an answer.

But Reid looked up and met his gaze. “Yeah, “ Reid said quietly, “ I just love you.”

Luke’s mouth fell open .

“What?” Reid asked, confused, “You know that- we covered that days ago.”

“I know,” Luke said in a low voice, his cheeks blushing, his eyes suddenly wet with unshed tears, “I just figured you wouldn’t say it so easily to me. I was hoping to hear it from time to time, but-“ He brushed his hand over his eyes.

“Relax,” Reid said, continuing to eat, but with a smile, “It’s no big deal. It’s not like I’m proposing or asking you to adopt babies with me.”

Luke threw some fries at him.

Reid laughed.

He then put his food down and held his arms open to Luke, who quickly cuddled against him.

“I do love you,” Reid told him, “I have no problem saying it. It’s the simple truth.”

Luke looked up at him then, and Reid sharply inhaled as he saw the glowing love shining out of Luke’s whole face. Luke appeared to be lit from within.

Reid swallowed hard. His boyfriend was just so beautiful.

“Luke,“ Reid said and raised one shaking finger to Luke’s cheek.

“Hmm?” Luke replied dreamily.

“Pass me those muffins,” Reid ordered and then he caught Luke’s face between his hands and kissed his lips possessively once more.


At the same time Luke and Reid were declaring their love for each other, Lily was across town alone. When the doorbell rang, she jumped in surprise. She had few guests since returning to town.

Lily opened the door and met Holden’s eyes.

“Well,” she said ,”this is a surprise.”

“Can I come in?”

She opened the door wider. “The kids aren’t here.”

“I know that,” Holden replied, “ It’s you I want to see.”


Holden walked into the room and leaned against the wall. He looked at Lily for a long moment.

“Sometimes,” he said finally, “it’s hard to believe so many years have passed . I can still see you as that girl I met in the barn.”

Lily stared at him, her mouth softened slightly, “Sometimes it seems like yesterday,” she agreed, picturing Holden young and shirtless.

“But other times, “ Holden continued harshly, “It seems like a million years ago, and that girl is long gone. She’s just gone.” He shook his head. “I can only blame it on Damian for so long for the terrible woman you’ve become.”

Gasping, Lily folded her arms across her chest, “If you came here just to hurl insults at me-“

“No,” Holden said, he pushed his face close to hers, “I came here to tell you that as soon as Luke’s released from Memorial and he looks a little better, I’m taking Natalie and Ethan to see him.”

“No!” Lily argued, “That is a bad idea! It will only confuse them.”

“I’m not asking your permission, Lily,” Holden said tightly, “They’re my kids too and Luke is their brother.”

“Well, “ Lily snapped, “Maybe we need to go back to court and settle this mess.”

“Maybe we do.”

They stared at each other. Neither one was willing to back down.

Finally, Holden turned and slammed the door behind him. Lily sank down to her knees and bitterly wept.

Lily struggled to her feet, feeling like she was the one who had been beaten up. With shaking fingers, she took her phone out of her purse and called Damian.

“Come to Oakdale,” she told him,” I need you right now!”


When they finally returned to Luke’s room, Casey was standing there, waiting for him.

“I have something to confess to you,” Casey said gnawing at his fingernail

“Who’s this? Reid asked

Luke introduced them

“Great another Hughes,” Reid muttered

“The worst one of all,” Casey joked, “when you hear me out. I need to tell you something,” he said to Luke, then looked at Reid , ”Both of you.”

After Casey had explained that it was Damian blackmailing him and pushing him to ruin Reid’s career, Luke was so furious he could barely speak.

"So you’ve been changing Reid’s notes? Messing with his patients? All on Damian’s orders?”

Casey nodded, miserably. “He got me out of jail early, and I believe him when he says he has the power to put me back in.” Casey grabbed at Luke. “I’m so sorry!”

Luke shrugged him off, “Maybe you belong in jail,” he said hotly. “How could you do this?”

Meanwhile, Reid sat down on Luke’s bed. “I should have known Doogie was too stupid to be behind it.”

“No,” Luke whirled on him, ”You should’ve told me about all of this. I could have told you it was probably Damian. This is so like him!”

Reid met Luke’s furious gaze head on. “You’re right, I should have told you. “ He said calmly, diffusing Luke’s anger. “But let’s figure it out now.”

“Together? “Luke said firmly, and then smiled at him when Reid came over and nodded.

They gazed at each other. A rush of ease and understanding passed between them. They pressed their bodies next to each other, eyes transfixed, hands touching.

“Should I leave? ‘Casey asked, as the heat between Luke and Reid became evident.

“No,” Reid said, stepping away from Luke a little, “we’re going to need you.”

“Just wait until I call him!” Luke fumed, redirecting his temper now at his parents, “I will give Damian hell once and for all!”

“No,” Reid shook his head. “Not that way. We have the element of surprise now. We need to use it. Play it his way. Like chess. In deliberate moves. “ Reid became lost in thought a moment, and then he smiled slowly. “I know. “ He turned to Luke. “I have a plan. But you won’t like it, not at all.”

He tenderly touched Luke’s cheek. “Can you do something you don’t like? For me? Do you trust me to figure this out?”

Luke looked into Reid’s eyes, “You know I do,” he said.

Reid nodded, and looked at Luke and then Casey, “Okay,” he said, “here’s what we’re going to do.”
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Title: The Last Doughnut
Author: Marsabi
Summary: When Damian disinherits Luke, can he survive in the “real” world? Will he drive Reid crazy in the process?
Disclaimer: Owned by ATWT
Rating: PG- NC-17 (depends on chapter)
Warning: ANGST
A companion to Camp Queer
Thanks traciamc for the read

Part 9 Secrets , Sex, and Gambling

Reid had said he loved him.

Luke had let his words wash over him, filling his soul like the sweetest medicine in the world. He’d felt light-headed and desperately happy. His expression had become ecstatic and his eyes were moist.

But Reid didn’t let him answer. When Luke tried to tell Reid that he loved him too, Reid had covered his mouth gently and hushed him.

“Don’t say it,” Reid had urged him.

“Why not?” Luke’s heart was bursting to say the words.

“Because then you’d just be saying it back, or just to be kind- “ He shook his head, “Promise me you’ll wait and think about it. Be sure.”

Luke had scowled at him. For a genius, his boyfriend could be just so stupid. He was sure. He had been sure forever. But Reid clearly wasn’t ready to accept it. He’d looked worn out, wrecked. So Luke had nodded.

“Stay with me?” He had asked instead, giving Reid a break.

With a relieved sigh, Reid had climbed into the hospital bed with him ,and Luke had rested on his shoulder. Despite his brave words to Reid, Luke was glad he was there. He broke out into a cold sweat just thinking about what had happened to him, but Luke was determined to keep that his secret. He nuzzled Reid some more and pushed his fears away.

“I guess they’ll kick you out of here eventually, but this is nice,” Luke had murmured.

“Nobody is kicking me anywhere,” Reid huffed, the old arrogance back in his voice. “Let them try. “

“I can’t see Ali or Gretchen even daring to attempt it,” he’d agreed.

Reid had kissed the top of his head, “Even if Bob walks in here, I’m staying with you. “

And he had stayed the whole night. It was like heaven. Luke was sore and couldn’t sleep much , but he’d watched Reid instead, touching him gently. He’d run his hands over Reid’s skin. Nuzzled his neck. Held him. Watched him breathe. Luke felt so lucky to have found Reid from the very first. He could have fallen in love with a man who treated him poorly, or was passive-aggressive, or small-minded, or terrible at sex. Instead, he’d found Reid. That was a miracle. Nobody in his life had ever made him feel so loved. Luke gently traced his hand up and down Reid’s body.

Softly, Luke had whispered, “I love you,” to him over and over again. Even though Reid didn’t wake up, Luke felt like a part of Reid’s subconscious understood his words. Soon, Luke had vowed, he will hear the words out loud. Nothing will stop Luke from saying them next time, not even Reid.


In the morning, Luke slowly woke up to see Reid standing over his bed.

“Did I wake you? “ He asked, “Sorry, I have rounds.”

“S’Okay,” Luke muttered sleepily. He started to rub his eyes, then remembered his bruises. He watched Reid clean up in the nearby bathroom sink.

“Do you need me to help you-?” Reid gestured to the bathroom.


Reid laughed, ”It’s nothing I haven’t seen.”

“In a romantic way, maybe,” Luke said hotly, “not in a nurse kind of way.”

Reid came over and sat on his bed. “Might be fun to be your nurse,” he teased.

“I wish I were still rich!” Luke exclaimed suddenly.


“Cause I’d pay anything to see you in a tight, skimpy nurse’s outfit right now.” Luke gave him a dazzling smile, and then groaned at the pain of smiling too much.

Reid shook his head at him. “Brat.” Then he sighed in regret, “ I have really got to start my rounds and I think Lucinda is coming to see you this morning anyway,” he told Luke, “After she visits Margo.”

“Yeah,” Luke laughed, “She won’t let these guys slip through any cracks in the law. She’s tough!”

Reid gave Luke a considering look. “You’re pretty tough yourself,”’ he said.

“Really?” Luke answered, surprised.

Reid nodded. “You got knocked around, faced a lot of crap, but you’re not letting any of it keep you down.”

“You know what?” Luke said, delighted, “Nobody in my whole life has ever called me tough.”

Reid laughed at his pleased expression and ruffled Luke’s hair, “I guess they just don’t know the inner Luke, “ he said.

“But you do,” Luke agreed happily. They smiled at each other.

“C’mere,” Luke motioned.

Reid hesitated, “There’s nowhere on your face to kiss you.”

“So kiss me somewhere else,” Luke grinned . His eyes met Reid’s and desire pulsed between them.

Reid didn’t need any more encouragement, he pulled Luke closer and inhaled great gulps of him. He sucked at the skin of Luke’s neck until he whimpered.

“I can’t wait until you’re better,” Reid said roughly, “I’m going to devour you.”

“I-I-“ Luke couldn’t form a clear word as he felt Reid’s mouth moving down the slope of his shoulder. His hot tongue pressing into the tender skin. Reid’s hand held his lower back and moved rhythmically up and down his spine. Luke placed his own hands on Reid’s waist.

Then Reid pulled back, “We shouldn’t.”

“Probably not,” Luke agreed hoarsely. Then he ran his thumb up and down Reid’s thigh.

“We need to stop,” Reid said again, right before he nibbled at the corner of Luke’s ear.

Luke moaned softly. “God, that’s good,” he said. Reid took the ear into his mouth fully and suckled it.

“You can’t ,” Reid broke it off again.

“But you can,” Luke teased and let his fingers drift down to Reid’s hard arousal. He gave a squeeze through his pants.

“Did I say you were tough? ” Reid groaned. “I meant cruel. You’re a cruel, cruel ahh-“

He twisted against Luke’s stroking hand.

“I want to devour you too,” Luke whispered, still stroking him, “I want to put my mouth on you and – “

“Stop!” But Reid was smiling. “This time I mean it!”

Luke stopped reluctantly. Reid sighed and gently held Luke a minute.

“I’ll miss you,” Luke told him, longing to say more. He watched Reid head to the door.

Reid looked back at him. His eyes were tender. “ Of course you will, “ he agreed.

Luke rolled his eyes. “And I forgive you,” he added teasingly.

Reid frowned suddenly, “For what?”

For not letting me say I love you, Luke thought.

“For not even getting me flowers or balloons or something. Remember when I came out ? You brought me those rainbow-colored balloons back then. But here I am in a hospital bed and you don’t even blow me up one,” he mockingly-complained.

Reid lifted his eyebrows a moment. “That’s cause I ‘m thinking about blowing something else,” he said finally, giving a killer grin.

Luke threw his pillow at him, “Always have to be obnoxious!” Luke laughed in delight.

“It’s part of my endless charm,” Reid shrugged as he caught the pillow in one hand.

Then Reid walked back, lifted Luke’s head up and cradled it in his palm. Reid gently put the pillow back and lowered Luke’s head.

Reid leaned down and touched Luke’s mouth carefully with just the tip of his tongue. Luke parted his lips and sought the kiss eagerly. They did not touch mouths; they let their tongues seek each other in a sweet circling motion. They both had their eyes open. Their breath mingled.

“Get some rest,” Reid told him gruffly, and headed out.

Luke gazed at the door after him for a long time. His mind drifted back to the day he’d moved out of Lily and Damian’s. Reid really had greeted him with balloons and Lady Gaga and a stunningly intimate embrace. He had been waiting for him, and had given him such amazing comfort and support. If he was tough now, it was only because Reid had taught him how to find his own inner strength.

Luke smiled. He could do the same for Reid now. Surprise him. Delight him. Tell him he loved him in a big, big way…


“Knock knock?” A voice called a little later, opening Luke’s door, “Up for visitors yet?”

Luke was stunned for a second.

“Casey!” Luke waved him in.

Casey entered with a mop and pail. He stared a moment at Luke’s battered face, and then he forced a smile.

“How do you feel?”

“You’re working here?” Luke said at the same time.

“Yeah,” Casey groaned, “not too many jobs out there for an ex-con.”

He came over and sat on Luke’s bed. “I meant to call you when I got out, but things have been crazy and –“ Casey couldn’t stop looking at Luke’s face. His guts twisted.

“Well, you’re here now.” Luke tried to smile at him through his hurt lip. “I guess it’s no secret now why I’m in here,” Luke said softly.

“Yeah,” Casey met his eyes again, “I kind of heard you were playing for the other team.”

Seeing Luke’s waiting face, Casey added, “It’s cool with me. I mean, maybe no details, man,” He joked weakly.

“So it doesn’t bother you?” Luke asked, ready to be defensive if it did.

Casey shook his head, “Not as much as hearing you were dating Maddie!”

They both laughed at that.

“You should call her,“ Luke urged.

“Naw,” Casey shook his head.

Just then, as if on cue, Maddie walked in to the room.

She and Casey avoided each other, as Maddie came over and gently kissed Luke.

“I brought some videos for us to watch,” she told Luke, “it must be boring here.”

“A little.”

Casey stood up to go, “I’ll come back,” he promised Luke. He was feeling sick anyhow at Luke’s beaten face, at seeing Maddie. She was staring at him, making his whole body clench in response.

He hurried out the door.

Maddie and Luke looked at each other.

“Go,” Luke told her.

She went.


“Casey!” She yelled.

He glanced at her and then moved on, pushing his bucket and mop .

“Wait!” Maddie chased him.

“What?” He turned abruptly.

“What?” Maddie mimicked, suddenly furious. “Why did you rush out just now?” She
demanded. “Why haven’t you returned any of my calls or-? “ She leaned near him. “And you smell like smoke,” she complained, “Why are you smoking?”

Casey inhaled Maddie’s scent. She smelled fantastic. “Why are you always asking why?” He said suddenly, and he pushed Maddie up against the storage closet.

“Sometimes I hate you! “ She cried out. Her hands rubbing up and down on his chest.

“Sometimes I hate me too,“ Casey answered, kissing the curve of her neck.

Maddie’s hand fumbled for the closet doorknob and they tumbled into the dark room.

They were all over each other, hands and lips seeking each other’s skin . Tongues tasting. The closet was too dark to see, and there was something so hot and forbidden about kissing in the dark. Groping and panting, their fingers found buttons and pulled at zippers.

Finally, their flesh was naked and greedy for each other. They knocked against the supplies and things crashed down around them. Neither cared. Maddie tangled her hands in his hair. She kissed his lips passionately. Casey cupped Maddie’s buttocks and lifted her up…

The make-up sex was rough and hungry and quick.

But afterwards, Casey seemed to regret it. He threw on his clothes.

“Wait,” Maddie said, in a tiny, sad voice. “We should talk.”

Casey sighed. “We will talk,” he promised. “ but not now.” He peeked out of the closet door.

“Why?”Maddie asked . “What trouble are you in now?”

“There you go asking why again,” he said.

“Casey!” Maddie pleaded. “what’s going on?”

Casey turned and smiled at her bitterly. ”You know me pretty well,” he admitted. He searched
Maddie’s troubled eyes. “I’ll call you. Later.”

She could only watch helplessly as he left her. Again.


Once he was safely away from Maddie, Casey made the phone call he’d been dreading.

“Just tell me if you did this,” he insisted angrily. Not backing down for once.

“I would never hurt, Luciano,” Damian Grimaldi replied. “You know it’s Reid Oliver that we’re after. Never call and question me again, if you want to stay out of jail!”

He’d hung up on Casey, and Casey was left not certain what to do or what to believe. Even if Damian was not behind the attack, he was still doing horrible things. Casey put a hand over his eyes, and he was doing horrible things too.

He wasn’t worthy of Maddie. He wasn’t worthy of Luke’s friendship. It had to stop. He had to fix it. But how?


“Hey,” Maddie said, startling Luke, “what are you writing?”

She had cleaned herself up, after a good long cry in the ladies room, and now wanted to see Luke. She still owed him a real visit. She had no idea what to expect from Casey anyhow. She just didn’t want to think about him because it hurt too deeply.

Luke looked up from his notebook. “Just about what happened and how I felt,” he told her. “I’m getting out a lot of things on paper.” Luke was sensitive enough not to ask her how it had gone with Casey. He could see the answer in her red-rimmed eyes and tense smile.

“That’s good,” Maddie smiled and pulled up a chair near to his bed. “You should do that. You were always a great writer.”

“Think so?” Luke said, flushing.

Maddie nodded, “I know so. You were the only one getting better grades in English than I did,” she laughed.

“So competitive,” Luke teased her, “You had to be the best.”

“But your writing,” Maddie told him smiling, “it blew me away in school.”She glanced at his notebook. “Can I see?”

Luke nodded and handed it to her. Maddie read it. Soon tears coursed down her cheeks and she wiped them with her hand.

“Luke, this is….amazing!”


“Yes!” Maddie looked at him, “You should send it somewhere. Try and publish it.”

“I guess,” Luke murmured, “I’ve been afraid of trying, of rejection.”

Maddie nodded. “Sometimes trying can be painful, “ she agreed, her mind wandering to Casey.

“But maybe I’m ready now, “ Luke said softly.

Maddie smiled, “Well then, let’s go over it again.”

“Right now?"

“Got someplace to go?” She asked , gazing around the hospital room.

“Good point,” Luke laughed.

They bent over his writing once more and studied it.


A little while later, the door to his room opened and Henry came in.

“I snuck out of the diner, “ he grinned at them, “thought Luke might be bored.”

“Henry,” Maddie said, “we’re working on something.”

Henry glanced at the notebook. “Looks dull,” he said, “ I have a much better idea to pass the time. “

“What?” Luke asked.

Henry held up a deck of cards, “Poker anyone?”

“Gambling? “ Lucinda said, entering the room, “Darling, I’m so in!”


“What the hell is going on in here?” Reid demanded , as he angrily took in the situation.

They were all gathered around Luke’s bed, cards spread out, money in careless piles.

Luke beamed at him,” Hey, Reid. Wanna play?”

“No,” Reid scowled, “And I told you to rest.”

“Did you expect him to just sit around all day?”Henry complained.

“No, Hank,” Reid answered,” I was hoping you’d come by to play dress up and braid Luke’s hair.”

“Now, now, boys,” Lucinda said. Then she waved at Reid. “Come on Darling,” Lucinda called,” be on my team.”

She saluted him with a tiny flask and chugged it back.

“Don’t be stupid,” Henry said mockingly, “Oliver would only make you lose more.” Henry shot Reid a look, “He only plays lofty games like chess.”

“Somebody needs to beat you, Henry,” Maddie complained as Henry took her money from her.

“Won’t be you, Sis,” he laughed and shuffled the cards.

Reid opened his mouth to kick them all out, when Luke gave him a melting smile.

“Play with us,” he urged him, “please?”

Cursing Luke’s beautiful eyes and full mouth, not to mention the guilt Reid still felt looking at his battered face, Reid realized he had no choice. Sighing, he took off his white coat, threw down his stethoscope and pulled up another chair.

“Deal me in,” Reid sighed. Luke clapped his hands in excitement.

Henry gave him a toothy smile, “It will be my pleasure to take your money,” he told Reid confidently.

Henry started dealing. He missed the sudden gleam in Reid’s eyes as he picked up his cards.


“Reid,” Luke exclaimed, “You won again!”

“Okay,” Henry accused him, “Oliver must be cheating.”

“I don’t cheat,” Reid said smugly. “I count cards.” Seeing Henry’s surprised face, Reid just shrugged as if bored, “It’s simple math.” Then he gave Henry a light smack on his head. “Oh right, Hank, I keep forgetting your 5th grade education.”

“My dear,” Lucinda patted Reid’s knee, “we are so going to Vegas.”

“Not without me!” Luke pouted.

“My jet- Vegas, “ Lucinda amended, “as soon as Luke is well enough.”

“Whatever,” Reid shrugged, “I can win there too.”

“So cocky,” Henry complained.

Luke giggled, “Isn’t he?” His eyes swept over Reid’s body.

Henry pretended not to hear him. Lucinda nearly choked on her drink. Maddie pounded on Lucinda’s back and shook her head at Luke.

“He has definitely rubbed off on you,” Maddie told him.

Luke and Reid looked at each other.

“Don’t say it-“ Luke managed, before dissolving into laughter.

“One more game,” Henry said, ignoring Luke, Reid and all the double-entrendes. He was determined to win back his money. Otherwise, he’s have some explaining to Vienna to do.

They all picked up their cards .
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Title: The Last Doughnut
Author: Marsabi
Summary: When Damian disinherits Luke, can he survive in the “real” world?
Rating: PG-NC 17 (depends on chapter)
Warning: None
Previous chapter:

Part 8 Revelations

Luke opened one eye slowly and then the other, the light seemed burning . He shut his eyes quickly and moaned. Then he heard a murmur of voices and his name being called. He tried again, opening them as widely as he could. But they were just small, bruised slits.

“Hello there,” said a vaguely familiar voice, “Glad you finally woke up to join us. This one was fit to be tied.”

“It’s just he slept so long,” Lucinda huffed, tears in her eyes that she refused to let fall, “I was beginning to think you were incompetent.”
"Hardly,” John Dixon replied, “Just letting the boy regain some needed strength.” John smiled at Luke, “Normally, I’d be doing valve replacements or angioplasties around this time of the day, but the old gal here insisted I stay with you.”

“Am- am- I okay?” Luke’s voice sounded like a rasp. He frowned and then immediately winced with pain. His entire face hurt.

John nodded, “Basically , yes. You have cracked ribs, a mild concussion and a great deal of bruised and cut areas, but…”

“You were lucky, Darling,” Lucinda told him, sitting carefully down on Luke’s bed, trying not to touch his black and blue flesh, “The police came right away. Apparently, an older gentleman came back to the diner to ask you something and saw it through the window. “

Luke opened his mouth to ask for Reid, when his door swung open.

“There he is!” Vienna called out, forcing her voice to sound bright, appalled at the sight of Luke’s face, “Awake.”

She came in with Henry. They had muffins and a container of lemonade. Luke’s favorites.

“How ya doing, kid?” Henry asked.

”I’m sorry,” Luke answered, “the diner- it must be a mess.” He could remember things getting knocked down, smashed. “And now you’re short -staffed too.”

“Please, Luke, “ Vienna waved one manicured hand at him, “No worries.” A tear slid down her cheek, making her mascara run. She was relieved to see that Luke was still acting like Luke –sweet and earnest.

“We can mange without you for a few days, “ Henry smiled with a small trace of irony in his voice. “But we’ll miss you.”

“We’re the ones who are sorry,” Vienna added. “We never had any trouble at Al’s before and-“

“You really need better security,” Lucinda interrupted them with anger.

“Grandmother,“ Luke cut her off. “It’s not their fault.”

“You’re right,” Lucinda nodded, “It’s those barbarians’ fault. Monsters! Good thing they’re in custody . Margo had better not handle it wrong or else! ”

“Reid and Holden are down there now, making sure of that,” John said.

“Dad and Reid are at the police station?“ Luke asked.

“They were here by your side all night,” Lucinda assured him, “But they wanted to be certain these men got what’s coming to them!”

Luke sank back against his pillows, thinking all of this over. He should be crying. He should be frightened. He should be wanting to hide. But he felt none of those things. That Luke was gone, left on the floor of Al’s diner. All he felt was a desire to see those creeps brought to justice. All he wanted was to stop the endless cruelty that had caused his friend Armand’s suicide, the “de-gaying” camps, his beating. Luke inhaled sharply. He felt like his thoughts were racing, the way a child might race up an enormous hill. He was plummeting down the other side now, and there was fear in him, but also a sense of weird triumph. They had thrown the worst at him, and he was still here.

Just then, his door opened once more and Lily stepped inside, an enormously expensive floral arrangement in her hands.

“Luke,” she said quietly, ‘You’re awake.”

Luke stared at her.

“Well,“ Henry said, backing out of the room, “We’ll see you.”

“Yes,” Vienna air-kissed him . She gave a disapproving look to Lily, almost snorting at Lily’s conservative outfit. Then Vienna said pointedly to Luke, “We love you.”

“Let’s go, “ Henry said, “Before you start one of your legendary cat fights.” He made a gesture like a claw and then quickly pulled Vienna out of the room.

“Mother,” Lily asked Lucinda, “Can you excuse us?”

Lucinda hesitated, and then John firmly took her arm.

“I’ll be right outside,” she told Luke.

Mother and son looked at each other.

“I’m sorry,” Lily said finally, her eyes moist, “that this happened to you.”

Luke waited. Lily said nothing else. She didn’t say she was sorry for the awful things she had said. She didn’t say she was sorry for allowing Damian to disown him. She didn’t say she was sorry for all the rejection or for turning his siblings against him.

Luke closed his eyes shut. “Look, Mom,” he said in that raspy voice, “I know you care about me-“

“I do! Of course I do,” Lily spoke quickly, “ You’re my son.”

Luke opened his eyes. “But you still think who I am isn’t acceptable, right?”

Lily’s own eyes filled with tears, “Look at what just happened!” She said angrily. “ This is exactly why I can’t accept it! “ Lily paced the room in agitation. Then she went near his bed. “ Luke, Luke…don’t you see? It would be so much better and easier if you just...” She trailed off at his expression.

Luke shook his head, “Just be somebody different? “ Then he put one hand up to his bruised cheek. He took a breath. “I can’t do this right now with you,” he said. He looked at her. “I need to rest.”

Lily’s lips trembled, but she nodded. “I’m here for you, baby. “ She touched his hand gently. “Please think hard about coming back to us- to your family- to the way it used to be.”

Luke just shook his head again. She really didn’t get it.

He rolled away from his mother and faced the wall. Every part of his body hurt, and now his heart hurt too. He listened as Lily left the room and closed his door. Luke stared at the hospital wall.

Reid, Reid…I want you he closed his eyes, please get here soon


Outside of Luke’s room, Reid leaned against the wall and tried to stop the panic from gnawing at his guts again. Panic took over every time he returned to the hospital room. Holden tapped him on the shoulder in silent sympathy, and went in to check on Luke. They had spent the last hour making sure those scumbags were being prosecuted and not getting away with anything. Reid had sat in the station, forcing his hands tightly together, forcing his mouth to remain shut for once, as Tom Hughes helped them press charges. He’d wanted to slam those assholes against the nearest wall. He wanted to tell them that Luke was his; he was Luke’s. Then he’d wanted to slice open their empty brains with a chain saw.

Reid felt like this whole thing was almost an out of body experience. He had been stunned when he had seen Luke in the ER, and for a moment when he’d seen all that blood, and he’d thought he might have to operate on Luke’s skull, he had just stood there, frozen, numb. There had been blood in Luke’s hair and covering his whole face. His lips had been swollen, and a deep laceration had just missed taking out his eye. When the nurse had cleaned the blood away, relief had poured through Reid’s body at seeing only cuts and bruises. He had assumed much, much worse.

Still, the sight of Luke had made Reid have to clench his teeth together in order not to scream. Luke seemed so small on the stretcher, shrunken. He never wanted to see Luke that way again: so hurt, bruised, battered, and humiliated. How could he have left that diner? How could he have not seen those idiots watching Luke kiss him? He went over and over those moments at Al’s, even though he knew it was a useless exercise. Reid couldn’t help himself, couldn’t help berating himself for everything. Thinking of it now, Reid made a strangled, choking sound and gripped the wall.

Holden came out. “I told him we pressed charges and all of that,” he said, his face filled with sadness for his son. “I was about to tell him you were waiting to see him, but he fell asleep.”

“That’s okay,” Reid answered stiffly, “I’ll just go sit with him.”

He was partially glad that Luke was sleeping again. He had watched him sleep all last night. Reid had not slept at all. He felt unhinged. Maybe Luke would reject him now and maybe he deserved to be rejected. Maybe it would be better for Luke to just be done with him. Reid didn’t know what he’d say to Luke. His mind was a swirling, chaotic mess.


Luke was having a beautiful dream. He and Reid were having a picnic lunch by the Snyder pond. The sky was a deep blue, the sun was bright, and the water sparkled. He was so close to Reid that he could feel his body heat, and he could smell Reid’s skin. Reid kissed his hair. He laced his fingers gently with Luke’s own.

Luke’s eyes flew open.

Reid’s blue eyes stared back at him.

“You look awful,” Luke said, after a moment, taking in Reid’s stubble and the dark circles under his eyes.

“You’re not winning any beauty contests yourself,” Reid replied. “But don’t worry,” Reid continued, “the bruises will heal. You can still have a career as a male model.”

Luke laughed and then winced and held his side. “Don’t make jokes, “ he pleaded, groaning.

But Reid was no longer looking at him; he was watching Luke hold his hurt ribs. Luke noticed that his expression darkened with anger.

“It’s okay,” Luke said to him, trying to smile through his split lip. “It looks worse than it is. It doesn’t hurt so much.”

Reid swallowed and looked off in the distance. He felt raw and exposed.

“Reid?” Luke asked slowly, sensing an incredible tension emanating from him. “What’s wrong?”

“My fault,” Reid said harshly, still not looking at him.

“Your fault?” Luke asked in confusion.

“I pushed you. Always pushing you to hold my hand or to kiss me in public or –“

“Stop!” Luke tried to sit higher up in his bed, ignoring the sudden pain. “Don’t say that.”
Reid still was looking away from him. His face tight. He wasn’t crying, but that made it somehow worse. Luke could sense the terrible need in Reid, and he immediately responded to that need.

“Reid,” Luke said quietly, but firmly, “Bad things happen. People get hurt. It’s not always somebody’s fault. “ Luke gave a hard laugh, “Or it is somebody’s fault - ignorant jerks who -“

“And if you hadn’t come out and started being with me- “ Reid said brokenly.

Luke cut him off. “If I hadn’t come out, I’d be dying inside. Do you hear me, Reid? I was dying inside day by day. “ Luke leaned forward, his voice aching with emotion. “I was living lies. Hating myself. And then I met you,” Luke reached for his hand and squeezed it, “And you saved me.“

“But it got you hurt, I got you hurt –“ Reid voice was low and rough, he gripped at Luke’s hand and couldn’t go on.

“You didn’t hurt me.” Luke insisted, “ Bad, stupid guys did… Not you. Okay?”

Luke tried to turn Reid’s head to him, but Reid was being stubborn. The best Luke was able to do was have Reid rest his head on his shoulder. Luke could feel a telling wetness at his neck and finally understood that Reid was trying desperately not to allow him to see him cry.

Luke gently stroked Reid’s hair. He could feel a shudder go through Reid’s body and he knew Reid was fighting for control. The trembling ripped at Luke’s heart.

Luke struggled for the right words. He took a breath, “I know you think cause you’re older and more experienced than I am that you need to be the strong one, “ Luke whispered to him softly, “but you don’t. I’m okay. Really. And I’m right here.” Luke caressed him again. “Look at me,” he commanded Reid.

Reid finally turned and stared up at Luke, just looking at him. His eyes were bluer than Luke had ever seen them. They watched each other wordlessly.

Reid carefully started to put each of his hands against Luke’s cheeks and was about to hold his face between his fingers. But at the last moment, Reid hesitated, afraid his touch would hurt Luke. So he took Luke’s hand and placed it on his chest instead. Luke could feel the steady beat inside his body.

Reid finally met Luke’s eyes again. His own eyes were glistening with emotion. Slowly, Reid raised Luke’s hand from his chest and placed a small kiss on the inside of his palm.

“Luke,” Reid said simply, gazing at him intensely, “I love you.”
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Title: The Last Doughnut
Author: Marsabi
Summary: When Damian disinherits Luke, can he survive in the “real” world? Will he drive Reid crazy in the process?
Disclaimer: Owned by ATWT
Rating: PG- NC-17 (depends on chapter)
Warning: ANGST
A companion to Camp Queer
Thanks traciamc for the read
Previous Chapter:

Part 7 Homecomings

“Here’s one of my favorite people in the whole world!” The voice boomed. His grandmother opened up her arms and Luke embraced her.

“Tell me, darling, tell me everything I missed this summer with you.”

Slowly, Luke told his grandmother about his summer. Luke’s eyes searched Lucinda’s as he said the word “gay,” and her hawk-like gaze held his and never wavered as he told her about the money, and about Reid.

Afterwards Lucinda frowned, “You know, whatever you need from me is fine. Money for school, money to live. It’s yours.”

Luke shifted in his seat. “Thanks, grandmother. But I want to do this alone. Stand on my own two feet. Dad’s letting me stay at the farm rent free, and that’s enough. I’m paying him back through chores and helping with the horses. The rest is up to me. “

“But a waiter? Working for that Henry Coleman? I can give you a job here. At Worldwide.”

“No,” Luke stubbornly shook his head. “It’d still be a gift. Besides, I honestly hate marketing and all of that. I am relieved not to be in Grimaldi shipping or any other business.”

“Fair enough,” Lucinda said. “And good for you darling!” She gave him a pat on his knee. “Be independent! I was. Nobody gave me a damn thing. I went out there and I took it!”

They smiled at each other.

“Now, “ Lucinda commanded, “tell me about your fella –Dr. Oliver.”

Luke blushed. “I think you’d like Reid, “ Luke said shyly “you’re a lot alike.”

“Really? “Lucinda cackled. “Poor man.”

“He’s great,” Luke went on, unaware of how dreamy his face was, “He is strong and honest. Maybe to a fault, but …” Then Luke looked at his grandmother, “It- you don’t mind- hearing about him? “

Lucinda shook off his worries with a wave of her hand, “Having a gay grandson is quite fashionable these days. “ She smiled. “Besides, you were a little too good there before, my sweetheart, this gives you just a little bit of edge.” She teased him. “Although, “ she swept her eyes over Luke’s outfit, “I’d have thought coming out of the closet would have improved your wardrobe.”

Glancing down at his striped shirt and jeans, Luke pulled at them self-consciously.

“Maybe I should get some new things?”

“Yes,“ Lucinda beamed, “We’ll go shopping , Impress our doctor boyfriends. “

Luke laughed, “Please don’t suggest we double date, grandmother, I don’t think I’m quite ready for that.”

“You are excused,” she wagged a finger at him, “for now. “ Then she smiled and said, “It’s good to see you happy. See that beautiful face smile!” She reached out and pinched Luke’s cheeks.

Luke shifted, “I am happy. But mom won’t like your taking my side.”

“She and I are always fighting,” Lucinda shrugged, “no matter.”

She gave Luke a measured look, “Lily is on her way home right now,” Lucinda added. “ She is putting Faith at boarding school today and then flying here with Ethan and Natalie. Did you know that?”

Luke shrugged, “Nobody called and told me,” he said. He swallowed back his hurt. He was now an outsider, looking in at his family. He tried to imagine talking with his mother, sharing anything with her. His mind could only go back to the 4th of July party and her face at his confession that day. The way she’d moved past him as if he no longer existed, and had rushed out of the barn.

“And Damian?” Luke asked, gulping hard now. Would his father even want to see him?

“No” Lucinda replied slowly, “He’s staying in Malta a few more weeks.”

Luke couldn’t help being relieved. He rubbed his sweaty palms up and down his pants.

“I know,“ Lucinda said suddenly, “let’s call her.”


“Your mother. Enough is enough! Let me talk some sense into her right now.”

“Grandmother-“ Luke protested, but Lucinda was already dialing.

Luke caught his lip between his teeth and waited. He couldn’t help the hopeful look in his eyes.

“It’s mother, darling,” Lucinda began, “And I’m sitting here with Luke. He’d like to talk to you and –“

Lucinda frowned and said, “Lily- don’t be an idiot.”

Luke turned away, wrapping his arms around himself.

He barely listened as Lucinda tried again and again to talk to Lily, or when she snapped, “Darling –you’re a fool! Aren’t you the one always accusing me of interfering? Of butting into your choices? And now here you are, making the same mistakes! Hello? Hello!”

Lucinda stared at Luke, a bit shocked. Lily had been so cold and inflexible.

“She hung up,” Luke said, and he brushed away a stray tear with the heel of his hand.

“I’m sorry, Darling. Maybe when you see each other at the farm later? She’s taking the kids there and –“

“Maybe,” Luke’s voice was flat.

“Forget it. Forget her ,” Lucinda forced a big smile at him, she hated seeing the pain in her grandson’s eyes, “ Let’s go shop!”

“Thanks Grandmother,” Luke replied softly, “but another time.”


After doing some errands around town and trying without success to see Reid, Luke went home to tend to the horses.

At the farm, the limo was parked out front and he knew it right away – his mother’s car.
Lucinda had been right. She was back.

He reluctantly forced himself to walk into the house. The first thing Luke saw were his siblings eating at the kitchen table.

“Look at you guys!” Luke exclaimed, suddenly feeling happy. He was so glad to see them! He went over to Natalie and Ethan to hug them.

“Hi, “ Natalie answered stiffly, not returning his warm hug.

Luke looked into her small face and saw her eyes were cold and unsure.

“Luke! “ Ethan said smiling, he opened his tiny arms. He was so innocent. Luke breathed in his boyish smell. He hugged his brother, wanting to cry.

“Ethan!” A sharp voice said, “Come away.”

“Why?” Ethan asked.

Lily just shook her head. “Go see your father upstairs. Our visit here is almost over.”

Natalie and Ethan went to Holden’s room. Lily and Luke stared at each other across the kitchen table.

“Mom,” Luke finally said softly.

Lily just shook her head. She had Luke’s eyes color. They had the same shaped mouth and chin. But as Luke looked at his mother, he felt like he was looking at a stranger.

“What’d you tell them?” He said hoarsely, “What did you say to Natalie about me?’

Lily shrugged, “We just told her you’re making bad decisions lately, and were not to be trusted right now. “ She glared at him , “We certainly didn’t tell her the disgusting details.”

“Enough , Lily!” Holden entered the room. He walked over and put a protective hand on Luke.

“No , it isn’t enough ,” Lily snapped. Soon they were in a bitter argument over him. Luke’s eyes looked toward the stairs, and he prayed Natalie and Ethan couldn’t hear. It wasn’t fair to them. They were so young and they depended on their parents being kind to each other.His parents fought back and forth.

Luke could not make himself speak. He just sat there and watched the ugliness.

Until finally, he found the strength to get up and walk out to the porch. As he listened to them, Luke thought maybe he should try and fix it. He hugged his arms around his waist. He could hear them yelling some more. They were all pulling at each other, his whole family was being split down the middle. Because of him. Luke covered his hands over his eyes.

“This is because of you.”

Luke whirled around at the sound of his mother’s voice. He had not heard Lily join him on the porch.

“I’m so disappointed in you, Luke,” she was saying.

Just months ago, Luke would have caved into that tone, given in to the let down on her face.
Just months ago, he’d been deeply in the closet, trying so hard to please her and Damian.

“I’m disappointed in you too,” Luke heard himself say. To think he’d been about to try and apologize her. Luke narrowed his eyes. He was done with that. Just months ago, he’d been a scared boy. But now he was growing up. He was a man. And he had Reid.

“It’s that man,” Lily said, the words spit out at Luke, like it caused her pain to say them. “He’s done this to you. I wish you’d never met him.”

“I’ll be sure to tell him that the next time we kiss,” Luke answered.

Lily gasped.

Luke own eyes widened with surprise; he’d never spoken to her quite so bluntly.

Then slowly Luke smiled; it felt damn good. He pressed against the screen door and held it open for Lily.

“Goodbye Mom,” he said.

She brushed past him without another word.

After she left, Luke sank to his knees for a moment. The victorious feeling had faded, and he felt the sting of losing her, losing so many people he loved. Luke inhaled a deep breath. But he wasn’t going to take the blame for it. Not anymore. He just wasn’t.


After a long shower, Luke showed up at Al’s to work the dinner rush. Henry and Vienna had called and asked him if he minded coming in on his day off. They had some kind of unexpected, big date night planned. Luke was happy to agree. Reid was supposed to work the late shift, and he really did not want to stay at the farm and look at Holden’s sad eyes. His dad’s pain at the situation was his pain too.

Now Al’s was almost empty. The supper crowd had come and gone. The hour was getting late. Even the cook, who was sick with a bad cold, had taken off, after Luke had urged him to leave and feel better. There were only two tables left anyhow, an older man who was eating a burger at a snail’s pace, and a table of rowdy college boys. Luke had served the boys before, and had endured their spitballs and lousy tip. He wasn’t too happy that they were back. He glanced at the clock. Only another hour and he could lock up for the night.

“Hey there,” Reid said, coming down the stairs, dressed in scrubs.

They had not seen each other all day. Luke had wanted to run over to him, after the scene with Lily, but Reid had been preoccupied on the phone with some kind of problem at work. Then he had needed to go and sleep between his shifts. Luke’s eyes swept over him hungrily. He looked so good. Luke had missed him so much.

For his part, Reid was in a hurry to get to work. He had just argued with Bob over the phone about another complaint against him. Supposedly, Reid had failed to write down the correct post-op procedure for his patient, which Reid insisted was ridiculous. Bob thought he had made a simple mistake. Reid told Bob he didn’t make mistakes, simple or otherwise. He was impatient to get to Memorial and clear the whole mess up.

“Are you going in for the entire night?” Luke was asking him now.

“Looks likely. You can crash at my place if you want though.”


Reid shrugged. “Sure. Why should you drive all the way back to the farm?”

Luke’s face lit up like Reid had just offered him a trip to Disney World.

“Thanks!” He put down the tray he’d been holding and gave Reid an impulsive hug.

Luke just wanted to hold his boyfriend, to touch him. He ran a finger along Reid’s jaw. He longed to tell Reid about Lily and their fight, but he figured it would have to wait. He buried his face a moment in the crook of Reid’s neck. Then, when Luke felt Reid’s arms wrap around him, he lifted up his face to Reid’s and gave him an open-mouthed kiss.

Reid returned his kiss with surprise. Luke was usually still shy about that sort of thing in public.

When they broke apart, Luke was grinning at him.

“What was that for?” Reid asked.

“I don’t know. Just cause.”

Reid smiled at him. “I suddenly wish I didn’t have to go to work.”

“Me too,” Luke said. Then he shrugged, “But we can talk when you get back.”

“Sure,” Reid answered as Luke walked him to the door of Al’s, “Talking was exactly what I was planning to do with you.”

Luke laughed and watched Reid until he disappeared. Then he turned and settled the bill with the old man, who had finished a little more burger and was ready to leave.
Luke looked at the clock again. He walked over to the table of college boys.

“Hey guys,’ He told them, “ We close in 15 minutes . Anything else you need?”

“Not from you,” One of the young men answered, pushing his baseball cap down over his eyes. “Fagot.”

“I- I’m sorry?” Luke said, thinking he misunderstood him.

Another one at the table stood up. “You heard us.”

“That was sick,” said a third, “Watching you and that guy. Made me wanna puke.”

The four of them were all standing by now. Luke swallowed uneasily and took a tentative step back.

“Sorry it offended you,” he said , trying to remain calm, “But you’re free to go and never come here again.”

“You telling us what to do now, fag boy?” The one in the cap shoved at Luke.

The others circled him.

“N-No,” Luke stammered out. “I –“

They did not give him a chance to say any more. The four of them attacked Luke, kicking and punching him over and over. Pain radiated in every part of his body. Luke raised his arms up and tried to protect his face from a kick. They only kicked him harder. Luke could hear them laughing as they punched him. He could taste blood. He could feel his mouth moving and trying to scream.

Then Luke’s world went black.
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Title: The Last Doughnut
Author: Marsabi
Summary: When Damian disinherits Luke, can he survive in the “real” world? Will he drive Reid crazy in the process?
Disclaimer: Owned by ATWT
Rating: PG- NC-17 (depends on chapter)
Warning: None
A companion to Camp Queer
Thanks traciamc for the read
Previous chapter:

Part 6 Last Doughnut

There was no escape. Reid tried to deny it, ignore it, hide from it.

But Luke was a terrible waiter. Being Luke, he worked extremely hard. Reid watched him at his first shift. He scurried around, frantically setting up tables and filling up ketchup and mustard bottles. Then he stacked the jelly, and put out the shakers of pepper and salt. He moved carefully, biting his tongue in earnest concentration. He looked that same way whenever Reid taught him something new in bed.

Luke had made coffee, awful, watery stuff that Reid had forced down his throat. Coffee grains were on the side of his cup. Reid winced, but drank it because Luke’s expressive eyes were on him.

Then the breakfast crowd poured in the diner. At first, Reid thought Luke might do a decent job. His first customers appeared happy. Luke was laughing and talking to a young couple, completely charming them with stories of traveling in Europe. It would have gone well if Luke had actually paid attention to their food. While he chatted on and on, he’d let their eggs turn cold and runny. Luke was so busy describing the wonders of Malta, that he failed to even notice the problem. The couple tasted their breakfast and exchanged looks. Luke beamed at them so sweetly that the poor couple had smiled bravely and eaten it.

His next table was a family. The children whined and played with the jam, smearing some on the walls. The mother tuned it all out, texting on her phone. The boys at the table soon had a sword fight with their forks. Luke politely tried to stop them, but the parents ignored it. The father only wanted to know if his little crumb-snatchers could eat for free.

“Free?” Luke looked around puzzled.

“Yes, do kids eat free today. They do right?” The man demanded.

“I- I guess so,” Luke nodded, “Sure.” Luke nervously shredded a napkin in one hand, saw what he was doing, and quickly stuffed it away. He wore a big button on his apron that read “Ask me about our Big Sized Burgers!”

Reid was pretty certain Al’s had no ‘ Kids Eat for Free’ days. He groaned to himself at his seat. Well, it was his very first day. Maybe he would improve.

Just minutes later, Luke walked past him carrying a tray of juice glasses, “It’s going really well,” he excitedly whispered to Reid. Then he dropped the tray. A sticky mess of juice and glass covered the floor. Luke looked startled.

Henry ran out of the kitchen with a mop, and Reid had the feeling Henry was already regretting hiring Luke. Watching Hank becoming flustered was the only good part of the whole disaster, at least for Reid.

Luke, meanwhile, had moved on with determination to his next table. He greeted the two men enthusiastically , pumping their hands up and down like they were long lost friends. Reid watched his perky stride as he fetched the men their breakfast. He practically sashayed around the restaurant. That made Reid hide a smile behind his menu; Luke probably wouldn’t like being told he sashayed. Pranced maybe? Nope, he wouldn’t like to be told that either.

Luke was nodding at the two men, listening to their stories as he poured them cups of his horrendous coffee. Reid glanced up at the clock on the wall of the diner. He really needed to get to work. He glanced at Luke again.

Luke looked across the way at him and smiled.

Reid couldn’t help thinking Luke was like walking sunshine, and the world was dull before him. Reid picked up his things and stood up. He also couldn’t help thinking Luke might be fired by the time he returned from work. He hesitated by Al’s front door. He wasn’t certain he should leave.

Luke seemed oblivious to his job hanging by a thread. He waved a cheery goodbye to Reid and took his next table’s order.


At Memorial, Reid was not off to a great start either. To his surprise, he had apparently missed a meeting scheduled for after lunch. He frowned down at his date book. He always kept the planner and his pencil on his desk, and he always meticulously wrote down his appointments. But somehow this meeting had not been there. Bob had expressed his unhappiness. Chris had gloated. Reid had briefly wondered if Chris hadn’t snuck in and erased his notes.

Then, the nurse Reid requested as his OR nurse never showed up. She had been requested by another doctor too, and that wasn’t supposed to happen. The doctor argued that the nurse was assigned to him that day. That led Reid to a pretty ugly exchange with the skinny, flat-assed doctor. Luke would be disappointed in him. He’d actually made the doctor tear up. That had been a first. Usually he only made the nurses cry. He’d ended up using that ditzy Gretchen in the OR, who met all his orders with a blank expression. She almost passed out, when Reid peeled the skin back off the patient’s face and dug into his frontal lobe.


During the evening rush at Al’s, relieved to be done at the hospital, Reid could only watch his boyfriend in horror as he went from one dining disaster to another.
The first lady Luke took an order from wanted her steak well done, but he forgot to put the order in while he had played a game of peek-a-boo with a nearby toddler. When he’d finally realized it, Luke had tried sticking the steak in the microwave to speed up the cooking process. Of course, the poor lady bit into a steak that tasted like a rubber tire. She picked up her knife, cutting at it furiously, while Luke apologized profusely.

Meanwhile, a gaggle of teenage girls were there too, ordering desserts and giggling over Luke. He had smiled at them and blushed.

“What can I get you?” he asked them.

One of the girls dropped her fork. Luke bent over to retrieve it.

“Oops,” the girl said.

Luke picked it up, looking puzzled at the girls’ giggles. As he finished the order, a second girl deliberately dropped a spoon this time. Luke bent over once again.

The girls found this hilarious. They checked out his ass gleefully. Reid couldn’t really blame them there. Those girls were the only customers of the day he didn’t think were complete morons.

Taking a quick, appreciative glance of Luke’s ripe ass himself, Reid quietly snuck upstairs to his apartment. He couldn’t watch any more of Luke’s mistakes.


When he knew that Luke’s shift was over, Reid came down. He sought out Luke and found him sitting in a booth, groaning.

“Not a great day” Reid asked, sliding into the booth.

“It went okay, I think,” Luke said, “ It’s pretty hard.”

Reid nodded. He was about to be honest with Luke and tell him flat out what a crap waiter he was, when Luke added, “I’m exhausted.” He really did have circles under his Bambi eyes.

“Come here,” Reid commanded, and Luke moved over to him.

Reid picked Luke’s legs up and pulled off his socks and sneakers. He gently rubbed Luke’s feet.

Luke practically moaned in pleasure, “You have no idea how good that feels. “ He sighed. “How did you know my feet would be so sore?”

Reid just shrugged. He had waited tables through college. He remembered aching feet. Of course, Reid had been a fantastic waiter. He never forgot an order, he always refilled drinks, and he was always efficient. Talking to the customers had been the only tricky part. He’d just ignored them as they complained endlessly and occupied his mind with his chess moves or college exam questions.

He massaged Luke’s toes some more. “There are other jobs,” he said quietly. He thought about suggesting Luke try and find a job writing. It was a touchy subject though, because of his family.

“Oh, no,” Luke answered and lifted his head to shoot Reid a big, goofy smile, his dimples flashing, “I couldn’t let Henry down. Besides, my feet will get used to it. It was my first day.”

“Sure,” Reid nodded.

“Tomorrow will be fine,” Luke added optimistically, and Reid couldn’t help smiling at him. That was the thing he was discovering about Luke; underneath his sweetness was a giant, stubborn streak. Part of Reid wanted to knock some sense into him, but another part of him admired Luke’s determination .

But the next day, at Luke’s breakfast shift, disasters continued. Reid had overslept, but as he walked into Al’s he took it all in. A bunch of rowdy college boys were shooting spitballs, and a man was insisting on bringing in his drooling dog. Worst of all, an older couple kept complaining and sending back their food.

“These eggs are too dry,” the old lady whined, “they taste like cardboard, no flavor. “

“You said plain and no butter,” Luke answered in confusion.

“Make them again,’ the lady ordered him.

Luke brought out new ones.

“These eggs are too oily,” the old man said. “We both have high blood pressure , you know?
Trying to put us in an early grave? “

“Sorry!” Luke quickly said again.”You said to add flavor…” When they just shook their heads at him, Luke took away the eggs.

After catering to the old couple’s every complaint, Luke came back to an empty table and no tip.

He glanced that them with a stunned, hurt face as they were walking out the door.

“We’re on a budget, “ the old man had just shrugged.

“Fixed income, “the old lady added.

Luke just nodded and then smiled, forgivingly. Reid was only surprised that Luke didn’t give them his own few dollars. Reid sighed. He hoped that couple would end up at Memorial one day soon, and he could show them something to really complain about. For now, he watched as the boys flung more spitballs, and the man demanded more syrup, and Luke bounced back and forth like an abused pinball.

As Luke finally had a moment to approach him, Reid drew in a deep breath. This was it.
He was done with this idiocy. His boyfriend was not going to put up with this crap. Reid was not going to watch him put up with it.

He had to tell Luke that he sucked, it was the kinder thing to do. Reid watched Luke walk to him, wiping one greasy hand on his forehead. Luke’s other hand was in his apron pocket. He started to open his mouth and give Luke a stern lecture.

“Here,” Luke whispered , interrupting Reid, as he bent down and brushed a quick kiss over Reid’s lips. Luke was finally beginning to give him affection in public.

“What?” Reid asked. He was irritated that Luke had cut him off. But he also took in Luke’s appearance. Luke looked messy, and sweaty and his hair was all floppy. His bashful smile made it clear that Luke probably thought he looked awful without his normal time to primp or use his million hair products. Reid thought he looked edible.

Luke glanced around for Henry or Vienna, and then he pulled a big powdered doughnut, wrapped in plastic wrap, out of his apron pocket.

“For you,” Luke beamed. “I save you the last doughnut.” He pressed it into Reid’s hand. “I know you got up late today. I know how you love the doughnuts. “

Powdered doughnuts made Reid salivate. He devoured them. Many times, he managed to grab one at the diner, but other times they were long gone before he came downstairs. He had often whined to Luke about missing his favorite breakfast fix, but he hadn’t thought Luke had been listening to him.

Reid stared into his boyfriend’s sweet face. He unwrapped the doughnut and automatically bit down into the sugary snack.

“Thanks,” Reid murmured gruffly. All thoughts of his prepared speech to Luke fled from his mind.

Luke crossed his arms and observed Reid’s happy face. “You’re more excited by that doughnut than you were at the flowers I brought on our first date.”

Reid glanced up at him, a thin film of sugar already on his mouth. “What can I say? “ He shrugged, “Doughnuts are very romantic.” He offered Luke a warm smile.

Luke shook his head at him. “I’ll have to remember that,” he laughed.

“You do that,” Reid told him, and took a second bite. He closed his eyes in ecstasy.

Every day after, Luke saved him the last doughnut. That whole week, he’d offer one to Reid as he left for Memorial, or Reid would find it on a tray outside of his apartment door. Sometimes there was milk with it too.

Every morning, Reid tried to tell Luke that his waiter skills were terrible. And then he’d see the doughnut.


It was Luke’s day off. Reid knew that he was going to see his grandmother; she had just arrived in town. But he had remembered the doughnut- it was waiting on a tray outside of his door. Luke had spent a long, delicious night in his arms. They’d had sex in Reid’s shower, on his floor, in his bed. Luke was demanding one moment and whimpering the next. His energy had been endless, amazing. Then again, sex with Luke was never boring or predictable, and it wasn’t just because of all the different positions they tried. It was Luke. They way he gave himself- so completely, so trustingly - going wherever Reid would take him. It was that expression of pleased delight on his face every time he made Reid moan, and it was that expression of intense, almost painful joy sweeping across Luke’s features just before his own orgasm rocked through his body.

Reid was stunned Luke could walk, much less remember to grab him a doughnut on his way out.
Reid sighed as he picked up the treat. This whole situation was beginning to scare the shit out of him. Sometimes, it was all Reid could do not to babble stupidly in Luke’s arms.

As he made his way downstairs, he found Henry and Vienna huddled by the kitchen, whispering back and forth. They broke off guilty when they spotted Reid.

They looked at him.

“I’m sorry, “ Vienna told him, “but we are trying to find a way to let Luke go.”

“No!”Reid protested, “You can’t. He’ll be…You just can’t.”

“It isn’t working,’ Henry said, his eyes truly sorry, “ He ‘s a great kid, but an awful waiter- “

“It’s his first week!”

"He broken several plates and glasses, he let people eat for free, he burns food or serves it cold , he- “

“Okay , Okay- “ Reid cut him off. “I’ll pay you,” Reid interrupted, “for those plates and glasses. “

Henry stared at him.

“He’ll improve,” Reid said quickly.

Henry and Vienna exchanged looks.

“Hank?”Reid added, but his name sounded like please. “Think of Luke’s pride. This is his first job.”

The two men looked at each other.

“Alright,” Henry said, rolling his eyes. “One more week – a trial. “ Then he gave Reid a disgusted glare. “Appealing to my sense of honor –a low blow!”

“I know, “ Reid grinned at him, “morality can be a bitch.”

Henry grinned back a second, and then went into the kitchen.

Vienna smiled widely at Reid.

“What?” Reid asked, irritated.

“You know, “she laughed.

“No. I don’t.” Reid tried to walk away from her, but she followed him outside the diner.

“When are you going to tell Luke? “ She asked.

“Tell him what? That he sucks as a waiter? I hope never.”

“No,” Vienna touched Reid’s arm, “that you love him?”

“I- what? “ Reid sputtered. “Love? Why are you bringing love into this?”

Vienna just stared at him. She cocked her head to one side. “So you don’t love him?”

Reid eyes narrowed. “Love is – “ he waved his hand , “so not the point here. Luke deserves a fair shot to improve and…” He trailed off as Vienna continued to smile at him. “Oh, put that dumb grin away,” Reid snapped. “Even if I did, love him,” Reid said, “What’s it matter? “

“Well, I think he loves you too and – “

Reid shook his head at her. “I’m his first” , he told Vienna impatiently. “We all think we love our first, but it’s just a crush. Just that combination of hormones and gratitude.”

Vienna clucked her tongue in a disapproving sound, “I think you’re wrong. You should find out. Give it a chance.”

“Thanks, mom,” Reid drawled, his features tight and closed off. “But spare me advice from the woman who keeps Hank warm at night.”

Vienna sighed. Reid was so stubborn. Why couldn’t he see that Luke was a sensitive man, the type who only loved truly and deeply?

“Fine,“ she said to Reid, “keep it all bottled inside.”

“Fine,” Reid agreed, “Can you stop pestering me now? What is it with the people in this town in everybody else’s business? “ He hurried away from her, feeling like he might crawl out of his skin.


Vienna watched him stride away. She bit her lips and tried not to laugh at him. Maybe Henry would want to play the Virgin and the Doctor in bed that night- such a lovely, lovely game.
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Title: The Last Doughnut
Author: Marsabi
Summary: When Damian disinherits Luke, can he survive in the “real” world? Will he drive Reid crazy in the process?
Disclaimer: Owned by ATWT
Rating: PG- NC-17 (depends on chapter)
Warning: None
A companion to Camp Queer
Thanks traciamc for the read
Previous chapters:

Part 5 Over Easy

A few days later, Luke and Reid were walking to Al’s, when Luke spotted a dejected Maddie sitting on a nearby bench. Luke nudged Reid.

“Go over with me, “ he said. “Let’s talk to her a moment.”

“I don’t know,” Reid hesitated, “She looks all depressed.”


“So?” Reid’s mouth curled up and he gave a mock shudder,” She might need a hug or something. “

Luke laughed, “Fine. Run away into Al’s. But I’m going to talk with Maddie.”

“You are an excellent boyfriend,” Reid declared and gave Luke a fast kiss, before he could change his mind. Reid didn’t want to wait and have Luke guilt him into going over to Maddie to make small talk with her. He need not have worried, his words and that kiss thrilled Luke to his toes.

Maddie was watching them by now. She gave them a small wave. Reid nodded at her and then left.Luke went and sat down next to her.

Maddie smiled, “Why can’t life be like an old movie?” she asked him.

“What do you mean? ” Luke said. “Black and White?’

“Simple,” she sighed. She looked at him and said “Casey’s back.” Seeing Luke’s excited face , she quickly added, “And he wants nothing to do with me. If this were a movie, he’d rush into my arms and call me his girl again,” she frowned, “ the way he used to.“

“Well,” Luke offered, “it must be a lot for him, to be out of jail and have to readjust. Maybe give him time?”

Maddie shook her head impatiently, “Time? “ she complained, “I gave him time. I waited for him. No,” she scowled, “ I should just grab him by his stupid red hair and drag him to Lookout Point.”

Luke laughed. He thought a moment about Look Out Point. When he’d been in high school, all his friends had taken their dates there. But Luke never went. He had always imagined going with somebody special.

“I’ll take Reid too,” he told Maddie impulsively, “We could double-date.”

Luke glanced wistfully toward Al’s. Never in a million years could he see Reid agreeing to go and make out at some high school hangout.

Maddie giggled. “That would be a sight.” Her eyes turned back to being sad, “Not that Casey would go anywhere with me right now.”

Luke gave her a sympathetic look and squeezed her hand.

Maybe it didn’t matter if he missed out on all those past times; if he had never fit in. He had Reid now. They had a future.

“Do you want me to talk to Casey?” he asked Maddie. “Try and get him to open up?”

Maddie shrugged. “Maybe. I don’t know. “ She rested her head on Luke’s shoulder. “Just promise that you’ll be my friend.”

Luke wrapped his arm around her tightly. “Always,” he assured Maddie. “I’m here for you.”

“Me too, Luke,” Maddie vowed, “I’m here for you too.” They smiled at each other.


Inside of Al’s, Reid and Henry were going at it.

“You think you’re so smart, “ Henry was saying, aiming his spatula at Reid’s chest, “ just because your some –“

“ - Genius?” Reid supplied.

“No! Some- “

“Harvard educated doctor?”

“No-“ Henry sputtered. “So arrogant! But you’ll get yours.”

Reid took the spatula out of Henry’s hand, “It won’t be you, Hank. You just can’t get the best of me. Not in this lifetime. Not a snowball’s chance in hell.”

“Ha!” Henry bragged, “little do you know how devious I can be.”

“Really?” Reid drawled.

“ I can fool you anytime , Oliver. I’ve been a priest, a chambermaid, and a talk show host. Fooling you is nothing.”

“I’ll call you in if a patient of mine needs last rites- oh wait,” Reid smacked his head with his hand. “None of them ever do.” He smiled at Henry, “But your maid skills, hmmm…- do you change bedpans?”

Henry grabbed back his spatula, “One of these days- “ he threatened again.

Reid grinned, “Care to bet on that?”

“Henry!” Vienna ordered, looking up from her fashion magazine, “No gambling.”

Henry smiled at her, “Of course not, my angel.” He narrowed his eyes at Reid and whispered, “You’re on.”

“Looking forward to collecting soon, “ Reid laughed. Then he took the spatula from Henry once more, twirled it like a baton, and threw it into the nearby sink.

Reid looked at Vienna. “Tell Luke I’ll be right back.” He whistled on his way up the stairs to his room. It was always a good day when he could drive Henry insane.


Casey stood at the doors of Memorial, inwardly sighing as he caught sight of his Uncle Chris. Chris hurried over.

“I have a golf game in an hour,” he told Casey. “I only have time for a quick tour.”

“Fine,” Casey shrugged, “whatever.”

“Casey,” Chris scolded, “if you’re going to work here as an orderly, you should be at least upbeat. No one wants a gloomy face.”

Casey forced a smile. Man, his uncle was a douche. This was painful, having to act grateful .

Chris toured him around. “Here are the keys to the doctors’ offices. “ he told him, “You will be responsible for mopping them up and keeping them all clean.” Casey nodded,” Which one is Dr. Oliver’s?” He asked Chris in a casual tone.

“Him?” Chris’s mouth looked sour. “Over there, that one. But feel free to keep his a mess,” Chris laughed. “I hate that guy.”

Casey looked at Chris, "Really? Why?”

Chris just shrugged, “He has a God complex around here.”

Casey nodded and said nothing. He pocketed the keys. Chris hated Reid, huh? That might be useful.


Outside of Al’s, Maddie tapped Luke’s hand, “So. Let’s stop talking about Casey. How is your love life?”

Luke looked down at the ground, blushing.

Maddie poked him in the side, “That good? “ She laughed. “Although, I still have trouble seeing you with Dr. Oliver. He’s so ...” Maddie shrugged at him, not wanting to offend Luke.

“I know,” Luke half-smiled, “He ‘s rude. A lot, “ Luke added, his eyes dancing. “He’s rude all the time.”

Maddie’s mouth fell open, “It turns you on!”


“His snark. You like it.”

“M-Maybe. “ Luke flushed. He gazed away a moment, and then turned back to Maddie. “I just like how he tells it like it is- no bullshit. And underneath it all, he can,” Luke turned scarlet now, “ be sweet. “

“Uh-oh” Maddie said.

“Uh-Oh what? “ Luke asked.

“You’re already head-over-heels .”

Luke started to deny it, but couldn’t.

Maddie studied Luke, “Protect yourself,” she advised her friend, “ I speak from experience.” But she knew it was too late for Luke. He was so open. She sighed again. She had been like that with Casey once.

“Just don’t use the L word with him” she warned.

Luke caught his lip between his teeth. It had crossed his mind to tell Reid he loved him; he’d almost told him just the day before. But he trusted Maddie’s opinions.

“Why not?” He asked hesitantly.

Maddie shook her head sadly, “Men like Reid don’t like to hear that kind of thing. “

Reluctantly, Luke nodded in agreement. “He does hate the touchy-feely stuff,” Luke admitted.

“Casey did too.”

They were silent, both thinking of their men.

“So…What else is new?” Maddie asked finally.

“Well, “ Luke said, “I’m poor.”

“What?” Maddie gasped.

Luke filled her in about Damian.

“What you need,” she told him,” is to stand up on your own. A job.”

“Yeah,” Luke agreed, “but what can I do? I’ve never really worked before and-“

Maddie’s eyes suddenly gleamed. She took him by the hand,” Come with me,” she said, pulling
Luke into Al’s, “this is one problem I can fix”


Reid left his apartment and headed back into the diner. His eyes swept over the place until he saw Luke. Luke was talking to Henry and Maddie. But when he saw Reid, he left them and practically ran over. Luke threw himself into Reid’s arms and gave him a huge hug. He literally squeezed the breath out of Reid and then stepped back. His whole face was beaming with joy.

“What happened?” Reid asked. “Did you just win the lottery?”

“Better!” Luke replied enthusiastically, “I got a job!”

“A job?”

“Yeah, right here at Al’s! I’m going to wait tables.”

Reid stared at Luke in shock. Luke gave him another big hug.

Henry walked over, a grin on his face.

“Yeah- now Luke can be here 24/7, “ Henry smirked. “Always here.”

Reid narrowed his eyes at Henry, who batted his own eyes at Reid.

“I mean, I will take my last class for college and finish, “ Luke was saying, “Henry agreed to work around that. And I know this is just temporary, but I’ll be earning my own paycheck. My own way!” He smiled at Reid, waiting for Reid’s approval. Luke was practically doing a little happy dance in front of him.

And how could Reid not give his approval to Luke? Just days ago, Luke had been so devastated and so determined to not cry. Now he was so happy. Reid glared at Henry a second. Then he smiled gently at Luke and said, “Congrats. Maybe now I’ll get a decent cup of coffee in this rat trap of a diner.”

Luke shot him one of his stunning, earth-shattering smiles. Reid swallowed hard, feeling his heart flip over. He suddenly wanted to get Luke alone.

“Come on, Luke,” Maddie smiled, “I’ll show you the kitchen.”

“I can’t wait!” Luke said. He dashed off.

“Me either,” Reid grumbled.

“Guess Luke will be able to keep you on your best behavior, Oliver.” Henry said. “He’ll be here watching you.”

“Kind of like the leash Vienna has you on?” Reid suggested sweetly.

Henry shrugged, “I’m a trained man and proud of it. But you? “ He laughed at Reid, “Mr. Obnoxious? How do you feel about a chain?”

Vienna came over to them. “What are you two fighting about now?”

“Nothing, my flower. “ Henry assured her. “Just chatting about the weather.” He looked out the window. “Guess it ‘s cold outside,” Henry said smugly, his eyes on Reid.

“Cold?” Vienna laughed, “It’s nearly August. “

“Yes,” Henry openly grinned now, “But hell has just frozen over.”

He rubbed his palms together like he was about to collect some money and, laughing even more, Henry went back into the kitchen.

Vienna looked at Reid, puzzled. “Really, sometimes I have no idea what Henry is talking about. “ She shrugged and went back to her magazine.

Reid just rolled his eyes. He glanced toward the kitchen and sighed.


“Hey,” Luke said, standing outside of Reid’s apartment above Al’s.

“Hey,” Reid answered, “I wasn’t sure you were still here.”
"Yeah,” Luke stepped into the room, “It took longer than I thought to go over everything.
There’s a lot to know." He looked around Reid’s place. “Anyhow, thank you,” he told Reid. He had not been inside in a long time.

“For what?” Reid asked.

Luke shrugged, “For earlier. Listening to me the other day about Damian. Just being there for me.”

“Oh,” Reid smiled, “that.”

Luke walked over to his coffee table and began to nervously stack Reid’s magazines. “Yeah that. I want you to know…” He kept his gaze down.”I would return the favor any time. If you ever need to talk?” He looked up at Reid. He wished Reid would tell him something, anything important to him. He tried again, “Or if anything is ever bothering you at work or here, I can listen?”

“Nothing bothers me,” Reid dismissed quickly, “ It all bounces off. I’m like rubber.”

“Bendable? “Luke laughed.

“Hey,” Reid chuckled, “pretty funny, Luke,” Reid grinned widely at him.

“I try,” Luke smiled. “ But I bow to the master.”

“As you should,” Reid answered. “And I’m restraining myself here at your word choice.”

They exchanged a flirtatious look.

Then Luke sobered a moment. “Seriously, if you want to talk , I –“

“Shh,” Reid pressed a finger to his lips. Reid’s mind flashed briefly on the Grimaldi grant and his worry over the loss of it, but as he met Luke’s eager gaze, he just couldn’t bring himself to burden Luke with it. “I’m good,” he shrugged.

“Oh.” Luke nodded. He guessed Maddie was right about discussing their feelings. He clearly did not want to have a talk of any kind. Reid certainly would not want to hear how much Luke loved him.

Luke turned and rubbed his cheek against Reid’s palm like a cat seeking affection. Reid stroked his cheek and jaw a moment in response. Luke would just have to express himself and his love in the only way he knew Reid would accept.

Luke slid his hands over Reid’s pants and massaged his firm backside. Then he grabbed Reid’s belt and slowly slid it off of its loops.

Reid watched him intently. Their gaze held as Luke dropped on his knees.


Luke was lifted at his hips, his neck arched back, his feet swung over Reid’s shoulders. Reid pushed inside of him, his blue eyes looking down at Luke’s flushed skin. He lowered his mouth to Luke’s and kissed him hungrily, swallowing up Luke’s moans. At the same time, Reid hammered in and out, his pounding into Luke’s body insatiable. They were both caught in a thick haze of desire. The pressure between them building and building, until it exploded in an intense, all-consuming release.

Afterwards, they were side by side in Reid’s bed.

Luke played with Reid’s fingers, and then raised his hand to his lips. Reid smiled in the darkness.

“Stay?” He asked Luke softly.

“Okay,” Luke replied neutrally, but his pulse raced with delight.

When they woke up in the morning, their hands were still clasped, their bodies still tangled together, and their eyes were instantly on each other.

They both couldn’t imagine a better way to begin the day.
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Title: The Last Doughnut
Author: Marsabi
Summary: When Damian disinherits Luke, can he survive in the “real” world? Will he drive Reid crazy in the process?
Disclaimer: Owned by ATWT
Rating: PG- NC-17 (depends on chapter)
Warning: None

A companion to Camp Queer
Thanks traciamc for the read

Part Four - Topsy-Turvey

“Come on!” Luke begged.

“No,” Reid stated flatly.

“Please?” Luke poured a glass of lemonade for himself.

“I don’t ride horses,” Reid told him, irritated.

Luke shook his head at Reid. “You came all the way out to the farm with me, listened to me go on and on about a sunset ride, and now you’re saying you won’t go? “

“Pretty much.” Reid took Luke’s lemonade and sipped at it. “Horses smell, they have flies, and they aren’t safe. “ Reid crunched down on the ice.

Luke watched Reid take his drink and just smiled. He poured himself a second glass. He could wear the good doctor down. Reid would be on top of a horse in no time.

“What’s this?” Reid asked, fingering a fat envelope with Luke’s name left on the kitchen table.


He handed the envelope to Luke.

Luke frowned in puzzlement. He rarely received mail at the farm, yet and the envelope was addressed to him from some strange law firm.

“Is your dad around to ask about it?” Reid said, sensing Luke’s surprise.

Luke shook his head, “No, he called to tell me he took my grandma to see my Aunt Meg. I wonder what this is about?”

Reid shrugged, “Only one way to find out.”

After reading a moment, Luke sank down into a chair in shock. He had expected Damian’s fury, his attack…He had not expected to just be out and out rejected.

The letter stated in cold, legal terms that Luke was no longer the Grimaldi heir. He was disinherited completely. He was to have no personal contact with his father ever again. The money was hard enough to wrap his mind around, but his heart immediately stung at the frigid way the news had been sent. No phone call, no warning ,no goodbye. Just done. His father had declared him no longer his son. A wave of intense hurt made it hard for Luke to breathe.

He sat there open-mouthed.

Reid took the letter from him and quickly read its contents.

He was quiet a long moment.

“So,” Reid finally said softly, “guess I’ll no longer be calling you Trust Fund.”

Luke forced out a laugh, “Ah, the bright side of this.”

Reid reached out and gently rubbed at Luke’s shoulders.

“Don’t worry,” Luke said, attempting to joke, “I can still give you a free meal,” He gestured to Emma’s stocked fridge and tried to smile.

“Food can solve any problem, “ Reid answered. But neither one was laughing.

Luke looked bleakly into Reid’s worried eyes. “I don’t care,” he told him, his lip jutting out with determination. “I don’t.”

Reid just nodded.

Luke stood up. He drank his lemonade in one fast gulp. “I am not crying over this,” he told Reid, and his eyes were dry and burning.

It frightened Reid a little. But he also understood Luke’s desperate need to be strong.

“Right. Who needs billions of bucks any way? We always have each other. And Taco Bell. “

Luke nodded back, “Taco Bell is good and it’s cheap. “ Luke took a deep breath. “I’ll find my own way alone.”

Reid took his hand. He ran his thumb across Luke’s palm. “You’re not alone, “Reid said.

Luke’s mouth suddenly trembled and he leaned into Reid’s body.

Reid inhaled Luke’s sweet, fresh scent. He stroked his back.

“Reid,” Luke suddenly pulled away and stared at him.


“I-“ Luke looked off, biting his lip.

“Just tell me what you need?” Reid whispered.

Luke looked back, “I need you, “ he answered. “I need you right now.”

“No problem,” Reid answered, “I just happen to be available.”


They banged open Luke’s bedroom door, their mouths launched on each other. Luke couldn’t catch his breath. He could hear his own gasps and little moans of pleasure at each thrust of Reid’s tongue.

Luke craved Reid’s taste, deepening the kiss. Their tongues danced together in a matching rhythm, touching back and forth. Then Luke sighed as the kiss ended. Reid’s mouth, his tantalizing tongue – it intoxicated him.

They took off each other’s shirts. Their hands reached out, mirrors of each other, moving over hard nipples and flat stomachs. Pants came off next. Their thighs pressed together.

They caressed each other for a long time. Reid’s skin was bathed in light, his muscles taunt, his lips perfectly formed. Luke remembered how when he first saw Reid , he immediately thought he was the most gorgeous man in the world and it was still true. It seemed almost unbelievable to Luke now that he could really kiss Reid, hold Reid.

Reid touched a finger down Luke’s treasure trail and then smiled at Luke’s shiver. Reid’s fingers then journeyed to Luke’s ass, his crack, and back to his balls. He played lightly with them. Luke moaned and desperately kissed Reid’s lips, jaw line, neck.

After stroking each other’s firm torsos, Reid reached for a condom, prepared to roll it on. But Luke’s hand stopped him. He held Reid’s erection and the condom. Reid looked at Luke questioningly, and silently Luke communicated to Reid with his eyes.

They exchanged no words, but Reid understood . He saw Luke’s heart. Luke needed to take control, to equal out everything else in his life that was spiraling away from him. Luke needed Reid to be his.

Reid took the condom away from his own hardness and gently rolled it on Luke. He handed Luke some lube. Then Reid went to the bed and flipped onto his stomach. He raised up his knees and offered himself, somehow seeming to be both vulnerable and in control .Luke went to him, covering them both with a sheet, and then sliding his hand over Reid’s firm buttocks. Luke put his arms around Reid’s neck and gently played a moment with the hair at the exposed nape. Then he let his hand wander down.

Luke felt like he was meant for this moment, for Reid to be under him, trusting him; for Luke to tenderly use his fingers and his mouth, worshipfully on Reid, celebrating each part of his lover. Luke gently kissed the back of Reid’s warm shoulder . He pushed in a finger, closing his own eyes, and feeling a deep rush of pleasure at Reid’s sharp inhale.

Luke entered with exquisitely, slow force, letting their flesh lock perfectly. They fit like coming home. Pausing for a moment, Luke brought his lips to Reid’s hair and breathed in his scent. He gave him the softest of kisses. Then Luke exhaled, feeling like he had been missing being inside of Reid, even though he had never done this before. He was feeling like he was melting into Reid. Something was resonating deep inside of his heart, and it would never be forgotten.

Luke put his mouth on Reid’s back and licked the salty skin. He thrust again, harder now, and moaned loudly. Reid felt tight, his muscles squeezing Luke. Luke rocked into his ass, in and out, with more and more energy. Reid began to shout. He trembled. Luke rode him, digging his hands into Reid’s hips. He set a fierce pace. He clasped Reid firmly and gave it to him deeper and deeper. Reid was calling out his name. His foot was pounding on the bed and he was groaning helplessly under Luke’s forceful thrusts. Luke never imagined how good being inside of Reid would feel, how familiar somehow, how right.

Soon, both men were lost in the final give and take of pleasure.


They rolled near each other, their faces close. Reid tucked some of Luke’s hair behind his ear.

“Can I ask you something?” Luke asked tentatively. The air smelled of sweat and sticky sex.

“If you even dare ask me if this was good,” Reid declared, ”I’ll have to hurt you.”

“No,” Luke laughed,” I know it was good,” He shot Reid a shy, smug smile “Your screaming kind of gave it away.”

“I didn’t scream.”

“Like a little girl.”

"You need your hearing checked.” Reid protested.” I was just giving you some encouragement.”

“And then there’s your foot,” Luke added, “still Thumper.”

“Okay, if that nickname ever leaves our bed, “ Reid sat up on one elbow, “ I will really will do terrible things to your beautiful body.”

Luke just smiled.

Reid sighed. “I can see our future. You’re going to make a very demanding top.”

“No I’m not!” Luke replied, but he dropped his eyes. Partly because he suspected Reid might be right, and partly because the talk of a future thrilled him.

“Okay, maybe,” Luke giggled. Then he snuck another look at Reid,” And maybe you’re saying
I’ll become a demanding top because you really liked it,” he pursed his lips in a coy smile.

Reid merely shook his head. “What’d you want to ask me before, smart mouth?”

Luke paused. “I wanted to ask... “ He licked his lips . Then he sighed. “Can tell you about Damian? I feel like I need to get it out, all of it, from the start.”

Reid considered this. “Okay,” he said. Reid held his arms open and Luke nestled against him. “Tell me all about bad dad.“

Luke talked and Reid listened, pulling him close. Luke spoke of his childhood, his off and on again relationship with Damian. He told Reid their whole history together, from kidnappings to the camp, until finally Luke had exhausted himself. He fell asleep, spooned trustingly against him.

Reid, however, stayed awake, his eyes alert. His mind uneasy. He rested his chin on the curve of Luke’s shoulder, worrying about what was to come.
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Title: The Last Doughnut
Author: Marsabi
Summary: When Damian disinherits Luke, can he survive in the “real” world? Will he drive Reid crazy in the process?
Disclaimer: Owned by ATWT
Rating: PG- NC-17 (depends on chapter)
Warning: None
A companion to Camp Queer
Thanks traciamc for the read

Part Three - First Steps

“How was your night out? “ Holden greeted Luke the next day. Luke glanced at his grandmother, who was busying making pancakes by the stove.

“Okay, you know,” he ducked his head away, “fine.”

Holden, sensing Luke’s embarrassment, merely smiled and returned to his morning paper.

“Eat,” Emma said, and gave Luke an enormous plate of food.

After their swim, Luke and Reid had both been starving and had driven through the closest Taco Bell, munching away on some soggy tacos. They had just sat in the car, eating and listening to various radio stations repeat the same 3 songs over and over. Luke had felt ridiculously happy.

When they had reached Al’s, Luke had walked Reid to his door.

“Wanna come in?” Reid had asked, his voice deepening.

“Doctor Oliver,” Luke had answered playfully, “this is our first date. I’m not a slut!”

“Too bad,” Reid had retorted with smiling eyes. “And don’t underestimate the power of a good slut.”

“Hey, you were the one who was used like a sex toy on the rooftops of Memorial,” Luke protested.

“It’s not gallant of you to remind me,” Reid teased. “But at least now I have a fallback career.”

That had ended up making them crack up again. It was still a surprise to Luke just how much Reid made him laugh. The last few years of his life, he had spent either apologizing or trying to rigidly remain on the “right” path. With Reid, he could finally let go of all that.

“Anyhow,” Reid had drawled, when they’d stopped laughing, “ We’re talking about you.

“Are you saying you’d like me to be easy?” Luke had flirted, not wanting to stop the silliness of the moment.

“I like you any which way,” Reid had flirted back.

Luke had flushed, thinking about all the ways they had yet to do it. He had looked down bashfully. Reid had cupped Luke’s chin then and lifted up his head, kissing him sweetly.

“So how much dating before you put out?” Reid had asked.

Luke had giggled, “Oh, maybe the third or fourth one.” The talk at the pond had made him feel good again, assured of Reid’s desire for him. He had smiled at Reid, and he had smiled back.
They both knew the time was coming to be together again.

Luke doubted either of them could hold out for that third date.

His grandmother’s voice suddenly brought Luke back to the present, “Well, I’m off to go food shopping,” Emma declared, picking up her big purse and kissing both Holden and Luke, “You boys are just eating me out of house and home.”

“Thanks, Mama.”

Emma waved at them and left. Holden looked at Luke with laughter on his face, “Don’t be fooled. She loves nothing more than a big house full of Snyders to feed.”


They ate their breakfast in companionable silence.

“Listen,” Holden said to him suddenly, “ don’t feel you have to come back here for our sake.”

“What do you mean?”

“From your date. You’re not a teenager, Luke. You can do what you want.”

“Oh, right,” Luke stammered. He did not want to discuss sex with Holden, not any kind of sex.

He had already spent that one night with Reid, and Luke was longing to be back in his bed. Holden was right; he was not a kid. He was an adult , on the verge of graduating and making his way in the world. Still, he had lost years of his life, years of normal experiences , pretending to be straight.

“Thank you so much…for taking me in and for everything.”

“You don’t have to thank me, “ Holden said simply, “I’m your dad.”

There was a pause. Both men sipped their coffee. Luke’s eyes were moist.

“I know Mom took the kids to Malta to keep them away from me,” Luke said finally in a quiet voice , “and that keeps them away from you too.”

“They have to return at the start of school,” Holden answered, “And let me handle your mom and Damian.”

“It not fair to you, Dad, the trouble I brought when I came out.”

“Luke,” Holden said firmly, “stop blaming yourself. “

Luke half-smiled. How easily he fell back on his old habits, when he was not with Reid. “I wish Mom could just be more like you. “

“She used to be different,” Holden’s eyes narrowed. He always blamed Damian for Lily’s poisonous attitude. “The kids will come home soon, you’ll see, and we’ll all spend time together here on the farm.”

Luke shrugged, “I hope so. “ But an insistent voice inside of Luke didn’t think that Holden was right.

Luke’s mind drifted back to Reid and their date. Luke’s face softened as he thought about him. He wondered how Reid’s day was going at the hospital, and if it was too soon to call him and hear his voice.


Across town, Reid could barely believe the bullshit he was hearing come out of Bob Hughes’ lips.

“I’m not sure why Damian Grimaldi has decided to put a stop to the grant,” Bob was saying to him,” but your work here at Memorial has been excellent and I’d like you to stay on- you just won’t make the extra income that the Grimaldi-Walsh grant provided.”

The table of doctors nodded their agreement. Not all of them were fond of Reid and his blunt attitude, but most of them respected his work.

Reeling back from the shock of what Bob was telling him, Reid quickly attempted to compose his face. He could guess why Grimaldi was trying to pull the grant from him, the very grant that had brought Reid to Oakdale in the first place, and it made Reid furious.

“We can talk over the new salary privately,” Bob told him.

Reid was barely listening, still calculating the loss of income from the cancelled grant. He’d have to consider the best way to handle the situation. For Luke’s sake, he needed to think it all through.

“Fantastic,” He said to Bob, “I can use the three pennies Memorial gives me now to start a new piggy bank.”

“Too bad, Reid,” Chris said, looking at him with an insincere smile. “Maybe you won’t want to stay in Oakdale?”

“What and miss out on all my chances to fix your incompetent work? No way.” Reid smiled back as Chris glared at him. He had no idea why Chris Hughes seemed to hate him on sight, but then again most people hated him. Reid didn’t waste too much time worrying about it.

Now Luke, on the other hand, would be devastated at being disliked. Not that people disliked him. Who would? Luke was sweet and kind to everybody. Just last night, for instance, he had chatted with the girl at the Taco Bell on and on, listening to her life story and offering her genuine sympathy. Reid wouldn’t have minded at all, except his food had been getting cold. Then Reid had seen Luke slip the girl a big tip. Who tipped the drive-thru girl at Taco Bell? Only a sap like Luke. Thinking about him, Reid’s heart warmed.

“Now,” Bob was saying, “We have a one more thing to discuss.”

Reid sighed. This meeting was never-ending.

” I want to announce that Dr. John Dixon will be joining our staff again in the Cardio wing.”

“What?” Chris said, surprised.

A few of the other doctors at the meeting looked surprised too. There was suddenly a great amount of whispering among them. They looked like schoolchildren playing a game of telephone.

“Apparently, he and Lucinda Walsh have –er rekindled their old flame in Amsterdam, and are both coming back here to Oakdale in a week or so.”

At the name of Lucinda Walsh, Reid looked up. Luke’s other grandmother was headed back to town? He wasn’t sure if that was good news or not for Luke, but he hoped Lucinda Walsh would support her grandson’s choices. Besides, Lucinda Walsh was the other half of the Grimaldi-Walsh grant, maybe she would support Reid too. It was worth investigating.

Bob dismissed them, and everybody went their separate ways, except for Chris who was following Reid into the elevator

“We both know why you lost the grant!”Chris sneered, as the door shut.

“What?” Reid asked him with impatience; he punched his floor several times and took a deep breath. He hated elevators, and he was beginning to actively dislike Chris.

“The real reason you lost the Grimaldi grant was you’re doing his son.” Chris said nastily.

“And you know this how?”

“I ran into Luke, mooning over you, just the other day.”

Reid frowned.

“And I heard my dad too,” Chris went on, “on the phone. He was telling somebody that Damian was really angry and not acting rational about canceling the grant.”

“You know,” Reid told him, “ grown men who spy on their daddies usually do it because they have no life.”

“I have a life!” Chris said.

“Sure,” Reid nodded, “If being overly bitter and undersexed counts as living.”

“It won’t be long before my dad sees through you, Luke dumps you, and you’re gone,” Chris predicted.

“You can dream,” Reid retorted. Why couldn’t he have used the stairs?

They rode for a minute in hostile silence. Then they reached the fifth floor for Pediatrics. Reid thought Chris’s specialty suited him well; he was such an entitled brat.

“This is where I’m getting off,” Chris said needlessly, waiting for the door to open.

“Your ability to state the obvious is one of your few skills,” Reid told him. “Too bad we can’t add being a good doctor to that list.”

Chris stormed out.

Reid sighed as the doors closed again. He hoped he would see Luke later, cause so far his day had really sucked. A moment later, as if by magic, Reid’s phone buzzed with an incoming text. He looked at it and felt some of his stress lift.

Luke wanted to meet him at the end of his shift for date number two.


After an exhausting set of rounds, Reid could finally relax. He had spent hours dealing with fearful patients, irritating family members, and more than one idiotic intern. But now his shift was over. Now Luke was there. In his office. In his arms. Reid had Luke by the waist. Luke was starting to lean his body into Reid’s and allow Reid to gently find his mouth. Luke smelled as good as he always did – like fresh bread. And Reid was ready to savor his lips.

Just then, the door to Reid’s office swung open.

“Dr. Oliver? Oh!” Nurse Gretchen stepped back, blushing. “I’m sorry.”

“Did you ever hear of knocking?” Reid growled, and glanced at Luke as he jumped off of his desk in a hurry.

“I’m sorry, “ she said again, “but I needed to talk to you.”

“What ignorant thing you did today?” Reid snapped.

Luke shot Reid a reproving look.

“I’m sorry, Doctor.”

“That seems to be all you can say,” Reid complained. “Just tell me what it is and we’ll pretend you actually have earned your job title.”

Gretchen cringed.

Luke, feeling badly for the nurse, seized on a sudden plan to rescue her.

“In case it wasn’t obvious, “ Luke interrupted, and told Nurse Gretchen calmly, “I’m gay and Reid and I are dating.” The words felt surprisingly good, but what was even better was the look on Reid’s face as he realized he would now have to be “nice” to Nurse Gretchen.

“Oh- um- fantastic,” the poor nurse was stuttering, her eyes like a trapped rat’s.

“So once more, why are you here?’ Reid asked neutrally, and then seeing Luke’s raised eyebrows, he added “You look nice today, by the way.” He plastered a fake smile on his face at Gretchen.

“Are you saying I normally don’t look nice? “Gretchen asked in a wobbly voice. Tears started in her eyes.

”No –”

“I try my best,” She whined. “But I’m a single mother with two kids, and just brushing my hair and finding clean scrubs takes effort.”

“I – well-“ Reid shot Luke a look of desperation.

“And my ex-husband picks them up and he looks at me just like you do –like I’m an unattractive slob!”

She began to sob loudly. Luke went over and gave her a hug. “Nobody thinks that here, Gretchen. “ Luke told her soothingly. “We all know what a hard worker you are.”

He gave Reid a withering glare over Gretchen’s head. To which Reid mouthed at him not my fault.

“Really?” Gretchen sniffed.

“Yes.” Luke’s mouth twisted. “ Reid told me just the other day that you’re his favorite nurse.”

Gretchen looked up into Luke’s eyes doubtfully, “He did?”

Reid frantically made a slicing motion across his throat at Luke and shook his head.

“Sure.” Luke smiled.

Gretchen turned to Reid.

“I’d love to be in the OR more, Dr. Oliver, if you’d request me.”

Reid just nodded, resigned. “We need stable influences like you in there,” he said dryly, his slight sarcasm floating right over Nurse Gretchen’s empty head.

She beamed at Luke, gave Reid a wary smile, and backed out of the room.

“She didn’t tell you why she was here?” Luke said puzzled.

“She probably forgot. She’s like a preschooler- you have to remind her 20 times a day. Now I have to find a way not to have her in my OR.” Reid scowled at Luke. “You so got the better end of this deal.”

“You know what?” Luke said swiftly and with his usual impulsive generosity. “I’ll release you from it. “


Luke shrugged. After growing up in a world of manners and secrets, the way Reid said exactly what was on his mind was refreshing. Luke really didn’t want him to change. But it had been fun to see Reid squirm.

“Great,“ Reid grinned, and the power of his smile hit Luke forcefully. “Cause I thought I might explode holding back all my insults.”

“I feel like I’m exploding for different reasons,” Luke said before he could stop himself. He saw Reid’s mouth fall open, and Luke dropped his eyes ,”Oh my God! I can’t believe I just said that out loud to you!”

Reid laughed richly. “Are you kidding me? You just made my whole crappy day ! ” He pulled Luke to him and rubbed a hand over Luke’s crotch, confirming Luke’s arousal. Luke’s knees buckled and he might have fallen if Reid hadn’t put his arms around him.

“We- we can’t here,” Luke glanced fearfully at the door.

Reid gently put him on the desk.

He turned and locked the door. “Here and now. ”

He sauntered back to Luke and stroked him again through the material of his pants. “I’m a doctor, after all. I can’t see my boyfriend in pain.”

Luke found his pants unzipped and pulled off in a matter of seconds.

He watched Reid drop down to his knees. Luke was already a puddle of mush at the word, boyfriend. Reid had never said that to him before. Luke closed his eyes as he felt those firm fingers holding him at his base and then gliding slowly down to his tip.

“Now tell me,” Reid said hoarsely, clearly getting turned on by Luke’s obvious lust.

“What?” Luke mumbled as the hand stroked him again. His toes were beginning to curl.

“Suck my cock.” Reid ordered as his mouth nibbled the side of Luke’s thigh. “Say it.”

Luke shook his head back and forth, even as he raised his hips towards Reid’s lips.

“Come on , Luke. Be loud and proud. It’s just us.”

“You suck,” Luke managed, but it came out like an accusation.

“You suck, please,” Reid returned, laughing. Part of him just enjoyed hearing Luke say things in that sweet, polite tone of his, but another part of Reid really did want to begin to encourage Luke to learn how to ask for what he wanted, in and out of bed.

Reid’s tongue gave a small , teasing lick.

“Suck me please!” Luke nearly shouted.

“Good,” Reid murmured and his one hand soothed Luke, gently rubbing circles on his lower back. “And yes, I will.”

Reid slurped Luke into his mouth like a tasty treat.

He took Luke all the way down his throat. Luke’s fingers grabbed onto the desk for support, as his legs clenched. He tried to open them up wider, allowing Reid closer.Reid’s tongue worked the underside of Luke’s erection . His hands cupped Luke’s backside now. With a gasp, Luke felt Reid whole mouth pull at him. He exploded right then, unable to stop himself, trembling with release.

Reid helped clean him up as Luke just slumped down, dazed.

“Okay?,” Reid said softly.

“Well,” Luke considered, “I’m in no pain.”

Reid nodded. “That’s because I’m a damn good doctor.”

“And not a bad boyfriend either, ‘Luke teased, deliberately using the word again out loud.

“So, where do you want to go now?” Reid just smiled, offering him a hand up.

“Oh,” Luke had forgotten everything but the feeling of Reid’s mouth.“I don’t care.” Luke would go anywhere with him. He sighed. “I’m flexible.”

“Yeah, “ Reid answered, his eyes suddenly gleaming , “I remember that about you.”

He led a blushing Luke out the door.


At the same moment Reid and Luke were leaving Memorial, Maddie was just coming out of the Oakdale library, a thick stack of novels tucked under her arm. The day was hot and sticky, making Maddie’s thin blouse cling to her skin. She looked down, trying to pull the material away from her, when a familiar voice shouted her name.

Maddie stared at Casey wordlessly. He stood in the center of the street, arrogantly daring any cars to come, his feet planted firmly. His reddish-blond hair was blowing in the humid air, and his eyes were challenging.

Maddie approached him cautiously, unable to believe he was real.

“What? How?” She gasped.

Casey shrugged,” I got released early for good behavior.” His eyes wandered up and down her body. “I see you’re still a geek,” he said finally, nodding to her books.

“Reading doesn’t make me a geek,” Maddie replied automatically, her heart still nearly bursting out of her chest with desire and surprise.

Casey seemed to be about to come closer to her, touch her maybe, but then his eyes filled with something unreadable and he backed away.

“Casey,” Maddie said, hating the vulnerable quality in her voice, the begging, but unable to stop it.

“No,” He shook his head,” Don’t. Like I wrote you, we’ve nothing left. “ His mouth twisted with regret, but his eyes remained cool. “Go home, Maddie,” he told her.

She just watched him stalk off, wondering where it had all gone wrong.

Maddie swallowed the lump in her throat. She really wanted to talk to somebody about this. But Henry, and by extension Vienna, were out. Henry loathed Casey, ever since he had gambled too much and then had stolen to pay his mounting debts . Henry would advise her to not give Casey another thought. Maybe she could talk to Luke about it. He and Casey used to be friends. Luke wouldn’t judge her harshly.

Because regardless of what anybody else thought, she knew Casey. He was not a bad person; he had just made mistakes. The biggest one, in her opinion, was trying to end their own relationship. If Casey Hughes thought she could be dismissed so easily than he forgot who she was. Maddie squared her shoulders determinedly and walked on. She planned to remind Casey of all they had shared and soon.

Casey repeated the mantra in his head over and over, ”I’m no good for her,” until he almost cared. He paused outside of the Hughes house, and lit a cigarette, another habit he’d acquired in jail. He blew out a ring of smoke and scowled. It was amazing to be free. To be out of prison and just looking at the sky and sun. But the price was high. So damn high. Maddie was not alone in her sudden misery. Casey wished with all of his heart that he could be with the girl he loved.

Sighing, Casey whipped out his phone and punched the one number saved. When the voice answered, Casey simply said, “I arrived. It’s begun.”

Then, feeling sick at himself but resigned, he walked into his house. He had just traded one prison for another.
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Title: The Last Doughnut
Author: Marsabi
Summary: When Damian disinherits Luke, can he survive in the “real world”? Will he drive Reid crazy in the process? Pairings: Reid/Luke, Maddie/Casey, Henry/Vienna, Lily/Damian, Lucinda/John
Warning: None
Rating: PG – NC-17 (depends on chapter)
This is a companion to Camp Queer.

Part Two - Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

“Hey, what are you doing? Writing?” Reid asked as he appeared in the waiting room, still in his scrubs. Reid had been working for at least an hour, while Luke had been waiting to resume their date.

“Good deduction, Sherlock.” Luke teased, glancing up from his notebook.

“Thanks, Hemingway.” Reid sat down next to him. “I meant, what are you writing?”

Luke shifted in his chair, crossing his leg over his knee. “Just notes and ideas.”
Luke carried his notebook everywhere now. He had grabbed it from the car, while he had been waiting for Reid. Truthfully, he had been writing a story about the most gorgeous man in the world cooking for his date. That was the creative part, since Reid did not cook at all, unless Luke counted the horrible , runny eggs Reid had given him once. But he had been faithfully trying to capture all the sweet, fluttering feelings of being on a new date.

“When are you going to admit this is what you want?” Reid asked him, tapping at the notebook, “Maybe send something out there?”

“I’ve one semester left of college,” Luke answered shortly, “in marketing.” Damian and Lily had made him give up his writing long ago because it was too “artsy,” which for them had meant too queer. They had insisted on a business degree and Luke was destined, they said, to take over Grimaldi shipping one day. It was too late, in Luke’s mind, to change his major with graduation looming, and he had no idea what Damian would do or say when he came home and faced his now openly gay son. He could only imagine an awful scene.

Reid just looked at him, not fooled at all by Luke’s quick dismissal of his writing. “I have to go back in the ER for about another twenty minutes,” he told Luke, “I just came out to tell you that I’d understand if you don’t want to wait? We can have our big first date another time…”

“No,” Luke assured him, “ I’ll wait. Go ahead.”

“Okay,” Reid smiled and Luke smiled back. Neither of them noticed Chris Hughes observing them together. Their shoulders brushed. Eyes flirted. Then Reid gave Luke a pat on his shoe and stood up.

As Reid went back to work, Luke could not help glancing in appreciation of Reid’s body in his blue scrubs. A happy expression lit up Luke’s whole face.

“Luke?” Chris asked.

Luke jumped. “Oh, Chris. I didn’t see you there.”

“Obviously.” Chris sat down in the seat just occupied by Reid. “Are you seeing Oliver?” Chris asked incredulously.

Luke frowned a little. His family and Chris’s family were friendly, but he did not really know Chris too well.

“I’m not judging you,” Chris hurried to say, seeing Luke’s face. “Or your preferences. Just… Be careful where Reid Oliver is concerned.”


Chris looked at Luke with an earnest, self-righteous expression, “We went to medical school together. Did he mention that?”

Luke shook his head.

“Well, of course not,” Chris said almost angrily, “Reid doesn’t even remember. Anyhow, he was quite player then, if you know what I mean.”

“No, I don’t follow you.”

Chris gave a deep sigh, as if it pained him to tell Luke. “He was out and dating all kinds of guys, one night stands, that sort of thing. “ Chris watched as Luke’s eyes wavered. “And once he had them, well, everybody joked about how Reid never was interested again in them. “

Truthfully, Chris did believe in those rumors he had heard about Reid at medical school. But more importantly, it irked him that Reid did not even recall his presence there. Chris thought that Reid Oliver was such an arrogant, prima donna. He had just charged into the ER now, taking over a patient that Chris was working to help, pushing Chris out of the way. It wasn’t his fault that the patient nearly died on his table. But he could practically hear Reid thinking he was a moron. Worst of all, Bob was falling all over Reid these days. It made Chris furious, but there was nothing he could do.

“Oliver only does casual sex and one-nighters,” Chris said now to Luke. He liked Luke and figured he was doing him a big favor. The sooner he saw the real Reid Oliver, the better.

“It- it’s not like that with us,” Luke said defensively, but doubt colored his voice.
Luke twisted his hands in his lap. He took in a sharp breath.

“Of course not, “Chris smiled. “Still, I’d hate for him to be letting you down gently with pity or something."

“He’s not.”

Chris nodded. “I’ll see you.” He walked off.

Luke closed his notebook. His stomach was queasy. The desire to write gone. He couldn’t help thinking again about the fact that Reid had not touched him in nearly two weeks. Could this just be sympathy ? His happy expression disappeared. Luke waited now for Reid, anxious and deflated. Reid was beautiful, brilliant, confident, sexy…Why would he want somebody as lost as Luke was?


“Okay,” Reid said as Luke drove down the road, the humid air blowing into the window, the night now dark , except for a round, full moon, “I’m sorry it was so long. But will you at least talk to me?“

Luke said nothing, his hands gripped tightly on the wheel.

“I’m a doctor, Luke. I’m not going to apologize for it,” Reid said flatly.

“Fine,” Luke replied, his mouth twisted as if he had a sour taste in it.

“Where are you going? Old Town is the opposite way.”

“I don’t know; I was just driving.” Luke turned suddenly. “I guess I’m going home.”

“You want to go to the farm?” Reid asked, confused. “I thought you wanted a first real date and dinner out.” Reid stomach was rumbling. He could go for some of Emma’s home cooking, but he was surprised at Luke. “Not that I don’t like being there with you. I have great hopes of catching you in farm clothes and bare feet, milking the cows, “ Reid joked.

Luke didn’t answer.

“I had to work.” Reid said again. Then he sighed. “Are we going to the farm or not?”

“No, I don’t know, ‘Luke turned again, “I don’t really want to see my dad or grandma right now.“

He stopped the car suddenly.

Reid peered out into the darkness, “Are we at the pond?” He asked.

Luke didn’t answer. He opened the car and slammed the door.

Raising one eyebrow cautiously, Reid followed him.

The heavy air warmed every part of Reid’s flesh, and he could just make out the gentle movement of the pond water.

Luke was at the water’s edge, throwing in some small stones. In the moonlight, Reid could see his expression was both angry and sad at the same time.

“What’s going on?” He asked.

“You tell me, Reid,” Luke answered hostilely. “You tell me! Is this just a – a pity date or something?”


Luke began to kick off his shoes and socks. “Cause I don’t need that. Forget that! “

“I don’t know-“

“Was I so bad?” Luke said quickly, turning to look at Reid. All of his insecurities flooding him. “So bad you no longer want to kiss me or anything? “ Luke sniffed loudly and brushed a hand at his eyes. “I was a virgin, you know. I will get better. “ Even as he said it, his cheeks reddened with humiliation. Luke wished he had not said a word. Why couldn’t he be the silent type? Now Reid could see what a fool he was.

Reid was flabbergasted. He tried to logically run the night’s events over in his mind and see where Luke was coming up with all this drama.

Luke let anger overtake him suddenly. Anger was what he needed. He drew on his rage like air. “Was I a one-night stand, huh?” He said in a confrontational tone. “An inconvenience now for the brilliant doctor? Stupid Luke, you don’t know how to get rid of him?”

Luke peeled off his shirt angrily and threw it down.

“What? Why are you- what are you talking about? And why are you getting undressed? “ Reid demanded.

“I’m going for a swim,” Luke snapped wildly. “I’m hot .”

He turned and started down to the water.

“It’s night!” Reid protested.

“So what? I can take care of myself,” Luke said hoarsely. “I can! I’ve been swimming here my whole life. And I’ll tell you something else,” Luke shouted out, startling Reid. “You may not want me anymore,” he unsnapped his pants and tossed them aside. “But there are plenty of guys who will! Plenty of guys will want me,” Luke declared and gestured to himself. He stood there in nothing but tight, white briefs. The moonlight shone down on his luminous skin. His face was full of angry passion.

Reid’s mouth went dry. His whole body clenched in reaction.

“Wait,” He said to Luke, his words barely forming.

Luke ignored him and dove into the water below.


Reid cursed and then awkwardly stripped off his own clothes down to his drawers. He stumbled a bit on the rocks, and then followed Luke into the warm, pond water.

“Luke! Listen!”

“No,” Luke shouted and swam away. He was a stronger swimmer than Reid, who was struggling to catch him.

“Do you really want me to drown?” Reid called. He knew that would make Luke feel guilty.

"Maybe!" Luke said in a bitchy tone, but he swam in his direction.

He stopped a few feet from Reid. They were both breathing hard now and treading water.

“What?” Luke demanded petulantly, flipping his hair out of his face.

In the moonlight, Reid tried to scrutinize Luke’s features, but he couldn’t see him too much. Reid made a large splash in the water as he went closer to Luke.

“I’m only saying this once, idiot, so listen up.” Reid’s voice was brusque. “ That night was good. Very good.”

“Really?” Luke’s eyes widened with uncertainty.

“Oh for God’s sake, yes! “ Reid practically shouted. “The next morning, my feet never touched the ground. I think I flew to work. It was that good, bonehead.” He reached for Luke both for balance and to reassure him.

Luke pulled Reid against his body, their legs still kicking in the water.

“Can we go back to the shore?” Reid asked.

“One sec-“ Luke ran a tentative hand up and down Reid’s spine. “You’re being honest? Not just pity?”

Reid shook his head impatiently, “When have you ever known me to offer anybody pity?” He said.

Luke’s face suddenly glowed, “Never!” He declared happily. “Not once.” He nuzzled Reid’s neck.

“Exactly,” Reid said. “So why all this craziness?”

Luke treaded the water and was silent a moment. He thought about telling Reid about Chris, but decided it would only cause Reid trouble at work. “I guess, I wondered why you hadn’t tried to be with me since that night?”

“I was – you were- you just came out of the closet, got kicked out of your house, and –“ Reid rolled his eyes with sudden embarrassment.

“You were-“ Luke searched his face, “trying to be nice?”

When Reid refused to answer, Luke laughed, “I thought you didn’t do nice?”

Reid half-shrugged, “For you, I made an exception.”

They leaned into each other at the same moment. Their lips eager to taste. Wet bodies merged, limbs wrapping around each other. They sank under the water as they shared a deep kiss. Then they pushed back up, bodies still entwined.

“Let’s go back to the grass,” Reid murmured, “and continue this.”

“Wait,” Luke said. At Reid’s puzzlement, Luke shyly smiled, “I have been wanting to share the pond with you anyhow and a swim in the moonlight” He shrugged, “…it’s romantic.”

“Cornball,” Reid taunted, splashing Luke playfully.

Splashing back, Luke dodged Reid as he grinned.

“Hey!” Reid sputtered. The water soaked Reid full in the face.

“You started it!” Luke teased .

“And I’m going to finish it,” Reid vowed. He grabbed for Luke’s foot.

They wrestled happily for a moment.

Then Luke turned and floated on his back. Reid watched Luke moving through the water, his arms and legs spread. His eyes closed. Reid’s gaze became like a silent caress, as it moved over every beautiful inch of Luke’s body. Finally, unable to watch a moment longer without dissolving into whimpering need, Reid willed himself to relax.

Soon Reid was floating too. Luke opened his eyes and glided over to Reid. They both gazed up at the night sky, full of gleaming stars, and they linked their hands together. There were no sounds but the quiet hum of insects and the gently lapping of the water against their skin. They floated some more, heads moving side by side now, just enjoying the humid night.

Reid released Luke’s hand and ran his palm over Luke’s skin from chest to thigh. Then the hand traveled back up its path. Reid stopped floating and treaded water, his body now over Luke’s. Luke’s heart was banging so loudly that he was certain Reid could hear it.

Reid lowered his head down to the wet, exposed skin of Luke’s stomach and let his tongue gently lick at the water there. He circled around Luke, and lowered his head again, this time to Luke’s mouth, tasting those tender, slightly salty lips.

Luke jerked upright in the water and tangled his limbs around Reid’s waist. He stared into Reid’s eyes and smiled hopefully, tilting his head. Reid’s fingers reached out and tightened on his back. Luke opened his mouth and waited. His entire body was throbbing. They kissed again. Time just stopped. Their mouths locked on each other’s.

If anyone was looking, they would see two men embracing in the dark water, their desire for each other burning brightly in the night.

Finally, Reid groaned, and put an end to their kiss. “I am getting exhausted with all this swimming. If we’re going to continue this, I need to get out of here. “
Laughing, Luke led Reid out of the water and helped him to the bank, and then they rested on the grassy hill overlooking the pond.

Reid studied Luke with an intense expression.

“What?” Luke asked. “You look like I’m a science project.”

Reid just shook his head in wonder. “This has to be the strangest date I’ve ever been on,” Reid told him.

“Well,“ Luke answered, “it’s the only date I’ve ever been on.”

They glanced at each other and began to laugh. Reid folded his arms above his head and Luke rested on his shoulder. Reid ran a careless hand through Luke’s damp hair and massaged his scalp lightly with affection.

Their laughter drifted over the pond, filling the night with sound.
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Title: The Last Doughnut
Author: Marsabi
Summary: When Damian disinherits Luke, can he survive in the “real world”? Will he drive Reid crazy in the process? Pairings: Reid/Luke, Maddie/Casey, Henry/Vienna, Lily/Damian, Lucinda/John
Warning: None
Rating: PG – NC-17 (depends on chapter)

A/n: This is a companion to Camp Queer. It is helpful to read that one first. Here is the link:

If you don’t have time to read CQ, you can still enjoy this story by itself. This story opens at Luke and Reid’s first date. Luke has just come out of the closet, but he had a secret relationship with Reid going on. Noah was never his lover, and when Luke came out of the closet, he was rejected by Lily (married to Damian), but accepted by Holden. Thanks traciamc for the read, and cas74 + rtruffles for the encouragement!

Part One - With A Cherry On Top

Danger. Warning. First Date with Near Virgin. Proceed with Caution.

As he waited for Luke, Reid could almost see these signs of trouble flashing in his head. Why had he ever agreed to let Luke pick him up? Why had he agreed to a formal date at all? Reid nervously paced his apartment over Al’s diner. It was Luke’s fault. Luke had turned those Bambi eyes on him and asked him about a real night out on the town. Like a sap, Reid had found himself agreeing. Now he felt ridiculous; like a schoolgirl waiting for prom more than a brilliant neurosurgeon only hours ago performing a procedure on a tricky brain aneurysm.

For Reid, sex had always been just simple fun, a rush of endorphins, an elation at release, like drinking two or three caramel lattes in one shot. That was it. With Luke, however, it was more like a hundred caramel lattes. It had been explosive, euphoric, and beyond anything in Reid’s past experience.

It had all started out as a mission of mercy. Reid had helped Luke accept the fact that he was not straight, practiced some sex moves on him, and assisted him in peeking his cute blond head out of the closet. That was all it was supposed to be.

But then there had been Luke with his goofy grin and tears of joy the night they had finally slept together. . .Usually after sex, Reid just wanted the guy to go away. But with Luke, it was all different. Reid was Luke’s first, and that fact alone made him feel like he was hanging on the top rung of a very high ladder.

And now, they were dating. Reid felt a bead of sweat drip down his forehead. Reid didn’t date. He just had to take things slowly, very slowly.

The doorbell rang. Gulping hard, Reid quickly tucked in his silver dress shirt and eyed his dark slacks in the mirror. Reid snorted at his image. This was what it had come to – he was checking out his own ass.

Frowning, Reid swung open the door.

Luke stood there with a single, pink flower in his hand. His eyes sparkled. He pursed his lips and coyly drew back his head, in what Reid could only describe as a “pretty” face.

“You’re late by fifteen minutes,” Reid greeted him sourly.

“Here,” Luke handed him the rose. Reid impatiently threw the flower on his coffee table, missing the slight flicker of hurt in Luke’s eyes.

He gave Luke a stern glance, and was met with the sheer beauty of Luke’s gaze.

“You look great!” Luke enthused, giving him another one of his sparkly smiles, making Reid scowl more.

Everything about dating irritated Reid: the need for polite exchanges, the games of twenty questions, the boring stories- it was like being in a foreign land. He would nod his head, but confuse the language. Reid understood medicine, chess moves, and dirty sex. What if he failed to offer Luke what he wanted? Worse yet, what if Luke actually wanted to make small talk? Reid cringed. Trouble. Trouble. Too much trouble! The signs in his head went crazy. The pressure was making him choke.

“Let’s go,” Reid grumbled and began to lock his door.

“Are you always this bubbly on your dates?” Luke inquired.

“I don’t go on dates,” snapped Reid.

“I can see why,” Luke mumbled and studied the ground.

The suddenly crestfallen expression on Luke’s face had Reid silently cursing. He had screwed it up already. Reid never regretted a thing usually, but now he wished he could rewind back to the moment Luke had first come to his door. Luke had such a fragile heart and the last thing Reid ever wanted to do was crack it. Reid inhaled deeply. He needed just a moment to calm himself down.

Reid paused. “You know what? I forgot my wallet.” He would go back into his apartment, splash some water on his face, and try again.

Luke shrugged. “ Don’t worry about it. I’ll pay.”

“Thanks Trust Fund, but we at least go dutch.”

“Can you please stop calling me that?” Luke’s smile faltered.

Reid just shrugged. “I’ll just be a minute. Go and wait downstairs.”


Luke hesitated on the stairs and sucked in a nervous breath. He had not touched him. Not since that night during Annie’s crisis, when Reid had come home and they’d made love. He had waited in Reid’s apartment, brought pizza and massage oil, and then… Had he done something wrong? Luke had no experience to compare it. For Luke, the night had been magical.

The only relationships Luke understood were with his family members, and most of those were messy and hurtful and left Luke constantly apologizing. He was divided between his two fathers, pulled by them in different directions. He had felt off balance for most of his life, as if he had been tumbling down a dark hole. The expectations on him were so high that it had driven Luke to bury his own feelings and deny his own nature. It was only now that he was attempting to climb his way out and truly try to live. He had no idea what he wanted yet, except for one clear thing in his mind: he wanted Reid. How he wanted him! Just the thought or the whisper of his name could make Luke’s pulse race. Reid. Luke shuddered with both longing and hope. He held the railing a moment as his body quaked. He imagined Reid’s intense gaze as they had made love.

It went beyond the physical yearning though. After Luke had come out to his mom and dad, Reid had been so supportive at the July 4th party, and then helping him move out of his mother and Damian’s house. Reid had been amazing. His mom had taken his siblings and left for Malta on an extended “vacation” until summer was over. Even now, the sting of that rejection made Luke ache. If it had not been for Holden and Reid’s support, Luke might have crumbled. He wondered now what would happen when Damian and Lily and the kids all returned. But he was so much happier at the farm with Emma and Holden. He was so much happier not having to act straight all the time- it had been exhausting.

Luke glanced at Reid’s door and then continued down the steps. Why hadn’t Reid even tried to kiss him again? He chewed his lip and worried. His gut wrenched . Maybe he had not really satisfied Reid that night? That was the real question burning behind Luke’s uncertainty. But how do you ask your new boyfriend on your official first date a question like that?


Luke went down the stairs and into Al’s. Of course, Reid would live above a diner, with all that food waiting just below. The diner was quiet at this hour. Only Henry was there, behind the counter , cleaning up.

“Luke!” He called surprised. “What are you doing here?”

“Er- “ Luke swallowed hard. He took a deep breath. “I’m on a date.”

“What?” Henry frowned. “Maddie said you guys were just pretending to date- that she was just distracting me from that no good Casey. Thank God he’s still in jail.”

"Yes, but-“

“So you’re not on a date with her?”

“I’m uh,” Luke examined his shoes, “ dating somebody else now. A man. “ His whole stomach twisted as he added,” I’m gay.” Luke’s heart beat with fear as he waited for Henry to react.

“You’re gay?” Henry repeated. “Does Maddie know?”

“Yes,” Luke nodded. He could tell that Henry was not disgusted or anything, unlike his own mother, and he felt the tension inside of him ease.

“You’re gay?” Henry said again.

“He was the other night, when I had him in my bed,” Reid quipped, coming into the room

Luke blushed all over. “Reid!” He hissed.


“Do you have any manners,” Luke said back, crimson now.

“You’re dating him?” Henry said to Luke. “Really? It’s fine your gay and all, but him! Anybody but Oliver!”

“Now, now Hank- “ Reid drawled , “Don’t be jealous.”

Henry looked at Luke pleadingly, “You’re a nice kid. Run away from him- far away.”

“You still can’t have me,” Reid deadpanned to Henry.

“I don’t want you! I’m straight.”

“Come on Hank, I’ve seen the dress. “ Reid raised his eyebrows suggestively. “ We all know you long to be the next RuPaul.”

Luke looked from Henry to Reid in confusion.

“Ignore them , Luke,” Vienna instructed , as she came from the kitchen with Maddie in tow. “They bicker like two dogs.”

“If anybody should be upset about Reid and Luke, “ Maddie declared ,“it should be me. Luke was my boyfriend first,” she batted her eyes, kiddingly.

“You know, just wait until your rent check bounces, Oliver,” Henry was threatening, “just once.”

Reid had stopped listening to him and was busy opening up the cookie jar that sat on the counter.

Henry looked back at Luke, “Flee now,” he said. “And you’re paying for those cookies,” he told Reid.

“Don’t get a tear in your pantyhose,” Reid answered, throwing down a few dollars.

“Oh Henry,” Maddie groaned, “not drag night again?”

“Henry makes a delightful girl,” Vienna said.

“You- you’re gay too?” Luke asked Henry, bewildered.

“Of course not,” Henry said, while he rummaged around for the fixings of a martini, “ I love Vienna. She just likes it when I put on some silk.”

At Luke’s open mouth, Vienna squeezed his cheeks, “So innocent, this one.”

“Henry tries to embrace his inner gay,” Reid offered, chewing another frosted cookie, “but the real mystery here is why Vienna wants him at all.” Reid turned to Vienna. “You sure you don’t want me to take a look inside your brain? Could be some damage you just don’t know about?”

“I’m sure,” Vienna said.

“Great,” Henry whined, “I have to deal with Oliver and I’m out of alcohol. “ He looked up to the heavens. “That’s just dirty play.”

“How about you, Luke? “ Maddie teased. “You sure about the gay thing, right?’ Maddie gave him a smile.

Luke nodded. “I’m sure.”

“Too bad.” Maddie sighed. “ All the ones I like are gay or in jail.” Maddie looped a friendly arm through his.

“We straight gals can all mourn the loss of Luke, “ Vienna grinned, taking his other arm.

Finally relaxing with the easy and warm acceptance from them, Luke laughed.

“Aren’t you going to fight for him?” Henry said to Reid dryly. “Because either of my girls here can kick your butt.”

Reid was shoveling in a few more cookies at record speed. “ I don’t fight. I might hurt my hands,” Reid retorted licking icing off of his fingers.

“Aren’t we going to dinner?” Luke asked, watching Reid.

Reid shrugged, “A pre-dinner snack.”

“Tell Luke he looks good,” Vienna instructed Reid. “Doesn’t he look good?”

Reid pretended to examine Luke closely, taking in the spiked blond hair and fit of his expensive blue suit. “He’ll do. “ Reid said. Then Reid gently touched Luke’s cheek. “Ready?”

Luke ducked his head in an endearing manner, “Sure.”

“Aww! “ Maddie and Vienna both exclaimed . They released Luke to Reid and smiled.

“Take care of him!” Vienna said.

“Show him a nice time,” Maddie added.

Reid rolled his eyes at them. “Next you’ll want me to check that he has clean underwear.”

“No, we want Luke to keep his pants on,” Vienna scolded and Reid gave a bark of laughter.

Luke blushed again .

Henry just shook his head. “You poor kid. Like a lamb to the slaughter.“


As they walked through Old Town , Reid took Luke by the hand. Their fingertips touched lightly, sending delicious, electric currents through Luke’s entire body. But then he darted a glance all around him and Luke tugged his hand away. He jammed them into his pockets.

“Watch out!” Reid said.


“A homophobe – over there by the bench- “ Reid gestured to an overweight man.


“And another Luke, hide! I think one is coming at us now,” Reid taunted, pointing at a small girl and her mother.

“Okay,” Luke muttered, “You’ve made your point.”

“Really? Cause if you think the fat guy is about to rush us- I have 911 on the speed-dial.”

Luke stopped walking. “It isn’t easy for me still, alright?”

Reid stopped walking too. “Not everybody in town is full of hate for homosexuals,” he said to Luke quietly. “Some people maybe, but there are plenty of others who just don’t care if two guys are holding hands.”

Luke shifted his feet. “That, as you well know, has not been my experience.” In the past, Luke had been sent to a camp to “fix” his gay impulses and his family had not supported his sexuality at all. They had convinced Luke that a homosexual lifestyle was immoral and that most people would agree with this view. He glared at Reid. “And stop making fun of me.”

Reid pulled at his hair, “But making fun of you is so entertaining.”

“You are such a jerk,” Luke put his hands over his eyes and shook his head, but amusement was in his voice now. “How can I be dating such a jerk?”

“Pretty much, I’m always a jerk,” Reid agreed.

“Are you ever going to learn some manners?” Luke asked.

“Depends,” Reid’s eyes flirted with him a little, “Are you ever going to be comfortable being out ?”

They stared at each other a moment.

“Okay,” Luke drawled slowly, suddenly feeling silly. “I’ll make you a deal. I will come out to more and more people and in return…you have to be nice to them.” Luke absently brushed some cookie crumbs from Reid’s shirt.

“Nice?” Reid scowled. “ I don’t do nice. I didn’t say I –“

“Afraid?” Luke smiled.

“Hardly.” Reid scoffed. “Fine. For every person you come out to in the next few weeks, I’ll be nice. “


“Great. Give me back your hand then.”

Luke did. They began to walk some more. Luke did feel like some people’s eyes were on him, but he was determined to ignore the looks he felt and concentrate on Reid.

Besides, Luke craved the touch of Reid’s firm fingers woven with his. The was a tingling in Luke’s body as their palms met. My boyfriend . Luke’s heart leapt at the thought. He snuck a peek at Reid. Now if he could only get him alone and get a kiss again…

“Where are we headed , anyhow?” Luke asked.

“This French restaurant that Vienna told me about. It’s the only fine dining in Oakhell.“
Reid glanced at Luke. “Is that okay?” He wanted to treat Luke to a special place for their very first date. The place cost big bucks and Reid had actually saved a little from his last paycheck.

Luke nodded, “Sure. “

Luke did not have the heart to tell him that restaurant was a favorite of Damian’s. Luke had been there many times over.

“You like French food, right? ” Personally, Reid liked the food at places like Al’s, but he knew Luke came from a sophisticated background. Besides, you don’t give your boyfriend a first date of burgers and fries.

“Absolutely!” Luke heard the unspoken concern in Reid’s voice and responded to it immediately. He would have preferred a good burger and fries to French cuisine, but he never wanted to hurt Reid’s feelings by changing his plans.

“Good,” Reid said with relief.

“Great,” Luke smiled.

They reached the front of the restaurant. Luke dropped hands and they went inside the door.

The host warmly greeted Luke.

“Mr. Grimaldi!”

“Snyder,” Luke told him.

“Are your parents coming too?” The host asked him pleasantly.

“No- um- no.”

“How many in your party tonight? “ The man asked.

“Two, just me and- “ Luke suddenly was sweating, he didn’t look at Reid. “my friend.”

“Under the name Oliver,” Reid said.

As the host hurried away to check Reid’s reservation, Reid leaned down to Luke’s ear and whispered, “Now, who’s the chicken?”

“I’m just-“

“Bock Bock,” Reid said, smirking. Then he glanced around the restaurant. “Hmm, who will I be an asshole to first?” His eyes were gleaming with mischief.

“Fine!” Luke pouted. “I’ll tell this guy we’re on a date.”

“That’s the spirit, “ Reid said with mock encouragement,” Just tell him, I’m a fag as he serves you foie gras and cherries jubilee.”

“Reid! “ Luke squealed in protest, “You really have no boundaries do you?”

Reid shrugged, “I don’t believe in pretense,” he said, “life’s too short.”

“Yeah,” Luke answered softly.

He suddenly thought about his friend Armand, who had been his bunkmate at Camp Straight Heart. He had killed himself rather than face the world as a gay man. Learning about the suicide, had been one of the central forces that had motivated Luke to come out. The other force, of course, had been Reid. He swept his gaze over Reid’s lean frame. Maybe Reid had a point about just being honest.

The host came back,” We have your family’s favorite table open,” he told them.

“Wait,” Reid said in confusion, “you’ve been here enough to have your own table? “ He narrowed his eyes. “How many times?”

Luke shrugged and didn’t look at him.

“Oh the Grimaldis come here often, “ the host told Reid happily, “they actually own the building.”

“Terrific.” Reid shot Luke a look. Luke pretended not to notice.

“It’s fine, “ Luke tried to reassure him. “The food is fantastic here.”

Just then Reid’s pager went off. He glanced at it, still upset that his big fancy dinner for Luke was not really special. He read the text and groaned.

“Emergency. It says they need my help.”He glanced at Luke regretfully. “I don’t think it’s a long one, want to come and wait while I do this? Or you could stay and eat…? ”

“No, I’ll go with you.” Luke’s sudden smile took Reid’s breath away. “Let’s continue our date.”

They left the restaurant and headed for Memorial.


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