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Title: The Last Doughnut
Author: Marsabi
Summary: When Damian disinherits Luke, can he survive in the “real world”? Will he drive Reid crazy in the process? Pairings: Reid/Luke, Maddie/Casey, Henry/Vienna, Lily/Damian, Lucinda/John
Warning: None
Rating: PG – NC-17 (depends on chapter)
Thanks traciamc

Part 12 Promises in the Dark

“Okay, so what did you do, Oliver, to turn that boy straight?” Henry demanded.

Reid ignored him and walked over to counter for some cookies.

“Luke was a happy, newly out gay man and now he’s a Grimaldi puppet. “ Henry glared at him, “This must be your fault somehow.”

Reid rolled his eyes, “Maybe we had a fight, “ he conceded.

“A fight? Someone mad at you?” Henry snorted, “How could that be?”

“Hey, we both said ugly things, “ Reid answered, munching on his cookie. “These are stale, by the way.”

“You’re still eating it, “ Henry pointed out.

“I have a strong stomach.”

Pulling up a chair next to Reid, Henry tapped his shoulder pointedly, “Stop changing the subject. I want to discuss Luke.”

“Well I don’t.”

Henry shook his head, ‘Look, Oliver. Just do what every self-respecting man does when he pisses off his significant other.”

“What’s that?” Reid asked.

“Beg,” Henry promptly answered. “Works with Vienna.”

Reid nodded, “I can see you groveling ,” He looked Henry up and down, “Not like anybody cares if you ruin that shirt with your snotty tears.”

Henry glanced down at his colorfully flowered- patterned clothes. “Some of us have style,” he told him.

“And then there’s you, “ Reid drawled.

“Look,” Henry said, “I know you’re in some kind of pain or denial or something but- “

“Please stop,” Reid groaned. He put his hands over his eyes.

“I’m just saying I can give you the name of my therapist.”

“ For the cross-dressing? Voices? Or your general inadequacies?“

“I see a therapist to discuss my feelings,” Henry glared and snatched the cookie out of Reid’s hand, “You should try it sometime.”

“I don’t have any feelings, “ Reid grumbled, trying to take his cookie back.

They both stopped talking as Maddie walked out from the kitchen, shot Reid a dirty look and left.

“Well, I see I’m not the only one disappointed in you.”

“What can I say?” Reid shrugged, “being hated is just part of being me.”


Maddie was walking away from Al’s diner, when a hand grabbed her.

He pulled her behind a tree and kissed her lips hungrily.

Maddie swatted Casey away. “Where’ve you been?” she asked. She hadn’t seen him since that day at the hospital. She narrowed her eyes at him. “If you think you can just get another quickie from me and then go –“

“No,” Casey smiled at her. “I think I want a take you somewhere and love you slow .All night.”

Maddie gulped. She searched Casey’s face.

He took her hands. “Maddie, “ he said, “I can’t tell you what’s going on with me. Not yet. But I am trying to dig myself out of my latest mess.” He tangled his fingers in her long, thick hair . “And I want to be with you.”

“You do?”

“Uh-huh. I do.” Casey kissed her again. “Can you give me another chance? Can we be together again? “

“Will you promise to explain all this to me very soon?” She countered.

Casey nodded. “I love you,” he said softly.

“Well, then,” Maddie pressed her lips to his, “where are you taking me for that all night date?”


An hour later, Reid sat in his apartment above Al’s just brooding. He turned the television on, watched some baseball, and ended up just chucking the remote in frustration.

When somebody knocked on his door, Reid glared at it. He didn’t feel like seeing Henry or Vienna again and listening to more stupid lectures.

“Go away!” Reid snapped.

The knocking persisted. With a muttered curse, Reid answered the door.

“This had better be important- “ He started to say.

“I think it is,” Luke answered promptly and then fell into his arms.

Reid quickly glanced around, still holding Luke, and closed the door.

“What – what’re you doing here?”

“Relax. They went out of town – unexpected business trip to New York, “ Luke was kissing the skin by Reid’s ear, nibbling at the lobe.

“But it may not be safe, “ Reid said a bit hoarsely, “you’re probably being watched.”

“I am,” Luke agreed, “by Casey. “ He laughed at the irony of Casey as a double-spy, “Damian gave him strict orders to follow me around.”

Reid pulled Luke back from him.

“What?” Luke asked.

“Nothing, “ Reid answered, “ I just-“ He inhaled sharply, all his emotions visible in his eyes, but the words wouldn’t come.

They just gazed at each other a moment. Luke rested his hands on Reid’s shoulders .

“I just want to look at you too, “ Luke said, picking up on Reid’s wordless feelings.

Reid smiled and cupped the side of Luke’s face. His thumb stroked the skin tenderly.

Silently, their gazes spoke of all the longing and love for each other in their hearts. A sweet feeling of euphoria swept over them. They were here- together - at last.

Luke lips trembled as their mouths connected slowly.

They were sucking sweetly on each other’s lips, drinking in each other’s taste. All their memories surfacing through the wet, embrace of tongues. The kiss was warm and felt like it could go on forever.

Luke let out a deep , pleasure-filled moan, the sound traveling into Reid’s mouth. Reid swallowed the sound and then answered it back. They sighed at the same time and broke away to smile at each other again.

Luke’s entire face was full of happiness.

Seeing him look so beautiful, Reid just needed to kiss him once more. He joined their lips again, filled his mouth with Luke’s taste, and everything outside of them dissolved into nothing. Eyes locked on each other, the passion suddenly felt explosive between them. Their pulses quickened. Their bodies ached. Reid just wanted to put himself inside of Luke, to call his name, to make him tremble…that was everything now. Luke just wanted to have Reid pound into his body, find his center, claim him, know him, love him.

They kissed at each other’s mouths with more hunger, suddenly starving for each other. Reid knocked Luke against the wall as he kissed him again. Luke twisted around him. Their bodies moved more urgently. They sucked raggedly at each other’s mouths like it was air needed to breathe.

Reid ripped open the buttons on Luke’s shirt. He thrust his hands against the flushed skin and pinched Luke’s hard nipple. Luke clawed desperately at Reid’s back, digging his nails into him, wanting to climb on top of Reid. They had their hands all over each other, pulling off shirts and kicking off clothes.

It was not enough contact. Luke groaned and then dropped to his knees. He was dreaming of this for two weeks and five days. He jerked down Reid’s briefs impatiently and then took Reid’s erection into his mouth.

Luke loved everything about Reid’s cock. He loved the rubbery feel of it near his tongue, he loved the smell. He loved the texture of it, the veined-ridges, and the taste. He wanted it so much. When Reid finally erupted with a shout, Luke greedily drank .

For a moment they were side by side on the floor. Luke licked his lips, still tasting the cum. He touched his mouth to Reid’s open one. Luke pressed his arousal at Reid. In answer, Reid lifted his leg up, positioning Luke to hump him. Panting with desire, Luke rode Reid’s leg until he was throbbing.

Then Reid grabbed him fiercely.

“My turn,” Reid growled. Emotions powerfully churned inside of him, as Reid pushed Luke’s thighs away.

In a much more aggressive manner, Reid began to pleasure Luke, attacking his cock’s head with a merciless tongue-lashing first, and then lifting Luke’s hips up firmly. Reid knew just where to squeeze with his mouth and where to lick. Luke was a helpless, thrashing mess in little time. His body bucked repeatedly upward. His limbs were shaking and covered in a sheen of sweat. Luke climaxed violently, calling Reid’s name.

Reid savored him, closing his eyes as he swallowed.

Luke was weeping now. Reid reached out and wiped the tears, but he understood Luke well. He knew that Luke’s tears were of joy and release for him. So Reid just gathered Luke in his arms and listened to his crying for a moment.

“I love you so much,” Luke managed to get out between his sobs.

“Me too,” Reid’s voice was low and quiet.

Luke inhaled shakily, “Let’s take this to the bed. Let’s get in your bed and never leave it.”

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Reid laughed. He held out a hand for Luke and helped him up.

Together, they went onto the mattress. They still held hands, not wanting to let each other go for even an instant. Luke drew up his knees, and Reid hovered near him, touching him constantly.

Reid used his mouth to get Luke ready again. Then Reid eased himself behind Luke.

They made love, and each thrust seemed familiar and yet strangely new; their emotions were so vivid now that they were sensitive to the beauty of just being joined. Reid rocked into Luke, cradling his hips, and giving him wave after wave of intense satisfaction.

Afterwards, they were quiet, their bodies still connected.

“I missed you,” Luke told him, “I missed us.”

Reid softly kissed the nape of Luke’s neck.

He shivered in response. “Don’t let me go,” Luke begged.

Reid rested his head on top of Luke’s and just held him.

“I won’t,” Reid said with a slight catch in his voice. “I never will.”


Morning came too quickly for them both.

Reid watched as Luke dressed. He started to get up too, but Luke shook his head firmly.

“Stay,” he said. “I want to remember you just this way.”

Luke’s eyes swept over Reid’s naked torso . He smiled slightly, and then went back to dressing.

“When are they due back?” Reid asked with some reluctance.

Luke sighed, “Not until tonight, but I don’t want to take any chances.”

Reid nodded soberly.

Luke came over and sat a moment on the edge of the bed.

“I’m close now,” he told Reid. “Damian took me to the vault the other day.”

“Did he give you the combination?”

“No, but it’s the same , I’m sure. He’s so arrogant he doesn’t think anybody is a threat. “

“Still…be careful.”

Luke grinned, “Worried about me?” He teased.

Reid took his face between his hands.

“Yes, I am,” Reid said, “ and it’s not a joke.”

“I’m fine, “ Luke reassured him, kissing him lightly. “Don’t worry ,all they can think about is grooming me to be the heir of Grimaldi Shipping again.”

“As soon as Damian gives you the opportunity to get the book, you’re out of there.”

“I agree,” Luke laughed, “it’s like living in an iceberg.” He ran his hand down Reid’s naked chest. Then he rested his fingers there, feeling for the steady beat of Reid’s heart.

“I should go,” Luke said finally. “I’ll sneak out the back way.”

Reid just nodded.

“I’ll be in touch as soon as I have it,” Luke said. He leaned in and kissed Reid passionately.

Reid could only watch as Luke walked out of his apartment. The place felt so empty without him. He stayed in the bed, inhaling the scent of their lovemaking and not wanting to move, holding Luke’s pillow and just breathing .

Suddenly, his apartment door flung open. Luke practically bounced into the room. Before Reid could utter a word, Luke jumped into the bed and landed right on top of him. He straddled Reid and gave him a big, smacking kiss.

Luke then waved his phone at him excitedly, “Out of town for one more night!” he beamed.

Reid grinned back, his eyes lighting up with joy. He grabbed Luke and they rolled around happily together.

They didn’t leave the bed for a long, long time.
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