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Anywhere, USA Part Two: Chapter 8 and 9

Title: Anywhere, USA
Author: Marsabi
Summary: Abandoned as a teen, Reid is forced to stay at the Snyder farm. He meets Luke again as an adult
Rating: NC-17

Warning: Sexually Explicit NC-17

Chapter 8

Despite advising Luke to sleep on it, Reid was unable to shut his eyes that night. He almost called Luke a half a dozen times or so, to tell him he’d changed his mind, but Reid just kept hanging up his phone. He brooded instead, feeling a strange mix of fear and triumph. His cock was at full attention, doing a primal cheer, while his heart peeked out of its shell for signs of danger. Reid wrestled back and forth with it all. He spent the night fighting his passion, and he jerked off a few times, hoping that would calm him down and clear his mind, but the momentary release did nothing to cure his nerves.

Morning came. Luke didn’t call and didn’t come to his room.

Well, it was early. Reid remembered that even as a kid, Luke liked to sleep in. More than once, Reid had to pull the covers off of a grumpy Luke and help get him ready for school. The memory caused Reid to smile- and to panic. This was a mistake. Reid again picked up his phone.

“Just call him, bonehead.” Reid hit himself with his phone on the side of his head. “You’re not made for virgins and moonlit strolls. Stop it now.”

Reid stared at the phone, but he didn’t dial the number. Luke said Reid would be helping him out, right? That he needed Reid as a friend to help him. Reid held the phone a moment, still uncertain.

And where the hell was Luke? Why wasn’t he here?

To take his mind off of it, Reid called the hospital. Both of his patients were doing well and both were stable. He wasn’t needed right now. He almost wished he was paged; then it wouldn’t matter if Luke showed or not, it would be out of Reid’s hands, and he wanted an excuse. Cursing, Reid went and took a shower. He shaved. He pulled on a pair of black jeans and a maroon colored shirt. He ate a bowl of cereal. He laid out the new sheets he’d bought. If he had to sleep in a hotel, Reid had wanted his own set; now he was glad he’d splurged on the soft, 400 count sheets. He ate a second bowl of cereal nervously. He eyed the clock.

Luke must have changed his mind after all, despite his pleas on the roof. Maybe he’d even crawled back to Noah. Reid’s mouth turned bitter. He could accept that Luke had decided to wait for sex, wait to fall in love, or whatever. But if Luke had decided to go back to that dirt bag of an ex boyfriend, that married ex boyfriend, he’d damn well go and shake some sense into him.

Like magic, there was a strong knock on the door. Reid jumped to answer it. As he swung open the door, Reid’s pulse leaped and his mouth went dry.

“Hi,” Luke said, leaning against the door, a huge plastic bag was at his feet. He had two coffees in his hands.

“Come on in,” Reid answered.

“I’m not too early?” Luke frowned, and handed Reid a coffee.

“I just got up like two minutes ago,” Reid replied, pretending to stretch his muscles. He glanced at the coffee and took a casual sip. “This is good.”

“Caramel lattes. I got some cookies too.”

Dressed casually in a green shirt, red jacket and tight jeans, Luke tempted Reid more than the word cookies, but as Luke opened up his bag, Reid glanced at the contents. There was a bag of Chips A’Hoy at the top, but there were also several boxes of condoms: extra sensitive, warming , for his pleasure. Reid spotted more than one bottle of lubricant too.

Reid looked at Luke.

“I’m flattered, but I don’t know if we need all those boxes.”

Luke began to rummage around the bag, not meeting his eyes. “Well, I wasn’t sure what style you preferred. There are so many . I stood at the drug store so long, I think the guy thinks I’m a huge pervert.” Luke laughed nervously. He took a huge breath. “ Then I just figured, why not bring them all? Let all of Oakdale know I’m about to have lots and lots of sex. “

Luke’s laugh became more high-pitched. “Besides, if I buy them all, then you can tell me what you want. I never knew lubes could be plain or flavors like cherry and banana too. Maybe you like that?”

“Nope. I like my lube plain, so I can taste just my man,” Reid replied.

Luke jumped back, his eyes wide, skin flushed. The bag knocked over.

“Luke,” Reid said. He bent down and put the contents back. Then he came over to Luke, who’d backed himself into a corner near the door. “You can still change your mind?”

“N-no,” Luke shook his head firmly. “No.”

Reid gently took the edges of Luke’s jacket with both hands.

“Then listen,” Reid said, absently playing with the jacket’s zipper, moving it up and down , up and down. “If I do anything you don’t like as we go on, just tell me and we’ll stop, okay?”

Luke nodded. “And if I do anything you don’t like,” Luke said earnestly. “Tell me.”

Reid’s mouth twitched, “Alright.”

Luke groaned suddenly. “Oh God, I sound like an idiot, don’t I?” He buried face hands in his hands.

An incredible desire to just hug him swept over Reid and he fought it a moment. The sweetness that Luke brought out in him was troubling. Reid sighed. He gently removed Luke’s fingers from his eyes. He patted the side of Luke’s cheek.

“No,” Reid assured him. “You don’t sound like an idiot.”

Luke peeked at him through his eyelashes. He smiled slowly at Reid. “Really? That’s it? No sarcastic remark?”

“I’m just hoping to get lucky,“ Reid told him solemnly. “I figured I should make nice.”

They looked at each other and both burst out laughing.

“See? “ Luke said. He tipped his head forward until it rested on Reid’s chest. “That’s why it has to be you. Anybody else would have me running in embarrassment right now.”

Reid gently stroked his hair. Luke lifted up his face. Their mouths were near each other. Luke stared into Reid’s eyes.

Reid no longer felt like giving Luke a hug. A thousand sexual thoughts rushed through his mind. Luke wasn’t a child. His body, pressing so close to Reid’s own now, was a man’s. Reid put a hand on Luke’s broad shoulders. He ran his fingers down his arm.

Still, Reid hesitated. He could feel his cock harden, and God knows he wanted to take Luke and show him everything, but he was frozen.

“Are you really sure?” Reid found himself asking. He wondered if he was talking to himself. What was he getting into here? How could he do this with Luke and then just walk away?

Luke’s face seemed to soften at his concern.

Reid still did not move.

Suddenly, he could read in Luke’s eyes that he was about to kiss him. Luke was about to kiss him . Reid’s breath intensified. He watched Luke moving closer to him. It felt like slow motion. Like time was stopping.

Tenderly, Luke held Reid’s jaw in his fingers first, just touching his skin there. Then Luke’s eyes fell on Reid’s mouth. He inched closer to it. Reid could still see a small doubt of nerves flickering in Luke’s eyes. Luke wet his own lips and hovered a second right at Reid’s.

Reid opened his mouth, letting Luke’s tongue thrust forward and take his own. He wasn’t sure what was happening to him; he felt like he had no choice but to open his lips, to allow Luke inside. Reid was shaking with need. He was the one who should be running.

Instead, he opened his mouth more for Luke. Groaning slightly, Reid pulled Luke to the couch and they sank down on it, their lips still pressed together. Reid pecked at Luke’s eager lips teasingly, then thrust his tongue inside. He explored and nibbled and sucked.

Trembling, Luke pulled back. He ran his hands over Reid’s body in wonder. Luke took a deep breath and Reid braced himself for some romantic confession. ”I can’t believe you used to be this nerdy, egg-head ,” Luke said instead.

“Excuse me?” Reid said, drawing back, slightly insulted. “Is this supposed to be your foreplay?”

Luke laughed nervously. ”No- sorry. I just mean, even though when we first met you were all skinny and brainy and weird –“

“This just gets better and better,” Reid drawled.

“Even though you were like that,” Luke persisted, “I thought – to me- “ He gave Reid a huge, slightly bashful smile. “I had a huge crush on you. Couldn’t you tell?”

Reid just stared at him now.

“And now, you’re still the same only….” Luke gazed up and down Reid’s body yearningly. “You’re so-“ He was now blushing furiously.

“I’m so what?” Reid said in a low voice.

Luke gulped and rocked from side to side a little. He just shook his head.

“I’m what?” Reid asked again, stroking Luke’s hair.

“S-Sexy,” Luke’s voice was so faint that Reid almost couldn’t hear him.

Reid’s pulse leaped. He leaned in and nuzzled Luke’s neck. He licked a hot trail up and down the delicate skin and then sucked deeply at the vulnerable flesh. Luke moaned and jerked. That response broke through all of Reid’s hesitation. Reid’s hands caressed Luke everywhere now. Damn the consequences. Reid wanted to touch him, kiss him, fuck him. He couldn’t think about what would happen next.

With fast-moving, nimble fingers, Reid unzipped Luke’s jacket all the way and tossed it off, shoved Luke’s shirt up, and wrestled it off of him between frantic kisses to Luke’s mouth, neck, chest, everywhere he could press kisses, wanting to taste each part of Luke’s revealed skin; pressing kisses as he went, he savored each spot. Every time Reid kissed a new area, Luke gasped. His hips jerked at Reid. He panted already like he was in the middle of a desperate race.

“Shh,” Reid hushed him. “Relax.”

He continued to undress Luke, sliding his belt buckle loose, and unsnapping his jeans.

“I-I am,” Luke croaked out, helping pull the belt out of its loops with shaking fingers. “But it’s- you’re going so fast.”

“Then I’ll slow down.” Reid released his grip on Luke’s jeans.

Reid gave him an appreciative smile, and ran his fingers up and down Luke’s torso. He bent his head to Luke’s flat nipple and nipped at it with his teeth. As Reid sought out his other nipple, Luke moaned, his hands fluttering around a second and then settling at Reid’s hips. Glancing at him, Reid saw Luke was already in a state of hazy pleasure, his eyes slightly glazed, with an unspoken question still on his face.

Reid wanted to tell him he was incredibly beautiful, that his skin was creamy and glowing, and that his muscles and the tiny golden hairs of his belly were perfect. Instead, Reid put his mouth on him, licking his chest and navel. He wrapped Luke tightly to him.

“I want you,” he whispered into Luke’s ear. Luke trembled.

“You do?” Doubt colored Luke’s voice.

Reid pulled back and cupped Luke’s face. He stared intently into his eyes. Then Reid took Luke’s hand and lowered it to his bulge. He rubbed Luke’s fingers against his hard arousal. “I do.”

Luke smiled then. He looked down at where his hand was. He began to stroke Reid there, through his pants. Groaning, Reid moved his hand away a second, unzipped and let his cock spring free. Then he put Luke’s hand back. As Luke stroked him, up and down his shaft, Reid let out an indecipherable noise of pleasure.

The noise seemed to ignite Luke.

He got off the couch and dropped to his knees. Reid stood up, and Luke grabbed at his ass massaging it, gliding his fingers up and down Reid’s swollen cock. Lightly, Luke let his thumb graze Reid’s slit.

Will power, Reid told himself sternly, make this last for him.

“Is it okay?” Luke whispered, reverently, still stroking Reid with his hand.

“You have to ask me?” Reid managed, and thrust forward a little more.

Luke tenderly gave his swollen member a soft, butterfly kiss, making Reid inhale quickly. Another kiss was gently given, and Luke looked up shyly to see Reid’s reaction. Reid yanked off his pants and briefs and kicked them away, pulling Luke to his crotch.

Luke picked up the weight of Reid’s cock and just held it in his hands with a dreamy expression on his face. Luke ran his tongue over the ridges, his mouth unskilled but enthusiastic, and licked Reid’s cockhead; he tasted it, moaning like Reid’s cock was the most delicious thing in the world. Reid thought he might explode right then and had to take a deep breath, forcing himself to relax.

Luke nibbled at the underside of Reid’s dick and then down to his base. Reid pumped himself forward, and felt an electric jolt throughout his body at Luke’s mouth on his cock. Reid’s dick felt slick from Luke’s saliva, as Luke pushed it in and out of his lips. A heat curled in Reid’s lower body and he dug his fingers into his palms. Luke’s lips clamped down on him and sucked again, taking him deeper. Reid groaned loudly as Luke’s soft lips released him. He gave small kisses up and down Reid’s cock; their eyes met as Luke stared up at him, slowly taking Reid back into his mouth. Reid put his hand at the nape of Luke’s neck and pushed him gently forward, as Reid thrashed his hips a little, and Luke parted his lips wider. He mouth-fucked Luke, until the pressure became too intense. He wasn’t going to shoot, not until he had buried his dick inside of Luke’s ass. Shuddering, Reid gently pulled out of Luke’s mouth with a popping noise. He hauled Luke to his feet and into the bedroom.

He slid off Luke’s remaining clothes, drinking him in, inhaling Luke’s clean scent and then kissed his neck hard, suckling the tender skin. Luke cried out and flung his arms around Reid and held him. Luke whimpered, sounding in pain, and he humped his body against Reid’s leg. Clinging desperately to him, Luke latched his mouth onto Reid’s ear and tugged at the skin there. “Please,” he whispered, “now.”

Reid covered his face with kisses and then pushed him gently onto the bed. Panting, Luke eagerly inched his way up the sheets to the top of the bed and looked at Reid. Luke gazed up at him, his eyes hot, his lips swollen from Reid’s kisses, his cock flexing at his stomach, a small bead of precome dripping there. Luke’s face was all need, his body trembling. Reid climbed on top of him, grabbing Luke’s face and kissing him again, possessively, allowing their mouths to cling. Luke dug his fingers into Reid’s shoulders, moaning loudly. Reid released his swollen lips began to move down Luke’s body, paying attention to every writhing motion, every gasp that Luke made. Reid was determined to learn exactly what sent Luke skyrocketing and he pushed down on those spots harder and longer. Reid paused at the only scar on Luke’s otherwise perfect skin, and he put his mouth on that too. Luke froze a second, tensing, and Reid moved on, even as his brain noted the location of the scar. He didn’t want anything to upset Luke right now, and it wasn’t the time or place to ask about it, but a surge of protectiveness went through Reid; it was all he could do not to gently kiss the scar again. The idea of Luke in distress or physical pain hurt Reid’s own heart. He focused back on Luke’s pleasure. He could tell Luke’s body was peaking under his fingers and mouth; Luke’s pulse was beating rapidly, his cheeks were flushed.

Reid’s own pleasure was mounting ; he felt a jolt of it in his lower belly, he would take everything soon. Luke would be unable to hold back his orgasm for long, and then Reid would flood Luke. He kissed Luke’s body all over, his whole body aching as he thought about taking Luke soon. Luke moved against his body, causing a friction that was begging to drive Reid wild.

Traveling over Luke’s skin, Reid licked over his nipples and then paused to tease and taste. Luke whimpered, thrashing his head around as Reid moved down, dipped his tongue into Luke’s navel, and plunged in and out. He nibbled his way lower, and Luke made an animal-like sound , lifting his head to look down at Reid, his eyes gleaming ,and his mouth parted and wet. Reid flashed him a smile and then took Luke’s cock in his hand. It was thick and strong-looking. Reid swirled his tongue around it, flicked over the slit , tasted the shaft. He used his hand to squeeze the leaking head, then bent and licked the salty drops of juice there.

Luke gasped; he instinctively attempted to push Reid away.

Reid planted his firm lips at Luke’s shaft, kissing it all over, until Luke’s hands fell away. Reid opened his mouth and slowly sucked Luke’s cock . He teased him, giving small sucks, putting pressure with his tongue on Luke’s tip.

”I- I – can’t!” But Luke’s actions told another story as he wriggled his hips desperately, wanting more contact. Reid could hear the broken cries coming from Luke, and Reid put a hand on Luke’s chest, feeling his rapid breath. He gave Luke’s dick another long suck.

“I can’t stop,” Luke groaned, an apology in his voice.

In answer, Reid took Luke’s swollen cock all the way down his throat. He sucked expertly as Luke babbled incoherently now and his body lifting off the bed. Semen burst from him and Reid gulped it down and then licked his lips at the taste.

Reid went back up Luke’s body. He rested his head on the pillow next to Luke. Luke had his eyes shut tightly, and Reid gently took his hand.

“God, I wanted to- I’m sorry,” Luke was saying, his body trembling.


“I got too excited, too fast.”

Reid kissed him, letting Luke taste himself on Reid’s tongue. “Don’t ever apologize for that. “


“There’s nothing wrong with letting go, Luke. I want you to let go. I want you to do whatever feels good, okay?”

Luke gestured to Reid’s arousal. “What about you?”

Reid laughed. “We’ll get to me. I’ve only just started.” Reid squeezed his fingers.

“Oh,” Luke‘s eyes widened and Reid swore Luke’s entire body blushed.

Reid took Luke and turned him to get on all fours. Briefly, Reid wondered just how little Luke must have done with Noah. He was so innocent; it was pretty clear Noah never went down on him. Reid ran his fingers lightly down Luke’s back. It just confirmed for Reid what a selfish lover Noah would’ve been and how fortunate Luke was that he hadn’t gone too far with him. Reid gently cupped Luke’s ass with his palms; there was a whole world of pleasure waiting for Luke. He kissed one of Luke’s cheeks softly, and Reid smiled as he felt Luke shudder. Reid’s fixation on this particular part of Luke’s anatomy had been well deserved – Luke had one hell of an ass. It was high and rounded, and milky white. Admiring it still, Reid pulled Luke’s ass closer to his mouth. He took the mounds of flesh there, massaging them. Reid nipped at them and, at the same time, he reached in front and found Luke’s slick cock. He rubbed that too, seductively, working the shaft with his fingers and fist. Luke was breathing faster, his back hunched, his head bowed. Noises were coming from him, deep, guttural sounds, and Luke thrust into Reid’s hand.

When Luke was getting hard again, Reid opened him up from behind and inhaled his scent. Luke’s skin had an amazing sweetness to it, and that, mixed with the smell of his ass and his manhood, was intoxicating, and Reid breathed it in, his own cock stiff and aching.

Cupping Luke’s butt cheeks in his hands again, Reid kissed the tiny cleft between the flesh. Finally, Reid spread him wide and looked at the puckered hole. He gave the smallest of licks and Luke jerked like he was on fire. Reid held him open again, and licked more. He let his tongue press against the hole.

Luke cried out and jerked forward. Reid gave Luke’s backside a playful swat.

“C’mere,” he ordered gently, and pulled Luke back into place.

Reid dove in for a bigger taste of Luke’s ass. He devoured it. A rush of pure heat went up Reid’s spine as he rimmed Luke harder.

Luke shouted and begged and then shouted again. He pushed his ass back at Reid. Reid, eager to oblige, went for the lube. He teased Luke with a wet finger, as Luke’s hole squirmed before him, opening and shutting.

Reid gave Luke a reassuring kiss on the curve of his buttock. He took a moment to kiss the back of Luke’s shaking thighs and then Reid lubed a second finger. He returned to Luke’s center. He smeared the hole with lube too, and slid the two fingers inside, hooking them down in just the right spot.

Luke helplessly bucked, his hands grabbing at the sheets. Reid soothed him with his other hand, rubbing his lower back and hip, as he thrust his fingers in and out. Luke moaned and begged as Reid readied him for a long time, using his fingers and tongue.

“Please,” Luke was whimpering.

Reid rolled a condom on. He crawled up Luke’s sweaty, hot back, to turn Luke’s head and kiss him fully on his mouth.

“Please, Reid,” Luke said when the kiss ended, his voice thick, lips swollen.

Reid held Luke’s dazed face in his hands for a second and kissed him again. Luke kissed back, his mouth hot and urgent.

“Sure?” Reid said, but Luke seemed beyond speaking, and so Reid turned Luke back again. He rested his hand on the middle of Luke’s back and the other hand worked Luke’s dick a moment. Luke felt more than ready. Reid released Luke’s cock and made his way back to his asshole. He massaged his hole one more time, it felt tight and hot. Then Reid replaced his finger.

He entered slowly, making certain that Luke adjusted to his cock being inside. Grunting, Luke clenched up a moment, tensing his muscles. Reid murmured to him soothingly, and he let his hands stroke up and down Luke’s body. He felt Luke start to relax again. Sweat broke out across Reid’s forehead and neck as he waited. As Reid pushed forward again, Luke was quiet and shaking. He was inside of Luke, joined with him, and it felt incredibly natural to Reid, but he would make certain it felt good to Luke too. So he waited and put his hand around Luke’s erection, gently caressing him another moment.

“Breathe,” he told Luke and listened to him exhale.

Reid pushed forward. God, Luke’s ass seemed made for him. He felt so right, as he made his way deeper inside, Luke’s muscles clamped around him instinctively, a keening sound was coming from Luke’s mouth. “Oh, God, Reid,” Luke said in a high pitched voice, “so good.” An answering growl came from deep within Reid’s chest and he thrust deeper inside of him. They fit.

Again, Reid almost exploded. Willpower, he cautioned. He moved just a little more. Sweat was dripping from Reid’s back now. His entire body was tense. He slid further in, using all of his control and care. He could feel Luke’s ass opening to him, accommodating his size.

Reid thrust carefully, in small strokes. He was slow and gentle. He pushed a little and retreated. But Luke didn’t want that. He tried to reach around for Reid.

“Give it to me,” Luke said. ”Don’t hold back.”

“Luke-“ Reid groaned.

“Give it to me,” Luke commanded. He knocked his ass back at Reid insistently.

Reid lost it. His control finally gone, his own cock crying out for more, he began to really pound into Luke, drilling his hole. He wrapped his arm at Luke’s torso. His cock was a hammer; he pounded again and again, his movements strong and fast now. Luke was letting out intense sounds of pleasure, driving Reid crazy. He wanted him even more. Pushing in deeper, he was close, his orgasm building. Luke was close too, quivering for release.

But this was Luke and suddenly Reid wanted to see him; he wanted to see his face. He didn’t want just finish with Luke from behind.

Reid rolled them over, on top of Luke now, one hand firmly at Luke’s hips, and his other hand touching the side of Luke’s face. Luke smiled up at him and turned, kissing his palm. Luke’s hair was messy; his cheeks were stained with color, his lips parted. Luke was lovely, staring up at him. Lovely. Reid could never tell him that. He couldn’t believe he was even thinking it. No, he could only give Luke what he’d asked for- give him this moment- his body.

Reid thrust into him, riding Luke firmly, and Luke soon met his movements instinctively, rising and falling with him. They rocked together. Heat building between their bodies. Strange panting noises were coming from Reid’s own mouth, and his thrusts grew faster and more furious.

“Oh oh oh ,” Luke cried out. Reid held nothing back. He bucked into Luke, cupped his ass higher, he threw Luke’s feet up by his ears, making Luke give a yell of pure surprise as the angle drove Reid’s cock directly over Luke’s prostate. It made Reid smile, and he ran a protective hand across Luke’s stunned face. With Luke’s feet over Reid’s shoulders, Reid pushed his cock in deeper. Reid gave another powerful thrust, and as he moved, he looked down into Luke’s eyes.

Luke’s face was wild and uninhibited and Luke’s cum shot out against Reid’s lower stomach, making Reid clutch at him and come too, a nearly primal urge requiring him to come as far inside of Luke as possible.


They lay together, sweat-soaked and exhausted. Reid leaned over and touched their lips. Then he held his fingers at the side of Luke’s face.

“Thank you,” Luke whispered shyly.

Reid’s heart thudded helplessly in answer, his mouth went dry. He just nodded at Luke. Luke smiled again dreamily, resting his head on Reid’s chest and snuggled into him, nuzzling the crook of Reid’s neck. Their breath began to slow down finally, and soon they were breathing in unison, their chests rising and falling together.

Reid put his hands up behind his head and turned to Luke; they stared into each other’s eyes affectionately. Luke slowly took a finger and traced a line from Reid’s elbow down the sensitive underside of his arm. Reid smiled, not bothering to move, and Luke beamed in response as he realized he could continue to caress Reid, and his hand started back up again.

Reid was aroused at the touch only slightly; as he faced Luke in the bed, both of them naked, the covers thrown back, it was a warmth that Reid was feeling mostly, a warm satisfaction spreading throughout his entire body. Luke’s eyes were moist and his gaze made Reid’s heart lurch painfully. Luke touched him again, gliding his fingers up to Reid’s shoulders now, pressing on him and then releasing, and although it felt wonderful, Reid didn’t want to think about it too much or examine what they’d done.

He was glad when Luke distracted him from all thoughts, kissing Reid’s mouth softly, sighing with pleasure, as Reid gave him his tongue. Luke moved on to kiss Reid’s face and hair and the tip of Reid’s ear. Finally, Luke seemed satisfied, rolling to his side, and pulling his knees into his chest, his body curled close to Reid’s. He wrapped his arms around Reid tightly, and let out a little sigh.

Luke was cuddling now, and Reid never did that with his other lovers. Truthfully, Reid didn’t have lovers; he fucked men. But nothing with Luke felt like that to him, so Reid held a hand at the nape of Luke’s neck and accepted the embrace, closing his eyes.

But sleep wouldn’t come because Reid could feel Luke’s eyes still on him; he could sense Luke’s gaze, as if it were giving off heat. Reluctantly, Reid opened one eye, and sure enough, Luke was leaning over him.

“Hey,” Luke said, his eyes resting on Reid’s face.

“Hey.” Reid’s mind raced with all the things he should say to Luke, words of concern and words of praise, but his tongue felt thick and useless suddenly, and the best Reid could manage was to hold Luke’s hand a moment. Luke glanced down at their laced fingers and then a giant smile lit up his face.

“So,“ Luke shrugged, his eyes dancing. “Not a virgin anymore.” He blushed and pressed his cheek to Reid’s. “I was convinced I would be one of those forty year old guys still dreaming about their first time.”

“That might have been your fate,” Reid nodded. “Considering you live with mommy and were trying to have a love life in this town. “ Reid pulled back to give Luke a smirk.

“Shut up!” Luke laughed, jamming him in the ribs.

They wrestled around a moment together, both tickling and kissing each other, and Reid liked playing with him in bed; it was a first for Reid. He nipped at Luke’s jaw and neck, and Luke’s hands found his waist and squeezed him back. Reid laughed, the sound filling the room, and Luke let out a chuckle of his own.

“I guess even in Oakdale you would have gotten laid eventually, “ Reid continued, a teasing light in his eyes, “Your ass is smoking hot; somebody would have come to this crazy town sooner or later and tapped it before too long. “ He reached for Luke’s butt and rubbed his palms across it.

“Such a poet, “ Luke grinned, clutching his heart. He reached across to the nightstand for Reid’s water bottle. “ Thirsty, “ Luke declared, “And by the way, I like living with my family; I like Oakdale too.” He gave Reid a little salute with the water bottle and drank.

“It has its attractions,” Reid said, looking Luke’s body up and down.

Luke gave him a disarming smile. “Ahh, I knew it! You secretly love Oakdale. If you stay here long enough, you might end up thinking Oakdale is paradise, “Luke taunted him.

He took another big sip.

“Sure Oakdale is a regular Garden of Eden ,” Reid said slowly, not about to let Luke best him. “And the banana is really the forbidden fruit.”

Luke choked on his water.

“Well, it would have been,” Reid smiled. “If Adam had been smarter.”

Luke sputtered and then began to laugh. Reid watched him, pleased.

Almost better than making Luke blush was making him laugh, Reid knew, but making Luke both blush and laugh together- that was the best of all. Reid could feel his own mouth tugging into an even bigger smile, and his eyes softening on Luke.

“You’re so full of it,” Luke grinned as he climbed out of the bed. “And I’m on to you. I think the great doctor protests a little too much.”

Reid only grunted in answer, and Luke shot him a silly smile as he headed to the bathroom. Luke took a few steps and then he paused, wincing and rubbing at his ass. Watching him, Reid sat up, scratching at his chest, and taking in the sheer beauty of Luke’s body. Luke took one more step and then stopped again.

“Sore?” Reid guessed. He got up from the bed.

“Guess so,” Luke admitted ruefully.

Reid felt a flash of remorse ; he’d hammered Luke’s ass pretty hard.

“Come with me, ” Reid commanded and he took Luke’s hand. Reid tugged at him, leading the way to the shower. Reid rubbed Luke’s shoulders, while they waited for the water to warm up. Neither of them spoke, and Reid wondered what Luke might be thinking; he was relieved that Luke didn’t appear to have any regrets, at least outwardly, and Luke’s smile reassured him. Luke didn’t have much of a poker face; Reid would have seen his doubt.

Inside the shower, Reid gently soaped Luke’s backside. He rinsed it with the shower head, letting the warm water massage into him.

Luke closed his eyes and groaned.

Reid took a washcloth and applied some light pressure to his hole.

Luke sighed. “That feels good.”

“Good,” Reid said gruffly, kissing the nape of Luke’s neck.

Luke turned around and kissed him back. They took turns then, washing each other. Between playful kisses, they shared shampoo and soap. Reid’s eyes fell again on Luke’s scar, and he frowned, running his hands over it. It was right at his kidney. He was about to question Luke, when Luke kissed him again. Reid almost wondered if Luke knew he was about to question him; the timing of his kiss was too perfect. But Luke’s mouth was hot, and the water was steamy now. Moaning, Reid gave into the kiss.

Reid has never liked kissing so much. Before, he was always eager to just get to the main event. Sex was quick and dirty and enjoyable, but nothing more. Luke’s kisses, however, could go on forever and still not be enough. Maybe it was because Luke had amazing lips, full and slightly moist. Maybe it was the way he instinctively used his mouth, opening it at just the right angle. Maybe it was the taste- like something stronger than honey or spice. Whatever it was, Reid just wanted to linger there.

Suddenly, Luke became frantic, grabbing Reid by the shoulders and rubbing his groin at Reid’s hips. Luke bucked against Reid’s body, digging his already hard cock into Reid. Reid gave a little smile, before diving back into the kiss.

Of course Luke was horny again already. Now that he’d gotten some sex, and fantastic sex too, Reid thought smugly, of course he’d want more. Water was sluicing down Luke’s chest, his hair wet, and he started to come at Reid, moaning a little and undulating his hips at him. Reid turned Luke around , kissing him on his back and biting his neck hard enough that Luke cried out; Luke tried to turn back, but Reid pushed him spread eagle against the shower wall. It was too soon to plow his ass; Reid didn’t want Luke to be sore beyond reason, but there were plenty of other things to do. Reid slid down to the floor, the water spraying his body, and he reached his hand around. He jerked Luke’s cock quickly. At the same time, Reid put his tongue at Luke’s crack, licking him gently, in complete contrast to his merciless hand on Luke’s dick.

Reid let his tongue push into Luke’s hole and then circle around in a sweet , soothing, touch, while his hand fisted Luke roughly, squeezing at the crown. Luke pounded his fist softly on the wall, moaning, and whispering, “I never…never knew…God, never ahhh,” and finally crying out, “God! Reid!” as he exploded with a shocked moan.

Reid stood unsteadily back to his feet, a feeling of triumph welling inside, as he supported Luke, who slumped against the shower wall, breathing raggedly, his eyes closed. Luke had never known, he’d never done any of this before, and Reid wrapped his arms protectively around Luke’s body and held him. He buried his face in the crook of Luke’s neck, mouthed Luke’s earlobe, torn between wanting to be gentle and loving and wanting to release the building pressure in his own cock.

Luke turned and faced him, still hungry despite his orgasm, kissing Reid eagerly. Luke must have felt Reid’s erection at his stomach, because he jumped a little and looked down. Taking his thumb, Luke stroked Reid boldly, as Reid thrust forward and groaned. With a smile, it was Luke’s turn to drop down at Reid’s feet. Reid wasted no time; he wanted him so much. Luke opened his mouth widely, encouragingly. In answer, Reid mouth-fucked Luke hard, seeking his own release, pumping himself into Luke’s open lips. When Reid reached his orgasm, shooting out in a furious jet of cum, Luke did his best to swallow, but some dripped down his chin and onto his chest. Before the water got to it, Reid sank back down to Luke’s level and licked his own cum from Luke’s body.

It was the best shower of Reid’s life.

Afterwards, Luke collapsed on the bed, draping the towel modestly over himself. Reid had to smile at that.

“I know it’s daytime,” Luke confided., “But I’m drained.”

“So let’s sleep.” Reid walked naked over to the bed.

“Um,” Luke mumbled, his eyes on Reid’s body. “Do you have a side?” He gestured to the bed.

“Yeah, the left. “

“Oh, me too.”

Reid raised an eyebrow at him.

Luke grinned . “Fine,” he said, shaking his head.“I’m flexible,” Luke added sweetly, scooting over to the right. “You have some weird obsession with everything left. I’d forgotten. Your toothbrush, your comb, your body –all to the left.“ Luke tilted his head, “Why is that?”

“What can I say? I’m a man of mystery.” Reid shrugged, tossing back the covers.

“With anal tendencies,” Luke teased; he fluffed up Reid’s pillow for him.

Reid glanced at him, smirking, and reached out to pat Luke’s ass.

“You’re right about that,” Reid said dryly, enjoying the way Luke grinned shyly. He kissed Luke, their lips smacked together, and Reid held Luke’s face in his hands. When the kiss ended, Luke took a deep breath.

“I guess you can have your side.”

“Thanks,” Reid smiled at him. “I am a little methodical,” he admitted. “Organization comforts me.”

Luke tilted his head at that. His eyes went all soft. They kissed again, Luke initiating the kiss this time, stroking Reid’s jaw gently.

“But if you get to pick the side,“ Luke added. “Then I want covers. I like to be warm.” He yanked the covers back up.

He waited for Reid to protest, his lips pursed together determinedly.

“I could keep you warm.” Reid gestured to his body. “But covered is fine,” Reid said, taking Luke into his arms. Reid didn’t care; he just wanted to kiss Luke some more. Besides, Reid secretly found Luke’s asserting himself adorable, not that Luke would ever know what sap was running through Reid’s mind.

“Agreed then,” Luke nodded, pleased, beaming at Reid like they’d just settled something important. He spooned his body into Reid’s, gave him a quick kiss, and closed his eyes.

Reid held him, letting his hands move once move over Luke’s body. He touched the scar again. Reid called his name softly, wanting to finally ask him about it, but there was no response.

“Luke?” Reid couldn’t believe that he’d fallen asleep in record time.

Reid gave him a tiny shake, half-hoping he’d wake up, but Luke didn’t budge. Reid sighed and softly stroked Luke’s hair; he liked the way it felt under his fingers, silky and smooth. Luke’s hand was tucked under his chin and he snored softly, making Reid smile.

Reid still couldn’t understand how this had happened. Why would Luke turn his shining eyes to Reid to be his first? Reid was closed-off and cynical and not anybody’s idea of romantic. Yet they had fit so well together, with a natural rhythm between them, and not just in the heat of sex.

Reid studied Luke silently, and then he kissed him gently. Luke’s lips were very soft. Reid put his face close to Luke’s and slept too.

Hours later, they woke up in each other’s grip. Reid’s arm was snaked securely around Luke’s waist, his head on Luke’s shoulder. He took a moment and buried himself in Luke’s hair. Luke moved a little and nestled closer to him.

“Luke,” Reid said softly, he kissed the curve of his neck.


“I have no idea what time it is, but I’m starving.”

Luke laughed and turned. “I’m not surprised. I know how you love to eat.”

They dressed, exchanging quick smiles with each other. Reid went over to the mini fridge and grabbed some candy bars and a Coke. As he crunched down on a Twix, he offered a bite to Luke, who shook his head. Luke’s face looked relaxed, luminous even, and Reid felt reassured by it. Luke looked happy; he didn’t seem to have any regrets.

“Where do you want to go?” Luke asked. “My treat.“

“Damn right it is,” Reid replied, lacing up his sneakers.

Luke clicked his tongue. “What do you mean?”

“After taking your virginity, the least you can do is feed me,” Reid replied. “After all, the pleasure was all yours.”

“No, it wasn’t.” Luke pursed his lips, “You weren’t exactly bored.” A gleaming light appeared in Luke’s eyes and he gave Reid a smile. Reid smiled back at Luke’s confident face; since coming back to Oakdale, Reid hadn’t seen that look on Luke’s face much and it pleased him.

“Fine,” Reid rolled his eyes. He munched on another piece of chocolate. “You’re a stud. Now can we get some real food?”

Luke shrugged good-naturedly. “Where do you want to eat?”

“Al’s,” Reid declared. “Chili and cornbread and chocolate cake.”

“Al’s it is,” Luke replied.

Reid walked over to him, grabbed him, and kissed Luke with a loud, satisfied smack on his lips.

“What was that for?” Luke asked, grinning in delight.

“For asking me to be your first, Einstein,“ Reid answered. “Now let’s go.”

Luke looked at him a moment, then he shook his head.

“What?” Reid asked, “You’re not gonna feed me? Want me to remain in this room forever, your starving sex slave?”

Luke blushed furiously.

“I’ll feed you, but not at Al’s. I have a better idea. My grandma is gone today to see my Aunt Meg. We could go to the farm and I could cook. That is if those candy bars can hold you over. I wouldn’t want you to starve to death before I can get a repeat performance.” Luke gently caressed Reid’s face a second, his hand rubbing at Reid’s stubble. “I want to do something nice for you.”

“You just did a whole lot of nice things for me,” Reid said, glancing down at his flaccid cock.

“Something else,” Luke replied, looking as though he was trying not to be embarrassed.

“Your chicken parm?” Reid said excitedly.

“Yep. Grandma has all the ingredients there. Sound good?” Luke asked .

“Sounds delicious.” Reid reached around and gave Luke’s ass a friendly pat. “And I’ve worked up an appetite.”

Reid smiled as Luke looked pleased with himself again. Then Luke stared at Reid, looking at him like he was the only person in the whole world. Reid inhaled sharply. He wanted Luke to always look at him in just that way.

Then Reid’s smile faded slightly. Always. Where had that thought come from? This was nothing, a few days of pleasure. That was what Luke had wanted, and what he’d agreed to, and all that he wanted, too.

“Let’s go,” he said to Luke, refusing to dwell on it. Chicken parmesan beckoned.

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