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Title: The Secret of Being a Grimaldi
Author: Marsabi
Summary: Luke can read minds and has visions. Reid and Luke are in Malta to stop Damian from stealing the foundation's money. Oh yeah, and they have been busy having lots of sex in pools (5), airplanes (9), and tied up (11)...because Lure should have sex all the time, always...
Disclaimer: Belong to ATWT
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Gothic thoughts have invaded my brain!

Chapter 12

"It is good to see you, Luciano, " Damian said again. They were sitting in the Grimaldi library, surrounded by opulence.There were heavy red, velvet curtains, a stone fireplace, and a gigantic wooden desk. All around them were wall-to-wall books. Damian was perched in an enormous leather armchair. He did not have his usual tan; in fact, Luke thought he looked a bit pale and emaciated.

"You too," Luke replied.


"Luke, call me Luke," Luke said firmly.

Damian nodded and flashed an overly charming smile, "As you wish."

Luke was having a hard time reading Damian's mind. He could hear none of his father's thoughts at all.

"And Doctor Oliver, yes?" Damian turned to Reid.

Reid merely nodded.

"Please excuse my impulsive guards."

Reid shrugged, "Captivity wasn't all bad," he smirked over at Luke. Luke blushed.

Damian noted their exchange. "So , Luke, you and Noah -"

Luke stammered, "We eh, well.."

Reid scooped up Luke's hand.

"Luke and I are now together, " Reid told Damian simply.

Luke looked at Reid. He admired Reid's ease with being out. He had always struggled with it. Noah had only made him feel more awkward. Reid, on the other hand, made it easy. In that instant, Luke felt so proud to be with Reid.

"Look, we came to discuss the money missing from the foundation," Luke said.

"You tracked it to me?" Damian asked.

"Yes, and I found the missing accounts."

Damian smiled, "Good."

"Good?" Reid said.

"My son is learning. I hoped you would find the funds. I will put them all back, of course. But I am pleased to see you business abilities have increased, Luc- Luke."

"Thank you, " Luke said. "I thought it might be one of your tests."

"You know me so well," Damian nodded.

"Wait a minute," Reid interrupted, "all this might have been fun and games for you, but this money is for the new Neuro wing - "


"No," Reid shook off Luke's hand, " this is money meant for people who are sick and waiting on this technology to help them. Who do you think you are just playing games with it and with Luke?" Reid looked Damian right in the eyes.

There was a small moment of chilly silence.

Then Damian gave another charming grin, "I see Doctor Oliver is quite passionate about his work and about you too, Luke. You are correct, of course, to be angry. I apologize. But you see, I can't just be in my son's life. Too much has happened. His mother and that town would stop me. " Damian turned to Luke. "How is your lovely mother, by the way?"

Luke shifted in his seat. "Fine."

"She's with Holden again?" Damian asked smoothly.

"Er- no." Luke was beginning to feel uncomfortable, the way he always felt in the middle of his mother and his two dads' battles.

"Luke's a grown man," Reid interrupted, " he isn't babysitting Lily."

Luke could tell Reid was just trying to help him, but Reid clearly did not know anything about talking to Damian Grimaldi.

Damian's eyes had narrowed, but the smile still played on his lips.

Luke heard, I don't like Damian. I don't trust him

Luke did not 100% trust his father either. He knew though, that the way to handle Damian was with finesse and patience. Reid, however, could never be accused of having finesse. Luke did not want to antagonize Damian; he preferred to see what games his father was playing first.

He looked over at Reid. "Why don't you go and relax and I'll catch up with Damian some?"

Reid hesitated. "Take a shower in our room, and we can meet up again before dinner," Luke urged.

"Yes, please relax," Damian told Reid smoothly. "I am preparing a huge meal in my son's honor."

Reid still hesitated, his intelligent eyes moving between Damian and Luke.

Luke gave Reid's hand a gentle squeeze.

"I'll be up soon."

Reid nodded. "I would like to wash up. " He started to leave the room. Then he came back into it, planted a hard kiss on Luke's lips, and looked at Damian with a cool challenge in his eyes. "Be back."

Reid left.

Damian and his son studied each other. Luke was trying to probe Damian's thoughts again.

"It won't work, Luciano," Damian told him softly.


"Reading my mind."

Luke nearly jumped out of his seat. "How did you know I -"

"I can feel it," Damian replied calmly, "your mind seeking mine."

"Do you read minds too?" Luke asked.

Damian shook his head, "But the Grimaldi's have had powers for centuries and many others in our family have had that gift. I can block you from reading my thoughts because I have had to block others before you. "

"So, you have just that power?" Luke was almost disappointed.

Damian smiled, "No, I have visions of the future sometimes, and I can sense many things. On
occasion, I can place ideas into a person's head."

"I've had visions too, " Luke murmured. "But I can't control any of it. Block myself at all."

"Your powers are new, Luciano. But they are strong. And they are growing; I feel them. Don't be surprised at developing even more abilities soon."

"Why are they so late to come to me? Mother had said something about the powers coming at puberty?"

Damian shrugged. He stood up and began to pace the room. He seemed agitated at the mention of Lily's name.

"Not sure. It could be...Well, the powers do usually come on at puberty, at a sexual awakening ,and then grow from there...With your mother, I felt my powers blossom. Even though I had my powers for many years before meeting Lily, she was my true love. That made me even stronger. We Grimaldi's need love, Luciano, we feed off of it. "

"What do you mean? " Luke asked, getting frightened.

"Just that love and youth are what keeps us strong. But that is true of all people, yes? Without love, we all crumble."

Luke did not know how to answer.

"Speaking of love," Damian went on, "can you tell me more about you and Dr. Oliver? How has he accepted your powers?"

Luke stood up. "No, don't tell him! Promise me, Damian. " He flushed. "I plan to tell him myself very soon."

Luke hung his head in sudden shame.

"I understand," Damian said, "you're mother could never handle my powers either," Damian's mouth twited bitterly, "She always ran back to Holden."

"Reid is different," Luke insisted, "but I just have not gotten to it yet."

Luke considered telling Damian that Reid did know of his visions, but he held that back for some reason. He was getting more and more uncomfortable and suspicious of Damian.

Damian looked at Luke and frowned. "I won't say a word. And I can help you."

"Help me?"

"Develop your powers and control them. Teach you to read minds only at your own discretion and to block others from your mind too."

"Really? " Luke asked, intrigued despite himself. If he could control the mind-reading, he could promise Reid not to just invade his thoughts.

"Trust me," his father said.

Luke frowned. He wasn't sure that he could trust Damian.

"It's just - there have been so many things you have done," he said finally.

"All I ever have done was out of love," Damian pledged, "first for your mother and then for you." Damian walked closer to Luke. "Haven't you ever really loved somebody and done things to protect their feelings, even wrong things?"

Luke shuddered. Damian could not know how guilty he felt about Reid. Luke tried to shrug it off.

"We are not talking about me," he said hotly.

Damian nodded, "No, of course not, " Damian turned charming again. "I am to blame for so much. But I vow to you, my son, I will make up for it all."

Damian had closed the distance between them .

"Trust me," Damian repeated, grasping Luke's arm and staring into his son's eyes. And suddenly, Luke did trust Damian. He nodded and smiled.

Damian released him, "See you at dinner, Luciano," he said.


Damian's eyes were a bit sad as they watched Luke walk away. Luke had no idea that Damian had just put that trust into his brain. Damian wished it could be different, but he did not have the time to just try and win his son over the natural way.


Luke entered the suite he was sharing with Reid. As he came in, he found Reid sleeping in the bed, with only a towel wrapped around his hips. Luke sat down and watched Reid sleep. Even in his dreams, Reid appeared restless, his eyes moving rapidly, one fist clenched. Luke bent down and gently kissed one of Reid's bare shoulders.

"Sweet dreams," he said to Reid. Then Luke got up quietly to head for a shower. He did not see the way his words impacted on Reid. Reid's arm relaxed and his mouth turned into a smile.

Chapter 13

The Grimaldi dining room left no expense spared: crystal chandeliers sparkled above their heads, rugs from Turkey cushioned their feet, priceless china was placed at their table, and
rare heirlooms gleamed from every corner of the room. Reid felt extremely uneasy. He looked at the several tiny spoons and tiny forks. Who could possibly need so much silverware? He glanced at Luke, sitting and ready to eat. He had such manners, and he made it all look so effortless. Reid felt inadequate and he hated that feeling.

Damian Grimaldi entered the room. He was dressed in a formal tuxedo. He walked nervously around the table, smiling in that snake-like way that Reid had quickly come to hate, and pulling anxiously at his fingers. Reid watched him with suspicion. Why did Damian appear so nervous? And Luke? Why did Luke just sit there, smiling at bad dad? He seemed content to just trust Damian. Reid longed for a good brain to cut into, something to relax him.

"I forgot to tell you earlier, Luciano," Damian was saying, "We have another person coming to our table."

Reid waited for Luke to correct Damian about his name, but he just nodded.


"Your grandmother Bettina."

"Grandmother Bettina?" Luke said, amazed. "But isn't she -"

"In a hospital, many sad years. Yes. But when I came back to Malta, I decided she should be with me," Damian smiled. "A son should be loyal to his parents."

Luke turned to Reid. "My grandmother was drugged many years ago by Damian's nanny."

" Yes, Orlena was her name. She raised me; she loved me. Or so I thought. I thought she was my real mother, but she was just a fraud, " Damian added.

"What happened to this nanny mommy?" Reid asked.

Damian stroked his chin a moment. "Poor thing, " he said at last, "she killed herself."

"Grandmother Bettina was left in a vegetative state and hospitalized."

"But now," Damian said brightly, "she has come home."

Just then, the dining room doors opened and a nurse pushing a wheelchair brought in Bettina Grimaldi. Her face was a mass of wrinkles, her fingers twisted and useless in her lap, and her eyes were vacant.

"Hello," Luke said, trying to be polite. He got up and kissed Bettina's sunken cheeks.

Bettina had no reaction at all. The eyes just stared out at nothing.

Damian gave a nervous laugh. "Do not bother, Luciano, she is not truly here. She is just a body; her mind is gone."

Reid stood up slowly. He took Bettina's hand and checked the old lady's pulse. He started to examine her face.

Damian all but pushed Reid aside, "Please doctor, sit back down. Let us eat."

Reid allowed himself to be directed back to his chair. But for the first time in his memory, Reid Oliver had no appetite.

After the dinner was finally over, Reid eagerly waited to be alone with Luke. The old woman had just sat there while they ate, the nurse standing behind her. Damian had barely touched his food. He had kept glancing from Luke to his mother. Only Luke seemed relaxed, and Reid found that very odd. He just wanted to get out of this crazy house. The money was back; they could leave.

Reid managed to pull Luke out of the dining room for a moment, before dessert was to be served. He made his case quickly. He urged Luke to leave with him right away. However, when Reid proposed this idea to Luke, Luke simply refused.

"I need to stay at least a few more days. "


Luke shrugged. "Damian is helping me understand some things about my family . And my grandmother is here."

"That is another thing. I have operated on brain trauma. And her pupils look fine. She does not have the eyes of somebody in a brain damaged catatonic state. I want to examine her-"

"Reid. Relax. Just, don't make my father angry, okay?"

Reid frowned.

Luke took his hand. "I promise, we will leave in two days. Just give me two more days here."

Luke softly touched Reid's lips and then he gave him a kiss.

They went back for some dessert. Reid barely tasted all the delicious cakes. Even the food at the Grimaldi castle felt odd in his mouth. He was relieved at the end of the meal.


Damian watched Reid Oliver take his son quickly away from the table. He could deal with Reid Oliver at any time; Damian did not consider the doctor a threat.Not yet. He watched Luke leave. His son shined with beauty and vitality. Alone with his mother, at last, Damian turned and looked into the old lady's eyes.

"Yes, mother," Damian said. "He is everything we discussed. Yes,I will," Damian put one hand to his pounding head. "I said I will mother," The old lady continued to stare out at nothing. "I will obey you," Damian told her harshly, "I always do."


Luke and Reid were quiet as they went back to their room. Reid felt a great deal of emotions churning inside of him, but he was at a loss of how to express it. Then Luke leaned over and kissed him, and Reid found himself just accepting that kiss. His movements became certain as he stripped off Luke's clothes. Luke was murmuring love words to him, and Luke's eyes were half-closed. Reid kissed him again and Luke let out a sound of pleasure like a broken sigh. He stroked the tender side of Luke's arms, and buried his face in the crook of Luke's neck.Then Reid sucked hard on one earlobe. His hands wandered up and down Luke's body. Luke was quickly taking off Reid's clothes. Then bare skin rubbed up against bare skin. Reid delicately nibbled his way down Luke's back and then he cupped the flesh below.

He gave his tongue to Luke, putting it deep inside, offering him a mindless, groping pleasure. Then Reid kissed his way back, over Luke's thighs, up his belly, back to his parted lips.Their bodies were both shaking now, wracked with desire. In Reid's eyes, Luke's body appeared luminous, his strong chest and flat stomach and muscled arms were perfection. The sight of him, the taste, the smell -it was consuming Reid with tenderness and longing. It had never been like this for Reid before; he had never really made love.

Reid kissed each inch of Luke's skin. His mouth hungrily found Luke's again, and Reid's hands gripped Luke's hair. Reid could never say to Luke all that he felt; he wasn't made that way. But he could touch Luke. He could try and reach Luke through a caress. Their bodies were at ease with each other, as if they'd always been connected. Making love to Luke was no longer a game; it was no longer a casual touch. It was earthly and warm and constant.

Reid parted Luke's legs, drew his knees up,and entered him in one thrust. Luke arched his hips up in welcome. Reid yanked Luke's legs even higher up. Desire beat wildly between them. Luke was calling Reid's name over and over. Reid drove into him hard and fast, and Luke held onto his shoulders and then frantically grabbed at Reid's ass and pulled him closer. Reid resisted and pulled away, only to slam back down into Luke again. Then he changed the rhythm. He began to move inside of Luke with kinder, steadier strokes. Reid could feel Luke's orgasm start to consume him. He could feel Luke's muscles tighten and then release.

Reid had never felt so complete. Luke became the flame, the center of everything. They moaned together. Reid came into Luke forcefully, emptying everything he had inside of his soul into that moment, like someone who had found his way from the darkness.

They exchanged no words; they held each other. Luke spooned his body into Reid's body all night long.

The next day Luke left to spend time with Damian. God knows what they were doing. It was the same that afternoon. Reid found himself alone and frustrated. He wandered around the library, attempting to read, fighting his impulses that were screaming at him to escape.

Damian entered the library .


"Mr. Grimaldi."

"Please, Damian."

"Mr. Grimaldi, I was wondering about your mother."


"Yes, I'd like to give her a full examination. Perhaps I can help her?" Reid offered.

Damian smiled. "How nice of you. Luke has told me of your brilliance, " Damian's eyes darted around the room. "But I'm afraid many doctors before you have tried."

"Still-" Reid insisted.

"Oh, just enjoy your time here. With my son. Before you return to Oakdale."

Reid raised one eyebrow. "Don't you mean before Luke and I return to Oakdale?"

Damian stared at Reid a moment. The corners of his lips twitched. "Of course. That was what I meant. "

He took a step toward Reid and made a gesture to touch him on the shoulder.

Reid dodged the touch.

Damian held up his hands.

"I'm not real touchy-feely," Reid told him flatly.

"Except for my son?" Damian asked coldly, dropping the pretense of any charm.

"Luke can touch me any time," Reid said, his tone equally frigid.

"I am glad Luke can be with you, trust you," Damian said.

Reid snorted in some disbelief.

"No, really, " Damian said. Then he smiled like an animal spotting its prey, "After all, it is not just any man who could accept that Luke has been reading his mind."

"What?" Reid said.

"You know, right? Luke would not keep this power from you? He hears your thoughts. Your every private thought," Damian shrugged. "I'm happy you accept this so well."

Reid did not answer.His heart was breaking. He turned and left the room abruptly.


Damian laughed.

Just then, the nurse came in with Bettina.
Damian's smile vanished. He shuddered at his mother's approach.

"I will keep Luke here, mother. Yes, you will have him at your mercy." Damian's eyes filled up with tears. "But please, " he begged his mother, " you promised. Do not hurt my Luciano."

Bettina Grimaldi just sat there.

author note* The part about Damian's mother and nanny is based on the show
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