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Title: Hit and Run
Author: Marsabi
Summary: When Natalie is a victim of a hit and run, Luke and Reid have their relationship tested.
Disclaimer: Owned by ATWT
Warning: Sexually Explicit and Strong Language
Rating: NC-17

a/n: This is almost the end to the story, but I couldn’t resist teasing Reid a little more and having one more NC-17 moment …Hope you guys like

Part 18

When the door opened a little while later, Reid nearly jumped out of his skin. Luke carried some office papers. He smiled at Reid distractedly.

“I’ve had a bad afternoon, “ Luke told him. He shrugged out of his coat and then walked to the kitchen. “Lucinda kept asking me to pick up more stuff. And I’ve neglected so much foundation business, “ he sighed. “Good thing I’m the boss or I’d be fired. “

Reid followed him, examining Luke’s every move. His eyes studying him like a science problem.

Luke unwrapped something in foil from their fridge and sniffed. He wrinkled up his nose and put it back .

“I don’t know how we ever fed Natalie here,” Luke said.

Reid reached into the fridge and absently opened up the foil . He nibbled the contents.

Luke gave him a look. “I’m pretty sure that’s not edible.”

“I have a strong stomach,” Reid replied. He poked at the food some more with a fork.

Luke took a glass down and filled it with water. He drank some noisily.

“Well, I better finish this work,” Luke said.

“What? You’re going? You didn’t eat.” He wanted Luke to stay. Reid started rummaging around the fridge. “Look here’s pizza from the other day, a hamburger and hey – a taco . Now that’s good food!”

“Eat this,” Reid ordered. He handed Luke a hamburger, and frowned when Luke handed it back.

Luke shook his head and then began to wash out his glass. “Sometimes, I can’t believe you’re a doctor. I think you must have skipped basic nutrition class.”

Reid picked up the soggy taco. “How ‘bout this? Last chance? We can go halves?”

“Bon appetite,” Luke grinned at Reid as he left the kitchen.

How can I bring up weddings, when he keeps leaving the room? And why am I trying to get him to eat old Taco Bell? I should have bought lobster or something. Damn!

Reid quickly tossed the leftovers in the trash and followed Luke. Luke headed up the stairs with his papers in his hand.

“Luke!”Reid called and when Luke stopped, Reid crashed right into him.

“What?” Luke asked. He put a hand on Reid to steady him.

Reid glanced down at Luke’s hand on his arm.

“I just –“Reid hesitated, “I want you to know that you can ask me anything. Whatever’s on your mind, you can ask me.”

Reid stood back and waited expectantly.


“Yes.” Reid stood and waited for Luke to bring up love and relationships and feelings. God, he hoped they wouldn’t have to talk about feelings too much!

“Okay,” Luke shrugged. “I really could use some help today, while I finish my work. Would you mind cleaning out R.J’s litter box? It’s a mess.”

“You’re asking me to…” Reid’s face twisted up in disgust, “clean out the cat’s crappy box?”

“Didn’t you just say I could ask you a favor?” Luke demanded.

“No! Yes! “ Reid huffed, “I don’t think that’s what I just said. I didn’t mean –“ He ran hand through his hair. “Okay, whatever.”

“Great. Thanks!,” Luke said and continued up the stairs.

“Terrific,” Reid muttered as he grabbed a bag of fresh kitty litter and the scooper. This was going well.

He thought Luke would have picked right up on his verbal cues by now and be kissing him with happiness, not having him shovel cat shit.


Reid finished and then went slowly up the steps. He peeked into their bedroom at Luke.

Luke was busy working at their desk.

Reid watched. He noticed the missing engagement bands and flinched. When Had Luke taken those off? More importantly, why had Luke taken the rings off? Reid flashed back to the day he told Luke he would not put on the ring. He had just needed some time, not forever. Of course, he still wanted to marry Luke. But had he told him any of that? What exactly did he say to him? Reid could not recall it.

After a moment, Luke looked up. “All done?” He smiled.

Reid nodded.”Yep.”

“Hey, we need to get our suits ready for grandmother’s New Year’s party. Don’t let me forget.”


Reid had imagined Luke would just propose again, after a time, and he’d say yes again. Clean. Easy.

He eyed Luke’s naked finger. Okay, so Luke was insecure now or something. He’d have to let him know that he still wanted to be his husband. He just needed to reassure Luke that he was ready and loved him and -

Luke looked over at him. “You’re being a little weird. You okay?”

“I- I’m- “ Reid sucked in a sudden breath. Reid’s eyes darted around.

Try. Reassure him!

“Do you know that the brain has three main neurotransmitters to activate love? Adrenaline, dopamine, and serotonin,“ Reid babbled suddenly.


“Then feelings of great attachment form and you have oxytocin and vasopressin too, all those chemicals. Pretty soon you have the brain’s mix for love. And once these chemicals are there, they can stay forever, you know, forever? “ Reid voice went up a notch, “Do you get what I’m saying.”

Come on, Luke. Understand me

Luke had been reading over one of his papers. He looked up a second, “Um, are you writing an article for a medical journal?” He asked politely.

“No!” Reid snapped.

“Sorry,” Luke gave him an annoyed look. “Don’t jump down my throat.”

Great, Oliver, now he is pissed at you.

Luke went back to sorting his things. “I’m almost done with this.”

Stop talking science, bonehead. Try what Luke likes. Try poetry or something.

Circling around him like a shark, Reid spoke again.
“Okay, forget brains. They’re not important. Luke, um, did you know that I…I like your eyes. “


“Your eyes,” Reid nodded vigorously.

“My eyes?” Luke said.

“Yeah, there um, like a puppy’s.” Reid rushed on. “ I mean in a good cute way- not a drooling , begging way,” Reid broke off clumsily.“And your hair is- like- like a great shiny “ Reid searched his giant intellect for words, “–field of –…corn.”

“Corn?”Luke repeated.

“Yeah,” Reid pinched the bridge of his nose. “ I like corn. It’s good. On the cob. Or I like it cut up and creamed .”

There was a pause.Reid swore under his breath.

Luke just shook his head. “What’s wrong with you?”

Reid sighed.

“You know, I am feeling a bit off.” He gestured to his head and made a sound like an explosion was going off in there. “Must be your family here. Chattering on and on. “

“About what?”

“Nothing. Stupid things. I think I have a migraine. I’m going in the shower and er– be back.”

Luke just looked at him, as Reid turned and fled. Reid closed the bathroom door and started up the water. He banged his head against the wall. He took several gulping breaths.

That was a huge disaster. Good job, idiot. Way to be romantic!

What the hell was he going to do now?

“I know what you’re doing!” Luke suddenly tapped on the door, startling him.

“You do?” Reid said in shock.

“Yeah,” Luke entered the bathroom. “And it won’t work.”

“It won’t?”

Luke shook his head. “Nope. We are going to that party tomorrow night. It’s as much a celebration of Natalie’s recovery as it is a New Year’s party. Being nice to me won’t get you out of it.”

“Oh,” Reid sat down on the edge of the tub. “That.”

He looked up at Luke. “Okay, you got me.”

What did anybody expect from him anyhow?

Luke nodded, “I knew you were being all nice to get out of it. Face it Reid, you can’t fool me.”

“I can’t?” He nodded sagely. “ You always know what I’m thinking.”

“I do,” Luke returned, somewhat smugly.

“It’s like you read my mind,” Reid said sarcastically.

He sincerely hoped he never would have to romance Luke ever again. His original strategy of being rude as possible to Luke as he had fawned all over that douche Noah had been a million times easier than this. What had he done back then? Just been a total jerk and then kissed him and then… Wait a minute…That was it, sex.

Sex he could do.

Reid stood up and then reached into the shower to feel the water temperature. “Like right now. Can you guess what’s on my mind?” He gave Luke a lascivious grin.

“Well, you were fed not long ago,” Luke drawled, “so I’ll guess me?”

“So smart,” Reid marveled. Then he opened up the glass door to the shower. “Mr. Snyder, step
right this way.”

I’ll give Luke the best sex of his life. I’ll get him to be all happy and glowy- the way
I like Luke anyhow - and then I’ll ask him.

Reid grinned at him.

They quickly stripped. Together, they entered the shower.


It wasn’t long before Reid had Luke by the hips, his hard cock pressing against Luke firmly. His hand on Luke’s tip, brushing it back and forth against his knuckles and then stroking it with his fingers.

Groaning, Luke’s hips rocked forward .

Reid dropped to his knees worshipfully. He began to taste him intimately with his tongue. He slid one thumb over Luke’s slit, and then used his mouth again.

“Ohh,” Luke’s body convulsed. “Please. “

“Tell me what you want,” Reid said softly, “and I’ll do it. Tell me.”

Luke could only make incomprehensible sounds as his cock got rock-hard.

Luke’s wet hands slid up and down the shower wall.

“God! “ Luke shouted in sweet agony. “I just want you!” Luke eyes darkened. His lips were slightly parted.

He was lovely.

“You got me,” Reid said in answer. He wrapped his tongue around Luke’s head, and then took
Luke fully into his mouth. Luke pumped his cock in and out of Reid’s mouth.
Luke pulled frantically at Reid’s hair, holding the back of his neck. His cock knocking at the back of Reid’s throat.

And then Luke was there, his hot, milky explosion filling Reid’s hungry mouth.

Luke nearly collapsed; he panted and shook. Reid released him and then caressed his body gently. He ran his hands up and down Luke’s spine. Luke glanced down at Reid’s enormous erection pressing into him, and his eyes widened. Reid turned him around and kissed his neck and shoulders.

“Bend over,” Reid commanded in a husky voice.

“I –“


Luke bent down, and Reid palmed his ass. “Beautiful,” Reid murmured. Then he took down the shower nozzle and let the water pulse over Luke’s exposed hole, washing the sweet flesh.

“Ahhh,” Luke moaned. The water was like little shocks of wet heat. Reid added his finger, thrusting it in and out of Luke. He was already getting hard again.
Reid pushed another of his fingers inside and rotated it.

Grabbing the wall for support, Luke helplessly groaned. “No, no , no.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Reid laughed. “I’m going to lick you now,” Reid told him.

Then he put down the shower head and removed his fingers and found Luke with his tongue.
Meanwhile, Reid’s hands glided all over Luke’s slick body.


Reid toweled Luke off gently and then started to the bed. Luke tripped and slid down to their rug.

“I. God that was – Wow.” He moaned. Reid sank down beside him.

“What makes you think we’re done?” He whispered, still focused on giving Luke every bit of pleasure he could. He was still determining the right moment to ask him. Besides, they were both hard now.

Reid pushed Luke down on the carpet. He turned so that his mouth hovered just over Luke’s cock. Luke had a full view of Reid’s sculpted butt. Luke couldn’t help reaching up and trailing a finger down the cheeks and flicking at Reid’s crack.

“69 with me,” Reid demanded. He knew how much Luke loved the mutual pleasure of that move.

Sure enough, Luke shook with anticipation. He slid Reid’s dick into his mouth. Luke’s hands massaged Reid’s ass. Reid pushed apart Luke’s thighs. Reid took Luke between his lips. They both sucked.


“Fuck me already!” Luke sobbed, his whole body twisting.


“I can’t take this, I can’t take it!”

“You’re taking it, “ Reid ordered, lowering down his mouth.

Sobs of need racked Luke’s whole body,” Please, Reid, please.”

“Soon,” Reid soothed. “Soon.”


Reid let out an animal groan of pleasure.

They had made it to the bed, finally. Luke was underneath him, his legs on Reid’s shoulders.

“You’re so incredible,” Reid moaned.

He thrust deeper. Luke clenched his muscles around Reid’s hard shaft. He loved the way Luke quivered with need then.

Reid made an indeterminable noise of satisfaction. Luke was so fucking tight.
Reid began to move rhythmically inside of him. He captured Luke’s erection with his hand and stroked him up and down. He pounded into Luke’s ass.

“I guess those brain chemicals of ours are on fire right now,” Luke suddenly laughed and then panted.

Reid paused and looked down at him, “You heard all that? I didn’t think you were really listening. “

Reid thrust into him again. Luke’s head thrashed back and forth with pleasure.

“I always listen to you,” he replied, his whole body shaking.

Suddenly, Reid had no desire to keep pulling out every sex trick he knew. He stared down at
Luke’s lovely face, flushed with passion.


Suddenly he just wanted to kiss Luke and never stop.


Luke’s eyes flew open. “What?” he asked.

“This-“ Reid answered and bent down to Luke’s lips.

He kissed him with all the sweetness he felt inside. Their tongue touched gently. Luke weaved his fingers into Reid’s hair.

Reid began to move inside of Luke again, slowly now. He rocked in and out.

“You’re, “ Reid moaned as Luke lifted up his hips to meet him, “You’re everything,” he said to Luke, “everything.”

Luke sucked in a sharp breath at his words. His face went soft.

“For me too.” Luke managed to say. “ You’re everything too,” he told Reid thickly.

They kissed again. The kiss lingered, a warm, sweet pressure.

Being inside of Luke was perfect, like knowing where to belong. They moved again, eyes open, watching each other, giving each other coded messages that lovers silently speak. The thrust of their bodies matched the rapid rhythm of their hearts.
Then Reid closed his eyes. He felt a tingling ache inside. He pulled Luke up higher, chest to chest, mouth on mouth, his hands digging underneath Luke’s firm buttocks, lifting up.

Moving. Soaring.

“Mine!” Reid shouted out as he finally climaxed.

“Mine ,” Luke answered, groaning and spilling his semen, creamy and plentiful. Reid didn’t mind. He liked the hot rush of Luke against his skin. He liked knowing they were both lost in pleasure.

Their bodies were woven as one, limbs tight. The air full of the musky scent of love.
Reid rolled over, taking Luke with him, still holding him. They rested . Their breath slowly calming. Reid finally pulled out. Luke collapsed next to him. He wrapped his hands at Luke’s waist and rested his head on Luke’s shoulder.


Reid practiced the words for a moment in his head. Then he frowned and practiced them again. This was a lot more difficult than he’d imagined. He absently made lazy circles on Luke’s stomach. He liked just resting in the warmth of Luke’s body. Sometimes it seemed like Luke had a light burning inside of him; the way he would radiate heat and the way his whole face could suddenly brighten. Reid was eager to see that high voltage smile now as he asked Luke to be his. He took a huge breathe and spoke.

“Luke. I was thinking,” Reid voice came out, actually trembling, “We’re doing pretty well with this whole love thing so…What do you think about getting engaged again?”

Reid was elated. He’d said it! He looked up hopefully at Luke.
Luke was asleep. His hands were curled and resting sweetly by his head. His mouth was innocent and open and slightly bruised from their kisses. His still wet hair was at his forehead in messy strands.

Of course, too damn late.

Reid gently stroked his thumb over Luke’s lips.

Luke deserved better than a post-sex proposal anyhow. Reid held Luke in his arms and tried to think.

An hour later, Reid’s mind was still blank. He carefully got up, not waking Luke from his sleep. He would just have to surrender. Reid grabbed his phone with a deep sigh.
Reid shook his head and began to text: Okay, Natalie. You win. Please give me your idea. I need help! You’re completely clueless, soon to be brother-in-law

Across town, Natalie smiled at the text from Reid. Step Four: Get Luke a fantastic, romantic proposal. She texted Reid back detailed instructions of just what to do. Natalie smiled contently. She couldn’t wait for the ceremony.


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