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Title: The Last Doughnut
Author: Marsabi
Summary: When Damian disinherits Luke, can he survive in the “real” world? Will he drive Reid crazy in the process?
Disclaimer: Owned by ATWT
Rating: PG- NC-17 (depends on chapter)
Warning: None

A companion to Camp Queer
Thanks traciamc for the read

Part Four - Topsy-Turvey

“Come on!” Luke begged.

“No,” Reid stated flatly.

“Please?” Luke poured a glass of lemonade for himself.

“I don’t ride horses,” Reid told him, irritated.

Luke shook his head at Reid. “You came all the way out to the farm with me, listened to me go on and on about a sunset ride, and now you’re saying you won’t go? “

“Pretty much.” Reid took Luke’s lemonade and sipped at it. “Horses smell, they have flies, and they aren’t safe. “ Reid crunched down on the ice.

Luke watched Reid take his drink and just smiled. He poured himself a second glass. He could wear the good doctor down. Reid would be on top of a horse in no time.

“What’s this?” Reid asked, fingering a fat envelope with Luke’s name left on the kitchen table.


He handed the envelope to Luke.

Luke frowned in puzzlement. He rarely received mail at the farm, yet and the envelope was addressed to him from some strange law firm.

“Is your dad around to ask about it?” Reid said, sensing Luke’s surprise.

Luke shook his head, “No, he called to tell me he took my grandma to see my Aunt Meg. I wonder what this is about?”

Reid shrugged, “Only one way to find out.”

After reading a moment, Luke sank down into a chair in shock. He had expected Damian’s fury, his attack…He had not expected to just be out and out rejected.

The letter stated in cold, legal terms that Luke was no longer the Grimaldi heir. He was disinherited completely. He was to have no personal contact with his father ever again. The money was hard enough to wrap his mind around, but his heart immediately stung at the frigid way the news had been sent. No phone call, no warning ,no goodbye. Just done. His father had declared him no longer his son. A wave of intense hurt made it hard for Luke to breathe.

He sat there open-mouthed.

Reid took the letter from him and quickly read its contents.

He was quiet a long moment.

“So,” Reid finally said softly, “guess I’ll no longer be calling you Trust Fund.”

Luke forced out a laugh, “Ah, the bright side of this.”

Reid reached out and gently rubbed at Luke’s shoulders.

“Don’t worry,” Luke said, attempting to joke, “I can still give you a free meal,” He gestured to Emma’s stocked fridge and tried to smile.

“Food can solve any problem, “ Reid answered. But neither one was laughing.

Luke looked bleakly into Reid’s worried eyes. “I don’t care,” he told him, his lip jutting out with determination. “I don’t.”

Reid just nodded.

Luke stood up. He drank his lemonade in one fast gulp. “I am not crying over this,” he told Reid, and his eyes were dry and burning.

It frightened Reid a little. But he also understood Luke’s desperate need to be strong.

“Right. Who needs billions of bucks any way? We always have each other. And Taco Bell. “

Luke nodded back, “Taco Bell is good and it’s cheap. “ Luke took a deep breath. “I’ll find my own way alone.”

Reid took his hand. He ran his thumb across Luke’s palm. “You’re not alone, “Reid said.

Luke’s mouth suddenly trembled and he leaned into Reid’s body.

Reid inhaled Luke’s sweet, fresh scent. He stroked his back.

“Reid,” Luke suddenly pulled away and stared at him.


“I-“ Luke looked off, biting his lip.

“Just tell me what you need?” Reid whispered.

Luke looked back, “I need you, “ he answered. “I need you right now.”

“No problem,” Reid answered, “I just happen to be available.”


They banged open Luke’s bedroom door, their mouths launched on each other. Luke couldn’t catch his breath. He could hear his own gasps and little moans of pleasure at each thrust of Reid’s tongue.

Luke craved Reid’s taste, deepening the kiss. Their tongues danced together in a matching rhythm, touching back and forth. Then Luke sighed as the kiss ended. Reid’s mouth, his tantalizing tongue – it intoxicated him.

They took off each other’s shirts. Their hands reached out, mirrors of each other, moving over hard nipples and flat stomachs. Pants came off next. Their thighs pressed together.

They caressed each other for a long time. Reid’s skin was bathed in light, his muscles taunt, his lips perfectly formed. Luke remembered how when he first saw Reid , he immediately thought he was the most gorgeous man in the world and it was still true. It seemed almost unbelievable to Luke now that he could really kiss Reid, hold Reid.

Reid touched a finger down Luke’s treasure trail and then smiled at Luke’s shiver. Reid’s fingers then journeyed to Luke’s ass, his crack, and back to his balls. He played lightly with them. Luke moaned and desperately kissed Reid’s lips, jaw line, neck.

After stroking each other’s firm torsos, Reid reached for a condom, prepared to roll it on. But Luke’s hand stopped him. He held Reid’s erection and the condom. Reid looked at Luke questioningly, and silently Luke communicated to Reid with his eyes.

They exchanged no words, but Reid understood . He saw Luke’s heart. Luke needed to take control, to equal out everything else in his life that was spiraling away from him. Luke needed Reid to be his.

Reid took the condom away from his own hardness and gently rolled it on Luke. He handed Luke some lube. Then Reid went to the bed and flipped onto his stomach. He raised up his knees and offered himself, somehow seeming to be both vulnerable and in control .Luke went to him, covering them both with a sheet, and then sliding his hand over Reid’s firm buttocks. Luke put his arms around Reid’s neck and gently played a moment with the hair at the exposed nape. Then he let his hand wander down.

Luke felt like he was meant for this moment, for Reid to be under him, trusting him; for Luke to tenderly use his fingers and his mouth, worshipfully on Reid, celebrating each part of his lover. Luke gently kissed the back of Reid’s warm shoulder . He pushed in a finger, closing his own eyes, and feeling a deep rush of pleasure at Reid’s sharp inhale.

Luke entered with exquisitely, slow force, letting their flesh lock perfectly. They fit like coming home. Pausing for a moment, Luke brought his lips to Reid’s hair and breathed in his scent. He gave him the softest of kisses. Then Luke exhaled, feeling like he had been missing being inside of Reid, even though he had never done this before. He was feeling like he was melting into Reid. Something was resonating deep inside of his heart, and it would never be forgotten.

Luke put his mouth on Reid’s back and licked the salty skin. He thrust again, harder now, and moaned loudly. Reid felt tight, his muscles squeezing Luke. Luke rocked into his ass, in and out, with more and more energy. Reid began to shout. He trembled. Luke rode him, digging his hands into Reid’s hips. He set a fierce pace. He clasped Reid firmly and gave it to him deeper and deeper. Reid was calling out his name. His foot was pounding on the bed and he was groaning helplessly under Luke’s forceful thrusts. Luke never imagined how good being inside of Reid would feel, how familiar somehow, how right.

Soon, both men were lost in the final give and take of pleasure.


They rolled near each other, their faces close. Reid tucked some of Luke’s hair behind his ear.

“Can I ask you something?” Luke asked tentatively. The air smelled of sweat and sticky sex.

“If you even dare ask me if this was good,” Reid declared, ”I’ll have to hurt you.”

“No,” Luke laughed,” I know it was good,” He shot Reid a shy, smug smile “Your screaming kind of gave it away.”

“I didn’t scream.”

“Like a little girl.”

"You need your hearing checked.” Reid protested.” I was just giving you some encouragement.”

“And then there’s your foot,” Luke added, “still Thumper.”

“Okay, if that nickname ever leaves our bed, “ Reid sat up on one elbow, “ I will really will do terrible things to your beautiful body.”

Luke just smiled.

Reid sighed. “I can see our future. You’re going to make a very demanding top.”

“No I’m not!” Luke replied, but he dropped his eyes. Partly because he suspected Reid might be right, and partly because the talk of a future thrilled him.

“Okay, maybe,” Luke giggled. Then he snuck another look at Reid,” And maybe you’re saying
I’ll become a demanding top because you really liked it,” he pursed his lips in a coy smile.

Reid merely shook his head. “What’d you want to ask me before, smart mouth?”

Luke paused. “I wanted to ask... “ He licked his lips . Then he sighed. “Can tell you about Damian? I feel like I need to get it out, all of it, from the start.”

Reid considered this. “Okay,” he said. Reid held his arms open and Luke nestled against him. “Tell me all about bad dad.“

Luke talked and Reid listened, pulling him close. Luke spoke of his childhood, his off and on again relationship with Damian. He told Reid their whole history together, from kidnappings to the camp, until finally Luke had exhausted himself. He fell asleep, spooned trustingly against him.

Reid, however, stayed awake, his eyes alert. His mind uneasy. He rested his chin on the curve of Luke’s shoulder, worrying about what was to come.


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