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Title: The Last Doughnut
Author: Marsabi
Summary: When Damian disinherits Luke, can he survive in the “real” world? Will he drive Reid crazy in the process?
Disclaimer: Owned by ATWT
Rating: PG- NC-17 (depends on chapter)
Warning: none
A companion to Camp Queer
Thanks traciamc for the read

PART 10 Up on the roof

A few days later, Reid was having yet another crappy day at Memorial. Bob had accused him of being “distracted” by personal problems, and more small mistakes with his patients’ files had occurred. Reid admitted Luke was a priority but absolutely denied the mistakes. Chris was there and his smirk made Reid wonder if Doogie was behind it all. It was becoming clear to Reid that Bob was not his biggest fan anymore. If push came to shove, Reid believed that Bob would back his son up. Only John had defended Reid, agreeing with him that any nurse or clerk might be responsible for the errors. There were enough incompetent idiots at Memorial, not that it mattered. It was still on Reid to fix it. These were his patients being tampered with and Reid felt his blood simmering. His patients, damn it ! He watched at the morning meeting as Chris and Nurse Gretchen played a game of hand holding under the table, until Reid finally burst out:

“I’m trying to listen to Bob explain this medical procedure to us. Can you play rock, paper, scissor, sex somewhere else?”

Bob had only lifted his eyebrows at Reid and continued his speech. Chris and Gretchen stopped for all of a minute. Reid began to really hate his job here. All that mattered was finding out what was going on and making sure no patient of his suffered from any errors again. Clearly, somebody had his prescription pad, access to his computer and so on. The fact that he had no proof that it was Chris was aggravating.

Reid was in a sour mood when he finally had a break and went to see Luke. Luke’s eye and lip were almost healed, and he was due to be discharged soon. That would be a huge relief. Just the other day, Luke had mentioned having no health care and then had shrugged and said, “Well, I’ve only been here a few days, it can’t cost that much, right?” So now Reid and Lucinda had to handle his biils without hurting his pride. Yet another problem for Reid to figure out.

All Reid wanted was to see his boyfriend and have Luke give him one of his blinding smiles. He opened the door to the room, anticipating that Luke grin, when all he saw was an empty bed and a note. Reid felt a wave of panic. He knew Luke was trying super hard to act tough, to act like he was fine. But he didn't fool Reid. Reid knew Luke was silently suffering. He often had nightmares. He woke up sweaty. Still, he'd thought Luke was improving. The nightmares had been stopping to a degree, and his eyes were smiling too now, not just his lips. Reid had worked hard to be there for Luke all the way, and to not allow Luke to know that Reid was aware of his fears. Luke kept insisting he was fine, and Reid knew he would be fine, in time...just not yet.

Reid picked up the small paper and frowned. What the hell was Luke doing now? He wished Luke would be honest about everything. Reid felt a mix of fear and anger, so he went with anger. It was easier to dea l with anger than the gut-gripping worry he had.

His mood went from sour to completely black as he turned and headed for the stairs.


Luke nearly jumped as the door to the roof banged open. Reid stood there looking seriously angry.

“Are you total moron? Why are you out here,” he shouted . Luke swallowed hard and then gestured sweetly to his picnic surprise.

“It’s like old times,” he told Reid. “ Remember all those dates here on the roof?”

Reid stared. Luke was in his hospital gown, robe and slippers. That smile Reid had longed for was on his face. There was a blanket and picnic basket, filled with all kinds of food. Burgers and fries and chicken legs and muffins and corn bread…The food overflowed. Luke followed Reid’s gaze.

“Vienna came by with it all for you and me.” Luke walked to him. “Surprise!” He said happily.

“You still shouldn’t be out here,” Reid repeated, but his voice had lost its anger.

Luke shrugged, “They say I’m being discharged tomorrow. My ribs are healed. I feel fine. “ He motioned Reid to the food, “Come and eat with me.”

“Why are you doing this?” Reid asked him, eyeing the food hungrily now, but still holding onto a small piece of his temper.

Luke looked at him a moment.

“Because I love you, “ He answered softly.

Reid held up a protesting hand, “We agreed to wait until you’re sure –“

“Oh for God’s sake, “ Luke took a deep, steadying breath, “I’m sure. “

“Look, you’ve never had a relationship before me and sometimes –“

“Stop it!” Luke said, a flush of anger coloring his cheeks, “Stop treating me like a kid. I’m all grown up, and I know how to love.”

“Okay, but-“

“I love you,” Luke said, scowling, “and it’s really irritating me that you’re so thick-headed.“

Reid opened his mouth to argue, when all of a sudden Luke jumped up on a higher part of the roof.

“I love you!” Luke shouted defiantly, “Hear me?”

“Luke! Get down!”

Luke ignored him, “I love Dr. Reid Oliver! “ He shouted it again and louder, throwing back his hands like he were shouting it to all the world. “I love you, I love you, I love you- “ Luke screamed at the top of his lungs. Reid rushed over to him.

“Okay, okay! Get down, idiot!” His voice was a deep growl.

“You believe me?” Luke said, ignoring the warning in his tone.

Reid nodded furiously, “Get down here.”

Luke climbed back down . “You better believe me,” he threatened, “Or so help me Reid, I’ll tattoo it on my ass.”

Luke walked slowly, deliberately over to Reid, his eyes never leaving his. When he reached him, he wrapped an arm around Reid, so that their faces were close together. Luke embraced him.

“Normally, I am not against a good tattoo, “ Reid said dryly, giving into Luke’s hug, “but in this case, why ruin perfection?” Reid sighed and breathed in Luke’s scent. A deep, sensual longing filled him.

Reid reached under Luke’s robe and gown and cupped his naked buttocks.

“Gotta love a hospital gown,” Reid murmured and squeezed.

Luke moaned. “You ruined this,” he scolded, “I was going to feed you and tell you very romantically how much I love you,” then Luke smiled . “I do love you. And I’m never going to be quiet again about that. I’m going to tell you every day, maybe five times a day! I love you, love you , love you “

“Luke,” Reid interrupted suddenly. “How’s your lip?”

“My? My lip” Luke touched a finger to it, ”much better but-“

“Good,” Reid grabbed him, ”cause I really need to shut your beautiful mouth up before I choke on your sap,” Reid declared. Then he kissed Luke, deeply, his tongue taking control of Luke’s surprised lips. He sucked at Luke’s tongue. His hands still caressing Luke’s firm ass. Luke groaned and they both sank down to their knees.

They kissed again, fiercely. Reid’s lips hungrily nipped at Luke’s full ones, and Luke teasingly thrust his tongue in and out . Groaning, Reid threaded his fingers desperately in Luke’s hair and pulled Luke’s legs around him. Their erections rubbed at each other, grinding frantically. They rolled near the blanket, still kissing.

“The food,” Luke said weakly, breaking away to gulp in some air.

Reid glanced at it, “Later,” he said shoving the basket aside in one rough motion. He put Luke stomach down on the blanket instead. “You first,” Reid told him. “I seem to remember promising to devour you.”

Dazed, Luke felt Reid move to underneath his robe and lift it out of his way. He felt Reid’s warm palms skimming across his flesh. Then Reid gave him a different kind of kiss, his lips at Luke’s opening, his tongue penetrating him, finding the very center of him.
Luke shouted, incoherent words of love and pleading. He staggered up to his knees and pushed back against Reid to feel more of his moist, hot mouth. Reid’s entire head was under his gown and attacking Luke’s buttocks. Reid nipped the sensitive line skin, blew gently across Luke’s aching hole , and then kissed there once more. Luke could only scream and cry out. He groped around for something to hold onto because he felt like he might collapse from pleasure. His erection was throbbing painfully.

Just when he couldn’t stand a moment longer, Reid stopped and Luke looked back at him. Panting, Luke could only watch as Reid fumbled to undress. His body was truly magnificent, the skin rippling in the sunlight. Luke’s pulse beat frantically just seeing him. He watched as Reid reached for his wallet, and then ripped open the foil package with his teeth.

He paused only a second, “Are you up for this? “ Reid said hoarsely, his voice ragged with desire, “Cause I can –“

In answer, Luke grabbed the condom and rolled it onto Reid’s arousal, making Reid moan.
Then Luke pushed at Reid until he was on his back. Luke straddled him. Their eyes met. Electric currents shot through their bodies. Their hands sought each others. Luke bent down and kissed Reid’s neck from his shoulder to his ear.

“Please,” Luke said,” I need this. More than I ever imagined.”

“Me too,” Reid admitted, his eyes glazed with passion. His muscles rigid with want.

Luke placed Reid’s heavy erection at his wet hole. He grinded his ass all around Reid teasingly, flicking Reid’s dick up and down and in slow circles. Reid grunted and then took Luke’s hand away. Watching each other, Reid entered Luke slowly, filling him.

Reid thrust in deeper with a shout. Luke’s fingers covered his face and he rode Reid blindly. Reid’s hands were at his hips lifting him up and then lowering him back down against him. His body felt heavy and aching. An incredible , sweet pressure made Luke’s whole body quake. Then he convulsed in a gritty cry of satisfaction. His release came hard and quick, sticky goodness coming over Reid’s stomach and thighs as Reid continued to thrust up into him. Luke could only whimper and bury his head in Reid’s neck, hanging on as Reid finished.

Reid stayed inside of him. They both were panting loudly now. Reid’s hand tangled itself in Luke’s hair and he gently rubbed his scalp.

A long time passed. Finally, Luke pulled off and collapsed next to Reid. They both were staring up at the sky. The sun was setting by now, its colors turning pink and orange across the clouds.

Reid eventually sat up, and then dressed. He eyed the picnic basket, and began to eat. Luke propped himself up on one elbow.

“I got all the things you liked,” Luke said smiling. “Of course, you like everything from Al’s so it was easy.”

Reid nodded, still eating with gusto.

Luke looked away a moment. “Can I tell you something?”

“I know,” Reid said with a pretend suffering sigh, “You love me.”

“I do,” Luke laughed, “but not that.”

“What?” Reid handed Luke some chicken and corn bread.

Luke hesitated. “I don’t want to let Vienna and Henry down, but I really get sick thinking about returning to work at Al’s. Especially at night.” Luke peeked up at Reid, ‘So much for my being tough, huh?”

“No, that’s perfectly understandable,” Reid said, chomping down on a handful of fries.“Anyhow, don’t worry about it. You shouldn’t return , not for the day or night shift. “ Reid looked at him and then simply shrugged, “You sucked away.”

“What?” Luke replied, baffled.

“As a waiter, Luke,” Reid rolled his eyes, “you sucked.”

“I- I …really?”

Reid just nodded and bit into more chicken, “Absolutely.”

Luke sat up and tied his robe tightly. “Well, why didn’t you say anything to me before? I mean, I knew I wasn’t great at it, but…Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Well hell, I thought you’d improve- learning curve and all that. But you never did. “ Reid had to look away from Luke’s outraged expression or he would have laughed.

“I thought I did okay!” Luke snorted and glared at him. “So you didn’t tell me just to let me be foolish?”

“ Well, it wasn’t just that. I – “ He suddenly stared down at the food. “ I tried to say something, but…You always gave me doughnuts and things and I just…”

Luke smiled, “Love me? “ He said it teasingly, not expecting an answer.

But Reid looked up and met his gaze. “Yeah, “ Reid said quietly, “ I just love you.”

Luke’s mouth fell open .

“What?” Reid asked, confused, “You know that- we covered that days ago.”

“I know,” Luke said in a low voice, his cheeks blushing, his eyes suddenly wet with unshed tears, “I just figured you wouldn’t say it so easily to me. I was hoping to hear it from time to time, but-“ He brushed his hand over his eyes.

“Relax,” Reid said, continuing to eat, but with a smile, “It’s no big deal. It’s not like I’m proposing or asking you to adopt babies with me.”

Luke threw some fries at him.

Reid laughed.

He then put his food down and held his arms open to Luke, who quickly cuddled against him.

“I do love you,” Reid told him, “I have no problem saying it. It’s the simple truth.”

Luke looked up at him then, and Reid sharply inhaled as he saw the glowing love shining out of Luke’s whole face. Luke appeared to be lit from within.

Reid swallowed hard. His boyfriend was just so beautiful.

“Luke,“ Reid said and raised one shaking finger to Luke’s cheek.

“Hmm?” Luke replied dreamily.

“Pass me those muffins,” Reid ordered and then he caught Luke’s face between his hands and kissed his lips possessively once more.


At the same time Luke and Reid were declaring their love for each other, Lily was across town alone. When the doorbell rang, she jumped in surprise. She had few guests since returning to town.

Lily opened the door and met Holden’s eyes.

“Well,” she said ,”this is a surprise.”

“Can I come in?”

She opened the door wider. “The kids aren’t here.”

“I know that,” Holden replied, “ It’s you I want to see.”


Holden walked into the room and leaned against the wall. He looked at Lily for a long moment.

“Sometimes,” he said finally, “it’s hard to believe so many years have passed . I can still see you as that girl I met in the barn.”

Lily stared at him, her mouth softened slightly, “Sometimes it seems like yesterday,” she agreed, picturing Holden young and shirtless.

“But other times, “ Holden continued harshly, “It seems like a million years ago, and that girl is long gone. She’s just gone.” He shook his head. “I can only blame it on Damian for so long for the terrible woman you’ve become.”

Gasping, Lily folded her arms across her chest, “If you came here just to hurl insults at me-“

“No,” Holden said, he pushed his face close to hers, “I came here to tell you that as soon as Luke’s released from Memorial and he looks a little better, I’m taking Natalie and Ethan to see him.”

“No!” Lily argued, “That is a bad idea! It will only confuse them.”

“I’m not asking your permission, Lily,” Holden said tightly, “They’re my kids too and Luke is their brother.”

“Well, “ Lily snapped, “Maybe we need to go back to court and settle this mess.”

“Maybe we do.”

They stared at each other. Neither one was willing to back down.

Finally, Holden turned and slammed the door behind him. Lily sank down to her knees and bitterly wept.

Lily struggled to her feet, feeling like she was the one who had been beaten up. With shaking fingers, she took her phone out of her purse and called Damian.

“Come to Oakdale,” she told him,” I need you right now!”


When they finally returned to Luke’s room, Casey was standing there, waiting for him.

“I have something to confess to you,” Casey said gnawing at his fingernail

“Who’s this? Reid asked

Luke introduced them

“Great another Hughes,” Reid muttered

“The worst one of all,” Casey joked, “when you hear me out. I need to tell you something,” he said to Luke, then looked at Reid , ”Both of you.”

After Casey had explained that it was Damian blackmailing him and pushing him to ruin Reid’s career, Luke was so furious he could barely speak.

"So you’ve been changing Reid’s notes? Messing with his patients? All on Damian’s orders?”

Casey nodded, miserably. “He got me out of jail early, and I believe him when he says he has the power to put me back in.” Casey grabbed at Luke. “I’m so sorry!”

Luke shrugged him off, “Maybe you belong in jail,” he said hotly. “How could you do this?”

Meanwhile, Reid sat down on Luke’s bed. “I should have known Doogie was too stupid to be behind it.”

“No,” Luke whirled on him, ”You should’ve told me about all of this. I could have told you it was probably Damian. This is so like him!”

Reid met Luke’s furious gaze head on. “You’re right, I should have told you. “ He said calmly, diffusing Luke’s anger. “But let’s figure it out now.”

“Together? “Luke said firmly, and then smiled at him when Reid came over and nodded.

They gazed at each other. A rush of ease and understanding passed between them. They pressed their bodies next to each other, eyes transfixed, hands touching.

“Should I leave? ‘Casey asked, as the heat between Luke and Reid became evident.

“No,” Reid said, stepping away from Luke a little, “we’re going to need you.”

“Just wait until I call him!” Luke fumed, redirecting his temper now at his parents, “I will give Damian hell once and for all!”

“No,” Reid shook his head. “Not that way. We have the element of surprise now. We need to use it. Play it his way. Like chess. In deliberate moves. “ Reid became lost in thought a moment, and then he smiled slowly. “I know. “ He turned to Luke. “I have a plan. But you won’t like it, not at all.”

He tenderly touched Luke’s cheek. “Can you do something you don’t like? For me? Do you trust me to figure this out?”

Luke looked into Reid’s eyes, “You know I do,” he said.

Reid nodded, and looked at Luke and then Casey, “Okay,” he said, “here’s what we’re going to do.”


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