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Title: Sex and Chocolate: A Luke and Reid Valentine
Author: rtruffles and marsabi
Summary: A one-shot story with lots of sex and chocolate! Luke and Reid go through some misunderstandings on their way to celebrating their first Valentine’s day.
Rating: NC-17
Warning: None

rtruffles and marsabi
a/n: We wanted to try and write a one-shot story together. Hope you enjoy it! Feedback would be lovely!

“Hey Reid,” Luke greeted him as he came through the door. “Guess what? I signed up for a cooking class with the gift card you gave me for Christmas.” Luke had been a tiny bit peeved that Reid had given him cooking lessons for Christmas. He’d been hoping for something sweet and romantic, but Reid didn’t really do romantic, outside of the bedroom, so Luke had sighed and decided to make the best of it.

Reid walked over and kissed Luke lovingly. “So what kind of cooking class have you signed up for? Italian, you know how much I love lasagna. Or are you taking a Mexican class? I love chili, yum.” Reid asked already starting to salivate over the delicious food that Luke was going to learn how to cook.

Luke frowned at Reid, his earlier excitement tempered by Reid’s questions. This was exactly why he had been disappointed with this particular gift. He had no desire to become Reid’s “wife”, cooking all of their meals to Reid’s specifications.

“I’m taking a truffle making class,” Luke stated, arms crossed in front of his chest, daring Reid to criticize.

“A what? Aren’t truffles some sort of fancy mushroom that pigs dig out of the ground? Why would you want to take a course on those?” Reid asked irritably.

“Not that kind of truffle,” Luke answered, narrowing his eyes. “Chocolate truffles, they just look like the mushrooms. I bought you a box of assorted truffles from Godiva for Christmas, remember? You said that you loved them.”

“Oh,” Reid nodded. “Yeah they were great, kind of small, but really good, nonetheless. So why do you want to learn how to make them, when you already know where to buy them?”

“I already know where to buy lasagna and chili too,” Luke pointed out.


One week later, Luke came home with a box full of, what he hoped, were delicious truffles. The class had been really interesting; Luke learned that truffles were all made with the same base of chocolate, cream and butter after that you could add almost any flavoring to it. Luke’s favorite had been the breakfast truffle which had been infused with coffee and then rolled in crushed frosted flakes. It had seemed like an odd combination, but when Luke had tasted one he felt like he’d died and gone to heaven. Luke had made Grand Marnier truffles, which he knew Reid would love even if Luke couldn’t taste those due to the alcohol, and mint truffles that his classmates had raved about. Each flavor of truffle was uniquely finished. The Grand Marnier’s were rolled in cocoa, while the peppermint one’s were dipped in melted chocolate and then rolled in bits of peppermint candy. Luke had been pleasantly surprised to find that truffles were really easy to make. He was feeling very confident that Reid would be impressed by his efforts.

“Hey,” he called out as he entered their apartment.

“Hi,” Reid responded coming over to kiss Luke hello. “Are those for me?” he asked hopefully, eyeing the box.

“Yes,” Luke grinned at him. “Did you have dinner?”

“Not really, I just heated up a frozen dinner in the microwave at work.” Reid replied. “You ate before you went to class, right?”

Luke nodded. “Yeah, I went to the farm and had dinner with Emma.”

A pained expression crossed Reid’s handsome face. “Emma cooked for you, and you didn’t call me? Did you at least bring me some leftovers?”

“Reid!” Luke exclaimed, grinning. “Of course I brought you some food; I dropped it off before I went to my class.”

Truffles immediately forgotten, Reid went to look for Emma’s food in the fridge.

He came back into the living room with an enormous plate of food, and a smile on his face to match.

Luke just stared at Reid, feeling hurt that he had forgotten about the chocolates.

“I guess that I’ll just put these in the fridge for later,” Luke sulked.

“Later,” Reid agreed his mouth full of delicious food. “Thanks for bringing this home for me,” he called out to Luke, but Luke was out of earshot, getting ready for bed.

Reid kissed Luke when he came into the room, but the other man feigned sleep. Reid shrugged, patted his stomach happily, and rolled over. Luke lay there fuming; deeply hurt that Reid hadn’t complimented him on his truffles. Finally around 1 am, Luke fell into a troubled sleep.

When Reid woke up the next morning he reached out for Luke, but he found that the bed was empty and the sheets were cold.

“Luke,” he called out hoping that he was nearby, but there was no response.

Reid got up and pulled on a pair of scrub bottoms and headed out of the bedroom to search for Luke. What he found was a brief note on kitchen table telling him Luke had left early for a meeting at Memorial. Reid frowned in puzzlement, Luke usually kissed him goodbye.

Reid opened up the fridge to grab some of Luke’s truffles, but the box was gone. He sensed Luke was angry then, but Reid couldn’t figure out why. Quickly, Reid picked up the phone.

“I think I screwed up,” he confessed.

“What did you do now,” Katie sighed.

“I’m not sure,” Reid shrugged, still looking at the note and empty fridge.

“Be over in five,” Katie told him.


After his meeting Luke went to find Reid. He’d realized that he probably should’ve just talked to Reid. Luke was feeling more confident about things as he walked up to Reid’s office. Unfortunately Reid had taken the day off and Luke had no idea where he was. He tried calling Reid’s cell, but there was no answer.

“What’s up?” Ali asked him, as she and Gretchen found a forlorn Luke standing in front of Reid’s door.

Luke looked at her and found himself soon pouring out the whole story to the two nurses after they sat down in the break room.

“He didn’t even try one,” Luke was whining.

“Wow these are really good,” Ali praised.

“Orgasmic,” Gretchen echoed.

“I’d love it if Casey made me these, “Ali sighed. “Or anything at all really, I’m not picky.”

“Boyfriends suck,” Gretchen nodded, “They act like picking up their dirty underwear off the floor is a huge deal.”

“Casey wants to be patted on the head like a dog whenever he puts down the toilet seat,” Ali agreed.

“I know right? The one time I make something special all he can do is consume my Grandma Emma’s cooking.”

“Reid will be so sorry he missed out on these,” Gretchen said, eating another one.

He watched horrified as they devoured more of his truffles.

“Hey um,” Luke hesitated, “Maybe I should save some of those for Reid?” Now that he’d let off some steam about the incident, Luke was ready to forgive him.

Ali and Gretchen paid him no attention; they were too busy eating the chocolates and moaning with pleasure.


Meanwhile, Katie had dragged Reid across town to go Valentine’s Day shopping for Luke.

“Katie, are you really sure this is necessary?”

Reid glanced around the colorful shop and winced.

“Yes,” she nodded firmly. “I’m sure that you really hurt Luke’s feelings when you didn’t even try one of his truffles. Honestly Reid, what were you thinking?”

“What? How was I supposed to know that he would put so much emphasis on that one thing that he did for me? He always does amazing things for me. I was thrilled that he made truffles, but I was equally happy that he brought home Emma’s food.”

“Boys are so stupid,” Katie said with a sigh. “Luke made those especially for you. That’s why he’s upset. You’ve had Emma’s food a million times, when has Luke ever made anything for you before?”

“Well he sometimes makes amazing sandwiches for me, and he’s occasionally made me bacon and eggs for breakfast.”

“Uh huh, and you probably eat those things right away and then have amazing sex with him as a thank you, right?”

“Well, yeah,” Reid admitted.

“And what happened when you didn’t eat his truffles right away?”

“Oh my God, he went to sleep, and then ran away before I even got up,” Reid stated realizing that Luke probably hadn’t gone to sleep out of exhaustion after all. “Why didn’t he just tell me? I’m not clairvoyant for Christ’s sake.”

“I’m guessing that Luke was too hurt to talk to you by that point. Yes, he should’ve just said something and then this whole mess could have been avoided, but he’s human and he’s Luke,”

Reid sighed “Alright please help me find a killer Valentine’s Day present so that I can make it up to him.”

“If I were you,” Katie said as she fingered a see-through red teddy, “I would give it to him early.”

Later that night, Reid decided to follow Katie’s advice. He waited for Luke, and held out the gift for him the moment Luke walked in the door.

“Open it,” Reid smiled.

“What is it?” Luke asked, delighted. He had been feeling badly about their fight all day, and was so happy to see Reid was home and in a good mood.

“An early present for Valentine’s Day,” Reid watched Luke’s mouth drop open in shock. “What? Did you think that I’d forget?”

“No,” Luke assured him hurriedly. In truth, Luke had given himself a firm lecture about not having too many expectations. He really did think Reid might forget all about the upcoming holiday. He certainly had not imagined an early gift.

“I want to make sure that this fits, after all I have a lot plans for us,” Reid said waggling his eyebrows suggestively. “So can you open it now?”

Luke ripped the package open happily. Then a slightly confused expression crossed his face. He pulled out the very small thong. It had a tuxedo bow in the front and nothing but a string for a back.

“I’ve been imagining you in this all day,” Reid grinned, and rubbed his hand over Luke’s shoulders.

“Oh,” Luke held it up and flushed, “it’s a little…skimpy, isn’t it?”

“No, it’s romantic,” Reid said, “Put it on and model it for me.”

Reid walked over to a chair and straddled it. He looked at Luke expectantly.

“Right now?”

“Right now,” Reid agreed. Then he shrugged, “Unless you want to bring out those truffles you made first? I’m looking forward to eating them!” Reid figured Katie would be so proud of him for specifically mentioning the chocolates.

“Oh no,” Luke said quickly, his face looking guilty. Luke’s heart beat rapidly in a sudden panic. ‘Why did Reid want those truffles now?’ How would he explain that he had given them all away?

“I’ll go and put this on.”

Reid just smiled, “I think that I’ll just go and grab one, while you’re getting changed.”
There. He’d said it again. Katie would give him a gold star! Surely this was what Luke wanted to hear?

Luke gulped hard, “No, please just wait for me,” he said and dashed into the bathroom.

Reid sat back and waited, drumming his fingers on the chair.

A few minutes later, the door to the bathroom creaked open.

“Ready?” Reid called out.

“Um, maybe,’ Luke sounded nervous. “I’ve never worn such …Are you sure you want me in this?”

“Oh yeah,” Reid said huskily.

“Um, give me a few more minutes.”

The door shut again.

“Do you need some help?” Reid’s voice called out hopefully.

“Nnnooo,” Luke stammered, he felt really uncomfortable in the skimpy thong and was trying to find the confidence to strut his stuff into the bedroom for Reid.

He stared at himself in the mirror, looking critically at his abs. Reid, of course had perfectly sculpted abs. ‘Maybe he should be the one wearing this thong,’ Luke sighed and sucked in his gut trying to look as attractive as possible.

Outside of the bathroom, Reid picked up his mail and started to sort it. He glared at the door impatiently. ‘What the hell was Luke doing in there? He better not be jacking off in there. I have other plans for him tonight,’ Reid sighed heavily and picked up the medical journal he had been reading before Luke came home.


Finally, Luke peeked his head out of the bathroom. He pushed the door open slowly.

Biting his lip, Luke walked out, his whole body tinged slightly pink. The tuxedo thong left nothing to the imagination.

He saw that Reid was looking down at something, a pencil in his hand.

“Reid!” Luke exclaimed, feeling raw and exposed.

“Just a second,” Reid mumbled distracted, taking his time to mark a page in the journal.

“I’ll just go and put my clothes back on. I’m sorry that I’ve disappointed you,” Luke uttered quickly.

He started to run back into the safety of the bathroom.

“Hold the phone?” Reid threw the journal down. “Why the hell would you put your clothes back on? It took you forever to take them off.”

“Well soorrrry for taking so long! I was trying to look good for you in this ridiculous thong and you can’t even be bothered to look up,” Luke huffed. “God, if I have to explain it to you, then what’s the point?”

Luke tried to go into the bathroom and slam the door, but Reid blocked it.

“Look, you know who I am. I like to work. Besides, you really did take a long time and I was just reading a really interesting article about a new scalpel designed by one of my old professors,” he stopped babbling about the article as he saw the hurt look on Luke’s face.

Reid tried to reach out and hold Luke’s face in his hands.

“I’m trying here. Really! Please just tell me what to do,” he pleaded, inwardly kicking himself for screwing up, yet again.

Luke saw Reid’s regret and suddenly melted a little.

Reid shook his head “You know how thickheaded I can be,” he whispered.

“Yeah,” Luke smiled, forgiving him. He ran one hand down his pants, stroking him. “Thick is the right word,” Luke murmured.

Reid smiled in relief. “By the way, did I tell you how hot you look in that tuxedo?” Reid asked clearly admiring Luke. “So beautiful!”

Luke beamed relieved that Reid didn’t think he looked as ridiculous as he felt, as he was practically bursting out of the thong at Reid’s words.

Reid teasingly put his hand at Luke’s backside and played with the string. He flicked it. Then he squeezed Luke, making him moan. Luke grinded his hips at Reid causing him to hiss with pleasure.

“You know what?” Reid smiled. “I think that you would look even hotter without it.”

“Seriously?” Luke asked in a low voice, his body tight with anticipation.

Reid didn’t answer. He was too busy dropping to his knees and tugging the thong down with his teeth.


Hours later the two men lay in bed bodies entwined with one another, both happily sated.

“You know what I’d really like right now?” Reid said.

“What,” Luke asked sleepily.

“A chocolate truffle,” Reid replied and was shocked when he felt Luke’s whole body tense.

“Uh… Reid,” Luke began tentatively.

Reid waited, giving Luke his full attention.

“Well, um, this morning when I left I was really pissed at you and so I took the truffles with me so that you wouldn’t just gorge on them for breakfast,” he paused.

“Uh huh,” Reid encouraged.

“After my meeting, I brought them to your office, but you had taken the day off. I tried to call you, but your phone was off.”

“Sorry about that. I called Katie to help me pick out your gift,” he admitted.

“Wait, what? Katie saw the thong?” Luke squeaked out. “How am I ever going to look her in the face again? I bet she’s going to be picturing me in it every time she sees me.”

“Relax there, drama queen. She was too busy trying on her own teddies and thongs. Let’s get back to the truffles Luke.”

“Oh yeah,” Luke blushed. “Well you weren’t at the hospital, but Ali and Gretchen were.”

Reid groaned out loud, sensing where this was going.

“I’m sorry!” Luke said quickly. “I didn’t mean for them to eat all of them. I just wanted them to taste them. I had no idea that two small women could eat that many truffles at once. It was scary, Reid,” Luke shuddered. “It was like they’d never seen chocolate before.”

“Greedy bitches,” Reid acknowledged.

Reid pulled Luke into his chest and held him to show that he forgave him. They kissed each other softly.

“I’ll tell you what,” Luke said dreamily to Reid between the kisses, “I’ll make you another batch for Valentine’s Day.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Reid agreed, before he captured Luke’s mouth once again.

On Valentine’s Day, Luke and Reid stayed home. They turned off their pagers and cell phones and the TV. Reid filled up a bath tub. He’d bought Luke’s favorite soap. Reid had washed Luke’s back in gentle circles.

Getting out, they dried each other off teasingly.

Luke had reached for the box near the tub, and fed Reid a dark-chocolate truffle. Reid ate it eagerly and then sucked on Luke’s fingers.

“Can every day be Valentine’s Day?” Reid sighed with pleasure. “Sex with you and chocolate- my favorite things.”

Luke kissed him, tasting the richness of the candy on Reid’s tongue. Then he took another one and smeared a piece of the truffle at Reid’s nipple.

“The only thing better than sex and chocolate,” Luke murmured, “is sex with chocolate.”

Luke pressed his mouth to Reid’s chest and licked.

Reid groaned.

“Bed now!” Reid commanded, and they climbed in together.

Luke wriggled onto Reid’s lap and they kissed even more. Luke pulled at Reid’s damp hair.

A wave of excitement flooded them both.

Luke put a truffle in his mouth and waited for Reid to bite at it. When Reid reached the rich, smooth center, they let the kiss linger on and on.

Panting now, Reid nibbled the naked line of Luke’s shoulder. He tasted the vulnerable curve of Luke’s neck, his lower stomach, the inside of his thighs. He placed a little truffle cream on each delicate spot. Reid nibbled at the chocolate and then sucked at the skin. Luke moaned.

Moments later, Reid’s fingers found Luke hard and ready. He pushed Luke down on the bed, and spread his legs apart.

“One more thing,” Reid said. He grabbed the last truffle from the box, and covered Luke’s throbbing cock with the chocolate.

“I’m going to ravish you,” Reid promised, just as his mouth closed firmly over Luke’s arousal.

Reid licked at Luke’s hard dick. He took him deep down his throat. Luke tasted like chocolate and pre-cum and Reid sucked at him hungrily.

Luke put his hands over his eyes blindly and bucked his body up. Reid palmed Luke’s ass in his hands and pushed him even higher.

Luke exploded, his release making his limbs quake helplessly. Reid held him still, tasting each drop.

Then Reid flipped a boneless Luke onto his stomach and began to lick at his hole. He thrust his tongue in and out, patiently making Luke become hard again. Reid expertly rimmed him. He kept his tongue deep inside of Luke. Meanwhile, Reid’s hands circled around to his cock and began to play with him. He slid a thumb over the slit and at the same time ate at Luke with his hot mouth.

Luke drew up his knees and whimpered as Reid replaced his tongue with his erection, rubbing up and down Luke’s vulnerable center.

“Please now!” Luke yelled, half-command, half-whimper.

Reid pounded into him, babbling to Luke his own love words, as he hammered his body in a rhythm he knew Luke craved.

Soon they both were coming again, climaxing at the same time, shouting each other’s names.


Afterwards, they were happy to just stay in bed; their limbs still tangled together, their arms around each other.

Luke gave Reid a deep, satisfied kiss.

“I love you,” he said.

Reid just smiled.

Luke raised his eyebrows, “This is the part where you say you love me too…and will love me forever no matter what,” he instructed.

Reid sat up on one elbow and gazed down at Luke.

“I don’t know," he drawled teasingly, “You’re young and hot now, but in ten years…?”

Luke gave him a playful shove. “Reid!”

He laughed and pulled Luke into his arms, kissing the top of his head.

“I love you always,” he told Luke roughly, “I want it all with you. Everything, I want the whole enchilada.”

“Why does it always come down to food?” Luke complained mockingly, rolling his eyes. “I’m not taking any Mexican cooking classes for you.”

They laughed together, perfectly relaxed. Luke rested his head on Reid’s chest and ran his hands lovingly up and down Reid’s body.

Reid cupped Luke’s face tenderly.

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” Reid said.

“Now and always,” Luke replied.


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