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Title: The Last Doughnut
Author: Marsabi
Summary: Damian disinherits Luke and he’s forced to survive in the real world.
Rating: PG
Warning: None
Thanks traciamc

Part 16 VIVA

Okay, Luke felt a second of panic. Reid was late. That never happened.

Why had he agreed to meet him at the airport? They should’ve come together. Why did Reid insist on going to the hospital one more time, a job he no longer even liked, just to help stupid Chris Hughes with some patient?

Luke chewed his lip and glanced down at all of his luggage. Maybe Reid had gotten stuck at security? Luke could just see him there, arguing with some heavy set, bald headed guard. Reid would definitely argue with anybody who dared to take away his snack foods or question his itinerary.

Luke took out his phone – no messages.

Well, that was to be expected. Reid barely liked talking to people in person, much less on the phone. Luke, on the other hand, had no qualms about leaving long, dirty messages. He liked to text all the sexual things he wanted Reid to do. It was easier than saying them out loud to him. Luke texted one to Reid right then. It involved his pinky finger and a whole lot of tongue. If Reid was out there, surely he’d respond to that?

“Where’s your man?” Lucinda demanded suddenly and a guilty blush spread over Luke’s cheeks.

“He’s just late.” Luke closed his phone.

Lucinda made a disapproving noise. “I have my jet all gassed and just sitting here? “ She glanced at her watch. “Time is money , darling . And I plan to win some money.”

“I know.”

“Reid’s coming,” Vienna assured them all. She didn’t look up from her mirror as she applied a new coat of mascara to her eyes. “I saw him just a few hours before. Grabbing our cookies and stuffing them into his pockets. “

“What does he think, “ Lucinda laughed, “that my private plane has no food?” She gave her boyfriend John a squeeze, “ I stocked it with some of your favorites.”

Casey looked up from the wad of twenties, “What kind of food?”

“Casey?” Maddie shook her head at him, “you’ve stopped counting. “

“Relax,” Casey told her, “we’re going to Vegas, baby. It’s all good.”

Vegas. Luke smiled and looked at his family and friends gathered all around him. Lucinda had asked, no demanded , that Luke have big goodbye celebration. But not in Oakdale. She’d rented out the top floor of the Ventian hotel. At first, it was only his father and his grandmother planning to come. Then John Dixon had signed on. Soon Vienna was asking him about the trip, and of course, Henry could never refuse a free ride to Vegas. After that, Luke just had to ask Casey and Maddie to tag along too. Luke had been thrilled that all of them cared so much about him and wanted to celebrate with him.

Convincing Reid to spend 4 days in Vegas with this group, however, hadn’t been easy.

Holden walked up to him and patted Luke’s shoulder. “You look worried.”

Luke shrugged. “No . Reid’s never late that’s all.”

“I’m sure everything’s fine, “ Holden said.

“Right,“ Luke said with forced brightness. “Anyhow, before he gets here- I just want to thank you , Dad, for being here.”

“You already thanked me, Luke.”

“I want to thank you again, “ Luke said firmly.

Holden smiled. “You’re certain this is what you want? To move to Vegas? You don’t want to stay at the farm here in Oakdale?”

“I’m sure.”

“Reid could stay with me too, “ Holden offered.

Luke smothered a laugh at the thought of Reid at the farm. He could just imagine him mucking out stables or milking the cows. He could just imagine Reid’s level of discomfort at making Luke shout out with pleasure in the night, and Reid would make him shout out, even if they tried to be quiet. God, he really knew how to do that one thing with his mouth – he could just see Reid’s face the first time Holden or Emma flung open their door to see why Luke was screaming.

“This is what we want.”

“I have 200 bucks,” Casey declared suddenly. “Ready to party.”

“We can party,” Maddie ordered , “but no gambling.”

Casey frowned at her.

“Remember why you went to jail?” Maddie drawled. She took his money and stuffed it in her pocketbook. Then she kissed him sweetly.

“We’re all ready to go,” Henry complained as he massaged Vienna’s shoulders, “but where is Oliver? “

Luke swallowed hard and tried to dismiss all the irrational fears building up inside of him. This was Oakdale, after all, where his happiness was usually taken away from him.

He tried to focus on the positive. He was really leaving town. He was really free . He really was leaving with the man he loved. He closed his eyes a moment, just holding on to those thoughts.

When Luke opened his eyes, he finally saw him.

“At last!” Henry yelled out.

Reid strolled up to them, not looking concerned, carrying a small bag and a whole bunch of snacks.

Relief flooded Luke as he watched Reid.

“What?” Reid was frowning at Henry. “Some of us actually have important work. I was needed saving lives.“

“You kept us waiting. Are you always so inconsiderate?” Henry said.

Reid flicked a finger at Henry’s striped purple and pink shirt, “I’ll stop being inconsiderate the day you stop being loud.”

“Did you help Chris?” Casey asked.

“Your uncle seriously must have gotten his medical license from a cereal box,” Reid told him. “But of course, I saved his stupid ass. “ Reid flashed a quick grin.

Sheer joy invaded Luke’s body at the sight of Reid smiling. He felt warm all over. His eyes felt moist.

Lucinda waved at her pilot, “We’re ready! “ She called out. “Viva Las Vegas!”

Reid reached Luke then and handed him the food.

Luke took it and launched himself into Reid’s arms.

“Hey?” Reid laughed. “Have you really been waiting that long?”

Yes, my whole life. To have his hand in mine, to have him with me, to find my partner.

Luke’s flashed his dimples at him.”Nope. Not long at all.” He covered Reid’s face with kisses. “ I’m just happy to see you.”


The party started on the plane. Lucinda and Henry argued over who poured the best martini. John offered to be their taste tester. They downed green apples ones and pomegranate ones and lemon drops.

Meanwhile, Luke danced enthusiastically with both Maddie and Vienna, stomping and twirling them around and around. They blasted Lady Gaga’s ‘ I was Born this Way’ and ‘Poker Face’, and enjoyed the space of the private jet, dancing until they were sweating. They collapsed together on the couch, hugging and laughing.

Casey used his i-phone to check out the best places to catch Elvis impersonators.
Reid stuffed his mouth full of junk food and then ate everything Lucinda had on the plane.

“If it’s not nailed down, he’ll eat it,” Luke laughed, watching him affectionately.

“I hope he gets a job quickly, “ Henry said, as he joined them on the couch, “Otherwise your food bills alone will put you in the poor house. “

“Reid says he can get hired at Desert Springs hospital with no problems.”

“He can always become a dealer,” Vienna laughed, “if that falls through.”

“And I can always wait tables again, “Luke said. Then, when Henry and Vienna’s mouths dropped open, Luke burst into laughter.

“Just kidding, “ he told them.

John and Lucinda offered a round of shots, and a Virgin Bloody Mary to Luke.

Having finished off the food, Reid came over to them, licking his fingers.

“When’s dessert,” he asked Lucinda.

Luke patted Reid’s flat stomach, “Amazing.”

“If I ate all that,” Maddie agreed groaning, “I’d be a whale.”

“What’s the secret?” Vienna added.

Reid shrugged, “I’m unique.”

Then he leaned into Luke and whispered, “And somebody has me burning lots of calories off. I just read your text. I think the bathroom is available right now. “

Luke’s face turned red as a tomato.

“What’s wrong?” Holden asked.

“Nothing ,” Luke said quickly, “this Virgin Bloody Mary is spicy.”

He gave Reid the evil eye. He whispered back to him, “That was an idea for when we’re alone.”

“When’s that gonna be?” Reid grumbled. He stood up and started to the large bathroom area in the back of the plane.

Luke watched him. Reid peeked inside the restroom door, and then looked back at him. ‘Room for two’ he mouthed.

Luke glanced around at everybody. Casey was asleep, Maddie and Holden were reading, John and Lucinda were still drinking and flirting with each other, and Henry and Vienna were now watching Casino on the big screen TV.

Luke stood up casually and went to the rear of the plane.

“Make it fast,” he said in Reid’s ear.

Reid licked at Luke’s neck, sending shivers down his spine. “Prepare to join the mile high club. “ He led a laughing Luke into the bathroom, “And I am never being quick with you.”

To his surprise, Luke stopped him from going into the restroom.

Luke beamed at Reid. “Are we really doing this?” he said in wonder.

“About to screw in the airplane’s john with your family only a room away?” Reid said dryly. “Yes, we really are.”

Luke smacked him lightly. “Not that. “ He smiled at him. “Are we really staying in Vegas to live? For good?”

Reid took his hand and squeezed, “For as long as you want. I’ll live anywhere you want.”

They disappeared into the bathroom.


A little later, Casey came up to Luke and poked him in the ribs.

“I was just googling the best Vegas sex shops, but I see you and Reid need no extra help .”

Luke flushed, “Oh God. You knew what we were doing back there?” He glanced at Holden and Lucinda. “Does everybody know?”

Casey shook his head, “Naw. Just me,I think. Anyhow, if you’re done,” Casey looked over at his girlfriend, “I think it’s me and Maddie’s turn.”

Luke laughed, “All cleaned up and yours,’ he told him.

Casey grinned wickedly and went to pull a confused Maddie to the back of the plane.


Luke watched as Reid and Henry bickered over poker. Reid won again.

Reid felt Luke watching him and patted the seat near him. Joining him on the couch, Luke smiled at Reid. “You really are unique.”

“Why’s that?” Reid asked, shuffling the cards. Henry had walked off to down another martini and have a sulk.

Luke batted his eyes at Reid, “Lucky in cards AND lucky in love.”

Reid considered that and then nodded, “You’re right.” He grabbed Luke’s face and gave his boyfriend a firm kiss. Then he looked at Henry, “Ready to lose again?”, he called out.

Luke sighed. “I’m in for a lifetime of that ego, aren’t I?” He rested his head on Reid’s shoulder and then grinned up at him.

Reid didn’t answer because Henry had come over in that moment. Before long, a sweaty Maddie and beaming Casey came over too. John and Lucinda had discreetly made their way back to that bathroom, and Holden was pretending he hadn’t noticed all the couples disappearing from time to time.

“Let’s go,” Henry demanded. “I’m getting my money back.”

“Deal me in,” said Vienna, “I’m getting our money back.”

“Me too.” Holden came over,” I should at least beat this guy once before he steals my son away.”

“Don’t forget about me,” Luke piped up, “I’m in. If anybody wins over Reid, it should be me.”

“You can all dream,” Reid told them with a smug face. “But you’re all about to lose.”

“Shut up,” they all chorused back at him.

Laughing, Reid dealt the cards.


As the plane began its descent into Vegas, it gently bounced over some choppy air. Reid put down the Nevada magazine that he’d been reading through. It had listed lots of possible apartments. He smiled at the thought of living with Luke. Then he glanced down.

Luke was nestled against Reid, sleeping.

Reid reached down and ran his fingers through Luke’s hair. He got more haircuts than anybody Reid knew. Today the hair was cut short and seemed darker. Reid played with the little spikes at the top, and then let his hand rest on Luke’s cheek.

He had been so frightened for Luke. After Holden called him, Reid had sank to his knees, sweat dripping down his back, feeling worried beyond reason. Visions of Damian hurting Luke or kidnapping him or something equally horrible had flashed in his mind over and over again. He had survived his parents’ death. He’d survived a lifetime of loneliness. But he knew in that horrible moment that he could never survive the loss of Luke. Not ever.

How had it happened? How had a nosey, “straight”-acting, barely legal blonde gotten control of his heart and never let it go?

Luke’s lips were slightly parted. At Reid’s touch, he made a sighing sound and then began to lightly snore.

“Idiot,” Reid chastised himself softly. Because looking down at Luke, just listening to him snore for God’s sake, Reid felt hopelessly lost in a rush of love .

A small smile flickered over Reid’s mouth. The truth was he found the snoring adorable. He found everything Luke did adorable and he always would.

As if sensing his thoughts, Luke suddenly woke and opened up his eyes. He gazed at Reid.

“Are we here?” Luke asked, sleepily.

“Yeah,” Reid answered and gently kissed his lips. “We’ve arrived.”

The End

A/n Thanks to all who read and commented! I appreciate it! I’m working on something new (hope to get it done soon) with a very different Luke and Reid, a good Damian, and setting outside of Oakdale.


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