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Title: Without Borders 4
Author: Marsabi
Summary: Noah remains blind, and he abandons Oakdale and Luke. Luke is left feeling guilty and lost, so he decides to focus on the foundation and PR work. Luke moves the foundation to Rome and avoids America. However, two years later, his family in Oakdale has been pressuring him to visit, and when an old friend calls him with a problem with her medical organization’s image, Luke agrees to fly to Miami. But can he turn their best doctor into a media star? As the cameras roll, Luke soon finds himself in a “pretend” relationship with Dr. Oliver …
Warning: Sexually explicit content (some parts)
Rating: PG- NC-17 (depends)
A big shout of thanks to the amazing rhiannonhero! Thanks also to traciamc

Without Medical Borders (WMB) is a fictional organization, but is modeled loosely on Doctors Without Borders.

Chapter Four

They sat outside the restaurant for some time on a nearby bench under a Mango tree discussing their backgrounds and planning more strategy. All around them were tropical plants and flowers, filling the air with an earthy-pungent scent, the sun strong in the late-afternoon heat. At last, it was time to meet Mick and Molly, and they picked up the car and cruised down the road.

“Where are we going?” Reid asked, ready to punch in the GPS.

“Hmm, a restaurant and club type of place. Molly said it’s really popular.”

“What’s it called?”

“Bed,” Luke answered. “Have you heard of it?”

“Nope. Don’t get much free time, remember?” Reid said.

After a quick car ride, they soon reached their destination. When they entered the place, they both stopped short.

Inside Miami’s Bed, there were no tables at all. The entire place had couples in bed – lots of beds. The restaurant was surrounded by clear glass and had a great view of the city. Each bed was large –enough for multiple parties to share – and had pillows everywhere. Bed actually stood for B.E.D –Beverage, Entertainment, and Dining. The waiters were serving people sweet smelling foods and huge martinis. Latin music was blaring. All around them, couples kissed and ate and laughed –in bed.

Luke’s mouth fell open a little.

“So you do expect me to hit the sheets with you on my first date?” Reid asked mockingly.

“I-I- no, “ Luke stammered and saw Reid was amused at his embarrassment.

Molly and Mick saved him by taking that moment to rush up with their cameras.

“Great!” Molly chirped, “You made it to Bed.”

“Hope so,” Reid said in a low voice that only Luke could hear.

“Right here, boys,” Mick gestured to a VIP bed in the center of the room.

Luke and Reid walked over. Luke made himself hold Reid’s hand. His skin was warm. Luke felt the now familiar tingling hit the pit of his stomach. The waiter rushed over and pulled back the sheets at the head of the big, purple bed.

Reid held up his hand at the waiter, “Wait a minute. Just what are your sanitizing methods for this,” he pointed at the bed, “exactly?”

“Reid,” Luke commanded. “Just get in bed!”

Reid rolled his eyes. He looked at Mick and Molly. “He’s always telling me that.”

Reid asked the waiter a few more questions about how they laundered the sheets. When at last he seemed satisfied, Luke and Reid climbed in together.

“Isn’t this just so cute?” gushed Molly, “I just love this place. “

Luke was having trouble finding his voice. Reid’s body was pressed right against him.

Mick nodded at the photographer, who snapped their picture. Then Mick and Molly joined them at the foot of the bed.

“Mind if we get in?” She joked.

“Luke and I are strictly monogamous,” Reid replied smartly.

“Oh you!” Molly wagged a finger at Reid. She and Mick got into the other side of the bed.

The waiter came back and handed out menus.

“So this time, we just want an interview on paper. A few pictures to reveal on our show tomorrow. Then if we get a lot of buzz, we will have you both back again live.”

“Sounds good,” Luke managed, aware that Reid was rubbing his leg up and down his thigh. Every hair on Luke’s body stood up. He tried to clamp a firm hand down on Reid’s leg to stop the movement.

Reid grinned at him innocently.

“Okay,” Mick said, taking a sip of his martini. “First question. How did you two lovebirds meet?”

Luke answered on auto-pilot. They had gone over this carefully. “We met at an WMB fundraiser in Rome. Reid was there and I was so impressed by all of his devotion to WMB. You know, Without Medical Borders is such a dedicated organization, “ Luke reminded them, working on the PR angle. “They truly help people all over the world. The doctors are the best.”

Molly and Mick nodded, and drank some.

“And you Reid? Do you remember what you first said to Luke at that fundraiser?”

Reid shrugged.

Luke jabbed his knee at Reid’s leg from underneath the sheets. “He was really thoughtful. He asked lots of pertinent questions about the foundation. Remember, honey?”

The endearment hung in the air between them like a gauntlet.

“Right.” Reid paused. “Doll face -baby-lambkins.” His lips twisted sardonically.

Luke gave an awkward laugh and looked at Mick and Molly. “He has so many pet names for me. He can never settle on just one.”

“I’m a romantic,” Reid agreed. Then his lips lifted up in a real smile. “Hey, the food is here.”

The waiter brought over an appetizer of fried calamari. He placed it in the center of the bed on a beautiful tray. Reid began to eat once again. Luke was amazed at his appetite. Luke was only sipping a ginger ale and picking at a small piece of cake. Despite having eaten with Luke not long ago, Reid was devouring everything Mick and Molly ordered.

Luke tried not to dwell on the way Reid’s body was giving off heat. He tried to ignore the brush of Reid’s arm near his as he picked up his fork. He tried to look away from Reid’s tongue licking his lips at the taste of his food. If he didn’t focus on work soon, Luke was worried Molly and Mick might get an eyeful from down below.

“Let me tell you some more about why I was so impressed with Reid’s job, “ Luke said in a rush. Then he rattled off a few statistics about WMB, and made certain they wrote it down.

“Reid,” Molly said turning to him, “Tell me…what about Luke first spoke to your heart?”

Luke turned to him and gave him a pained smile. Luke’s lips were beginning to hurt from faking it. Reid played with the sheets a moment. He glanced back at Molly.

“His generosity,” Reid answered promptly, and Luke knew he was probably thinking about all the money promised for the neuro wing.

“And you Luke?” Mick asked, munching on the wings the waiter had now put down.

“Oh, Reid’s wit. He has a very big…” Luke gave Reid what he hoped was a sexy look, “sense of humor.”

“Anything else?” Molly pursued sweetly.

Luke paused. “Um, we just support each other.” Luke gave Reid’s hand a mock squeeze. “I always want Reid to come out on top.” He gave them an earnest look.

“And I usually am on top,” Reid said smoothly. “But Luke gets there from time to time.”

Luke felt his face burning. He suddenly realized how this all sounded. He caught his lip and glanced at Mick and then at Molly. They appeared to be oblivious.

Reid, of course, was smirking at him.

“Well, a toast,” Molly was saying, “to love.”

They all clinked glasses across the bed.

“And to a great cause – Without Medical Borders,” Luke added quickly.

“Right,“ Mick said, sounding bored. He gestured to the photographer nearby. “Okay guys, how about a kiss for your growing fans?”

“Well ah,” Luke started to say, not looking in Reid’s direction. They’d briefly touched on
practicing all that, but somehow the day had passed without it.

“Sure,” Reid said. He turned Luke’s face to him, holding him on both sides of his cheeks, and then, as the light bulbs from the cameras flashed, Reid gave Luke a firm kiss on his lips.

Molly squealed in delight.

Reid released Luke abruptly and looked back at his food.

Realizing that his mouth was still open, Luke closed it. He busied himself with his ginger ale. He tried to ignore the way his whole body had suddenly come to life and was screaming Yes, Yes, Yes.


They didn’t say much on the drive home. Luke discovered that Reid was not as cautious a driver as he’d imagined, and that pleased him for some odd reason. Reid drove smoothly down Washington Boulevard and then onto AIA. Luke rolled the window down and smelled the night air. He realized he was soon to learn where Reid actually lived. Luke watched him driving a moment. He had such capable hands. The wind was blowing Reid’s hair a little.
Luke sighed deeply. Then he gazed out the window, and soaked up the warm air.

“Hey,” Luke called suddenly, “do you mind pulling over a second?”

“What? Now?”

“Yeah,” Luke motioned to the spot, ” right there.”

Reid obligingly pulled the car to a stop. They were facing the beach.

“I can’t believe I’ve been here for days, “ Luke told him with a huge smile, “and haven’t been to the ocean yet.”

He opened the car door.

“Wait,” Reid called. “You want to swim now?”

“I just want to see it,” Luke beamed at him.

He left the car and walked down to the water. It was dark and the ocean was only a rush of sound, but there was a sliver of moonlight.

Luke hopped out of his shoes and socks and cuffed up his pants. He loved the feeling of the moist sand at his toes.

He saw that Reid was now out of the car and watching him. Luke waved at him, and then laughed as the tide approached, and he kicked up some water.

He bent down and let his hands trail the foamy waves, and scooped some up and then let it fall through his fingers. He could taste the salt. Luke laughed again.

“This is great!” He yelled over to Reid.

Reid approached him, shaking his head at him. “You have seen oceans before, right?”

“Of course,” Luke smiled and playfully flicked some water in Reid’s direction. “But it’s been awhile.”

He buried one foot in the sand. Then he lifted it out and wriggled his toes. Another wave came in and washed the sand off. Luke cuffed his pants a little higher, wading up to his knees. There were a few other people walking or swimming, but they were in the distance. For the most part, the beach was deserted.

“Come in with me,” Luke said to Reid.

He ran in a little circle, letting the water kick up to his thighs, soaking the edge of his pants. It felt good. A warm touch of air blew across his skin.

Luke turned back to call Reid again, only to find him right near him. He jumped back a little. He hadn’t really thought Reid would join him in the surf. Reid smiled and stretched his arms up above his head and gazed up at the moon. He inhaled deeply.

“You like the ocean too?” Luke asked shyly.

“You know,” Reid smiled,” I live only blocks away and yet it’s been months since I did this.”

A bigger wave came at them suddenly, pushing their bodies back a bit. Luke almost stumbled and he grabbed onto Reid’s arm.

Their faces were close together.

Luke stared at Reid, illuminated in the moonlight. He licked his lips nervously and attempted to smile at him.

“You work too much,” Luke said in a faint voice.

“You’re right,” Reid answered and then placed his arms at Luke’s waist.

His lips covered Luke’s in an instant. A melting heat invaded Luke’s whole body as the kiss deepened.

This wasn’t a quick kiss like at the restaurant. This was real.

Reid thrust a tongue into his mouth, parting Luke’s lips. Luke could feel the firm texture of Reid’s lips and taste his mouth. Groaning, Luke met Reid’s tongue with his own. The kiss went on as they explored each other.

They both sank to their knees at the same time. The waves gently lapped at them as they kept on kissing. Luke had never enjoyed a kiss so much. It was as if Reid’s lips were merging with his own. They felt so right. Luke touched the nape of Reid’s neck. He was aware of his own body trembling. Luke opened his mouth more, his need becoming hungry. He sucked hard at Reid’s tongue, delighting in the groan it drew from Reid. Luke sucked again and then ran one hand up and down Reid’s muscled back.

Reid kissed him back urgently, murmuring his name between kisses. Luke gulped in some air and continued the kiss. Reid’s mouth was hot and amazing. Luke let his tongue skim over Reid’s lower lip. He tasted him again. He could feel a pressure, a longing, building up inside of his flesh. Reid’s arms were wrapped around him and the intent in them made Luke gasp. For a moment, the night sky and dark sea rushed together, the world dizzily joined.

Another wave wet them and they moved back to the edge of the sand. Reid pushed Luke gently down and kissed him again. Luke circled his hands across Reid’s back. He tasted Reid’s mouth with astonishment. His lips were straining for more and more. Luke closed his eyes, arching towards him. He felt Reid kiss his throat, the hollow of his neck and then brush over his mouth again. Their chests were pressed tightly together. Reid was half lying on top of Luke now, and Luke could suddenly feel his arousal at his thigh.

Luke broke the kiss off. Reid’s erection had made him panicked. He wanted Reid, badly. It was only fear that had him move away, grabbing for his things. Luke turned and hesitated, he wondered whether he should just pretend nothing was happening at all.

“I- I think we need to go,” Luke mumbled and hurried up to the car, leaving Reid to stand up slowly after him.

Reid came up silently, watching Luke.

Luke rolled his pants down and quickly got into the passenger seat.

“Let me take you home,” Luke said nervously. Reid raised his eyebrows at that and Luke quickly added, “I mean drop you off at home. You can still drive.” Luke sat tensely in the seat and waited.

Reid brushed some sand off and then got into the car. Luke could feel the weight of Reid’s eyes a moment, and then he put the car into drive. The only sound was the humming of the engine.

As they pulled up to Reid’s condo, Reid put the car into park and skimmed his finger lightly on the wheel. Then he and Luke both got out. Luke came around to the driver’s side.

“Nice place,” he gestured at the tall, white high rise.

“It’ll do,” Reid said. “It’s close to work.”

Luke nodded and started to open the car door.

Reid’s hand touched his shoulder.

“I want you to come up,” Reid said into his ear, and then he was looking him in the eye.

“Yes!” Luke said automatically, and then quickly, “I mean no!” He flushed and ran a nervous hand through his hair. Luke shook his head. “I’m sorry.”

He ducked his head down and then peered at Reid through his eyelashes, sure Reid would be angry.

“For what?” Reid asked him simply.

“I - I ‘m a wreck,” Luke admitted. He looked away.

Reid considered that in silence.

“Who isn’t?” He shrugged kindly. He dropped his hand.

Luke looked at him in surprise and released the breath he’d been holding. It was only in that moment that Luke realized he’d been waiting for Reid to scream at him or be coldly furious or something. But Reid was just standing there calmly. Luke felt a different kind of warmth come into his body – one of gratitude.

“We’re still on for the fake date tomorrow, right?” Reid asked him.

Luke gave him a big smile, “Yes, “he said emphatically, “please.”

Their eyes locked.

“Okay then, bye.”

“Bye,” Luke said bashfully. He climbed into the car and looked at Reid through the open window.

“See you soon,” Luke added, almost hopefully.

Reid leaned down and gently touched him on the side of his face. Luke caught his fingers a moment and held them to his face.

“So long,” Luke whispered.

“See you, Luke,” Reid answered, also softly.

Then he straightened up and walked off into his building.

Luke sat in his car a few minutes, rewinding the night in his mind and analyzing it all.

Inside of his chest, Luke’s heart was knocking around. He could barely put on his seatbelt. There was a deep, urgent tugging inside of him. Luke banged his head back. He ran his fingers up and down his legs and tried to concentrate on leaving. He turned the key in the ignition and headed back to his hotel, a big part of him regretting that he’d not gone up to Reid’s condo. The other part of Luke was shocked that he regretted it. He had never been fast and loose with sex, not when he was sober anyhow. He had never felt this kind of attraction. When he kissed Reid it was like he couldn’t think or breathe. His entire body wanted to grab Reid and take him and be inside of him. Luke shuddered. He had never felt that way before either. But he had this desire to possess Reid sexually and it frightened him. He wanted to crawl inside Reid’s skin, open him up, savor him.

Luke put the radio on and rolled down the window some more, trying to relax. But he was aching and throbbing the whole ride back.

Date: 2011-03-14 07:28 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I think you just wrote one of the sexiest Reid and Luke moments ever. Ever.... so damn hot.

Date: 2011-03-14 12:43 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Wow, thanks for the lovely compliment! You just made me smile (even before my morning coffee). I really appreciate it!

Date: 2011-03-15 02:18 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Glad to hear it. I am so happy to see chapter 5 up tonight.

Date: 2011-03-15 02:13 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Five is a little bit of a tough read- hope you like it. I thought Luke needed to remember some painful things, and then work to move forward...Oh, but there is a sweet part with Reid too. Anyhow...Thanks for commenting here!

Date: 2011-03-21 12:46 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Could not agree more. This:

“I want you to come up,” Reid said into his ear, and then he was looking him in the eye.
“Yes!” Luke said automatically, and then quickly, “I mean no!” He flushed and ran a nervous hand through his hair. Luke shook his head. “I’m sorry.”
He ducked his head down and then peered at Reid through his eyelashes, sure Reid would be angry.
“For what?” Reid asked him simply.
“I - I ‘m a wreck,” Luke admitted. He looked away.
Reid considered that in silence.
“Who isn’t?” He shrugged kindly. He dropped his hand.

...freaking perfect. I am literally flushed. And I was already a fan of relationships-of-convenience (and Luke's POV). Love this.


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