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Title: Without Borders 6
Author: Marsabi
Summary: Noah remains blind, and he abandons Oakdale and Luke. Luke is left feeling guilty and lost, so he decides to focus on the foundation and PR work. Luke moves the foundation to Rome and avoids America. However, two years later, his family in Oakdale has been pressuring him to visit, and when an old friend calls him with a problem with her medical organization’s image, Luke agrees to fly to Miami. But can he turn their best doctor into a media star? As the cameras roll, Luke soon finds himself in a “pretend” relationship with Dr. Oliver …
Warning: Sexually explicit content (some parts)
Rating: PG- NC-17 (depends)

First of all, a big shout of thanks to the amazing rhiannonhero! Thanks also to traciamc

Chapter Six

The doorman at Liquid let them through with ease. He gave an approving glance at Luke. They stepped into the nightclub. It was early for the South Beach crowd, Washington Avenue had been quiet still, and they had little problem getting a table. The place was dark. Techno music blared from the sound system. A group of people were dancing on the dance floor. There were also several small cages with a few brave people strutting their stuff. Neon lights flashed every few minutes, allowing a moment of light into the room. Whenever the lights flashed, a siren sounded too.

“It’s like a big video game,” Luke laughed as they sat down on oversized chairs.

“Pretty much. Drink?” Reid asked.

Luke shook his head, still taking in the scene. “I don’t drink.”

“Okay,” Reid shrugged, “ Virgin Bloody Mary?”

“Fine.” Luke thought Reid’s voice had a teasing lilt on the word virgin that he ignored pointedly.

“This place is wild.” Luke’s eyes were getting accustomed to the darkness now. He could make out some big Drag Queens on the dance floor, some Jennifer Lopez wannabe’s too, and a whole lot of people just drinking and moving. It really did feel like the whole place was swaying –almost like being a ship. There was an elevated dance platform, and high above that- some swings for the Liquid dancers.

“It’s okay,” Reid answered studying the drink and food menu. “But what the hell? Lettuce Wraps? Baby Carrots and Hummus? What are we hamsters?”

Luke snorted out a laugh. “Well, we could dance. I don’t think most people come here to eat.”

The music changed to a blend of pop and disco now, mixing Mr. 305 and Lady Gaga and Usher in some odd combination that actually worked. A bunch of young girls were squealing and pounding jello shots. A couple on the dance floor started to salsa. Near them, one young guy was taking off his partner’s shirt and swinging it around like a lasso. The lights went dim again, and people moved like shadows against the wall. A girl danced badly around and around in circles. There was the faint sound of stomps and cries just below the roar of club music. It was clearly a place where anything goes.

“I don’t dance,” Reid reminded him grumpily.

Luke frowned at him. “Your loss.” He stood up and went to the dance floor alone. He immediately got swallowed up in the crowd. It was that type of club. You could dance solo and be just fine. Luke shook his hips to the techno beat. He did a little bit of a Mambo that Damian had once taught him. It was really fun. Soon, Luke found himself sandwiched between two girls. They all raised their hands up, grinded their hips, and sweated to the music.

He saw Reid watching him intensely and waved. Reid didn’t wave back. Luke turned and got into the music again. Okay, to be honest, he was aware that he was giving Reid a little bit of a show. Luke made sure he gyrated his hips. He and the girls bumped asses. Then he swung them around a little. After a moment, he lost them in the thickening crowd. Luke watched a few men up high in one of the special cages. They were throwing some kind of confetti at the crowd. In another cage, a girl was acting like she was at a strip club. The bouncers soon took her out. Luke kept on dancing, enjoying the energy flowing through the crowd. They moved together like a wave. Luke danced closer again to his table. He saw Reid again. Luke decided to go back. He could feel the sweat on his face and sticking to his shirt. You could see his skin through it now. He gave Reid a lopsided smile as he sat down.

“That was great!”

“What?” Reid cupped his ear.

Luke leaned into Reid, “I said, that was fun!” He shouted.

Suddenly, Luke became aware of Reid’s body pressed near. His own skin was still hot from dancing. He felt Reid’s arm brushing his. He could feel a tangible connection between them once again.

“You’re not a totally bad dancer,” Reid whispered into his ear, his voice being so close sent shivers down Luke’s back.

Luke was about to respond, when a scream interrupted him. It was a loud enough scream to be heard over the music. Luke looked up at the cage. Two girls were drunkenly cat fighting over the space, tearing each other’s skimpy clothes off, pulling each other’s hair. The crowd encouraged them, turning ugly in an instant. The girls started trading punches. The smell of cheap booze filled Luke’s lungs. He remembered now why he hardly ever went to night clubs- the drinking, the easy violence. He watched the cage a second longer and then turned to Reid.

“I think I’ve had enough,” Luke grimaced. “It was fun to dance, but maybe this isn’t really my scene.”

“Fine by me,” Reid said. “There’s no food anyhow.”

Walking out, Luke moved near to Reid. He took a giant breath.

“It’s still early. By Miami time anyhow,” Luke gave a nervous laugh. He’d been trying to find a way to ask Reid this since their kiss on the beach. He inhaled again and told himself not to be such a wimp.

“We could go to your place,” Luke said quickly, not looking at Reid. “It would be good, you know, to learn more about you for our upcoming interviews.” Luke felt his cheeks heating up. He slid a fast glance at Reid. Their eyes met briefly, and then they both looked away.

“Yeah, why not,” Reid answered casually.


They picked up “real food” for Reid – cheeseburgers and doughnuts – and headed to his condo.

Reid’s condo was bigger than Luke imagined, but pretty much empty of furniture. Reid claimed he had no time to decorate and shrugged. The furniture he did have was nice though, sleek and modern. Luke looked around at the place curiously.

Then he glanced own at himself. “Ugh- still sweaty from that club,” he said to Reid. He pulled at his shirt.

“Want some water? Or a shower,” Reid offered slowly. “You could clean up.”

“You don’t mind? I don’t want to…”

“No, it’s fine. I can give you one of my shirts and a pair of jeans?”

Luke eyed Reid’s lean body. “I don’t think I’ll fit into your jeans.”

“Part of you is a bit rounder,” Reid agreed with an appreciative glance at Luke’s ass. “I
have lots of extra scrubs; they’re like sweats almost. “


Reid led him to the small bathroom. He took a towel from the rack and handed it to Luke.

“Soap and shampoo are in there- take your time.”

“Thanks,” Luke looked away. He glanced at the door as Reid closed it.

Inside Reid’s shower, Luke began to scrub his body clean. He held the soap to his nose a second. The scent of it was so like Reid’s smell. Luke felt weak-kneed from it. He braced a hand against the shower wall. Then he rubbed the soap all over. He was suddenly extremely glad to be washing up. He wanted to be ready, well, just in case Reid was interested… Maybe he was getting his signals wrong? Reid wasn’t exactly jumping on him or anything. Luke shampooed his hair. Then he turned off the water and dressed quickly.

The dark blue scrubs felt intimate to him. He tugged at the outfit a little.

At the door to Reid’s living room, Luke posed and said, “What do you think? Calling Dr. Snyder?”

He tried to look like a serious surgeon might.

Reid laughed.

“What? You don’t think I’m doctor material?”

“You look like a Ken Doll dressed in scrubs.”

Reid had turned on some music and poured him a glass of juice.

“Thanks a lot,” Luke said.

Reid shrugged. “Feel better?”

He nodded. “This is a nice place.”

“Yeah? I wanted to be on the ocean, I love water, but “ Reid shrugged, “this is close to the hospital and affordable- “ He broke off, “Jesus, I’m babbling.” Reid shook his head.

Luke came up to him and smiled gently. Reid watched him approach. Then he reached out and stroked the side of Luke’s face. Wordlessly, Reid began to kiss him. Luke parted his lips, welcoming Reid’s tongue inside. The kiss was so perfect, that when it ended, Luke felt like he was floating.

“I could kiss you for a long time,” Reid told him in a hot whisper.

“Really?” Luke whispered back, his entire body aching with need and hope. He had never had a man say that to him before. He had never had a man kiss him quite as passionately either.

Reid just looked at him.

Luke lifted a finger to his own lips a moment, and then he smiled again. He smiled for Reid.

Reid gave him a slow smile back.

Luke opened his mouth. Their lips met in a hurry.

Reid steered him into his bedroom. They sat down on the edge of the bed and kissed some more. Reid was a thorough kisser. He explored Luke’s lower lip with his tongue and then nibbled at it a little, before locking their lips together again. Reid had his hand under Luke’s scrub top, still keeping his lips on Luke’s the entire time.

Groaning, Luke felt Reid’s lean fingers slide over his nipples and down to his belly. His body shuddered. Luke pressed his mouth again to Reid’s, seeking its warmth.
Reid’s hands were at his waist now. Luke drew back a moment.

“What?” Reid asked hoarsely.

Luke shook his head. He stood up a moment, pacing Reid’s room. “I’m sorry, I don’t want to stop. I’m not teasing you or anything.”

“Then come back here,” Reid said softly and patted the space next to him.

“It’s been a long time- “Luke started to say.

“You told me that already,” Reid said impatiently and rolled his eyes.

Luke made a face at him, “And I’m trying to tell you that- I haven’t – I don’t.” He folded his arms protectively over his chest. “My ex made it clear to me that I wasn’t very good or something – we didn’t do a lot of things – I ,” he rocked back self-consciously on his heels, “It ended badly . I don’t know why I’m telling you all this,” Luke said shame-faced.

Reid walked over to him. He took Luke by the shoulders.

“I’ll probably disappoint you too,” Luke whispered.

Reid’s grip tightened. “Whoever he was and whatever he did to make you think that,” Reid said finally, “I’d like to track him down and give him a lobotomy.”

Luke let out a shaky laugh.

Reid smiled. “Don’t worry,” he told Luke. “It will be good, for both of us. I promise, okay?”

Luke peered up at him. He was torn a moment. It took so much effort to believe. But he wanted Reid. God, he wanted him so badly. He wanted this night. Luke took a huge breath.

He hungrily began to kiss Reid again. They fell back onto the bed.

“What do you like?” Reid said. “Tell me.”

Luke just shrugged awkwardly and felt a blush on his face.

Reid reached back into Luke’s scrub top. Then he helped Luke lift it off. Reid’s ran his palms over Luke’s bare chest.

“Are you sensitive here?” Reid asked, tasting one of Luke’s pink nipples. Luke jerked in reaction.

“I see you are.” Reid kissed him there again.

Luke let out a moan of pleasure, twisting his body.

Reid continued to gently caress him with his lips and hands. He made his way to the scrub pants. He hooked his thumbs into the waistband, intent on pulling them off. Inhaling sharply, Luke grabbed at Reid’s hands and stopped him. Reid paused and stared deeply into Luke’s eyes. Luke stared back. Then Luke shuddered. He released Reid’s hands. Reid continued to undress him.

Removing the scrub bottoms, Luke shivered as Reid put his hand inside. He squeezed gently through Luke’s underwear. Luke arched his body toward the hand.

“So responsive.” Reid gave a tiny smile. He quickly had Luke out of his briefs.

Reid kissed his stomach, the muscles jumping wherever his lips were. Then he saw Luke’s scars. Luke froze a second. He saw that Reid must recognize the kidney operation scars. It had always repulsed Noah, he used it as an excuse to never go there or any lower. Luke held his breath a second.

Reid ran a finger lightly over one scar. Then he lowered his mouth to it and trailed kisses over it. Luke yelped from surprise. The skin there was extra sensitive. He reached out and touched the back of Reid’s head in a silent thank you. Reid looked up at him a moment. Then he returned to kissing his body, moving down Luke’s frame some more.

Luke was flat on the bed now. Reid climbed on top of him and was circling his cock with his palm.

“Do you want more?” Reid said. “Do you want my tongue there? Would you like that?”

Luke was whimpering, unable to answer, his entire body shaking with need.

“Shh,” Reid told him comfortingly. “I know,” Reid murmured. Then he found Luke with his mouth.

Nobody had ever touched him so intimately before this. Luke raised his hips up instinctively. He felt Reid’s hands kneading his buttocks. The mouth on his cock was hot as fire. Luke could hear low guttural cries coming out of his own lips- cries he had never made in his life- as the pressure of Reid’s mouth intensified. Reid’s tongue sought Luke’s hardness, teased it, and took it even deeper down inside of his mouth.

Then he was exploding. Luke tried to pull away, but Reid clasped his hands firmly around his hips and held him captive. Luke could do nothing but surrender to his bursting release. He could hear Reid sucking him hard, tasting and swallowing him.

Panting, Luke collapsed. Reid made his way up his body and then began to softly kiss his lips again. Luke could taste his own essence. He moaned and met the kiss with growing confidence. He could feel Reid’s arousal against him. It filled Luke with happiness.

As the kiss ended, Luke smiled up at Reid, and his immense joy must have been visible on his face because Reid inhaled a sharp breath. He touched the corners of Luke’s mouth.

They kissed again deeply, their bodies rotating against one another. Luke’s mouth felt swollen. He kissed Reid again. He could kiss him forever.

But he wanted to do more.

Luke sat up a little. He met Reid’s eyes shyly. “Let me do something for you now,” he asked him. “If it’s okay , I want to – “

"Yes!” Reid laughed a little, “whatever you want – yes!” His gaze was steady and open.

Luke laughed too. He felt all of the tension that he carried around just leave him. He felt light and free.

He turned Reid onto his stomach and began to kiss the nape of his neck, his shoulders, his lower back. Reid’s skin was smooth and firm. It was delicious on his tongue. Luke squeezed the shape of Reid’s ass. It was high and rounded. It was perfect and he wanted to taste there too. He’d always wondered about a man’s taste there. Fantasized.

With Reid, Luke felt like he really could do anything to him. Reid seemed to trust him, to want him, and that was the most intoxicating part of all. Now Luke just wanted to touch him back, to hear Reid cry out now.

Luke palmed his buttocks and rubbed Reid’s ass a moment. Then he took a deep breath and spread it open. For a moment, he just looked at the hole, the center of Reid, and admired it.

He flicked his tongue there in a quick lick. Reid shifted a little. He raised his ass up to Luke more in a silent invitation. Luke licked again, already loving the texture of the skin, the earthy scent there. He licked harder, his tongue beginning to thrust inside of Reid a little.

Luke heard Reid make an indecipherable noise and then groan. It was sweet as music to his ears. He began to enthusiastically rim him now. Licking the hole back and forth, thrusting in more and more as he gained confidence. Luke held Reid’s thighs and pushed him apart. He wanted, no he needed to get his tongue all the way into Reid.

“Jesus!” Reid shouted out as Luke plunged into him. Reid’s clear pleasure made Luke go a little crazy. He bit the edges of Reid’s open ass, then gave him more tongue. Then attempted a finger and a tongue together. Luke was rock hard again from excitement. He listened to
Reid’s animal grunts of satisfaction as the rimming continued.

Finally, Reid came with a loud cry. Luke kept his tongue in him and felt Reid’s body clenching and convulsing. It made Luke come too.

Slowly Luke made his way up to Reid and kissed his neck and ear and hair reverently. He beamed at him, offering a big grin.

“That was- thank you. I always wondered, “ Luke flushed. “It was amazing. You’re wonderful, I –“ Luke stopped, glancing at Reid. Noah always hated it when he gushed. Not that sex with Noah ever made him feel like this.

Reid said nothing, but when he looked up, Luke could see that Reid was pleased. A small smile was on his mouth and his eyes were bright.

Luke took Reid’s hand and just held it.

Reid propped himself up on one elbow and looked at Luke. He took in his naked body. Luke felt embarrassed under his scrutiny and started to reach for a cover.

“No,” Reid knocked his hand away, “ let me look.” He gave Luke a true smile, one that quickly lit up Reid’s face. “You don’t know how beautiful you are,” Reid said simply.

Luke trembled at his words.

Incredibly he felt his cock twitch in response. Reid must have felt it move, cause he laughed. “Beautiful and responsive as hell.” He shook his head. “That ex of yours doesn’t need a lobotomy after all.”

“Why?” Luke asked, puzzled.

Reid began to stroke his cock slowly. “He must already be brain dead not to have wanted you over and over. “

The sex continued long into the night, stopping only for some sleep here and there.
Reid took Luke, but not from behind as Noah had always done. He said he wanted to see Luke’s face, his eyes. Then Reid took him with their faces pressed near each other, still exchanging hot kisses. Reid warmed the lube patiently in his palm, as he rolled on a condom, and then he used his fingers for a long time. Luke had kept his eyes open as long as possible, as he’d felt Reid’s shaft thrusting inside of him. He put Luke’s legs high above his shoulders, and it made the sex explosive as Reid hit his sweet spot over and over. Reid rode him in smooth strokes that gave Luke nothing but endless pleasure. The most intense orgasm of his life rocketed through Luke’s body. His feet flexed. His mouth opened. His flesh hummed. His heart bucked wildly in his chest.


“Tell me what else you want?” Reid said to him.

Luke threaded his fingers in Reid’s hair and just smiled.

“What else?” Reid nudged him. His leg was wrapped around Luke’s. He was playing with a few of Luke’s chest hairs.

Luke flushed. “Well, one- one thing-“ Luke stammered. He whispered it in Reid’s ear.

Reid drew back and looked at him. “Yeah,” his eyes gleamed. “I thought that you might want that.”

“Only if you do,” Luke said hurriedly. He covered his eyes with his hands in embarrassment.

“Luke,” Reid said patiently, he removed Luke’s hands and then was softly cupping his face, "Why wouldn’t I?”


Luke fucked Reid. He had never fucked anybody before.”Oh!” Luke said as their bodies started to join, making Reid smile down at him. He smiled back bashfully. Then Reid pushed himself down a little further and Luke could only groan. He loved the feeling of being inside of Reid’s body. Luke trembled helplessly a moment and he was glad that Reid was in control of it, holding Luke’s hips, and lowering himself down fully now on Luke’s aching shaft. Reaching up, Luke stroked Reid’s torso. Reid’s body felt warm under Luke’s hands. His eyes widened with pleasure as he felt Reid squeeze his ass muscles around him. Reid set a fierce pace as he helped Luke learn what he liked. Luke readily matched the rhythm Reid set and then thrust up harder and harder. Reid’s cock was on his stomach, swinging back and forth. Luke grabbed at it and ran his fingers over it worshipfully as he thrust more. Reid called out, making Luke only want to give it to him deeper and longer. He pushed in and out, his breath heavy, his body sweaty and moving. There was nothing better than knowing he was inside of Reid, giving him pleasure. There was nothing better than hearing Reid’s intense moan as spilled his seed all over Luke’s hand. Luke came at the same exact moment inside of him.

Kissing Reid one last time with a tender mouth, Luke collapsed his head back on the pillow.

For awhile, they just held each other, murmuring soft words. Reid traced a gentle line from Luke’s knees to the curve of his shoulder. Luke closed his eyes in wonder at it all, as if he still couldn’t quite believe what had just happened to him.

Then they showered off together. Reid teased him about how many showers he could possibly take in 24 hours. Luke teased him back about how many times Reid wanted to screw in 24 hours. It was so easy to be with him, so different.

It was so very good.

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