Jun. 26th, 2011

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Title: Anywhere USA
Author: Marsabi
Summary: This is a two part story with multiple chapters.
Part One: Abandoned as a teen, Reid is forced to live on the Snyder farm as a foster kid for a few months, before he heads off on his own, but will a certain child worm his way into Reid’s heart?
Part Two: Reid returns to Oakdale as a favor for Bob, something he planned never to do, and he can’t wait to leave town, until his past slams into him in the form of Luke Snyder and damn if Luke isn’t all grown up.
Warning: Sexual Content in some parts
Rating: PG-NC-17
Thanks to the following friends for their support of this story: shadownyc, traciamc, and Rhiannonhero
Author’s notes: This was bid on by Rhiannon Hero for the Japanese auction. Because I know Rhiannonhero loathes short chapters, these chapters will be long.

Chapter 9

As they drove towards the farm, a crackle of thunder sounded, and Reid glanced up at the darkening clouds. The storms in the Midwest could be strong and sudden. One time, when he and Luke had been swimming in the pond, a storm filled the sky without warning, and lightening struck, just as Reid had pulled Luke out. Luke had protested, wanting to wait it out and get back in the pond, and Reid had totally become a first class nerd, lecturing Luke about water safety. Luke had given in, and they’d run barefoot and shivering back to the house.

“Oh, great.” Luke frowned. “I guess you don’t an umbrella in this rental car?”

Reid shrugged.

“The minute we get out at the farm, we’ll get all wet,” Luke added.

An image of Luke wet from the rain entered Reid’s brain. He pictured Luke’s shirt soaked to his skin.

“I don’t mind getting wet,” Reid said.

He imagined Luke with rain on his lips, and Reid licking off the drops. Then he imagined that Luke was stripping off his clothes and getting goose bumps, and Reid needed to rub his chilled skin with his hands. Luke would be naked, rain-soaked, begging Reid to hold him. What was wrong with him? Imagining such tripe? Besides, he should be more than satisfied; they’d had plenty of sex already, but Reid wanted him still; he felt like he could be inside of Luke all day and not be done with him.

The sky grew dark and thunder boomed again.

“I predict another minute before the rain hits,” Reid mumbled, tapping his fingers at the wheel. He pictured kissing Luke’s wet skin, pressing his body close, devouring his cock and ass. His own cock was ridiculously interested in that image.

Luke peered up toward the clouds. He was smiling just a little, his eyes soft. Reid swallowed with difficulty and tried not to look at him. He couldn’t help it; he stole another quick glance. Luke had cracked the window a little bit and stuck out his hand. The wind lifted up his hair. The curve of his ear lobe was visible and Reid could imagine sucking at it, making Luke shiver.

Just then, the rain fell.

“Yep. It’s raining.“ Luke laughed and cranked up the window. “Must be hard to always be right,“ Luke joked, his eyes still looking up at the storm.

“It’s a burden, but better me than anyone else in the world.” He grinned quickly at Luke, and Luke wrinkled up his nose and rolled his eyes at him, and even that gesture, turned Reid on. Brooding now, Reid tried to focus on the road, but his gut twisted up, his cock ached. He wanted Luke, again. Reid imagined whamming him hard from behind.

Luke was silent, but his knee was bouncing up and down. The rain was pouring now, smacking at the windshield and Reid turned the wipers on to the highest switch.

“After we eat at the farm, I should swing by home and pick up some things. That is,” Luke said. “If – if you want me. To come back to the hotel, I mean.”

“What?” As the storm turned treacherous, Reid’s eyes had to stay on the road.

“Well,” Luke said shyly. “Do you want me back at the hotel? I mean to go with you?“ Luke exhaled suddenly. “We never discussed beyond the first time. Now that I’m not a virgin…”

“Oh.” Reid gripped his hands on the wheel. “I still think you could learn a few things.” Reid hoped for a casual tone.

“Yeah,” Luke agreed quickly, his knee bouncing wildly now. “One time doesn’t make a guy an expert. If I meet somebody down the road, I want to seem like I know what I’m doing.”

Reid’s shoulders stiffened, thinking about some faceless man being with Luke, licking Luke’s nipples or biting his neck or coming inside of him. He blinked his eyes rapidly, trying to push the image away. Bullshit that Luke was ready soon for another man; he’d be the one to give it to Luke, every throbbing inch of him.

“And you don’t know what you’re doing,” Reid insisted, his fingers rigidly gripping the wheel. “Not yet. I better teach you some more.”

Luke snuck a glance at him. “I guess you have some things in mind? To still do to me? ” Luke’s voice grew low. “I hope so,” he added breathlessly, shifting his body toward Reid’s.

Reid felt the knot of tension leave him. Luke wanted him, nobody else. He could see it on his face.

“That’s right,” Reid teased, relaxing. “I took it easy on you, grasshopper. I still have many moves to demonstrate.”

“And I have much to learn from the master,” Luke replied, picking up on his joke. “And his vast Ninja skills.”

Reid spared him a fast glance and they smiled at each other and Reid’s heart speeded up a little at Luke’s smile.

“I really do,” Luke said, his knee bouncing again. “I mean if you’re okay with…I haven’t tried certain things. I would like to –are you open to other positions?”

Reid’s body jolted.

“Do you like,” Luke was stumbling now over his words. “I know some guys don’t…But do you like when a guy…I mean I’d like to put my tongue- “ Luke trailed off, sounding mortified. “Maybe we don’t need to discuss this,” he said in a small voice.

With a muffled curse, Reid slowed down and pulled way off to the side of the country road.

“What’s wrong?” Luke said smiling, and then at Reid’s hungry look, Luke’s smile disappeared.

“I can’t see much in this damn rain,“ Reid said. “And I can’t concentrate even if I could. Don’t you know how horny you’re making me?” It came out almost like an accusation. Reid released his seatbelt and moved into the back of the car.

“Oh,” Luke said, his eyes wide. “I am?” He looked positively giddy at that news.

“Give me five minutes,” Reid said hoarsely.

“For what?” Luke was asking, but Reid didn’t reply.

Reid couldn’t answer. His dick was throbbing, a wet spot already coating his underwear. Since Luke’s fumbling words, the need for release had consumed him. Reid was shaking as he zipped open his jeans. He couldn’t drive or think or do anything right now, but this. Reid started to rut into his own hand, thrusting up and grunting.

Luke made a stunned noise. Reid felt his eyes watching his movements, and Reid looked at Luke,still stroking himself. Luke’s mouth was open, his eyes big. Reid would stop if Luke asked. But Reid could tell Luke wasn’t going to do that. Luke was licking his lips and gazing at Reid’s lean fingers. Reid grunted, some sweat trickling down his back, his hand at the base of his cock and then moving forward. Having Luke watch, made Reid groan. He’d already come twice today, but his cock was aching so badly, he couldn’t get himself off fast enough.

Outside, the storm was raging. Rain hammered the car.

Reid held his cock in a fist and jerked it. Still watching, Luke’s hand went to his own pants and unzipped. Reid’s breathing was getting ragged, as he watched Luke begin to masturbate, too. Luke’s neck arched back, and he bit his lip, glancing back at Reid as he worked, staring at Reid’s fingers rhythmically working on his own engorged cock.

He and Luke jerked themselves faster now, eyes still on each other, hot with lust.

Luke’s penis pointed upward toward his stomach, and Luke put his finger into his mouth a moment, to soak it with his own salvia, before reaching down to touch himself more. Reid gazed at Luke and his hips bucked hard seeing Luke so hot and unguarded. A small jolt of precome spurted from Reid at Luke’s eagerness. Luke’s face was intense in concentration, his tongue poking out, as his hands rubbed up and down his own cock. Urgently, Reid pinched his dick with his fingers. He felt moments away from release.

“To hell with this,” Reid said with a growl. “I want you; I need you, Luke.“

Luke’s entire body seemed to react to Reid’s words, and he kicked off his shoes, and immediately climbed into the back, bumping his head against the top, but seeming oblivious to it, as he hurried, knocking his elbows against the back of the seats, and cramming his knees into the floor space, as Reid tried to scoot down. Luke awkwardly climbed on top of Reid, almost kneeing him in the groin, and Reid cursed at the size of the car. If he had Luke in his bedroom, he’d have him face down on the sheets right now, with his ass up. As it was, they’d have to improvise. Reid’s elbows slammed against the window as he yanked at Luke’s pants, both of them squirming and rutting against each other as they worked to get them down and off in the small space.

Frantically, Luke fell across Reid’s chest, seeking his mouth, pulling at Reid’s jeans with shaking hands. Luke bucked his body at him, desperately grunting as he banged his head again. Reid’s elbow slammed into something hard, as he hauled Luke’s body around trying to get room to toe off his shoes, and lift his own hips to get his jeans completely off. Bumps and bruises later, and in between kisses that seared his mouth, their jeans were on the floorboards, and their cocks were pressed together, as they grunted and rutted at each other in the car. Gasping, Reid pulled his mouth from Luke’s, and keeping one hand protectively at Luke’s shoulder in hopes of preventing any more injuries as he directed Luke in what to do, he gestured for him to turn around.

“W-what?” Luke asked, confused. “What do you want?”

“Turn around.”


“Do it.”

Still breathing heavily, Luke turned, and nearly planted his knee in Reid’s face, but it was worth it once he was hovering just above Reid, his mouth near Reid’s erection.

“69 me,” Reid said in a low voice.

“Reid,” Luke pleaded, his hand grazed over Reid’s cock, causing Reid to jump. He dug his fingers into Luke’s round ass.

A shudder went through Luke’s body, and Reid palmed Luke’s hardness, pressing at it with the heel of his hand.

Luke let out an astonished cry, his mouth getting closer to Reid’s erection; Luke’s breath was so near it was sweet agony.

Reid lifted his swollen cock up to Luke’s lips. He almost came right then, at that first contact with Luke’s slick mouth. Luke’s tongue was hot and probing. He licked Reid’s cock head in a playful circle, and then attempted to deep- throat. Reid bucked his hips up, and Luke gagged a little and tried harder, but Reid controlled himself and pulled back. “It’s okay,” Reid rasped out. “We don’t have to force it. Sucking feels good too.” Luke panted, his mouth loosening slightly, and he gave some sucks on Reid’s crown.

Reid’s hips flared up, seeking more, as he dug his fingers into Luke’s backside, kneading the flesh there, finally taking Luke’s own dangling cock into his mouth, grinding Luke’s shaft, mashing it, using his tongue, causing Luke to writhe. Trembling, Luke fought for control. He breathed out, with Reid still fully in his mouth, and Luke’s breath all around his aching cock only made Reid suck on Luke harder.

Luke moaned, delicious half-whimpers and half-grunts. Reid’s cock slipped from his mouth, and Luke panted. Then he put it back between his lips. Luke sucked like nobody else; deep, penetrating sucks, with those full lips tightly around Reid. Reid closed his eyes. He was addicted to Luke’s blowjobs already. He was addicted to Luke.

Reid coated his fingers with some spit. He reached up to the cleft of Luke’s ass, and teased one finger at his hole, before returning his mouth to Luke’s erection. His nose was buried in Luke’s nest of golden hairs, and Luke’s scent drove him on. Reid allowed his finger to push a little further, his mouth to press down harder, and his tongue to find Luke’s slit.

Luke convulsed, his body in spasms, his cum spraying out. Reid lapped it up, sucking it in, his finger still teasing Luke’s tight hole. Luke groaned and nearly bit down on Reid’s dick in response, and then Reid’s own orgasm was ignited, his semen going down Luke’s throat. Luke was making drinking noises. It made Reid’s entire body shake as he listened.

Sated, they both collapsed. Luke curled up into a ball, his head rested on Reid’s thighs. Reid ran a hand down the line of Luke’s hip, gently, and back up again.

A few moments later, Reid helped Luke upright against him. They both still drew ragged breathes of air, gulping oxygen into their raw lungs.

“That was-“ Luke shuddered.

“Yeah.” Reid, too, was still having tiny after-shocks of pleasure throughout his body, making his leg quake a little.

Luke gave him a small smile and then exhaled, his hair blowing away from his face. Reid leaned against him, pressing their foreheads to each other’s.

Suddenly, a car’s engine sounded behind them. Reid glanced into the rearview mirror.

Luke jumped like an electrical wire had just touched him. “Oh God!” Luke scrambled trying to get to his pants, elbowing Reid in the gut in the process. “It’s the cops.“

Reid grabbed him, trying to prevent a flying elbow from hitting him in the nose while Luke wriggled, and banged everywhere getting his pants back on. “Relax.” Reid gave flashed him a quick grin. “We swallowed all the evidence.”

“Oh no,” Luke groaned, ignoring that. He looked back again. “It’s my Uncle Jack’s squad car.”

“Appropriate name, considering we just jacked off.”

“Reid, stop making dumb jokes and grab your pants.” Luke said, hitting his head against the top of the car as he climbed back to the front. “This is serious.“

“Yes sir, Mr. Snyder!” Reid mocked, but he pulled on his underwear and jeans as quickly as he could in the small space. It wasn’t like he was an exhibitionist, but he didn’t see any reason for Luke’s panic either.

Reid asked, as he calmly buttoned up, “Why so nervous? He couldn’t see into a car with tinted windows in a rain storm, right? Besides, your uncle isn’t going to arrest you for exposure or anything.”

He climbed to the front with some effort. It seemed harder now that he wasn’t so horny that he couldn’t think straight.

“No,” Luke said, red-faced. “Just take my dad aside for a heart to heart about me.“Luke was desperately spraying the car with the free sample freshener the car rental agency had provided.

“Now it smells like sex and coconut car spray,” Reid laughed. Then he relented and gently touched Luke’s chest. “Do you want me to handle it?”

“You?” Luke groaned. “You suck with people, remember? I don’t want you talking unless Jack is suddenly sedated on a stretcher.”

Jack came over to their car. Jack bent down and rapped on the tinted window.

“Howdy officer,” Reid said. He offered Luke’s uncle his best, fake smile.

Luke just buried his hands in his face.


“See? No problem,” Reid told Luke as they reached the front steps of Emma’s house about twenty minutes later. “Oakdale cops have rocks for brains.”

“No, we got lucky,” Luke argued. “And I managed to distract him with talk of Parker’s basketball game.”

“Just feed me,” Reid ordered. But he had to admit, Luke did know how to turn on that charm.

“I can’t believe what just happened,“ Luke said, he paused to get out a key for the front door, “Do you think Jack really didn’t know?” Not waiting for an answer, Luke walked into the large kitchen and threw the keys down on the table.

Reid followed him.

“Why do you care if he did?” Reid shrugged. He was bothered by the idea that Luke might want to hide that he was sleeping with Reid or something. Reid didn’t like that one bit.

Luke started to pull out a few ingredients from the pantry, when Reid just grabbed him. “Why shouldn’t we just do this whenever we want?”

He looked into Luke’s startled gaze and then he nibbled at the delicate flesh of Luke’s ear. Luke gave an involuntary tremble.

“Because-“ Luke floundered, looked blank a moment. “Umm,” Luke almost moaned as Reid took another suck. “Because - because this is Oakdale. People here …well. “

Reid gave Luke’s ear a punishing nip. Then he soothed it away with a kiss.

A stain of red was climbing up Luke’s neck and Reid could see Luke’s pulse pounding. Reid let his warm breath caress Luke’s skin a moment longer, his tongue flicked in and out teasingly. Then he released Luke’s ear. Luke’s hand went to the lobe and he just held his ear and looked at Reid, dazed.

“Oakdale?” Reid scoffed. “That’s really a concern? I told you already people here are hardly saints. “

With shaking hands, Luke took out a few more ingredients, but remained silent, though Reid could see that his pants were a bit distorted, getting hard again already from so little.

Curiously, Reid opened the bag of sundried tomatoes and sniffed. Luke snatched the bag back.

“What?” Reid said.

“Just go!” Luke waved at him to leave the kitchen. “The storm’s over, so take a walk. Get some air. Come back in awhile.”

Luke held the bag protectively to his chest. Reid took a step closer, deliberately putting his face close to Luke’s, and he smiled at Luke’s telltale flush.

“What? I’m bothering you?”

“It’s hard to concentrate around you, okay?” Luke stuck out his lower lip, “Stop smirking at me and take a walk. Come back when I at least have gotten started with all this.”

“Fine. I’ll go wander through the fields and tip some cows.”

“Do that. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

Blowing him a kiss that made Luke’s eyes widen with surprise, Reid flashed him a grin and then sauntered out the front door.

The afternoon rain had left the ground muddy, and Reid got some dirt on his sneakers as he walked around the farm. Luke was horny for him, that was why he’d kicked him out, and that thought alone was enough to make Reid’s dick harden, lengthen.

He remembered losing his own virginity to Seth Cohen his third year at Harvard. He’d been eighteen and still a skinny science nerd, but Seth hadn’t seemed to mind, bending him over the table in the biochemistry lab where Reid had been tutoring him for some extra cash. Reid wiped a hand over his face remembering how afterward he’d wanted to hump everything in sight, and if he’d thought it was tough being a horny virgin, being a horny ex-virgin who knew exactly what he was missing had been even harder.

The risks he’d taken to get laid after that had almost been out of character for him, but there was no denying a guy’s awakened sexual drive, the urges had been almost maddening. He’d hate to see Luke fall into risky behavior or start tricking; Luke was far too sensitive to handle that, but he would need to get laid. He couldn’t just go back a sexless existence. Maybe Reid should stick around a few days longer, just to make sure that Luke got what he needed, take the edge off it all for him.

When Reid left, Luke would be alone and he was so trusting. He was all raging libido now, and what if he bounced right into the arms of the wrong man? Reid crossed his arms over his chest, scowling. He’d have to stay around for a little bit longer for Luke’s sake, until he was at the point where he had a thicker skin, and wasn’t so ready to bend over without any thought of consequences. Reid could show Luke how to protect his heart, and after Luke was more resilient, and then he could go.

Reid rubbed a hand over his face as he walked toward the barn. He had vacation time coming. It wasn’t as though he didn’t deserve to take a little time for himself, too. And when was the last time he’d gotten laid so much or so well? It would be a shame to cut it too short, for both of their sakes, really. And he wouldn’t be completely on vacation; he’d still be helping out Bob, but he could have some down time for a few weeks, indulge a little, and go back to The Mayo Clinic refreshed and fucked-out, ready to focus on his work again.

Reid went into the barn and sat down, scraping off the dirt and leaves from his heels. He looked up at the hayloft, remembering that first dinner, and their conversation up there. He’d wanted Luke badly that night; he could imagine Luke naked and on his knees in the hay, or pushed over that saddle moaning and writhing with a leather bit in his mouth as Reid took him from behind.

Reid shook the fantasy away; Luke probably wasn’t quite ready for that. That was exactly why he still needed Reid to guide him, to take things naturally and not rush into anything that might be uncomfortable for Luke. Later, if he was willing, they could explore the kinkier side of sex.

Reid massaged his temples a moment. He was getting way too far ahead of things. Later he’d be back at The Mayo Clinic. What was he thinking? That Luke would fly in to screw him on weekends? That they’d troll the sex shops together, picking out toys? That all this would continue? Reid shook his head at his own stupidity. He stood up and brushed his hands at his pants, his stomach rumbling loudly. Food he could deal with. Reid left the barn and headed back to the house to wash up.

Not much time later, Reid sat back in his chair and watched Luke as he rustled around the kitchen, whistling now while he chopped the garlic and onions and took out bread crumbs. Luke obviously felt more relaxed and in control. He made a homey sight, with his sleeves rolled up, and Reid felt something deep inside him twist.

Reid gazed out the window a moment, staring at the line of the horizon. Everything about being at the farm this time felt familiar, yet strangely new, too. He turned back to Luke; Reid noticed Luke had kicked off his shoes and was barefoot. Reid folded his arms at his chest, a muscle leaping in his jaw, just at the sight of Luke’s feet. It was ridiculous, but his feet made Reid ‘s mouth water with an intense craving; it made him think about Luke’s legs with their light golden hair, wrapping around Reid’s hips, and his thick strong cock pressing at Reid’s stomach. It made Reid think about Luke’s fresh smell, his broad chest, and snug ass.

“I always wanted a man to cook for me,” Reid teased, trying to distance the images from his mind.

“And now you found one,” Luke replied, bending over to get some tomatoes.

“And you put out too, always a plus.” Reid stared at Luke’s ass again and blinked.

Luke laughed, pausing in his chopping to give Reid a big grin.

Reid watched him make the sauce from scratch. The kitchen soon smelled ripe and good, succulent flavors filling the room. Oddly, there was no awkwardness between them; sitting in the Snyder kitchen, teasing each other back and forth, spending time together – it all felt so easy. Earlier, they’d woken up in silence, the air sweet and musky, their bodies slightly sticky, and it had felt right then too. Reid watched Luke continue chopping, admiring his strong, muscular forearms.

“I can’t wait to eat,” Reid told him enthusiastically. He just couldn’t stop looking at different parts of Luke’s body; it was like Reid had a wild fever or something. He pulled at the collar of his shirt.

“I just hope you like it. I’ve built it up so much; I don’t want to disappoint you.” Luke was breading the chicken in egg and flour now. He had an adorable dot of flour on the side of his nose. His body was half turned toward the stove, as Reid quietly got out of his chair. He approached Luke slowly, almost without time to think, and he wiped the smudge of flour off with a finger. Luke startled and then stood in Reid’s arms, letting him wipe the smudge a little more.

“You can’t ever disappoint me,” Reid said, and his voice came out heavier than he intended, and Reid could feel his heart slam up against his rib cage at his own careless words.

Luke’s mouth parted, his eyes grew worried.

Reid stepped back. “I think you’re burning the sauce though.” Reid tried to walk nonchalantly over to the burner and lower the heat.

“Thanks,” Luke said huskily. He watched Reid a moment and then went back to rolling the chicken in the bread crumb mixture. “I plan to raid grandma’s fridge for our side dishes, okay? Otherwise, I’ll be cooking our lunch all day. But I am going to handle the dessert myself.”

“What is it?” Reid asked, his mind already contemplating all kinds of goodies.

“Wait and see,” Luke grinned. He walked over to the stove and mixed his sauce.

“How about a drink then? Since I have to wait on the rest?” Reid asked.

“Sure. Do you want soda, water? Beer?”

“Whatever you have. I’ll have a beer if you’re having one, I guess.”

Luke hesitated. “Well I don’t drink.“

Reid shrugged. “Soda’s fine.”

Luke nodded, getting two Cokes. Reid watched him. He thought briefly about the scar at Luke’s kidney. Luke didn’t drink. Reid narrowed his eyes; it didn’t take a medical degree to put the pieces together. Frowning, Reid felt a wave of anger grip him. What the hell had happened to Luke over the years?

Since Reid left, there must have been a lot of bad times. He could only imagine Luke’s life in Oakdale with his insane family. The crap they probably put Luke through, the way Emma described Luke’s coming out, the endless drama of Holden and Lily, it was no mystery why Luke might have turned to alcohol. But the kidney? Had he drank that much? How could all these people who claimed to love Luke let it get that far? Reid closed his eyes briefly. I should never have left Luke alone in this crazy town.

Reid decided not to ask Luke about it. Not right before they ate the meal Luke had worked so hard to make. Besides, it was Luke’s private business, Maybe it was better to just wait until Luke felt comfortable coming to him? He ran his hand over the nape of his neck. Reid glanced at him, cursing softly under his breath. Luke was so happy, giving him such big smiles, that Reid, usually so forthright, didn’t have the heart to broach the subject. It could wait until Luke wanted to talk about it. When he was ready to confide in Reid, he could be there to support him.

Lunch was really good. Both he and Luke ate with gusto. Reid liked that they could sit next to each other and eat together, elbows touching, heads bent over their plates. Between bites of his chicken, Luke smiled at him, like they shared a secret. It was the smile of a lover, and at that thought, Reid’s stomach flipped over a little.

Reid ate until he was beyond stuffed. Luke was still eating too, but he’d slowed down and was mostly looking at Reid eating, watching cheerfully as Reid had seconds. He kept handing Reid more food- garlic rolls and corn on the cob and chicken. Happily, Reid patted his stomach and sighed.

“And now for my dessert,“ Luke said, bringing out the chocolate mousse he’d made. “Ta Da.”

“Ahh,” Reid groaned. “I can’t.“

“Oh you will,” Luke ordered playfully. He picked up a spoon and dug it into the chocolate. “Now lick.”

Obediently, Reid stuck out his tongue and licked up the chocolate from the spoon Luke held out. Luke gazed at him, looking at Reid’s tongue as it swirled the chocolate up and into his mouth. Reid quickly ate three more spoonfuls, making sounds of pleasure. Luke took the spoon from him, licked it once, and then gave Reid a quick kiss. Reid savored the taste of chocolate and Luke together.

“You might give Emma a run for her money one of these days,” he said to Luke. “This was delicious, thanks.”

Luke lit up, his smile big and blinding. “That’s the ultimate praise.” He laughed. “But I hardly think so. “ Luke began to gather up the dishes. “I guess I was paying attention to grandma’s cooking all these years, and her theories on the way to a man’s heart.”

At the word heart, they both paused a second. Then Luke turned and piled the dishes into the sink.

Drying his hands on a kitchen towel, Luke came back over. He looked at Reid.

“I have something else I wanted to show you,” Luke said softly.

“What’s that?” Reid gave a glimmer of a smile. He held back a bunch of dirty jokes that came to mind at Luke’s innocent remark, instead, shifting his body weight to make room for Luke to come closer, until the space between them was nonexistent. Luke rubbed his face adoringly at Reid’s, and then pulled back. Reid raised his eyebrows in question at him.

Luke merely took his hand, and they went up the stairs to Luke’s old bedroom. Reid couldn’t help remembering Luke as a boy, bouncing around the room with exuberant energy, his life still all ahead of him and full of wonder. Reid let his mind wander to his own days out on the farm, listening to the crickets and birds’, smelling Emma’s cooling pies, and the windows always open letting in the air and sunlight. It really hadn’t been so bad, not at all.

Luke rummaged around his old room and then opened up the closet. “Here we go.”

“What is it-“ Reid started to ask, and then Reid inhaled sharply as Luke turned around to face him.

It was an expensive chess board and just looking at it made Reid’s fingers itch to play.

“That’s exquisite,” Reid murmured. He ran his hand lightly over the jade pieces of the chess set.

“You did once tell me to get a decent board. “Luke looked pleased by his reaction. He put the board carefully down on the bed. “Wanna play? I should warn you though,“ Luke clapped his hands together. “I’ve been practicing all these years.”

Reid sat down opposite him.

“Okay,” Reid waggled a finger at Luke. “But if we’re playing, we play seriously. I know I’m irresistible to you, but try and keep your paws off of me during the game.”

“I’ll try,” Luke vowed solemnly and then snickered.

A small,answering laugh escaped Reid’s lips.

“Wait,” Luke put a hand on Reid’s chest. “Have you been practicing all these years too?”

Reid’s mouth lifted up. “Maybe a little.”

“Oh boy.“ Then Luke just sighed. “Okay, let’s play anyhow.”

A little while later, Reid put Luke into checkmate for the fifth time.

“Rematch,” Luke begged.

“I gave you four rematches already,” Reid laughed.

“Err-ah,” Luke made a frustrated noise. “But I almost had you that last time.”

Actually, he was several moves too late to catch Reid.

“Ahh-mm,” Luke said again, still studying the board. He had one finger resting on his lower lip. His noise of frustration was too cute to resist. Reid leaned in, grabbed the finger and gave it a suck of his own. Then he kissed Luke’s surprised lips.

“I thought we were keeping our hands off of each other?” Luke said, but his eyes were sparkling.

Looking into them, Reid suddenly felt like everything heavy that had tethered him to the world was suddenly lifted away. He felt a bit like he was floating. He leaned in and kissed Luke once more, until they were both breathless.

Reid pulled back and gave Luke a curt nod.

“Kisses out of the way now.” Reid said. “Rematch. Back to kicking your butt at chess one more time.”

“Prepare to lose,” Luke grinned. “I think this one will be mine.”

“I admire your ill-placed optimism,” Reid told him, also smiling.

“Wait a minute,“ Luke said, standing up. “I know why I haven’t won yet.”

“You’re terrible at chess?” Reid suggested.

“No wise-ass. I was missing something.” Luke went back to the closet and dug around. He came over with something wrapped up in an old handkerchief.

Reid watched curiously as Luke opened it up. Then he jerked in surprise. It was the white Queen, his old lucky piece.

“Why’d you keep this?” Reid said, shocked. “It’s nothing compared to that jade set. It’s just a cheap piece of plastic.”

“Not to me,” Luke answered, his eyes directly on Reid’s.

Reid’s entire body flushed with warmth.

Luke’s whole expression seemed brave to Reid all of sudden, as if Luke were willing to go someplace new and perilous. Lacking courage was not normally a problem for Reid, but gazing at Luke’s face he felt a stab of fear in his belly. He fingered the queen a second, his hands slightly shaking.

“Well, since you’re easy to please, I’ve already decided what to give you for your next birthday,“ Reid said, falling back on humor to cover up his feelings. “How about some knee pads to go along with the phenomenal blowjobs you plan to give me?”

Reid waited for Luke to laugh as he normally would, but he was just staring at him.

“Planning to be around?” Luke said, tilting his head. “My birthday’s not for awhile.”

Clearly, Luke wasn’t letting him off the hook. Luke was probably the type who baked cookies on birthdays and made his own disgustingly cute cards.

“I could mail them to you,” Reid muttered.

“Kind of hard to blow you that way,” Luke replied. “Look. Don’t worry. We said no strings , right?“ Then Luke thrust his chin out determinedly. “But just know that I wouldn’t mind, if you were at my next birthday. I wouldn’t mind one bit.”

Reid’s heart clenched in his chest, and he averted Luke’s eyes. The truth was that Reid wouldn’t mind being around either. Suddenly, Luke’s fingers were grasping his own. He looked back at Luke, finding Luke’s eyes on him steadily, his face hopeful; Luke gave his hand a gentle squeeze. Unable to speak, Reid reached out and caressed Luke’s cheek. He leaned in and kissed him softly. Their hands remained linked, the chess piece between them.

The trouble was that Reid simply couldn’t avoid being happy with Luke; it was impossible. First, when he looked at Reid, Luke had to wear that same eager, sweet expression – the one he’d had as a child too - and then he’d smile like he could see right into Reid’s heart. It was annoying. And effective. Luke was practically sitting on his lap; he never did understand the concept of breathing room. Not that Reid minded Luke on his lap, or in his bed again, or up his ass soon, with any luck. Jesus. Reid shook his head. He had to keep this whole thing in perspective. He had affection for Luke, he would never deny that, but they were just friends, and the rest was only temporary desire, nothing more. All this talk of future birthdays was only talk, and Reid knew he wasn’t built for permanence.

“One more game?” Reid asked, removing his hand from Luke’s. “You can use my queen for luck.”

Luke smiled and nodded. “One more game.”

As they set up the board again, Luke gave him a considering look.

“I never asked you where you learned to play so well?”

“My Uncle Angus taught me,” Reid replied absently, as he put the pieces down.

“Oh? Did you live with him? Were you close?” Luke said curiously. “I never really knew anything about your background before you lived with us.”

“If you consider ‘close’ forcing somebody to play competition after competition, like a trained seal, and then profiting off of it, sure.”

“He did what?” Luke appeared upset.

Reid shook his head. “I was a way to make money and so he tolerated me. We traveled everywhere playing. I didn’t hate it. Don’t look at me like that. It wasn’t so bad. I liked winning. “

“That’s no surprise,” Luke smiled sweetly, but his eyes were concerned.

Reid ran a quick hand over his face. “You can move,” he told Luke gruffly. “Go ahead.” He waited for Luke to start the game. Luke wasn’t budging. “Will you start the damn game?” Reid snapped.

Luke ignored him completely. He reached out for Reid’s hand again.

“Did he die? Is that why you ended up here?”

“No,” Reid said. “He abandoned me on the side of the road. He wanted me to throw the game. And I wouldn’t do it.“ Reid could see Angus with him at the chess tournaments, standing over him, squeezing his shoulders too hard as the bets started to sour. “There was no more money in my winning. I was too popular, and the odds were no longer good.” Reid paused, a muscle jumping wildly in his cheek. “But I never cared about the stupid money, and I refused to do it. One day, driving right outside of town here, we had a fight, and he pulled over to the side of the road…and that was it.”

Reid could still see Angus that day. He could still see the cars whizzing by him. Worst of all, he never forgot the feeling of being unwanted, of being like trash tossed aside. For a moment, Reid was lost in the memory, and then Reid felt Luke’s eyes boring holes into him, so he looked up.

Luke’s face was full of shock.

“Don’t worry about it.” Reid waved a hand at him. “It was a long time ago. “ Luke had such a soft heart; Reid should have kept the story to himself.

“No, I know.” Luke attempted to smile at him, but his mouth wobbled.

“And it doesn’t really bother me anymore,” Reid said quickly.

Luke caught his lip with his teeth and nodded.

At Luke’s expression, Reid swallowed hard. “Maybe it even made me stronger. “ Reid knew his voice didn’t sound convincing. He cleared his throat and tried again. “I’ve always seen myself as able to go it all alone.”

Reid paused awkwardly; he didn’t know what else to do or say.

“It’s okay, Reid.“ Luke said. “I get it.“

Luke leaned in and wrapped his arms gently around him, their foreheads pressed together. Reid felt Luke’s breathe exhale near his cheek, felt Luke seeking out his lips. Reid’s entire face tightened in an anticipation that was almost painful. But Luke just smiled at him, his eyes kind, and gave him the softest kiss imaginable.

His heart felt another painful knock inside, and Reid just couldn’t pull away, not from Luke and all that he was offering. He kissed him back a moment. Luke tightened his hold. The kiss deepened. They explored each other’s mouths tenderly. Luke buried his hands in Reid’s hair. Luke’s tongue touched Reid’s; he traced Reid’s lips with it in a caress, moving next to suck at Reid’s jaw and neck. The blood rushed to Reid’s head. He felt a light pressure stirring at every kiss, every touch of Luke’s lips.

When it ended, Luke stared at him a long moment. Unable to do anything else, Reid stared back. It was like his brain had melted.

“And then you came here,” Luke whispered.

“Then I came here,” Reid said in agreement, also in a whisper. He reached out and touched the side of Luke’s face. “And I met you.”

Luke smiled at him. “And I met you too.”

Reid sighed. “You were a relentless brat,” he told Luke.

Luke laughed. “You’re so generous with those compliments. Thanks.”


They both smiled a little at each other. Reid looked at him, yearning for him, feeling pulled to him, and Luke seemed to sense it, his face changed. He kissed Reid again tenderly, lips binding together like a key on a lock.

When they finally separated, Reid gazed at Luke.

Luke studied him and then smiled once more.

“Let’s just play,” Luke said. “Okay?”

Reid nodded, feeling like somebody had come along and gutted him. He shivered and brushed his hands at his sides.

They sat Indian-style now, across from each other, and played.

But after only a few minutes, Luke stopped the game, not moving his pawn. He just stared at Reid, his gaze moving over Reid’s body piece by piece, the intensity of his eyes making Reid’s freeze. Slowly, Luke reached out his hand, splaying open his fingers, waiting for Reid to take his hand. If emotions were like organs, Reid’s were being scooped out and examined under Luke’s eyes. Unable to refuse, Reid held his hand up to Luke’s like a mirror, and Luke folded their fingers together and then kissed the back of Reid’s hand.

“I’m so glad you’re here,” Luke said thickly. “Every time I took this board out and played with somebody else…” He shrugged. “I missed you.”

Reid swallowed hard, devouring Luke with his eyes. Luke pushed aside the board and scooted closer to Reid. He nuzzled Reid’s neck with his mouth, his breath hot. Luke put his hands on Reid’s face a second and then slowly began to unbutton his shirt; their eyes locked. Luke undressed him and then began to kiss his shoulders and chest, and Reid buried his hand in Luke’s hair, caressing his head, holding Luke’s lips closer to his body as Luke kissed his way down.

Luke paused at Reid’s navel, thrusting his tongue at it and then just resting his head there, rubbing his face at Reid’s stomach.

“Reid,” he whispered, “I want to taste you all over. “

Reid’s heart jumped furiously. He could only nod and make a murmur of agreement as Luke slid back up his body and began to lick his nipples, making noises deep in his throat. Luke bit down hard and unexpectedly on the nipple, making Reid gasp out loud and causing a surge of adrenaline to rush through his body. Luke licked the spot he’d just bitten, kissing all around it, leaving some dots of salvia at Reid’s chest. They both threw off the rest of their clothes in a hurry, and then Luke returned to kissing Reid. Luke went lower, his hands at Reid’s hips. Near Reid’s abdomen, Luke stopped to take in some frantic little gulps of air. His mouth returned to Reid’s skin, sucking slightly at Reid’s flesh. Luke’s hands were under Reid’s ass now, kneading and pressing as Reid’s body shook and responded instinctively, making automatic adjustments, raising up, offering Luke a better leverage. Luke’s face hovered just above his dick and the anticipation had Reid’s toes curling, his hands fisting into the sheets. Luke moved to the left, teasing him, nibbling his inner thighs, kissing Reid’s hipbone lightly.

Finally, Luke bent down and gave his cock a hard suck, and Reid bucked into his mouth. His entire body burned, making Reid grab at Luke’s head and push at it. Reid’s heart pounded like it might burst or fly out of his chest. Luke sucked harder, and the pressure was sweet torture building and building. Reid grunted loudly, as his dick swelled, and he was going to shoot any second.

Cursing and moaning, Reid pulled back, not wanting to come anywhere but inside of Luke. Luke moved up Reid’s body, reached his arms out and circled them at Reid’s neck, and they kissed fiercely. Luke twisted his body against Reid’s, his eyes pleading. Reid shoved against him hard, so that their dicks mashed together. He dug his hands into Luke’s ass, and bit Luke’s ear. Luke whimpered and rolled his hips up at him.

Reid cradled Luke in his arms a second, and then his pushed back Luke’s thighs, and it was his turn to go down on Luke. He worshipped Luke’s body with his tongue, teeth and hands, until Luke was a quivering uncontrollably.

Finally, when Luke was panting and his hands were curled into balls, Reid flipped him around, turning his attention to Luke’s ass, spreading Luke’s cheeks in one quick move. Reid rubbed his scratchy face over Luke’s skin, back and forth, back and forth. Reid could see small, red scratches where his face touched. He gently licked them with his tongue, and then let his stubble scratch Luke’s ass again.

Luke cried out, trying to pull away and then, groaning, he would back up for more. Reid ate him hard, sucking and biting, while Luke squirmed, kicked his feet, and pulled a pillow to his mouth to muffle his groans.

Releasing him, Reid grabbed at his wallet and ripped open the foil package with his teeth. Luke was holding his stomach, breathing hard, his cock dripping, his eyes on Reid’s hands as he positioned the condom.

“Climb on me,” Reid demanded, and he rolled the condom on, “I want you to ride me.”

Luke visibly shook at his words, but when Reid flopped down on his back, Luke quickly straddled Reid.

Neither of them held back too long. Luke’s erection bounced near Reid’s stomach, smearing pre-come across both of their bellies, and Reid took it roughly in his hand. His other hand gripped Luke’s hip as Luke rode him faster, harder, slamming up and down on his cock with a desperate rhythm, and Reid tensed, the strength of the pleasure lifting his ass up off the bed as Reid felt the orgasm rocket through his body. Luke moaned, said his name, and rode him even harder, as Reid convulsed inside of him. Reid’s fingers tightened on Luke as the orgasm drew out almost unbearably long, and they both moaned in unison, the sound hot and desperate. A second later, Reid’s eyes still rolled up in his head, he felt Luke come in his fist, and Reid forced his eyes to open so that he could look up at Luke’s face and watch him explode.

Panting, the whole room spinning, they slowly recovered. Luke remained on top with Reid buried inside of him, and Reid ached when Luke smiled with lazy satisfaction at him, making Reid suck in a breath at his sheer beauty. Luke ran a loving hand over Reid’s body, and then reaching down behind himself to touch where they were still joined, rubbing there a moment, an expression of wonder on his face.

Absently stroking him, Luke’s fingers grazed down over Reid’s balls toward Reid’s hole. Reid gasped suddenly, he jerked to one side as Luke’s fingers touched again just behind his balls. His nerve endings were raw. Reid laughed helplessly. Luke probed the spot again, delighted. Reid thrashed his head.

“Stop!” He cursed and tried to dislodge Luke, but all those years riding horses made Luke tough to shake. Reid’s spent cock throbbed again in Luke’s tight hole, as Luke clamped his thighs against Reid’s and grinned wickedly.

“Dr. Oliver?” Luke said mockingly, “Are you perhaps ticklish there?”

“No!” Reid said, trying to get some dignity back, only to have Luke attack him again with his hands. “I’m not ticklish,” Reid groaned, “I’ve never been ticklish in my life.”

But Luke had found some power and was without mercy. He returned to Reid’s anus, trailing teasing fingers around it and sure enough, Reid’s body reacted again.

Reid nearly choked on his laughter. Everywhere suddenly felt ticklish. He tried to escape Luke’s fingers, but it was no use. Luke relentless teased his thighs, his ass, his stomach. Every part of Reid was suddenly sensitive, his nerves humming, his aching cock jerking with almost painful aftershocks where it was still lodged in Luke’s ass.

“I hate you,” Reid managed, writhing around, snorting out another laugh.

“I hate you, too,” Luke laughed as he played with Reid’s balls again.

Reid grabbed at Luke’s hand to stop him. They wrestled a moment. Then Luke relented, bending down to kiss Reid’s lips gently, before climbing off of him.

Reid let out a long breathe and covered his hand over his eyes. His whole body still felt fired up still. Reid really had never been tickled in bed before; he’d no idea he’d react so much to an after-sex teasing. Most of his other lovers hadn’t stayed the night, much less wanted to touch him right after sex. Reid got up and headed to the bathroom to toss the condom and clean up. A few spurts of Luke’s cum had gotten past his hand and were now drying on his chest. When he returned to the bed, Luke was just resting on his stomach, his hands pillowed at his face. Reid slipped back into the bed and ran a gentle hand up Luke’s ass and over his back, and then Reid rested too. Luke turned to him and snuggled close.

Resting his elbows on Reid’s bare chest, Luke cupped his face in his hands and gazed at him.
Reid touched Luke’s mouth gently, reverently. They curled up, side-by side, hands loosely at each other’s waists. Luke’s face was soft, his eyes gleaming with happiness, and he ran his fingers up and down Reid’s body. Reid’s eyes stayed glued on Luke’s and he felt lost in Luke’s shy smile. Reid gripped Luke’s body tighter to him, and slowly he smiled back.

Awhile later, after giving Reid some kisses and sighing deeply, Luke had reluctantly gotten up and showered, going down to clean up the kitchen before they left. Reid took a bit more time. He’d lingered in the bed awhile, not wanting to move yet, feeling lazy and satisfied, before heading to take his own shower.

Reid whistled absently, water running down his body. Every part of him felt sated. He’d eaten an amazing lunch, had amazing sex three times in the last day - and when was the last time that had happened? – and he had good company in Luke. His mind strayed to Luke’s mouth, and his throat, the way his skin tasted, and how eager he was in bed, the way his body seemed to fit with Reid’s so well, and it made him smirk to remember Luke’s breathless, wordless cries when he came. It always felt like an accomplishment to make any man come like that, but somehow it filled him with even more pride that it was Luke.

He scrubbed his hair and whistled louder, reaching for some soap. It had been some day all right. Reid let the soap glide over his chest and abs and relaxed cock. It had been a day like no other.

The shower door flung open.

“What?” Reid startled, he looked at Luke. “Not again! I’ve created a monster. I hate to disappoint you, but I think my dick is down for the count. At least for a few hours.”

He really wasn’t sure he could give Luke shower sex right now, but Reid felt a stab of ego at Luke’s boundless desire for him. Luke was such an avid pupil. It crossed Reid’s mind that Luke might graduate from him to somebody younger, some dumb twink who could fuck all night.

“On second thought, why don’t you come on in?” Reid said.

His cock would get hard by humping up and down on Luke’s slick body, Reid would make sure of it. He was tired, but he wasn’t dead, and Luke didn’t need anybody but him. Eventually, once he left town, Luke would move on and that would be the way it should go. Reid frowned and shifted his weight. But he damn well wasn’t going anywhere right now, and Reid tugged at Luke’s arm to bring him into the shower, clothes and all.

Luke shook his head, a huge, dopey grin on his face. “Just wanted to do this,” he said, grabbing Reid’s face, pulling him to the shower door, and kissing him passionately.

Luke’s dimples flashed, and he patted Reid’s wet cheek. “Go ahead back to your shower.”

Luke’s eyes were shining, and he still had the strangest expression on his face, but before Reid could press him further, he closed the shower door. “See you downstairs,” he said, disappearing as quickly as he’d come.

Reid narrowed his eyes. He had no idea what possessed Luke to do that.

Shrugging, Reid tipped his head back and let the water wash away his shampoo. It was only as he began to whistle again that Reid froze. He was whistling “Mr. Sandman,” the song he’d sang to Luke every time he’d had a nightmare.

Reid shook his head. It didn’t mean anything; Reid was hardly the sentimental type, but clearly, Luke was feeling all mushy inside now, overhearing the song. Reid could tell him that the brain often had memories triggered by familiar surroundings, and being back at the farm had probably done just that, bringing the song into his mind again, explain it away with science. Stepping out of the shower, Reid smiled ruefully. He doubted Luke would want to accept that explanation.

Well, it couldn’t hurt to let Luke think that he was being romantic. It might even get Reid another round of sex tonight. Maybe he could whistle the song as Luke gratefully sucked him off.


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