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Title: Luke and Reid at Fantasy Fest
Summary: Luke and Reid visit Key West at Fantasy Fest.
Disclaimer: ATWT owns them
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Naughty, silly fun

“I can’t believe you talked me into this!” Reid grumbled.
“Oh come on, it’s great!” Luke answered enthusiastically. They had just arrived in Key West for its famous Halloween Fantasy Fest. And the streets were filled with colorful buildings and bars. All around them were people in various states of undress: there was a man being led around in just a dog collar, a group of men dressed up in hot pink fifties outfits proudly letting their johnsons hang out of their mini-skirts as they skated by, a man dressed as Strawberry Shortcake complete with a red mustache and painted strawberry derriere, and multiple Katie Perry wannabes. It was 3 o’clock in the afternoon.
“I’m not doing any of this, “ Reid told Luke. They walked up and down Duval street, hand in hand. Reid and Luke were still in their travel clothes.
Girls flashed some bosoms of ranging sizes at the nearby bar. Both men and women responded by throwing beads at them. Other men and women quickly grabbed their movie cameras and zoomed in on the girls’ bared breasts.
“I am not ending up naked on Guys Gone Wild,” Reid said to Luke.
“ That’s Girls Gone Wild,” Luke corrected him.
“Whatever, I am not ending up on the E channel.”

Luke suddenly stopped. “Here it is!” He proclaimed.
“The Key Lime store. “ Luke dragged Reid into a tiny store. Everything in it was Key Lime, from the walls to the cookies to the liquer. Key Lime everywhere. Luke immediately began to grab a basket and shove item after item into it.
“Key Lime decorated glasses and Key Lime flavored soaps and Key Lime flavored coffee and –
“What are you doing?” Reid said, watching him in amazement.
“Shopping. I need to bring home something for everybody in my family.”
Reid groaned. Luke’s family never ended.
“Luke, “ Reid said, trying to reason with his boyfriend, “these all say made in Ohio.”
“So? “ Luke shrugged. “They were shipped right here to Key West.”
“Reid, I’m gay and I’m in Key West and I’m shopping.” He flashed his dimples at Reid. “Okay?”
Reid nodded. “Sure. I guess it could be worse.”
“How’s that?”

“We could be at another Halloween in Oakhell.”
“Last year was fun!”
“Yeah, fun times. Bobbing for apples and carving pumpkins and grandma’s cider.”
“You liked the bobbing for apples with Natalie and Ethan.”
“I’d rather be bobbing for something else.”
Luke threw 5 more Key Lime items into the basket.
It was going to be a long afternoon.
After they left the tiny shop, Luke wanted to go into another one. “Or how about we go to Hemingway’s house? I heard all of his cats just prance around.”
Reid just stared at Luke and frowned. “I’ve been shopping for two hours and now you want me to go and see some old cats at a dead writer’s house?”
“Fine, “ Luke said, laughing at Reid’s sour face. “Let’s at least get some food.”
“Food? Finally!”
With that they turned to go, and Reid smacked right into a man’s enormous fake tits.
“What the hell?” Reid jumped back.
“Yo, watch out for the Boob Tube, “ The man gestured at his breasts wrapped up inside of a fake square television that hung around his chest proudly.

Luke cracked up at Reid’s shocked expression. He took Reid by the hand and led the poor, perplexed doctor away.
They made their way to a local Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger restaurant. Luke wanted to sit on the outside patio. He wanted to watch the street and all the festivities. Luke’s whole face was glowing, partly because he loved a good festival and partly because he was at an openly gay event with Reid.

Reid was not looking out at the street. He was devouring his hamburger and chips.
Just then, a man ran up to the porch railing where the two of them were sitting. He rammed his naked cock through a space between the rails.
“Whadda think?” He said to them
Reid arched his eyebrows. “Medically speaking? Curves a bit too much to the left.”
The man just smiled at them drunkenly and kept his dick right where it was.
“Hey, “ Luke whispered. “I think he wants a bead.” They examined the man’s neck, which held various beads in bold colors.
“Why does everybody get naked just for beads?” Reid complained. “Money, presents, or even food – I can see that,” Reid scowled at the man. “Go away.”
“What?” Reid gestured to the drunken man. “This guy and his ugly penis are actually ruining my snack.”

Luke glanced at the drunk man. He was still standing there, waiting. Luke handed him a bead, careful not to touch him too much.
The man left, stumbling down to the next bar.
Luke’s mouth twitched. “It was a pretty ugly penis.”
Reid shrugged, “Told you,” he shoved some more chips into his mouth.
Then Reid ordered a beer.
“Do you mind? “ he asked Luke. “I know you don’t drink, but I may not be able to stand this place sober.”
“Go ahead.”
“On one condition.”
“I’m afraid to ask.”
“Costumes, “ Luke smirked at his boyfriend, “we need them, Reid. Right away.”

They agreed to surprise each other with their costumes and meet up in an hour. Luke had no problem finding his costume. He went to the nearest body painting place. During Fantasy Fest, artists just lined up outside the pubs, offering to paint you for a small fee. The one Luke ventured up to was by Crabby Bills place. Luke quickly shed his clothes and let them get to work. All around him, men were openly kissing and embracing. Women were dancing on the tables in leather underwear. Luke definaely was not in Oakdale.

Meanwhile, Reid was having a more difficult time. Every “costume” in Key West exposed pretty much everything. Reid even saw a man dressed as the Pope. He had on the Pope’s pointed hat and a see through golden jacket and nothing else. Reid had not seen so much naked flesh since medical school. Some of these bodies did not look much better than the cadavers he’d cut open. Men with big flabby guts paraded up and down the street. A woman sauntered by. She was over 200 pounds and had her butt cheeks crammed into a pink thong. Then the parade began. The crowds thickened. Floats had started move. Each float had a different theme. Reid watched from a store window as the Baywatch float went past him. The men were hairy-looking things in their red bathing suits and big blond wigs.
“Hey there, aren’t you a good looking fella?” The guy smiled at Reid. He was naked, except for a large purple hat and purple glowing condom on his cock, and he was painted as the Mad Hatter.
“Aren’t you supposed to be looking for Alice? ‘ Reid asked with irritation.
“I’d rather have a tea party with you,” the man winked.
Reid grunted. At least the guy was quick.
“Seriously, “ the guy continued, “this is my costume shop. What do you want? Bondage? Little House on the Prairie? Sponge Bob? We got it all. What’s your fantasy? “
Reid’s eyes roamed all around.
“That one,” He smiled suddenly.

Luke walked down the street, feeling just a tiny bit self-conscious. Whistles and offers of beads followed him. Luke ignored it and walked to the spot he had agreed to meet Reid. Luke tugged a little on his tail. He hoped Reid appreciated his efforts.

Reid was looking at Luke at that very moment. He had frozen in his tracks. Luke Snyder was completely naked , except for a tail. He was covered in orange and gold body paint. Luke was a tiger.
‘GRRR,” Luke clawed at him happily, as Reid slowly walked up. Then Luke’s own eyes widened at Reid’s costume.
“Why Doctor Oliver, I’d never have pictured you the Top Gun type.”

Reid grinned. He was still letting his eyes wander up and down Luke’s tiger painted skin.
“I have my secrets.”
Reid was wearing a white navy jacket and navy hat. His firm stomach muscles glowed in the bright sun of Key West. His blue eyes were sparkling. He wore no pants at all. He had golden tassles hanging from the bulge on his navy-colored briefs.

“Besides,” Reid offered, “it was the most conservative thing they had.”
“I bet.”
“And it’s political too.”
“Political?” Luke said, puzzled.
Reid turned around. On the back of the skimpy briefs was the slogan “Don’t ask, Don’t Tell.”

Luke Snyder almost fell over he was laughing so hard. Then he grabbed at Reid and kissed him endlessly as the Fantasy Fest parade circled all around them.
“Luke,” Reid’s voice had roughened with desire. Reid’s hands were caressing Luke’s bare skin.
“Let’s go back to that hotel suite you got us.”
Luke nuzzled Reid’s neck and then flicked the top of his navy hat playfully. “Yes, sir.”
They reached the hotel in record time, barely making it through the door before practically tackling each other. Luke jumped into Reid’s arms and circled his waist with his strong legs.
Orange paint smeared all over the crisp, white jacket and neither one cared. Luke took Reid’s hat off and put in on his own head. He grabbed Reid and kissed him fiercely. Reid’s hands lifted up Luke’s tail and kneaded the strong muscles underneath.
“Ever have a tiger cock up your ass?” Luke said wickedly, his eyes dancing.
They jumped into the king-sized bed and Reid threw off the million little pillows that the hotel had so carefully placed. Then Luke crawled on top of Reid, licking his skin, inhaling the musky smell of him. Reid grabbed the condoms and lube from the drawer. Luke bit at Reid a little and dug his nails into Reid’s hip.
“Taking the tiger thing a bit far, aren’t you?” Reid said.
Luke just grinned. “Flip over.”
Luke lifted up the back of the white navy jacket that Reid still wore. He yanked off the briefs and threw them across the room.
Then Luke warmed the lube on his fingers and then found Reid’s hole. He stroked and petted Reid. Reid started to thrash around. His hands flailed around for something to grab. His fingers dug into the sheets.
Luke did not waste another moment. He pounded into Reid.
Reid’s muffled screams of delight filled the room. It lasted a long, long time.

Afterwards, they tangled up together and listened to the noises of the streets outside. Body paint covered them both.
“We really should get up and shower off,” Luke finally commented. “We are getting paint all over this bed.”
“Luke,” Reid laughed, “it’s Key West. They’ve seen it all.” He ruffled Luke’s hair. “Besides, you’re rich. Have them send you the bill for any damaged covers.”
They started to head to the shower, wrapping sheets around their lower bodies, when Reid suddenly stopped and looked through the curtain and out to the ocean visible from their balcony. Luke walked up behind him and hugged him around the waist. He leaned his head into the back of Reid’s shoulder. The sun was setting in the sky, a beautiful pink color. Reid turned and gave Luke a sweet kiss. They watched until the sun went slowly down.

Date: 2010-10-19 12:45 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I want to watch the sun in a towel hugging Reid ... and Luke ... at the same time.

Date: 2010-10-19 12:52 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yeah, I'd stay forever in Key West with the two of them! We'd ride bikes, snorkel, or maybe just never leave that room


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