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Title: Smackdown! Reid and Luke
Author: Marsabi
Summary: One shot story about Reid and Luke attending a WWF event with Casey and Faith
Disclaimer: All belong to ATWT
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Porn, some Noah bashing

"He is coming out any minute," Luke said, elbowing Reid. "Watch."
"And what is his name again? " Reid asked. "The Lost Cause?"
"Stoned Dumb?"
"Shh," Luke said.
"The Golden Ding Dong?"
"Reid, please be serious."

Reid looked around at the screaming fans, most of them chugging cheap beer and holding up illegible signs. "Ah, yes. By all means, this is a serious occasion."

Luke just grinned at him. Reid sighed. How could it be that Luke always talked him into whatever he wanted? Then again, if it wasn't for Luke, Reid would be in a relationship with only his chess board.

"Look!" Luke nudged Reid, "there he is!"

Casey was making his way up to the wrestling ring. He was wearing gold-colored bootie shorts that left nothing to the audience's imagination. His hair had been slicked back and he had on a golden cape.

"Ooow, " Faith squealed to Reid's right, "There's my boyfriend!" She pulled at Reid's arm in excitement, making him drop his jumbo hot dog onto the sticky arena floor.

Casey waved manically to the crowd and then eagerly climbed into the ring.

It was going to be a long night, thought Reid.

Two Days Earlier

Casey bounded into the Snyder home and then practically jumped on top of Luke.

"I won!"

"What?" Luke was babysitting Ethan, who was upstairs.

"The WWF Fan Appreciation contest! I won a spot to wrestle the stars," Casey told him. "I have four tickets, Luke. Let's double date there!"

"I don't know," Luke hesitated.

"But Luke we used to love pro wrestling, member?"

"Case, I was like eight then. Some of us actually grow up."

"Come on! It will be so much fun, dude."

Luke was laughing. He shook his head, "Can you see Reid Oliver going to WWF?" He said. "He won't go."

"Hey, tell him I just started dating your sister and you need to chaperon," Casey offered.

"Which," Luke said suddenly serious, " I should. She is younger than you and not as experienced -"

"Luke, please. I know she is your baby sister and all, but she came after me. That girl is an octopus. In a good way, if you know what I mean-"

"Enough," Luke made a face, "please. I guess I can get Reid to do it. For me. For Faith. "

"Cool!" Casey beamed. "Now I just need to think up a wrestler name for myself."


"Announcing our latest fan challenger, The Oakdale Intoxicator!"

"That is his name?" Reid exclaimed.

"Well, he loved The Mountie, " Faith told him, "but it was already taken."

Reid opened his mouth to answer.

"Don't even-" Luke shoved a playful warning at him .

Reid shrugged, "Fine. But only cause Faith is here."

Then he watched as Casey and another man grabbed each other's arms and went chest to chest. They grunted and struggled to get each other in a hold.

"Doesn't Casey get how homoerotic wrestling is?" Reid asked Luke.

"Shh!" Luke said.

Casey and his opponent held each other by the shoulders, and it looked to Reid like they were struggling to do some kind of archaic dance. They grunted and would take two steps forward and shoved three steps back .

"And what is with Casey's skin?" Reid asked Luke. Luke absently took Reid's hand.

Reid leaned over to Faith.

"What is with Casey's skin?"

"It looks awesome, right? " Faith said. "I spray tanned him myself."

Reid watched as Casey's opponent did a scissor kick and nearly pinned Casey down. Casey's skin was greasy looking and had an orange glow to it.

"If Casey had ten more brain cells, " Reid commented to Faith and Luke, "he'd have ten brain cells total."

They both ignored Reid. Casey was starting to lose the match. The other guy twisted Casey's arms up high. Casey struggled to break free. Casey's opponent slammed Casey down on the ground.

Fans were booing poor Casey. Luke hid his hands in his hair. Reid patted his head. Then he nuzzled Luke's neck.

"Hey, you homos, " shouted a man a few rows behind them in an Undertaker shirt, "get the hell out."

Reid Oliver looked the man in the eyes. Then he turned to Luke with determination.

"Now Reid- " Luke started to say.

Reid grabbed Luke's face and gave him a passionate kiss.

"That's it, Reid, " Faith laughed, "slip him the tongue."

Luke pulled away, "Stop!" He told Reid. Then he looked at Faith, "You stop it too."

"What? " Faith shrugged, "I've told you before, Luke , you guys are hot. I like watching hot men make out. " She cringed as Casey took another blow to the guts. "Besides,I need the distraction from my new boyfriend getting the crap kicked out of him!"

The man in The Undertaker shirt was making his way down to Reid and Luke.

"Oh, terrific," Luke grumbled.

"I'll talk to him,' Reid said, "calm the guy down."

"You are going to talk to him?" Luke questioned. "The man probably eats pork rinds for dinner."

Reid shot Luke a quick smile, "You know, I think my finer qualities are finally rubbing off on you."

"Just let me do the talking, " Luke said, "because after two years of dating, none of my charm has yet to rub off on you."

Reid gave him a wounded look.

Luke tried not to laugh.

Casey, meanwhile, was taking a blow to the chest.

The man in The Undertaker shirt finally approached them. He was a hostile, middle-aged, beer gut and plumber's ass kind of guy; the type who showed all the intelligence of a cardboard box.

"I don't like seeing that faggot stuff," he told them angrily.

"Look," Luke tried a charming smile, "It is a free country and -"

"There should be laws against two men kissing; it is sick." The man jabbed a finger at Luke.

Luke tried to balance his shaking Starbucks cup carefully on his impeccably pressed pants. He gave The Undertaker his best puppy-dog face, the one that would have reduced Reid to mush. But the man jabbed at Luke a second time.

Luke tried to reason with The Undertaker again.

"Sir," Luke said tightly, his smile getting strained, "Why don't you just - "

"You'll end up in hell, " the man continued.

Reid glanced around the arena. His shrewd eyes took in the big-haired, saggy-boobed women and their greasy, slightly dirty men. "I thought this was hell already," he said dryly.

The man spat near Reid's feet, "If I ever see you kiss again - " He started to say.

Reid looked at Luke. Luke looked at Reid.

Then Luke kissed Reid with a great deal of tongue.

People around them started watching them instead of the wrestling match . The man pulled Luke and Reid apart. Faith tossed her drink at the man's face. He went to grab at her and Reid pushed Faith aside. Then the man, outweighing Reid by a hundred pounds, punched Reid in the jaw. Reid toppled over.

Casey, who looked up and had seen his friends in trouble, ran out of the ring and up into the crowd. He leaped at the man, his golden cape swinging, and pounded on the man's shoulders and back. Faith stomped on the man's feet. The man dislodged Casey, who promptly pulled down his booty shorts and mooned the guy. Casey's butt was extremely fleshy and white; apparently, it was the only thing that Faith had not spray tanned.

The crowd was roaring. The man got up once more, but this time it was Luke who attacked him. He gave the guy one big kick right in his tiny nuts.

"Don't ever mess with my boyfriend," Luke snarled at the guy, who was still holding his balls.

"Where did you learn that round-house kick, man?" Casey asked with admiration.

Luke shrugged. "I used to hang out with Dusty Donovan and Noah. "

The ushers had come down by then. They wanted to throw them all right out of the arena. The crowd cheered Casey and Luke now, and Casey beamed and waved his arms above his head. Faith stuck her tongue out at the cameras suggestively, darting her tongue in and out, and then held Casey possessively by the waist.

Casey nudged Luke, "See, he whispered, "she's an animal."

Luke turned to help Reid.

"You okay?" Luke asked Reid , as they were escorted out.

Reid flexed his jaw muscle. "Yeah, getting hit is just part of being me," he told Luke grumpily.

"Aww, " Luke leaned in and kissed the top of Reid's head, "Poor you."

Reid smiled at his boyfriend with a sudden gleam in his eyes, "I have an idea, " he told Luke , "how you can cheer me up."

Later, that night

"Come on, Luke. Come out already."


"Hey, you promised to cheer me up. And Casey gave us the goods. So come on!"

Luke reluctantly opened up their bathroom door and stepped out into the light. He was wearing Casey's costume.

"Turn around, Snyder, give me the full show." Reid commanded.

Luke turned. Reid admired his tight ass in the golden shorts.

He came up to his boyfriend and pressed himself against Luke. He gave that hard ass a squeeze. Then Reid slowly untied the cape and let it fall at Luke's feet like a shimmering pool.

"Can I take it off now?" Luke blushed. "Feel better?"

"Don't pout. You wanted me to like wrestling...I'm thinking you need to show me some of those WWF moves."

Luke shook his head. Reid ignored him. He ran a hand down Luke's naked chest. Then Reid pulled Luke onto their bed. Reid got on all fours and began to bounce up and down. "Okay, I'm the Stone-"

"The Rock?"

"Yeah, whatever. And you come at me -"

Luke jumped on the bed and grabbed at Reid.

"You asked for it," he laughed.

"First,' Luke said with mock seriousness, "we have the standard Nelson hold." Luke slipped his arms under Reid's arms and pulled them up. They were back to back, Luke's crotch at Reid's ass.

"Got it," Reid said. He wiggled his backside even closer to Luke.

"Next," Luke said, "We have a cool move called the Bite of the Dragon."

Reid laughed. "You are so making this up!"

"No. Google it later."

Luke knocked Reid onto the bed and trapped his legs around Reid's, pinning him. They kissed a moment, teeth grinding against each other, their legs still tangled.

"Give me one more," Reid demanded, as he started to stroke Luke through the golden bootie shorts.

Luke groaned and twisted away. "Okay."

He pulled Reid back up to his knees.

"This one is an inverted face lock, " Luke was behind Reid. He bent Reid backwards.

Reid groped at Luke's inner thigh muscle. He pushed Luke back and switched positions with him. Reid's face was at Luke's tight butt, he pulled the material of his shorts away.

"Reid!" Luke jumped back, "Pro Wrestlers do not lick each other's ass!"

Reid continued to pull aside Luke's shorts and lick. "Yeah, but they so want to!"

Luke half-moaned, even as he shook with silent laughter.

"Are you aroused or amused," Reid murmured. He found Luke with his tongue again and plunged.

Luke pointed to the bulge in his bootie shorts, still laughing. "Both, can't you tell?"

Reid stopped and grinned.

Luke sighed. "This is what you have taught me about sex, doctor."

'What's that?"

"That is can be so, so very good, " Luke kissed him. " And still so much fun!"

"Aww, no fun with Noah all those years ago?" Reid slid down Luke's body and nuzzled Luke's bulge. He grinned at the way Luke's hips bucked wildly.

"No," Luke wrinkled up his nose at the name Noah. "It was fast and terrible and always so grim. We had to discuss it before we did it for like hours."

Luke's head rolled back onto the bed, as Reid pulled the shorts all the way off now, and began to caress his cock. Reid squeezed Luke's dick, hardening him even more.

"We are going to do something for hours, Snyder, but it does not involve talking."

"Thank God!"

"I know a move that I like," Reid said softly. "But it has a number, not a name. "

Reid turned around. Luke put his hands on Reid's firm backside. Reid slipped Luke into his mouth again. He lowered his lips on Luke's ridges and tasted the salty skin. Reid sucked, causing Luke to thrash around helplessly. Then Luke grabbed at Reid. Luke gently licked Reid's throbbing cock in return. They mouthed each other more. Firm lips clamped down.

"Suck harder, " Luke commanded, coming up for air. Reid obliged him. He rotated his head from right to left as he sucked more. Luke returned his own mouth back to Reid's. They gave each other mutual pleasure. Reid tasted Luke all the way at the back of his throat. Luke's fingers caressed Reid's hole in slow, teasing circles. Reid pressed down on Luke's muscled thighs.

Luke took Reid into his mouth more, exploring him with wet friction. Reid's fingers flexed and dug into Luke's skin. Neither of them were willing to take his mouth off the other one. They licked and sucked. Tongues flicked over cocks. Lips cradled. Bodies writhed and grasped for each other's flesh. They had been together long enough now that there was no rush; they could linger and explore.

Their love did not count minutes or hours. Only hunger meeting hunger.

"So good," Reid moaned. They stopped and Luke smiled. Reid stretched his body across Luke's , pausing to pinch Luke's nipples and then kiss his open, waiting mouth.

"Now for the Mountie!" Reid teased.

"Wait a moment," Luke suddenly said, stopping Reid.


"The final pin, doctor, is mine. I plan to win this particular wrestling match."

Luke pushed Reid off of him and onto his stomach. He grabbed Reid's hands and held them high over his head. Luke opened the nearby drawer and took out some lube and a condom. He gave Reid's buttocks a playful slap. He slapped him again. Reid winced at the sting. He looked back at Luke and saw his boyfriend's eyes were dancing wickedly. Reid knew that particular expression. He was going to get it from Luke now. Reid grinned. He loved getting it from Luke.

Luke gave his boyfriend another slap on his rear end, and then he gave it a kiss. Luke then spread Reid's cheeks and stuck a lubed finger, then two, inside of Reid.

Reid groaned, "Is this why they call it Smackdown?" He asked hoarsely.

Luke did not reply. He worked another finger in. Soon, they were both breathing heavily. Reid raised his hips up. Luke entered him in slow inches, filling him. Reid clenched to make himself tighter, to make it last. Luke pulled his knees farther away.Their bodies merged into one. Their hands were still clasped together. Luke hammered into Reid and then pulled out. A thin line of sweat covered both of their bodies. Luke raised himself up and hammered in again.

"Fuck me!" Reid cried out. "Please!"

Luke released Reid's hands and grabbed his thick, curly hair and pulled his head back. Luke pounded into Reid, and his whole body trembled in response. Love-cries filled the room.

Luke started to change his rhythm; he rode him slowly now. He savored each hard thrust. He turned Reid's head to the side and gave him a sweet kiss. Reid babbled incoherent words of love and kissed Luke back. Luke smiled at the babbling, and gently put his lips on Reid's vulnerable neck. He moved his body in and out of Reid tenderly now. Luke wrapped a hand around Reid's cock and stroked. He probed the spot right behind Reid's balls. Luke loved to feel his boyfriend come. He could feel Reid tensing and then just letting it all go. Soon Luke was coming with Reid. As they climaxed together, they called out, praising each other's names.

The Next Morning

Luke put breakfast down in front of Reid and gave him a kiss.

"Ah, an omelet, " Reid sighed. " And I was just hoping to have some old cereal."

"I thought I'd make you something special."

Luke patted Reid.

Reid dug into his breakfast.

"I was thinking," he told Luke between bites.


"Maybe I will start a wrestling station for the gay man. Something on the internet."

Luke laughed, "Very funny. You don't know how to work the internet. You don't even have a Facebook page."

"I do too!" Reid said hotly "Some groupies of my fantastic surgical skills started one in my honor."

Luke just shook his head.

"It exists!" Reid said.

"Sure," Luke answered. "And you are going to go on to create Gay Wrestling and maybe be on soap operas too. "

Reid shuddered, "Okay, I do have some standards."

Reid bit into the omelet. "I guess I 'll just remain a brilliant surgeon, and leave the rest alone."

Luke took Reid's free hand and kissed each one of his fingers.

"Good plan," he told his boyfriend.


Date: 2010-11-20 02:53 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Too funny!!! I love the nicknames & the costume!!!!!!! Brilliant work!!!

Date: 2010-11-20 05:22 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thanks! It makes me happy to write them having crazy times and great sex

Date: 2011-01-01 07:24 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Wheeeeeeeeeee! Fun, fun fic! :)

Date: 2011-01-02 02:26 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thanks! This one was just silly fun for me to write. I think I'd just finished a longer fic and wanted to play...Glad you liked it and thanks for reading!


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