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Title: WHAT IF? (A comment fic)
Written By : Marsabi
Rating: NC-17
Summary: What if Noah had not rejected Luke that day in the bar? What if Noah “forgives” him, and they get back together ? Many argue (in douche fandoms) that Reid never would’ve been with Luke then. Of course, Noah’s stingy heart didn’t forgive Luke in that famous scene. Either way, I don’t think it matters. Luke is meant for Reid.
Warning: NC-17
Author's Notes: I'm experimenting with POV here.

“He’s strong enough to take it.”

“I’m not strong enough to tell him.”

“That’s guilt talking, not honesty. “

“You want honesty? Okay. I do have feelings for you; I can’t deny that anymore. But I’m in love with Noah.”

“Well, I guess you have a decision to make then, don’t you?”


Reid’s eyes say so much. His jaw is clenched tightly. You can see Reid’s struggling. Yet you sit there dumbly, a paralysis has overtaken you. Across the room, you feel the force of Noah’s gaze. You wish for the courage to touch Reid, just on the hand and feel his warm skin again, before he slips away. You’re struggling too, but Reid doesn’t know it. You do nothing. You let him go.


You choose Noah.

Noah spends the rest of the night talking about his future. He wants to work on his film. He wants to go back to school. He wants you to know that he’s sorry for being hard on you, blaming you. Now he’s ready to “forgive.” You smile, nod. Choked sentences come out of your mouth, but you can’t hear your own words. A hundred different moments with Noah are holding you captive. You can’t leave him.

Your face feels tight, drained. Your body’s cold. Noah wants you back, and you should be elated. Noah is your life; you are nothing without him. Noah can see you, at last. He can look you in the eyes.

So why do you feel so unbearably grim?


At Memorial, you’re working with Reid. It’s so painful you can barely breathe. You wait for Reid to call you Trust Fund or Richie Rich. You stare into those stern blue eyes, hoping for even a little smile. You joke. You follow him around. You know you must stop this.

Noah still brings up Reid every night.

“Did you see him today?”

“Did you think about his kiss?”

“If I hadn’t caught you, would you have slept with him?”

You tell Noah. “ No, no, no.”

You lie.

You speak to Noah carefully or not at all.

Reid never made you careful. He made you angry. He made you want to pull his hair, push him against a wall, put your face right up to his. Later, he made you want to anchor your lips together, or simply rest on his shoulder.


Late at night, you hear his voice.

How do I make you feel?

You dream of sex, of that predatory gleam in Reid’s eye. You dream his tongue is everywhere, tasting. You dream that his firm mouth is biting on your nipples to the point of pain, making his way to your ass, opening up your tight hole. Fucking you breathless. Every night, the sex dream turns dirtier. He lets you play with his dick, lick his balls. You imagine Reid lets you do anything. Every morning, your cock aches and drips.


You choose Noah.

He is supposed to be your man, your partner. But it never feels this way. At your Dad and Molly’s wedding, Noah leaves you with his food, carrying his plate. All around are couples holding hands. You’re alone.

Noah pumps Abigail for information about LA; he almost seems to flirt with her. When you confront him, Noah calls you dramatic. Miserably, you eat some cold appetizers. The food tastes bitter in your mouth. When Abigail asks Noah about you, he stands far away.

Reid never hesitated to grab you, kiss you. You hold a finger to your lips, remembering.

Back home, Noah approaches sex like he is doing you a favor. He plows into your ass. You think about Reid: his face, his hands, his unexpected smile. Noah is panting and thrusting.

Afterwards, Noah falls asleep, perfectly content.

You stay awake all night.


You go to Katie’s house to explain once more about Noah. How he’s your life. How you must love him. Why you picked him.

Reid stands there with a five o’clock shadow on his cheeks, his shirt half-tucked, a bowl of cereal in his hand. His eyes are cold and sad at the same time.

Reid asks why you’re bothering him.

“Because we mattered. Because we’re something.” You insist on this fact.

You long to touch him.

“What are we, Luke?“

You find it impossible to reply.

Reid closes his door.


You go to the pond and stare into the water for hours, deeply depressed.

You miss the fun and the honesty.

You miss the man.

Softly you speak his name.



You break up with Noah.

It‘s frightening and exhilarating all at once.

“You’ll regret it, Luke. You’ll be sorry. You’ll be back.”

Noah’s face is ugly. You realize that ugliness has no power over you any longer. You feel none of the usual guilt.

Leaving him, your feet practically bounce on the air.


Standing at Reid's door, you prepare a speech and practice your words, but the door opens with a loud bang.

You lick your lips nervously -

- he pulls you into the room, kissing you hard.

Reid nibbles at your lips. He bites and then runs his tongue over the lower one. The kisses are swift and frantic. His hands are going underneath your shirt and rubbing down your spine. Heat floods your whole body. He kisses you again, with a warm slowness now. It makes you tremble, and small sounds of longing escape your lips.

“If we do this- I want it all,” Reid says. This is all he says, and you nod desperately, wiping at your tears.

Reid touches his finger to the wet spot of skin. Silently, as you kiss him again, inhaling his scent, gripping his waist, you vow to make it up to him forever.

Together, you go into the bedroom. You take off all of his clothes and spread your fingers over his heart. For a moment, you just feel its rhythm. Dropping to your knees, you hold his lean cock in your hands, admiring the length and beauty. You taste and lick and suck. You worship his arousal with your mouth.

You eat his cum like thick jelly.

You stand, your legs shaking, a smile on your face. Reid gives you a tiny smile back. You reach out to stroke his cheek. His smile widens. It is his true smile, the private one that he rarely shows. Seeing it, your heart nearly seizes with joy.

Reid slowly undresses you, kissing his way down the slope of your shoulders , over your chest, and then lower. He takes your cock into his mouth and wets it with his tongue. You grip the nape of his neck. Reid moves his mouth up and down.

He pushes you down on the bed, and continues. You ejaculate wildly. Reid swallows. He then begins to lick at your buttocks, holding your flesh apart with his fingers.

As he straddles your thighs, you look up at him. You can sense his need for you. You know this was not a mistake or an accident. You think about how this is destiny.

Reid hovers over your body, tenderly stroking. When your eyes meet his, Reid’s face changes. His breathing is shallow. He holds your face in his hands.

He makes love to you, and it's like the light after the darkness. Nothing will be uncertain ever again. You reach out for Reid’s naked body, pulling him closer. Reid pulls at you too.

The right man is finally in your arms.
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Title: Without Borders
Author: Marsabi
Summary: Noah remains blind and abandons Luke. Luke leaves Oakdale and moves the foundation to Rome. When he gtes a phone call from an old firend, he travels to Miami . But can he make the doctor there a media star?
Warning: some sexually explicit parts
rating: nc-17

Chapter Eight

The instructor for the swim met Luke and Reid and a small group of other people. She led them over to a table area. They all got into wet suits and signed waivers, then she lectured them about the dolphins. They were doing the free swim. The other choice had been to swim with the dolphins and have them perform tricks. But a free swim had sounded more authentic to Luke and Reid. In that swim , the dolphins might come to you or not. It was up to them. During the speech, Reid’s phone rang. He mouthed to Luke that it was Jessica and went to take the call. Luke tried to focus on the lecture, but his mind kept drifting to Reid. It still amazed him to be with a man so comfortable with his sexuality. Reid held his hand, kissed him…Luke only now realized just how starved for that affection he’d been.

“Okay, so now that I explained the way the dolphins work and the safety rules – to the water!”, the instructor said. Luke was startled; he’d missed the whole talk.

Reid came up. “Jessica set up another PR appointment for us with some friend of hers,” he told Luke. “Did I miss anything important?”

“Uh- nope.”

“Well, let’s go.”

He and Reid approached the salt water area with the other people. There were several dolphins swimming around.

“Just climb right in,” The instructor said cheerfully.

Reid went down the ladder first, then Luke. As the first dolphin passed him, Luke nearly jumped back. They were much, much bigger in the water than they looked at Sea World shows. A dolphin swam close to him and Luke tentatively reached out his finger. As the dolphin glided by him, he felt its flesh.

“The skin is like wet rubber,” he said to Reid in delight.

“There’s an image,“ Reid laughed.

“Okay, what does it feel like to you?” Luke grinned and flipped some water out of his hair.

” Hmm, like an egg white. That’s what it feels like to me.”

They smiled at each other, and moved deeper into the center of the water, away from the ladders.

A massive dolphin went by them. It splashed at them with its tail. Reid reached out and grabbed on. To Luke’s amazement, the dolphin let him ride on it. Reid looked like he was hugging the dolphin gently. Luke must have missed that part of the lecture because he saw a few other people riding with the dolphins, too.

As Reid went away from him, Luke treaded the water. Suddenly, he was aware of a few dolphins around his body. They began to circle him. He felt the power of their bodies pushing the water. It sprayed up in his face, chilling him a little. He wiped the spray away, and Luke could feel himself sweating underneath his wet suit. His heart was racing. He tried to call out, and barely made a sound.

Luke tried to break away from them, a little intimidated. But more dolphins swam over now. The circle around him was tight. He couldn’t find a way to break it. His skin felt clammy now, despite the warm day. He kicked his feet a few times in the water. He was so tired of treading . He could feel his body just wanting to rest. Just go under. Panicked, Luke looked to Reid.

Reid saw him. He released his dolphin and started over to Luke.

A dolphin bumped Luke with its nose and Luke yelped. It didn’t hurt and he was sure the dolphin could easily hurt him, but it made him nervous just the same. Luke flailed his arms around. The circle of dolphins didn’t budge. They just kept going around and around.

“Stay calm,” Reid called, trying to find a way into the circle of dolphins. They were not allowing him to cross.

“Hey!” The instructor called from the dock, “Hold on a moment.”

Luke treaded the water, his legs tired, his heart pounding.

“It’s okay,” Reid was saying to him in a very firm, level voice. “Just breathe.”

Luke realized he was panicking and tried to listen to Reid. He met Reid’s eyes and was reminded of the way Reid had been with Maya in the hospital.

“You’re okay,” Reid said. “I’m here.”

Luke breathed out.

“Here,” the instructor said and threw small fish near the dock. She banged the dock with her hand in the water, signaling to the dolphins. For a second, they didn’t respond to her or the treat. Then they slowly went away from Luke. Reid immediately went to him and half pulled him back to the ladder. They climbed out.

“They weren’t trying to hurt you, “ the instructor rushed up. “They were protecting you.”
“Protecting me? “ Luke asked, dazed. “From what?”

The instructor frowned, “Didn’t you hear my lecture?”, she asked crossly.

“Didn’t you see those dolphins coming at him?” Reid interrupted, “it took you long enough to help him!”

Luke shook his head, “No, it was my fault. She’s right; I wasn’t listening. I’m so sorry –“

“Explain to us now what just happened,” Reid said to the instructor, ignoring that.

“Well,“ the instructor said, “ I know you’re not pregnant, but –“

“Pregnant-?” Luke looked at her in confusion.

“Dolphins have x-ray abilities,” the instructor said. “I did cover all this before. They instantly can scan your body like an x-ray machine.” She frowned. “They know if a woman is pregnant or a child is handicapped. Or,” she said slowly, “If your body has experienced trauma. “

Luke flushed. “I have some scars,” he stated to say. He glanced at Reid. “I had a kidney transplant, “ Luke said quietly.

“Maybe that would do it,” the instructor shrugged. “They are protective of injured people. “ She looked at the others. “I need to go back into the water. You shouldn’t; they’d just come at you again, “ she told Luke. “ So are you guys okay changing out of your suits and all?”

She turned to Reid. “Unless you want to get back in alone?”

“That’s just what I want to do,” Reid said. “Forget him and swim by myself.” He gave the instructor a look that said she was a moron.

“Thanks for the help. “ Luke told her swiftly.

He and Reid stood up.

“I thought those scars were old. “ Reid said slowly, “but it must be new trauma for those dolphins to act like that. When did you get the transplant?”

“I had it long ago,” Luke said softly, “but then I needed a second operation just a few years back.”

“Let me guess now,” Reid said. “Metal sutures?”

“I-I think so.” He caught his lip between his teeth. “Sorry for all this.”

“Doesn’t matter.”

“I should have listened to the lecture. I mean we signed all these waivers and –“

“Let’s just change, okay?”

They walked into the men’s room.

Luke eyed him, “You seemed kind of upset out there – “

“I wasn’t upset, “ Reid denied. He opened up his locker. “ I just didn’t want any bad PR here,” Reid protested. “I don’t want my supposed boyfriend taken out by Flipper.”

Reid stripped off his wet suit and stood in his trunks. Luke did the same.

A silence filled the room.

“I should tell you,” Luke said awkwardly, “full disclosure and all. I had the first transplant as a teenager, after an unfortunate trip to Mexico. But later –my second the kidney problem was because I drank. A lot. Like twelve steps a lot.”

Reid nodded, ”I figured.”

Luke was quiet again. He didn’t know what to say next or how to act. He’d expected Reid to ask pointed questions about his sobriety or demand his whole history with alcohol. Luke’s eyes fell away as he waited.

“Are you okay? “ Reid asked abruptly.

Luke nodded. He couldn’t speak yet. He was stunned that Reid just accepted all the rest- no judgments.

“Sorry I ruined our adventure,” Luke said in a shy voice.

Momentarily frowning , Reid closed his locker and studied Luke. His eyes were hooded, making it impossible for Luke to guess at his thoughts.

Then as Reid slowly approached him, Luke kept his body still.

Reid gently touched his cheek. “We can have other adventures,” he said softly.

A whoosh of relief swept through Luke.

Luke opened his mouth for a kiss. Reid’s naked chest rubbed against his own. Reid’s skin was wet, his mouth hot. He wrapped his hands at Luke’s waist.

“We can’t here- “ Luke whispered, “in a public place. “

“Another first?”

Reid pushed him toward a door. Luke glanced up at the sign for the steam room.

“Wait, we don’t have any –“

“I do. In my wallet. Be right back-“ Reid dashed off to his locker. Luke went into the steam room. It was a simple, dark room with a hard brown bench. Luke placed his towel on the bench and then walked over to the dial on the wall. He turned it and immediately steam sizzled out.

The humid air made Luke’s skin flush with sweat. The door opened and Reid came into the room waving the condom like a victory flag.

“What about- you know?” Luke mumbled.

“There are ways around that.” Reid said. “Come here.”

Luke went to him, a painful affection pounding in his heart. He gently touched the nape of Reid’s neck. Luke could hear the strong exhale of Reid’s breath near his own. Luke embraced him slowly, placing his head on Reid’s chest.

Luke began to place soft kisses up and down his body, the steam already making him feel languid and dreamy. There was no sense of time in the small, hot room. Luke forgot about the people outside still swimming with the dolphins, he forgot about everything but the need for this man.

Luke was on his knees now, yanking off Reid’s swimming suit. Taking the hard cock into his hands. Working his fingers up and down Reid’s shaft. He kissed Reid’s thighs and then circled the cock with his mouth, his lips glided over it in a gently caress.

Reid cried out harshly, bucking his body at Luke. A surge of desire flooded Luke’s body. He trembled as he opened his mouth wider and took Reid inside. Luke let his teeth and tongue move over the head. Then he relaxed the muscles of his throat and took him all the way down.

Reid began to groan and Luke felt him getting close. The steam room had them both slick by now, the air was thick to breathe.

Luke gave another hard suck.

Reid burst into his mouth, spasms of pleasure rocking his body. Luke’s mouth filled with his cum. He swallowed and swallowed, the taste so good and right.

Then he moved up Reid’s body and held him a moment. He cradled a still shaking Reid in his arms.

Reid turned his head and began to nibble Luke’s earlobe. Reid’s hand grabbed at his ass and kneaded it. Luke shuddered, already desperate with want. His cock throbbed.
Luke panted like he was running now. Reid took off his trunks and then led him to the bench. Luke was face down on it. Reid palms were on his buttocks. He opened him up. Luke felt dizzy with anticipation.

Reid licked Luke’s crack up and down. He bit the mound of Luke’s cheek and then tasted the area where Luke’s thigh met his ass. He bit again at the crease there and Luke’s whole body tightened in response. His toes curled. His fingers clenched. He made a low guttural cry.
Reid returned to his hole, his tongue teasing a moment. Then he penetrated Luke, his mouth covering the center, his tongue dominating.

Luke lifted his ass up in offering. He placed his head down on the bench.

Reid wasn’t done yet. He continued to torture him with his mouth, making Luke half-crazy. He’d never experienced foreplay like this. He was leaking and aching. Reid stretched him with a finger. Then two.

He could hear himself begging Reid to take him.

“You’re so tight and hot,” Reid groaned as he entered Luke slowly. He rode Luke in a rocking rhythm. Luke couldn’t think. He hardly cared anymore if he was exposed or caught or anything. He felt mad with need, the last of his self-restraint gone. Luke pushed his ass back against Reid, wanting all of him inside. The physical hunger was beyond anything else.

They came at the same moment, in a kind of sweet agony. Reid was making deep, animal sounds.

Luke’s own breath seemed to just stop, caught on the impact of his release. Then his lungs filled with air again.

Afterwards, Luke felt like he was swimming again, but this time his body was floating in ecstasy, in a thick pool of exhausted lust.

Reid was the first one to move. He turned off the steam and picked up two clean towels.

“Here.” Reid held the towel open for him.

Luke looked down bashfully. Why was being naked so different after sex? He could feel
Reid’s eyes on him as he walked over.

Luke started to take the towel from Reid, but he didn’t release it. Luke glanced up and saw Reid’s focus was on his scars.

“What?” Luke whispered.

“Just thinking about those dolphins again,” Reid admitted gruffly. “The way they circled you.”

“It was kind of neat, I guess, in retrospect.”

Reid looked at him. “It was terrifying, actually.”

“I thought you said it was no big deal.” Luke titled his head questioningly.

Reid averted his eyes. He looked at Luke’s scars again. Then he reached out to touch them.

The touch was feather-light, consoling. He ran his fingers over the raised, red skin.

“It might have been a bigger deal to me than I said,” Reid’s voice was low.

Luke was amazed to realize that Reid’s fingers, so skilled in the operating room, were actually trembling as he touched the scars.

Never had Luke felt so deeply connected to another person. In an odd way, Luke valued his scars. They were the only permanent reminder of all he’d gone through, the only evidence. And now Reid’s hand was resting there. He could feel the gentle warmth of his fingers.

Luke didn’t know what to do or say.

But Reid was moving already, wrapping the thick towel around him.

“Wanna get out of here?” Reid asked, a small smile on his lips.

Luke didn’t smile back. He stared at Reid, the air between them feeling electric, not with just sexual feelings, but with a deeper urgency.

Luke took Reid’s hand in his and held it tightly.

“Want to come back to my hotel?” Luke said. “ We could hang out. I mean, unless you need a little alone time.”

“Alone time?” Reid replied. “You just satisfied any alone time I’d need.” Reid led him out of the steam room. “I do have one request,” he said.

“What’s that?”

“We stop at a store for bedding.”

“Bedding?” Luke asked, puzzled.

“Hotel sheets,” Reid shuddered, “I’m not a fan.”

A little while later, Luke waited for Reid in the car. He was in at Bed , Bath and Beyond buying some sheets. It amused Luke that the thought of new sheets seemed to excite Reid. As he waited, Luke scrolled through his missed messages, stopping at the one from Damian.

Luciano, I have frozen the funds from the foundation. I’m not sure you’re thinking clearly. We need to discuss it. Call me back soon. Perhaps I should come to Miami? I need to handle a few matters here. I will book a flight for tomorrow

Damian had never disapproved of any foundation project Luke had put together. The foundation money was Grimaldi money, but usually Damian gave him free reign. Luke chewed his lip.
What would Reid say if the money for his wing was frozen? Reid was doing all of the PR. He expected those funds. Any image of Reid happily shopping on his laptop this morning came to Luke. He swallowed nervously, feeling sick .

Reid opened up the car and tossed in a set of silk sheets.

“Fancy,” Luke said. He knew he should tell Reid about the text, but he also knew it would make things immediately uncomfortable between them. Uncertain, Luke stayed silent.

a/n: The dolphin/x-ray thing is factual (I’m not sure they’d care about a kidney scar , but they do protect pregnant ladies/handicapped people).
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Title: The Last Doughnut
Author: Marsabi
Summary: When Damian disinherits Luke, can he survive in the “real world”? Will he drive Reid crazy in the process? Pairings: Reid/Luke, Maddie/Casey, Henry/Vienna, Lily/Damian, Lucinda/John
Warning: None
Rating: PG – NC-17 (depends on chapter)
Thanks traciamc

Part 12 Promises in the Dark

“Okay, so what did you do, Oliver, to turn that boy straight?” Henry demanded.

Reid ignored him and walked over to counter for some cookies.

“Luke was a happy, newly out gay man and now he’s a Grimaldi puppet. “ Henry glared at him, “This must be your fault somehow.”

Reid rolled his eyes, “Maybe we had a fight, “ he conceded.

“A fight? Someone mad at you?” Henry snorted, “How could that be?”

“Hey, we both said ugly things, “ Reid answered, munching on his cookie. “These are stale, by the way.”

“You’re still eating it, “ Henry pointed out.

“I have a strong stomach.”

Pulling up a chair next to Reid, Henry tapped his shoulder pointedly, “Stop changing the subject. I want to discuss Luke.”

“Well I don’t.”

Henry shook his head, ‘Look, Oliver. Just do what every self-respecting man does when he pisses off his significant other.”

“What’s that?” Reid asked.

“Beg,” Henry promptly answered. “Works with Vienna.”

Reid nodded, “I can see you groveling ,” He looked Henry up and down, “Not like anybody cares if you ruin that shirt with your snotty tears.”

Henry glanced down at his colorfully flowered- patterned clothes. “Some of us have style,” he told him.

“And then there’s you, “ Reid drawled.

“Look,” Henry said, “I know you’re in some kind of pain or denial or something but- “

“Please stop,” Reid groaned. He put his hands over his eyes.

“I’m just saying I can give you the name of my therapist.”

“ For the cross-dressing? Voices? Or your general inadequacies?“

“I see a therapist to discuss my feelings,” Henry glared and snatched the cookie out of Reid’s hand, “You should try it sometime.”

“I don’t have any feelings, “ Reid grumbled, trying to take his cookie back.

They both stopped talking as Maddie walked out from the kitchen, shot Reid a dirty look and left.

“Well, I see I’m not the only one disappointed in you.”

“What can I say?” Reid shrugged, “being hated is just part of being me.”


Maddie was walking away from Al’s diner, when a hand grabbed her.

He pulled her behind a tree and kissed her lips hungrily.

Maddie swatted Casey away. “Where’ve you been?” she asked. She hadn’t seen him since that day at the hospital. She narrowed her eyes at him. “If you think you can just get another quickie from me and then go –“

“No,” Casey smiled at her. “I think I want a take you somewhere and love you slow .All night.”

Maddie gulped. She searched Casey’s face.

He took her hands. “Maddie, “ he said, “I can’t tell you what’s going on with me. Not yet. But I am trying to dig myself out of my latest mess.” He tangled his fingers in her long, thick hair . “And I want to be with you.”

“You do?”

“Uh-huh. I do.” Casey kissed her again. “Can you give me another chance? Can we be together again? “

“Will you promise to explain all this to me very soon?” She countered.

Casey nodded. “I love you,” he said softly.

“Well, then,” Maddie pressed her lips to his, “where are you taking me for that all night date?”


An hour later, Reid sat in his apartment above Al’s just brooding. He turned the television on, watched some baseball, and ended up just chucking the remote in frustration.

When somebody knocked on his door, Reid glared at it. He didn’t feel like seeing Henry or Vienna again and listening to more stupid lectures.

“Go away!” Reid snapped.

The knocking persisted. With a muttered curse, Reid answered the door.

“This had better be important- “ He started to say.

“I think it is,” Luke answered promptly and then fell into his arms.

Reid quickly glanced around, still holding Luke, and closed the door.

“What – what’re you doing here?”

“Relax. They went out of town – unexpected business trip to New York, “ Luke was kissing the skin by Reid’s ear, nibbling at the lobe.

“But it may not be safe, “ Reid said a bit hoarsely, “you’re probably being watched.”

“I am,” Luke agreed, “by Casey. “ He laughed at the irony of Casey as a double-spy, “Damian gave him strict orders to follow me around.”

Reid pulled Luke back from him.

“What?” Luke asked.

“Nothing, “ Reid answered, “ I just-“ He inhaled sharply, all his emotions visible in his eyes, but the words wouldn’t come.

They just gazed at each other a moment. Luke rested his hands on Reid’s shoulders .

“I just want to look at you too, “ Luke said, picking up on Reid’s wordless feelings.

Reid smiled and cupped the side of Luke’s face. His thumb stroked the skin tenderly.

Silently, their gazes spoke of all the longing and love for each other in their hearts. A sweet feeling of euphoria swept over them. They were here- together - at last.

Luke lips trembled as their mouths connected slowly.

They were sucking sweetly on each other’s lips, drinking in each other’s taste. All their memories surfacing through the wet, embrace of tongues. The kiss was warm and felt like it could go on forever.

Luke let out a deep , pleasure-filled moan, the sound traveling into Reid’s mouth. Reid swallowed the sound and then answered it back. They sighed at the same time and broke away to smile at each other again.

Luke’s entire face was full of happiness.

Seeing him look so beautiful, Reid just needed to kiss him once more. He joined their lips again, filled his mouth with Luke’s taste, and everything outside of them dissolved into nothing. Eyes locked on each other, the passion suddenly felt explosive between them. Their pulses quickened. Their bodies ached. Reid just wanted to put himself inside of Luke, to call his name, to make him tremble…that was everything now. Luke just wanted to have Reid pound into his body, find his center, claim him, know him, love him.

They kissed at each other’s mouths with more hunger, suddenly starving for each other. Reid knocked Luke against the wall as he kissed him again. Luke twisted around him. Their bodies moved more urgently. They sucked raggedly at each other’s mouths like it was air needed to breathe.

Reid ripped open the buttons on Luke’s shirt. He thrust his hands against the flushed skin and pinched Luke’s hard nipple. Luke clawed desperately at Reid’s back, digging his nails into him, wanting to climb on top of Reid. They had their hands all over each other, pulling off shirts and kicking off clothes.

It was not enough contact. Luke groaned and then dropped to his knees. He was dreaming of this for two weeks and five days. He jerked down Reid’s briefs impatiently and then took Reid’s erection into his mouth.

Luke loved everything about Reid’s cock. He loved the rubbery feel of it near his tongue, he loved the smell. He loved the texture of it, the veined-ridges, and the taste. He wanted it so much. When Reid finally erupted with a shout, Luke greedily drank .

For a moment they were side by side on the floor. Luke licked his lips, still tasting the cum. He touched his mouth to Reid’s open one. Luke pressed his arousal at Reid. In answer, Reid lifted his leg up, positioning Luke to hump him. Panting with desire, Luke rode Reid’s leg until he was throbbing.

Then Reid grabbed him fiercely.

“My turn,” Reid growled. Emotions powerfully churned inside of him, as Reid pushed Luke’s thighs away.

In a much more aggressive manner, Reid began to pleasure Luke, attacking his cock’s head with a merciless tongue-lashing first, and then lifting Luke’s hips up firmly. Reid knew just where to squeeze with his mouth and where to lick. Luke was a helpless, thrashing mess in little time. His body bucked repeatedly upward. His limbs were shaking and covered in a sheen of sweat. Luke climaxed violently, calling Reid’s name.

Reid savored him, closing his eyes as he swallowed.

Luke was weeping now. Reid reached out and wiped the tears, but he understood Luke well. He knew that Luke’s tears were of joy and release for him. So Reid just gathered Luke in his arms and listened to his crying for a moment.

“I love you so much,” Luke managed to get out between his sobs.

“Me too,” Reid’s voice was low and quiet.

Luke inhaled shakily, “Let’s take this to the bed. Let’s get in your bed and never leave it.”

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Reid laughed. He held out a hand for Luke and helped him up.

Together, they went onto the mattress. They still held hands, not wanting to let each other go for even an instant. Luke drew up his knees, and Reid hovered near him, touching him constantly.

Reid used his mouth to get Luke ready again. Then Reid eased himself behind Luke.

They made love, and each thrust seemed familiar and yet strangely new; their emotions were so vivid now that they were sensitive to the beauty of just being joined. Reid rocked into Luke, cradling his hips, and giving him wave after wave of intense satisfaction.

Afterwards, they were quiet, their bodies still connected.

“I missed you,” Luke told him, “I missed us.”

Reid softly kissed the nape of Luke’s neck.

He shivered in response. “Don’t let me go,” Luke begged.

Reid rested his head on top of Luke’s and just held him.

“I won’t,” Reid said with a slight catch in his voice. “I never will.”


Morning came too quickly for them both.

Reid watched as Luke dressed. He started to get up too, but Luke shook his head firmly.

“Stay,” he said. “I want to remember you just this way.”

Luke’s eyes swept over Reid’s naked torso . He smiled slightly, and then went back to dressing.

“When are they due back?” Reid asked with some reluctance.

Luke sighed, “Not until tonight, but I don’t want to take any chances.”

Reid nodded soberly.

Luke came over and sat a moment on the edge of the bed.

“I’m close now,” he told Reid. “Damian took me to the vault the other day.”

“Did he give you the combination?”

“No, but it’s the same , I’m sure. He’s so arrogant he doesn’t think anybody is a threat. “

“Still…be careful.”

Luke grinned, “Worried about me?” He teased.

Reid took his face between his hands.

“Yes, I am,” Reid said, “ and it’s not a joke.”

“I’m fine, “ Luke reassured him, kissing him lightly. “Don’t worry ,all they can think about is grooming me to be the heir of Grimaldi Shipping again.”

“As soon as Damian gives you the opportunity to get the book, you’re out of there.”

“I agree,” Luke laughed, “it’s like living in an iceberg.” He ran his hand down Reid’s naked chest. Then he rested his fingers there, feeling for the steady beat of Reid’s heart.

“I should go,” Luke said finally. “I’ll sneak out the back way.”

Reid just nodded.

“I’ll be in touch as soon as I have it,” Luke said. He leaned in and kissed Reid passionately.

Reid could only watch as Luke walked out of his apartment. The place felt so empty without him. He stayed in the bed, inhaling the scent of their lovemaking and not wanting to move, holding Luke’s pillow and just breathing .

Suddenly, his apartment door flung open. Luke practically bounced into the room. Before Reid could utter a word, Luke jumped into the bed and landed right on top of him. He straddled Reid and gave him a big, smacking kiss.

Luke then waved his phone at him excitedly, “Out of town for one more night!” he beamed.

Reid grinned back, his eyes lighting up with joy. He grabbed Luke and they rolled around happily together.

They didn’t leave the bed for a long, long time.
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Title: The Last Doughnut
Author: Marsabi
Summary: When Damian disinherits Luke, can he survive in the “real” world?
Rating: PG-NC 17 (depends on chapter)
Warning: None
Previous chapter:

Part 8 Revelations

Luke opened one eye slowly and then the other, the light seemed burning . He shut his eyes quickly and moaned. Then he heard a murmur of voices and his name being called. He tried again, opening them as widely as he could. But they were just small, bruised slits.

“Hello there,” said a vaguely familiar voice, “Glad you finally woke up to join us. This one was fit to be tied.”

“It’s just he slept so long,” Lucinda huffed, tears in her eyes that she refused to let fall, “I was beginning to think you were incompetent.”
"Hardly,” John Dixon replied, “Just letting the boy regain some needed strength.” John smiled at Luke, “Normally, I’d be doing valve replacements or angioplasties around this time of the day, but the old gal here insisted I stay with you.”

“Am- am- I okay?” Luke’s voice sounded like a rasp. He frowned and then immediately winced with pain. His entire face hurt.

John nodded, “Basically , yes. You have cracked ribs, a mild concussion and a great deal of bruised and cut areas, but…”

“You were lucky, Darling,” Lucinda told him, sitting carefully down on Luke’s bed, trying not to touch his black and blue flesh, “The police came right away. Apparently, an older gentleman came back to the diner to ask you something and saw it through the window. “

Luke opened his mouth to ask for Reid, when his door swung open.

“There he is!” Vienna called out, forcing her voice to sound bright, appalled at the sight of Luke’s face, “Awake.”

She came in with Henry. They had muffins and a container of lemonade. Luke’s favorites.

“How ya doing, kid?” Henry asked.

”I’m sorry,” Luke answered, “the diner- it must be a mess.” He could remember things getting knocked down, smashed. “And now you’re short -staffed too.”

“Please, Luke, “ Vienna waved one manicured hand at him, “No worries.” A tear slid down her cheek, making her mascara run. She was relieved to see that Luke was still acting like Luke –sweet and earnest.

“We can mange without you for a few days, “ Henry smiled with a small trace of irony in his voice. “But we’ll miss you.”

“We’re the ones who are sorry,” Vienna added. “We never had any trouble at Al’s before and-“

“You really need better security,” Lucinda interrupted them with anger.

“Grandmother,“ Luke cut her off. “It’s not their fault.”

“You’re right,” Lucinda nodded, “It’s those barbarians’ fault. Monsters! Good thing they’re in custody . Margo had better not handle it wrong or else! ”

“Reid and Holden are down there now, making sure of that,” John said.

“Dad and Reid are at the police station?“ Luke asked.

“They were here by your side all night,” Lucinda assured him, “But they wanted to be certain these men got what’s coming to them!”

Luke sank back against his pillows, thinking all of this over. He should be crying. He should be frightened. He should be wanting to hide. But he felt none of those things. That Luke was gone, left on the floor of Al’s diner. All he felt was a desire to see those creeps brought to justice. All he wanted was to stop the endless cruelty that had caused his friend Armand’s suicide, the “de-gaying” camps, his beating. Luke inhaled sharply. He felt like his thoughts were racing, the way a child might race up an enormous hill. He was plummeting down the other side now, and there was fear in him, but also a sense of weird triumph. They had thrown the worst at him, and he was still here.

Just then, his door opened once more and Lily stepped inside, an enormously expensive floral arrangement in her hands.

“Luke,” she said quietly, ‘You’re awake.”

Luke stared at her.

“Well,“ Henry said, backing out of the room, “We’ll see you.”

“Yes,” Vienna air-kissed him . She gave a disapproving look to Lily, almost snorting at Lily’s conservative outfit. Then Vienna said pointedly to Luke, “We love you.”

“Let’s go, “ Henry said, “Before you start one of your legendary cat fights.” He made a gesture like a claw and then quickly pulled Vienna out of the room.

“Mother,” Lily asked Lucinda, “Can you excuse us?”

Lucinda hesitated, and then John firmly took her arm.

“I’ll be right outside,” she told Luke.

Mother and son looked at each other.

“I’m sorry,” Lily said finally, her eyes moist, “that this happened to you.”

Luke waited. Lily said nothing else. She didn’t say she was sorry for the awful things she had said. She didn’t say she was sorry for allowing Damian to disown him. She didn’t say she was sorry for all the rejection or for turning his siblings against him.

Luke closed his eyes shut. “Look, Mom,” he said in that raspy voice, “I know you care about me-“

“I do! Of course I do,” Lily spoke quickly, “ You’re my son.”

Luke opened his eyes. “But you still think who I am isn’t acceptable, right?”

Lily’s own eyes filled with tears, “Look at what just happened!” She said angrily. “ This is exactly why I can’t accept it! “ Lily paced the room in agitation. Then she went near his bed. “ Luke, Luke…don’t you see? It would be so much better and easier if you just...” She trailed off at his expression.

Luke shook his head, “Just be somebody different? “ Then he put one hand up to his bruised cheek. He took a breath. “I can’t do this right now with you,” he said. He looked at her. “I need to rest.”

Lily’s lips trembled, but she nodded. “I’m here for you, baby. “ She touched his hand gently. “Please think hard about coming back to us- to your family- to the way it used to be.”

Luke just shook his head again. She really didn’t get it.

He rolled away from his mother and faced the wall. Every part of his body hurt, and now his heart hurt too. He listened as Lily left the room and closed his door. Luke stared at the hospital wall.

Reid, Reid…I want you he closed his eyes, please get here soon


Outside of Luke’s room, Reid leaned against the wall and tried to stop the panic from gnawing at his guts again. Panic took over every time he returned to the hospital room. Holden tapped him on the shoulder in silent sympathy, and went in to check on Luke. They had spent the last hour making sure those scumbags were being prosecuted and not getting away with anything. Reid had sat in the station, forcing his hands tightly together, forcing his mouth to remain shut for once, as Tom Hughes helped them press charges. He’d wanted to slam those assholes against the nearest wall. He wanted to tell them that Luke was his; he was Luke’s. Then he’d wanted to slice open their empty brains with a chain saw.

Reid felt like this whole thing was almost an out of body experience. He had been stunned when he had seen Luke in the ER, and for a moment when he’d seen all that blood, and he’d thought he might have to operate on Luke’s skull, he had just stood there, frozen, numb. There had been blood in Luke’s hair and covering his whole face. His lips had been swollen, and a deep laceration had just missed taking out his eye. When the nurse had cleaned the blood away, relief had poured through Reid’s body at seeing only cuts and bruises. He had assumed much, much worse.

Still, the sight of Luke had made Reid have to clench his teeth together in order not to scream. Luke seemed so small on the stretcher, shrunken. He never wanted to see Luke that way again: so hurt, bruised, battered, and humiliated. How could he have left that diner? How could he have not seen those idiots watching Luke kiss him? He went over and over those moments at Al’s, even though he knew it was a useless exercise. Reid couldn’t help himself, couldn’t help berating himself for everything. Thinking of it now, Reid made a strangled, choking sound and gripped the wall.

Holden came out. “I told him we pressed charges and all of that,” he said, his face filled with sadness for his son. “I was about to tell him you were waiting to see him, but he fell asleep.”

“That’s okay,” Reid answered stiffly, “I’ll just go sit with him.”

He was partially glad that Luke was sleeping again. He had watched him sleep all last night. Reid had not slept at all. He felt unhinged. Maybe Luke would reject him now and maybe he deserved to be rejected. Maybe it would be better for Luke to just be done with him. Reid didn’t know what he’d say to Luke. His mind was a swirling, chaotic mess.


Luke was having a beautiful dream. He and Reid were having a picnic lunch by the Snyder pond. The sky was a deep blue, the sun was bright, and the water sparkled. He was so close to Reid that he could feel his body heat, and he could smell Reid’s skin. Reid kissed his hair. He laced his fingers gently with Luke’s own.

Luke’s eyes flew open.

Reid’s blue eyes stared back at him.

“You look awful,” Luke said, after a moment, taking in Reid’s stubble and the dark circles under his eyes.

“You’re not winning any beauty contests yourself,” Reid replied. “But don’t worry,” Reid continued, “the bruises will heal. You can still have a career as a male model.”

Luke laughed and then winced and held his side. “Don’t make jokes, “ he pleaded, groaning.

But Reid was no longer looking at him; he was watching Luke hold his hurt ribs. Luke noticed that his expression darkened with anger.

“It’s okay,” Luke said to him, trying to smile through his split lip. “It looks worse than it is. It doesn’t hurt so much.”

Reid swallowed and looked off in the distance. He felt raw and exposed.

“Reid?” Luke asked slowly, sensing an incredible tension emanating from him. “What’s wrong?”

“My fault,” Reid said harshly, still not looking at him.

“Your fault?” Luke asked in confusion.

“I pushed you. Always pushing you to hold my hand or to kiss me in public or –“

“Stop!” Luke tried to sit higher up in his bed, ignoring the sudden pain. “Don’t say that.”
Reid still was looking away from him. His face tight. He wasn’t crying, but that made it somehow worse. Luke could sense the terrible need in Reid, and he immediately responded to that need.

“Reid,” Luke said quietly, but firmly, “Bad things happen. People get hurt. It’s not always somebody’s fault. “ Luke gave a hard laugh, “Or it is somebody’s fault - ignorant jerks who -“

“And if you hadn’t come out and started being with me- “ Reid said brokenly.

Luke cut him off. “If I hadn’t come out, I’d be dying inside. Do you hear me, Reid? I was dying inside day by day. “ Luke leaned forward, his voice aching with emotion. “I was living lies. Hating myself. And then I met you,” Luke reached for his hand and squeezed it, “And you saved me.“

“But it got you hurt, I got you hurt –“ Reid voice was low and rough, he gripped at Luke’s hand and couldn’t go on.

“You didn’t hurt me.” Luke insisted, “ Bad, stupid guys did… Not you. Okay?”

Luke tried to turn Reid’s head to him, but Reid was being stubborn. The best Luke was able to do was have Reid rest his head on his shoulder. Luke could feel a telling wetness at his neck and finally understood that Reid was trying desperately not to allow him to see him cry.

Luke gently stroked Reid’s hair. He could feel a shudder go through Reid’s body and he knew Reid was fighting for control. The trembling ripped at Luke’s heart.

Luke struggled for the right words. He took a breath, “I know you think cause you’re older and more experienced than I am that you need to be the strong one, “ Luke whispered to him softly, “but you don’t. I’m okay. Really. And I’m right here.” Luke caressed him again. “Look at me,” he commanded Reid.

Reid finally turned and stared up at Luke, just looking at him. His eyes were bluer than Luke had ever seen them. They watched each other wordlessly.

Reid carefully started to put each of his hands against Luke’s cheeks and was about to hold his face between his fingers. But at the last moment, Reid hesitated, afraid his touch would hurt Luke. So he took Luke’s hand and placed it on his chest instead. Luke could feel the steady beat inside his body.

Reid finally met Luke’s eyes again. His own eyes were glistening with emotion. Slowly, Reid raised Luke’s hand from his chest and placed a small kiss on the inside of his palm.

“Luke,” Reid said simply, gazing at him intensely, “I love you.”
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Title: The Last Doughnut
Author: Marsabi
Summary: When Damian disinherits Luke, can he survive in the “real world”? Will he drive Reid crazy in the process? Pairings: Reid/Luke, Maddie/Casey, Henry/Vienna, Lily/Damian, Lucinda/John
Warning: None
Rating: PG – NC-17 (depends on chapter)

A/n: This is a companion to Camp Queer. It is helpful to read that one first. Here is the link:

If you don’t have time to read CQ, you can still enjoy this story by itself. This story opens at Luke and Reid’s first date. Luke has just come out of the closet, but he had a secret relationship with Reid going on. Noah was never his lover, and when Luke came out of the closet, he was rejected by Lily (married to Damian), but accepted by Holden. Thanks traciamc for the read, and cas74 + rtruffles for the encouragement!

Part One - With A Cherry On Top

Danger. Warning. First Date with Near Virgin. Proceed with Caution.

As he waited for Luke, Reid could almost see these signs of trouble flashing in his head. Why had he ever agreed to let Luke pick him up? Why had he agreed to a formal date at all? Reid nervously paced his apartment over Al’s diner. It was Luke’s fault. Luke had turned those Bambi eyes on him and asked him about a real night out on the town. Like a sap, Reid had found himself agreeing. Now he felt ridiculous; like a schoolgirl waiting for prom more than a brilliant neurosurgeon only hours ago performing a procedure on a tricky brain aneurysm.

For Reid, sex had always been just simple fun, a rush of endorphins, an elation at release, like drinking two or three caramel lattes in one shot. That was it. With Luke, however, it was more like a hundred caramel lattes. It had been explosive, euphoric, and beyond anything in Reid’s past experience.

It had all started out as a mission of mercy. Reid had helped Luke accept the fact that he was not straight, practiced some sex moves on him, and assisted him in peeking his cute blond head out of the closet. That was all it was supposed to be.

But then there had been Luke with his goofy grin and tears of joy the night they had finally slept together. . .Usually after sex, Reid just wanted the guy to go away. But with Luke, it was all different. Reid was Luke’s first, and that fact alone made him feel like he was hanging on the top rung of a very high ladder.

And now, they were dating. Reid felt a bead of sweat drip down his forehead. Reid didn’t date. He just had to take things slowly, very slowly.

The doorbell rang. Gulping hard, Reid quickly tucked in his silver dress shirt and eyed his dark slacks in the mirror. Reid snorted at his image. This was what it had come to – he was checking out his own ass.

Frowning, Reid swung open the door.

Luke stood there with a single, pink flower in his hand. His eyes sparkled. He pursed his lips and coyly drew back his head, in what Reid could only describe as a “pretty” face.

“You’re late by fifteen minutes,” Reid greeted him sourly.

“Here,” Luke handed him the rose. Reid impatiently threw the flower on his coffee table, missing the slight flicker of hurt in Luke’s eyes.

He gave Luke a stern glance, and was met with the sheer beauty of Luke’s gaze.

“You look great!” Luke enthused, giving him another one of his sparkly smiles, making Reid scowl more.

Everything about dating irritated Reid: the need for polite exchanges, the games of twenty questions, the boring stories- it was like being in a foreign land. He would nod his head, but confuse the language. Reid understood medicine, chess moves, and dirty sex. What if he failed to offer Luke what he wanted? Worse yet, what if Luke actually wanted to make small talk? Reid cringed. Trouble. Trouble. Too much trouble! The signs in his head went crazy. The pressure was making him choke.

“Let’s go,” Reid grumbled and began to lock his door.

“Are you always this bubbly on your dates?” Luke inquired.

“I don’t go on dates,” snapped Reid.

“I can see why,” Luke mumbled and studied the ground.

The suddenly crestfallen expression on Luke’s face had Reid silently cursing. He had screwed it up already. Reid never regretted a thing usually, but now he wished he could rewind back to the moment Luke had first come to his door. Luke had such a fragile heart and the last thing Reid ever wanted to do was crack it. Reid inhaled deeply. He needed just a moment to calm himself down.

Reid paused. “You know what? I forgot my wallet.” He would go back into his apartment, splash some water on his face, and try again.

Luke shrugged. “ Don’t worry about it. I’ll pay.”

“Thanks Trust Fund, but we at least go dutch.”

“Can you please stop calling me that?” Luke’s smile faltered.

Reid just shrugged. “I’ll just be a minute. Go and wait downstairs.”


Luke hesitated on the stairs and sucked in a nervous breath. He had not touched him. Not since that night during Annie’s crisis, when Reid had come home and they’d made love. He had waited in Reid’s apartment, brought pizza and massage oil, and then… Had he done something wrong? Luke had no experience to compare it. For Luke, the night had been magical.

The only relationships Luke understood were with his family members, and most of those were messy and hurtful and left Luke constantly apologizing. He was divided between his two fathers, pulled by them in different directions. He had felt off balance for most of his life, as if he had been tumbling down a dark hole. The expectations on him were so high that it had driven Luke to bury his own feelings and deny his own nature. It was only now that he was attempting to climb his way out and truly try to live. He had no idea what he wanted yet, except for one clear thing in his mind: he wanted Reid. How he wanted him! Just the thought or the whisper of his name could make Luke’s pulse race. Reid. Luke shuddered with both longing and hope. He held the railing a moment as his body quaked. He imagined Reid’s intense gaze as they had made love.

It went beyond the physical yearning though. After Luke had come out to his mom and dad, Reid had been so supportive at the July 4th party, and then helping him move out of his mother and Damian’s house. Reid had been amazing. His mom had taken his siblings and left for Malta on an extended “vacation” until summer was over. Even now, the sting of that rejection made Luke ache. If it had not been for Holden and Reid’s support, Luke might have crumbled. He wondered now what would happen when Damian and Lily and the kids all returned. But he was so much happier at the farm with Emma and Holden. He was so much happier not having to act straight all the time- it had been exhausting.

Luke glanced at Reid’s door and then continued down the steps. Why hadn’t Reid even tried to kiss him again? He chewed his lip and worried. His gut wrenched . Maybe he had not really satisfied Reid that night? That was the real question burning behind Luke’s uncertainty. But how do you ask your new boyfriend on your official first date a question like that?


Luke went down the stairs and into Al’s. Of course, Reid would live above a diner, with all that food waiting just below. The diner was quiet at this hour. Only Henry was there, behind the counter , cleaning up.

“Luke!” He called surprised. “What are you doing here?”

“Er- “ Luke swallowed hard. He took a deep breath. “I’m on a date.”

“What?” Henry frowned. “Maddie said you guys were just pretending to date- that she was just distracting me from that no good Casey. Thank God he’s still in jail.”

"Yes, but-“

“So you’re not on a date with her?”

“I’m uh,” Luke examined his shoes, “ dating somebody else now. A man. “ His whole stomach twisted as he added,” I’m gay.” Luke’s heart beat with fear as he waited for Henry to react.

“You’re gay?” Henry repeated. “Does Maddie know?”

“Yes,” Luke nodded. He could tell that Henry was not disgusted or anything, unlike his own mother, and he felt the tension inside of him ease.

“You’re gay?” Henry said again.

“He was the other night, when I had him in my bed,” Reid quipped, coming into the room

Luke blushed all over. “Reid!” He hissed.


“Do you have any manners,” Luke said back, crimson now.

“You’re dating him?” Henry said to Luke. “Really? It’s fine your gay and all, but him! Anybody but Oliver!”

“Now, now Hank- “ Reid drawled , “Don’t be jealous.”

Henry looked at Luke pleadingly, “You’re a nice kid. Run away from him- far away.”

“You still can’t have me,” Reid deadpanned to Henry.

“I don’t want you! I’m straight.”

“Come on Hank, I’ve seen the dress. “ Reid raised his eyebrows suggestively. “ We all know you long to be the next RuPaul.”

Luke looked from Henry to Reid in confusion.

“Ignore them , Luke,” Vienna instructed , as she came from the kitchen with Maddie in tow. “They bicker like two dogs.”

“If anybody should be upset about Reid and Luke, “ Maddie declared ,“it should be me. Luke was my boyfriend first,” she batted her eyes, kiddingly.

“You know, just wait until your rent check bounces, Oliver,” Henry was threatening, “just once.”

Reid had stopped listening to him and was busy opening up the cookie jar that sat on the counter.

Henry looked back at Luke, “Flee now,” he said. “And you’re paying for those cookies,” he told Reid.

“Don’t get a tear in your pantyhose,” Reid answered, throwing down a few dollars.

“Oh Henry,” Maddie groaned, “not drag night again?”

“Henry makes a delightful girl,” Vienna said.

“You- you’re gay too?” Luke asked Henry, bewildered.

“Of course not,” Henry said, while he rummaged around for the fixings of a martini, “ I love Vienna. She just likes it when I put on some silk.”

At Luke’s open mouth, Vienna squeezed his cheeks, “So innocent, this one.”

“Henry tries to embrace his inner gay,” Reid offered, chewing another frosted cookie, “but the real mystery here is why Vienna wants him at all.” Reid turned to Vienna. “You sure you don’t want me to take a look inside your brain? Could be some damage you just don’t know about?”

“I’m sure,” Vienna said.

“Great,” Henry whined, “I have to deal with Oliver and I’m out of alcohol. “ He looked up to the heavens. “That’s just dirty play.”

“How about you, Luke? “ Maddie teased. “You sure about the gay thing, right?’ Maddie gave him a smile.

Luke nodded. “I’m sure.”

“Too bad.” Maddie sighed. “ All the ones I like are gay or in jail.” Maddie looped a friendly arm through his.

“We straight gals can all mourn the loss of Luke, “ Vienna grinned, taking his other arm.

Finally relaxing with the easy and warm acceptance from them, Luke laughed.

“Aren’t you going to fight for him?” Henry said to Reid dryly. “Because either of my girls here can kick your butt.”

Reid was shoveling in a few more cookies at record speed. “ I don’t fight. I might hurt my hands,” Reid retorted licking icing off of his fingers.

“Aren’t we going to dinner?” Luke asked, watching Reid.

Reid shrugged, “A pre-dinner snack.”

“Tell Luke he looks good,” Vienna instructed Reid. “Doesn’t he look good?”

Reid pretended to examine Luke closely, taking in the spiked blond hair and fit of his expensive blue suit. “He’ll do. “ Reid said. Then Reid gently touched Luke’s cheek. “Ready?”

Luke ducked his head in an endearing manner, “Sure.”

“Aww! “ Maddie and Vienna both exclaimed . They released Luke to Reid and smiled.

“Take care of him!” Vienna said.

“Show him a nice time,” Maddie added.

Reid rolled his eyes at them. “Next you’ll want me to check that he has clean underwear.”

“No, we want Luke to keep his pants on,” Vienna scolded and Reid gave a bark of laughter.

Luke blushed again .

Henry just shook his head. “You poor kid. Like a lamb to the slaughter.“


As they walked through Old Town , Reid took Luke by the hand. Their fingertips touched lightly, sending delicious, electric currents through Luke’s entire body. But then he darted a glance all around him and Luke tugged his hand away. He jammed them into his pockets.

“Watch out!” Reid said.


“A homophobe – over there by the bench- “ Reid gestured to an overweight man.


“And another Luke, hide! I think one is coming at us now,” Reid taunted, pointing at a small girl and her mother.

“Okay,” Luke muttered, “You’ve made your point.”

“Really? Cause if you think the fat guy is about to rush us- I have 911 on the speed-dial.”

Luke stopped walking. “It isn’t easy for me still, alright?”

Reid stopped walking too. “Not everybody in town is full of hate for homosexuals,” he said to Luke quietly. “Some people maybe, but there are plenty of others who just don’t care if two guys are holding hands.”

Luke shifted his feet. “That, as you well know, has not been my experience.” In the past, Luke had been sent to a camp to “fix” his gay impulses and his family had not supported his sexuality at all. They had convinced Luke that a homosexual lifestyle was immoral and that most people would agree with this view. He glared at Reid. “And stop making fun of me.”

Reid pulled at his hair, “But making fun of you is so entertaining.”

“You are such a jerk,” Luke put his hands over his eyes and shook his head, but amusement was in his voice now. “How can I be dating such a jerk?”

“Pretty much, I’m always a jerk,” Reid agreed.

“Are you ever going to learn some manners?” Luke asked.

“Depends,” Reid’s eyes flirted with him a little, “Are you ever going to be comfortable being out ?”

They stared at each other a moment.

“Okay,” Luke drawled slowly, suddenly feeling silly. “I’ll make you a deal. I will come out to more and more people and in return…you have to be nice to them.” Luke absently brushed some cookie crumbs from Reid’s shirt.

“Nice?” Reid scowled. “ I don’t do nice. I didn’t say I –“

“Afraid?” Luke smiled.

“Hardly.” Reid scoffed. “Fine. For every person you come out to in the next few weeks, I’ll be nice. “


“Great. Give me back your hand then.”

Luke did. They began to walk some more. Luke did feel like some people’s eyes were on him, but he was determined to ignore the looks he felt and concentrate on Reid.

Besides, Luke craved the touch of Reid’s firm fingers woven with his. The was a tingling in Luke’s body as their palms met. My boyfriend . Luke’s heart leapt at the thought. He snuck a peek at Reid. Now if he could only get him alone and get a kiss again…

“Where are we headed , anyhow?” Luke asked.

“This French restaurant that Vienna told me about. It’s the only fine dining in Oakhell.“
Reid glanced at Luke. “Is that okay?” He wanted to treat Luke to a special place for their very first date. The place cost big bucks and Reid had actually saved a little from his last paycheck.

Luke nodded, “Sure. “

Luke did not have the heart to tell him that restaurant was a favorite of Damian’s. Luke had been there many times over.

“You like French food, right? ” Personally, Reid liked the food at places like Al’s, but he knew Luke came from a sophisticated background. Besides, you don’t give your boyfriend a first date of burgers and fries.

“Absolutely!” Luke heard the unspoken concern in Reid’s voice and responded to it immediately. He would have preferred a good burger and fries to French cuisine, but he never wanted to hurt Reid’s feelings by changing his plans.

“Good,” Reid said with relief.

“Great,” Luke smiled.

They reached the front of the restaurant. Luke dropped hands and they went inside the door.

The host warmly greeted Luke.

“Mr. Grimaldi!”

“Snyder,” Luke told him.

“Are your parents coming too?” The host asked him pleasantly.

“No- um- no.”

“How many in your party tonight? “ The man asked.

“Two, just me and- “ Luke suddenly was sweating, he didn’t look at Reid. “my friend.”

“Under the name Oliver,” Reid said.

As the host hurried away to check Reid’s reservation, Reid leaned down to Luke’s ear and whispered, “Now, who’s the chicken?”

“I’m just-“

“Bock Bock,” Reid said, smirking. Then he glanced around the restaurant. “Hmm, who will I be an asshole to first?” His eyes were gleaming with mischief.

“Fine!” Luke pouted. “I’ll tell this guy we’re on a date.”

“That’s the spirit, “ Reid said with mock encouragement,” Just tell him, I’m a fag as he serves you foie gras and cherries jubilee.”

“Reid! “ Luke squealed in protest, “You really have no boundaries do you?”

Reid shrugged, “I don’t believe in pretense,” he said, “life’s too short.”

“Yeah,” Luke answered softly.

He suddenly thought about his friend Armand, who had been his bunkmate at Camp Straight Heart. He had killed himself rather than face the world as a gay man. Learning about the suicide, had been one of the central forces that had motivated Luke to come out. The other force, of course, had been Reid. He swept his gaze over Reid’s lean frame. Maybe Reid had a point about just being honest.

The host came back,” We have your family’s favorite table open,” he told them.

“Wait,” Reid said in confusion, “you’ve been here enough to have your own table? “ He narrowed his eyes. “How many times?”

Luke shrugged and didn’t look at him.

“Oh the Grimaldis come here often, “ the host told Reid happily, “they actually own the building.”

“Terrific.” Reid shot Luke a look. Luke pretended not to notice.

“It’s fine, “ Luke tried to reassure him. “The food is fantastic here.”

Just then Reid’s pager went off. He glanced at it, still upset that his big fancy dinner for Luke was not really special. He read the text and groaned.

“Emergency. It says they need my help.”He glanced at Luke regretfully. “I don’t think it’s a long one, want to come and wait while I do this? Or you could stay and eat…? ”

“No, I’ll go with you.” Luke’s sudden smile took Reid’s breath away. “Let’s continue our date.”

They left the restaurant and headed for Memorial.
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Title: The Secret of Being a Grimaldi
Author: Marsabi
Summary: Luke has superpowers. Luke and Reid are in Malta to confront Damian about some missing foundation money. Reid has just learned from Damian that Luke has been mind-reading.
Rating: PG
Warning: Sad chapter

Chapter 14

Damian had been teaching his son how to control his powers, and it was amazing to Luke how quickly he was learning. He had talked to the cook for a few hours and bonded with the woman, and soon he began to be able to read her mind. Then Damian had explained to him how to stop it. Luke went back to the cook, read her mind again, and then controlled his power and simply refused to hear her thoughts. It was like turning down the sound on the radio. It was that easy. Now, Luke thought, he could finally tell Reid. Because now he could promise Reid that he would never read his private thoughts without Reid's permission. Luke's visions were harder and more complex for him to control, since he did not know when a vision was coming. But Damian urged him to stay a little longer, and promised to help Luke with that too.

Luke understood that Reid was restless to leave the castle. But he was confident that he could handle Reid. He just needed a little more time in Malta, then they could go home. Besides, Luke was enjoying being away from everybody. All he needed was to be with Reid. He thought of the way they had fed each other fruit the day before, licking the juice from each other's open lips. He remembered Reid standing in Luke's clothing at the hospital, as he helped him with his visions. That had been just hours after they had first been together, and Reid had been so kind to him. It wasn't a kindness that Reid liked to openly show, but he had shown Luke. Luke smiled and thought about the way he had watched Reid sleeping on the airplane trip to Malta. Reid always slept with one hand tucked under his face. Luke had stroked his hair, watching him dream. Luke's thoughts turned to the night before. Reid had made love to him, rocking into him so tenderly. Despite all the strange things that had happened to him lately, Luke felt blessed.

So Luke was happy and beaming at Reid's arrival in their suite. He had been waiting for him. Luke was ready to finally explain all about the mind reading. He knew it might upset Reid somewhat, but he would spend the next few hours making it up to him. Luke imagined enjoying Reid's gorgeous body, his fingers trailing over Reid's flat belly and beautiful chest, flicking those perfect nipples, and then kissing Reid slowly -

"Hey," Reid said, giving Luke an impatient shake.

Luke jumped and then smiled, "Sorry! I was just- " he flushed, "thinking of you."

"Here I am," Reid said flatly. His mouth was turned down in a hard line.

Luke came up to him and rubbed at Reid's shoulder's with true affection.

"Thanks for being here," he told Reid. "I know it has been tough on you."

Reid pulled away from Luke's touch. "How do you know what I'm feeling?" He said.

Luke shrugged, " I just...know you." He studied Reid. "And right now I can tell something is wrong. What is it?"

"What?" Reid snarled suddenly, "You don't know? You can't just read my mind?"

Luke froze. The smile on his face faded.

"How did you- "

"Does it matter? ' Reid asked coldly. "If you must know, bad dad told me. He thought that I already knew."

"No, I told him not to, " Luke shook his head as if to clear it. Luke felt like he had been punched in the guts. He tried to reach for Reid.

"Don't!" Reid shoved him back. His hands balled into fists.

I don't want him to touch me!

Luke dropped his hand. He could hear the blades of the ceiling fan whirling above his head. He could feel the sunlight piercing through the heavy bedroom curtains. He dared not touch Reid in that long moment. He wanted to desperately, but he didn't have the nerve to risk it. The silence was palpable.

Luke struggled to find the right words. He spoke softly. "I was going to tell you. "


"Now, " Luke answered.

Reid snorted in disbelief.

"No, I was...I've been learning to control it. I was waiting until I could. It all started out as an accident, I promise."

"Forgive me if your promises mean nothing to me," Reid replied. His eyes looked into Luke's without mercy.

Luke's eyes filled. "I wanted to protect your feelings; when you hurt, I hurt," Luke said simply. Warm, wet tears slid helplessly down his face.

"Spare me! You read my mind cause you wanted to. Cause you could. Save your explanations for your therapist, since you'll no doubt end up as lonely and crazy as the rest of the Grimaldis. "

"Don't," Luke whispered, his eyes squeezing shut.

"Don't what?" Reid mocked, "Am I not being nice? Too bad. "

"Reid," Luke mouth quivered and he could barely form the words, "Don't do this. I know you're mad, but.." He tried to touch Reid's shirt. "I love you."

Reid shook Luke off and backed away like he was a snake. "Love?" His lips twisted up. "How did we get to love?" Reid laughed then, but without joy. "You love like all the rest of the
Snyders maybe, switching partners every other day like life is some big square dance."

"I'm not like that," Luke protested. "I don't fall in love easily."

"I don't care one way or the other, " Reid told him. "I should have listened to my first instincts about you. That you were spoiled and didn't think the rules applied. "

Luke covered his ears a moment. Reid roughly pulled Luke's hands away. "No , I want you to hear me, Luke. I want to thank you," he said.

Luke gulped and looked into Reid's icy stare. "For what?" And even though Reid had been so cruel, a small part of Luke was holding out some hope.

"For letting me fuck you, of course. It was fun. Meaningless, but fun. " Reid released Luke's hands and grabbed his suitcase and medical bag. He threw his clothes into the suitcase, packing quickly.

Luke grabbed at Reid. He sank to his knees, and held Reid around the waist. Luke buried his face in Reid's stomach.

"Say whatever you want to me, but don't go," Luke pleaded. "Don't leave."

Reid hesitated for just a second. Luke missed the flicker of pain in Reid's eyes as he pushed Luke off of him. "I'm done with this game," He told Luke harshly.

Luke looked up at him and shook his head. Luke's mouth was trembling. He fought to control it. "You're not a game player at all," he told Reid, " you don't play games with love."

Reid closed his eyes to hide his misery. Then he forced himself to look right at Luke's beautiful, sad face.

"I don't play games, you're right. " Reid moved past Luke to the door. He looked back at him once. "But apparently you do. And your games with me are over, Mr. Snyder."

Luke had no pride left. Still on his knees, he made one more attempt to reach his arms out to Reid.

I just hate him right now!

Hearing that, stopped Luke cold. It was like poison in his breaking heart. He stopped and let Reid walk out the door. He didn't see the way Reid covered his hands over his face, once he was safely outside of the room. He did not see the way misery etched itself on every part of Reid's features. Luke was too busy curling himself into a ball on the floor. Luke did not think he would ever get up again.

Reid wanted to flee. He was afraid that Luke would still chase him, that he would break down and just forgive Luke. So he hesitated at the elevator and decided instead to go the back way, down one of the many Grimaldi staircases. As Reid made his way down the stairs, he saw them: Damian and Lily and Lucinda. Lily and Lucinda were tied at the arms and being led by some guards. Damian looked up, spotting Reid. He nodded to his guards and they came at Reid and grabbed him quickly. They forced him down the stairs right to Damian. Reid flinched as Damian grabbed his shoulder.

"This, Doctor Oliver, " Damian drawled, "Is most unfortunate for you."


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Title: Smackdown! Reid and Luke
Author: Marsabi
Summary: One shot story about Reid and Luke attending a WWF event with Casey and Faith
Disclaimer: All belong to ATWT
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Porn, some Noah bashing

"He is coming out any minute," Luke said, elbowing Reid. "Watch."
"And what is his name again? " Reid asked. "The Lost Cause?"
"Stoned Dumb?"
"Shh," Luke said.
"The Golden Ding Dong?"
"Reid, please be serious."

Reid looked around at the screaming fans, most of them chugging cheap beer and holding up illegible signs. "Ah, yes. By all means, this is a serious occasion."

Luke just grinned at him. Reid sighed. How could it be that Luke always talked him into whatever he wanted? Then again, if it wasn't for Luke, Reid would be in a relationship with only his chess board.

"Look!" Luke nudged Reid, "there he is!"

Casey was making his way up to the wrestling ring. He was wearing gold-colored bootie shorts that left nothing to the audience's imagination. His hair had been slicked back and he had on a golden cape.

"Ooow, " Faith squealed to Reid's right, "There's my boyfriend!" She pulled at Reid's arm in excitement, making him drop his jumbo hot dog onto the sticky arena floor.

Casey waved manically to the crowd and then eagerly climbed into the ring.

It was going to be a long night, thought Reid.

Two Days Earlier

Casey bounded into the Snyder home and then practically jumped on top of Luke.

"I won!"

"What?" Luke was babysitting Ethan, who was upstairs.

"The WWF Fan Appreciation contest! I won a spot to wrestle the stars," Casey told him. "I have four tickets, Luke. Let's double date there!"

"I don't know," Luke hesitated.

"But Luke we used to love pro wrestling, member?"

"Case, I was like eight then. Some of us actually grow up."

"Come on! It will be so much fun, dude."

Luke was laughing. He shook his head, "Can you see Reid Oliver going to WWF?" He said. "He won't go."

"Hey, tell him I just started dating your sister and you need to chaperon," Casey offered.

"Which," Luke said suddenly serious, " I should. She is younger than you and not as experienced -"

"Luke, please. I know she is your baby sister and all, but she came after me. That girl is an octopus. In a good way, if you know what I mean-"

"Enough," Luke made a face, "please. I guess I can get Reid to do it. For me. For Faith. "

"Cool!" Casey beamed. "Now I just need to think up a wrestler name for myself."


"Announcing our latest fan challenger, The Oakdale Intoxicator!"

"That is his name?" Reid exclaimed.

"Well, he loved The Mountie, " Faith told him, "but it was already taken."

Reid opened his mouth to answer.

"Don't even-" Luke shoved a playful warning at him .

Reid shrugged, "Fine. But only cause Faith is here."

Then he watched as Casey and another man grabbed each other's arms and went chest to chest. They grunted and struggled to get each other in a hold.

"Doesn't Casey get how homoerotic wrestling is?" Reid asked Luke.

"Shh!" Luke said.

Casey and his opponent held each other by the shoulders, and it looked to Reid like they were struggling to do some kind of archaic dance. They grunted and would take two steps forward and shoved three steps back .

"And what is with Casey's skin?" Reid asked Luke. Luke absently took Reid's hand.

Reid leaned over to Faith.

"What is with Casey's skin?"

"It looks awesome, right? " Faith said. "I spray tanned him myself."

Reid watched as Casey's opponent did a scissor kick and nearly pinned Casey down. Casey's skin was greasy looking and had an orange glow to it.

"If Casey had ten more brain cells, " Reid commented to Faith and Luke, "he'd have ten brain cells total."

They both ignored Reid. Casey was starting to lose the match. The other guy twisted Casey's arms up high. Casey struggled to break free. Casey's opponent slammed Casey down on the ground.

Fans were booing poor Casey. Luke hid his hands in his hair. Reid patted his head. Then he nuzzled Luke's neck.

"Hey, you homos, " shouted a man a few rows behind them in an Undertaker shirt, "get the hell out."

Reid Oliver looked the man in the eyes. Then he turned to Luke with determination.

"Now Reid- " Luke started to say.

Reid grabbed Luke's face and gave him a passionate kiss.

"That's it, Reid, " Faith laughed, "slip him the tongue."

Luke pulled away, "Stop!" He told Reid. Then he looked at Faith, "You stop it too."

"What? " Faith shrugged, "I've told you before, Luke , you guys are hot. I like watching hot men make out. " She cringed as Casey took another blow to the guts. "Besides,I need the distraction from my new boyfriend getting the crap kicked out of him!"

The man in The Undertaker shirt was making his way down to Reid and Luke.

"Oh, terrific," Luke grumbled.

"I'll talk to him,' Reid said, "calm the guy down."

"You are going to talk to him?" Luke questioned. "The man probably eats pork rinds for dinner."

Reid shot Luke a quick smile, "You know, I think my finer qualities are finally rubbing off on you."

"Just let me do the talking, " Luke said, "because after two years of dating, none of my charm has yet to rub off on you."

Reid gave him a wounded look.

Luke tried not to laugh.

Casey, meanwhile, was taking a blow to the chest.

The man in The Undertaker shirt finally approached them. He was a hostile, middle-aged, beer gut and plumber's ass kind of guy; the type who showed all the intelligence of a cardboard box.

"I don't like seeing that faggot stuff," he told them angrily.

"Look," Luke tried a charming smile, "It is a free country and -"

"There should be laws against two men kissing; it is sick." The man jabbed a finger at Luke.

Luke tried to balance his shaking Starbucks cup carefully on his impeccably pressed pants. He gave The Undertaker his best puppy-dog face, the one that would have reduced Reid to mush. But the man jabbed at Luke a second time.

Luke tried to reason with The Undertaker again.

"Sir," Luke said tightly, his smile getting strained, "Why don't you just - "

"You'll end up in hell, " the man continued.

Reid glanced around the arena. His shrewd eyes took in the big-haired, saggy-boobed women and their greasy, slightly dirty men. "I thought this was hell already," he said dryly.

The man spat near Reid's feet, "If I ever see you kiss again - " He started to say.

Reid looked at Luke. Luke looked at Reid.

Then Luke kissed Reid with a great deal of tongue.

People around them started watching them instead of the wrestling match . The man pulled Luke and Reid apart. Faith tossed her drink at the man's face. He went to grab at her and Reid pushed Faith aside. Then the man, outweighing Reid by a hundred pounds, punched Reid in the jaw. Reid toppled over.

Casey, who looked up and had seen his friends in trouble, ran out of the ring and up into the crowd. He leaped at the man, his golden cape swinging, and pounded on the man's shoulders and back. Faith stomped on the man's feet. The man dislodged Casey, who promptly pulled down his booty shorts and mooned the guy. Casey's butt was extremely fleshy and white; apparently, it was the only thing that Faith had not spray tanned.

The crowd was roaring. The man got up once more, but this time it was Luke who attacked him. He gave the guy one big kick right in his tiny nuts.

"Don't ever mess with my boyfriend," Luke snarled at the guy, who was still holding his balls.

"Where did you learn that round-house kick, man?" Casey asked with admiration.

Luke shrugged. "I used to hang out with Dusty Donovan and Noah. "

The ushers had come down by then. They wanted to throw them all right out of the arena. The crowd cheered Casey and Luke now, and Casey beamed and waved his arms above his head. Faith stuck her tongue out at the cameras suggestively, darting her tongue in and out, and then held Casey possessively by the waist.

Casey nudged Luke, "See, he whispered, "she's an animal."

Luke turned to help Reid.

"You okay?" Luke asked Reid , as they were escorted out.

Reid flexed his jaw muscle. "Yeah, getting hit is just part of being me," he told Luke grumpily.

"Aww, " Luke leaned in and kissed the top of Reid's head, "Poor you."

Reid smiled at his boyfriend with a sudden gleam in his eyes, "I have an idea, " he told Luke , "how you can cheer me up."

Later, that night

"Come on, Luke. Come out already."


"Hey, you promised to cheer me up. And Casey gave us the goods. So come on!"

Luke reluctantly opened up their bathroom door and stepped out into the light. He was wearing Casey's costume.

"Turn around, Snyder, give me the full show." Reid commanded.

Luke turned. Reid admired his tight ass in the golden shorts.

He came up to his boyfriend and pressed himself against Luke. He gave that hard ass a squeeze. Then Reid slowly untied the cape and let it fall at Luke's feet like a shimmering pool.

"Can I take it off now?" Luke blushed. "Feel better?"

"Don't pout. You wanted me to like wrestling...I'm thinking you need to show me some of those WWF moves."

Luke shook his head. Reid ignored him. He ran a hand down Luke's naked chest. Then Reid pulled Luke onto their bed. Reid got on all fours and began to bounce up and down. "Okay, I'm the Stone-"

"The Rock?"

"Yeah, whatever. And you come at me -"

Luke jumped on the bed and grabbed at Reid.

"You asked for it," he laughed.

"First,' Luke said with mock seriousness, "we have the standard Nelson hold." Luke slipped his arms under Reid's arms and pulled them up. They were back to back, Luke's crotch at Reid's ass.

"Got it," Reid said. He wiggled his backside even closer to Luke.

"Next," Luke said, "We have a cool move called the Bite of the Dragon."

Reid laughed. "You are so making this up!"

"No. Google it later."

Luke knocked Reid onto the bed and trapped his legs around Reid's, pinning him. They kissed a moment, teeth grinding against each other, their legs still tangled.

"Give me one more," Reid demanded, as he started to stroke Luke through the golden bootie shorts.

Luke groaned and twisted away. "Okay."

He pulled Reid back up to his knees.

"This one is an inverted face lock, " Luke was behind Reid. He bent Reid backwards.

Reid groped at Luke's inner thigh muscle. He pushed Luke back and switched positions with him. Reid's face was at Luke's tight butt, he pulled the material of his shorts away.

"Reid!" Luke jumped back, "Pro Wrestlers do not lick each other's ass!"

Reid continued to pull aside Luke's shorts and lick. "Yeah, but they so want to!"

Luke half-moaned, even as he shook with silent laughter.

"Are you aroused or amused," Reid murmured. He found Luke with his tongue again and plunged.

Luke pointed to the bulge in his bootie shorts, still laughing. "Both, can't you tell?"

Reid stopped and grinned.

Luke sighed. "This is what you have taught me about sex, doctor."

'What's that?"

"That is can be so, so very good, " Luke kissed him. " And still so much fun!"

"Aww, no fun with Noah all those years ago?" Reid slid down Luke's body and nuzzled Luke's bulge. He grinned at the way Luke's hips bucked wildly.

"No," Luke wrinkled up his nose at the name Noah. "It was fast and terrible and always so grim. We had to discuss it before we did it for like hours."

Luke's head rolled back onto the bed, as Reid pulled the shorts all the way off now, and began to caress his cock. Reid squeezed Luke's dick, hardening him even more.

"We are going to do something for hours, Snyder, but it does not involve talking."

"Thank God!"

"I know a move that I like," Reid said softly. "But it has a number, not a name. "

Reid turned around. Luke put his hands on Reid's firm backside. Reid slipped Luke into his mouth again. He lowered his lips on Luke's ridges and tasted the salty skin. Reid sucked, causing Luke to thrash around helplessly. Then Luke grabbed at Reid. Luke gently licked Reid's throbbing cock in return. They mouthed each other more. Firm lips clamped down.

"Suck harder, " Luke commanded, coming up for air. Reid obliged him. He rotated his head from right to left as he sucked more. Luke returned his own mouth back to Reid's. They gave each other mutual pleasure. Reid tasted Luke all the way at the back of his throat. Luke's fingers caressed Reid's hole in slow, teasing circles. Reid pressed down on Luke's muscled thighs.

Luke took Reid into his mouth more, exploring him with wet friction. Reid's fingers flexed and dug into Luke's skin. Neither of them were willing to take his mouth off the other one. They licked and sucked. Tongues flicked over cocks. Lips cradled. Bodies writhed and grasped for each other's flesh. They had been together long enough now that there was no rush; they could linger and explore.

Their love did not count minutes or hours. Only hunger meeting hunger.

"So good," Reid moaned. They stopped and Luke smiled. Reid stretched his body across Luke's , pausing to pinch Luke's nipples and then kiss his open, waiting mouth.

"Now for the Mountie!" Reid teased.

"Wait a moment," Luke suddenly said, stopping Reid.


"The final pin, doctor, is mine. I plan to win this particular wrestling match."

Luke pushed Reid off of him and onto his stomach. He grabbed Reid's hands and held them high over his head. Luke opened the nearby drawer and took out some lube and a condom. He gave Reid's buttocks a playful slap. He slapped him again. Reid winced at the sting. He looked back at Luke and saw his boyfriend's eyes were dancing wickedly. Reid knew that particular expression. He was going to get it from Luke now. Reid grinned. He loved getting it from Luke.

Luke gave his boyfriend another slap on his rear end, and then he gave it a kiss. Luke then spread Reid's cheeks and stuck a lubed finger, then two, inside of Reid.

Reid groaned, "Is this why they call it Smackdown?" He asked hoarsely.

Luke did not reply. He worked another finger in. Soon, they were both breathing heavily. Reid raised his hips up. Luke entered him in slow inches, filling him. Reid clenched to make himself tighter, to make it last. Luke pulled his knees farther away.Their bodies merged into one. Their hands were still clasped together. Luke hammered into Reid and then pulled out. A thin line of sweat covered both of their bodies. Luke raised himself up and hammered in again.

"Fuck me!" Reid cried out. "Please!"

Luke released Reid's hands and grabbed his thick, curly hair and pulled his head back. Luke pounded into Reid, and his whole body trembled in response. Love-cries filled the room.

Luke started to change his rhythm; he rode him slowly now. He savored each hard thrust. He turned Reid's head to the side and gave him a sweet kiss. Reid babbled incoherent words of love and kissed Luke back. Luke smiled at the babbling, and gently put his lips on Reid's vulnerable neck. He moved his body in and out of Reid tenderly now. Luke wrapped a hand around Reid's cock and stroked. He probed the spot right behind Reid's balls. Luke loved to feel his boyfriend come. He could feel Reid tensing and then just letting it all go. Soon Luke was coming with Reid. As they climaxed together, they called out, praising each other's names.

The Next Morning

Luke put breakfast down in front of Reid and gave him a kiss.

"Ah, an omelet, " Reid sighed. " And I was just hoping to have some old cereal."

"I thought I'd make you something special."

Luke patted Reid.

Reid dug into his breakfast.

"I was thinking," he told Luke between bites.


"Maybe I will start a wrestling station for the gay man. Something on the internet."

Luke laughed, "Very funny. You don't know how to work the internet. You don't even have a Facebook page."

"I do too!" Reid said hotly "Some groupies of my fantastic surgical skills started one in my honor."

Luke just shook his head.

"It exists!" Reid said.

"Sure," Luke answered. "And you are going to go on to create Gay Wrestling and maybe be on soap operas too. "

Reid shuddered, "Okay, I do have some standards."

Reid bit into the omelet. "I guess I 'll just remain a brilliant surgeon, and leave the rest alone."

Luke took Reid's free hand and kissed each one of his fingers.

"Good plan," he told his boyfriend.

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Title: The Secret of Being a Grimaldi
Author: Marsabi
Summary: Luke can read minds and has visions. Reid and Luke are in Malta to stop Damian from stealing the foundation's money. Oh yeah, and they have been busy having lots of sex in pools (5), airplanes (9), and tied up (11)...because Lure should have sex all the time, always...
Disclaimer: Belong to ATWT
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Gothic thoughts have invaded my brain!

Chapter 12

"It is good to see you, Luciano, " Damian said again. They were sitting in the Grimaldi library, surrounded by opulence.There were heavy red, velvet curtains, a stone fireplace, and a gigantic wooden desk. All around them were wall-to-wall books. Damian was perched in an enormous leather armchair. He did not have his usual tan; in fact, Luke thought he looked a bit pale and emaciated.

"You too," Luke replied.


"Luke, call me Luke," Luke said firmly.

Damian nodded and flashed an overly charming smile, "As you wish."

Luke was having a hard time reading Damian's mind. He could hear none of his father's thoughts at all.

"And Doctor Oliver, yes?" Damian turned to Reid.

Reid merely nodded.

"Please excuse my impulsive guards."

Reid shrugged, "Captivity wasn't all bad," he smirked over at Luke. Luke blushed.

Damian noted their exchange. "So , Luke, you and Noah -"

Luke stammered, "We eh, well.."

Reid scooped up Luke's hand.

"Luke and I are now together, " Reid told Damian simply.

Luke looked at Reid. He admired Reid's ease with being out. He had always struggled with it. Noah had only made him feel more awkward. Reid, on the other hand, made it easy. In that instant, Luke felt so proud to be with Reid.

"Look, we came to discuss the money missing from the foundation," Luke said.

"You tracked it to me?" Damian asked.

"Yes, and I found the missing accounts."

Damian smiled, "Good."

"Good?" Reid said.

"My son is learning. I hoped you would find the funds. I will put them all back, of course. But I am pleased to see you business abilities have increased, Luc- Luke."

"Thank you, " Luke said. "I thought it might be one of your tests."

"You know me so well," Damian nodded.

"Wait a minute," Reid interrupted, "all this might have been fun and games for you, but this money is for the new Neuro wing - "


"No," Reid shook off Luke's hand, " this is money meant for people who are sick and waiting on this technology to help them. Who do you think you are just playing games with it and with Luke?" Reid looked Damian right in the eyes.

There was a small moment of chilly silence.

Then Damian gave another charming grin, "I see Doctor Oliver is quite passionate about his work and about you too, Luke. You are correct, of course, to be angry. I apologize. But you see, I can't just be in my son's life. Too much has happened. His mother and that town would stop me. " Damian turned to Luke. "How is your lovely mother, by the way?"

Luke shifted in his seat. "Fine."

"She's with Holden again?" Damian asked smoothly.

"Er- no." Luke was beginning to feel uncomfortable, the way he always felt in the middle of his mother and his two dads' battles.

"Luke's a grown man," Reid interrupted, " he isn't babysitting Lily."

Luke could tell Reid was just trying to help him, but Reid clearly did not know anything about talking to Damian Grimaldi.

Damian's eyes had narrowed, but the smile still played on his lips.

Luke heard, I don't like Damian. I don't trust him

Luke did not 100% trust his father either. He knew though, that the way to handle Damian was with finesse and patience. Reid, however, could never be accused of having finesse. Luke did not want to antagonize Damian; he preferred to see what games his father was playing first.

He looked over at Reid. "Why don't you go and relax and I'll catch up with Damian some?"

Reid hesitated. "Take a shower in our room, and we can meet up again before dinner," Luke urged.

"Yes, please relax," Damian told Reid smoothly. "I am preparing a huge meal in my son's honor."

Reid still hesitated, his intelligent eyes moving between Damian and Luke.

Luke gave Reid's hand a gentle squeeze.

"I'll be up soon."

Reid nodded. "I would like to wash up. " He started to leave the room. Then he came back into it, planted a hard kiss on Luke's lips, and looked at Damian with a cool challenge in his eyes. "Be back."

Reid left.

Damian and his son studied each other. Luke was trying to probe Damian's thoughts again.

"It won't work, Luciano," Damian told him softly.


"Reading my mind."

Luke nearly jumped out of his seat. "How did you know I -"

"I can feel it," Damian replied calmly, "your mind seeking mine."

"Do you read minds too?" Luke asked.

Damian shook his head, "But the Grimaldi's have had powers for centuries and many others in our family have had that gift. I can block you from reading my thoughts because I have had to block others before you. "

"So, you have just that power?" Luke was almost disappointed.

Damian smiled, "No, I have visions of the future sometimes, and I can sense many things. On
occasion, I can place ideas into a person's head."

"I've had visions too, " Luke murmured. "But I can't control any of it. Block myself at all."

"Your powers are new, Luciano. But they are strong. And they are growing; I feel them. Don't be surprised at developing even more abilities soon."

"Why are they so late to come to me? Mother had said something about the powers coming at puberty?"

Damian shrugged. He stood up and began to pace the room. He seemed agitated at the mention of Lily's name.

"Not sure. It could be...Well, the powers do usually come on at puberty, at a sexual awakening ,and then grow from there...With your mother, I felt my powers blossom. Even though I had my powers for many years before meeting Lily, she was my true love. That made me even stronger. We Grimaldi's need love, Luciano, we feed off of it. "

"What do you mean? " Luke asked, getting frightened.

"Just that love and youth are what keeps us strong. But that is true of all people, yes? Without love, we all crumble."

Luke did not know how to answer.

"Speaking of love," Damian went on, "can you tell me more about you and Dr. Oliver? How has he accepted your powers?"

Luke stood up. "No, don't tell him! Promise me, Damian. " He flushed. "I plan to tell him myself very soon."

Luke hung his head in sudden shame.

"I understand," Damian said, "you're mother could never handle my powers either," Damian's mouth twited bitterly, "She always ran back to Holden."

"Reid is different," Luke insisted, "but I just have not gotten to it yet."

Luke considered telling Damian that Reid did know of his visions, but he held that back for some reason. He was getting more and more uncomfortable and suspicious of Damian.

Damian looked at Luke and frowned. "I won't say a word. And I can help you."

"Help me?"

"Develop your powers and control them. Teach you to read minds only at your own discretion and to block others from your mind too."

"Really? " Luke asked, intrigued despite himself. If he could control the mind-reading, he could promise Reid not to just invade his thoughts.

"Trust me," his father said.

Luke frowned. He wasn't sure that he could trust Damian.

"It's just - there have been so many things you have done," he said finally.

"All I ever have done was out of love," Damian pledged, "first for your mother and then for you." Damian walked closer to Luke. "Haven't you ever really loved somebody and done things to protect their feelings, even wrong things?"

Luke shuddered. Damian could not know how guilty he felt about Reid. Luke tried to shrug it off.

"We are not talking about me," he said hotly.

Damian nodded, "No, of course not, " Damian turned charming again. "I am to blame for so much. But I vow to you, my son, I will make up for it all."

Damian had closed the distance between them .

"Trust me," Damian repeated, grasping Luke's arm and staring into his son's eyes. And suddenly, Luke did trust Damian. He nodded and smiled.

Damian released him, "See you at dinner, Luciano," he said.


Damian's eyes were a bit sad as they watched Luke walk away. Luke had no idea that Damian had just put that trust into his brain. Damian wished it could be different, but he did not have the time to just try and win his son over the natural way.


Luke entered the suite he was sharing with Reid. As he came in, he found Reid sleeping in the bed, with only a towel wrapped around his hips. Luke sat down and watched Reid sleep. Even in his dreams, Reid appeared restless, his eyes moving rapidly, one fist clenched. Luke bent down and gently kissed one of Reid's bare shoulders.

"Sweet dreams," he said to Reid. Then Luke got up quietly to head for a shower. He did not see the way his words impacted on Reid. Reid's arm relaxed and his mouth turned into a smile.

Chapter 13

The Grimaldi dining room left no expense spared: crystal chandeliers sparkled above their heads, rugs from Turkey cushioned their feet, priceless china was placed at their table, and
rare heirlooms gleamed from every corner of the room. Reid felt extremely uneasy. He looked at the several tiny spoons and tiny forks. Who could possibly need so much silverware? He glanced at Luke, sitting and ready to eat. He had such manners, and he made it all look so effortless. Reid felt inadequate and he hated that feeling.

Damian Grimaldi entered the room. He was dressed in a formal tuxedo. He walked nervously around the table, smiling in that snake-like way that Reid had quickly come to hate, and pulling anxiously at his fingers. Reid watched him with suspicion. Why did Damian appear so nervous? And Luke? Why did Luke just sit there, smiling at bad dad? He seemed content to just trust Damian. Reid longed for a good brain to cut into, something to relax him.

"I forgot to tell you earlier, Luciano," Damian was saying, "We have another person coming to our table."

Reid waited for Luke to correct Damian about his name, but he just nodded.


"Your grandmother Bettina."

"Grandmother Bettina?" Luke said, amazed. "But isn't she -"

"In a hospital, many sad years. Yes. But when I came back to Malta, I decided she should be with me," Damian smiled. "A son should be loyal to his parents."

Luke turned to Reid. "My grandmother was drugged many years ago by Damian's nanny."

" Yes, Orlena was her name. She raised me; she loved me. Or so I thought. I thought she was my real mother, but she was just a fraud, " Damian added.

"What happened to this nanny mommy?" Reid asked.

Damian stroked his chin a moment. "Poor thing, " he said at last, "she killed herself."

"Grandmother Bettina was left in a vegetative state and hospitalized."

"But now," Damian said brightly, "she has come home."

Just then, the dining room doors opened and a nurse pushing a wheelchair brought in Bettina Grimaldi. Her face was a mass of wrinkles, her fingers twisted and useless in her lap, and her eyes were vacant.

"Hello," Luke said, trying to be polite. He got up and kissed Bettina's sunken cheeks.

Bettina had no reaction at all. The eyes just stared out at nothing.

Damian gave a nervous laugh. "Do not bother, Luciano, she is not truly here. She is just a body; her mind is gone."

Reid stood up slowly. He took Bettina's hand and checked the old lady's pulse. He started to examine her face.

Damian all but pushed Reid aside, "Please doctor, sit back down. Let us eat."

Reid allowed himself to be directed back to his chair. But for the first time in his memory, Reid Oliver had no appetite.

After the dinner was finally over, Reid eagerly waited to be alone with Luke. The old woman had just sat there while they ate, the nurse standing behind her. Damian had barely touched his food. He had kept glancing from Luke to his mother. Only Luke seemed relaxed, and Reid found that very odd. He just wanted to get out of this crazy house. The money was back; they could leave.

Reid managed to pull Luke out of the dining room for a moment, before dessert was to be served. He made his case quickly. He urged Luke to leave with him right away. However, when Reid proposed this idea to Luke, Luke simply refused.

"I need to stay at least a few more days. "


Luke shrugged. "Damian is helping me understand some things about my family . And my grandmother is here."

"That is another thing. I have operated on brain trauma. And her pupils look fine. She does not have the eyes of somebody in a brain damaged catatonic state. I want to examine her-"

"Reid. Relax. Just, don't make my father angry, okay?"

Reid frowned.

Luke took his hand. "I promise, we will leave in two days. Just give me two more days here."

Luke softly touched Reid's lips and then he gave him a kiss.

They went back for some dessert. Reid barely tasted all the delicious cakes. Even the food at the Grimaldi castle felt odd in his mouth. He was relieved at the end of the meal.


Damian watched Reid Oliver take his son quickly away from the table. He could deal with Reid Oliver at any time; Damian did not consider the doctor a threat.Not yet. He watched Luke leave. His son shined with beauty and vitality. Alone with his mother, at last, Damian turned and looked into the old lady's eyes.

"Yes, mother," Damian said. "He is everything we discussed. Yes,I will," Damian put one hand to his pounding head. "I said I will mother," The old lady continued to stare out at nothing. "I will obey you," Damian told her harshly, "I always do."


Luke and Reid were quiet as they went back to their room. Reid felt a great deal of emotions churning inside of him, but he was at a loss of how to express it. Then Luke leaned over and kissed him, and Reid found himself just accepting that kiss. His movements became certain as he stripped off Luke's clothes. Luke was murmuring love words to him, and Luke's eyes were half-closed. Reid kissed him again and Luke let out a sound of pleasure like a broken sigh. He stroked the tender side of Luke's arms, and buried his face in the crook of Luke's neck.Then Reid sucked hard on one earlobe. His hands wandered up and down Luke's body. Luke was quickly taking off Reid's clothes. Then bare skin rubbed up against bare skin. Reid delicately nibbled his way down Luke's back and then he cupped the flesh below.

He gave his tongue to Luke, putting it deep inside, offering him a mindless, groping pleasure. Then Reid kissed his way back, over Luke's thighs, up his belly, back to his parted lips.Their bodies were both shaking now, wracked with desire. In Reid's eyes, Luke's body appeared luminous, his strong chest and flat stomach and muscled arms were perfection. The sight of him, the taste, the smell -it was consuming Reid with tenderness and longing. It had never been like this for Reid before; he had never really made love.

Reid kissed each inch of Luke's skin. His mouth hungrily found Luke's again, and Reid's hands gripped Luke's hair. Reid could never say to Luke all that he felt; he wasn't made that way. But he could touch Luke. He could try and reach Luke through a caress. Their bodies were at ease with each other, as if they'd always been connected. Making love to Luke was no longer a game; it was no longer a casual touch. It was earthly and warm and constant.

Reid parted Luke's legs, drew his knees up,and entered him in one thrust. Luke arched his hips up in welcome. Reid yanked Luke's legs even higher up. Desire beat wildly between them. Luke was calling Reid's name over and over. Reid drove into him hard and fast, and Luke held onto his shoulders and then frantically grabbed at Reid's ass and pulled him closer. Reid resisted and pulled away, only to slam back down into Luke again. Then he changed the rhythm. He began to move inside of Luke with kinder, steadier strokes. Reid could feel Luke's orgasm start to consume him. He could feel Luke's muscles tighten and then release.

Reid had never felt so complete. Luke became the flame, the center of everything. They moaned together. Reid came into Luke forcefully, emptying everything he had inside of his soul into that moment, like someone who had found his way from the darkness.

They exchanged no words; they held each other. Luke spooned his body into Reid's body all night long.

The next day Luke left to spend time with Damian. God knows what they were doing. It was the same that afternoon. Reid found himself alone and frustrated. He wandered around the library, attempting to read, fighting his impulses that were screaming at him to escape.

Damian entered the library .


"Mr. Grimaldi."

"Please, Damian."

"Mr. Grimaldi, I was wondering about your mother."


"Yes, I'd like to give her a full examination. Perhaps I can help her?" Reid offered.

Damian smiled. "How nice of you. Luke has told me of your brilliance, " Damian's eyes darted around the room. "But I'm afraid many doctors before you have tried."

"Still-" Reid insisted.

"Oh, just enjoy your time here. With my son. Before you return to Oakdale."

Reid raised one eyebrow. "Don't you mean before Luke and I return to Oakdale?"

Damian stared at Reid a moment. The corners of his lips twitched. "Of course. That was what I meant. "

He took a step toward Reid and made a gesture to touch him on the shoulder.

Reid dodged the touch.

Damian held up his hands.

"I'm not real touchy-feely," Reid told him flatly.

"Except for my son?" Damian asked coldly, dropping the pretense of any charm.

"Luke can touch me any time," Reid said, his tone equally frigid.

"I am glad Luke can be with you, trust you," Damian said.

Reid snorted in some disbelief.

"No, really, " Damian said. Then he smiled like an animal spotting its prey, "After all, it is not just any man who could accept that Luke has been reading his mind."

"What?" Reid said.

"You know, right? Luke would not keep this power from you? He hears your thoughts. Your every private thought," Damian shrugged. "I'm happy you accept this so well."

Reid did not answer.His heart was breaking. He turned and left the room abruptly.


Damian laughed.

Just then, the nurse came in with Bettina.
Damian's smile vanished. He shuddered at his mother's approach.

"I will keep Luke here, mother. Yes, you will have him at your mercy." Damian's eyes filled up with tears. "But please, " he begged his mother, " you promised. Do not hurt my Luciano."

Bettina Grimaldi just sat there.

author note* The part about Damian's mother and nanny is based on the show
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Title: Luke and Reid at Fantasy Fest
Summary: Luke and Reid visit Key West at Fantasy Fest.
Disclaimer: ATWT owns them
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Naughty, silly fun

“I can’t believe you talked me into this!” Reid grumbled.
“Oh come on, it’s great!” Luke answered enthusiastically. They had just arrived in Key West for its famous Halloween Fantasy Fest. And the streets were filled with colorful buildings and bars. All around them were people in various states of undress: there was a man being led around in just a dog collar, a group of men dressed up in hot pink fifties outfits proudly letting their johnsons hang out of their mini-skirts as they skated by, a man dressed as Strawberry Shortcake complete with a red mustache and painted strawberry derriere, and multiple Katie Perry wannabes. It was 3 o’clock in the afternoon.
“I’m not doing any of this, “ Reid told Luke. They walked up and down Duval street, hand in hand. Reid and Luke were still in their travel clothes.
Girls flashed some bosoms of ranging sizes at the nearby bar. Both men and women responded by throwing beads at them. Other men and women quickly grabbed their movie cameras and zoomed in on the girls’ bared breasts.
“I am not ending up naked on Guys Gone Wild,” Reid said to Luke.
“ That’s Girls Gone Wild,” Luke corrected him.
“Whatever, I am not ending up on the E channel.”

Luke suddenly stopped. “Here it is!” He proclaimed.
“The Key Lime store. “ Luke dragged Reid into a tiny store. Everything in it was Key Lime, from the walls to the cookies to the liquer. Key Lime everywhere. Luke immediately began to grab a basket and shove item after item into it.
“Key Lime decorated glasses and Key Lime flavored soaps and Key Lime flavored coffee and –
“What are you doing?” Reid said, watching him in amazement.
“Shopping. I need to bring home something for everybody in my family.”
Reid groaned. Luke’s family never ended.
“Luke, “ Reid said, trying to reason with his boyfriend, “these all say made in Ohio.”
“So? “ Luke shrugged. “They were shipped right here to Key West.”
“Reid, I’m gay and I’m in Key West and I’m shopping.” He flashed his dimples at Reid. “Okay?”
Reid nodded. “Sure. I guess it could be worse.”
“How’s that?”

“We could be at another Halloween in Oakhell.”
“Last year was fun!”
“Yeah, fun times. Bobbing for apples and carving pumpkins and grandma’s cider.”
“You liked the bobbing for apples with Natalie and Ethan.”
“I’d rather be bobbing for something else.”
Luke threw 5 more Key Lime items into the basket.
It was going to be a long afternoon.
After they left the tiny shop, Luke wanted to go into another one. “Or how about we go to Hemingway’s house? I heard all of his cats just prance around.”
Reid just stared at Luke and frowned. “I’ve been shopping for two hours and now you want me to go and see some old cats at a dead writer’s house?”
“Fine, “ Luke said, laughing at Reid’s sour face. “Let’s at least get some food.”
“Food? Finally!”
With that they turned to go, and Reid smacked right into a man’s enormous fake tits.
“What the hell?” Reid jumped back.
“Yo, watch out for the Boob Tube, “ The man gestured at his breasts wrapped up inside of a fake square television that hung around his chest proudly.

Luke cracked up at Reid’s shocked expression. He took Reid by the hand and led the poor, perplexed doctor away.
They made their way to a local Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger restaurant. Luke wanted to sit on the outside patio. He wanted to watch the street and all the festivities. Luke’s whole face was glowing, partly because he loved a good festival and partly because he was at an openly gay event with Reid.

Reid was not looking out at the street. He was devouring his hamburger and chips.
Just then, a man ran up to the porch railing where the two of them were sitting. He rammed his naked cock through a space between the rails.
“Whadda think?” He said to them
Reid arched his eyebrows. “Medically speaking? Curves a bit too much to the left.”
The man just smiled at them drunkenly and kept his dick right where it was.
“Hey, “ Luke whispered. “I think he wants a bead.” They examined the man’s neck, which held various beads in bold colors.
“Why does everybody get naked just for beads?” Reid complained. “Money, presents, or even food – I can see that,” Reid scowled at the man. “Go away.”
“What?” Reid gestured to the drunken man. “This guy and his ugly penis are actually ruining my snack.”

Luke glanced at the drunk man. He was still standing there, waiting. Luke handed him a bead, careful not to touch him too much.
The man left, stumbling down to the next bar.
Luke’s mouth twitched. “It was a pretty ugly penis.”
Reid shrugged, “Told you,” he shoved some more chips into his mouth.
Then Reid ordered a beer.
“Do you mind? “ he asked Luke. “I know you don’t drink, but I may not be able to stand this place sober.”
“Go ahead.”
“On one condition.”
“I’m afraid to ask.”
“Costumes, “ Luke smirked at his boyfriend, “we need them, Reid. Right away.”

They agreed to surprise each other with their costumes and meet up in an hour. Luke had no problem finding his costume. He went to the nearest body painting place. During Fantasy Fest, artists just lined up outside the pubs, offering to paint you for a small fee. The one Luke ventured up to was by Crabby Bills place. Luke quickly shed his clothes and let them get to work. All around him, men were openly kissing and embracing. Women were dancing on the tables in leather underwear. Luke definaely was not in Oakdale.

Meanwhile, Reid was having a more difficult time. Every “costume” in Key West exposed pretty much everything. Reid even saw a man dressed as the Pope. He had on the Pope’s pointed hat and a see through golden jacket and nothing else. Reid had not seen so much naked flesh since medical school. Some of these bodies did not look much better than the cadavers he’d cut open. Men with big flabby guts paraded up and down the street. A woman sauntered by. She was over 200 pounds and had her butt cheeks crammed into a pink thong. Then the parade began. The crowds thickened. Floats had started move. Each float had a different theme. Reid watched from a store window as the Baywatch float went past him. The men were hairy-looking things in their red bathing suits and big blond wigs.
“Hey there, aren’t you a good looking fella?” The guy smiled at Reid. He was naked, except for a large purple hat and purple glowing condom on his cock, and he was painted as the Mad Hatter.
“Aren’t you supposed to be looking for Alice? ‘ Reid asked with irritation.
“I’d rather have a tea party with you,” the man winked.
Reid grunted. At least the guy was quick.
“Seriously, “ the guy continued, “this is my costume shop. What do you want? Bondage? Little House on the Prairie? Sponge Bob? We got it all. What’s your fantasy? “
Reid’s eyes roamed all around.
“That one,” He smiled suddenly.

Luke walked down the street, feeling just a tiny bit self-conscious. Whistles and offers of beads followed him. Luke ignored it and walked to the spot he had agreed to meet Reid. Luke tugged a little on his tail. He hoped Reid appreciated his efforts.

Reid was looking at Luke at that very moment. He had frozen in his tracks. Luke Snyder was completely naked , except for a tail. He was covered in orange and gold body paint. Luke was a tiger.
‘GRRR,” Luke clawed at him happily, as Reid slowly walked up. Then Luke’s own eyes widened at Reid’s costume.
“Why Doctor Oliver, I’d never have pictured you the Top Gun type.”

Reid grinned. He was still letting his eyes wander up and down Luke’s tiger painted skin.
“I have my secrets.”
Reid was wearing a white navy jacket and navy hat. His firm stomach muscles glowed in the bright sun of Key West. His blue eyes were sparkling. He wore no pants at all. He had golden tassles hanging from the bulge on his navy-colored briefs.

“Besides,” Reid offered, “it was the most conservative thing they had.”
“I bet.”
“And it’s political too.”
“Political?” Luke said, puzzled.
Reid turned around. On the back of the skimpy briefs was the slogan “Don’t ask, Don’t Tell.”

Luke Snyder almost fell over he was laughing so hard. Then he grabbed at Reid and kissed him endlessly as the Fantasy Fest parade circled all around them.
“Luke,” Reid’s voice had roughened with desire. Reid’s hands were caressing Luke’s bare skin.
“Let’s go back to that hotel suite you got us.”
Luke nuzzled Reid’s neck and then flicked the top of his navy hat playfully. “Yes, sir.”
They reached the hotel in record time, barely making it through the door before practically tackling each other. Luke jumped into Reid’s arms and circled his waist with his strong legs.
Orange paint smeared all over the crisp, white jacket and neither one cared. Luke took Reid’s hat off and put in on his own head. He grabbed Reid and kissed him fiercely. Reid’s hands lifted up Luke’s tail and kneaded the strong muscles underneath.
“Ever have a tiger cock up your ass?” Luke said wickedly, his eyes dancing.
They jumped into the king-sized bed and Reid threw off the million little pillows that the hotel had so carefully placed. Then Luke crawled on top of Reid, licking his skin, inhaling the musky smell of him. Reid grabbed the condoms and lube from the drawer. Luke bit at Reid a little and dug his nails into Reid’s hip.
“Taking the tiger thing a bit far, aren’t you?” Reid said.
Luke just grinned. “Flip over.”
Luke lifted up the back of the white navy jacket that Reid still wore. He yanked off the briefs and threw them across the room.
Then Luke warmed the lube on his fingers and then found Reid’s hole. He stroked and petted Reid. Reid started to thrash around. His hands flailed around for something to grab. His fingers dug into the sheets.
Luke did not waste another moment. He pounded into Reid.
Reid’s muffled screams of delight filled the room. It lasted a long, long time.

Afterwards, they tangled up together and listened to the noises of the streets outside. Body paint covered them both.
“We really should get up and shower off,” Luke finally commented. “We are getting paint all over this bed.”
“Luke,” Reid laughed, “it’s Key West. They’ve seen it all.” He ruffled Luke’s hair. “Besides, you’re rich. Have them send you the bill for any damaged covers.”
They started to head to the shower, wrapping sheets around their lower bodies, when Reid suddenly stopped and looked through the curtain and out to the ocean visible from their balcony. Luke walked up behind him and hugged him around the waist. He leaned his head into the back of Reid’s shoulder. The sun was setting in the sky, a beautiful pink color. Reid turned and gave Luke a sweet kiss. They watched until the sun went slowly down.
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Title: The Secret of Being a Grimaldi
Author: Marsabi
Summary: Luke can read minds and is having visions. Damian returns and causes trouble. Luke and Reid just became lovers in chapters 5/6.
Disclaimer: All from ATWT
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Extreme violence... For anybody who hates Chris Hughes

Chapter 7

Author note: This chapter really is more gruesome than most things I write. But to me, it feels like justice for Reid's ending on ATWT and his poor organs.  Feel free to skip down to Chapter Eight . Eight is nice and light.

SInce sunrise, the dark birds had been circling the Oakdale woods. They had flown up to the highest branch of a giant tree, just waiting for the possibility of lunch. They called to each other incessantly.

Across town at Al's diner, two men were busy consuming a rather large quantity of burgers and fries. The meat was raw in the middle, but the men did not notice. They were large, thick-headed, hungry men.
Their boss had sent them into town with a simple order: kidnap F. Snyder and C. Hughes. The boss had sent them this order in a quick text, providing these names and the victims addresses. The men were on their way to do the job, when they stopped for some food.

Meanwhile, Chris Hughes was on his way to stop by his brother's house. He wanted Tom's help in convincing their father to give Chris the Chief of Staff job. It wasn't fair to give it to Dr. Oliver. He was a pompous ass, as far as Chris was concerned. Maybe he was a genius surgeon. Big deal? Chris was well-liked. Besides, Chris was the son of Bob Hughes, not Reid!  Chris felt anger at the thought. How dare Dr. Oliver become his own father's choice. Tom would help him. They would just wear Bob down about it. He would soon give the job to Chris. People always gave Chris what he wanted.

Across town at Al's, the two men had finished their lunch.

"Which one should we grab first? " asked the taller man to his partner, as they walked out of the diner .

The other man was very fat, but totally ruthless. The taller man was simple and just enjoyed his huge paycheck for the work he did. The taller man would have like to do the job quickly. He wanted to sample to local bars, maybe hook up with some easy girl for the night.

The other man shrugged. "Let's grab this C. Hughes first. He lives a little closer."

The fat man was bored by this job. It had no chance for blood or fighting, or anything he enjoyed. Just a standard kidnapping. Big deal. He would have to chat with his boss, Mr. Damian Grimaldi, about his employment lately. But even the fat man knew to approach Damian with extra care. He would ask for a change of partner and some more action, after this Oakdale job was done.

"Hey," the tall man said, groaning a little, "is your stomach hurting at all?"
"Naw," the fat one said impatiently. "Let go and do this, okay?"

They drove to the Hughes house.

When Damian's two men reached the Hughes house, they actually walked up to the door and were planning to knock politely. It was amazing in this day and age how many people still just let you inside.

But as they walked up Tom and Margo's sidewalk, they saw a man just outside the door, fiddling with a key.

"Hey," the taller one said, "Are you C. Hughes, by any chance?"

The man, who was wearing a white lab coat, and looked annoyed, turned to them. "Yes, I'm Chris Hughes, what do you want?"

The fat man and his partner exchanged glances. Too easy.

The fat man grabbed Chris Hughes by the arm and flashed him the gun. "Come with us," he said.

As the two men drove toward Lily Snyder's house to pick up F. Snyder, they both began to sweat. Chris Hughes was in the back seat. His mouth was gagged. His eyes wide and tear-streaked. Snot hung from the corner of his nose.  He had been wailing like a baby, so they had shut him up. 

"Hey," the fat man said to his partner. "Pull over there. My stomach, ahhh. I gotta take a dump."
"In the woods here?" The taller one asked.
"I can't wait."

The car pulled off the road and into a thick, wooded area. The men looked at Chris.

"Should we tie him up in the car?" The taller one asked. Holding his own, now aching stomach.
"Stupid burgers!" The heavy one cursed. "Stupid hick town.""Just bring him," the taller one shouted. "I can't wait either."

They grabbed their guns and grabbed Chris Hughes. The three of them stumbled into the woods.

"Don't try a thing," the fat man told Chris. Then he pushed Chris down by a tree and went to take a big shit.

Chris Hughes thought he saw his chance to get away. The two men obviously had food poisoning. Chris got to his feet. He would run  into the woods. Chris didn't want to die. He still needed to do so many things: become Chief of Staff  through nepotism and then delegate the harder work to the nurses, date Katie in order to continue to promote the growing incestuous nature of Oakdale,  learn to hold an erection for more than 2 minutes and convince a girl to not spit it out. No, Chris would not die. He would escape, just like the heroes on television.

"Aww no!" The taller one said, seeing Chris Hughes take off. He hurriedly tried to pull up his pants.

The fat one did not bother to pull up his pants. He just grabbed the gun and shot.
"Wait! " The taller one exclaimed, " the boss didn't want us to shoot him!"
The fat one shrugged, a sudden gleam of excitement in his eyes, "Unforeseen problem," he said. "What are you gonna do?"

Chris Hughes ran as fast as he could. But despite being a decent-looking guy, he was in horrible shape. He immediatly began to perspire. The sweat rolled off him. His body stank. Chris stopped threw off his doctor's coat and ripped off the gag. He started to run again, when he heard another shot. The first one had missed him,  but this one hit him in the shoulder.  Chris felt his whole arm spasm. Another shot. Chris fell to the ground.

The two men, shit running down their legs, caught up to Chris.

He was still alive, but shot and bleeding. They looked around the forest. Then they looked at each other.

The fat man shrugged. "Get a shovel from the back of the car."
"Why did you pack a shovel," the taller one asked, perplexed.
The fat one smiled, "I am always prepared."

The taller one saw that when he opened up the trunk. Besides a shovel, he saw an army knife, lighter fluid, two more guns, and even an umbrella. Too bad his partner had not packed toilet paper, the taller man thought as his stomach continued to clench in pain.

When the two men got the shovel, they dug a fast pit. Chris Hughes was still alive, but bleeding heavily now. He could see the men digging the pit.

"Please, " Chris said in a whisper. The men ignored him. They kept digging, stopping only to crap a few more times. The woods began to smell of blood and feces.

The taller man stopped a moment, "We should really call the boss. Make sure he wants this."
The fat one hesitated. "He's close to dead already. Won't change anything."
"We should call, " the taller man insisted.
"Right. You call. " The fat one said. "I need to go to take another dump."
"What about him?" The taller one said.

They both studied Chris Hughes.

"He ain't going anywhere."

They left him a moment. One man went to make the call and the other man went to take another crap in the woods. The pit was right next to Chris. His eyes  opened and he stared at it. A gurgling sound was coming from his mouth.  Pain radiated from every part of his body. That was when Chris saw them. The birds. Circling above him in the sky.

The birds flew down  and landed on Chris. They hopped along his bleeding flesh. Their yellow eyes were blank as they bit. Pieces of clothes and skin got thrown in the air like confetti. The claws dug into his skin and then into his bones. The screaming sounds did not scare the birds away much. They flew up when he screamed, and then immediately flew back down. They were focused on the meat. One bird sank its claws right into Chris Hughes' balls. It feasted there. It pecked at Chris Hughes' cock over and over again. Another bird, ate at his left eye. The white part oozed out. A third one landed on his chest and began to eat at the skin and blood. Eating Chris Hughes' guts and heart. More birds were coming. There was no more screaming, the body finally stilled. The birds, however, continued their meal.

By the time the two men came running back, it was all over. The birds had done the job for them.

"What a way to go," the fat one murmured, in almost sick appreciation.
The taller one retched in the dirt.
"Should we throw him in the pit and bury him now?" The taller one asked, once his stomach recovered.
The fat one shrugged, watching the birds feast.
"What's the point now? They will leave nothing," He said. "Let's just grab his ID. We don't ever want anybody identifying this one." 

The two men did that and then went to the car. They sighed. Now they had to call the boss again.

Damian Grimaldi cursed in Italian.  Incompetent men! Screwed up informants! First his men botch the simple kidnapping. Then they tell him the wallet of the man read Chris Hughes, not Casey Hughes. And to make Damian's day even worse, Chris Hughes was dead. Nobody was supposed to die. His informant had never mentioned Chris Hughes had returned to town. The only reason Damian had thought to target Casey in the first place was due to the knowledge that Holden was out of town and Noah was in the hospital. He had simply hoped to get Lily and Luciano's attention. Now, the men had kidnapped the wrong C. Hughes and it had to be covered up. What a bad day Damian was having . Oh well, nothing ever went smoothly the first time around.  Damian threw back a quick shot of whiskey. He really must get better help.

"What should we do now about , F Snyder ?" His man on the phone was asking.
Damian scowled, "Nothing, right now."  He shook his head. "Just return to Malta. "
"Right. Sorry boss."

Damian just hung up. He would deal with those idiots later. Right now he had to fly from New York to Oakdale and sooner than he had planned. 

Chapter 8

"You are more upset about the money missing than you were about my brain," Luke pouted.

They were sitting at the breakfast table, hungry from a long passionate night.
After returning from the hospital, Reid had taken Luke into Lucinda's steam room. They had made love right up against the glass door. Their bodies pressed together. Sweat from the steam room dripping off their backs. Reid had licked the salt on Luke's bare skin. He had tasted and teased him, moving his mouth on Luke's body, seductively.  Reid then had pushed Luke's thighs apart and there was nothing to stop his probing fingers. He caressed Luke intimately, and had sank down into the steam. All Luke could feel was his hot mouth pressing against him. Sucking the very essence of Luke as he had exploded . After that, Reid had moved back up Luke's trembling body, practically holding Luke up as Reid's lips had found Luke's lips and he kissed him hard in a torment of tongues and teeth. Steam and sweat covered their flesh. Unable to resist,  Luke had glided his fingers up and down Reid's spine and down to his ass. Luke then had deepened their kiss. Their bodies joined in a hungry urgency. The passion built into hot, sweet torture.  And like that first encounter in the cabana, Reid again took his sweet time.  Reid had cupped Luke's backside and lifted him up. He had sank into Luke, rocking into him in sure and steady strokes.  Whatever lingering doubts Luke had suffered after years of being with Noah, he now forgot. The sex with Reid left him raw and satisfied. It went beyond anything he had ever imagined.

Now they were eating toast and eggs and contemplating the stolen money.

Reid was frowning. "Brain trouble I can handle. It's clear. But the missing funds mean no neuro wing."
Luke heard Reid's thoughts clearly, no wing, lives lost, my job in trouble

He quickly touched Reid on the shoulder. Luke big eyes were full of compassion. "It will be alright," he told Reid softly. "I have an idea where the money is...and even if I lose it all, I have other money. My grandmother, my mother."

Reid shook his head. "No way! Taking it from the foundation - that is what a foundation is for- but I'm not taking your personal money, Snyder. "

"Okay then," Luke said. "Take a trip with me instead."

"A trip?"

Luke nodded. "To Malta. We can leave right away "

"I don't take vacations. I haven't had a day off from work since med school," Reid protested.

"It isn't a pleasure cruise, " Luke snorted. "We are going to the Grimaldi castle in Malta. I just know that is where Damian and my missing funds must be."

"I can't believe that I'm involved with somebody whose family owns a castle, " Reid mused.

"Oh," Luke's whole face lit up all of a sudden, "Are we involved?"

"No!" Reid said quickly. "This is just"

Luke heard, Luke just wants great sex from me. He doesn't want more. Keep it simple, Oliver.

Luke wanted to correct Reid's thoughts. He wasn't sure how to do that. Truthfully, he had expected it to be only sex too. But for Luke, sex was never simple. And he was feeling a lot more than that for Reid, especially after Reid had taken such good care of him at the hospital. However, Luke was not sure exactly what it was he was feeling for the doctor. With Noah, love had come before they had even contemplated sex. With Reid, the incredible sex had started so fast. Luke glanced at Reid. To just look at him, Luke would have believed his words. That this was all just simple fun. That would have crushed Luke. But actually hearing Reid's thoughts, allowed Luke to sense Reid's nervous caution underneath it all. Luke did not believe that this was casual for Reid either. But he did not know how to just come out and reassure him. 

"So you will come with me to Malta," he said to Reid.

"I have my Noah." Reid looked at Luke with a slight challenge in his eyes. "What about your boyfriend?"


"He is stable, but don't you want to be here?" 

"You said that he would be sedated for days. We will be back soon enough."

Luke met Reid's eyes directly. "He can wait. Are you going to come with me or not?"

"Convince me."

Luke leaned over the table and gave Reid an open-mouthed kiss.

Reid gave him a mockingly stern face, "Well, I can't trust you to go alone."

Luke squeezed Reid's hand. "True. " He peeked up at Reid through his eyelashes and took a chance,

"I need you, Reid," Luke told him.

"You need me?" Reid parroted.  

Luke shrugged and gave Reid a coy, little smile, "After all, I might still require more medical attention."


Reid opened the door to the house he was sharing with Katie. He found  Katie folding some of Jacob's laundry. It was always amazing to Reid to see just how tiny the kid's clothes were. 

Katie glanced up at him and smiled, "Hey roomie."

Reid nodded.  

"Spend the night at the hospital?"

"Uh...Of course."

"You are so dedicated

"That's me."

"Then why did they tell me you were not there? I called last night to ask you to pick me up some milk."

Reid groaned. Katie smirked. Busted.

"Who did you hook up with?"

'Hey, I don't kiss and tell," Reid said grumpily. He began to help Katie carry the huge basket of laundry to her bedroom.

"Well, you still sound the same, obnoxious, but you look relaxed."

"Do I?"

"Hmm. Just tell me, good sex or bad?"

Reid just looked at her.

"Wow!" Katie grinned. "That good."

"Listen, let me give you the rent check now. I am actually going out of town for a few days."

"With this new lover boy?" 

"No, no. There is a problem with some of the foundation's money and they need me."

"To do what?"

Reid searched his mind for an answer. "Deal with the people involved."

"Somebody wants you to deal with people? You?"

"Hey, I can talk to people!"

"What about work, the hospital...?"

"Chris and Bob are here. I'm sure the amazing Hughes family will keep the circus going for a day."

Katie made a face at the word Chris. "He hasn't called me at all today, thank God, " she told Reid as she handed him some of her underwear to put in her drawer. 

"Maybe he finally got the hint," Reid said, taking Katie's hot pink undies like he was taking a mouse by the tail. 

"I hope so! How many times does a girl have to say no?" She handed him some more underwear. This
one had polka dots and a smiley face. 

 "Katie," Reid groaned. "I'm happy to help out with the laundry, but how about you just give me Jacob's stuff?"

Katie laughed. "Reid Oliver, you so want to wear my panties."

Reid flushed.

Katie chuckled harder. "Or maybe see them on that new lover?"

Reid left the room. "I can't hear you," he said and walked quickly away.

Katie was still laughing as he fled.


Meanwhile, Luke quickly drove over to Lily's house to pack up for the trip. When he arrived, he found Faith there.She was sprawled out on the couch, and painting her toes a deep blue color.

"Hey," Luke smiled at his sister. "Where's mom?"

"Who cares?" Faith rolled her eyes. "Sobbing over dad some place, maybe."

"Try to be nice, Faith. "


Luke heard, Mom hates me. She hates me!

"Mom and you should try and talk," Luke advised gently.


"Faith," Luke sighed. He knew trying to reason with Faith was impossible."Listen, can you tell her I'm going
to be out of town a few days with Dr. Oliver on foundation business?"

"Dr. Oliver?" Faith said. She closed up the nail polish and flexed her feet. "Are you dating him now? He's hot."

"We're just -I mean-" Luke stammered.

Faith's eyes widened. "You are with him! Is he coming over? Can I see you guys make out?"


"What?" Faith smiled at her brother. "I like watching two guys kiss. "

"I really don't want to hear this," Luke said, trying to escape up the stairs.

Faith followed him. "Just tell me what he kisses like."

"No! I'm not telling you anything about my love life. Got it?"

Faith made a sour face at him. "Luke, I'm a frustrated virgin. Let me live vicariously through you and -"

"Nice vocabulary," Luke teased.

Faith flashed him a smile, "Thanks. I'm studying for the SATS."

"I'm still not sharing with you," Luke told her. He opened up and suitcase and began to pack.

"Oh, come on! Don't be NFL."


"No Fun Luke."

"Faith. Why don't you go call Parker or somebody?"

"Parker," Faith snorted. "He doesn't want me and neither does Gabriel. It's all about that yucky Liberty. "
Faith wrinkled up her nose. "I'd rather Parker and Gabriel kiss each other than her!"

Luke heard, I'm so lonely.

Luke ruffled his sister's hair. "Hang in there, Faith. The right guy will come. " 

"Whatever." Faith rolled her eyes. "Let's get back to you and Dr. Hottie. Give me one detail."


 "Please!" She gave Luke her best sad face. "Like how does Noah's kiss compare to Dr. Oliver's?"

Luke sighed. "You will drop this, after I tell you that?"

Faith nodded.

"He's ...It's like Noah's white bread compared to creme brulee. Or- "

"Vegetables compared to a hot fudge sundae," Faith offered, growing exciting.

Luke laughed. "Visiting Alaska versus Tahiti."

"Fucking a mannequin versus fucking a  --"

"Okay , Faith. We're done!"

Luke pushed her out of his bedroom and shut the door. Sisters! But there was a wide smile on Luke's face as he grabbed from the top shelf of his closet some condoms and lube that had not been opened in a long time.  

Luke arrived at the airport early. Lucinda's jet was all ready for them. He stood at the terminal and gazed out the window. Then Luke turned, somehow sensing Reid coming up behind him.  Reid was carrying a small suitcase and his medical bag.

"Hey!" Luke beamed at him. "I was only joking about the medical attention."

"Can't hurt," Reid shrugged.

They smiled at each other.

Reid was dressed in his leather jacket , silver shirt, and tight black jeans. Luke let his gaze slowly take in his new lover.

"Are you ready to fly? "Luke asked him softly.

"Sure," Reid replied, "Lets go."

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Title: One Night Only
Author: Marsabi
 Rating: PG
Summary: This began as a one shot deal based on a Lure prompt (Luke is drunk and has a one night stand with Reid. Reid does not know he was a virgin). I just couldn't stop there. So here is part two and three...
Disclaimer: Based on ATWT; I don't own them or Luke and Reid would still be a couple
Warning: none

One Night Only: Part Two

4 months later

Holden sighed at Luke. "You know, son, it is just that we are so disappointed in you. We expected better."

"Is this because of Noah and that girl?" Lily asked.

Luke groaned . "No mom. I did this mess all on my own."

It had been a difficult few months. Noah and Ameera were always on campus, truly married now, always pawing each other. It made Luke want to drink again, but ever since he had that one night with that stranger, he had been sober.  Casey had suggested going out with Reg, a boy in school who had always liked Luke. So Luke had tried that. Reg was nice, and unlike Noah, Reg was totally gay. But after the first few times of fooling around with Reg, Luke had to admit there were just no sparks.
After sleeping with Reid, whatever his last name was from wherever, Luke could not continue to see Reg. All he thought about were Reid's kisses and how totally hot they had been. He could see Reid's hands running all over his body. Reid pushing him down into the soft grass. It was just cause I was drunk, Luke told himself firmly, that is why it seemed so ...explosive. He tried to put Reid out of his mind.

He had attempted to distract himself by hanging out with Casey. That was when the trouble began. Stupid guys on campus had teased Reg, harassed him about being gay. Casey had been there and defended him. Casey loved a good fight. Then Casey had the bright idea that Luke should run against that group and try to be class president. One disaster after another had led Luke to cheat at the election.

"Trust me, dude," Casey had promised, "Nobody will know and those prejudice bastards will be out."

But they had found out. Ameera had heard about it from Maddie and had told Noah...Noah had turned in Luke. Another betrayal. Walking around the campus that day, Luke felt like his loneliness was visible on his skin. In the past, Luke could not wait to go back to school. But now he would be glad to leave.

Luke felt no love left for Noah after that incident. Noah had insisted it was for Luke's own good. Ha! He had been kicked out of college now. Noah just hadn't wanted his ex-boyfriend around his wife. He wanted no reminders of Luke. He considered Luke a "mistake." 

 At least Luke had covered up for Casey.

"Look," he told his parents now, "I wasn't that excited about college at any rate."

"What will you do?" Holden said pointedly. "If you stay with us then you must apologize and go back -"

"Yes," Lily said. "Mother knows the dean and we can get you back in. Luke?"

"I'll go see grandmother," Luke sighed.

Lucinda Walsh observed the misery in her favorite grandchild's eyes. They had just called the dean to make an appointment.

"Tea, dear?" she offered Luke. Lucinda thought that Luke looked too sad; his eyes were sunken in and it looked like he had not slept well.
Luke took a sip. He looked over the big office at Worldwide. It was as impressive as his grandmother. The office was massive. It was meant for intimidation, but Luke had good memories of the place. Lucinda had let him play in the office many times.

"You never went to college, did you grandmother?"

Lucinda laughed, "I wanted to. Nobody thought much of a girl's education then." Lucinda's eyes hardened, "But I showed them."

She examined Luke again. "Darling," Lucinda said slowly. "If you need a break from college and that boy Noah and all-"

"I do."

"Well, how about working here for a bit?"

"At Worldwide?"

"Why not? It is a family company."

Luke grinned suddenly. "Mom will kill you, grandmother."

Lucinda cackled. "Fighting with Lily is half the fun of my day!"
Then she shrugged her elegant shoulders. " Don't worry about that. What else is new between your mother and me? Look, I can give you work.  Let you have time to think."

Luke smiled, "What would I do here? Make copies? Get coffee?"

"Of course not! Your a Walsh-Snyder. You go right to the top. Besides, I have a project you'd be great at. I need somebody compassionate and thoughtful; I think it could be you."

"What is it?" Luke asked , intrigued.

"I have a friend, Eliza Judd, her poor grandchild is sick. Right now the girl and her parents are in Dallas with some great doctor. Well, they won't accept Eliza's help with money and their hotel bills..." Lucinda rolled her eyes. "So Eliza and I thought we could have somebody go down to Dallas and create a special family wing in this hospital -where loved ones can stay -they can be right there..."

"Wow," Luke said, his face lighting up with interest. "That sounds amazing."

Lucinda nodded, "You'd have to go to Dallas, dear, and stay awhile."

Luke shrugged. He'd felt for weeks now that he was trapped in a place in his life where he was doing nothing but waiting. Getting out of town and taking some action sounded fine to Luke.

"I'll do it."

"Wonderful!" Lucinda tapped Luke on the leg. "You never regret what you do, my boy, only what you don't have the guts to do."

Luke smiled at that. He had spent most of his life being careful to do only what had been expected of him. Then Noah had broken his heart and Luke had done something completely crazy. Yet Lucinda was right. Luke had kept on expecting to regret his one night with Reid, but those feelings had not emerged. It had actually helped him move forward, past Noah and all of that humiliation and pain.

"I'll do a good job," he told his grandmother.

Lucinda grinned, "Fantastic! I will send you on the jet in a few days. Do prepare yourself though , darling. "

"For what?"

"I heard their child's Doctor, Dr. Oliver, is not too crazy about our idea."

 A day or two later,  at the Dallas General hospital, Reid was having a terrible day.

"No way," Reid told his boss.

"Dr. Oliver,"

"I don't have time for this!"

"The Judds are your patients,"

"Only Annie."

"The money Worldwide if offering us and this family wing - it could put us on the map."

"Who cares about some wing to hold the hands of the healthy?"Reid demanded. "What a stupid idea. We need a new Cardio wing, new Neurology wing too. Not this."

"Dr. Oliver - "

"And who is this Mr. Snyder? Some young, spoiled brat  with deep pockets telling me to meet with him?"

"You will do this, Dr. Oliver. It is not a request."

Reid left the room furious at his boss, at this Mr. Snyder, at the Judd family. He needed to focus on Annie and only on her. Not coddle the rest of them .

He frowned and picked up his cell phone. He had been ignoring the texts from Mr. Snyder, but now he had no choice. Still, a nasty smile spread over Reid's face, nobody said he had to play nice.

Okay, Mr. Snyder. I heard that you and your money are flying in to town. I will take you on Richie Rich tour of your life. But that is it. 

  Reid expected Snyder to tell him to go to hell and go off to do his good deeds someplace else.  He was shocked when a text came back.

Fine, Dr. Ice -I mean Oliver . You can buy me dinner and we can plan the wing.

Why should I buy you dinner,
Reid texted, "Aren't you Mr. Checkbook? Then Reid added, Do you even know a thing about a hospital?  Oh wait, you must own one back home.

I might own yours too before my day is done, the text came back, be careful.

Reid shook his head. At leat this Mr. Snyder had balls . He just hoped he had a brain in his rich boy head. Reid planned to convince him to forget about a family wing and give the hospital some new equipment.

Luke checked into his hotel and then called Mr. Judd. The man was so angry and fearful. He had all of his hopes on this Doctor Oliver to save Annie. From what the Chief had told him, Annie was not going to be saved. Doctor Oliver had only promised to try and extend her life by a few months. Luke had felt so sorry for Mr. Judd. He became determined to provide Annie and her parents with a state of the art wing to visit in. Even if this Doctor Oliver was already making it clear that he resented Luke, Luke was determined not to fail. Not again. He wouldn't be a disappointment to Lucinda like he'd been to his parents. 

Doctor Oliver was supposed to pick a place for dinner, but his texts kept putting it off. The man sounded like he never went anywhere!

Luke texted Doctor Oliver again. Why don't you just meet me in my room here and we can order in chili? 

Chili? came the swift reply, don't you mean caviar and champagne?

Jerk, Luke thought. Although a small part of him was enjoying all the snark. At least Doctor Oliver was honest and his texts kept Luke on his toes all day.

That is not my style, Luke texted back. Be here by 7.

He enjoyed ordering this big shot Doctor around.

Reid entered the hotel about 15 minutes early. He just wanted this to be over. He went up to Mr. Snyder's room and hit the bell.

"One minute," called a voice behind the door.

Reid stood there. The door flung open.

Luke had only a towel wrapped around him. 

Luke had assumed it was room service with his chili and ribs. It wasn't.

It was Reid. The only man he had ever slept with.

One Night Only : Part Three


The two men stood looking at each other in shock.

"What are you doing here?"

"You're Mr. Snyder?"

"You're Doctor Oliver?"

Luke's eyes widened.  Reid glanced down at him, and Luke blushed, realizing he was only wearing a towel.

"I- I thought you were room service,"

"Lucky bell boy," Reid smirked.

"One minute," Luke fled to the bathroom to dress.

It didn't matter. Reid could easily picture him naked. He could picture  how tight his ass had been as Reid had pushed inside of him...He could picture Luke's expression of awe and delight as he came.

"Should we discuss the family wing now?" Luke asked. He had surprised Reid, and Reid jumped.

"Sure. Why not?"

Reid kept his gaze intensely on Luke.

There was a knock on the door.

"That must be the chili and ribs I ordered," Luke said and opened up the door again.

As they ate some and looked over the hospital papers, Luke kept sneaking glances at Reid . It had been dark that night and he had been drunk. He remembered Reid's taste and touch, but his actual looks had been murky. He remembered he had thought that Reid was cute, but - Oh, God...

Really, Luke did not remember those piercingly blue eyes or those perfectly firm lips or strong-looking fingers. Luke watched as Reid wrote a note down. Those fingers that had been inside of him and had ---

"Earth to Snyder! Hey!"

Luke looked up. Reid was waving a paper at him. "I said you need to sign these."

"Oh. Right." Luke grabbed at the paper. Their hands touched.  Reid smiled slowly at him; his eyes were looking Luke over.

Luke stood suddenly.
"Well, I think we've worked enough tonight. I assume you have a home to go to and things to do..."

Luke gestured towards the door.

"Yeah," Reid agreed, and he picked up the rest of the papers.  "I should go," he said. Then Reid just stood there and stared at Luke. No one had ever stared at him quite like this before. He stared at Luke like he was going to devour him.

Luke nervously rubbed his palms up and down his jeans. Reid's eyes followed the gesture. Luke saw Reid's eyes had darkened slightly.

Luke felt himself grow hard.

"Do you need to take the actual plans home?" Luke asked and cursed the higher pitched sound of his own voice.

Reid tapped the side of his head. "Naw. Photographic memory."


Reid took a step closer to Luke.

"I never really forget anything " Reid told him with a small smile.

Luke was certain that Reid must feel his heart pounding.

He looked up into Reid's eyes.

Luke's own eyes were huge. They looked like doe-eyes.  Reid saw that they were filled with both confusion and longing.

Reid cupped the side of Luke's face.

Suddenly, it did not seem to matter that Luke barely knew Reid, his body was insistent about remembering every touch. Luke leaned against him. He inhaled Reid's scent like oxygen.  

"I can't believe you are Mr. Checkbook,  deep pockets Snyder," Reid stroked Luke's face some more as he spoke. 

Reid's other hand touched Luke's blond hair gently. 

Luke swallowed. 

"Don't try all that fancy romantic talk, Doctor Oliver, " Luke said back, "I might faint."

Reid grinned at him then. 

Then Reid's face became serious. "You were a bit drunk that night," Reid said slowly. "No regrets?"

Luke reached out and played with the collar on Reid's shirt.  "What makes you think that I even remember?" Luke teased. 

"Brat." Reid continued to touch him.

Luke laughed.  "Well, I do havea really nice jacket from that night."

Reid rolled his eyes.

"And of course,' Luke's voice deepened . "I also lost something kind of big."

"Hmm? What?"

"My virginity," Luke said softly.

Reid's eyes went wild. "What?"

Luke couldn't repeat it again. He had not meant to say that at all. It had just slipped out of his mouth. Luke just shook his head.

"You told me about a boyfriend," Reid said in a measured tone. He had dropped his hands to his sides.

"He always wanted to take it slow," Luke whispered. "All we ever did was kiss."

Luke reached for Reid again, but Reid pushed him away.

"Is  this some kind of game?" Reid demanded. "You look me up somehow? Follow me here?"

"No!" Luke reached out for Reid imploringly.

Reid shoved Luke back against the wall. They looked at each other in anger. The tension flew all around them.

"I'm not sure you were a virgin. You seemed to suck me off easily enough," Reid accused angrily.

Luke felt his own rage and grabbed on to it. "You are- I - you -" Luke stumbled for a reply. " Maybe you used me. Did you know I was going to be part of the Worldwide money? Did you know who my family was?"

"Hey, I don't need some spoiled boy's family for anything. I make my own way."

"Great! Good for you. Just get the hell out of here." Luke shoved back at Reid.  Luke refused to allow this guy see him break down.

The two men were face to face and Reid still had Luke pinned up against the hotel wall. They looked at each other.  For a moment neither one moved.

"I will," Reid dropped his grip on Luke and headed for the door. 

"Fine," Luke said and rushed past Reid to open the door for him, "You weren't that good anyhow," he added, trying to hurt Reid. 

"Don't come around the hospital or bother me again," Reid instructed as he left. The door slammed behind him.

Luke slumped down against the wall.  Don't cry, he told himself, not over that jerk.

Reid stormed over to the hotel elevator. Images of that night with Luke crossed his mind. He recalled Luke's drunken state, Luke's sorrow over his boyfriend's marriage, and the look of sheer surprise on Luke's face when Reid had flipped him over...

"Aw, damn," Reid groaned. Luke really had been a virgin.
Reid pinched the edge of his nose and thought. There was really no way this could be anything but a crazy, cosmic joke. He glanced back at Luke's hotel door and frowned. 

Luke covered his eyes and tried to calm down. He nearly jumped out of his skin when the door opened again and Reid stood there, towering above him.

"Here is the thing," Reid said, "I don't think either of us did plan that night."

Luke quickly wiped his eyes with the heel of his hands.

Reid gave the younger man a moment to compose himself.

"If I had known..." Reid said finally, "I would have stopped."

Luke just nodded.

"You first time should be with somebody special," Reid said awkwardly. "Shit, I sound like a greeting card."

Luke smiled slightly at that.  

"I tried that - to be in love-" Luke said, his voice quivering. "He just didn't really want me."

Reid bent down to Luke. He gently kissed Luke's tear-stained face.

"Sounds like a big moron to me ," he said.

Luke pulled away. "I don't want pity." He stiffened.

"Good," Reid told him, "cause I don't do pity."

He took Luke's hand and placed it gently at the bulge in Reid's pants.

"What I am feeling for you, Mr. Snyder, is certainly not pity."

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After the Rattle
Disclaimer: These characters belong to ATWT

Chapter Six: Skin Deep


<a href="">6</a>

After Luke pulled Reid out of his Chief of Staff party, they rode home in a chilly silence. Reid tried to tell Luke that he was "overreacting."

He did not have to ask why Luke was upset; Reid could see that Luke was jealous. Steam practically rose out of him when he introduced himself to Dr. James Davis  and his brother Alec.

"It was nothing," Reid said now, in the frosty silence, "It was a few casual dates."

"Did you sleep with him," Luke hissed.

Reid opened his mouth to answer and then closed it.

Luke pulled up into Lucinda's driveway and practically leaped out of the car.

Reid sighed. How could he explain to Luke that the sex was just sex. That it had meant nothing. That back then, Reid had been lonely and working as a resident at his first hospital job, and it had been nice but nothing more. No, Luke couldn't undertand that. For Luke, sex meant love. Look how long he had waited to sleep with Reid. Nothing for Luke was causual. And Reid did not want Luke to be any other way.  

As Reid recalled that time in his life,  he and Alec had hooked up out of convience. And yes, Alec had wanted more, but Reid had been incapable of giving it to him. Reid's heart had always been frozen - until a certain black-mailing, breath-stealing blond had come into his life.

Reid went into the pool house and found that Luke had already turned off the light and was curled up in bed. Reid reached out a hand.

Luke flinched away.


Sadness filled Reid's face. He couldn't handle Luke rejectng him; Luke taking back all that love and warmth that fed his hungry soul.

Reid left the room.

Luke turned and looked at Reid as he left. He felt bad, but angry too.  Luke felt all of his old insecurities come rushing back to him. He knew he wasn't Reid's first, but to actually meet a past lover. To see that man looking at Reid. Reid andLuke's love felt so fragile now. Luke felt tears well up in his eyes. He should know from his past with Noah that love can turn on you. 

They both slept poorly that night.

In the morning, Reid went to physical therapy. Luke was long gone.  Reid's friend and fellow doctor, Dr. James Davis , examined his hand and they began to do a series of exercises to strength his hand again. 

"ShouldI use the band nightly?"
"Yes. If the tingling does stop, then I think the hand will recover its full use."

"And if not?"Reid asked  hesitantly.

James just shrugged. "We keep trying." 

A few minutes later, Jame's brother, barged into the room.

"How is the hand, doll?" He grinned and pinched Reid's leg.

James goraned. Reid scowled.

"This is a private physical therapy session," Reid told him flatly.

Alec shrugged. He continued to talk and flirt. 

Reid continued to reject him.

When James excused himself for a moment, Alec grabbed Reid .

"Still such a cold fish," he said to Reid. "Still without any emotions inside of you."

"Why do you care, Alec?" Reid shrugged him off. "We were only together a few times."

Reid suspected with Alec it was all about his ego. He was a good looking man, used to getting whatever he wanted. Reid had not been too interested. Alec had most likely never been dumped before, and Reid had dumped him. He had not really known Reid, and certainly had never loved him. This was just ego. Reid was sure of that. "Why do you care?" Reid repeated.

Alec merely smiled and then tried to kiss Reid on the mouth. Their lips made contact and Reid tried to push him off. Just then,  the door swung open and there was Luke.

"I was coming to say sorry. " Luke's mouth turned down at the corner and trembled. "For overreacting, like you said. Obviously, the jokes on me." Luke turned and ran off.

Reid finally shrugged off Alec and ran after Luke.

But Luke was already gone. 

Luke grabbed his things from the poolhouse and fled to the farm. He never wanted to see Reid again!  His lover was in town one day only and he had already caught them in a kiss! He was a fool. He would stay with Holden awhile -away from town. Luke felt humiliated.

After failing to stop Luke, Reid stormed back into the hospital. Alec was still there, standing by his brother. Reid ingored James , and grabbed Alec's arm.

"Don't come near me again," Reid snarled.

Alec merely shrugged. "Why cause of that boy? A pretty child. A decoration. You  know you need a man."

"Come on guys-" James  tried to break the heated  conversation up.  He had always been the better brother, less spoiled and more sensitive than Alec. He had always watched as Alec was coddled by his parents. Alec was a petulant person. He only was angry at Reid because Reid never treated him like royalty. All his other boyfriends had.

Reid gave them both a cold look. "I don't have time for this," he said. Then he turned and left.

"Good move,'  James told his brother.
Alec just ignored him. His eyes were narrowing in anticipation of the chase.

Reid looked for Luke at Java, but all he did was run into Noah. Noah, already back from LA, too scared to cut ties with Oakdale. Noah. Terrific.  The two men exchange nods just as Alec, who had followed Reid, came in.

"Seen Luke?" Reid asked Noah.

"Nope. Whay ask me?"

"He was upset," Reid said, "You seemed like a logical choice to ask."

"If you are not taking good care of Luke," Noah said loudly, " I will deck you again."

"Classy," Reid taunted, " as intelligent and articulate as ever."

Reid rushed of Java , blowing right past Alec.

Alec did not try and follow Reid this time. He examined Noah.

"Not a friend of yours, I'd guess?" he said to Noah.

Noah scowled, "No. That man stole my boyfriend."

"Interesting," Alec smiled and patted Noah's arm. "It seems we have a reason to talk..."

Over at her house, Katie was crying. Chris Hughes had bruised her heart badly. He had been flirting with a nurse, right in front of Katie. He had then told her he needed "time," after his transplant, to "figure it all out."   Katie had dumped him right then and there. She  realized he had been a desperate attempt at love, since her husband Brad's death, Katie had felt desperate. But she did not really love Chris. That was why her heart felt bruised, but not broken. Katie would allow herself this one good cry and then move on with it.

Just then her doorbell rang. Katie opened it. The doctor friend of Reids, Dr. James Davis, stood there.

"Hi, um, I am looking for Reid," he told her, "this is his address on his records at Memorial."

Katie shook her head. "He did live here , a few weeks ago he moved. Come in and I can give you his new address."

James took in her tear-streaked face. He couldn't stand to see tears, especially on a cute blond.

"Are you okay?" He asked. Katie met his eyes. She had not noticed that they were a striking green color. A blush stung her cheeks, "Fine."

She did not want to cry on this stranger's shoulders, even if his shoulders were nicely built. 

"So you and Reid are friends?" Katie said, handing him the address.

"Well," laughed  ,as much as anybody is allowed to be Reid Oliver's friend."

Katie laughed to. "I kow what you mean, but Luke has really changed him."

"Has he?"

"Oh yes."

"I just hope that Luke is stronger than he seems," Dr.  Davis murmured.

Katie gave him a funny look. "Why do you say that?"

The doctor sighed, "Just take my word for it." He sighed again. He never should of let Alec come to town with him.

He thanked Katie and shook her hand. A flash of chemistry sizzled between them. Katie pulled away and Dr. Davis left.

Whoever didn't treat her right was a big fool, he thought.

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Title: After The Rattle
Author: Marsabi
Summary: This story srats when Reid and Luke roll over the baby rattle at Katie's house. It fixes the Chris problem and other things... 
Disclaimer: These characters  are from ATWT ...I don't own anything
Rating: PG

Chapter Five:

"Well, " Bob put a friendly hand on Reid's shoulder, " this is your night. We are offiically celebrating your new job as Chief of Staff."

Reid looked around at the tacky banner and smell of cheap punch and then took in all the people he did not know standing stiffly around with fake smiles. Then he took in the nurses and other doctors'  fake smiles.

"Great," he said to Bob. Nobody could replace Bob Hughes, except another Hughes...What had he been thinking?

"How is the hand?"

Reid shrugged. "Don't worry. I will be operating soon. I have a special therapist flying in today."

Bob nodded. "You know, the Chief often does paper work anyway- can't remember the last time I actually operated," Bob said.

Reid forced a smile on his lips. He would never be that type of Chief.

"Hey guys!" Katie and Chris sauntered over.

Chris had a hand on Katie's butt. Reid wanted to slap it off. First, Katie had nursed him back from the transplant. Then she had to hear him turn down the Chief of Staff job. Now, Katie had told Reid that Chris wanted to "find himself" some more and take their relationship a few steps back. Bonehead. Doogie Hughes did not derserve Katie!

Not that Reid Oliver cared about her personal life. No, of course not. He was a practical man, a surgeon, focused on medicine and that was it. He had no time to get involved in the love lives of Oakhell. 

"Hey, sorry I am late," Luke came up beaming. Reid noted how all the people around Luke beamed back. 

"You didn't have to come," Reid told him grumpily. 

"I enjoy parties." Luke smiled. He waved at Kim Hughes and then waved at Casey and Alison.

"And this one is so elegant." 

"Don't be snarky, Reid," Luke scolded. Then he patted Reid on the shoulder. "Poor Doctor Oliver- all these people to charm and impress."

"Hey, I can be charming, "  Reid defended himself.  Then he meant Luke's eyes. "Okay, I can be civil. Occasionally. With you by my side."

Luke laughed. 

"Reid, " Bob interrupted them, "They need a picture of us together."
Reid just rolled his eys and sighed. "Great. Maybe you can be the Chief." He said to Luke. " They all love you. And you take a much better picture."

Reid allowed himself to be photographed.  Katie stood behind the photographer once and made a funny face. Reid scowled in return. The photographer took the picture. Katie was cracking up now. Reid walked over to her.

"Terrific," he growled at his friend. 

  "Hey, you were supposed to laugh at that."

"Well now I look mean; everybody on staff will fear me."

"Reid," Katie chuckled and grabbed his arm, "they already do."

Reid sighed. What was it about people? He really had no clue. He tried to talk to them rationally; they were so messy and emotional. People never made much sense to him.  Medicine made sense. Before coming to Oakdale, his whole life had been about medicine. It had been so clear. 

"Look at that," Katie nudged him and pointed to Luke. Luke had a group of older trustees laughing and nodding. 

"He is good," Reid acknowledged.

"Face it Reid, " Katie giggled, "thanks to Luke you are now it."

"What?" Reid asked blankly. 

"You, my friend, are the gay Bob and Kim!"  Katie went into hysterical giggles. "Member when you told me Noah and Luke were the next Bob and Kim? Jokes on you, dear. Get ready to celebrate your 25th anniversary!" 
"I'm glad you enjoy laughing at my expense." 

"Always," Katie patted him.

"There is one big difference. I'm not married to Luke."

"Not yet," Katie teased. 

Reid shuddered. "Worry about your own wedding plans."

Katie stopped laughing and looked sad. Reid cursed under his breath. He wanted to kick himself for saying that. Katie would marry Chris, if the guy was not such an idiot. 

Suddenly, Reid wished Luke would come over. He would know what to say. He would make Katie laugh again. Reid really did need Luke. Without Luke, people just were too confusing. 

As if he read his mind, Luke walked over to them. He hugged both Reid and Katie impulsively, and then said, "Katie, check out how cute Jacob looks with Jack."

A smile returned to Katie's lips and she went over to see her son. 

Reid let out a long sigh. 

"What," Luke asked.

"I'm terrible at all this," Reid confessed. 

Luke grinned. "Reid, that's nothing new. " Then as he saw Reid's face actually fall, Luke tapped him lovingly on the cheek. "Don't worry. They have big sandwiches over there. Come and get one."

Reid saw love and acceptance in Luke's eyes.

"You always know how to cheer me up."

"Well, Doctor Oliver, it is a full time job. Still, somebody's got to do it. " 

Reid spent the next few hours stuffing his face with food and avoiding small talk. Truthfully, he was excited at the idea of becoming Chief. He had worked all his life, nobody had handed him a damn thing, and now the job was his.

Still, Reid acknowledged to himself, none of it would have mattered much without Luke. Reid took in Luke's proud smile and the way Luke lighted up as Bob officially made the announcements. Reid had never felt so lucky. He glanced around the room. He half-expected something to come and ruin all his happiness.

Luke watched as Reid went up to the podium and shook Bob's hand solemly. He was such a good man. Underneath it all, despite often being misunderstood, Luke knew that Reid would lead with compassion and professionalism. He was so proud of Reid. He would show him later. Maybe in the hospital break room. Maybe in the car on the drive home. A saucy smile played on Luke's lips. He could never get enough of surprising Reid  and touching him all over. 

Luke's dreams were suddenly interrupted by a commotion at the front. Two men had come in, one in a long doctor's jacket and the other in jeans and a red shirt. They rushed up to Reid and shook his hand. Reid let the one dressed as a doctor examine his hand quickly. They got into a deep discussion. The other man was simply staring at Reid. Reid was ignoring him. But the hairs on the back of Luke's neck stood up. He walked over. 

"Luke!" Reid said, almost startled. "This is the doctor friend I was telling you about...James Davis - he is sure he can continue to help my hand."

Dr. Davis smiled and said, "I can't imagine a world where Oliver here can't operate. "

Luke smiled stiffly. He turned to the other man, a handsome man with short dark hair. The man was still staring at Reid.

"And you are?" Luke said smoothly and cooly. Inside, he felt nervous. He had already guessed the answer. 

"Oh," James was saying , "this is my brother Alec. He just came to hang around with me."

"What," Reid said a bit nervously, "wanted to see the sights of this grand  town?"

"Excuse me,' Luke said suddenly. "I need to talk to my boyfriend." 

And with that, the normally charming Luke Synder pulled Reid Oliver out of the party.  

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Title: After The Rattle
Author: Marsabi
Summary: This story takes place after Reid and Luke roll on the baby rattle at Katie's. It fixes the Chris problem and other things...
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: These characters are from ATWT...  
Warning: none

 Chapter Four :

"Oh," Reid said, stuffing more chocolate cake into his mouth, "wow."

"Reid," Luke advised, "take a breath."

Reid ignored him and shoveled in more food. "Luke, wow. You can really cook." Reid patted his belly and sighed.

"Why are you so surprised."

"Well, between mommy and your fat bank account, I figured you never learned to bother."

"I'll have you know that I spent many days out at the farm with Grandma Emma cooking."

"Obviously," Reid sighed contentedly. "She must have been a great teacher."

"Wow! All these compliments. That's a first!"

Reid grinned. "Yeah, well...I'm hoping this won't be the last time you cook for me."

"It won't - if you do something for me too."

Reid raised an eyebrow. "What?"

"Go to physical therapy in the morning. Work on your hand exercises."

"I didn't say I wasn't going, " Reid frowned, "I just said the therapist was a moron.  Most likely got his degree online at some quack institute. "

"Reid-" Luke went over to him. "I can fly somebody in - "

"Forget it. "


"Well, for one thing, I can take care of my own problems. Besides, you'll probably fall in love with that doctor too."

"Ha ha," Luke half-smiled. But his heart was full of worry. He knew that Reid was troubled by the tingling in his hand. He knew how important being a surgeon was for Reid. It meant everything. Yet Reid was acting all brave about it; he would not admit it at all. 

They had fought about it already. The day of the accident, after hearing Chris was going to be fine, Luke had tried to get Reid to discuss it.

"Why don't you just tell me how scared you are?" Luke had demanded. 

Reid had become angry then. "Cause I don't just go around spilling my guts out."  And that had been that. 

"I can have grandmother make some calls. I can help- like in Texas."

Reid ate another bite of Luke's delicious chocolate cake and tried to avoid Luke's big brown eyes. Reid felt all twisted up inside. He wanted to drop it. To pretend his hand did not feel numb, but he knew Luke. Luke was one of the most stubborn people on the planet. He would be like a dog with a bone. He would relentlessly bother Reid about his hand. Might as well give into Luke right now.

"I can call somebody myself." Reid told him. " I know a good physical therapist. He actually owes me a favor."

"Why does he owe you?" Luke asked as he cleaned up the dishes. Reid tried to get up and help, but Luke shooed him away.

"Well, I brilliantly operated on a few of his patients. I gave him, his name's James, a ride to the airport once, even though it was a bad storm that day.. I covered for him his nitwit boss more than once.."

"Okay, okay. Call him. As long as you didn't date him or anything," Luke teased.

"No, " Reid said, "James is not gay. " Reid glanced away suddenly.

Luke went over to him. He took Reid's chin in his hand and forced his face up. "But? "

Reid shook his head.


"Well, okay...I might have dated his gay brother for a time," Reid admitted sheepishly.

"Terrific, " Luke said, releasing Reid's chin.

"Hey," Reid touched Luke gently. Luke crossed his arms. Reid pushed Luke's arms back open and slid his body against Luke's. They pushed each other back and forth for a moment, before Luke sighed and let Reid into his arms.

"Don't man handle me," Luke said.

"You love it," Reid told him.

Luke twisted his lips into a reluctant smile.

Reid pulled Luke even closer.

"It was nothing." Reid said. " Besides, it is James I need. I'm not calling Alec. I need James to help with this damn hand."

"I still don't like it."

"Trust me."

Luke just pouted.

"Don't overeact."

"Don't tell me I'm overeacting - you always say that!"

"Oh, forget it. " Reid said. " It was a dumb idea. I'll just stick with Oakdale's idiot therapist."

There was a long silence.

Luke sighed. "It was really nothing?"

Reid kissed his lips. "Really, really...Now how about some more cake?"

Later, as they got ready for bed, Luke saw Reid flexing his hand- open and close, open and close.  Reid
winced. He turned and caught Luke watching.

"It'll be fine, " Reid said gruffly and went into the bathroom.

Luke turned down the sheets.

Reid came out, dressed only in a tight pair of black briefs. He gave Luke a small smile.

Luke smiled back with all of his feeling for this man. Reid swallowed hard for a moment, and then he came over to Luke. They got into the bed together silently.

Luke softly stroked Reid's back.  Reid turned over, so that they were face to face. He stared into Luke's warm eyes. Then Reid rested his head on Luke's shoulder.

"I guess I can admit that I am a know."

"Scared," Luke whispered.

"No, not scared," Reid started to deny. Luke stroked his curly hair and waited.

"Terrified, petrified - " Reid snuggled into Luke. "I'm really trying not to be."

"I know." Luke kissed Reid soflty. "It will be okay."

"Ahh, that Synder optimism," Reid joked, but he pulled Luke even closer. He held Luke for a long, long time.  

In the morning, Reid made the call.


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